How to make snowball with your own hands or what can make snowballs

How to make a snowball with your own hands.
How to make a snowball with your own hands.

By the new year, the house is made to decorate all sorts of decorative elements, tinsel, compositions from the candle, dress up the Christmas tree, decorated windows, etc. We suggest going further and decorate the house with snowballs, of course not real, but very similar to the original. Below we will tell and show on various examples how to make a snowball with your own hands. Decorative snowballs can be folded in a bucket and put at the entrance door, you can also effectively decompose on wall shelves or fireplace, and of course decorate the New Year Christmas tree. If you are interested in the question of which artificial snow can be made, we recommend reading this review.

1. How to make a snowball from a foam ball and artificial snow.

In the shops "Everything for creativity" purchase the required number of small balls from the foam. Each of them is covered with an abundant layer of PVA (apply glue with a comfortable brush), immediately sprinkle with artificial snow. For convenience, artificial snow can be poured into a plate, and just to dip the cocked balls into its composition. After that, the ball must be pounded on the toothpick and fasten on a piece of plasticine to a complete drying.


2. Textile snowballs.

From soft snow-white fabric, we cut three petals that are sewn on the sewing machine together, from the wrong side, we turn the cover, inside the sintepon, we sew the remaining hole.


3. Snowballs from foam balls and putty.

We ride the ball on the thick wire (from one end of the wire forming the hook), cover it with a layer of putty, which is convenient to apply a small knife intended for butter. Let the snowballs on the wire for the hook until a complete burden.

How to make a snowball with your own hands.

4. Snowballs from sewing threads.

We go to the pharmacy for medical attacks, inflation to them, tie, so as not to be blown away, we take the thinnest snow-white threads and wind the balls from the attack, on top of the product, we abundantly cover the layer of PVA glue, leave them to dry. When the balls are dried, the needle pierce the fever and pull out in the hole above.


5. Snowballs from wool and plow glue.

From the cotton, we form a small ball, cover it with a layer of PVA glue, it is covered with a single layer of cotton on top, and boil the PVA in glue, so you need to do so that the ball will not match the average size of the present snow. At the end, the ball from above is coated with the final layer of PVA glue and sprinkle with a white glitter. Leave to dry.


6. How to make snowball from wool in a washing machine.

We take white woolen threads, wind them around your fingers (see photo), then we are tied up in the center, create a winding with threads to formed a smooth ball. The end of the threads do in the needle's ear and we flash the ball into the ball, the excess tip of the thread cut off. Balls are placed in the Kapron stocking, if there are several balls, then there is a thread between the balls. We send balls into a washing machine to the hottest mode, together with them in the machine put several tennis balls. After the washing is complete, you must turn on the drying mode, if not, then just pull the balls and leave the sun to be dried or near the battery.

kak_sdelat_snezhki_4. kak_sdelat_snezhki_5

7. How to make a snowball pompon.

From the cardboard, cut out two mug, in the nutria of each of them cut round holes, as a result, two cardboard rings are obtained. We connect the rings together, cut them from one piece, and wrapped with threads. When rings are quite wrapped in threads, cut them with scissors in a circle, in the middle we connect the same on the tone of the thread, then the pompon flies with your hands, and hang it around the perimeter with scissors. As a result, it turns out a soft and fluffy snowball.

kak_sdelat_snezhki_7. kak_sdelat_snezhki_8.

8. Snowball do it yourself from soap and starch.

Make a snowball with your own hands can also be from soap, starch and foam ball. We take a snow-white soap, rub it on a grater, snatch potato starch, mix, pour hot boiled water, in the mixture wept white sparkles. The resulting composition is whipped into a mixer foam. We appline a mixture with hands on the ball from the foam, leave to dry.

How to make a snowball with your own hands.

How to make different Christmas toys (21 idea):

Summing up, you can say the following, as practice has shown, make the snowball with your own hands easier, it is so simple that even a small child will cope. In addition, the molding of snowballs is a very interesting occupation, by the way, lovers of such activities can also read the article about the manufacture of snowballs, inside which snowflakes dancing when shaking.

Easter cakes from tin cans:

All kids love snow. Yes, and adults can not resist the sense of magic that comes with the first snowflakes. The snow is a culprit of a magical mood, and any winter holiday thanks to him becomes lighter and brighter. And he is a source of games: you can ride on sledding, skiing, sculpt with the children of a snowman and, of course, snowballs.

But if the snowball bring home, he will quickly turn into a puddle of water. Fortunately, resourceful people have been solved by the problem, and decorate the house with artificial products, which, although not real, but are very similar to the original. Want to know what to make a snowball with your own hands? Configure more convenient and draw ideas for inspiration in our article.

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

Ways to create snowballs from artificial materials

Decorative snowballs - Successful option of the festive decor. Fold them in a bucket and put in front of the door. Spread on the fireplace, window sills, shelves. Put under the Christmas tree or make original toys that can be hung on a festive tree. Make a beautiful composition for walls and curtains. Fantasy space is not limited.

So ready? Starts to master classes, how to make snowballs.

From wati

The most common and affordable way that does not require a lot of effort and time. Take:

  • roll of wool;
  • Lacques with hair sequins (choose supersensile fixation);
  • plastic bag;
  • PVA glue.

Cutting wool about 30 cm long by glue. Take for the end and, gently picking up the edges, roll the cotton in the ball so that the glue is inside. Cover in a varnish in two stages: first one half, dry, then the second.

Snowballs are light, air and shiny. If you are using a varnish without sequins, then they can be applied at the end of the work, pre-mixing with glue.

Instead of glue, PVA can be prepared natural housing. It will take 2 teaspoons of potato starch and a glass of water. Gradually add starch to the water, put on fire and heated, constantly stirring so that there are no lumps. Once the Kleister starts to boil, remove from the fire and use.

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

From foam balls

Another simple way for which you will need:

Each ball cover with glue and immediately until it is dry, suck snow. To work more comfortable, pour artificial snow in the saucer and just loosen the foam in it.

Before making snowballs with your own hands, put on the table pieces of plasticine and insert into them toothpicks. Put ready-made balls on them so that they are completely dry.

There is another way of making snowballs from foam. It will take:

  • foam balls;
  • thick wire;
  • putty;
  • Small knife.

Cut the foam on a wire, forming a hook from one end, for which the finished products can then be suspended. Lubricate the bulb of the layer of putty. Then roll the second and do the same manipulations. Suspend almost ready-made snows per hook so that the putty dried.

Instead of putty, you can use the starch-soap mixture. To make her cooking, soda white soap on the grater, mix with potato starch, white sparkles and pour with a small amount of hot water so that it turns out a thick mixture. Take her mixer and apply for foam balls. Leave dry.

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

From paper

If you are not a fan of traditional solutions, it will not hurt to learn how to make a snowball. It is no secret that the most spectacular jewelry is obtained from the simplest materials. The advantage of paper snowballs is that for their manufacture, you can use different types of paper. Suitable:

  • The usual napkin - for sure there is in every home.
  • Corrugated paper is very plastic and makes it easy to make bulk figures.
  • Weather paper - thanks to the translucent snowball structure, it is beautifully looking at the Christmas tree with glowing garlands.


  • 16 paper napkins (or another type of paper, the principle of manufacture will not change from this)
  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • wire;
  • Ribbon or durable thread to hang snowball.

The snowball consists of 16 layers - on 8 for each side. Take one napkin, gently fold it with a fan and secure in the center of the stapler so as not to break. Do the same manipulations with the rest of the napkins.

To create the first half of the ball, fold 8 blanks on each other, secure the stapler, and the scissors round the edges. Reflect. Similarly, take the second half and connect with the first piece of wire. Bend the tip of the crochet and attach a ribbon or thread on it. Crafts ready.

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

From fabric

This method will suit those who are friendly with a sewing machine. You can, of course, cross parts of the product from hand, but then the process will take a lot of time. It will take:

  • white soft fabric;
  • Singyprc (or any other filler).

Cut the three petals from the fabric and susht them together on the sewing machine, silent with the inside. Remove the cover on the front side, put inside the filler and squeeze the hole. Soft snowballs love to play children.

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

From thread

If you do not know what to make snowballs, take advantage of threads. There are several options, and they all deserve attention.

To get openwork and gentle snowballs, which will decorate any interior, you will need:

  • White threads (do not take too thin, otherwise work will be long);
  • Medical attacks;
  • PVA glue.

Inflate the attacks and tie them so that the air does not come out. Each wrap up with threads. Here you can fantasize: wrap tightly so that there are no clearance, or make an openwork pattern. In any case, a small hole should be left on top - then you will pull out an attack from it.

The wrapped ball is abundantly lining with glue and leave to dry - no less than a day. When the glue dries, and the threads will become hard, neatly needle pinched the attack and remove it from the ball.

If you are familiar with felting technique, then snowballs from wool will become a real find for you. Yes, and the washing machine there is an application. Take:

  • White woolen threads;
  • needle;
  • Capron sock.

Skid a small round ball of threads. In the tip of the thread from the transshipment to the needle and place it several times through. Cut the unnecessary tip. Put a nickname ball in the sock and send to the machine with a pair of tennis balls. Turn on the hottest mode. Upon completion of the washing, use the drying mode or put the snowballs near the battery.

Another way to make snowballs from threads - in the form of a pompon. Any threads are suitable, optionally woolen, but preferably thick - so Pompon will be fluffy. Also take:

Cut two identical mug from cardboard, on the diameter of similar future snow. Inside each mug cut the core to get rings. Connect them together and shift on one side - this slot will go to this slot. Now wrap the thread on the rings tightly, and cut it in a circle, inserting the scissors between the rings. In the middle, impose pompon thread and pull it out of the rings. Fuck, fir the perimeter with scissors. Soft and fluffy lumpy ready.

Snowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourselfSnowballs do it yourself

Now you know how to make snowballs from a variety of materials. And if you are involved in the process of other family members, then at the exit you will receive not only a beautiful decorative decoration for a holiday, but the sea of ​​pleasure and a good mood. Dare!

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Instructions for the production of snow from wool.

With the approach of the New Year, everyone is in easy excitement. Adults acquire products and New Year outfits to organize a festive party. Children can entrust the decoration of the room and interesting ideas for the decor.

Snow, snow lumps from wool on a lattice for garland: how to do?

Making snow out of wat is simple enough. To do this, you can apply both cotton and cotton disks. Even kids can cope with such work. Wool is a very comfortable and malleable material that can be easily formed, mive and rolling.


  • Skate from cotton balls of different sizes. To do this, just take off the pieces and join, slide them in your hands.
  • After that, take a needle with a thread and drive the balls to the thread. In order for snowflakes not to move, secure them with glue.
  • After that, small segments with snowflakes tie to thread fixed horizontally.
Snow, snow lumps from wool on a lattice for garland: how to do?
Snow, snow lumps from wool on a lattice for garland: how to do?
Snow, snow lumps from wool on a lattice for garland: how to do?
Snow, snow lumps from wool on a lattice for garland: how to do?

How to make shiny snow from wool?

This is a simple option. At the same time, the cost of making garlands is small. Garland is obtained as purchased, it flickers perfectly.


  • It is necessary to break cotton on pieces of different sizes and rolling between palms.
  • Dry the balls in the glitter and suck dry glitter. It can be bought in the store for nail decor. This is an ordinary shimmering sand.
  • After the balls are dried, take them on the string and secure glue. If you have properly left and there are areas that do not shine, then lubricate them with glue and sprinkle with sand.
How to make shiny snow from wool?
How to make shiny snow from wool?

How to make snowballs from wool and glue PVA?

It is enough to roll your cotton in the balls and ride on the thread. Close lumps glue. But besides ordinary wool, you can use cotton discs. Of these, you can make masterpiece garlands.


  • Take cotton discs and apply a drawing. Layouts and Pekal are presented below
  • Druel around the pattern and cut out the pictures. It can be snowflakes, angels or christmas
  • Using a needle, drive a variety of figures on the thread. Secure glue
  • You can apply a little glue and presidate sparkles
How to make snowballs from wool and glue PVA?
How to make snowballs from wool and glue PVA?
How to make snowballs from wool and glue PVA?
How to make snowballs from wool and glue PVA?

How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?

From the fabric and wool you can make cute snowballs. To do this, you need wool or syntheps, as well as white fabric.


  • Cut 4 petals from white fabric. Below are Pekala
  • On one snow, you will need 4 leaf
  • Next, list all 4 leaves, but one is not needed. Remove it off. You can sew with a sewing machine
  • After you turn out the shape, fill it with snow or syntheps
  • Neatly threads are sewing seam. In order not to be seen to the places where they stitched, lubricate the balls with glue and sprinkle the semi-cake or explore in the torn
How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?
How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?
How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?
How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?
How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?
How to sew a snowball from fabric and wool?

How to sew snow from gauze and wool?

This is a fairly simple option. It does not need clan and sewing machine. Works are performed very quickly.


  • It is necessary to take a piece of gauze and put a piece of cotton in the center
  • After that, with the help of threads to start the ball. Cut extra threads
  • Now give a pretty appearance ball. You can cut them in a torn cotton
How to sew snow from gauze and wool?
How to sew snow from gauze and wool?

How to make snowballs from paper and wool?

This is the easiest option. No need to make papier-mache. It is necessary to roll the balls from paper and cut into a torn cotton. Of course, the coating may not be uniform, but the snowballs are usually not perfect and smooth and smooth.

How to make snowballs from paper and wool?
How to make snowballs from paper and wool?

How to make snowball from wool and tinsel?

From the New Year Mishura, too, just make snowballs. For this, you will need some tools except wool and tinsel.


  • Take old kapron tights and cut them into small squares.
  • Click pieces tights with a car. As a result, you will have cobobs.
  • Now it is necessary to secure them with a thread so that the wool does not climb.
  • Now sprinkle the finished balls with a varnish of hair, and while it is sticky, sprinkle with shiny tiny.
  • It turns out cute fluffy snowballs. They can be used to make garlands or decorations of New Year's costumes.
How to make snowball from wool and tinsel?
How to make snowball from wool and tinsel?

Make snowballs from tinsel and watts are simple enough. With artificial snow, you can make cute garlands and decorate the Christmas tree.

Video: Snow from Wat


Evaluate Article.

Lyudmila Ivanova Master class on the manufacture of the Snowball game benefit from paper and its use in practice

Master class on the manufacture of the Snowball game benefit from paper and its use in practice

Master class on the manufacture of gaming benefits «Snowball »of paper and its use in practice

Educator Ivanova Lyudmila Vladimirovna

purpose : Create conditions for increasing teachers' interest in finding interesting methods and technologies in working with children. Enrichment Practical Experience in teachers on issues Manufacturing benefits with their hands from paper and apply them in practice .

Tasks :

- introduce the process Manufacturing game manuals .

- expand knowledge about the diversity of games with these benefits , about the meaning and ways of manipulation with them .

- Transfer of experience by way Practical game of gaming activities .

Forms of holding :

With teachers and for them, without the participation of children. Lecture with presentation elements, Practical activities . Gaming workshop .

Methods :

- visual (viewing of samples, demonstration of illustrations) ;

- verbal (lecture, conversation, explanation and discussion of the course of work) ;

- practical (execution of work on the instructional scheme, individual work of participants Master class , Team work).

Stage of implementation (relevance, novelty of the author's approach, effectiveness) :

The game is the leading type of activity of the preschooler, it is in it that the main neoplasms are formed, preparing the transition of a child to a new level of development. Open the Russian pedagogical encyclopedia : "The game is one of the activities of children, which consists in reproducing the actions of adults and relations between them, one of the means of physical, mental and moral education."

Younger preschoolers are active enough, they move much, but the experience of motor activity is still small and monotony. To increase activity and enrich the movements of kids, you should use verbal, musical accompaniment, various items and attributes.

Through the game, children master new knowledge, skills, communicative skills develop. The ability to train young children through an active meaningful, interesting activities for them - a distinctive feature of games with Gaming benefits . Therefore, I believe that active use manual For games is one of the important conditions for the development of children. As a teacher, it is interesting to find methods, techniques and Methods Organizations of this work that will help achieve a good result.

Expected results :

Passing teachers way of making game benefits and use methods benefits Acquisition practical knowledge about ways of manipulation with him .

Move Master class :

- Good afternoon, dear colleagues! I'm glad to meet you on my master class for the manufacture of gaming benefits «Snowball ».

I hope that spent today master - The class will help enrich your knowledge. practical experience on making benefits with their own hands . This Manual allows , through Gaming activities , develop communicative skills in children of junior preschool age.

Today I will show you how quickly and simply, without much costs make an exciting allowance with your own hands .

And now I invite you to creative Workshop .

Productive Workshop : (time manufacturing 20 minutes )

- for We will need making benefits : Glue-pencil, white paper , cardboard, scissors, simple pencil, circula.

Methodik manufacturing Presented in the photo sheets and presentation.

Gaming workshop : (10 minutes time)

- Let's try to play with you!

Game - Natural The method of developing a child . Only in the game the child is joyful and easy, like a flower under the sun, reveals his creative abilities , develops new skills and knowledge, develops dexterity, observation, fantasy, memory, learns to think, analyze, overcome difficulties, at the same time absorb invaluable experience. It is interesting for children because they love to play. The role of an adult in this process is to maintain the interest of children.

Teaching young children in the game of the game, I strive to ensure that the joy of game Activities gradually moved into the joy of teachings. The doctrine should be not only cognitive, but also joyful!

The game «Snowballs » (musical accompaniment)

- Well done, dear teachers, you coped with the task!

Thank you for active participation and creative work! As a reward, you work that you Make it with their own hands .

Do it yourself for the new year

I continue the topic of manufacturing a festive and winter decor. I'll tell you how to make some snowballs for the new year. And simple and fiscal.

In a famous large store for creativity, four naked foam balls with a diameter of 6cm оYat 170 rubles. And four finished snow - 330.

I propose to make a whole bunch of snowballs almost free

In my case, their diameter 5cm. But you can do more, and less.

This is a matter of taste and desire.

Just for my idea (snowballs in the bucket) it was the optimal size.

How to make the basis of snowballs

For the manufacture of one burst with a diameter of 5 cm, you need to:

  • two sheets (one turn) from a small magazine like panorama;
  • Kapron sock, golf or part of tights (tightening and arrow no interference);
  • needle with thread.

Do it yourself for the new year

Stop with weeke can also be used. But I cut off and started with a smooth area. He pulled the edge into a bunch. And crumpled paper.

Do it yourself for the new year

The kapron bag turned out to be inside.

Inside the crumpled sheet inside.

Do it yourself for the new year

Then with hand as it should be flushed together.

So that the paper becomes more obedient.

Do it yourself for the new year

Then he twisted the Capron so that he pulled the romel into the ball.

It is very simple.

Do it yourself for the new year

Then a thread with a needle made a leg and cut off too much.

It is necessary to leave the tail about 2 cm.

Do it yourself for the new year

Well, so that he does not stick, laid it on the surface of the ball and sewed.

So that smaller wrinkles was.

Do it yourself for the new year

The resulting billets, of course, are not perfect spheres, but it is not necessary. Snowballs in principle cannot be absolutely smooth.

But these things are easy to perform, absolutely free, and the result is fast. No need to wait, as in the case of Paper-Masha, two or three days, until everything is dry.

How to strengthen the harvested balls

Now they need to just paint the usual building paint. Thick. Acrylic or latex. Or water-emulsion. Kraska dries fast enough. You do not need to wait until it dry through. This is not a wall. The main thing is that the surface is not wet.

For convenience, painting struck balls on a big needle.

Do it yourself for the new year

And for the convenience of drying, a stand made from one egg container.

Cut it into two halves (base with cells and lid). Based on it all too much, so that it was good, and so that the balls were well held. And in the lid simply cut out small round holes. Each lump after painting laid in the nest. Periodically turned over, so as not to adhere to the edges.

Do it yourself for the new year

  • By the way, he made 17 pieces. It seemed to me that this was enough. But if anything - you can always make it possible.

Dried at the battery, so it was enough about 30 minutes.

How to decorate the billets

What happened is semi-finished products. Scary, revenue, unsightly. They must be brought to the appropriate appearance.

For the slap, I bought an artificial foam snow (in Auchan this package costs less than 60 rubles).

Running forward will say that about the 17 snowballs spent about a quarter of the package.

Do it yourself for the new year

Stage first, unsuccessful

So, I began to think - how to glue foam. According to the experience, I know that the best glue in a similar situation is a titanium or master.

But it is not comfortable to work with bare hands. There are few balls. They need to be completely cooled and shook.

Decided to search for tips on the net. Everything is as one prick about PVA. But he definitely glues a foam.

Found more advice - liquid glass. And I have a glue construction, which is just on the basis of this glass itself and is made. I decided to try on two balls.

Glue thick, like a putty. I smeared the workpiece as it should be, so that the foam skirts are literally imprinted in the glue layer.

Do it yourself for the new year

Dipped into the crumb. Owl. In the hands of the hand gently.

And left to dry. About an hour.

Do it yourself for the new year

Then he picked up, began to turn-thrust and realized that all the beauty from my snow was sat down. It shook everything to the last fragment.

Painted white paint again (for glue gray).

Do it yourself for the new year

Stage second, successful

I decided that I would not spend more than spending my time, but I will start not hurry to glue the snow to Titan.

  • Do not say in vain - you go quiet, you will go further.

In order not to pack your hands, I divided the process into three parts. First, deceived the plot to the tips of the fingers. As if with a cap.

He endured seconds of 30 and dip in the foam.

Do it yourself for the new year

Then a finger was added to the propellant pieces of the skull. They themselves lie to the wet finger, there are no problems with this.

  • It seems that it is slowly long. But it is not. Under the film, everything is very harmoniously passes.

In addition, hats as a result were all well filled.

Do it yourself for the new year

Consistently put them in the nest at drying.

While I got to the last, the first were ready for the second stage (one side). And then to the third (second side).

The main thing in this process work very carefully, so that the grain did not shift and did not turn over. Otherwise, the glue will be on top.

And sticking to the finger, this small one does not want to break away from him. And the nervous shakes begin with their hands, obscene expressions and so on.

It is better to do everything slowly.

Stage Third - Finish

Snowballs turned out quite strong. The peas hold well. There were a few pieces that they were bluffing poorly. But I corrected them.

Of course, the balls are not so strong to lead the snow fights. But for the decor, and not for one-time decor, but for many years of use, they are very good.

But the appearance of them is not elegant, boring.

Do it yourself for the new year

Then I got out of the covers another kind of snow - chopped film. She is already five years old. It was then bought the same in size sizes as the above.

Do it yourself for the new year

  • In Auchan, saw similar snow. The package is twice the price of 170 rubles. But my - rainbow, color. And the one is just white.

Therefore, I recommend to take any shiny. Although in the form of a powder, even in the form of a gel with glitters, even in the form of a nail polish. You can cut Mishuur to chop finely. Or use beads and / or sequins.

In the network, many are recommended to glue light powders or snow with hair varnish. I tried. He keeps very bad.

It can be used later, at the end, to fix all the beauty slightly.

  • But glue is needed on glue.

I used spray glue. And this, I will tell you, also not a gift. He spray! He has a splash radius much more than my lumps! And he is very sticky.

Do it yourself for the new year

In general, placing the snowballs with glitter, I was then laundered in hot water. Brush with soap means. And the linke, and the jar with snow, and the bottle itself with glue, and hands.

On one ball tried titanium instead of spray. Not thick, zigzags, something where he smeared with glue. And dipped in the snowball. It turned out perfectly. The ball did not differ from the fellow. So, I advise exactly this option.

When I was filmed, the balls were touched, and they are slightly sticky. Therefore, I once again plunged into the brilliant trunk.

Do it yourself for the new year

Rocked in their hands, so that it is superfluous.

And finally got what she wanted.

Do it yourself for the new year

If you use my hints, if you do not spend time on experiments, then work will be done faster than me.


It all started with the fact that I wanted to make a bucket with smiling snowballs. Most likely, I will do. But maybe I still want something.

I am glad that you read to the end and studied my master class about how to make absolutely budget and very cute decorative snowballs for the new year.


Author - Horuzhaya Galina


Here you can read about how to make angels (4 types).


How to make new year snowballs fast and almost free

I wanted to make bucket with snowballs. Decor such a New Year.

  • Link to a step-by-step master class at the bottom of the article.

The question with the bucket decided quickly. I bought Kashpo in the form of a mound at all inexpensive in Ikea (39 rubles).

But with snowballs it stalled.

I looked at prices throughout the famous shop for creativity and thought. 4 bulbs from foam (60 mm) - 170 rubles, and 4 ready-made snow - 330 rubles.

By the way, I made 17 pieces with a diameter of 50 mm.

How about what to make me snowballs?

  • From Papier Masha - too complicated and long.
  • Send from fabric - seams do not like.
  • So much from syntheps - also not that.
  • Pompons - Again, not that, for too much threads need to lime.

And then I came up with my absolutely budgetary, almost free method.

Apseakling, of course)))

Need old newspapers or magazines, bashing golf or tights. Needle with thread. Paint. And a bit of artificial snow. Well, glue, of course.

How to make new year snowballs fast and almost free

From the paper and the category made these "balls".

Painted them and pasted snowball (two species).

How to make new year snowballs fast and almost free

The money spent 60 rubles (on foam snow). Bought it in Auchan

Paint, glue and the second snow I had in stock.

It is snowballs with foam liner. Nothing but some boring.

How to make new year snowballs fast and almost free

And this is with the addition of rainbow film snow.

Quite another thing)))

How to make new year snowballs fast and almost free


Yes, "spent" at Kashpo. I will decorate it later and this is another story.

By the way, I made another free decor - houses for candles. If interesting, go through this link.


Who is interested in the details and nuances of the process, go to the master class on the manufacture of the most budget snows, My site is useful and beautiful.

Put your fingers, write opinions.

With respect to all readers - author, Harping Galina

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How to make new year snowballs fast and almost free


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