How to change format pictures on JPG: 3 proven method

Good day time, my dear friends. How is your mood? I seem to have nothing. Although it happened better. But today is not about it. I remembered here one case, as one employee came with the fact that she did not have a picture for some site. He says, she did it did everything as it was said, and when he wants to choose a file, it seems to be not in this folder. She was looking for this picture there almost in convulsions, made several copies, deleted everything except this file in the folder. It turned out to be simple. This bootloader required to upload files only in graphical format. JPEG (JPG) And in any other.

Usually most pictures and photos are located in this format, but it happens not always. Well then, I explained to her how to change the format of the picture on JPG so that everything corresponds to the requirements.

Generally simple procedure. Rather, on the contrary, even very simple. Therefore, I will show you today 3 different options, with what you can convert the image to JPEG or any other format.

Khirmdi's fingers hands. Let's-give! Fingers need to knead. Well, now we went!

Graphics editor

The most famous and easily accessible way for these purposes is to use any graphic editor. In this example, we will look at Paint, as this program is in each Windows, which means it can use everything.

Open Paint in any way convenient for you. I personally prefer to open it using the "Run" line. I generally love this line very much. In general, open it (for those, it does not know click the key combination Win + R. ). Well, in the same line write mspaint and click OK.

In the editor, click on the File menu (on the button that is responsible for the main menu items). And already from the drop-down menu, click Open. And now find on your computer then the image you need and it will open in the editor.

Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.

I decided to open the image in PNG format. You can, in principle, open the most common formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF in Paint. Well, in general, now everything we need to do is again click on the "File" menu, only this time to select "Save As ...". If you did not notice, then an additional menu has appeared with possible image format.

Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.

I came here to make JPG from PNG, so I choose "Save the image in JPG format" and we are looking for a place to save. That's all. I did not even have time to remember).


The following method is also simple, truth requires installing an additional converter program. But it is done once and for a long life. If you do not know, the converter is such a program that reworks one format to another. And it is not necessary to be a graphic format. Converters are created to work with audio and video formats, well, with others. I will not go deep. About this in a separate article.

Let's download the Format Factory program. This is a special universal converter that works with different types of files. Download you can From here . Do not worry. This proven site and money will not take you.

Download, install and run. This is such a simple order. But this, of course, not all.

  1. So you are in the program. Now you need to choose the type of files from which to which you will convert. We need images, so we choose the "photo". Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.
  2. In the new window that opens, you see available image formats. What format do we need? In principle, any, but in this example we are considering exactly JPG, so click on the JPG inscription icon.
  3. Next, you will open another window. Here we need to download those files that you want to convert (complex word? Get used to anything). To do this, click on the "Add" button, and in the new window that opens, select one or more files you want to translate into JPG. As you can see, I chose 2 PNG files. Well, now click OK. And if there is a desire, you can dig in the settings, but I will not stop on them. Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.
  4. Well, now we see that our 2 files are already in the project. Now you can convert, but for you started look down. Opposite the "End Folder" inscription, a destination is written, where our files will come. You can change this path by clicking on the appropriate "Change" button. Press and look for the desired folder. Well, at the end, press the cherished OK button.
  5. Thought everything? Not there was something. Now we will reinforce us back to the main program window. Only now note that our files appeared on the right side, their size and how they will be called after conversion (well, of course in what format). As you can see the name, the same thing remains, only here is the other formatter. True, this is only a preview. In fact, these files are not yet translated. We left to make the last barcode, namely click on the "Start" button. Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.
  6. After a short time, depending on the size of the files (it took it 1 second), you will see that everything is executed (it will be written), and at the same time you listen to a beep. That's ready, but to make sure we go to the final folder. Everything is in place. Everything is converted and opens. So our task is completed. Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.

But that's not all. A little front иThose and we learn another quick way.

Online converter

There is another pretty light way that does not spend time and effort. Now we will take advantage of the converter, only through the Internet. What is the plus of such a procedure? What do you think? Of course, it is not necessary to install anything, as you will work with the site. Let's go to one such website, for example - . As you can see, this converter is also universal and can translate not only image formats, but also much more. Just in this case, we will do everything on the example of translation from PNG in JPG.

  1. Select the "Conversion" item in JPG in the section "Image Converter". Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.
  2. And now choose the file on your hard disk you want to translate to JPG. If you do not have a file, but there is a picture on the Internet, then you just copy the address of this link and paste it into the appropriate string. In addition, you can play with other settings. As you can see here everything is clearly written. I usually do not change anything, well, only the quality I put the best and permission to change in rare cases. In general, if you need to change something in the image, it is better for the same photoshop. By the way, in Photoshop, you can also save to another format, but I will not consider it here.
  3. Well, at the end, as you yourself probably have already guessed, you just need to click "convert file". That's all. Change the format of the picture on JPG or any other three different ways.
  4. After the conversion is passed (from one to a few seconds) your new transformed file will start downloading to the folder where you have all the default downloads. Just open the file and enjoy.

Well? Which of the presented ways is most convenient for you? Or maybe you have some kind of interesting way. Then write in the comments. Do not be shy.

Files can be converted into any format. But what will happen if a failure, a powerful virus, technical damage, improper actions of a person and other factors will destroy so important files for you. It is not particularly worth to count on the antivirus. To be to all this ready, I recommend you to see Powerful and interesting video processing of file protection . Everything is told by the human language and is designed for any level of knowledge. In general, if you are expensive to your important data, then it is better to progress.

Well, on this I finish my article today. I really hope that you liked my article, so do not forget to subscribe to updating my blog, then you definitely do not miss anything interesting. Well, I'm saying goodbye to you. See you soon. Bye Bye!

Sincerely, Dmitry Kostin

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