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Studio Alawar is engaged in the development and distribution of arcade mini-games for about 20 years. During this time, the company has released more than 400 games. Any product from Alawar can be enabled for free - a demo version is available to each user (limited to time or progress achieved). Since it may not be possible to afford the purchase of licensed keys for mini-games, we offer to use a special hacker. Link to download Alawar Unwrapper can be found at the end of the article. And we go to a short analysis of this utility - consider its key features and make up the use manual.


The hacker offers the user with one single function - the creation of keys, with which you can activate the games from Alawar. The activator perfectly "copes" both old and with relatively new applications, since the system of their protection for a long period of time remains unchanged.


It is recommended to disable the antivirus existing in the system before starting the program. This is due to the fact that the anti-virus software can react to the activator as a virus, and then block it.

Pros and cons

The list of basic advantages of the utility is as follows:

  1. High efficiency. The application quickly selects the keys to all games released by the Alawar studio - problems occur extremely rarely.
  2. Regular update output. Developers constantly adapt the utility to all changes, so that it copes with its task.
  3. No need to reuse. By activating the game once, the user can use it indefinitely.
  4. Easy use. The program interface is represented only by three buttons - "Go!", "About", "Exit".
  5. The procedure for selecting and applying a license key is performed automatically and does not require user participation.

Pros and cons

Among the shortcomings are the most serious are those presented below:

  1. Before starting the utility, it is necessary to disconnect the antivirus.
  2. Some games are not supported - if the product after several attempts have not been able to activate, you will have to look for another way.

Another way

How to use

You need to work with a cracker by the following instructions:

  1. Download the archive with the utility, transfer the exe file at a convenient place, start (in the installation does not need an activator).
  2. Click on the "Go!" Button, specify the path to the executable game file (not to the label, and to the EXE in the folder with the game).
  3. Click on "Play Now", save a new file for launch, use the full version of the Alawar application.

How to use

If the trial period of using the game is already expired, Alawar Unwrapper may have problems with activation.


Attach the roller in which the order of working with the utility is demonstrated on the real example.


Pressing the button below will launch the download of the archive with the utility. At your disposal you will receive a relevant version of the program capable of activating the vast majority of Alawar games.

Alwar Crack icon

This small utility, not even requiring installation, is able to activate a set of paid games from the company of the same name for free. During the article, this will be described in more detail about this, and at the very end of the page you can download the latest version of the game hacker from Alawar, called Alawar Crack 1.8.

Description and opportunity

So what is this utility? This is a small program consisting of just one window with three buttons. The first button allows you to select the game file to "cure". The second provides information about the developer. The third button allows you to complete the program.

Alwar Game Burglar Program Interface

And now let's immediately move to business and consider how to get a free license any game from Alawar with Alawar Crack.

How to use

In 2 stages, consider how to activate the games that we need.

Loading and installation

Since this application does not require installation, as such, consider how to download it and run.

  1. First, go to the easiest page and find a button there, which allows you to download the archive with the program. Unpack the archive using the password that is registered in the table is slightly higher.
  2. Run the received file on behalf of the administrator. To do this, it is enough to do on the target object right click with the mouse and from the opened context menu to select the item marked in the screenshot.

Run Alawar Crack on behalf of the administrator

  1. As a result, the operating system will request confirm access to the administrative authority. We do it by pressing "Yes."

Confirmation of access to administrative rights when working with Alawar Crack

The program is launched and ready to work.

Instructions for work

And so, the keys generator for games from Alawar launched and now we can start working with it. Consider the activation process on the example of the game "Wonderful Garden".

  1. First, click on the button, which is indicated in the screenshot below.

File Select Button in Alawar Crack

  1. Also need to determine which folder the game has been installed. To do this, make the right mouse click on the start icon and select the location of the file from the context menu.

Search for Alawar Game File Location

  1. Opening the Windows File Manager window, copy the path to the game by copying it and using the context menu.

Copy Address Games from Alawar

  1. We return to our hack keys generator and insert the path that has just been copied (place marked by a number "one" ). After that, select the game file and click on the button "Open" .

Selecting a game file from alawar for hacking

  1. As a result, the launcher of the game opens. We skip two top buttons called "Play now" And "remove the restriction" by simply moving below.

As you could understand, a hacker of games from Alawar replaces the session and allows you to run the game without restrictions bypassing standard protection.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's look at the positive and negative features of the utility for hacking games from Alawar.


  • The program is completely free.
  • Light weight and easy use.
  • Easy to get a free license for almost any games.


  • Many modern games from Alawar can already be launched for free with this tool.
  • The program does not have Russian language.

Similar applications

We will also consider two additional programs that in theory can provide a free license for paid products from this manufacturer:

  • Key generator for Alawar games.
  • Alawar Crack.

System requirements

The program is able to work even on a weak PC or laptop.

  • Central processor: from 1 GHz.
  • RAM: from 512 MB.
  • Hard disk space: from 1 MB.
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows 32 64 bits.


Then you can come to download the program and its launch.

Version: 1.8.
Release year: 2021.
Name: Alawar Crack
Platform: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Language: English (there is no Russian version)
License: Is free
Password to the archive: BestSoft.club.
Download Burglar Alawar Crack 1.8 2021

Video review

This video will help to figure out how to use the program.

Questions and answers

If in the process of working with this application there will be difficulties, write about it in the comments, and we will quickly answer and try to help.

Many of us love to play computer games. Especially after a long working day, when I want to relax. However, the problem is that mini-games from the company "Alawar", which take place in a couple of days, require payment in the amount of about 150 rubles. If every day spend such an amount, then by the end of the month spending will be 2250 rubles. Are you ready to spend so much to toys? That is why people arise the thoughts on how to hack the game "Alawar".

how to hack the game alawar

Fashion first

Those who love simplicity and convenience, the easiest way to hack the game "Alawar" will be using the so-called keys generator. This is such a program, downloading which you can automatically select the keys to the game you are interested in. It is based on the selection system of passwords, due to which it will give you the necessary code, as if you sent an SMS message. Entering this code in the game registration field, you can enjoy the desired application unlimited time. The only problem can be online support from Alawar, which calculates hacked games. Thus, you most likely have to turn off the Internet during the game. Here is the instruction, how to hack the game "Alawar" using any keys generator:

  1. Download the keys generator to your computer.
  2. Run the game and click "Activate".
  3. At the jumping dialog box, you are looking for and copying the code to be sent by SMS.
  4. Now open the generator and insert this code. After that, click "Generate" or a similar button. Options can be different.
  5. The generator will create a license key for you. You copy it and insert it into an activation line in the game. Most often it is called by the button in the game "Enter Key". how to hack games alawar

Everything. You can play the toy how much is necessary. You will not be limited to the game.

Another variant

Not too different from the previous way to hack the game "Alawar". To do this, you will need to download a free Activator program from any file locator. It is designed to break the toys without the participation of the user.

By downloading the necessary game to the computer and installing it, start the download activator. In most cases, you will be offered to select the path to the executable file of the installed game. You need to find an executable file with the extension .exe. The main thing is to follow the file name there is no .wrp. Click "Activate" and wait for the inscription confirming the end of the hacking process. The result of the process will be either complete activation, or an increase in the available game time almost to infinity.


With the development of information technologies, the protection of games is improving. Many burglars are obsolete and cannot help with hacking. So how to hack new games "Alawar"?

how to hack new games alawar

The answer is simple. Use torrent trackers. These are the forums on which users are exchanged by these - films, books, music, games. On such sites you can download most of the last games from Alawar. There are professional programmers engaged in hacking. In this way, you can get a ready-made product with all installation instructions, tips from other users and good quality.

The main thing, before downloading the hacked game, read the forum branch on it. Look possible problems and how others copes with them. You can find all the necessary information on launch. Believe me, there people know how to hack the game "Alawar". Go to the next method.


If you prefer to do everything yourself, then there is a method, how to hack the game "Alawar" with your own hands. True, there is a small reservation. This mechanism is not working on all games, requires advanced knowledge of computers, as well as a small risk. But this is not a problem, if you do everything exactly according to the instructions on how to hack the game "Alawar":

  1. Install the game you need.
  2. Go to the password send menu and rewrite the code you want to send. For example, 11199991111.
  3. Close the game.
  4. Now you need to open the registry. To do this, call the command line by pressing the Win + R combination. And enter the "Regedit" command without quotes.
  5. In the registry branches, go to subparagraph HKEY_CURRENT_USER. And there we go through the path "Software" - "Alawar" - "Play" - "9999" - "Trial" - "Alawar". Instead of 9999, you need to look for numbers taken from the sending code that stand in the same places as 9 in the example.
  6. We find the Program file and open it with a double click.
  7. Inside, change the calculus system to decimal, as well as increase the numbers in the value item.
  8. We save and leave. hack the game alavar

Thus, you increase the time that is available to you for the game, from 30 minutes before the value you wrote.

A warning

In any case, be careful, downloading any programs for hacking. Ways to hack the game "Alawar" offer many sites. And unscrupulous people often use it. They are embedded in hackers and password generators Malicious software that can harm your system or steal your passwords. But this may be not only the mailbox, but also an access code to the bank if you practice online purchases. Be careful. And good luck!

Alayer Alawar Universal Crack 1.8 [RUS]

Universal Alawar Game Activator

Alawar Universal Crack - a program for activating games from Alawar, allowing you to get a full version of the game for free. The activator supports almost all the developer games, producing activation in seconds for a couple of mouse clicks.

Alawar Game Activation Instructions:

1. Run the downloaded activator - MultiunWrapper.exe. ; 2. Using the activator, you open the executable .exe file of the necessary game (you need to select the file from the folder with the game, and not a shortcut on it); 3. Expect the end of hacking and save a new running game file; 4. Run the game through the resulting .exe file. * If the activation did not work after the instructions above, go to the game folder, after which you rename the folder named "* Some characters or name * _data" on the "DATA" .

Alawar Crack - Cracker, Activator, Generator.

The activator creates the keys that the game perceives for the real. The defense algorithms are constantly changing, so the old versions of the activator may lose relevance, and will need Alawar Crack which takes into account all security updates.

Games from Alawar love for what they are fun and there is no violence. But, despite the low price, not everyone can afford to acquire them, or simply do not want to do this for several hours of entertainment. In such situations comes to the rescue Alawar Game Burglar which allows you to use them is free .

All the products of the company Alavar is equipped with the same protection system, so it is not necessary to search for it to overcome it, it is enough to find a way that works for each game. This allows you to develop a special program that allows you to bypass activation requirements and use applications for free.

Actual way of hacking any game from Alawar.

1. Move the wrapper.dll to the game folder. (This will require installed WinRAR or WinZip).


2. Agree to replace the already existing in the folder with the game wrapper.dll


3. Run the game and see


Look at the video instruction in order to 100% manage to remove the restriction from your game.


Download Crack Games (Crack 2018) Alavar

If you failed to download from for blocking the File Antivirus, click here. And if you did not help crack, then try the online keys generator below the link.



The application is very simple: you need to start it and click on the "Generate" button, then the key will appear, it is required to copy it, and better write or photograph. Now you should start the game, the activation form will appear where you need to insert the key, but it turns out this is not always, sometimes the code generated has to be administered manually. (Not to all this instruction fit a detailed description when you open a crack)

If you failed to activate the game, then a typo probably was allowed, you need to repeat everything again. Sometimes the program can interfere with antivirus, when nothing helps, you should try to disable it or add a generator to trusted files so that its work is not blocked. You can also write in the comment on which game it turned out to be activated and which is not.

ВAlavarian information for cracks and hackers Alawar

In some cases, antiviruses can warn about the danger of this program. This behavior is associated with the fact that it makes changes to the operation of games - this is regarded as a potential threat. Alawar Game Burglar It does not intend to abduct personal data or interfere with the normal operation of the computer, but only allows you to use games for free, so you should not fear it.

However, it must be remembered that there are cases of fraud on the Internet, loading any applications from unverified sources can lead to a PC infection. Of course, there are other ways to gain access to games, but this simplest and best suited for people who are not too well versed in the principles of computers.

everything is free Alawar Crack - Alawar Activator

The most popular Studio for the creation of Mini Alawar Games, constantly replenishes its collection with new fascinating games, the only significant disadvantage of which is that they are paid. If you like having fun for exciting and a variety of games from Alawar, then this game activator will provide you with the opportunity to play any game from Alawar. This Crack works great with all new games, as well as easy to use. You can download games from the official site, and using this activator, launch the full version of the game. Although this universal Crack is already old enough, but it works great in many games.

Important! Some antiviruses can react to this activator as a virus. First, because it is Crack, and secondly, the packter does not allow you to change the code. Instructions How to use this activator: 1. Download and unpack the archive Alawar_crack.rar 2. Run Alawar_Crack_1.3.exe. 3. Press the GO button!

3. Open the main game file (not a shortcut on the desktop, and the file in the folder with the game installed)

4. Click "Play Now"

5. We are waiting for the end of hacking game

6. We save a hacked file (optionally replace an existing one)

7. Played

It is advisable to rename the main file Game.exe. And even after that it can be hacked only after 3-5 times.

Password to archive: Ogotop.com

English language Download Alawar Crack - Alawar Activator

Password to the archive: Ogotop.com.

Studio Alawar has been engaged in the creation of exciting arcade mini-games for many years. Servs offers users a large selection of products of various genres, subjects, stylistics and directions. Here is just the acquisition of licensed keys for games, the duration of the gameplay of which does not exceed 4 hours, not for everyone in his pocket.

You can cope with this problem with a special activator. The application deletes the line of the program code that the license key requests. Due to which the activator provides free access to the game.

You can download 2020 cracker Alawar 2020 from our Internet resource. To do this, go through the link located at the end of the article. In the meantime, consider the principle of action, the possibilities and key features of this application.


Running the application, you only need to select the game from the list, after which it is activated. Almost all of this process is in automatic mode and requires minimal interference.

The activator allows not only to bypass all kinds of blockages from the developers, it also guarantees the relevance of the license key, eliminates the need to subsequent reacts of games.

Even novice users will cope with the activation procedure. It does not take much time and requires a minimum of knowledge of the PC.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of the activator:

  • Efficiency and high key selection speeds to activate Alawar Studios.
  • Regular update output.
  • Saving the relevance of the activation key used.
  • Unlocking games is carried out by just pressing the key.
  • Activation occurs automatically and with minimal user intervention.


  • The need to disable antiviruses and other protective software before launching an activator.
  • Incompatibility with some products of Alawar.


To activate the game, download the archive with the application from our Internet resource. Next, create a new folder and unpack the contents of the downloaded file there. Put the file with the .exe resolution. Select the "GO" command in the main menu. Roll the archiver and run the game you need to activate. Taking advantage of the "Play Now" team, the product will be hacked.

In case of exceeding 30 minutes of free gameplay, dedicated to ALAWAR developers, the subsequent hacking may fail. It is possible to solve the problem by cleaning the registry and performing re-activation.


To say a cracker Alawar 2020, go through the link below. The presented file does not contain viruses, trojans or any other threats for the operating system.

Treatment Not required
Language Russian
Platform Windows

Alawar Game Burglar

Alawar unwrapper - Special program for quick breaking protection against games Alawar. On the Internet can be found under different names: Alawar's activator or cracker. Many gamers know perfectly well that most casual games require activation. Initially, you can play for about 30 minutes in free mode, after which you need to get the key to remove restrictions. Not every person wants to pay for the service, so some developers have come up with a convenient program for free activation. Thus, you have the ability to pass full versions without entering the key. Time restrictions cease to work, and therefore you can enjoy freebies and pass your favorite levels.

How does an activator work?

Alawar Game Burglar

After downloading the program, one file appears on the computer. After starting, you will see a window that is shown in the picture above. To get started, you must click on the GO! Button. An additional window opens where you should specify the path to your installed Alawar game. You must specify the startup file that is located in the game folder and has an extension .exe. Now you can press the OK button. The program will display all the actions performed on the screen, which takes about 5 seconds. This is completed on this and now you can run the full version from the new icon where the key is not required.

Where to download cracker alawar

The program is free, you can freely download it on the Internet without sending SMS. Please note that some sites may require a fee for unpacking the archive, so it is worth being attentive and avoid this kind of resources. The activator can always be obtained for free, but it should be borne in mind that many antiviruses recognize the program as malicious and prohibit its execution. We recommend our users to use another way to get the key, which is completely safe and reliable.

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