How not to sleep all night: 15 ways for those who are very necessary - 7days.

How not to sleep all night: 15 ways for those who are very necessary. PhotoHow not to sleep all night: 15 ways for those who are very necessary Photo: 123rf /

If you can not sleep next night, remember what to do to implement it.

  1. Make a breathing exercise from yogis practices. It is called Capalabhati. You need to make a normal breath, and later - sharp and accented. Repeat this exercise ten times. Thanks to him will warm up, cheat. You will have an impact on the thyroid gland that affects sleep.
  2. Chew a chewing gum with menthol. Thanks to the movements of the jaw, you do not want to sleep. Your brain at this moment is activated and think that the body will need to digest food. That is why insulin has developed, and cheerful will appear.
  3. Open all windows and let fresh air into the room. Cold holds your brain in tension and causes the body to be activated to not freeze. Someone can warm the ice at all (but you must remember what you can get sick).
  4. Take the physical education - run, squat, press. If you have been charging for 30 minutes during the night, you will not sleep. Or go to walk. A 15-minute walk gives strength for two hours of work.
  5. Clear. Wipe the wrist with cold water. So you cool your own body.
  6. Do not eat. If you eat, want to sleep. Hunger is burtered organism.
  7. Listen to the music that annoys you on a small volume. Shake your head in tact melodies. It is necessary for something unpleasant for the brain reacted and did not sleep.
  8. Turn on the bright light. If there are little light, the body will think that it is time to sleep.
  9. Make a massage of the back of the neck, the uglings, under the knees and between large and index fingers. This will ensure blood circulation by the body.
  10. Light aromatic sticks. It should be a sharp smell, perhaps the one that you are not very pleasant. Pay attention to eucalyptus, rosemary, mint.
  11. Sit on a hard chapel, not on a soft sofa. If there is discomfort, you will not sleep.
  12. Get off coffee and sleep for 15 minutes (do not forget to put alarm clock). The action of coffee begins after 20 minutes. Thanks to this short sleep, you can charge the energy. The main thing is to sleep no longer than 15 minutes.
  13. Remember that there is in the global sense you can not, but you can have a snack. However, for the snack it is worth choosing nuts, eggs or other products rich in protein. Eat every two or three hours and small portions. It is impossible to use sugar, because he takes away the power. Drink water.
  14. Talk to the tongue upper sky.
  15. Again with someone (you can even about politics). It will irritate your brain, and he does not want to sleep.
How not to sleep all night: 15 ways for those who are very necessary. PhotoHow not to sleep all night: 15 ways for those who are very necessary Photo: 123rf /

Lack of sleep: the opinion of a specialist

"If you sleep at night and in the next day it was failed, nothing special will happen, provided that the sleep after the Etrodel and regular. This approach is sometimes used in the treatment of patients in light severity. This method is called deprivation (deprivation) of sleep and allows you to achieve the deepening of sleep after the "skipping" of the night.

Nozzles such violations wear a long and regular character and to that are gossipped by difficulty breathing, metabolic syndrome occurs. In Takeslucha, a man's sleep can be compared with the difficulty of miner in the mine on overcoming the heating disorders.

In the morning, arterial pressure may increase, the stability of tissues to insulin, the risk of diabetes, has an obesity and early atherosclerosis of vessels. To correct the situation, CPAP therapy with the creation of constant pressure in the upper respiratory tract, which prevents the throat walls at the time of the pharynx.

If a person is forced to work intensively and not to sleep at all nights, in rare cases there may be a single generalized-minded fit, which is not repeated. There is severely translating agripment - painful insomnia.

Basically, patients with mental disorders and patients with alcoholism in the last foreathy. The duration of such insomnia can be calculated by days - the occurrences of themselves, fears, nightmares, delusional ideas, the relationship with reality is lost. " Neurology Baresheva.

What to do if the headache is hurting

Your body is required 7-8 hours Sleep to function normally. If you sleep less - the body believes as if something happened, and switches to the revolutionary mode.

The hormones in response to stress launch the "Bay or Run" mechanism, as a result you have a pulse, the pressure rises. All this contributes to the occurrence of headaches.

And if after receiving the medicine you still feel broken and sick, then sweep 20-30 minutes On a day dream, which will give your body to relax. A longer sleep may result in what you will feel even worse, and the headache will increase.

Returning to a normal sleep cycle will keep you from pain the next morning.

Soviets for wakefulness all night

The night seems too long, especially when there are eyelids, and the strength and mind leave a person. To cheer up at night and stop feeling the severity in the head, we bring to your attention a number of recommendations, how not to fall asleep, even if they are very tired and how to overcome sleep. To begin with, create conditions in the room so that I do not want to sleep, namely:

  • Turn the bright light: it will be a signal for your brain, which outside the window is not at night.
  • Take a uncomfortable posture: if you create uncomfortable conditions yourself, you will not be able to sleep. If you can stand, stand or go, if not, sit on a hard stool without a back.

Takes up and distracting after a few hours of work will help such techniques:

  1. Take the contrast shower alternation of warm and cool water will be a good tool, how to deal with sleep. It will be enough for 5-10 minutes. Alternative: Washing faces with cool water or wiping with pieces of ice.
  2. Affect the smell and taste receptors if you want to be in bed, urgently need to take steps to stop wanting to sleep. Driving with sharp odors or tastes on your receptors, you actively act on the nervous system. The ignition of aromamasel is well suited for this, cleaning the teeth of mint paste, sinking mint candies and chewing gum. The latter, in addition to the receptors, stimulates the influx of blood to the chewing muscles and the brain, which allow a few hours to remain vigorous.
  3. Perform a point massage The method is also based on the strengthening of blood flow, which will help get rid of sleep. Points of exposure: Middle of the ears, the area of ​​popliteal pods, the rear surface of the neck, the point between the index and thumbs in the brushes.
  4. Disconnect if several hours you have worked tirelessly, it's time to stand up and distinguish 5 minutes to walk around the room and set a little. You can perform 10 squats, torso tons: this will contribute to the influx of blood to organs and tissues, helping to overcome drowsiness.
  5. Sleep after coffee Another effective way, like overcome sleep, is a short-term sleep after coffee. The fact is that if you eat coffee, it penetrates into the blood and starts its exciting effect on the nervous system not immediately, but only after 20 minutes. This time can be used to effectively relax in a short period of time. After waking, you can not sleep for a long time.

10 ways to sleep at work

No matter how many hours did sleep on the day before - 7 or 3 - in some situations, drowsiness at work appears constantly. Especially if the person is "owl", and he has to work in the morning

Then it is especially difficult to concentrate, because more than half of the working day goes to fight with sleep.

In order not to sleep at work, you can use several effective methods. Their use will reduce drowsiness, strengthened the blood supply of the brain, thereby provoking the vigor, which is necessary for a long trip behind the wheel or when working in the office.

  1. Coffee. Caffeine contained in coffee has an invigorating effect on most people. Therefore, the image of a "awakening" cup every morning is hardly a textbook. Meanwhile, excess caffeine consumption leads to the overexcitation of the nervous system. It gives the invigorating effect for the first hour 1.5-2, after which the nervous system is depleted. Each next cup of cheerfulness will be less and less. At the same time, many people simply are immune to the action of caffeine and immediately begin to sleep. Therefore, the wheel should not be abused coffee.
  2. Aromas. But aromatherapy is more effective. The same smell of freshly ground coffee has an invigorating effect. Therefore, it is in the workplace still put a jar with coffee and periodically sniff it to improve performance. Similar effects possess the smells of citrus - lemon, orange, grapefruit. They also use truckers to not fall asleep.
  3. Pure water. Yes, the reception of an ordinary glass of cool water is also able to restore vigor. If possible, water must be precisely cool - the decrease in temperature has an invigorating effect.
  4. Cold. As a result of the above item, it can be concluded that the decrease in the temperature in the office will also help preserve vigor. To do this, open the window or turn on the air conditioner. Do not arrange a "refrigerator", a decrease in temperature to 16-18 s will already give the desired effect. Our brain is designed in such a way that in uncomfortable conditions simply "will not allow" the body to fall asleep, because it can carry a threat to life. Therefore, cool air is an excellent "stimulator" of vigor, not allowing to fall asleep at night behind the wheel or at work in the office.
  5. Bright light. With the load on the eyes and the bright light on them, the brain work is activated. This leads to the fact that efficiency increases. But with a long mental load, especially if I really want to sleep, the lighting increase will have an exceptionally irritating effect.
  6. Chewing gum. Chewing movements give the brain the signal that there will be a reception of food. Therefore, such a "secret" can also help not fall asleep in the workplace or behind the wheel at night. It is most convenient to use a chewing gum for this with a menthol - it also has an invigorating action. You can use nuts or seeds. The disadvantage of this method is sufficient noise, and therefore it is worth refraining from such a way when working in the office.
  7. Music. Wrinking rhythms, and especially the sinking of them, also help to increase the time of vigor. This method is used truckers to not fall asleep on the road. Singing songs will be more efficient to preserve cheerfulness, especially behind the wheel. Slow melodic music, on the contrary, relaxes. Like a constantly playing heavy music - it creates too strong noise, from which the brain is simply "abstract" and therefore will not be effective.
  8. "Toning" products. Bitter chocolate, coffee in small doses, tea with lemon has an invigorating action. Lovers of original tastes can use ginger - it also contributes to preservation of cheerfulness and helps not fall asleep during the work or by the wheel.
  9. Traffic. Changing the position of the body in space helps to strengthen the blood flow and gives cheerfulness. Therefore, at the first signs of drowsiness, not to fall asleep, you need to get up and walk, make a slight charging, stretching.
  10. Uncomfortable place. When sitting on an uncomfortable chair or in an uncomfortable position, fall asleep, even at night, very hard. Therefore, if there is a long time to work, it is worth refraining from using comfortable soft chairs to not cause drowsiness.

How not to sleep: ways and secrets

So what to do in the first place? This is a long-known fact - you need to take a cool shower, which instantly helps get rid of fatigue and lead you to yourself. Unfortunately, this method does not differ in a duration - after 30-50 minutes you can pull you on the side. By the way, if there is no possibility to rinse, you can wash it cold water - also a very effective method, although short-term.

After you have taken a shower, you can drink a cup of coffee. A long-known fact - the drink remarkably leads to feelings. True, we are now talking about natural coffee, and not soluble, which for the most part consists of "chemistry" and does not actually affect the health of a person. However, even natural coffee has its own minuses. For example, not every person who drunk a cup of drink can cheer up, besides, it is also not good for health. Why do we say exactly about one cup? Everything is simple - in large quantities of coffee is contraindicated, since it is primarily adversely affecting the gastric mucosa and the nervous system.

What else helps to cheer up? In general, one of the most famous substances is caffeine - it has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, thereby awakening it. As you know, most caffeine is contained in coffee, but the recent conclusions scientists refute these words. They found out that the greatest amount of caffeine can be detected in green tea! So if you want to sleep, and you can not drink coffee, then brew yourself a cup of green tea and a little bit of time it takes up. But it is still not to abuse this wonderful drink, in large quantities it can also harm the body.

Many teenagers argue that energy drinks helps well - they completely remove fatigue. Such products can be found in almost any supermarket - it contains special tonic substances. According to research of specialists, energy is really helping to come into themselves and too well. True, the effect is one-time and operates for several hours, which, in general, is also quite good. But the whole problem is that such drinks have a lot of minuses. For example, they extremely adversely affect the work of the stomach, the nervous system is depleted, increase blood sugar levels and blood pressure ... and this is only a small part. That's why we absolutely do not consult energy. By the way, in a number of countries, they are prohibited.

If there is no drink on hand, you can eat something. But what exactly leads to the tone? Natural bitter chocolate. True, it is not necessary to go a lot, because after abundant meals, you can want to sleep even more than before.

If you do not want to eat or drink, we can offer you such such an option. You will be aware of the fact that you have to spend the upcoming night on your feet? If so, then go to bed early - even if you sleep a couple of hours before a long night, believe me, it will be much easier for you to work.

During wakefulness, it is recommended to listen to music. Why? Music helps to stay on the legs. Preferably. Of course, what would she have fast enough - for example, from the classics you can fall asleep even faster. True, there is one small problem - you can listen to music while at home. But if you work in production, then you are hardly anyone allowed to insert headphones in the ears.

Never forget to rest from work. Suppose today you work for a computer table. First, be sure to create high-quality lighting, which will help you better concentrate. Secondly, do not forget to take breaks every 45 minutes. At this time you need to warm up.

Finally, if you feel very bad and understand that you can fall asleep right on the go, stick up for 20-30 minutes, the room that will become a little easier for you. The main thing in that case is still waking up and make yourself work ...

9 exercises for cheerfulness for the whole day

To whom it is not familiar to the feeling when in the morning you want to pull and stretch the muscles, stood overnight. The body requires warming up before the whole day of work. Therefore, you need to take the rule to do in the morning charging. In addition, such simple exercises will help relieve fatigue and drowsiness.

Advantages of exercises for cheerfulness and energy:

Charging for cheerfulness and energy will help to wake up. Light intense movements will force the heart to drive blood faster, which will give a tide of cheerfulness, and sleep remains.

Racing tone and mood. Exercises should be not heavy and pleasant, then the brain will begin to produce hormones of happiness, which will immediately affect the mood

But it is so important to start the day with a smile and a positive attitude. Charging helps reduce weight, accelerating metabolism, helps burn more calories, which leads to loss of excess fat. After performing exercises, the power of will is trained. After all, for example, in the morning I want to soar longer in a warm bed. Charging helps strengthen immunity

The correct start of the day helps the body to deal with infections and retains the youth of the body.

Understanding why the body warming up so important, consider a few simple exercises:

Performing these simple exercises every morning or in the afternoon, you will feel the tide of strength and cheerfulness for the whole day.

Proper organization of the day and employment

Pour at night. Everything is obvious here, but it is precisely simple truths most often forgotten. The best way to feel cheerful and rested in the morning - normally get enough sleep on the day before. How many hours of sleep you are enough - 6, 7 or 8 - depends on the individual characteristics of the body. But, if you sleep less than 6 hours a day, the shortage of sleep will be felt, and this negatively affects well-being.

Check. The body continues to be relaxed after sleeping for some time, and to quickly wake up, you can make a small charge, then wash it cold water or take a contrast shower.

Plan your day. This will concentrate on performing important tasks and avoid those that simply "steal" your time, destroying energy reserves.

Put right. Do not skip meals and do not overeat. In the latter case, your body will spend energy to cope with the digestion of the eating food and you cannot fully work.

Practice "Cat Nap". "Feline Sleep" - a 15-minute sleep after lunch. The bottom line is that during this time the brain has time to "reboot" and relax. And after working more productively. Of course, not everyone has such an opportunity, but in the fact that the method standing we are assures not only the numerous Western personal productivity consultants, but also the Russian (Gleb Arkhangelsky).

Find outdoors. In warmth, the processes in our body slow down, because of what we feel less vigorous and often cannot, if necessary, quickly gain the necessary speeds. Therefore, do not spend the whole lunch break in the dining room or cafe - stroll through the street. You can and while working to the open window and stay near him for a couple of minutes - the oxygen brain definitely does not hurt.

Move more often. Get yourself a habit at the end of each hour to spend a couple of minutes on the warm-up: Stand out of the chair and walk around the office. Also give preference to the stairs, not the elevator.

Watch for posture

Improper location behind the desktop affects the ability to concentrate attention

Start the day with solving a difficult task. Use the still incomplete energy reserves for the solution of important tasks in the first place. The brain will get used to the load, and everything else will seem simpler.

Complete the cases started. This will serve as excellent impetus and motivation for further accomplishments.

Disconnect and stroll

Of course, few people will be interested in pressing in half a state. But actively move will only benefit, so you can disperse blood, and it will be easier to think. And if you sit for a long time in one place, really, you can sleep.

Max Zucilo advises learn to listen to himself. And when you understand that stress at the limit, you need to go to rest. Of course, it will most often help, and a simple change of activity of fresh air or a small charging. Maxim himself amateur to run after the time the "track" of the day helps to warm up and thinking about it.

Evan Williams, the founder of the cult "blogger" and the same thought is the same thought. He himself is fond of sports among the working day. He took for himself a decision that since in the first half of the day he was actively active, then you need to come up with something on the second part of the day to return productivity.

Dmitry Yurchenko also agrees that it is very useful to run, especially when stress becomes stress. This is a good way to "reboot" and stops. It is better to spend thirty minutes than three hours to hang out on the office without enthusiasm.

How to get ready for the working day

The best option is to sleep in the morning and a half hours. A short sleep removes tension, increases the ability to assimilate information, improves physical condition. The body receives a small supply of energy that helps to hold out during the day. Do not think how to wake up after the morning sleep, if you did not sleep all night. In 90 minutes, sleep will be held all stages, enter the fast phase. At this moment to wake up easily. After waking, drowsiness and fatigue are not felt. When time in the edge, try to fall asleep for 20 minutes. Drink coffee to make it easier to get up. Caffeine will begin to act in 20 minutes and will provide a slight awakening. No matter how much you wanted to stay in bed and take a couple of minutes, get up immediately. A moment can turn into a longer time. The brain will enter the phase of deep sleep and wake up will be very hard.

In the morning the invigorating odors activating the brain help. Inhale the aroma of citrus, pine, eucalyptus, nutmeg, juniper. If the abrasion at work, late parties, study at night for you the norm, buy a bubble with aromatic butter and apply a few drops of the handkerchief. They can be used at work when it becomes a clone to sleep. Thus, even if you did not sleep all night, you can be more or less vigorous all day.

The next stage of the preparation of the body to the working day after a sleepless night is a small morning charging. It will help finally wake up, improve well-being, activates the activities of all organism systems.

Contrast water procedures will bring much benefit. Such little stress for the body contributes to the allocation of adrenaline. Small hormone emission stimulates the nervous system, provides the brain with additional blood. The contrasting souls wash off the remnants of lethargy, a person feels collected, ready for study or work.

If a woman did not sleep all night, she will try to disguise sleepy look. Bright light is considered an enemy of sleep. During the gymnastics and guidance, turn on the top bright lighting, which will reduce drowsiness and give a brain signal that it is time to wake up.


The fact is that caffeine begins to act 30-40 minutes later. It can confirm every person who drinks this drink. Therefore, it is better to start the alarm clock early, on the very 30-40 minutes, open your eyes and drink a cup of espresso, welded in advance in the evening. After that, again, lower the head on the pillow and sleep safely. After half an hour, caffeine will act, anew the headed alarm clock will sound, and the person will stand with amazing ease in the body and a clear head. Here, in principle, how cheerfully wake up in the morning. As an emergency measure can come up. But it is not worth abuse. Still, it is better to follow the mode and enjoy the ways previously provided in an example.

Daily healthy sleep is required by the body as fresh air. Nature laid down so that an adult should sleep at night at least eight hours in order to be vigorous and workable. In addition, regular lack of sleep may cause such hazardous diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depression. But the modern person is very difficult to follow the recommendations of the doctors, because often a dense work schedule does not allow you to go to bed at 10-11 pm, and wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning.

But how to be if you did not get enough sleep, and ahead of the working day, during which many important things await you? The body can be cheered if you know the popular ways to fight drowsiness.

Regular physical activity will help you cheer up and keep yourself in a tone. Morning jog, for example, saturates all oxygen cells, and will also help the body to release endorphins - natural painful substances. Just remember that the morning charging should be easy, otherwise, instead of charging, you will get overworking at the beginning of the working day. The contrasting shower is perfectly ill and refreshing. Cool water, you can wipe your face and neck cubes. A dense breakfast will wake up your body. Please note that you need to have breakfast fruits and products that contain carbohydrates. Discard food containing fats and starch, because your body will be forced to spend a lot of energy to digest such food. Try to maintain good lighting in the room in which you are. Your body is biologically programmed to wake up with the sunrise. In addition, in the eyes there are light receptors that react to light and help to fall asleep when it becomes dark. Regularly during work make small breaks. If you have monotonous work, the brain is very quickly tired and requires unloading. Come, just sit with your eyes closed, talk with colleagues

Highlight yourself 20-30 minutes for sleep, hover the alarm clock so as not to wake longer. The fact is that during this period of time your body will not have time to enter the phase of deep sleep, you can cheat a little and can well work out until the end of the day. If you wake up longer, you will feel lethargy and drowsiness. Drink a cup of coffee or eat a chocolate. Caffeine perfectly stimulates the nervous system, increasing the level of activity. But do not abuse coffee, because large caffeine doses are able to cause nervous excitability and even dizziness. Music will help cheer up. Turn on your favorite vigorous melody, you can sing, dance in rhythm. Many sing in the morning in the soul, it perfectly helps the body wake up and improve your mood.

  • Distribute abnormal sinks;
  • Distribute the tip of the nose;
  • Distribute whiskey;
  • Distribute palms;
  • Distribute foot.

I slept a little, rubs on the go, I am ready to sleep even standing ...

A very familiar situation. How to cheer up

There are short-term methods that are able to cheer up well, but it is not worth using them. It is better to sleep pretty sleep.

I remember these times when you sit at work among pile of paper, and you are incredibly clone to sleep.

What if you want to sleep

If you did not sleep all night, then the best way out before the new working day will be a 90-minute vacation. But not everyone can afford to spend time in bed. In this case, it is time to use the following tips:

  1. Take a contrasting shower, after which you need to lose yourself with a tough terry towel.
  2. Resort to Hatha Yoga methods. In this practice there is one good exercise that cleans the brain sector, responsible for the rhythms of sleep and rest. It is called "Capalabhati". To fulfill it, you need to sit down with a straight back, take a deep breath and start doing intense, noisy exhalations through the nose. Inhale you will instinctively. It is necessary to breathe about 2 minutes. This exercise can be used during the day, it does not bring damage.
  3. Place yourself in uncomfortable conditions - sit with a straight back, choose a hard stool, burn the light brighter, ventilate the room.
  4. To activate the work of the nervous system and blood supply, keep movies. It has been proven that a 15-minute walk to a quick step gives a charge of cheerfulness, allowing 2 hours to perform office work. Well help dispersed blood and increase the volume of oxygen delivered to the brain, squats and jumps.
  5. Breakfast should be easy. It is best to include fruits, juice, nuts and a strip of dark chocolate.
  6. Many advise after the sleepless night to drink coffee, but this is not a true approach. Replace coffee on green tea, as it is rich in tianin and caffeine. These substances act softer and longer. After the espresso, after 1-2 hours, it will pull back to sleep again, while the same volume of green tea will take you up to the middle of the working day. Do not forget to drink more water for a day to prevent the body's dehydration.
  7. Menthol is a good energy. Use mint leaves, chewing gum or lollipops with this taste to activate the brain. You can add mint leaves into green tea, it will speed up the recovery process.
  8. Morning sex provokes the production of hydrons of oxytocin and serotonin. They encourage motor activity and improve mood.
  9. Drip on the handkerchief some essential oils. Oil mint, rosemary or any citrus (orange, lemon, bergamot, lime) help cheer up.
  10. Resort to acupuncture: Stripe the nose, ears, foot and palm. Slightly push the whiskey.

Part of these tips can be used during the day. Remember that the body does not deceive, in the evening you need to lie down early to sleep well.

In life, there are situations when the daytime of the day for the fulfillment of urgent matters is not enough, and in order to complete it to sacrifice sleep. But when it took all night to cook a quarterly report, or to "stay" at a party, or the child did not allow to fall asleep until the morning, or just happened to the banal, a person does not suspect him awaits him. What is the morning after a sleepless night? This is the queue from empty coffee cups, a sense of victory over yourself and revenge the body for violating the sleep and wake mode.

The state when it did not sleep all night can be compared with the consequences of consumption of a fair portion of alcohol. The reaction rate is reduced, any incoming information is perceived with difficulty.

Attention and coordination at a minimum. In short, nature is better not to deceive

But how to be if such a situation has already happened? How to hold out a day, how not to want to sleep after a sleepless night?

Sleep takes about a third of our life. If you live 90 years, then about 30 of them spend in a dream. Agree, it sounds impressive. The benefits and importance of sleep and wake mode is written and said quite a few. And, despite numerous studies, neurologists, sociologists and anthropologists have remained very many unsolved issues related to sleep.

Fucking and fully rest is very important for good well-being, productive work and health in general. But today we will talk about a friend. Sometimes situations happen when it is necessary to be cheerful all night. And it happens, it was not possible to sleep at night for a number of reasons, and a difficult working day is to be.

What to do in such cases? We offer you 12 lifehas that will help productively work without sleep. Of course, it is not necessary to constantly resort to such ways - try to raise and relax - but, if you really need, try.

1. The whole truth about coffee

Coffee, perhaps, the first thing that comes to mind, if you need to cheer up. You can simply breathe the aroma of coffee beans - a strong and pleasant smell helps to activate brain activity, configures on productive work.

The whole truth about coffee

But you are not an assistant coffee if you need to remember the large amounts of information. Caffeine, which accumulates in the blood, oppresses the brain areas responsible for memory and concentration. You will feel cheerfully, but remember something will not be easy.

2. Surrive yourself by cool

In the room with a fracture air, it is not worthwhile from myself productive work, especially if you want to sleep. Warm air is enveloped by pleasant fatigue, an irresistible desire to sleep appears.

Carrying - the fastest way to change the air indoors

To overcome drowsiness, open the window. Carrying is the fastest way to change the air indoors to a cleaner and fresh.

If the street is too hot, turn on the fan. Cool forces the brain to cheer up and intensify hidden resources for the normal functioning of all systems and organs.

The desktop model will quite cope with such a task. Such fans are less powerful than floor varieties, but they can be placed almost, anywhere. Put the unit so that the fresh air flow has been sent to your side.

Surround yourself by cool

If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on for a while. Due to the mixing of air, there will be a feeling of coolness in the room, which will not let you lose concentration.

Try to cheering a piece of ice - it will help to focus on the performance of work, and thoughts about a dream will go to the background.

3. Comfortable microclimate - the basis of productive work

If you often work at night, take care that there is fresh and cool indoors.

To maintain a healthy microclimate in the residential premises, the most correct solution will be the installation of the recovery. This is a supply-exhaust unit that allows air exchange without heat loss.

Comfortable microclimate - the basis of productive work

Recovers can operate 24/7, supporting the set climatic parameters around the clock.

The influx of fresh air, as well as the extractor work independently of each other. That is, air flows are not mixed with each other.

4. Correct air humidity

It is very difficult to focus and feel cheerful if there is a damp or, on the contrary, too dry.

Optimal indicators of relative humidity - 40-60%. Only in such a microclimatic atmosphere of the load on all organs and systems of the body will be minimal, and performance - at the desired level.

Correct air humidity

Very often in the autumn-winter period, air indoors becomes too dry due to working heating devices. A humidifier of air will solve such a problem.

5. How to use air conditioning?

By installing the air conditioner, you once and forever decide the question with a comfortable microclimate indoor. Modern units allow you to regulate not only the air temperature, but also humidity.

How to use air conditioning?

In addition, you can choose a device with functions:

  • air purification from dust and harmful microorganisms;
  • ozonation;
  • drainage;
  • Heating air.

6. How will the lighting help?

Bright light gives signals to the brain, which is still far away. Thus, you can "deceive" the brain, forcing him to believe that another day. Soft muted light relaxes, contributes to the development of melatonin - hormone responsible for sleep.

How will lighting help?

If you have to work all night, do not sit in dotmakes. Turn on the main light, the table lamp. Take care of the bright light to be directed to the workplace. Proper lighting contributes to serotonin production - joy hormone.

7. Respiratory techniques

Breathing is a process that occurs without our special attention, participates in all processes of vital activity, affects well-being and physical activity. Try pranayama. This is one of the breathing techniques, which is actively used in yoga. After breathing exercises, the mind clarifies, the vigor is felt and ease in the body.

Respiratory techniques

Pranayama Capalabhati (or in another "fiery breathing") makes it possible to generate a powerful stream of energy and drive sleep. Technique is performed as follows:

  • Take a convenient position and focus on breathing;
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on sensations inside your body;
  • Make a few calm breaths through your nose;
  • deeply breathe clean air and dramatically exhale so to feel like the belly "sticks out" to the spine;
  • Inhale must be maximally passive, all attention is focused on exhale;
  • On the last exhale, hold your breath.

Pranayama Kapalabhati

If you feel that your eyes stick out, take 10 "fiery" exhale and focus on feeling cheerfulness.

8. Refuse the habits in nutrition

The full stomach sends signals to the brain that you need to relax. Therefore, if you have a sleepless night, give up dinner completely or limit the light snack. Remember that saturation occurs after a while after meals. After severe and fatty products, lethargy will arise and drowsiness, but light hunger will be cheerful. Especially tires salt, sugar and fat. Therefore, under the ban before insentery, fast food, sweet drinks, desserts, baking. It is much more useful to eat fruit, vegetables, you can eat a small piece of lean meat.

Refuse habits in nutrition

You can deceive the brain with the help of chewing gum. Beveling sends a signal to the brain that soon the stomach will go for digestion. Insulin will be highlighted in blood, which will give energy of cheerfulness.

9. Make several exercises

If you need to work all night at the computer, take breaks. Every 1.5-2 hours, take off the screen and make a few squats, can jump or spinning from the floor. Physical exercises accelerate blood and saturate the cells with oxygen.

Make a few exercise

If you can, stroll. 15 minutes in the fresh air will help to change the situation, switch attention and give a feeling of desired vigor.

10. Water treatments

Try to wash it cold water and rinse the palms and wrists. This will help dramatically activate consciousness. Even if finding optimal solutions, compared the data and analyze the information was difficult (the perception was slowed), the reaction to washing is practically instantaneous.

Water treatments

The rate of mental processes becomes lightning. However, such mobilization of brain activity is one-time character. For the same bright regular outbreak of cheerfulness, it is necessary to take a certain amount of time until next wash.

11. Surrive yourself with music

To not fall asleep, turn on the music. The melody should be unfamiliar and annoying - in response to her in the brain, mental processes on the recognition of sounds will be launched, and you will not fall asleep.

Surround yourself with music

Slow and pleasant music is not suitable. Listening to her, you are most likely to have an even greater state of the stupor. If a colleague works next to, put the headphones to not interfere with anyone. You can move your legs and head to the beat - so you will plunge into what is happening and will be distinguished from the thought of a cozy warm bed.

Music should sound barely audible

Contrary to the misfortune to delusion that the loud sounds are driven by sleep, the music should sound barely audible. Such a background noise will not give you to fall asleep and will be cheerful, while loud music will take a lot of psycho-emotional energy, preventing your work.

12. Remove your workplace

Take a look that you are in the workplace. The mess causes depression, so switch to a small cleaning. The look of a clean and tidy table will certainly raise you the mood and give a charge of cheerfulness.

Remove your workplace

Refuse to work at the computer on the bed. Sit at the table, and the chair should not be soft and overly comfortable. The only thing for what you need to constantly monitor is posture. Keep your back straight.

Remember that constant lack of sleep negatively affects health. Refusing a full-fledged rest, you:

  • Worst cognitive functions (attention, memory, concentration).
  • Weaken immunity.
  • Reduce the productivity of work.
  • Become prone to harmful habits (nicotinic, caffeine addiction).
  • Acquire an unhealthy appearance (bags under the eyes, swelling, premature aging of the skin).

Order on the table - order in the head

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  • recuperator;
  • fan;
  • air conditioning;
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  • fireplace.

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How do not sleep all night if necessary?

If you do not take into account night shifts, then sometimes the person sometimes has situations when they need to be awake all night. But how to do it, if you still pull in the pillow?

1. Rituals before bedtime

Many people have their rituals that are performed before bedtime and set up the body to the desired way: read the book, lie down in the bath, drink tea, etc.

If these rituals are useful on ordinary days, then with the goal, do not sleep all night - they should be avoided.

2. Do not pass - light hunger retains activity.

3. Proper clothes

In the cozy pajamas, you will definitely want to be a bed, so you need to wear more uncomfortable clothes: not diverse jeans, shoes with laces, close underwear, spiny sweater.

4. Sofa and beds say no

Of course, if you wish to sleep very much, you can even sleep even standing. But a soft and comfortable bed at any scenario will not leave the chance of wakefulness at night.

5. Bright light

Some studies suggest that bright light suppresses drowsiness. Therefore, we remember the upper light, sconting and table lamps. By the way, you will not work out all the same. But this method does not need to be used in nightclubs, it does not give to sleep energy and loud music.

6. Dispute on the Internet

We find some publication in which a person in comments, in your opinion, is absolutely wrong. And begin to argue. These emotions will not be able to calmly sit on the chair, so what vacation can it be about?

7. Sleep is lying

Yes, if you have a sleepless night and there is an opportunity, it means that we sleep all your free time. Preferably during the day.

How do not sleep all night if necessary?

8. Coffee-containing drinks

They suppress drowsiness, but you need to adjust the use if you want to fall asleep in the morning:

  • Drink coffee in a little bit - easily sleep in the morning, because caffeine will quickly bring out of the body;
  • Too actively - you will be too active in the morning.

9. Acute Food

Acute and burning food annoying mucous membranes in the mouth strong enough, so this way helps to forget about sleep.

10. Fast carbohydrates

Sleeping night need to pay attention to them: they quickly disintegrate to simple sugars and give a strong, but short-term splash of energy. Therefore, you can safely stock with candy and enjoy.

11. Cold water

She has to rush face and hands. Cold water is stress for the body that helps to cheer up.

12. Zhwumach

Chewing helps a person not to fall asleep: the brain receives a signal that in the stomach in a short time should get into food - the body will hardly wait for a new portion of energy.

13. Water.

First, you will not be able to fall asleep with a crowded bladder. Secondly, dehydration leads to fatigue.

14. Squads

Physical activity is cheerful, so every two hours you can make 15 times squats or pushups. But if you live in an apartment building, you should not jump, otherwise the neighbors can cause law enforcement officers.

15. Tense tasks

In this case, you need to strain your head. And with this can help puzzles, a new level of computer game, a film, for the plot of which you need to stay intensely.

And how do you struggle with sleep if necessary?

How not to sleep at night?

In order not to sleep all night, you need a serious motivation. It can be emotional, material, spiritual. In what cases do not want to sleep at night? One of the frequent situations, as not to fall asleep at night, occurs if tomorrow is an exam, and you need to add oh as much. Or you need to not be late for a night or early morning airplane, and it can come around someone.

There are proven ways that will help hold out without sleep, at least one night exactly.

12 secrets from the category "not to fall asleep at any cost!"

  1. Food for brain. The unresolved task activates the brain's work, not allowing to plunge into the embrace of the morpheus. For example, remember, some incredible riddle that you recently made friends or colleagues. Or try to remember which expense was or who scored a goal in the last match, the penultimate or last year. In general, look for yourself something, from which brains begin to melt slowly.
  2. The cold is not aunt ... I will not want to sleep slightly. Open the window or turn on the air conditioner. You can wrap cold water or even take a cool shower. Take advantage of this advice in order not to fall asleep.
  3. Summer! Do you work on a computer? Then the neighboring tab of letting be a window of humor and a fun mood - periodically look there. What can be funny? From rollers with children's jokes, funny absurdities and not even too highly intelligent humor Sleep as hand shoots.
  4. Chewing process. The presence of gum in the mouth is a good way to not fall asleep. Worried for your stomach - you can simply have a handful of nuts or dried fruits at hand.
  5. Physical activity. A good way, how not to sleep the night and be cheerful. If your eyes begin to involuntarily close - it's time to the street. 10 minutes walk walking or jogging through the night coolness - and the sleep of hand removes. The second option is on the rug, a few minutes of exercise on the press, flexibility - and I do not want to sleep, and for the body benefits.
  6. Yoga to help. Yoga classes are the perfect way to achieve a good self-control. Those who practice yoga themselves manage the process of sleep and work. Especially effective exercises in combination with respiratory gymnastics (slow deep breath and noisy exhalation for 6-8 seconds).
  7. Drinks against sleep. Coffee, sturdy tea, clean cool water in any quantity is the key to the fact that physically immersion in drowsiness will be interrupted. Well, you yourself understand why. Yes, to make a sip of water or coffee.
  8. Fragrances against sleep. Aromatherapy is effective not only as a way to fall asleep, but also as a way to fall asleep at night. In the second case, the aromas of mint, rosemary, citrus, coniferous, coffee are recommended.
  9. Acupressure. Knowing secret invoking points is easy to massage from time to time. Even the simple rubbing of the ugra, the hands of the hands will easily distract your attention from sleep, since the massage of sensitive points, which is very much there, not only useful, but also a slightly painful process.
  10. Correct food. From the use of protein food, unlike carbohydrate, catastrophic desire to fall asleep slightly slows down.
  11. "What if…". The motivational aspect is to imagine in colors and the details of the worst version of the development of events in the future if you fall. Autotraining is true - this is a real salvation from many problems and temptations.
  12. And finally: the dream will not come in a standing position or in an uncomfortable posture, which stimulates to make work rather and go to rest.

We brought some simple techniques, how not to sleep at night. Perhaps something from this will help you to overcome sleep at the right moment. But still remember that it is not necessary to abuse it, but on the eve and the next day it is better to sleep.

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Dedlaine burn again? We tell how to deceive the body, if you really need to sleep until the morning.

1. Think about security

It is clear that for the sleepless night the body does not thank you. But she can also threaten your life directly.

The next day, it is impossible to sit down for the steering wheel: the lack of sleep acts on the body just like alcohol . 17 hours without sleep = 0.05 ppm. After 24 hours, the concentration will be 0.1%. Legally, you will be drunk.

And if you constantly deprive yourself with sleep, you will dramatically increase the risk of obesity, stroke, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. When everything is over, give your body to recover. And try so that such nights can as small as possible!

2. Night at least a few minutes

Scientists from NASA found that a 26-minute sleep Increases pilot performance by 34%. This is a great way to "reboot" and hold out until next morning. The main thing is to make yourself get out of bed.

3. Turn on the bright light

Our body responds to lighting: in the dark it begins to produce a hormone sleep Melatonin. Therefore, in the evening instinctively, I want to light the table lamp instead of the chandelier. Fight this desire. Down with the nightlights and dim light from the computer! Only all the lamps in the house, only the lamps of 300 W!

4. Purchase with someone on the Internet

Prove this fool that he is wrong. Quarrel Run the reaction "Bay or Run", and the body will begin to produce stress hormones. They instantly lead you in combat readiness. You do not sleep - even sit still on site.

5. Make cold water

Or stand up under the ice shower to make sure. This is another way to cause stress. Do not work at home? Open all windows or turn on the air conditioner. In warmth and stuff, you will definitely want to take a nap. 23-24 ° C - the optimal temperature for the night in front of the computer.

6. Chew Zhwakhku

The brain will decide that it will be necessary to digest food and make the body produce insulin. And he causes a feeling of vigor.

7. Drink coffee by slightly

Pour a liter of espresso salvo is a bad idea. You are transporting the nervous system and lose concentration. Better drink on a cup every 3-4 hours and at the same time snack.

Maximum safe caffeine dose for an adult - 300 mg. If you count in the same espresso, it is 4-6 cups of 30 ml.

8. Do not dinner

You need a lot of strength to digest food, so after the satisfying dinner you will feel sluggish and sleepy. And light hunger, on the contrary, burte: Your body will decide that you need to go in search of food.

9. Move

Exercise give extra energy. You can squat, press, run, but best - just walk. Studies show that 15 minutes walk in the fresh air give strength for 2 hours of operation.

Why voluntary failure to sleep will not help your career? Read in the article "Insensitive impacts performance (even if you do not notice it)" .


Try breathing exercise from yogis practices. It is called Capalabhati and is that you make a normal breath and sharp, accented exhalation. Repeat it about 10 times. This technique warms, burtrite and affects the sidberry gland, which affects the so-called circadian rhythms (sleep - wake).

Chewing gum

Chew a chewing gum with menthol. The main thing in it is not even a refreshing menthol, but chewing movements. So you deceive the brain, which is activated, assuming that it will now need to digest food. For this, it highlights insulin, which causes a sense of vigor.


Open the windows, let fresh air, turn on the air conditioner or fan. Warm and stuffy spaces cause fatigue feelings. The cold holds the brain in voltage and causes the body to be activated to maintain a constant temperature necessary for the proper operation of organs. Extremals may try to chew a lot - little in the light of the light so much.

Physical Education

Pour, PRESSED, SELECT A COUNTER FLIGHT. Any exercise with an interval of 20-30 minutes will help break the blood and improve the influx of oxygen to the cells, and therefore will give additional energy to the body. The best option is a short walk. Studies prove that 15 minutes walk give new forces for two hours of work.


Sighten wrist with cold water. This technique allows you to quickly cool the body. It is also useful in summer, when it is very hot, or when it is necessary to get rid of headaches caused by high temperature.


Skip the food. The body spends a lot of strength on her digestion, so after a heavy dinner there is a feeling of lethargy and drowsiness. Light famous hunger.


Listen to fast, annoying music on a small volume. Music causes a strong emotional response, which involves many parts of the brain. If possible, sink or at least shake your head in the tact. Melodic and familiar music will not suit. It is necessary for something rhythmic, but unpleasant for rumor - it causes more emotions. The sound should be such that it was difficult to disassemble the words of the song. This will make the brain work, as it will "listen" and include attention.


Turn on the bright light. The best, of course, go out, but if the sun has already gone, the internal clock can still be deceived by turning all the lamps in the house. The fact is that circadian body rhythms among other things react to illumination: when light becomes little, the body seems to be to sleep.


Missing the top, the back of the neck, the ear of the ear, the point between the big and index finger and the area under the knees. These points help relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.


Use olfactory receptors. A strong smell is nice or disgusting - quickly leads to a state of combat readiness. In aromatherapy usually offer such oils for stimulating the nervous system: rosemary, eucalyptus, mint. If the oils did not appear nearby, you can simply inhale the aroma of coffee beams several times.


Sit on a rigid chair. Any lung feeling of discomfort is good when your task is not to fall asleep. If you work in a chair or in bed, you will be clone into sleep, because they are comfortable and cozy.

Coffee and Son.

Drink coffee and sleep for 15 minutes. These are two effective techniques combined in one. The action of caffeine usually begins 20 minutes after you drank coffee, tea or ate chocolate. Until this time, you can have time to charge forces in a dream thanks to the microsu (it is also called Power NAP). The main thing is to put an alarm clock and do not fall asleep for 30 minutes, because after half an hour you will be in the stage of deep sleep, and interrupt it, you will feel broken.

Stellic diet

If you still have, then rich in protein food (nuts, egg), as well as vegetables fruit. It is important to eat small portions and periodically every two or three hours. Avoid sugar, because it gives the opposite effect, take strength. Drink a lot of water. When the body is dehydrated, a person feels tired and weak.


Take the top of the top tongue. This is another funny and effective way to cheer up.


Look at a funny video or apologize with someone about politics. Any social activity (even participation in Internet discussions) causes excitement in the brain.

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