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"Love and Pigeons" - Soviet lyrical comedy, shot in 1984 at Mosfilm's film studio Vladimir Menshov in the same name, written by theatrical actor Vladimir Gurkin in 1981. The film scenario was also written.

The filming of the film was conducted in the summer in Karelia - in the city of Medvezhiegorsk on the banks of the river Kumsy. Private house at number 12 on the street Lower on the outskirts of the city, where the main scenes of the film were shot, was demolished after a fire in 2011, and now in its place - a new cottage

I decided to google the photo of the very place where this house stood and + video from 2010:

6 photos and video

How changed the place of filming of the film "Love and Pigeons"

Almost everyone knows the classics of Soviet cinema and their well-known works. But not everyone knows that loved movies filmed in our beautiful edges.

Film Vladimir Menshov "Love and Pigeons" went on screens back in 1985. This comedy about Siberian, who, after being injured in production, went to relax south and met his new love there.

His life changed dramatically, there was a lot of interesting and incomprehensible, but it was not the most expensive heart - at home, wives, children and pigeons. Vladimir Menshov took off a lot of magnificent films, but it was this particularly remembered by the viewer with his cruise phrases.

Film selection

The main character, Vasily Kuzyakin - an average citizen who has a wife Naduha and three children - Man, Lenka and Olya. They lead a measured village life. The main character is a worker of Lespromhoz, a simple and kind person. In his spare time, together with the younger daughter, Olya, is engaged in breeding pigeons. Next door to them live Baba Shura and Uncle Mitya, which make a lamb in their calm life.

For comedy shooting very Long searched for a suitable place Since the action should have been held in the Forest Siberian Village. Consequently, it was necessary to search in the north, so that there was a sawmill and beautiful nature.

Vladimir Menshov (director) and Vladimir Gurkin (script writer) drove around the villages and villages of the Trans-Siberian highway from Cheremkhovo to Irkutsk, in search of the right place. And only in Karelia found what they were looking for.

The movie was filmed in such places:

  • Summer scenes were filmed in Karelia on the banks of the Kumsy River, in the suburb of Medvezhiegorsk;
  • The episode of floating in the sea Vasily and Raisa Zakharovna filmed in Pitsunde;
  • Resort episodes worked in Batumi.

Love and Pigeons: Details and Facts

Shooting in Medvezhiegorsk

The country's life of the chief hero was shot in Karelia, on the outskirts of the small town of Medvezhiegorsk, on the shore of the lake, it was this place that the deaf forest Siberian village of Cheremkhovo was replaced. The Kumsa River flows nearby, the Kuzyakin family lives on her shore.

All film crew struck the beauty of those places . A suitable house was found, in which the elderly couple lived - Elizabeth Petrovna and Neil Konstantinovich lived. The owners of the house happily accepted guests from the capital and had lost their home for the filming of the film for three months. During the preparation for the shooting, a pigeon was built, a veranda to the house was completed. The floor in the courtyard was shown by boards, as it should be in Siberian villages. So the house of Hope and Vasily, who loved to all the audience appeared. Unfortunately, to this day the house was not preserved, he burned down in 2011, and a cottage was already built in his place.

About 15 thousand people live in the current Medvezhegorsk. The city has its own port, wood processing firms, some hotels and tourist complexes. In these places, other well-known films were filmed - "trees grow on the stones", "Frying Hunt" and "Fourth Height".

Frames from the movie Love and Pigeons

Trip to Batumi

To shoot a trip of the main character on vacation, all set The group arrived in Batumi . The scene in which Vasily and Raisa Zakharovna swim into the sea was filmed in Batumi. On the street was November, and the water temperature in the sea was barely rose 14 degrees above zero. However, the actors are so professionally performed, the audience and did not suspect that the street was not hot summer and not warm South night. By the way, in Medvezhiegorsk, during the filming, it was also not nothing, because there the average temperature of the hottest summer day - 16 degrees.

The scene in which Vasily from the door falls into the sea was filmed in Kobuleti. Here, in the market of this city, they took the purchase of gifts. In the boarding house "Cihisdziri" filmed the scene on the balcony, where Vasily sneezes. Everything else was drawn in the Pavilions "Mosfilm".

Soviet film love and pigeons

Prototypes of kinoheroev

The movie "Love and Pigeons" is removed by of the real history of the Kuzyaki family . Vladimir Gurkin was familiar with the family of Vasily and the Hope of Kuzyakin, who lived next to Gurkin. They lived in the Irkutsk region in the village of Cheremkhovo. Not so long ago, a monument to these people were installed here.

The author of the scenario did not even change them the name. His parents became prototypes of Naduhi and Vasily, sister grandmother - the prototype of Baba Shura, and the grandfather's grandstur from the Urals - the prototype of Uncle Mitya.

I want to pay attention to another character heroes - the pupils whom was brought from Moscow. They were trained and strangers, unfamiliar people were not afraid. Flights of pigeons were removed from the helicopter, it was not easy to do, the power lines were prevented that did not have to get into the frame.

Many locals learned in the film not only their native terrain, but also themselves. And indeed, in episodes, people living in the village were in the appendix, maybe that's why this film was so loved by people.

On the shooting area of ​​the film Love and Pigeons


Cast starred:

  • Alexander Yakovlevich Mikhailov He starred in the role of the main character of Vasily Kuzyakin. The actor and cinema of the Russian Federation and the USSR, awarded the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. His most famous works in films - "Men!", "White Snow of Russia", "Cute Friend of the Forgotten Years ...", "Special Forces", "Enchanted Wanderer" and others.
  • Nina Mikhailovna Doroshin Played the role of Hope Kuzyakina. The actress of the theater and cinema of the USSR and Russia, has the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. Actress Theater "Contemporary".
  • Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko Removed as Raisa Zakharovna. Actress Theater and Cinema of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union, director, Writer, Pop singer, writer, awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR. Removed in such famous works - "Carnival night", "straw hat", "Station for two", "Girl with a guitar", "Favorite Woman Mechanic Gavrilova", "Twenty days without war."
  • Sergey Yuryevich Jurassic Removed as a neighbor Uncle Mitya. The actor of the USSR and the Russian Federation, has the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. Director Theater and Cinema.
  • Natalia Maksimovna Teniakova Removed in the role of a neighbor's shur women. The Russian and Soviet actress Theater and the movie has the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • Janina Konstantinovna Lisovskaya He played the eldest daughter of Hope and Vasily - Man. Soviet and German film actress, acting teacher, theater director.
  • Igor Vladimirovich Lyakh - Russian and Soviet actor and cinema, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Played Son of Hope and Vasily - Lenka.
  • Lada Vyacheslavovna Siazonenko - Actress, model, played the role of the youngest daughter of Hope and Vasily - Olya.

Interesting Facts from the movie

During the shooting, various incidents were centered.

  • At the end of the film, when during a kiss of hope and Vasily blooms the tree, invented to use Focus with a cane . For this, they were invited to the magician, ten such canes were trapped to the tree, and at the same time worked only seven and from the first dubl, a frame was removed.
  • According to the film, Nadezhda Kuzyakina is a woman of Balzakovsky age, and her neighbor Shura is a grandmother-pensioner. But only Nina Doroshina, who starred in the role of Naduhi was at that time for 50 years, and Natalia Teniakova, on the film - Baba Shura, only 40 years old.
  • A married acting couple Sergey Yursky and Natalia Teniakova and in the film played her husband and wife - the pensioners-neighbors of Shura and Mitu.
  • When shooting episode, when Vasily leaves the doors of his house and turns out to be immediately at sea, the actor almost suffered. This scene was shot as follows: Alexander Mikhailov falls into the sea, and under the water they are waiting for and helping clothing divers, and he appears only in shorts near the heroine, which Lyudmila Gurchenko played. During the second dub, a misunderstanding with a tie appeared, he had to cut it to save the actor. Therefore, when shooting the third double, who got into a comedy, the tie was just sewn.
  • In the episode, when at night, Vasily looks into his house, the movie "Moscow does not believe", the preceding work of this director comes on TV. In the melodrama, "Moscow does not believe in tears" the main characters are watching the first film of the director "Raffle". And already in the movie "Envy of the Gods" in the cinema show "Love and Pigeons".

Filming Movie Love and Pigeons

Awards and Prize

This kinocartine appeared on the screens in 1985 and immediately earned Prize "Golden Ladium" In Torremolinos, at the Comedy International Film Festival. In 1986, the premiere took place in the cinemas of Hungary and Finland. In 2009, the movie received from MTV Russia award as "best Soviet film."

This movie is forever entered the hearts of the viewers, and not only in the history of domestic cinema.


From this video you will learn about how everyone's favorite film was shot.

The cult Soviet comedy was published in 1985 and immediately fell in love with millions of viewers who revise it so far. The filming of the film was held in two years earlier. Why did Siberia shoot in Karelia? Picture director Vladimir Menshov spent a lot of time in search of nature. He was needed in the frame of beautiful Russian nature. He visited the Irkutsk region (the coast of Lake Baikal) and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The main characters of the famous Soviet Comedy "Love and Pigeons"

Picturesque places there are definitely there, but Menshov never found the usual Siberian village in his understanding, so the search for nature continued.

Medvezhiegorsk Once the director of Menshov remembered his youth. He started his cinematic career in the intern. Then the Karelian nature made a very big impression on Malsolov. The director wanted to see in his cinema village river, a dense forest with hillocks and hills.

During shooting

He went to search for nature in Karelia and found himself in a small town called Medvezhiegorsk. Here Menshov saw a street, which descends to the Kumsa River, and a wooden house that takes overgrown with grass hill. Kuzyaki House The filmmakers rented the house with his owners and began to shoot their film. Throughout the territory, they put the boards throughout the yard, and the house was chosen by a tree. A veranda was attached to him, and the hill was taken by the same dovestone.

Picturesque surroundings of Medvezhiegorsk

In subsequent years there were many wishing to see the place where they filmed the famous comedy. Alas, but in 2011 in the house at the address street Lower, 12 there was a fire that completely destroyed the building. Now his hosts already live in a modern cottage.

The filming of the film "Love and Pigeons" in Medvezhiegorsk took place in August with a capricious and unpredictable weather. For this reason, removed quickly, without delay. Part of the episodes were finalized on Mosfilm.

Koszyaki House in Medvezhiegorsk to fire

Resort adventures Shooting in Sochi and Batumi Cinematographers were scheduled for November when the water in the sea was already cold - + 14C, and the actors should depict the height of the holiday season. For a thermal-loving Lyudmila Gurchenko, it became a real test. In the ice sea, she was longer than other actors.

Photo from the shooting of the "Resort Part" Comedy

Artist of the role of Vasi, Alexander Mikhailov, also suffered. In one episode, his hero in the costume falls into the water, and emerges to be shattered next to Lyudmila Gurchenko, after which they slowly float towards the coast. Menshov planned to remove this episode for one oak, but problems arose unexpectedly.

Water in the sea was terribly cold

Experienced divers were to quickly undress Alexander Mikhailov in the water, but he was confused by a tie, who was not shot from her neck. Because of this, the actor stayed under the water and almost drowned.

Later it turned out that they were filmed not in the sea water, but on the territory of the Big Hotel Basin, but Mikhailov still risked. Writer Vladimir Gurkin The scenario of the famous comedy "Love and Pigeons" was written by the playwright, director and actor, honorary resident of Cheremkhovo Vladimir Gurkin on the basis of the real history of the Kuzyakin family, who lived in the author's native places.

Vladimir Menshov near the monument to the heroes of his famous comedy

There, in 2011, the discovery of the monument was held, which is the heroes of the comedy. Today, the name of the playwright is Cheremkhovsky Drama Theater.

About the film "Love and Pigeons" say different things.

Someone believes that the plot is too simple, and the main characters behave naive, and someone sees the reflection of their lives in it.

For sure I can say one thing - the film loves millions, the actors play cool. Yes, and the panoramas are beautiful.

By the way, where did you remove the film "Love and Pigeons"? What is the village? What kind of resort?

Director Vladimir Menshov worked in Karelia and in Batumi.


In Karelia, the word "wicket" has a completely different purpose. They are eating there.

You did not eat wickets?

Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?

Do not be afraid, so here is called Karelian pies. Choose any taste.

In Karelia, quietly, beautiful, calmly.

Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?

Great place, for the filming of the film "Love and Pigeons".


Drive from Peter 580 kilometers and you are in Medvezhiegorsk.

Yandex maps
Yandex maps

The city stands on the edge of Onega Lake. In Karelian - Karhumägi, at Finnish - Karhumäki.

On the coat of arms of the city - the Bear. Once he was generally called the Bear Mountain.

Here, on the banks of the Kumsy River and lived Kuzyakin.

Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?

Here he is typical karelian landscape. Frosty and hilly.

Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?

This frame shows that the weather is cool. Against the background of the Karelian fog, the heroes of the film are warmly dressed.

Well, now we move to where the sun! In Batumi!


Wow, Batumi in November. November is a bad month, everywhere cold. Tickets for a discount.

Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?

The weather does not indulge. Blowing strong wind and Treplet Raisa Dress Zakharovna and Tie Vasily.

Frame from the movie "Love and Pigeons"
Frame from the movie "Love and Pigeons"

Look behind the window. It can be seen that it recently passed rain. But the actors still had to shoot shots of bathing in the sea. Imagine how they frozen?


Scene, where Vasily and Raisa are engaged in simulators filmed in Essentuki. In the Candiders Institute of Mechanotherapy.

Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?

It is located at the resort park, 4. Next to the source number 17.

Photography with Google Panorama
Photography with Google Panorama
Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?
Photography with Google Panorama
Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?
Photography with Google Panorama

The devices were installed at early 20th century and work so far.

Screenshots from the site TripAdvisor
Screenshots from the site TripAdvisor
Where they filmed the film "Love and Pigeons". Where is the village, what is this resort and is it possible to work out on the same simulators?
Screenshots from the site TripAdvisor

People come there and today, at TripAdvisor at the Institute of Mechanotherapy An excellent rating.

So if you want to work on simulators, like the main characters of the film "Love and Pigeons" - Go there.

What do you say, like a movie?

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The house burned down, the pigeons remained: how do the places of filming of the film "Love and Pigeons" look like?

Film action "Love and pigeons" released on the screen in 1984. year, happens in the Siberian village. In Siberia and searched for places for filming. We visited Cheremkhov, other places on Baikal - it turned out that for filming the places are not very suitable, and to get there too long.

Then the director Vladimir Menshov looked at places in Karelia. Driving by car Medvezhiegorsk He stopped on the banks of the river Kumsy and was captive by the beauty of these places: this is where Kuzyakina should live!

Built a pigeon in which delivered trained pigeons from the capital , built next to the house wooden flooring - in Siberia courtyards bridge boards ... And the owners continued to live in the house of their lives, engaged in the garden and cattle.

Thanks to the film Medvezhiegorsk - a landmark for filmters. Locals will definitely indicate a visit to the location tourist where the famous film was shot. True, only the landscape remained recognizable.

Frame from the film "Love and Balls", 1984
Frame from the film "Love and Balls", 1984

Private house under the number No. 12 on the street below On the outskirts of the city burned. After the fire, he was demolished. Now in its place is a new cottage.

New Home, 2015
New Home, 2015
New Home, 2015
New Home, 2015
New home, 2019. Above cottage restored pigeon
New home, 2019. Above cottage restored pigeon

Dovetty in Medvezhiegorsk was restored only in 2018. Pigeons already live in it, it remains to check whether love has been preserved in this place.

Frame from the film "Love and Balls", 1984
Frame from the film "Love and Balls", 1984
New dovestheny, 2019 year
New dovestheny, 2019 year

Coordinates on the map of the places of shooting in Medvezhiegorsk - here .Read about places of filming other iconic films:

At the places of filming of the film "Queen of the benzokolontka"

How to removed the hostel from the movie "Fool"

At the places of filming "Thief"

Love and pigeons


Village film director Vladimir Menshov shot in Karelia. On Onega Lake there is a city of Medvezhiegorsk. On the banks of the Kumsy River and stood the house of Kuzyakin. Address: Lower Street 12.


At the beginning of the film, you can see a bear hill from which the name of the railway station has gone, and then cities.

From St. Petersburg to the place of filming of the film "Love and Pigeons" can be reached by car in 7 hours.


Raisa Zakharovna and Vasily rest in Batumi. At least there was a vacation shooting.


Removed late autumn, in November. The weather stood cold, artists of Mörzli. Swimming filmed at the green cape, next to the botanical garden.

When you revise the film - look in their faces - the actors are cold.


These frames were removed in Essentuki. Address: Resort Park, 4, near Source 17.

There is the Candidersian Institute of Mechanotherapy.


Lovely Karelia

If you want to feel the spirit of the place in which Kuzyakin lived - go to Karelia and eat wickets. Do not be afraid, here are called Karelian pies.

I love Karelia, here you have a few of my photos so that you feel the beauty of this place.

The film "Love and Pigeons", which has been released in 1985 and since then beloved by many millions of Russians - without a doubt, the classics of Soviet cinema. With the heroes of this lyrical comedy, we transfer from the Russian depths to the sea resort and back, not knowing exactly where exactly the "love and pigeons" were filmed. Want to know more about the filming of your favorite movie? Would you like to know in which locality the main scenes were removed? Then let's shift together in places of filming of this popularly beloved movie!

Shooting in summer

Summer shooting of the legendary comedy was conducted in the Karelian ASSR in the city of Medvezhiegorsk, near the banks of the Kumsy River. Despite the "warm season", the air temperature here does not exceed + 16c. Private residential house No 12 (Lower street), where the chief scenes were filmed, was demolished in 2011. Now the modern cottage is erected in his place.

In addition to the film "Love and Pigeons", other famous filmtins were filmed in Karelia: "Trees are growing on the stones," "Four Hunting", "Fourth Height".

Shooting on the Black Sea coast

Surely, you are interested in and where they filmed the resort to which the hero Mikhailov went. The shooting took place in Georgia, in the city of Batumi. Interestingly, the scenes with bathing were filmed in November at the temperature of the water in the sea only in + 14c! What you can't do for the sake of art!

A curious fact about the episode in which Vasya allegedly "falls" from the doors of his own hallway right into the sea. The shooting process took place as follows: the actor fell out of the pier, the divers helped him under the water. However, at a certain point there were difficulties with the removal of a tie, as a result of which Mikhailov almost drowned! On the joy of the entire film crew, everything went well, and the actor soldered with a light fright.

Other Places of Fixations

In the film "Love and Pigeons" there is also a scene in which Heroes Gurchenko and Mikhailov hold classes on simulators. This episode was removed in Essentuki, in the Candiders Institute of Mechanotherapy.


The film "Love and Pigeons" was based on the history of really existed spouses - the hopes and Vasily of Kuzyakin, with whom the screenwriter was familiar to V.Gurkin. The family lived in the Irkutsk region, in the city of Cheremkhovo. Here, a monument to the characters of kinocarthins was erected.

The premiere of the religious film "Love and Pigeons" took place on January 7, 1985. Immediately after entering the screens of the country, the picture was loved by the audience and quickly began to gain popularity.

Many facts about how they filmed "love and pigeons", as the choice of actors passed and how difficult it was to achieve the exit of the tape on the screens, the audience were unfamiliar. People just gladly dipped into the love story of ordinary people, learning familiar characters and a situation.

Picture design

Frame film

Shortly before the start of the work on the film was the premiere of the second picture of the director Vladimir Menshov - "Moscow does not believe in tears." After her great success, he simply could not afford to relieve a less popular story, but could not decide on the plot.

Everything was decided at the premiere show of the "Love and Pigeons" places, put the actors of the contemporary on the scenario, then still actor Vladimir Gurkina. Viewing the performance unexpectedly covered the director, and he decided to remove the same film that would force the viewer to laugh, cry, and then think about life for a long time.

The script writer later admitted that each key hero had real prototypes from life, and this impart a fingerprint on how they were filmed "love and pigeons." Thus, the parents of the Wasil and Hope were the parents of the screenwriter, and in Uncle Mita, the character of his native grandfather Gurkin was guessed. Even the surname of the main characters was borrowed from the scenario's neighbors.


Photo from filming

When selecting actors for the picture did not cost without small curiosities. For example, the director Sergey Yursky, who was then approved by the role of Uncle Mitya, first. The grimer was a difficult task to hide the athletic addition of Jurassic and a few decades of years. The same problem arose with the image of a total actress Natalia Teniakova, which eventually was able to harmoniously play the role of elderly thought-out aunt shure.

The role of Nadi was initially offered to popular love polishchuk, which was ideally suited by age and temperament. But the director decided to invite Nina Doroshin to the picture, the Sovremennik Theater actress, and did not lose. Following the role of Nadi on stage, she looked very harmoniously on the screen, literally sprinkling with his heroine.

Among the fact that in the "love and pigeons" remained behind the scenes, there was a difficult job of the invited illusionist, which "made" blooming a tree during filming a familiar scene. Flowers were to be reveled simultaneously by adding the scene of eccentricity. Surprisingly, in one of the first doubles immediately revealed seven bouquets. The director decided that this was a good sign, and the scene was removed.

Selecting a place to shoot

Work on the film took place in several stages from August to December 1983. The director was difficult to choose the nature for his design, reflecting all the beauty of Russian nature. Initially, there were thoughts to shoot in the Irkutsk region, on the shores of Baikal or in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Of course, there were many beautiful places, but they did not quite fit for the ordinary Siberian village, which director saw it. The question of filming the film "Love and Pigeons" remained open for a long time.

Suddenly Menshov remembered that in his youth, when he was still an intern, he worked in Karelia and was shocked by the uniqueness of her nature. The director wanted to have hills, hillocks, dense forests and a river in the frame. It was decided to ride the remote towns of Karelia and try to find a suitable place.

Suburbs of Medvezhiegorsk

House in which shooting

At the outskirts of this small town, the film crew came by chance. Perhaps attracted the name in which the hint of the mountains and the forest was guessed.

The place of filming "Love and Pigeons" in Medvezhiegorsk was happening by chance: the street descending to the Kums River led to a small wooden house on the crushed grass hill.

It was decided to rent this house for the inhabitants and practically immediately start shooting. The yard was staminated by wooden boards, the house was also separated by a tree and attached a veranda to him. And on the crumpled greens, the hill was set famous pigeon.

After moving the film on the screens, many fans came to look at the place of filming. However, in 2011, the house number 12 on the street Lower on the outskirts of Medvezhijorsk burned down. And now in its place is quite modern cottage.

Shooting on nature

Frame from the film

Work on the film in Karelia continued almost without breaks all August 1983. Weather in Karelia Capricious and unpredictable, so all the actors laid out, trying to have time to remove all the shots. But some parts had to be refined in the Pavilions "Mosfilm".

And in Batumi and Sochi, where they filmed "love and pigeons" on the sea, the actors arrived in November. Of course, the weather did not really contribute to the shooting, it was already cold, and the water temperature dropped to +14 degrees. The most difficult thing to depict the alleged summer holiday was Lyudmila Gurchenko, who really did not like the cold, and she had the most of all in ice water.

It was not easy for both Alexander Mikhailov, who played the main character. In one of the scenes he needed in a suit to fall into sea water, and to nourish without clothes. Having emerged, he needed to turn to Gurchenko, and then they shoulded to go to the shore. The director sought to remove the scene with one frame, hoped every second of filming, but could not do without any problems.

For those a few seconds, while the actor was under water, experienced divers needed to quickly spread it to melting. However, in one of the doubles, the tie was tie, which was confused and could not take it off. The actor spent a lot of time under water and only he could not drowned.

Already after the release of the film, the director admitted that these filming were not in the open sea, but in the large hotel pool, but at the same time attended. And Ice water did not really contribute to the health of the actors.

Disputes about the outcome of the picture

Photo from filming

Surprisingly, after the end of the filming, the tape was not allowed for a long time and demanded from the author and directed by Vladimir Menshov to seriously change the scenario and character characters.

In those years, the creative initiative was not encouraged, all films were to talk in the most positive light about the life of Soviet citizens, a cozy and durable family. Such life situations such as treason or alcohol abuse were under an unbelled ban.

In the film "Love and Pigeons", 1984 rose just such topics, rather uncomfortable Politburo for politics. Despite the protests of Vladimir Menshov, who flatly refused to change anything in the picture, some scenes were cut out of it, for example, the monologue of Lyudmila Gurchenko on psychics or dances in the bar. After all edits, the film was reduced by 83 minutes.

Folk love

Frame with pigeons

Despite criticism and carved fragments, the film became truly folk. No wonder it was made so much effort when they were filmed "love and pigeons." Vladimir Menshov turned out a touching, sincere and very funny story with absolutely life heroes.

The film was really removed with love for the people, to his simplicity, openness and ability to love. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 1985, the tape was awarded the Golden Ladium award at the Comedy International Festival in Torremolinos in Spain. And in 2009, the film "Love and Pigeons" was recognized as the "Best Soviet Council" according to MTV Russia.

However, the main reward of the film was and the love of the audience remains.

Good day, friends! The famous comedy "Love and Pigeons" was created, thanks to a well-selected creative tandem and an excellent directorial work.

Many viewers attract magnificent natural landscapes, against which the main actions took place. Today I will tell you where the film love and pigeons took off, as well as about some interesting facts that took place on the set.

The premiere of the film took place in January 1985. And shooting a wonderful film center took place in Karelia and in Georgia.

About the film

So, let's find out in more detail, in which city the creation of "love and pigeons" and some details about the film.

To take place the premiere of the creation of the young director Vladimir Menshov, the film crew had to go through a difficult path.

The film was returned several times to refinement and cut according to the requirements of censorship. In addition, the film refused to produce to rental.

Work on the film director began in 1984. Menshov has already been known for his movie circuit "Moscow does not believe in tears" which received an Oscar Prize.

The new film turned out nothing worse. He was awarded the International Prize " Golden Ladia ". The centers of the film wrote playwright, screenwriter, director and resident of Cheremkhovo Vladimir Gurkin. The scene is based on the real story of the Kuzyakian Hope and Vasily family, who lived in the same city as the author.

In the script, even the names are used real. Actions in the work unfold in the Irkutsk region. The characters of the main characters are written off from the parents of the author.

Uncle Mitya is a grandmother's grandfather who lived in the Urals, and Baba Shura is his sister grandfather. Pigeons were also in the life of the author himself.

Uncle lived in the house of Gurquin, the mother of the mother who bred the pigeons and was sent off hooligan. And when he was planted for a couple of years for a fight, a Volodya had to take care of the birds.

Initially, it was a play, which was shown in theaters, where Menshov noticed it. What is interesting, Goskino first did not want to take a picture, since the members of this organization believed that in the film a lot of drunkenness.

In Cheremkhovo, a monument was delivered dedicated to the main characters.

Favorite actors

The film was removed with the participation of magnificent actors. And you knew that the role of the main character could not get to Alexander Mikhailov, but Boris Smorchkov. This actor was shot in the picture "Moscow I do not believe in tears."

But samples for a new project were unsuccessful. Sergey Yursky was also sampled, who later received the role of Uncle Mitya.

In addition to Alexander Mikhailov, the following actors were invited to the film:

  1. The role of Nadi performed Nina Doroshin, who has already played this role in the theater. I tried to the role and love of polishchuk, but the director did not like her sample.
  2. Babu Shuru - Natalya Teniakova played the old woman, who was only 40 years old at the time of filming.
  3. Raisu Zakharovna played Lyudmila Gurchenko. I tried to the role and Natalia Kustinskaya, but it was rejected by the art council.
  4. The role of Luda went to Jan Lisovskaya.

What is interesting, in real life Sergey Yursky and Natalia Teniakova - husband and wife.

Places of Shooting

Now find out where the shooting was taken. Nature for the film was searched in the Irkutsk region on the coast of Baikal, but Menshov did not like these places.

Since the intimacy of the railway road was important for the shooting equipment. And beautiful villages were far from these places.

In addition, actors were very far from Moscow. Then the director remembered Karelia, where she once worked as an intern.

There was a suitable village for filming. The necessary courtyard was found in Medvezhiegorsk. Agreed with the owners and the courtyard was stamped by boards, as accepted in Siberia.

You can see this place on the map, the house is located on the banks of the river Kums. How beautiful the local attractions can be seen in the photo. Also the film crew raised the pigeon and the veranda to the house.

The resort novel on the sea was captured in Georgia. At one of the berths, Kobuleti was filmed like Vasily falls into the sea. And shooting beach scenes occurred in Batumi.

The main characters were swam in the open pool, the dolphinariums of this city. The episode in which Vasily sneezes on the balcony was made in the boarding house Cikhisdziri. ", And the rest of the scenes were drawn in the" Mosfilm "studio. Menoshov managed to show the viewer's extraordinary beauty of the Siberian nature. The vessels look at truly Siberian.

That not everyone knows about the film

During the shooting process, various entertaining moments have arisen and curious cases:

  1. During scenes under water there were problems with a tie. The actor almost drowned, and the tie had to cut.
  2. Lyudmila Gurchenko was very afraid of filming in the water, as the water was ice.
  3. To create colors on the tree, a magician was invited. The effect is based on canes from which flowers pop up. It was necessary to stick over the rope so that the tree bloats.
  4. Shots in the house were made in a month.
  5. The scenes in the water took place in the month of November.
  6. The episode where a local resident fingers beer from Uncle Mitya and Kuzyakin's mugs was carved by censorship, as the Antalcohol campaign was carried out in the USSR at that time. By the way, a local resident was found for this scene, which was able to drink five beer mugs in a few seconds.

Censorship put forward the following kinocartine requirements: reduce the amount of drinks, reduce episodes with dancing and too tightened the scene with Gurchenko.

Initially, Hood Council ruled that the director changed the feeling of taste. After that, interesting scenes were cut out. What is interesting, the film was filmed in the same Medvezhegorsk " Fourth height "Oh Gule Queen in 1977. And in 2016, the filming of the film "On Hot on Piranwie ". And despite the fact that the film had a huge opposition from colleagues of the Meshsov and the editorial office, he was adopted with a great delight among ordinary people who visited sessions in the cinema several times.

I hope you liked my article. If you want to share your impressions about the film, write in the comments.

Until soon interesting meetings, friends!

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