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Address in english

When sending a letter to foreign countries and writing addresses in English, it is necessary to follow clearly established rules, writing standards and design. Following the regulated principles guarantees the delivery of your letter to the addressee. Proper writing location, preferably printed letters, is important for business correspondence. The address in English is different from the norms adopted in Russia not only by the sequence of geographic names, but also by punctuation rules.

Total address writing

According to the rules for organizing standardization, the address of writing the address and the sequence of elements in official letters for international mail is as follows:

  • The name of the addressee (when sending a letter to a legal entity indicates the name of the company);
  • Recipient data: the name of the street, avenue, boulevard and other objects, the house number (if the addressee is a private person, the sender can include the apartment number, entrance or possibly floor);
  • District or city name;
  • Settlement (city, town of urban type, etc.) with postal index;
  • Region (region, edge, state, canton, county);
  • The country.

This structure is recommended, but when sending a letter, a person must take into account the characteristics of writing, requirements and rules of the recipient country. Discrepancies are possible, for example, when specifying the street and rooms at home. In England, the house number is indicated before the street name.

Brief differences in the writing of the address in English and in Russian

In Russia, it is customary to specify the address of the sender, that is, the return address in the upper left corner of the envelope. First spell the name of the sender. Then, the street is indicated, the house (the number is often spelled after cutting d.), The apartment (shrinks to square.), If the addressee lives in an apartment building. Further, it is recommended to celebrate the region (area, autonomous district, Republic, edge), district, settlement, index. The destination address (recipient) is indicated in the same sequence, but in the lower right corner of the envelope. A commas are put between geographic objects, after abbreviated words, points are used.

Consider how to write the address in English and the features of his writing. It is indicated in the same order as in Russian, but the punctuation marks are usually not used. According to international rules for transferring letters, the sender's address is indicated in the upper left corner, and the recipient in the lower right corner. However, do not forget about the rules of courtesy, writing the name of the recipient begins with the conversion of MR, MRS, MS.

List of objects in the address

To know for sure how to write an address in English, it is necessary to distinguish the geographical names of the streets. Usually the word "Street" is used. On the envelope or in the letter, English is indicated by the abbreviated "ST." This word summarizes the different types of streets, however, it is not the only address in English to refer to the address.

To indicate the prospectus in English, i.e. A wide street with multiple strips for transport is used by the word "Avenue". Narrow street, alley in English is called "Lane". To refer to the highway in English, the reduction of "HW" Y is used, which means "Highway". The embankment in English is denoted by the word "quay", which in the letter is indicated as "qy".

The apartment in English is indicated by the word "Apartment" and is reduced to the "APT". Many questions cause a translation of the word Corps in English. Usually the word "Building" is used, which is in the reduction of "BLD" or "BLDG". If the letter is sent to Russia, then you should specify the word "korpus" so that the postman is easier to deliver the letter. Other objects can be specified in the letter:

Name in Russian

Translation into English











Type of addresses in England, examples of letters to a private person and organization

Consider in detail how to write an address in English to send a parcel or letter to the UK. If the parcel or the letter is addressed to the British personally, you first need to specify the name and first letter of the name. Do not forget about the polite form of the appeal, which is placed in front of the name:

  • Mr (Mister) is used for male people;
  • If the letter is addressed to married ladies, then MRS is indicated (MISSIS);
  • For unmarried ladies write MS (MISS).

The first letter of the name is indicated after the official appeal. The punctuation marks are not put. The name of the recipient looks like this:

MR H Potters.

MS E Peterso.

If the letter refers to a business correspondence, then the following lines contain the name of the department and the name of the organization. You can only specify the company name, if more accurate information is not known:

Department of Economics

University of Oxford.

On the next line, we specify a specific address with the house number and the name of the street, it is in such a sequence and without punctuation marks. Apartment number or office can be clarified after the street name:

13 Turl Street, Off 34

Then, the name of the city is written, the index in which is contained both digital and alphabetic values. The name of the city should be recorded with capital letters. The same applies to the letters in the index. It must be clarified before shipping, since the index is not associated with the geographical location of the settlement.

The last line is devoted to the direction of the recipient's country. As a result, there should be something like that:

MR H Woodhuysen.

Department of History

Lincoln College.

12 Stock ROAD.


NL35 6HJ.


If the letter is addressed to the organization, then the name of the addressee is not specified.

Specifying addresses in the USA with examples

Writing the address in the USA does not differ fundamentally from the form adopted in England:

  1. First indicate the name of the recipient and / or the name of the organization.
  2. Then, the house number is written, street, office or apartment.
  3. Settlement, state name, postal code (usually numerical combination) of the city or post office.

To send letters to America, it is necessary to indicate the staff in abbreviated form. The letter of business correspondence usually looks like this:

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Harvard College.

4 James Street, Off 65

Cambridge, MA 02138

Apartments and offices in the United States are designated by a combination of numbers and letters. For example, in the G6 combination of the letter G, the sixth floor indicates the sixth floor, and the number 6 office number or apartment. For multi-storey houses, another combination is characteristic - 18B, where the number 18 is the floor number, and B is the name of the office or apartment. In any case, the first part of the combination indicates the floor, and the second - to the designation of the apartment.

Transliteration of popular Russian geographical names (cities, streets)

Address translation causes a lot of questions for business or personal correspondence. After all, according to the rules of etiquette, it is necessary to respond to letters in the sender. English, in international rights, is used when buying Chinese goods, for example, on the Aliexpress website, between citizens of different countries, or in other overseas online stores.

To write an address in English, the reception transliteration or a defective transfer is used. This is necessary in order for postal workers to deliver a letter at the specified address, because few people have sufficient knowledge for self-translating. Consider an example of translation:

Vladimir Makarov

pr-t. Leningradsky, d. 15, apt. 34.

Moscow, Moscow region



Vladimir Makarov.

Levingradskij, d. 15, RRD. 34.

Moscow, Moskovskaya Oblast`



The words of the district, the village, the area are indicated in English: "Rajon", "Poselok", "Oblast`". In English, the address in the address is indicated as "Korpus" for a number of geographic objects exist common names. So, Moscow in English is written like Moscow, and St. Petersburg translates as Saint-Peterburg, Russia - Russia. However, most of the names of objects is better not to translate, but to write with Latin letters. Consider popular examples:

The Moscow region in English is written as "Moskovskaya Oblast`";

Lyubertsy - "Lyubertsy";

Leninsky Prospect - "Leninskij Prospect";

Zheleznodorozhnaya Street Street - Zheleznodorozhnaya Street;

Krasnoarmeyskaya street - Krasnoarmejskaya Street;

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue - Prospect Bogdana Hmel`Nitskogo;

Dmitroskoe Shosse - Dmitrovskoye highway;

Volokolamskoe Shosse - Volokolamsk Highway.

For convenience, there are special sites on the electronic translation of the address into English online for proper filling. The user enters the street name or other object in the field and presses the "Translation" key. The screen shows the transliteration of each word by Latin.

Writing the address is an essential element of business correspondence. As the proverb says, they are welcome, and they follow the mind.

Go through the topic in the online simulator:

In the case of documentary, "dressing" is the first thing that sees the destination - how the address on the envelope is written. It is no secret that various countries have their own requirements for filling the sender and recipient strings.

In this article we will tell how to write an address in English in the UK, USA, as well as for English-speaking residents of Russia. C'mon!

To begin with, consider general provisions in writing the address in any country. Delivery options must be included:

  • Geographic data: Country, City, Street, House, Apartment (if any) and post office index.
  • The initials and the name of the recipient and the sender or the data on the name of the company.

Both in English-speaking countries, and in Russia it is customary to write the sender's data in the upper left corner, and in the lower right - information about who should receive a letter.

Address in English for the UK

As in most CIS countries, when the letter is addressed to the British, it should be started with the addressee. If the letter is personal or sent a specific person in the company, it first indicates its surname и First letter name .

Please note that in English adopted a polite form of appeal before the name:

  • Mister (MR) For male people.
  • MISS (MS) For unmarried ladies.
  • Missis (MRS) For women married.

After the appeal is the first letter of the English name, and then the surname. Points when transferring the address to English is not accepted. That is, the first line of the address may look, for example, like this:


When the letter is official, subsequent lines also contain the name of the department and the name of the recipient corporation:

MR J Walovitz. Engineering Department London Technical University

By sending a letter to the company where a specific recipient is unknown, an indication of only the department or only the names of the organization is allowed.

The second line when filling out the address contains information about the street and the number of the addressee. If in Russian we first point out the street, and after the room is already at home and apartments, then the street in English is indicated after the building number:

17 Kensington Street. 221B Baker Street.

If you need to clarify the apartment or office number in a large building, then it is indicated after the street name:

18 Red Avenue, APT 5 26 King's Road, OFF 65

Next, write the name of the city and the index. A distinctive feature of the British index is the presence of not only digits, but also letters. In our country, the index consists only of numbers. In addition, at the request of the Royal Mail of Great Britain, the name of the city should be written in capital letters:

London. NX2 4We.

The last line indicates the country:

Uk. England Northern Ireland.

As a result, writing the address in English may look like this:

MS E Watson. Marketing Agency. Top Star Corp. 25 Carnaby Street, Off 78 Liverpool NR32 4WY. Uk.

The procedure for indexing cities and areas of Great Britain is very prautan and is not always associated with geographic location, so it is recommended to find out the exact writing of the index directly from the recipient.

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How to write an English address for the USA

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The address in English for the United States is written internally according to the same principles as for the inhabitants of Misty Albion:

  • Name and name of the recipient and / or company name.
  • House, Street, Apartment (office).
  • City, state, index.

A distinctive feature of the American state is the presence of a state in the address, which is indicated in the abbreviated form after the city name. The list of abbreviations can be viewed here.

Thus, in English, the address on the envelope may look like this:

ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology 151 Lawrence Street. Brooklyn, NY 11201

The word "Street" in English when writing an address in the United States can be reduced:

  • Str. - Street.
  • Ave. - Avenue.
  • LN. - Lane
  • Rd. - Road.
  • TPKE - Turnpike.
  • PL - Place.
  • Dr. - Drive.
  • Blvd. - Boulevard

Another feature of America is the alphanumeric designation of apartments and offices. Unlike Russia and the United Kingdom, the Americans immediately encrypt the floor where the office or apartment is located. This is done in two ways:

F5. - here " F"- floor number , and " 5"- apartment number . We remember the English alphabet: a, b, c, d, e, f ... f - the sixth letter of the alphabet, it means that the apartment or office on the sixth floor. 17d. - the first is always the indication of the floor, and " D" in this case - Name of apartment or Office . This order is characteristic of multi-storey buildings.

Another nuance when writing can be an indication of the office. In America, you can meet three types of abbreviations: Off. , Off - OT Office. , or Ste. , Ste. - OT Suite. . The office will be more understandable and is accustomed to a Russian-language person, suite - American.

How to write an address in English in Russia

A rather large problem is to transfer the address to English when specifying the addressee in Russia. According to the rules of etiquette, correspondence is needed in the opponent's language. In addition, English, being an international language, is often used to achieve an understanding between the two non-carriers, for example, when ordering goods from China.

The basic recommendation for the translation of the Russian address is transliteration, that is, a bonable transfer. It should be remembered that Russian postmen will deliver such letters, which, unfortunately, are not always trained in the rules of business correspondence in English. Therefore, the best way out will be a similar translation:

Evgeny Maksimov, PR-T Textiles, d. 17, apt. 5Wolly, Vologda region, Russia256885
To Evgeny Maksimov. PR-T Tekstilshikov, d. 17, KV.5. Vologda, Vologodskaya Oblast ' Russia. 256885.

Exceptions are only those cases when in English there is a generally accepted name for a geographical object, for example:

Crimea - Crimea. St. Petersburg - Saint-Petersburg.

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With the transition of Russian postal services to the international sample of writing the address, where the street, house and apartment first indicates, and then the country and the index, the task is significantly simplified.

In general, writing the address in English is not a challenging task, if you understand the logic of foreign thinking. And this will help you help useful lessons at school, adapted to the specific needs of a certain user.

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  1. Rules for writing the address in English
    1. Rules for the United Kingdom
    2. Rules for Ireland
    3. Rules for America
  2. Postal abbreviations
  3. How to write reverse address
  4. How to write a Russian address
  5. How to write shipping address from online store
  6. How to write a visa address

Rules for writing the address in English

It is worth noting that for different English-speaking countries there are different orders of writing the address, despite the overall international format. Let's talk separately about the United Kingdom and the United States.

Rules for the United Kingdom

    1. The first line is written the name of the recipient. You can also include all the necessary names (exception - if you write to a friend) if the letter is intended to be a state institution, a doctor, professor or an elderly person.
    2. Next string - address. IMPORTANT: First you write the house number, only then the street.

3. Third line - city. For example, London.

4. If you send a letter to the countryside, then it makes sense to indicate the name of the region (district, province).

5. The latter, fifth, the line should go the index. For example, SW1A 2AA.

6. If you send a letter within the country (we are talking about the UK), then it is not necessary to specify its name. This should be done only if the letter comes from one country to another.

Rules for Ireland

Although Northern Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom, the address of writing the address is a bit, but differ.

    1. The name of the addressee.
    2. Number (name) at home.
    3. Street name.
    4. Town.
    5. The name of the region (district). If you send a letter to a major city, for example, Dublin, then the district indicate. If it is a countryside - specify. Please note that in Ireland, the word "district" or "county" is placed before the title and is reduced to "CO". For example, if you send a letter to Cork County, then you write "Co. CORK.
    6. The country.

Rules for America

In the United States, the rules for writing the address for the business (organization address) and personal letters are different. Therefore, we will analyze each of them separately.

Personal letter

    1. The first string indicate the name of the recipient. Write as your addressee prefers. If your aunt wants to remain anonymous, then you should do this: "P. Jones "instead of" POLY JONES ".
    2. Second string for address. Be sure to include any reference designations (for example, "400 WEST" instead of "400"). If the address of the street and apartment number / premises are so long that they do not fit in one line, just write the apartment number just below. For example, if your friend lives on the 50th Oakland Avenue in the apartment 206, write like this: "50 Oakland Avenue, # 206".

If you send a letter using the mailbox, the post office address is not necessary to specify, because The index service will determine where the desired mailbox is located.

    1. Third line - city, staff and zip code. The staff should be reduced to 2 letters. Use all 9 digits of the postal index is optional, it will be enough 5.
    2. If you write from another country, be sure to specify the country of the recipient.

Business letter

    1. Receiver name. This may be a person or organization, depending on where the letter is sent. If possible, point out a person not to attract too much attention to the letter. Be sure to use formal appeals: "MR", "MS", "DR". Position of the recipient Specify after the name.

Write "Attn: Name", for example, if you send your job into a magazine and do not know who is the editor of fiction editor: "ATTN: Fiction Editor" to know exactly what the letter comes to the right person.

    1. Name of the organization. If you write a certain semi Smith, which works in Widgets Inc., you should write the name of the first string, and the name of the organization is the second.
    2. Street or mailbox number for mail. If you specify the street address, be sure to include any reference designation ("400 WEST" instead of just "400").
    3. City and index.

Postal abbreviations

You can use words abbreviated if you know how to use them correctly:

  • Boulevard - Blvd - Boulevard;
  • CENTER - CTR - center;
  • Court - CT - county;
  • Drive - DR - pass;
  • Lane - LN - alley, pass;
  • Avenue - AVE - Avenue;
  • Floor - FL - floor;
  • Highway - Hwy - highway;
  • House - HSE - house / building;
  • Lane - LN - alley;
  • LEVEL - L - level, floor;
  • Parkway - Prwy - Alley;
  • Place - PL - Area;
  • POST Office - P.O. - post office;
  • Quay - QY - Embankment, pier;
  • Room - RM - room;
  • SQUARE - SQ - area;
  • Street - ST - Street / Quarter;
  • Suite - Ste - Apartments.

How to write reverse address

The return address is necessary in case of the impossibility of delivery. It should be indicated in the upper left corner of the envelope.

    1. The first string is your full name.
    2. Street / Avenue Name, House / Apartment. If you get letters in the mail, specify the mailbox number.
    3. City, area / region / staff, index. If all information does not fit on one line - you can transfer the index to the next one.

How to write a Russian address

So historically it happened that in Russia the postal address is indicated on the principle of more to the smaller. Sample address:

    1. Country: Russia with index: Postal Index.
    2. Republic / Region / Area / JSC: Republic / Region / Autonomous District.
    3. City: City / Town.
    4. Street / Room of the House / Case / Apartment / Office Room: Street / House / Flat / Office.
    5. Organization Name / Name: Organization / Name.

How to write shipping address from online store

The most popular online store today is Aliexpress. And one of the most popular requests for all search engines is how to properly write the address of accommodation for delivery. Again: the parcel goes from China, and it is very important to specify everything right.

Receiver name Entered by translite (you write in English letters your name and surname). For example: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. Passion to point out necessarily - so requires customs.

Country, Region, Area, City Select from the proposed list (to fill up the address for the parcel manually do not have to).

Apartment, Street and House (Home address) is also written by translit: Ulitsa Lenina, DOM 3, KV. 3.

How to write a visa address

Writing the address when applying for a visa questionnaire is subject to general rules.

    1. Receiver name.
    2. Position.
    3. Name of the country's embassy.
    4. Embassy address (house room and street / city / index).

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Translate address - Simple task? In principle, yes, not very complicated. But as soon as you try to work, it turns out that some addresses competently translate not so easy:

  • First, there are no single rules for the translation of the address;
  • secondly, many countries have their own address writing standards;
  • Thirdly, in some countries (for example, we in Russia) there is a transition from the old standard to a new one.

The lack of "clear rules of the game" and contradictions in the existing approaches complicate the task of the translator even more, so the addresses are translated as it turns out. Let's try to decompose everything around the shelves.

As it was before?

In Soviet times, the approach "adaptation under the language of translation" was distributed, that is, translators simply translated the addresses, "configuring" them under foreign culture. It was possible to meet a Palace Street instead of the Palace Street, Green Prospect instead of the Green Avenue and so on. So still make many. But there is little practical meaning in this. Imagine a foreigner tourist who is trying to find a palace street and asks passersby, where Palace Street is located. Passely, it will simply do not understand. But if the address was translirted - Dvortsovaya Ulitsa - passersby would most likely understood what we were talking about. In letters, this problem is not so acute, because there is an index. But the translated, and not translisted address is still less understandable to the postmen. Translator - editor of Ksenia carpenter

How we do

We prefer to follow international practice, namely, to use transliteration. Here are our internal rules for translation addresses:

  1. We try to translinerate the maximum. Especially for contracts, certificates of ownership and other documents, where the address is important, for example, for checking or for the postman.
  2. When transferring realities (nuances of culture) and toponyms, we follow international recommendations and the translation tradition.
  3. If the client has already translated similar documents not from us, and addresses are translated into them, avoid discrepancies in the documentation - we use the ready-made client.
  4. In texts for tourists, follow the translation tradition. And in explanations, how and where to get there, we give transliteration in brackets.

Now let's try to figure out how to do with each element of the address separately.

Let's start with the order. How correct?

Everything is simple and difficult right here. Almost every region has its own requirements for the order of elements in the address. Instead of a single standard, there are many local recommendations - that is, to reason how it is correct, there is little meaning. And if you see how other countries solve the question, you can see that the addresses are more often trying to leave "as it is." And it is clear why: if you proceed from the fact that the address is still intended either for the postman or for visitors, it is logical to bring the maximum to bring the translation to the source.

In general, our approach is this:

  • If the client has wishes or ready-made address translation - use the client's option.
  • If there are no wishes, we leave order in the address "as is".


Russian (in the old format from more to the smaller)

190121, St. Petersburg, wood alley, 22, litera A, Pom. 2N


Russia, 190121, Saint Petersburg, Drovyanoy Pereulok, 22, Litera A, POM. 2N

Examples of documents where the original order is preserved in the address

With the order of words clearly. What to do next? Translate or translirrate?

The default approach: streets and districts are typing Latin, and for cities and regions we use well-established options.

By the way! There are different transliteration systems. Most often, when transliterated addresses, the BSI standard is used, but using Yfor Ъ и Ь. Or ICAO standard, as well as the FMS when placing a passport. If it is interesting, here is a separate article about transliteration.



Sea embankmentSanct-Petersburg


Morskaya Naberezhnaya (Transliteration) Saint Petersburg (established option)

Go to the parties: Streets, transitions, deadlocks ...

Ideally - translinter. In advertising booklets and similar texts, if there is a tradition to translate - we translate and clarify from the client whether to add a translistered version nearby.

If the streets in the streets meet figures, we translate them with decoding.

By the way! Abbreviations with a point are translated "as is", the reduction with the hyphen is fully indicated.



Embankment River Fontanka2-I Railway Street


Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki in contracts, but Fontanka River Embankment in advertising bookletsVToraya Zheleznodorozhnaya Ulitsa

Suggest part in English

Boulevard, br, b.

Bulvar, Bulvar, b.

Embankment, nab.

Naberezhnaya, NAB.

Lane, per.

Pereulok, Per.

Area, pl.

Ploshchad, PL.

prospectus, pr-kt, etc.


Square, p., SLE.

Skver, s., SKV.

International famous objects also translate?

In the case of hotels, restaurants use the name that is indicated in their English-language materials.



Guest House Rooms "Nevsky Beach"


Nevsky Bereg Rooms.

When translating the names of famous cultural objects, we take into account the type of text.



Sparrow Hills


Vorobyovy Gory (in contracts) Sparrow Hills (in advertising booklets)

By the way! If in the original title, both capital and lowercase letters are used, in translation for administrative units, we write all from the lowercase letters.



Moscow region


Moscow Oblast.

Apartment and floor - translate?

We specify by the client. It happens that in the already translated documents we have already translated or, for example, on the client's website already there is a ready-made translation. If the translation is made from scratch, simply translate.

Designations of premises in English


Kvartira or Apartment


Pomeshcheniye or Room

And case? Literacy Staed?

Words "Lite" and "Corps", as well as appropriate reductions, transluterish.

By the way! The terms "Liter" and "Lite" due to formal similarities are often confused. In fact, as part of the address, it is correct to write a "letter" as a synonym for the word "letter". And "Liter" is simply a preferential travel with alphabetic designation. However, the error entrenched in some official addresses. Therefore, the plate below gives transliteration and for the first and for the second option.

Special designation addresses in English

Corp, Corp.

Korpus, Korp.


Lestnitsa, L.

literacy Lit.

Litera, Lit.

Structure, p.

Stroenie, Str.

How do you do with cities? Settlements?

The names of settlements we carry out on directories, and their types - we translate.

Types of settlements in English

city ​​xxx


City of district meanings

City / Town of District Significance

City of federal significance

Federal City.

Urban settlement

Urban Settlement.

suburban village


The village XXX.

Hamlet of xxx

Resort village.

Resort Settlement


Municipal formation




Urban-Type Settlement

Working settlement

Work Settlement

rural settlement

Rural Settlement

Urban areas - is it districts? And regional?

And urban, and regional districts - districts. Such is the translation tradition. That is, in this case, also applies the rule, "we translate the type, we translate the name."



Irkutsk (Regional) DistrictBesovsky (urban) District Alexandrovsky (Municipal) district


Irkutsky DistrictBerezovsky DistrictAksandrovsky District

Subjects of the Russian Federation - this is just regions? Or should they translate them too?

The types of subjects of the Russian Federation refer to cultural realities, therefore broadcast. So they are advised to do according to the UN stylistics recommendations and the accompanying guidelines for the transfer of administrative-territorial units (that is, writing Oblast, Krai and so on). With the names, we do the translation tradition.



Tula Oblast Krasnodar Kraikhanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yukratochchensk Republic


Tula Oblastkrasnodar Kraikhanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugrachechen Republic

Main types of subjects of the Russian Federation in English

Autonomous Republic

Autonomous Republic

Autonomous District

Autonomous Okrug.

The name of the country - what can be easier. Translate?

Yes. RUSSIA - for sites and directories. Russian Federation - for documents.

In some texts, for example, descriptions in advertising booklets, use Russian Federation is too officially. Therefore, in such cases, even if the Origin is written "RF", the country is better to adapt and write simply Russia.

In different countries there are their own rules for writing the address. In English, too, has its own features. Let's find out what exactly they consist.

Address in english

When writing an address, you must adhere to certain rules for design. It is necessary that the address is understandable to employees of mail, and the letter reached the addressee safely. On the left at the top of the envelope, it is customary to post the sender's address, and the address of the recipient is usually located in the lower right corner.

Address for aliexpressYou need to write with pickup printed letters. At the same time, do not forget that for convenience the postal address on which the letter is sent is to write larger than your own.

American and British addresses are usually drawn up according to the following rules:

  • The name of the person who is intended for the letter
  • Organization (if the letter is aimed at business communication)
  • Home Room, Street Name, Apartment Room
  • Name of the city (and staff - for the USA)
  • Postcode
  • The name of the country

When writing a business letter, the corresponding form of appeal is set before the name:

  • Mr. - any man
  • MRS. - a woman who is married
  • MISS - a woman who is not married
  • MS. - in the absence of information about the marital status of a woman

For example: Mr. Richard Johnson (maybe Mr. R. Johnson)

If the name of the addressee is unknown to you, you can restrict ourselves to the name of the organization.

About how to make a business letter and how to write a personal letter in English, read on the pages of our site.

How to write an English address for the UK

In the British English point after MR, MRS, MS and the initials are not put.

According to the requirements of the Royal Mail Postal Service (Royal Mail), the name of the city is written by capital letters.

So, the example of the British Mail Address will look like this:

Miss S Pollard2 Chapel HillheswallBourNemouthbh1 1Aauk

How to write an English address for England

Address in English to send to the USA

The state name is written by a two-letter reduction (for example, NY - New York, CA - California). A complete list of contractions can be found on the official website of the US Postal Service -

In addition, in the case of business letters, the address is recommended to fully write with uppercase letters:

James Kerry438 Dark Spurtsan Franciscoca 94528USA

If you specify the address in the TV body, use punctuation. For instance:

Please Send Mail to Mr. James Kerry, 438 Dark Spurt, San Francisco, CA 94528, USA.

Especially for visitors AlExpress: Russian address in English writing

And finally - valuable information for lovers of goods from the Miracle site, namely, how the Russian address is written by English letters. Since the reverse address in our case is intended for Russian mail, it is better to write it so that it is understandable to the Russian postal.

All names are broadcast (more on transliteration rules). For instance:

Smirnov A. N.L. Kosmonavtov 35-11vyborgleningradskaya oblast112233russia.

Before sending a letter, be sure to check the correctness of the writing of all items, first of all - the postal index.

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