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From English (Area of ​​Effect - area of ​​action) - Spell of "mass lesion", affecting the area. A classic example of such a spell: a magician explosion.

The concept of oo is used in two versions:

Aoe bosses - the abilities of bosses that affect the area, causing a big damage. Usually, an abundance of oily on bosses requires great mobility from the raid and a significant amount of chyleries. Bright examples of a powerful nuclear boss can serve as a deep breath of onyxia, Mimiron's missile volley.

Oo players - the abilities of players who can damage around the area. In Pve, oo is used to destroy a large number of weak monsters (packs of colors on the frame). In PVP, oo can be used for a powerful massive damage in large skins and in order to bring a druid or a robber from invisibility.

Usually, the spells are too expensive to use them against a small number of purposes.

Aue: What is the main danger of new children's hobby news, youth, danger, subculture, long

Probably, a few Russians know what Auu is. Nevertheless, under this abbreviation, a criminal youth movement is hidden, which carries a threat to the safety and stability of society.

Three terrible letters Auu has several decodes: the Arrest Urcagan Unity; ARESTANTATISK INSTALLY; Arrestants, Urcagans are united. A specialist in the field of criminal subculture Vadim Tupullov reports that for the first time with Abbrevia Aiu, he collided in the mid-2000s during work in the Central Federal District, later this term twisted in Transbaikalia and the Far East.

According to Alexei Tarasova, Alexei Tarasova browser, aware of Auu's abbreviation was performed for the first time in 2010 during the massive pogrom, arranged by minor convicts in the Belorechensk educational colony of the Krasnodar Territory.

Today, young people between the ages of 13 and 17 years old are among the ages of disadvantaged families living in settlements located close to the detention facilities. Among the major cities where the roots of the roots were deeply launched, Chelyabinsk and Chita stand out.

Some experts believe that the birthplace of Au is Transbaikalia, and the organizer of this movement is the thief in the law of Georgy Corlava. In 2015, criminal authority was detained in one of the restaurants of the capital on the thieves gathering, at the moment it is in conclusion.

Like adults It is said that the coal decided to return the tradition to replenish the housing with the help of schoolchildren, simultaneously imposing a thieves ideology among teenagers. Anyway, the youth has become very quickly infected with new hobbies: by now, in Transbaikal, not a single school or vocational school remained, wherever the members of Aiu are present.

Codex Aue actually copies the Blouth Law, forbid any cooperation with the police and the authorities. "Ahereshiki" profess the cult of strength, theft and tunes. Their tasks also include recruitment of new members of the gang and the regular fee of the Podachi, which they transmit criminal authorities, including those serving their term at the zone.

The detachment model of his feasures in some sense copies the state tax system. Aiu members think this way: the money we collect work for the future: now we are financially providing wagons, and subsequently the new generation of AUE will supply us money if we are in prison.

The system of shavers in many cities of Transbaikalia and the Far East took such a massive character that he did not speak about it only lazy. Parents, educational institutions and law enforcement agencies are well aware of the disaster scale, but it is not possible to seriously change the situation. All increasing threat The subculture of Aiu in a matter of years covered almost the entire eastern part of Russia, gradually selected to the major cities of the central region. Police without additional assistance to withstand numerous groups of adolescents are not able. Stop the distraught crowd. Maybe it may except weapon.

So, in 2014, in Chita, during the arrest of one of the criminal authorities, he shouted: "Aiu! Voram freedom! " A dozen young people responded to the call, who pounced on the police, and only warning shots stembed attackers.

In the same year in Kazan, according to the "new newspaper", a much larger incident occurred. The father of a teenager, whose members of Aue extorted money, decided to go to the meeting with her son. As a result, the 16-year-old criminals killed both, then searched and took the keys to the apartment. After that, they penetrated into their home, where they dealt with the mother and made all valuable things. Later, the investigation set the involvement of the grouping to the murder of two taxi drivers.

In the town of Khilok Zabaikalsky Edge of February 2016, a crowd of teenagers with stones and metal rods attacked the police station, intending to free his accomplice. The assault managed to repel, but the plot and police cars were very damaged. It is impossible to sore The scale of penetration of this subculture into general education institutions are affected. According to experts, hundreds of thousands of adolescents are counted for Aiu. It is also clearly seen from social networks. For example, the Network "VKontakte" enjoy several communities on the subject of AUE, with a total number of subscribers over 200 thousand people. Unfortunately, the studded thieves romantics are becoming more and more.

The worst thing that, in a short time, this unmanaged Swamp will enter adulthood and many of the former members of AU will replenish the ranks of organized criminal groups. And it can become a big headache for the state, which is rapid than rampant banditry in the 1990s.

The authorities of the regions still hope to solve the problem on their own. However, it does not work. In the village of Novopavlovka, the Chita region, it came to the fact that the parents of children who were mocked by members of the group of Aiu, arranged for self-dossa teenagers. Despite the frankly illegal nature of the action, the police are not in a hurry to punish their parents.

Only in 2016, the presence of the problem of growing teenage crime began to recognize at the federal level. The responsible secretary of the Russian Human Rights Council Yana Lantratova, in an interview with the newspaper Izvestia, stated that "Aiu's youth criminal movement took control of educational institutions in 18 regions of Russia, including Buryatia, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk and Tver regions, and Also in the Trans-Baikal and Stavropol Territories. "The president of Russia instructed to develop a set of measures that would protect children from the influence of the prison subculture. The first step on this path was the bill made by Duma by Anton Belyakov. He provides for the ban "Propaganda of criminal values ​​and a criminal lifestyle". Source:

What is auu - decoding and value, subculture certificate

January 19 2021.

Hello, dear blog readers KtonanovenKogo.ru. When a person for the first time hears the word "aue" from the mouth of the teenager, his associations often go to rap culture.

However, in fact, this abbreviation came from prison jargon. And, unlike many lexemes with the same origin, has kept his terrible meaning.

The fact that Aue is in young people, what is the deciphering of this abbreviation, as well as about the history and modernity of the phenomenon, let's talk in this article.


Decryption aue and what it means

The word "aue" is an abbreviation. It can be written into one word or with a point after each letter ("A.U.E."). Options decryption There are several. In the widespread case, they are interpreted as follows:

Auye - the Arrest assembly one.

Second reading:

Auu is the Arrest Urcagan Unity.

Blank strike

Those who pronounce this abbreviation use both interpretation variants as consistent to each other.

The fact is that it is also about the name of the conditional community (gang association), and his slogan. The first decoding is more frequent in speech, since it was she who became a motto.


And when adolescents adopted in this way on the street, in the abbreviation, the value of 1 is "the arrest assembly".

AUE use in youth slang

In recent years, the greeting "Aiu!" gained great popularity among the world's world (12-17 + years). Young people often use it as:

  1. Liquid interomotion. Word for greeting , instead of "Hello". A typical case for subculture. It is used for self-identification, to establish "its own" relations - "Alien".
  2. Emotional interomotion. In the course of communication between participants in unity is used For approval expression , encading. It can be just a cry.
An inscription in the entrance

In the use of this word, teenagers initially do not have anything strange and scary. Especially with the fact that most of them are not aware of the true sense of said.

They want to be part of the group and demonstrate it in every way. This is necessary for self-confined, to find its place in society.

All horror Situations lies in how Aiu in thievesky jargon is decrypted and what is actually behind these three letters.

Before using this is a loud word to enhance the CHW, it is worth reading further information.

The essence and origin of auu

The Arrest Urcagan Unity is another modern Youth subculture (what is it?) .

Contrary to his name, it unites not only those who managed to visit the places of imprisonment. This "metaurganization" is attractive for adolescents due to illusory romance of life outside the law .


What is interesting, such a traction is relevant for those who did not find real gangster times. At the generation of children who were only born in the 90s, it was expressed in hobbies by the series "Brigade", "Boomer", etc. But next generation gained more serious scales.


Those who know well what Auu is, and repeatedly proclaimed this word, choose the cult of power, conscious tunestry, and often a direct violation of the law.

Teens want to live according to the concepts, although there are only superficial knowledge about them.

Big danger lies in the fact that children imagined by the participants of this movement Not that they are not afraid, but even strive Quickly get to the zone. The most frequent path there is through robbery or attack on a police patrol.


History and modernity phenomena

It is believed that this movement - Aiu - actually originated more than 70 years ago. The reason for this was raised crime, poverty and mass lipstick of children after the war. The next wave fell into the eighties. The then adolescents, enthusiastic, in the 90s were realized in criminal groups.


Why Aiu is again gaining popularity now - an open question for researchers in the field of sociology, economics, politics.

Power does not recognize the global scale of this indulgence, while it is gaining momentum at the federal level.

Having learned what Aiu is, what is the decryption of young people and what it is worth it, each reader will make his conclusions. But the frequency of use of this expression makes seriously think, and maybe - and to score alarm.

Good luck to you! Seeing fast meetings on the pages of KtonanovenKogo.ru

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Belorechensk educational colony for juvenile criminals

On June 16, "New Gazeta" published an article in which they told about the adolescent phenomenon AUE - the abbreviation can be deciphered as "the arrest assembly of one" or "the Arrest Urcagan Unity". According to the browser "New" Alexei Tarasova, the abbreviation has become a "real ideology" and the "object of worship" among adolescents, inclined to the crime. It is used as an exclamation greeting, to identify "their own strangers", during attacks on citizens. The "New Gazeta" calls Aiu "New Pioneer" and says that without a thorough study of the phenomenon, AU, it is impossible to understand the criminalization of modern adolescents - according to the newspaper, it reached a frightening scale. To figure out where the concept of Auu came from and whether it was a real threat, "Medusa" picked up with a lawyer, anthropologist and criminologists.

What is said in the text "New Newspaper"

As Alexey Tarasov writes, Alexey Tarasov writes, for the first time, Auye's abbreviation sounded in 2010 during mass riots in the Belorechensk educational colony in the Krasnodar Territory. In its material, it lists the incidents associated with the concepts of AUE and what happened since then. The browser cites the crime chronicles quotes (without specifying an accurate source); For example, such: "16-year-old Aepets Aue (with adult comrades) extorted money from peer. On the arrow, he came with his father, killed both, took the keys from the apartment, went, they got together with her mother, took the household equipment. "

According to the "New", in December 2016, at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, his responsible secretary Yana Lantratova told Vladimir Putin to the President of Russia to plant the criminal ideology and called her "National Security Problem". Lantratova said to the president that parents come to her and they say that "their children from prosperous families go to school in the morning and fall on special fasteners, where alcohol and drugs are already being", and they have to pay "their own body."

In January 2017, Putin instructed to create an interdepartmental working group with the participation of HCH members to prevent the criminalization of the teenage medium. And the Russian Orthodox Church proposed to ban groups in social networks with thyough romance - just like the "Death Groups". "New", in addition, leads to decipher the conversation of the Krasnoyarsk psychologist Nikolai Shcherbakov with adolescents about Aiu - they confirm that not only familiar with the concept, but also consider it a "trend".

According to the "new" scheme, according to which the child "recruit in auu" looks like this: two high school students are suitable for a five or sixth grader and begin to speak with him on the "Blank Argo", they tell about "concepts", "Zona Romantics" And then ask to bring money for a "casket". So a 10-year-old child begins to steal, extort money and deceive parents. According to Tarasova, to get out of this "suddenly opened parallel abyss" is impossible - as a result, bringing adolescents to suicide and rape. The browser "New" also provides information on cases of teenagers over their peers - this is a revenge for the behavior "not according to the concepts".

From the pages of the Tarasov newspaper appeals to all parents with a warning: "If you think that you and your child will protect money, social status, a decent school, you are mistaken."

He also writes that the idea of ​​Aue is initially regional - gradually becomes for modern children "national idea". "Swam, Gopota, fees in the publication were always. But it never was so that young people do not give alternatives. Zona ideology so easily fills everything around, because around - emptiness, "completes its text of Tarasov.

Svyatoslav Chromenkov

Lawyer, representative of the Baikal Human Rights Center, Irkutsk

I will not say that Aiu is the threat of national security, but this movement accurately undermines the integrity of society and the state. The involvement of children in ideals AUE occurs and with the help of social networks, as well as films and serials, in which the image of bandits is reflected.

The prison romance is interested in young people from different regions of Russia - my colleagues are told about this: human rights defenders, lawyers, lawyers.

Criminal authorities, "looking", "Commons" we have everywhere, and therefore, someone works with young people - they need new personnel, young people; Otherwise, getting up in our own juice, they will simply disappear. They also need performers - they do not want to commit crimes with their own hands. I think the ideology of Auye (it may be called as you like) was formed to influence young people and involve it into criminal activities. Children are taught to commit crimes and say that nothing will be for it, since you have not fallen under criminal liability.

People associated with crime have long been working with young people. Previously, 20-25 years ago, they wrote so-called runs - something like samizdatovsky newspapers, which spread among prisoners, they also wrote about how to work with young people.

Historically, our edge is sidelik, we have someone in every second family or sitting, or sitting now. Therefore, perhaps, we have the influence of AUE is felt more. But one way or another it is common everywhere. Although there are simply no statistics on this occasion.

The Irkutsk region is bordered by Transbaikalia and Buryatia, from there, you also go to a youth criminal subculture, associated with thieves traditions. In my opinion, this is all due to economic factors: these regions, compared with the Irkutsk region, more retarded, the infrastructure is worse there, above unemployment, so it is easier to send young people to a criminal path. Add a crisis here, a bad economic situation - this also affects the appearance of Auu.

The kids come to us for help, because they do not know which way they do, they still did not put priorities, do not know how to behave correctly.

According to them, the involvement in the gang is happening: the older comrades offer them to make a petty illegal act or just smoke, and then use this act for blackmailing: if you don't do what I tell you, then I will tell you about your parents. These guys who fall into this trap, about 12 years old - at this age they are easier to influence. We were told that what was happening as if non-violently, the child seems to give him a phone or money, no one forces him, but it's almost impossible to escape from this network.

These children gather in the doorways - they just have nowhere to walk, they paint auu walls by Abbrevia and tell each other about life stories. Senior Comrades are addressed by a criminal subculture, Bloomy Romance, say that criminal authorities are the most decent people, they can be believed, and the police and the state are bad; They are criminals, and we are Robin Hood.

More often, children from disadvantaged families fall under such an influence. Those who are interested in something or well study, to life are more consciously, it is harder to entangle the brains - they have a goal, so simply will not be cheating. And if a child has problems with parents or with the law, if they live in incomplete or poor families, they are quite simple to influence them.

Sergey Milyukov

Professor of the Department of Criminal Law of the RSPU. Herzen, Colonel Militia in resignation, Senior Advisor to Justice (St. Petersburg)

This has always been in Russia. The lower part of the population did not want to obey the state, its punitive organs, and this reluctance was manifested fairly early, in children's or adolescence, which created a favorable ground for the spread of thieves and hooligan customs.

And in Soviet times, in 1950-60s, a significant part of adolescents and children leaned and subordinate to this "thieves" customs. Just then there was no such abbreviation - aue. Children of the fifth of eighth grades were fond of thorough customs and rules. This, possibly, their desire for independence was expressed. "Concepts" switched from class to class, from generation to generation. At the same time, all this was combined with some amazing way with a different life - with pioneer and Komsomol organizations, with reading serious books.

Now thanks to the Internet, the laws of Auu became even easier. Previously, it was embarrassed by the former sites: they involved minors, fascinated their idea of ​​will, unwillingly obey anyone - not only parents and school, but also to the state. The antipode has always performed the police, now the police.

Already then there were some signs of the differences - the knockers. Some older people can sometimes see the "IRA" tattoo - and this is not the name of the first beloved, but the abbreviation from the "go to cut an asset". "Active" is those who cooperate with the administration. Juvenile convicts often gave an "malice" - "For all I am very painful, I am very painful."; Or evil - "For all the legal entrance." Or the word "morning" with a painter of the sun on the brush - "Lead the Father's Trop", if, for example, a father was sitting. And these traditions, these words - like a game, and then it affects the subsequent life.

After all, we know very little about what is happening today in the so-called children's colonies, or colonies for juvenile. From there, Aiu also goes, and is a very saturated flow, just no one resembles this phenomenon.

Some statistics. For the first three months of 2017, in Russia managed to identify almost ten thousand minor criminals, which is extremely small. I think only in one area of ​​St. Petersburg you can catch so much. At the same time, if you compare this figure with the previous year, there was a drop in the registration of crime among juvenile by 23.2%. We all see what is happening in the country, and according to official statistics, the crime of minors disappeared. We have 24 educational colonies that contain only 1649 minor criminals. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why this infection is now flowers and smells: no one struggles with her.

Vadim Tupullov

Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor, Researcher of Problems of Criminal Subculture

Aue is a set of informal standards that are guided by adolescents. There is a world of law-abiding - incorrect, and there is the right world - criminal. Adepta Aue is trying to plant the right world, the correct ideas, and the authorities are fighting with them. Making crimes, they do not think that they caused someone harm, they believe that all this is good. So they justify their behavior, their lifestyle, give a certain meaning their existence.

This meaning is to justify an alternative lifestyle: everything works - I do not work, a normal person tries to run a sober way - I will drink and use drugs, a normal person creates a family - I will not create a family, I will not consider a prison with my own home. They are also justified that they commit crimes against those against whom you need to do this, that is, they consider themselves someone like modern Robin Gudov.

Each phenomenon has periods of take-off and fall: in the late 1980s, youth groups represented a large public danger, there were cases when they captured or attempted to seize the district representative offices of the Republic of Ustrics. In the 1990s, these representatives of youth groups became banditating elements, organized crime representatives. In the 2000s, this phenomenon calmed down, and now becomes popular. But nevertheless, youth subculture is now more diversified: except for Auu you can be a football fan and an anarchist.

In any society there are destructive forces that are beneficial for children to drag out the last things from the house, sent money through the system of electronic payments, drugs consumed.

I myself first encountered the term au for ten years ago, when I worked in the Central Federal District; In the southern, where I worked before, I did not come across this abbreviation. Now this term is spread already in Transbaikalia, and in the Far East.

Children from disadvantaged families whose parents are abused by alcoholic beverages, so-called outsiders - fruitful soil for spreading the ideas of auu. After all, they look at the world from the Small years as something evil and unfair.

Not all criminal phenomena can be kept under control. Although when they began to fight Skinheads, they began to represent a smaller public danger; Probably comes to Auu, but the phenomenon should be well studied, appropriate preventive measures should be developed.

Tracking children and minors with ideas Auu is very difficult, because they are not reported in law enforcement agencies. There is a code of silence. Children usually respond to such questions. Sone - this is our mystery, our fraternity, and no one needs to know about it.

At the same time, to leave this grouping, you need to make certain forces and certain courage. After all, there is a saying: "Entrance to a clutter company ruble, and the output is two."

Dmitry Gromov

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Leading Researcher, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The information is regularly reported that somewhere in the regions there is a movement called Aue. Eight years ago I heard about such a movement in the Krasnodar Territory, and last summer they spoke about him thanks to the speech of Yana Lantratova, who at that time was a candidate for the post of children's ombudsman. It was about the fact that such a movement exists in Transbaikalia (mainly in villages and small cities).

What is there in reality, it is difficult to understand without committing a serious study in these Lantratov settlements. But from the very beginning it is necessary to understand that the phenomenon has two levels.

On the one hand, it would be foolish to deny the presence of a criminal environment in many Russian cities and villages; Especially in those where many people who have led themselves in prison - for example, in settlements located near the zones. In Russia, there are also spidaling villages, and settlements with a criminet of power - anything can be found. It fully admits that in such places the structures of the type of AUE could be formed. Much depends on the leaders - if, say, the charismatic young criminal will want to organize such a movement in his place of residence, he can do it.

But I would not exaggerate the possibilities of the criminal environment. In my field practice there were two informants living in cities with prisons; In these cities there were a lot of lessed. But it is significant that local adolescents had no serious connection with a local prison, despite the fact that the courtyard stood the 1990s. The prison lived his life, teenagers - their own. Here you have to understand that the crime is not interested in people know about him. The more people know about professional crime, the more she is vulnerable. Organize adolescents, to collect a penny "on the zone" from them - it is too dangerous and inffective. Professional criminals have their own, a fairly closed circle of communication, which they are limited. "Peaceful inhabitants" usually feed only rumors about crime, and these rumors relate little with reality.

The second layer of information about AUE is the processes occurring on the Internet. This is the already phenomenon of a completely different plan. With social reality, it is little connected. This is a certain Internet folklore, I would compare the interest in Aiu on the Internet, not even with traditional adolescent interest in criminal style, but with children's horrorists: somewhere there are terrible "groups of death", fascists, and now appeared by Mem Aue. Children and adolescents he knows, but it does not mean that they have at least some attitude to the crime.

Such games are not new. For example, in the mid-2000s, a wave of interest in Gopniks swept in the "Live Journal". A virtual image of a gopnik was created, in which Internet users played with passion - a cap, sports pants, a habit of squatting. Among visitors to LJ community dedicated to Hopnikam, there was an exclusively educated city youth.

That is, considering the movement of Aiu, we must distinguish real social problems and a virtual game. Judging by some of the latest publications, not all of this distinguish.

I want to focus on the fact that the current wave of interest in Aiu arose thanks to the speech of Yana Lantratova, which actually made advertising to this movement; Even Putin responded to her report. We have an example of "moral panic" - someone reports through the mass media about a slight phenomenon and through this phenomenon receives information support. Thanks to reports in the media, everyone learns about the phenomenon and begin to reproduce it. And now instead of the marginal transbaikal phenomenon, the fashionable All-Russian meme. If Lantratova simply made a report on criminalization in the adolescent environment (not mentioning the bright brand Auu), she would have arrived more professionally.

You read "Medusa". You listened to "Medusa". You watched "Medusa" Help us save "Medusa"

Oo is an abbreviation that occurred from the English-side AREA OF EFFECT. This definition in computer games implies any ability - parassil or active, which is directed to damage or any effects in the area. This is not necessary to be the character's ability - the ososvocations often possess the items of equipment. For example, the Item Radiance VDOTA 2 Non-accumulated damage every second to everyone in a certain radius of the penetration of opponents.

The classification of mass skills is large enough - some damages, others heal or strengthen allies, the third urgent assistants and so on. With attacking skills, everything is quite simple: this is some explosion to be some explosion in different directions, a snowstorm or scattered by all directions of the boom, in general, nothing unusual. But there are also Buffoff Buffoff. For example, some characters can apply a negative effect on all enemies with a decrease in armor or attack speed, the attems will have to either remove it with spells, or retreat to notify itself in a disadvantage. And if the allies urgently need healing, many support classes will be able to impose a Buff of raising regeneration or aelectric system, operating immediately on all members of the group near Leekary.

Typical carriers, oo abilities, are usually magicians, clerics, druids, priests, shamans, as well as Middle Master, armedalebards, spears, peaks, two-handed swords. With the growth of the level and on the measure of these skills, their effect is only enhanced, but usually massive swelling are effective weapons against one or two heroes of the enemy or monster single, otherwise they would contribute to the game.

Aoe ability and their influence on the gameplay

A typical situation of application, ayo attacks are the battles of the suffer groups of opponents - both computer bots and alive rivalry PVP-activities. Myzadach is to strengthen allies and quickly apply a big damage along the area. For example, instead of hand to kill each mob with their weak attacks with a spear, the Warlord class in Lineage prefers to collect a whole group of opponents, the Agra's spell, and running around the entire location, and after it takes into the hands of the peak and begins to jerk at once. Yes, if you don't care for your strength, you can die very quickly, but if you have a suitable and correctly press the buttons, not forgetting to drink a health potion, a stolubronized class and a couple of dozens of enemies are not terrible.

Monsters, especially when it comes to supel bosses, are also often endowed with abilities. And this is often a strongly complicated coast of rare prey. Just imagine - your clan goes like a huge dragon, which for a while calmly beats free, and one finely burns all around. As a result, Khlipkiphersonges of the support immediately die, and without constant treatment and overlapping effects and more durable, while the rest are fleeing. Fitting situation in the MMO, which helps to avoid competent selection of position of napol battle and well-coordinated teams.

Examples of use

"My character has strong aeu buffs. You are accurate to take me to a group for a hike on the boss. "

"One of the wizard's skill is able to destroy the whole groupand."

"I want to buy a peak having a 15% chance of Criticalurone on all opponents around." Did you like the article? To share with friends:

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