How to join the Minecraft clan. Creation and management of the Clan-minecraft

So, you came to play Minecraft online on our Minecraft servers with a launcher and mods, but you are bored to play one or you came to play with friends - in any case You can create your clan in minecraft And develop together on the server. In this manual, the main teams will be considered: work with players, binding territories to the clan, establishing relationships (alliance / hostility / neutrality) with other clans.

All commands will be executed using the root / clan root (or / FACTIONS, / C, / F) if you get this command without arguments, you will receive help on all the clan plug-in teams.

Clana Clana in Minecraft

Cland creation is a very important and responsible step: you should be ready for this financially, as well as to decide on the title of the clan, as it is impossible to change it in the future.

Claus Cost - 250,000.00 ... Titanium players are provided discount 75%

Cland creation is carried out using subcommand / CLAN CREATE, and several conditions must be taken into account:

  1. The clan name should not be more than 32 symbol
  2. The name of the clan must be unique and not occupied by another clan.
  3. Y you are persistent and responsible person;)

You can also dissolve the clans using the / CLAN DELETE command, while the cost of creating a clan Not refund , Do you need it?

If all the conditions are met, you will receive a message in the chatting on the successful clan creation. The clan is created on all servers of our project automatically.

So, you are ready for a new responsibility ^. ^

Invite players in the clan

We have successfully created the clan in Minecraft, but what kind of clan without players? Let's fix this laughter;)

First of all, it is necessary to consider that the limit of players in 1 clan is 8 players

You can invite a player in the clan using the / CLAN INVITE command, in which:

  1. The invited player must be on the server
  2. A guest player should not consist in other clans.
  3. Invited player can not have his own clan
  4. Invited player can not be invited to another clan

After the invitation, the player will receive in the chat instructions to refuse / agree to join your clan. Notice This will see all participants of your clan ..

You can also withdraw an invitation using the / CLAN REVOKE command or dissolve the clan member using the / CLAN DISBAND command

Develop relations with other clans in Minecraft

Each clan is its own team of like-minded people, and they should have connections with other people, both good and bad, right?

Please note that the limit on the number of relationships in 1 clan is 4 clans (You can expand by purchasing or a separate service at the address)

You can establish relationships with another clang using / the Clan relation team, the conditions:

  1. Now you do not need to have any relationship (if you want to change the type of relationship, first rupt them)
  2. The owner of the clan, with whom you build a relationship must be on the server.
  3. The clan with which you build a relationship must confirm your initiative.

After joining the command while all the conditions of the clan with which you are to establish relationships, you will receive instructions to confirm your initiative.

In case of failure / confirmation, the members of your clan will receive a notification, as well as the notification will receive the clan players with whom you are building relationships.

To break / change the type of relationship, you can use the / CLAN BREAK command.

Similar to the conclusion of relationships, both clans must confirm their intentions to change / break the relationship.

Binding territories to the clan in Minecraft

The binding of the region gives special privileges: all clan members have full access to the region without having to add players to the region.

Remember that the limit on the number of regions in 1 clane is 2 regions (You can expand by purchasing or a separate service c)

To bind the territory for your clan, use the / CLAN Region Add command, but:

  1. You must be the owner of the region
  2. Region should not be tied to another clan
  3. You must execute this team in the world where the desired region is located.

If the region is proceeded, you (the owner of the clan) must remain the owner of the region.

To cancel the connection of the region with the clan, you can use a similar command - / CLAN REGION DEL.

Also supported Multiserverness (Different regions on each server)

Ranks of clan players

Make you want someone to invite players in the clan for you or you do not have the opportunity to support the clan and did you decide to transfer the clan to another player? For this is title , there are three types of titles:

You can assign a new clan owner. Every 60 days

To enhance / lower the player, use the / Clan Promotion command, where:

  1. Increased / lowered player must be on the server
  2. Your rights should be higher than an increased / reduced player rights.
  3. The owner of the clan can only be 1 person
  4. When another player becomes the owner of the clan, you Automatically lower your status to a clan member

After the execution of the command, all members of the clan will receive a notification.

Greeting Clan in Minecraft

Displays when the Clan participants enter the server, it is necessary for the mass notification of the participants of your clan

Greeting should be from 2 to 128 characters

You can change the greeting using the / Clan Welcome command.

To write a message to the chat, you must Write a specific combination of characters before your post , eg: # U003E Message

Also in the total chat before your nickname Add prefix with clan title

Information about the clan in Minecraft

To view the information about the desired clan, use the / CLAN INFO command

Hello. Today I will talk again about the server plugin in the game. More precisely, I will tell how to create a clan in minecraft .

Clans in the game

Most likely, each of you know what you need to survive in minecraft. And partners can contribute to your game. For this, a plugin for servers was made to create a clan.

Clan - a circle of players combined into one team. Having created a group of people, you can participate in KV (Clan Wars). I talked more about this in another my article.

Let us turn to the creation of the clan. We need to open a chat with the letter "T" and enter the "/ CLAN CREATE" command. To take people in your own detachment, you need to register all in Chatting "/ Clan Invit". Now we can set the point of the appearance of the house for your Soklanov. We write "/ Clan Home Set".

If you have any questions, I strongly advise you to visit our forum, because there you can find a bunch of articles on a variety of topics. Our editors will be happy to answer any of your questions. Also do not forget to visit our store, because there you will find many products at low prices.

With you was a sailor editor. Today I told you about a very interesting and useful plugin for Minecraft servers. More precisely, he told how to use them. See you on the portal and enjoy the game!

/ F Help, h ,? [Page number] - show the help window. / F List, Ls * [page number] - view list of clans. / F Show * [Clana name] - Show full information about the selected clan. / F Map * [On | Off] - watching ASCII-ART cards of nearby territories. The card will be displayed in the chat at each transition from the chunk to the chunk. / F Join [Clana name] - join the selected clan. / F Leave - leave the clan. / F Chat - Change Chat Mode: Public (Public), Allies (Allies), Clan (Faction). / F Home - Teleport to your country's homepoint. / F Create [Clana Name] - Create a new clan under your manual. / F Desc [Description] - Change clan description. / F Tag [Clana name] - change the name of the clan. / F Open, Close - change the modification modes to the clan. Open - anyone can join. Close - Only invited players can join. / F Invit [player name] - Invite a nation player. / f Sethome [Clana name] - set a homepoint for your clan. / F Application - to declare rights to the territory on which you are, your clan. / F UNCLAIM, DECLIM - eliminate the territory from the clan in which you are. The joining area / exception in Minecraft is a "piece". A piece of territory of 16 × 16 from the rock to the sky. If you are annexing the territory next to another fraction, you must start the border. Available only for administrators and clan moderators. / F Owner * [Player Name] - Create / Remove Land Land 16 × 16 at the Attached Territory. If a player with such a name exists, it will be added or deleted from the list of owners of this territory. If there is no player with this name, the owner will be appointed a player using the team (if other owners have not yet been established), or the property of the territory will be fully cleaned. / F list of owners - view the list of territory owners on which you are. It works only if you are in the clan. / F Kick [player name] - throw out the player from the clan. Clan moderators can exclude ordinary players, but not each other. The clan administration may exclude clan moderators. / F MOD [Player Name] - Install or delete moderator rights for the selected clan member. You must be the administrator of this clan. / f admin [player name] - transfer of administrator rights to another calan's participant. In the future, you will not be the administrator of the clan. You will be moderated by the clan, but the new administrator can exclude you at any time. / f title [player name] [title] - Install or remove player title. / F Noboom - Enable / Disable explosions on the territory of your clan. / F ALLLY [name of the fraction] - Union. / F Neutral [Clana name] - neutrality. / f enemy [Clana name] - Enmity.

It's no secret that in the world "minecraft" you threaten a big danger from the first minutes of the game. This also applies to the single-user version in which there are plenty of aggressive mobs. They are just waiting to attack the player, so you need to think about your defense. But it is much more relevant in multiplayer mode, as living players are added to Mobs here, who are also far from always being in a friendly mood. It is difficult to cope with this problem, because if there are many people on the server, the clan system is often introduced. Therefore, you should find out how to create a clan to join him, and what it does.

Principle of clan

Minecraft is not the only game in which the clans system is used. . It is also very often used in other multiplayer games. If you want to know how to create a clan in minecraft, you must first find out what the principle of this system is.

So, a large number of people play on the server, each of which is them for themselves, and there is no systematic. Players rarely intersect with each other, and interest in the multiplayer project weakens. But if there are clans that combine groups of people among themselves in the fight for domination, then everything becomes much more fun. Clan wars begin, the groupings are trying to catch talented newcomers, which can be useful, members of one clan help each other with raising the level, searching for things or killing bosses. So knowing how to create a clan in Minecraft can be very useful for you if you plan to play a multiplayer server.

First steps to create clans

If we speak specifically about this game, the principle is about the same. Only in the "minecraft" there is no pumping and a large number of bosses, but there is a serious confrontation with other players, so the clan organization here will be very by the way. And on many servers they are, so the first thing you should check if you want to know how to create a clan in Minecraft is the presence of a plug-in server that represents the clans system. You can learn from the administrator, and if there is no such plugin, then all players of the server can vote for its introduction, because many of them are likely to not refuse to create the clan. And when such a plugin is installed, you can move to more specific issues, namely how to make a clan in minecraft.


First of all, you must understand that the clan starts not from some teams - it begins with people. And if you do not have those who you trust, then in the clan you can hardly succeed, and it is better to try to join someone else's. Otherwise, it may happen that you have to figure out how to remove the clan in minecraft, and this can happen for many reasons .. but if you already have a formed backbone of people who you can trust and who also want to be in your clan , then you can take commands. The key command you need to know when creating your group is / CLAN CREATE, then you need to write a number that will match the color of your clan, as well as the name itself. After that you can invite people using the / CLAN INVITE command. Choose Minecraft carefully, but do not worry - if necessary, you can change it by contacting the administration. To change an existing header, you can use the / clan modtag command.

Trust level

Each clan should have its own clear hierarchy to make it easy to understand who is who. If all participants are on the same level, chaos may occur, so it is recommended to improve the level of confidence in certain players. This is done using the / CLAN TRUST command, after which the participant's nickname is added. Each player you add to the clan has the lowest rank, so you can be very flexible to control the hierarchy and raise (and, if necessary, lower) members in the rank.

Other features in the clan.

But the above commands are not limited to the possibilities of the Mincraft clan, so you can spend a little time and learn all the commands in more detail. You will learn, for example, that / CLAN SETRANK is a team that gives a member of a certain verbal rank. This rank does not affect anything, but serves as a specific indicator. Here the participant may indicate that he wants other members of the clan to know about him. Also, the clan leader can set the point of appearance of the participants by writing a command / CLAN HOME SET - this is useful, as it is always good to have a certain position, for example, for rearrangement or meeting. You can return to this position by entering the / clan home command, and if you add the word "regroup" to it, then all members of the clan arrive at the appearance point, no matter what they do at a certain time.

  • Not all servers are suitable for playing clans. The server must have the status of "survival" and have a clan plugin. This is usually indicated in the description. Go to any site with a list of clans and select the appropriate. Please note that the server must match your version of the game.
  • You can check your version by running the start and looking at the left right corner, as shown on the screen shot at the bottom.

Clana Clana in Minecraft

After you and your friends have chosen the server and settled on it, create a clan using the command:

  • After that, the clan will register, and you will receive a notice in the chat ..

Now, as an administrator of the clan, some new teams are available to you. For example:

  • / Clan Roster - view the list of participants of your clan. Every day, new players will come to you to always be aware of the composition, check the list of participants.
  • / Clan Ally Add / Remove Clana name - add / remove union clan. So, you enter into a truce or challenge. Members of the Allied Clans do not attack each other and do not destroy the buildings.
  • / CLAN INVIT The name of the player is to invite a player. Send an invitation to players, they, in turn, can accept it or refuse.
  • / CLAN TRUST Player Name - Install the participant's status to "trusted". / CLAN UNTRUST PLAYER NAME - set the status of an incredulous participant. These two teams allow you to notify other players that an opponent may be in the clan. Or, on the contrary, specify all the players of the trustee.

Your clan will have its own little life, and you will become a responsible person. In the end, if you let everything go by itself, you will lose good allies and players. ... to add news to the site. The Alliance may be dissolved by any leader of one of the clans at any time using the Clan ally command, and no one should receive a request for cancellation of the alliance. How to add friends to your clan in Minecraft Dayz3 Dayz3 What command to write to create your clan and which team can add people to your clan. March 13, 2014 How to invite in the clan in minecraft? Fight with enemies in multiplayer mode, minecraft is much easier not alone, but with like-minded people who will protect from mobs and help you quickly achieve the goal. Plugin Commands CLANS! Minecraft server clan Create the name of the clan clan. Invite a player's nickname that you want to invite. How to create a clan in minecraft? and how to add a forum

Fight against enemies in multiplayer mode, minecraft is much easier not to one, but with like-minded players, which will protect themselves from the mobs, and will help to achieve the goal. Such a team in the game acquired the name of the clan. It is possible to create it within 24 hours - it is so much given to confirm your participation in the clan. Klankaksozdat.Principle of clan system

If the player still decided to leave the singular game mode, and moved as they say on the "big land", he must definitely decide to play in itself, enter the clan or create a clan on his own. The essence of the clan system is the struggle for leadership. And this is a mining of more valuable resources, permanent clan wars, extermination of bosses, etc.

Create clan yourself

To form a talented group of players near himself, you can safely begin to form your clan. You need to enter all commands to a server with a defined plugin - Simple CLANS to find out whether it is installed on the server, write a command / clan KLANKAKSOZDAT1. klankaksozdat2.You will display all the available commands (the second command page opens with the / More command), we are interested in the first / clan create [Tag] [title], do not forget to decide in advance with the color of the clan and its name. The tag is the short name of your clan. klankaksozdat3.& D Before the tag on the screen is its color, color can be put at least before each letter.

Table of available flowers

If later wants to change the name of the clan, just refer to the administration. When the phrase is introduced, we start to invite the clan participants. This is done using the command - / CLAN INVITE [Nick]. During the day, the invited player must confirm his status. After that, you as the clan leader, you can increase or lower the rank of the participant. All users entering the clan are equal. This approach does not attract anything good, so clearly distribute the roles who are who.

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