How to remove damage and evil eye yourself? 100% ritual!

Damage and evil eye - magic programs that can really cause serious harm to man. Because of their impact, the sacrifice literally pursue failures - at work, in personal life, in the material situation. Health can also deteriorate, the appearance of bad habits, a change in nature. There are more serious consequences. How to determine the damage or evil eye, and if they really have - how to remove them yourself?


How to make sure the damage or evil eye is?

The evil eye differs from damage primarily by its short-term effect. The evil eye cannot be put on a specially magical ritual, in contrast to damage. Therefore, harm from the evil eye is significantly smaller than from the magic virus specially entered into the energy field - damage. As the rule, the consequences of the evil eye are independently expressed by strong symptoms.

Remove damage yourself

You can diagnose the evil eye on your own, at home. First of all, you need to pay attention to external signs. Among them:

  • unexpected failure;
  • insomnia;
  • increased anxiety;
  • At work, everything falls out of the hands;
  • injuries and bruises;
  • The appearance of red spots in the area of ​​the face;
  • fatigue for no reason;
  • Poor physical well-being.

One of the most famous and easy ways to determine the evil eye - before going out to the street, pin down a small pin to the upper clothes. If in the evening, coming home, you found that the pin disappeared, "you were smoothed.

The damage can be like easy impact (its symptoms will then coincide with the symptoms of the evil eye), as well as heavy. First of all, damage says that you have borrowed a serious enemy in your surroundings, which did not understand common sense to bring you harm. The negative impact can be like one sphere of life (loneliness, poverty, health, love spell on love is also damaging!) And somewhat immediately (for death, madness, sickness of relatives, etc.).

One of the bright symptoms of the introduction of a malicious energy virus - a person begins to dream of vivid disturbing dreams, in which witches, demons, monsters, mysterious creatures from another world appear. They or attack in a dream, or are very close with a dream, carefully looking at him. Thus, the subconsciousness signals that a serious sample arose in a man's biofield and it becomes available for attack from the dark forces.

Other symptoms:

  • strange desires and thoughts not characteristic of a person "imposed" from the part;
  • The inner voice is practically not heard;
  • There are other people's voices in the head that interfere with living, give orders, mock, torment, etc.;
  • There is a strong dependence on alcohol - on the one hand, it helps to weaken the action of damage, on the other hand, it falls into an alcoholic trap and gradually, in general, soberly perceive reality;
  • constant weakness;
  • aggression, sharp mood change;
  • The victim is distinguished from close people who do not understand what is happening.

One way to determine whether you were winned, "with the help of a candle. To do this, buy a candle in the church bench, light it at night and go to the mirror in the dark with it. Make sure the room is missing a draft. Gently "diagnose" yourself at home in front of the mirror, spending the candle in hand, circular movements to the right left, near yourself. If at the same time the candle starts sharply to crack, the light will flash, sharply shy towards, - a malicious program was induced.

Rituals removal

Magic rituals and rituals are known for humanity over the centuries. Therefore, no matter how strong is damaged, there is always the opportunity to remove the symptoms yourself or with the help of the magician.


With their help, you can remove the evil eye or damage with weakly pronounced symptoms at home. This will require:

  • Clean cold water;
  • glass;
  • nine matches;
  • Boxes from under matches.

Removing the evil eye in the church with prayers

Pour water in a glass before bed. Ignore match alone, try to make sure that they burn almost completely, and throw them into a glass with water. Before throwing each lit match in the water, read the words of the conspiracy:

"Magic harm, gori! Bed yes grief, cliffs! ".

In the morning, check the glass with burner matches. If at least one of them drowned - the rite needs to be repeated, since you failed to remove the evil eye completely. When all nine matches will lie on the water surface, it will mean that you got rid of the consequences of the evil eye or damage.

In the church prayers

With a weak, non-special magic damage to the church will not submit any difficulty for you. Another thing, if a serious damage was hooked, - the sacrifice will be constantly "something" do not go to seek help to higher forces. In any case, in any case, overcome yourself and come to church to contact the heavenly oppressory.

Having come to the Temple of God, put a candle in front of the way Jesus Christ or Nicholas Wonderworker. Read the prayer of the following content (in front of the icon of Jesus Christ):

"Jesus Christ, Heavenly Intercession! Relive me from the discontinuities of the evil, from the enemies of evil and cunning! Please protect me from the demons of the dark and the affairs of their unclean. Do not give a look at the unkind, the intention to bring me harm to me! Tear for me, Son of God! I call you for help! Amen".

Other prayer can be found in front of the NICOLOGA Wonderworker:

"Nicholas Wonderworker, the patron of all victims of the evil witchcraft! Relive me from damage, I applied to me, donate the trouble and sorry from me and my family. I pray you and I hope for you with all my heart. Amen".

Before going out of the church, buy a small image of your heavenly intercession to which you pray. Keep this image always next to you and pray to him when you feel the next symptoms of magical impact. Each time they will weaken more and more until finally disappear at all.


Egg in magical rituals of deliverance from damage plays a huge role. It is believed that the egg protein is able to "suppress" and neutralize negative energy aimed at humans. Remove the damage or the consequences of a bad look just enough - it can be done both yourself and with a friend of the assistant.

How to remove damn egg

The ritual of releasing the negative effect of the egg is best carried out at dawn. Make sure the moon in this period is decreasing.

  • Take a raw egg;
  • neatly, not in a hurry, drive them along the plots of their body;
  • The egg roll out the circular movements to the right left;
  • It is necessary to start with the scalp;
  • If hard to roll out of the back, ask your friend to help;
  • When the egg rags in his hands sharply, it must be broken and pouring into a predetermined container with clean water. Then take another egg and repeat the ritual.

After they spent cleaning (you immediately feel much better), the container with water and broken eggs should be attributed as far as possible from the house, preferably in the forest strip. Drop the hole in the ground and pour the "egg" water there. At the same time, it is necessary to pronounce a conspiracy:

"Mother-Earth, eliminate evil, clean from grief and trouble!"

If necessary, remove the evil eye on my own damn the egg again, the ritual must be repeated.


Salt crystals are capable of how to protect a person from a bad eye and evil intent to the enemy, and to save the victim of magic from the effects of induced magic, even the strongest.

Need a heavy (preferably cast iron pan) and a kilogram of coarse grinding salts. Put the frying pan on the stove, as you follow. Pour salt into a frying pan. With the help of a wooden stick, interfere with salt on the stove from left to right, while you need to say such a conspiracy words:

"As my thoroughly, I missed my batch, so burn his body and the soul will be the consequence of His evil. Salt Salt, to break the whole, I induced, give the enemy to my swirl. May it be so! Amen".

Salt has a magical ability to accept and give any energy information. Therefore, this ritual will help to remove damage and "redirect" her bad impact on the one who brought the negative.

If you for any reason do not want to punish your own enemies, but only you wish to remove the consequences of harm, instead of conspiracy you need to read the prayer "Our Father".

How to understand that everything succeeded?

Ritual, how to remove damage and the evil eye may have to spend several times. It depends on how serious a negative impact was. In any case, physical relief, you will feel immediately when you spend the magical rite of getting rid of damage or when you need to remove the evil eye on your own.

Independent ritual

The symptoms that damage and the evil eye completely ceased to influence:

  • nightmares ceased in dreams;
  • You begin to communicate in Socium smoothly, without unexpected "vykidonov" both on your part and from the outside;
  • Voices disappear in the head that tormented you;
  • Harmful habits (smoking, alcohol) become disappeared;
  • disappear of sharp mood swings;
  • You sleep much longer than usual (your energy field is restored);
  • Pets stop running away and fear of you (when exposed to damage, dogs and cats very nervously react to the victim of magic);
  • You clearly and clearly perceive reality.

If the ritual is to remove the damage yourself or a strong evil eye did not help at once, - do not despair and repeat it again and again. The fight against negative impact will necessarily bring their fruits!

Remove the evil eye on your own easier than damage or curse. But it is also dangerous and over time can become the main reason for negative in life. To get rid of evil eyes, a concentration and accurate execution of simple rites will be required.

In the article:

How the evil eye is guided

How to get rid of the evil eye?To join a person with a weak defense, it is bad for a bad thing to think good enough about him, envy or mentally send a bad wish.

Random evil eye can only make people with brown eyes. Even animals and plants may suffer. In a separate article, it is described how to protect yourself from the evil eye.

There is such a concept as self-heading, activation and the appearance of which occurs unconsciously for humans. To avoid the problem, the golden middle of the constant complaints and the stories about the successes should be observed. We need to share joy carefully, but also avoiding regular statements about bad luck in life, otherwise good luck will not be long.

The evil eye is diagnosed by symptoms that occur in the presence of a negative program in the human biofield. There are special methods for determining the evil eye.

All rites of relieving evil eyes are held during a decreasing moon. The rest of the attributes from rituals cannot be stored at home. For example, litter litters or wax, immediately buried or thrown out at the crossroads.

How to remove the evil eye on your own egg

Eggs can not only determine the presence of negative, but also remove the evil eye. A transparent glass will be required and fresh rustic egg, the shop does not fit.

Before bedtime, water is gaining in a glass. Any suitable, from under the tap, we will defend at least a few hours. It is believed that the fluid is needed from home. The egg is broken into a glass with such words:

Take me all bad.

A glass stands near the head of all night. In the morning they look like an egg looks like:

  • There are strings formed by a protein - this is a evil eye.
  • The yolk was like boiled, red or brown spots or black dots appeared, the problem is more serious: we are talking about a destructive program, read how to get rid of damage.
  • Nothing has changed - there is no negative.

Harm from the rite will not be: if suspicions in the negative appear, it is better to diagnose than then try to cope with the old problem (it is more difficult). The egg and water are poured into the sewer, and the glass is thoroughly wash and cleaned with a magically in any way.

If the egg has changed, the same rite repeat eight times to get rid of the evil eye. But when the eighth time, the signs of negativity did not disappear, choose another method of cleaning.

How to remove the evil eye at home by matches

Matches are a connection of two strong components - aspen and sulfur. These are indispensable attributes to remove the negative.

To remove the evil eye, you will need a new matchbox, which did not use. We need a candle from natural wax, a white plate without drawings and a knife with a wooden handle. Optionally buy new, anywhere in the kitchen.

They light the candle, take twelve matches from the box. The sliced ​​sliced ​​sliced ​​heads and a hill fold into the center of the plate. The candle is set on sulfur and say:

Light, chaded, black eye burn. Of you ashes, and me, (name), the world is leveled. So, and not otherwise!

Matches without heads lay out the circle of candles. Watching the flame and say three times a plot. We need to learn the text in advance:

My give! Smash with me, (name), twelve quishche, twelve kamchuzhishev, twelve non-sore, twelve fat, bone, knocked, residential and semi-costess! Keys and locks - in water, fire - Mount! In glory to you, given, it is!

The left hand take on the match from the candles posted around and burn from the flame. The ashes are thrown into a plate, where it is what remains of sulfur heads. Saucer with ashes leave on any X-shaped intersection with the words:

It is removed that it is embarrassed. Without refund! True!

On the way home you can not look around and talking.

How to get rid of the evil eye with water

To remove the evil eye, type in a bucket or pelvis of non-ripped water (from the source, well). You should get up before all and be the first person who scored water in an affordable source. Do it need not earlier than half of the fourth in the morning and before sunrise.

Conspiracy is read on the water:

Get rid of me, the servant of God (name), from the eyelid, double, from one-eyed, bogglylase, three-season, from one-to-to-store, coat, three-season, from the sameness, dual-chapted, Trooevola, from his eyes, from his eyes, from his mind, from the oncomal From the vehicle, from the transverse, from any man of dear: from the young, from the idle, from the curves, from the blind, from the old, from the stray, from the girl-hair and from their eyes, and from their Duma. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Water in a fuel pour into himself so as to wet the whole, from the head to the spots.

How to remove the evil eye mirror

There are many rituals associated with mirror reflections. The mirror see the narrowed or recognize the future, but with the help of a mirror and get rid of the negative program.

It will take any mirror and wax candle. The text of the conspiracy is taught by heart in advance.

At night, get up in front of the selected mirror and light the candle. There should be no other light sources. Looking at reflection, they say three times:

The world is mirror, pick up the evil eye, plunde with you, tightly, do not let anywhere, do not return it back.

The candle is set near the window so that it can do to the end.

Cleaning the evil eye with water, salt and matches

Easy and affordable items will be required: a transparent glass, any clean water, salt and one match from a new box.

Water poured into a glass, add a pinch of salt and interfere. They light the match, which water is conceded three times, executing each time:

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Next, the match is extinguished and broken into three parts. The fragments are thrown into the glass: if at least one drowned, we are not talking about the evil eye, but about a more serious negative program, directional.

The glass take to the left hand, brings to her lips and read the conspiracy nine times so that the breath concerns the water surface:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Clean blood and heaven! Save and save the slave (y) of God (God) from any evil eye, from a bad hour, from female, from male, from children's, from joyful, from hated, from the conspirass, from the negotiation!

Water sprayed themselves or a person from whom they remove the evil eye. There will be a practically full glass of water: it is not necessary to get a wreckage of matches. Water drink in three days in the morning, before breakfast. The rite is repeated several times. Additionally to reading: how to determine the damage by matches.

Knowledge, how to remove the evil eye will change their life for the better and not worrying that on a person or his close misguaters assured a negative program.

In contact with




The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove - in this article I will tell about this in detail. I will tell you how to find out who brought damage on you. And let you give you the 14 most effective method of protection against damage.


What is damage and evil eye with simple words?

In this article you will learn:

Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove? The evil eye, damage, curse with simple words is negative, destructive energy or program. A kind of virus, as in the computer. Finding, penetrating into human biofield, this program begins to destroy a person.

In other words, the evil eye, curse, damage is the invasion of the human energy-information field. It happens that similar negative programs. A person carries and transmits from generation to generation.

What is evil eye?

The evil eye is one of the easiest types of negative energy. The evil eye is quite easy to recognize and is not very difficult to eliminate, remove, as a rule. From practice, I will say that there are different cases. Sometimes the evil eye is seriously removed. Most often it happens when the situation is running and the negative program of the evil eye revealed to the fullest.

Sometimes the evil eye has time to harm not only the health, the psyche of a person, and and to have a destructive impact on such areas of life as work, financial situation, family relationships.


What is damage?

The damage is a very difficult type of negative. Damage happens:

  1. For loneliness
  2. Or death
  3. To abused man alcohol
  4. For the destruction of the family
  5. Money to not be wound more precisely on lack of money

I see damage as heavier, more complicated by its structure, than the evil eye. It is more viscous, sticky, more dense. It is harder to remove, dance from man. Remember that the evil eye, damage and curse it is a negative energy and a non-shouting plan from damage visually differs in structure.

In the life of the usual, in the world is apparent, the person feels the evil eye and damage is also different. The damage is more destructive, more dangerous, more terrible if it can be expressed.

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove. INFLUATING CONTRACTS FREE Instant. Only yesterday everything was in life well and wonderful. Only yesterday the case went uphill, business bloomed. In the family, the joy, children are healthy, and then Batz, damage, and everything flies under the slope. In fact, destruction often go in all spheres of life. And in the family there are problems in the form of scandals, misunderstanding. Native people cease to hear. With money covered problems, they go through the fingers go. And sometimes they do not go at all. As if someone turned off and blocked the financial flow.

With a damage, the jokes are bad and disbelief in thin matter or ignorance sometimes lead to very sad consequences.

It happens too late - do not joke with a damage

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove? It happens that I am addressed when you already help it is impossible to man. After all, damage is also reflected on the physical human health. It often serves as incurable tools, such as cancer, for example.

In addition, damage can be divorced in the family. To ensure that a woman or a couple does not have children under any circumstances. For good work or business, and sometimes on domestic animals and bird. It is suggested on the disease. On loved ones and even most valuable, which is in this life - on children.

Generic curse

Generic curses are also the type of negative energy, the program, only it is transmitted by the genus from generation generation.

Often are transmitted on one line, or female, or male and are a heavy type of negative. Here much depends on the wizard, whether it will be able to determine correctly, on whose line it is transmitted.


It is worth noting that the male generic curse is always in a worstimate form and sometimes ends for a man unnatural death or suicide.

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove? If you see the line of unnatural death, suicides, do not pull, time works against you. Order Diagnostics by photo, learn whether there is a shragling, damage, for you.

With the help of diagnostics in the photo, you will also learn exactly how you solve your problems and get rid of negative programs.

  1. Correct the circle of communication correctly. It is enough to be easily inspired by imaginary person to acquire the evil eye. Want to avoid this - do not communicate and do not hold the people next to your people who envy you, as envy often is the source of the evil eye.
  2. Wear a pin fastened in the right way. There is such a folk wisdom that you need to wear a pin with you, then no one will smooth you.

The pin will help from the evil

Pins need to be fastened only head down. And it needs to be attached so that it is hidden from prying eyes. It is best to fasten it into the inner pocket or on the outstanding of clothes. Do it imperceptibly and carefully, so that it does not unbutton in any way and you are not injected.

Be careful with the pins when attaching them to children. Children pins better use small size.

3. Live on conscience and in Lada with nature. Heare to hear your inner voice, he will always tell me how to do.

4. Treat people the way you want to treat you. In Soviet times, we were taught in school and these values, wisdom are relevant and now.

5. Do with the other way so you want to come to you. It would seem that it could be easier? But you need to make an effort sometimes, so as not to be collapsed from the true path and do not take care of the sake of momentary benefit.

6. Live in truth. Anytime and anywhere. Be honest, otherwise, there will be a payback.

Conscience no one canceled

7. Do not do, do not deceive. I carried it in a separate item specifically to emphasize your attention. Now there are so many lies and deception that people are sometimes accustomed and do not understand the importance of living in truth.

8. Engage in the development of the person. Everyone will invest his understanding in this item and this is true. After all, Cesare Kesarevo, you know me.

9. Lighten spiritual practices that are suitable for you to purify. There are many practices, methods, ways to help themselves from negative on time. Learn to many, then choose your own and use.

10. Wash more often. Yes, wash your hands we wash not only dirt, but also negative information.

11. Wake up, Bathing with your head as come from the cemetery and public, crowded places. You need to do it right away as soon as you cross the threshold of the house. First, the shower, then the family, children. This will protect your loved ones from negative, diseases.

Important, you need to wash your head. So that the information from the spring, the ducky also cleared.

12. Learn to think positively. The whole art, but it can be mastered, would be the desire and understanding of the importance of this event.

13. Do not discuss people. Do not condemn and do not gossip.

14. Do not watch TV))) Through it you get the energy trash and thereby go down to yourself.

How to find out if there is a damage, evil eye, curse, test

We have already discussed that damage, the evil eye, the curse is a negative energy or in other words, a destructive program that acts at different levels. She can destroy health, personal life, relationship, family, finance.

Consequently, to find out if there is a damage, the evil eye or the curse you need soberly to appreciate your life. How to determine the damage to check? This is a kind of test. A mini test, which will help you determine the damage or other negative, alien impact.

Take a handle and sheet of paper. Be honest with you, answering questions. The first response to the questions is the right, and write it onto a sheet of paper.

Short test definition

So. Answer only yes or no.


1. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself the following questions.

a) Are you successful in affairs, finance, business?

B) Do you have prosperity in life in everything?

C) There are love and excellent relations?

d) Are you completely healthy and feel a tide?

e) Energy hits the key, you want to create, develop?

2. Look at yourself. Now ask yourself the following questions.

a) Do you really think that something is wrong in life?

b) You really think that you do not have enough of happiness for completeness?

c) you really want changes in life, because now it's not really you, how would you play someone's role?

We learn the results, is there damage?

If in the first case on most questions you answered "no", and in the second case more "yes", then you definitely have 100% negative programs in the energy sector. What kind of programs, damage, evil eye, curse, you need to watch individually in each case.

We and we came to this world to be happy, rejoice in every day, every lived moment. To create, create, be healthy and energetic and if you are not so now in life, then you need to urgently beat the bell.

Delay fraught. Everything is simple and logical here. The longer a person has a destructive habit, the harder it is to refuse it. The farther the forest came, the longer it is to get out of it. Obvious things.


Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove? To determine the evil eye, damage, curses I conduct diagnostics by photo. There will be a desire to do it, write in [email protected]

I immediately say, for the sake of interest, there is nothing to do or "just so" - do not write. I am a very busy person and take only those who are ready to read the truth. Who wants to work on yourself, change and build life in a new way. I do not work for free, respectively, I do not have free diagnostics.

Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove?

How to remove damage, the evil eye or the crown of celibacy, the seal of loneliness, the curse is depends on the reason for which this very evil eye, damage, the curse appeared in a person in life. I highlight the main two ways, how to remove damage and evil eye or curse and there are already branching.

  1. Contact a specialist for help. We are customary to contact the grandmother, to the healer, MAG. I do similar things helping people and I have my own help system.
  2. You can remove damage from yourself on your own at home. But most often lacking knowledge, skills and skills to go through this path. When a person has a problem, and damage, the evil eye, the curses are expressed in problems, nonpects, then a person is difficult to help himself. Lacks sometimes just forces, my hands do not reach yourself, and in the meantime the situation will only worsen. Secrets Texts, Praying Praying Prayers Take here // / WebForms / Landing / Z5B4S0

How to find out who brought damage

The evil eye and damage how to determine who did and how to remove? Sometimes for the damage, there is someone, a particular person. It happens, so to speak, the customer who appealed to the sorcerer or the MAG to make damage. Sometimes people themselves "wonder", damage damage. Then the photo of a person will burn, then in the cemetery, the personal thing will bury.


But it is not necessary to have a negative program from outside, there must be a customer. By the way, for many it will be news, but this is the truth of life. It happens that the person hesitates himself, hees himself and thereby spoils himself. Creates a p-o-district.

Some of my clients in consultations say "I do not deserve a prestigious work", "this is not for me, it is too expensive" or "We have in our family without men." Similar installations, they are internal programs, develop into destructive programs that prevent person to move and develop in life. Thus, these programs spoil a person. Apply damage to him.

How to find out who made damage

The evil eye and damage how to determine who did and how to remove? So that the information was accurate, correct, it is best to order diagnostics by photo. I will tell you from where a negative program came to you, who envies you or who smoothed. I will tell about past events in your life. I will tell you what you need to get rid of damage as quickly as possible. Protection will put a strong, so that no one has broken you in the future.

What to do if they cause damage, evil eye, curse?


  1. Contact a specialist to make the master to accurately determine the nuances of this negative, as damage is removed often as well as it looks. I draw diagnostics in the photo exactly tell me what you have and what. If necessary, I will tell you the best option from the situation. Do not worry, everything is solved.
  2. For pious Christians, you can go to church, pray, repent. Often visiting the Church, communities and repentance rites do not help with damages.
  3. You can make a casting wax. About wax I wrote in detail in this article //
  4. You can climb yourself with eggs. About how to rolling out myself with an egg I wrote here //
  5. You can pump your energy with the help of certain practices and thus restore the integrity of the energy cocoon.

Professional is better than a dealetant

Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove? I am a supporter that everyone engaged in his work and therefore, with the problems of the energy plan, when there is a evil eye, damage, curse or there are suspicion of this, then it is best to contact a specialist in this area.

The logical to approach the problem is comprehensively to the problem. Contact a specialist and use wax if necessary, pull out the egg, if necessary. Resort to rites if the situation requires. I created your own help system to people. It includes only the best and powerful methods. According to the link detail // Manoiloksana.Ru / Pomoshh-Celitelya /

Protection against damage, evil eye, curses

The best protection against damage, curses and evil challenges is to live on conscience and in Lada with nature. Now the majority will say "so I don't do anything bad anyone. Why should I ...? " I ask you, be honest with you at least. Tell me put your hand on the heart, are you in anger, are angry? It happens that you are telling the wrongness, even if in good goals? We noticed, just honestly answer yourself that you thought badly?

What does this say to someone? Despite the fact that everything that we do is what we think, for this all of us and pay and pay in the form of all the same damage, glazes and curses.

Short video for a deep understanding of the issue. Theses and with schemes I explain in it what and what.


Protection against damage and evil eye yourself

The best protection, and you can do it quite yourself - contain your energy in proper high condition. It is powerful, clean.

Create an impeccable energy field around you, with your thoughts, actions, spiritual practices. This will allow you to not destroy yourself, and so that no one can hurt anything on you.


The stronger, more powerful, even, you yourself, the less vulnerable.

And the more evil, negative, envious, are dissatisfied with themselves, scandals, the more chances you have been smoothed, caused damage and cursed.

Sloga protection independently 5 steps

  1. Control your thoughts. They must be more positive for the beginning than negative. Ideally, you just need to learn only positively.
  2. Do only good deeds.
  3. Smile, sincerely and as much as possible.
  4. Learn to "merge" a negative benevolent, eco. There are special practices, they teach them on the course.
  5. Go to the bath. The bath is miraculously burning the body of the body. Restores it and destroys most negative programs.

The faith is powerful protection

In addition, it is possible to start the charm, so that protects against all the foreign onwards. But here you need to approach the question to the question. The theme of the faces is not yet appreciated. Often, people think that by purchasing some item and having attacked themselves, they are already protected. In fact, the charm needs to be created specifically for each person. And prescribe an energy program for the subject individually. Only in this case it will be real defense. About the charms wrote in more detail here //

Do not despair and fear if you have problems in life. Pulling, the evil eye, the curse can be correctly removed and put strong protection, the main thing is not to delay and turn to a specialist in time.

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove- I outlined in detail in this article. I think the article will be useful.

Friends, if you liked the article - the evil eye and damage, how to determine who did and how to remove, share it in social networks. This is the biggest gratitude from you. Your reposts give me to know that you are interested in my articles, my thoughts. What they use you and I inspire writing and disclosing new topics.

"Can I be diagnosed on the street?" The question itself is such that, as you can see, the possibility of "evil eye" is not doubting.

That is, can "smooth out" in a particular place or under certain conditions, this is another question, and that, in principle, "smoothing" may not be necessary.

Here we have a deal with a stereotype firmly rooted in the human consciousness, and it is so strong that, even inserting, many are not trying to somehow rethink him. Meanwhile, rethinking is the first thing that should occur with a person, consciously crossing the threshold of the Church. Views, opinions, beliefs, life positions - everything should be rethought. In order for the sinful, and then unnecessary from life. Vera in "Witchcraft", "damage", "evil eye", trust of dreams, a serious attitude to the signs, in general superstition just from this discharge. However, unfortunately, it is not always that rethinking. It often happens that it is superstition that leads a person in the temple. Someone "did something," the deceased relative, in some trivia they saw a "bad mark" ... It is clear that, having come to the temple for a similar reason, and then inserted, the person and in the future nothing bad in superstition will not see And the commitment of stereotypes will easily sweep through the whole, now church, life. Hence questions, answers to which, although obvious, often need multiple repetition, since it is much more difficult to destroy stereotypes than perplexing.

So, no one can smooth out on the street. Because it is impossible in principle. There is no evil eye, damage or witchcraft. And because there is nothing to fear here.

Do not hurry to surprise. We turn, to start, attention, as the church treated this topic of the centuries. There are, for example, such a book like a church. It contains prayers and chinuses to a little less than all cases of life. In addition to the sacraments and demand, from baptism to funeral, there you can find a variety of prayers. For example, the prayers of the woman in labor on the day of birth, blessing in the air travel, the consecration of the car or the ship. The earliest of the prayers contained in the demandsman, for more than a thousand years, the most lately dozen is hardly. But among them there is not a single special prayer from witchcraft, damage or evil eye. There are no them in the liturgical texts. There are no them at all. And it only says about one thing: before the church never stood such a problem. In the reality of the witchcraft or the evil eye, the church never seriously believed that, however, is not surprising. Superstition is nothing but an empty, vigor faith. Vera in what is not.

Of course, you can, of course, pay attention to the fact that the Magitators are repeatedly mentioned in the Holy Scriptures and the sin of the sorcerence of the fathers and preachers from the earliest centuries. But it is only to carefully look at how, for example, in the book of Acts of the Apostolic, Simon Maghev, so that it immediately became clear: no strength or power of Scripture does not recognize them, because in the face of Simona, an ordinary city plow, primitive and inconsistent, is rather The unfortunate object of the demonic seduction, rather than the terrible master of the otherworldly forces. And the so-called magazine has long served as a means of earnings for all sorts of cunning, not burdened with conscience and successfully impassive in the psychology of childish and inspired fellow citizens. Of course, it is not simple fraud and without flirting with the enemy of human genus does not cost here. But who, besides himself, can thus harm the unlucky "wizards"?

However, it would seem that a modern person is not as his distant ancestor. He is visible, educated and looks at a very different way. Why would he be superstitious? Not so simple. There is always suffering in a person's life. So it was one and a half thousand years ago, and now it is also like that. And in the same way as in the distant past, the least of the whole person is inclined to see the cause of his own suffering in itself. And although elementary everyday logic suggests that the lion's share of our problems, adversity and sorrow is a consequence of our wrong choice, we are persistently looking to be guilty anywhere, but not in themselves. And faith in various kinds of witchcraft, damage, the evil eye and magical impacts are here as it is impossible by the way. She offers a universal response to questions about the causes of various troubles, it finds guilty of any problem. And, as convenient, this guilty - always someone else, is always not me. So how not to take up? How not to believe? So believe. And they become stupid, ridiculous stereotypes so lively that they are sometimes powerless and scholar, and theologian, and the confessors.

Therefore, we repeat again: no one can smooth out anyone. Neither in the street or indoors or in transport. Because there is no evil eye. How neither witchcraft, nor damage, no evil spell there. Do not be afraid of what is in nature there. You need to be afraid of your own monsters, which, as you know, gives rise to a dream of mind.

Archpriest Vladimir Puchkov

How to reduce pressure

It is possible to quickly reduce the pressure at home even without tablets. To do this, calm down and make some deep breaths. Then, when health improves, you can take warm baths and drink useful herbal tea.


How to reduce pressure at home

First of all, it is necessary to measure the pressure to make sure that the symptoms caused (weakness, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness) are related to it. If the indicator is 130/85 and more, it is really high pressure, i.e. The state of hypertension. To cope with it, it is recommended:

  1. Seek or lie down, calm down, cover your eyes.

  2. Open the window, if hot - turn on air conditioning.

  3. Make a deep, smooth breath, having learned before 5. And in the breath, the stomach should be involved - to make sure that you need to put a hand on it. Make exhale and count again to 5. Repeat several such cycles for 3-5 minutes.

  4. Further, when the well-being improves, you need to pour in a basin feeling hot water (temperature 45 degrees) and put your feet for 5-10 minutes into it. To make a similar procedure and for hands. Thanks to this, the limb vessels will expand, and the pressure will fall into several units.

  5. Then you can hold your hands under the crane with cool (but not icy) water.

  6. At the final stage it is useful to make a massage of the collar zone - at the base of the neck, head, the shoulder area. After that, go to the stomach and chest.

How to reduce pressure without pills

Along with the described instructions for reducing pressure, you can use other domestic products:

  1. Warm, but not hot tea with mint leaves (brewed 10-15 minutes).

  2. Outdoor compress with apple vinegar - soak the fabric and attach it to the feet at the same time. This method gives effect, but it is necessary to use apple, not another vinegar.

  3. Valerian or Corvalol - 15-30 drops on 3 tablespoons of water. It helps calm down, so the indicator stabilizes.

  4. You can take a glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of honey and a half teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. And instead of ordinary water, you can use mineral.

  5. Also reduced pressure will help and diuretic tea, for example, based on the fruits of lingonberry, rosehip, leaf of the tocherry, as well as linden colors.

It is important to understand that the measures described help stabilize pressure only for a while. Therefore, in the long run, the lifestyle should be adjusted, abandon the bad habits, comply with the requirements for the diet and lose weight. So, one dropped in excess weight kilogram leads to a resistant pressure reduction per 1 point.

10 products that reduce pressure

Hypertensive is worth adjusting the power, including useful products in the diet, which contribute to a decrease in blood pressure. It should be borne in mind that the unlimited consumption of one or another meal can lead to complications from the digestive system. Therefore, before drawing up a diet, it is worth consulted with a doctor.

A healthy person is recommended in moderate quantities to consume such products:

  1. Broccoli - The cabbage includes substances that not only reduce pressure, but also prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques that damage vessels.

  2. Pomegranate juice - it needs to be used in the amount of not more than half a day. Moreover, it is recommended to dilute with water in a 1: 1 ratio.

  3. Red fish of any species contains polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. They strengthen the walls of the vessels, which leads to normalization of pressure. For maximum benefit, fish should be bake or cook, not fry.

  4. Dairy products serve as a source of trace elements like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Especially useful cottage cheese, cheeses of various species.

  5. Black beans also contains many magnesium compounds that contribute to the extension of the vessels and thereby reduce the pressure.

  6. Oatmeal increases vessel elasticity. At the same time, it is best not instant, and the porridge category "Extra" No. 1.

  7. Coffee, in contrast to a common opinion, increases the pressure slightly only in the first minutes. After that, the pressure is reduced. However, it is not necessary to abuse the drink, since coffee has a strong diuretic effect and in large concentrations can lead to a significant increase in the indicator.

  8. Bulgarian (sweet) red pepper contains a large amount of vitamin C, which also contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

  9. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, whose deficit can lead to a heart attack. To replenish the daily need to eat 20 g of seeds (in terms of purified grains).

  10. Consumption of green tea contributes to the destruction of atherosclerotic plaques, which strengthens the vessels and again allows normalize the pressure.

There are other products useful to regulate the indicator. For example, doctors recommend to use cocoa, natural dark chocolate, almonds and walnuts.

What can not be done at high pressure

First of all, hypertensive needs to be limited or abandoning the consumption of harmful food (excessively salted, acute, oily, as well as flour products). Also worth adjusting the lifestyle:

  • regular walks in air;

  • Regular satisfying physical activity;

  • normal labor and rest mode;

  • Full sleep at least 7-8 hours per day;

  • Refusal of smoking and alcohol (strong drinks are especially harmful);

  • Restriction on hiking in the bath, steam rooms, etc.

In some cases, it is advisable to change the work. Frequent physical and psychological loads, stressful conditions lead to problems in the work of the heart and vessels, including increase in pressure.

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