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Tracking the path of our parcel, for example, with Aliexpress, we often notice that the latter arrived in the Sharapovo Sorting Center 102975 or Lviv, and is there for quite a long time. The days follow the day, the bill went on weeks, and the parcel is still in the SC Sharapovo, or it should be at the chaotic transit point, returning to the mentioned VBlizi D.Sharapovo. What is this sorting center of Sharapovo, where and why is there a lot of parcels and registered letters disappear? Let's deal with.

We understand where the SHARAPOVO SC works and how

We understand where the SHARAPOVO SC works and how

Where is and what it is a sorting center Sharapovo

Under the title "Sorting Center Sharapovo" is usually understood by the Department of MP of the Lz "Vnukovo" - the largest Russian logistics sorting center engaged in the processing of international and internal postal correspondence.

Sorting center Sharapovo on the map

Sorting center Sharapovo on the map

Sorting Center Sharapovo is located near D. (villages) Sharapova at the address 102976 ( 102975), Moscow, Marushkinskoye, Sharapovo, And designed to sort and further send mail according to the subsequent links of the logistics chain. In the image below, you can see where the Sorting Center Sharapovo is located on the map where the parcels come from Chinese online stores Pandao and Jum.

The customs service is also located on the territory of the considered LC "Vnukovo", because all international mail is undergoing customs control and verification of compliance with the customs regulations.

Call in SC Sharapovo by phone: +7 (495) 500-50-22 , or on the hot line of Russian Post 8-800-2005-888 (E-mail [email protected] ).

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What if the parcel is disappeared in vblizi d.sharapovo

After we found out where it is the sorting center of Sharapovo 102975, we will deal with numerous cases of the suspension of the parcels following this sorting center. Parcels or remain here indefinable time, or chaotically follow across Russia, while repeatedly returning to the already familiar vblizi d.sharapovo.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • The sender of the goods was listed the wrong address of the recipient. In this case, the parcel is complemented to additional identification;
  • The parcel violates the rights of intellectual property (in particular, it concerned the phones "Xiaomi", the purchase of which from China was prohibited by the Russian copyright holder, other types of counterfeit, etc.)
  • The parcel is prohibited for the importation of federal legislation (weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, explosives and radioactive substances, animals, biological products, antiques, etc.);
  • There is an influx of parcels and registered letters before the holidays, and the staff of the sorting center will not cope with their shaft;
  • Errors of the Center employees - due to the "human factor" the parcel was sent by the wrong path;
  • The parcel was stolen. This also happens, although at a much smaller scale, rather than a couple of years ago. After unsuccessful search of such parcels, they are provided with the status of "lost". Invoidable Post of Russian Post Found Your Display in Mems

    Invoidable Post of Russian Post Found Your Display in Mems

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Package stuck in the sorting center Sharapovo 102975

If your parcel is in the SC Sharapovo for several days - do not hurry to beat in the Nabat. According to the internal instructions of the Russian Post 3-5, the daily stay of your mail in Sharapovo is quite justified. And it can be caused by various factors - from high load on the SC to the need for additional proceedings with the package. If your parcel depended in Sharapovo for a period of more than two weeks, then you should do the following:

  • Apply for the search for international shipment or postal shipment in Russia. This can be done or in the nearest post office of the PR (you need to have a passport and a check, issued with departure), or on its Internet resource;
  • Write a complaint to Roskomnadzor In the subject, select "Provision of communication services" - "Postal Services" - "Long passage of postal shipments"; Consult a complaint to Roskomnadzor

    Consult a complaint to Roskomnadzor

  • Please contact the prosecutor's office. Such an action is not always effective, has a more awesome character, therefore it is worth using the first two proposed options.


Sorting center Sharapovo 102975 is engaged in registration, sorting and further departure of international and internal postal correspondence. If your parcel is in SC Sharapovo for several days, then do not rush to worry - they will understand and deliver to the recipient. If your correspondence is there for several weeks, then you should apply for a search in the nearest branch of PR.

post office 'Sorting center Sharapovo - where it does

Sorting center Sharapovo - where it does

Those who ordered purchases from China with Aliexpress, Pandao or Joom, probably seen a parcel section "Customs Sharapovo" in the track list (Sharapovo). Often, it is here that the delay of the parcel is observed, or tracking disappears. In the article, we will tell you what is the sorting center of Sharapovo, where it is located and which customs options performs.


Modern sorting center of Russian Post

About the sorting center

Complex Sharapovo is a large-scale sorting center of Russian Post, engaged in processing letters and parcels from China. In addition to the distribution of incoming mail, the complex combines the functions of the logistics center. There is a customs service on its territory, so the parcel is not only sent to the destination, but also undergoes customs check.

The main stages of processing correspondence in Sharapovo:

  1. Arrival. Employees scan code of each parcel, which leads to the appearance of an arrival message to the sorting center. At this stage, all the correspondence and parcels are sorted by type, and sent to the conveyor.
  2. Customs. With the help of scanners, the contents of the packages are checked. At this point in the track list you can see "Customs Vblizi D.Sharapovo". If there is no suspicion of forbidden products for the importation, then the customs pass the parcel further, and the message "released Custom 102976 (102975)" was released in the track list (102975) of Sharapovo. Status Tracking-VBlizi-D-Sharapovo

    Tracking status "Vblizi d.sharapovo"

  3. Subsequent sorting. After checking the customs, the correspondence again falls on the tape, where with the help of the operator, the index is checked by scanners, and the parcel goes to the desired tape. In submission of the center of 6 sites, and the rest of the correspondence is redirected to the next to the addressee the sorting point. For certain shipments, customs duties and the conditions for feeding the personal data of the recipient are determined.

It is important to know that at this stage, many parcels may lose tracking. This is due to the fact that certain track numbers change Russian Post to the internal, and for them the tracking is not specified.

Helpful information! Sorting Center Sharapovo, MP Lz Vnukovo and Similar Complex in Childkovo form a single custom node, which processes up to 80-85% of the departure from the borrowing. The largest groups are purchases from China and sending government agencies. Management declares that the time of passing the letter through the entire complex is less than a day. Workshop work is carried out around the clock.

How to find out from where the registered letter came - you will find a response here. Strong 420300 - where is it?

Sharapovo - where is it on the map, what is the address?

The object is close to Vnukovo airport, near Podolsk in the Moscow region. It is noteworthy that his address is Moscow, Sharapovo 102975, and that's all. "Near Sharapovo" as it is impossible to better demonstrate the scale of the object. Do not notice it is simply impossible. Work area area Over 10 thousand square meters. meters. Almost all village inhabitants work within this monster, which, by the way, is divided into 6 shops. The number of their phone number: +7 (495) 500-50-22.

Sharapovo indices 102976 and 102975

Recipients want to know that these indexes are indicated on the departures or in the tracking, and what they mean when they see the string "released Custom Sharapovo".

  • 102976 is an index directly the most sorting center, and more precisely - the workshop number 1, located in Sharapovo;
  • 102975 is the post office index in Moscow, in the submission of which is the object. Processing occurs directly in the village of Sharapovo.

How much is the parcel goes after customs in Sharapovo?

Answer this question is extremely difficult, since in the process of sorting the parcel can be redirected both to the center nearest to the recipient and the next logistics center.

Despite the declared time of passing the complex, which should be less than a day, often recipients complain that the parcel is stuck here. In most cases, processing occurs within 15 days, but there are cases of a critical delay for one or more months.

If the delays did not happen and the addressee lives in the area of ​​subordinate post offices, then the average delivery time is 7-15 days. In the case of my parcels - after passing the customs center, the parcel came in two weeks.

Let's summarize

Now you know what the sorting center of Sharapovo when tracking and where it is located on the map. In recent years, such complexes in the Russian Federation becomes greater, as the total volume of all sorts of departures from China, Korea, Singapore, Europe, etc. is growing. The automation of processes allows you to faster processing millions of parcels. But even despite this speed, delays in delivery always happen, and the culprit in them are precisely such centers. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the shifts in the work of Russia are huge.

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