As in "gta 5" change language in different ways

Some gamers face that they do not know how to change the language in GTA 5. And it is not surprising, because in the settings of the game there is no option at all allowing to do it. Fortunately, from this situation there is a way out.

From the article you will learn how to change the language in "GTA 5". At the same time, different ways will be considered, two of which are suitable for the pirated version of the game, and one will work only in the license edition.

Through the registry

So how to change the language in the "GTA 5" by standard methods will not work, you will have to manually edit one of the records in the operating system registry. This is done like this:

  • Enter "Regedit" by pressing Win + R.
  • Go to the "HKLM" directory.
  • Then open "Software \ Wow6432Node".
  • Go to Rockstar \ Grand Theft AUTO V.
  • Find the "Language" option. Open it and write in the "Value" row command "RU-RU".
How to change the language in GTA 5
  • Now confirm the changes made, close all programs and restart the PC. If everything is done correctly, the language in the game will be changed into Russian.

Please note that this method is valid only in pirated versions of the game, and then not in all. If he did not help you, then you can use the alternative method, which will be discussed below.

Through an ini file

Another option to change the language in the "GTA 5" is to edit the INI file responsible for setting up the game. To do this:

  • Go to the game folder, find the 3DGame.ini file in it and run it in "Notepad".
  • Lay the "Language = ZH-CHT" parameter (it must be first) and rename it to "Language = RU-RU".
How to change the language in GTA 5
  • Close the file by preserving all changes.
  • Next, you should restart the computer. After that, run the game and check whether the language has changed.

Note that this method, as well as the previous one, will work only in the pirate version. By the way, there are cases when you need to use both options at the same time. Only so settings will take effect, and you can change the language in the game.

For Steam version

Oddly enough, even the owners of the licensed version of the game purchased in Steam are faced with the fact that they do not know how to change the language in the "GTA 5". They, however, such a problem occurs less frequently, since applications running through a digital store themselves adapt to the region in which the user lives. But still, if you need to change the language, do the following for this:

  • Run Steam and go to the "Library" section.
  • Go to the GTA 5 properties, followed by the "Language" section.
  • Select Russian (or other language you need) in the list and confirm the changes.

You may, after that, the download of additional files will begin, the end of which you will need to wait. Also keep in mind that the Russian voice acting for GTA 5 does not exist, so you can only count on subtitles.

In this article, I would like to tell you how to simply change the language in GTA 5. Some after installing the Update on the game there are Chinese in GTA 5, which is completely unpleasant, but to remove the Chinese language and put Russian is not difficult at all And it is done in less than 2 minutes.

Let's start changing the language in GTA 5:

For starters, check if the 3DMGame.ini file is in a 3DMGame.ini game folder, if you have, then open it with any text editor and check if the Language = EN-RU is a semicolon symbol. If there is, it must be removed, and all other rows starting with the Language point with a comma should stand. After that, save the file.

Ultimately, the file is 3dmgame.ini should look like this: Changing language in GTA 5

If after these actions, the language is still not Russian, then you need to edit one parameter in the registry. For this you need to do the following:

  1. We open the start and fit into the search field regedit.exe, the registry editor will be found, open it. Registry editor GTA 5
  2. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Wow6432Node> Rockstar Games> Grand Theft AUTO V
  3. In the right part of the program, find the Language parameter, click on it twice and enter there: RU_RU Changing language via GTA 5 registry

Thus, we have successfully replaced the language in GTA 5. After our actions, the game should be Russian.

"GTA V" rightly ranks first in the list of games of his generation. But stunning graphics, a huge open world and gameplay is not the only thing that users loved the next part of the series. The project attracts the attention of the interesting storyline of three characters, and the translation is extremely important for the correct altitude perception. Therefore, in a situation where the replicas of heroes or even menu items are not clear, you need to figure out how to change the current language in GTA 5.

What languages ​​translated game

Since Grand Theft AUTO enjoys great popularity around the world, the game is translated into many languages. Among them:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • Chinese;
  • Korean;
  • German;
  • Polish;
  • Japanese;
  • Portuguese.

change language

Thus, users from anywhere in the planet can enjoy playing the game. And they can easily understand the replicas of characters, as well as navigate the menu without installing additional patches with the translation.

Interesting fact. Although "GTA V" is translated for a variety of regions, Rockstar prohibits to make an official renote. According to the company, it can adversely affect the perception of heroes.

change language

How to change the language in "GTA 5"

There are several ways to replace the current translation in the game on any other of those provided by the developers. Each translation is made in full accordance with the replicas of characters and language standards, so no longer "spent".

Important. On consoles, the translation is directly determined by the region where the prefix is ​​used. Therefore, it is recommended to try to change the translation in the system settings.

change language

Through the registry

If standard methods do not help change the language in "GTA V", it is worthwhile to turn to an alternative method through the registry:

  1. Open the game registry, located on the path of HKLM \ Software \ Wow6432Node \ Rockstar \ Grand Theft AUTO V.
  2. Run the file "Language".
  3. Push the language of interest (for Russian - RU-RU).
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Restart the game.

After performing these uncomplicated manipulations, "GTA 5" should start with the translation you need.

change language

Through an ini file

You can change the current translation not only through the registry, but also using a special file in INI format. To perform the operation, it will be necessary:

  1. Open the root folder with the game.
  2. Run 3DGame.ini through a notepad.
  3. Rename the parameter "Language = ZH-CHT" in "Language = RU-RU" for Russian translation.
  4. Save parameters by leaving notepad.

Then you will restart the computer and re-run "GTA 5". Changes immediately must enter into force.

change language

Clarification. Methods for replacing translations through the registry and an INI file work only in the case of the Pirate version of "GTA". For licensed owners, standard methods are provided.

For Steam version

Owners of the licensed version of "GTA V" loaded through the Steam store may include Russian through the program of the same name:

  1. Run Steam.
  2. Go to the "Library" section.
  3. Open the GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 game properties.
  4. Select subparagraph "Language".
  5. Specify the translation of interest.

Initially, the system itself should translate the game to the language corresponding to the user region. But if this parameter is defined incorrectly, you can perform the operation as a proposed method. If the changes do not enter into force, try to restart the game or computer.

change language

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