Gas meter SGK G4: Specifications, Review and Price

Counter SGK G4- Products LLC EPO Signal, Engels, Russia. This instrument allows us to determine the amount of gas consumed and designed for installation in private apartments and houses, public institutions, industrial enterprises and workshops.


Counter device

The functioning of the device is ensured by the following nodes and elements:

  • a closed housing, with an applied protective coating that prevents corrosion damage;
  • measuring node;
  • valve;
  • hinge-lever mechanism;
  • gear mechanism for rotation;
  • Mechanical Accounting Device.

The housing includes two hermetically closed containers, a countable device is installed ahead, inside - measuring.

Memblance of the passing gas is performed by exposure to the membrane through the scoreboard rollers.


Technical characteristics of the SGK G4 meter

Technical characteristics of the SGK G4 meter

Service life of the device

The duration of the operation of the product - for 18 years. The guarantee issued by the manufacturer extends to the first 48 months. But if the failure is due to unauthorized intervention or damage during transportation and storage, warranty repair or replacement is not performed.

Intermediate interval

The periodical calibration period of the device is at least once every 10 years, with the condition of compliance with the manufacturer of the technique. The initial verification is performed at the factory. The corresponding mark must be performed in the passport of the device.

Technical Passport of the SGK G4

Counter cost

The price of products is about 1,700 rubles, but it can fluctuate, depending on the method of acquisition and region.

How to Remove Indications

The readings are filmed in the following order:

  • The values ​​of today and the values ​​of the last month are issued (can be seen in the receipt);
  • From a larger number, less subtracted;
  • The result is multiplied by the tariff value for 1 cubic gas.


It is necessary to use the integer value of the indicators displayed on the scoreboard on the left side (yellow rectangle), the numbers differ in color for gas accounting are not used (red rectangle).

Advantages of the device

The device characterizes the following positive qualities:

  • aesthetic execution, small overall dimensions and weight; Overall dimensions of the SGK G4 meter

    Overall dimensions of the SGK G4 meter

  • Reliable protection of corrosion housing;
  • no need for frequent calibises;
  • silent work;
  • Low data accountability error;
  • a slight decrease in gas pressure at the output;
  • the impossibility of reverse rotation of the mechanism in connection with the presence of the retainer;
  • Protection against unauthorized impact.

The product received a certificate of conformity and can be used within the RF.

Varieties of this meter

The counter is produced in the only execution, Only the direction of gas supply differs. This indicates the arrow on the housing Therefore, considering which side there is a supply pipeline, the consumer has the ability to select the desired model with the required placement of the intake fitting.


A variety of type "Vladimir" (Red Arrow) is different only with a non-transparent body (yellow arrow shows the scoreboard that is not transparent).


Is it possible to stop the counter

The design of the model provides full protection against an opening or stop using special means. This ensures reliability and safety of operation. The video shows the consequences of stopping gas meters.

Setting meter

When installing the apparatus conducted by qualified specialists of the gas supply company, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Connection is carried out with a gas and a ventilation pipe;
  • The device is placed in a strictly horizontal position in a protected place from foreign exposure;
  • To prevent ingestion of the device of condensate moisture, it is necessary to ensure the return angle of the pipe in relation to the meter;
  • Compounds are performed with complete tightness, without the use of electric or gas welding.
Setting meter

Overall dimensions and distance accommodation from the plate

Choosing this device, the consumer receives a quality product with a long service life and reliable design.

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