How to smoke fat in smoking smoked smoking: recipe for correct smoking at home

Smoked smoked dishes are considered a favorite dish of many people, because they are not only very fragrant and can create a certain festive atmosphere, but also incredibly tasty. Cook hot smoked fat can be easily at home. Today there are many diverse recipes for every taste, so it is worth choosing exactly the one that most like most, get high-quality raw materials and you can proceed to the process of training and further smoking products.

What salo choose

You need to choose fresh fat.

Choose, of course, you need a freshly fat. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the appearance of semi-finished products. Salo must have white or slightly pink color. Its skin must be soft enough and not to have bristle residues. If the skin is thick and bristle is noticeable in it, then it is likely to have a specific taste when cooking will have a specific taste and not too pleasant smell.

In addition, no plaque should be present on the surface of the bass. The smell should be as peculiar to rigorous products. If you doubt that the raw materials offered to you, it is better to refuse it.

Preference should be given to the fat, the thickness of which is more than 3 centimeters and at the same time there is a layer of meat. If there is no passion of meat, then ready smoked meats will be too fat and not so delicious.

Methods Soldiers

There are several different ways to salts, each of which has its advantages.

It is worth choosing the option that will be most convenient and at the same time with how much free time is on the preparation of products to the smoking process. Simple salting recipes contain a minimum set of ingredients. Of course, you can find more complex recipes to prepare hot smoked fat with original taste.



Bought fat must be cut into portion pieces, which will continue to shock. A special salting mixture is prepared in a separate container, which consists of salt and a small amount of black ground pepper. Optionally, you can add your favorite spices or spices to taste, as well as garlic, which will make the taste of the finished delicacy more piquant.

The mixture obtained must be carefully rubbed every piece of bass from all sides. Special attention is paid to the skin, because it is much more difficult to impregnate enough salt. Then in a container that will not be oxidized, the small layer of salt is poured and the fat is laid out. Additionally, each of the layers need to be kept with a large salt. Then the fat is covered on top of a foil or food film and sent to the fridge to marinate. Marine semi-finished products are necessary from three days before the week depending on the size of the pieces of raw materials.

After the fat is grilled, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly, clean the surface from salt residues and dry. Then you can proceed directly to the smoking process with hot smoke.

In marinade

In marinade

Such an option to the salmon considers faster, because the salt with liquid is much faster incurred deep into the fibers of Sala. In order to prepare raw materials in this way, you must first make a marinade. For this, water is brought to a boil, mixed with laurel leaves, black ground pepper and garlic. Optionally, herbs, spices or spices are added, which most likely like. Marinade is able to slaughter for ten minutes on a small fire and leave cool.

Then the fat is cut into portion slices and poured marinade in such a way that it completely covered semi-finished products. Marinate Salo must necessarily in a cool place for three to five days. Then it must be rinsed a bit to wash the extra salt and dry over the clock pair, preferably in the fresh air. Only after that you can start cooking a delicious home delicacy.


This option is suitable for those who want as quickly as possible to enjoy the bass of hot smoked, prepared at home. For this, marinade is boiled from water, salt, black ground pepper, spices and herbs, garlic. After the marinade on a small fire boosts for 5-10 minutes, sliced ​​on the portion slices sliced ​​in it. Capacity is closed tightly with a lid. Semi-finished products should be cooked in the resulting marinade for 2-3 hours depending on the size of pieces.

At the expiration of this time, you should not immediately get fat. It should cool together with marinade. Then the prepared raw material is dryed, rubbed with chopped garlic. Semi-finished products will be fully prepared for further processing hot smoke.

How to smoke fat


For cooking hot smoked delicacy

can be used as a special design

and homemade

. Regardless of this, the finished delicacy will be incredibly tasty and fragrant.

After the semi-finished products are fully prepared, they must be put on the smolder of smokers or hooked with hooks. Previously in the smokehouse, a layer of a bit of wet sawdust is added, a bowl for grease collection is installed. The smokehouse is most closely closed and installed on a small source of heat. Then you only need to monitor that the fire does not go out and a sufficient amount of smoke has highlighted. It is worth noting that the hot smoking of the fat occurs at a temperature of from 70 to 100 degrees. Smoked smoked fast enough. When they are completely ready, it is worth the wait until the smoke will cool down and then squeeze a delicacy for several hours on fresh air.

What wood is best to use

Ships of apple beds

As a rule, for smoking a sala at home it is not possible to use sawdust of fruit or deciduous trees

. They allow smoked to be more fragrant and delicious. It is not necessary to use coniferous trees chip for smoking or birch together with the bark. In these types of wood, there are a lot of resin that will not only spoil the appearance of the finished delicacy, but also will also adversely affect his taste.

In order for finished smoked breaths to be more fragrant and had a very original taste, you can add a small number of twigs of juniper or grapes together with berries. Such smoke will be more fragrant and can improve the taste characteristics of the delicacy.

How much smoking fat

Salo hot smoked is preparing fast enough. You will need a literally a few hours so that Delicates is ready to use. Depending on the size of pieces of semi-finished products, smoking the fat with hot smoke it is necessary from half an hour to two hours. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully monitor the temperature so that it is not too low or high. Otherwise, products will be corrupted and you will not be able to get delicious smoked at which they were calculated.

Useful advice

Cook smoked is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

It is enough to follow simple recipes and listen to some advice that specialists give.

  • For smoking, it is best to choose a fat that has a sufficient number of meat. Otherwise, smoked meat will be too fat, which will adversely affect the health status that will be used.
  • After the smoke appears in the smoke in the smoke, literally 10-15 minutes after the start of smoking, it is worth a slightly open the lid and release excess smoke. If this is not done, then the finished products may have a little bitter taste and not too pleasant aroma.
  • After the smoking is completed, you should not immediately get delicacies. During the time the smokehouse will be cooled, they will have time to have a little smoke. Then they must be needed to heat up so that too sharp smell.
  • During the preparation of Sala, it is worth using a sufficient amount of salt. You should not be afraid that smoked meats will be too salty, because immediately before smoking, the semi-finished product can be tastefully tasted and, if necessary, to soak it in cold water.
  • It is not necessary to use the fat smoked fat too often and in large quantities, because it will bring quite a lot of harm. The product is not to eat at all if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract or some other contraindications.

How to keep homemade fat hot smoked


The homemade hagging salo is stored exclusively in the refrigerator. At the same time, it is desirable to wrap it in the food film or at least in the newspaper, so that all other products are impregnated with the smell. Store hot smoked fat can be a maximum of a week. If you want to increase the shelf life of the cooked delicacy, it is worth freeze. In this case, the product will be suitable even a few months later. The only condition is that only the amount of delicacy can be defrosting, which will be used at a time. Otherwise, the product will spoil very quickly and can cause food poisoning.

Preparation of hot smoked sala at home does not take much time. It is enough just to purchase fresh and high-quality raw materials and correctly prepare it for further processing smoke. If everything is done correctly, the delicacy will be incredibly tasty and fragrant.

Homemade smoking sala in hot smoked smokingSalo is a delicious product rich in vitamins D, E, and b useful elements: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium.

If you eat less than 100 grams per day, it will not hurt either health, nor FIG.

Salo strengthens immunity, stimulates bortying and protects the gastric mucosa, so it has become a favorite snack "under vodka".

It is eaten by salt, boiled smoked, Ukrainians produce fat in chocolate, but it is especially valued in smoked form.

How to smoke fat in smoking smoked smoking

With hot smoked saline, the novice will cope. Preparation does not take much time with the proper preparation of the product.

How to choose

According to these features, you can distinguish the "right" fat from poor quality:

Pieces take from sides or peritoneum. They should be fresh, juicy, with a skirt.

How to make fat for smoking in smoking

On what kind of recipe smoked sala in smoke, you stopped, it is important to properly prepare the product. Soldering Sala

  1. Cut into large pieces of up to 10 cm width (no length).

  2. Skirt not removed!

  3. Rinse.

  4. Sawty or pickle.

The perfect spiche is a thickness of 3-4 cm with meat layers. Slices Thinnish 2.5 cm. Do not stop smoking - they are better to sleep.

How much to smoke fat in smoking smoked smoking

At the time of smoking, the sala in the smoking smoked smoking

  • sizes pieces;

  • Soldering duration.

The more piece, the longer it will prepare! Sign of readiness - golden brown crust and dry surface of the product.

Boiled spiches are prepared for 30 min at a temperature of 50-60ºС (on coal or middle fire).

More time will require hot smoking salted sala in smoking. The temperature at first should be above 80ºС. After 15-20 min, heating is reduced to the average and leave the product at least 30 minutes, and if the pieces are large, then for 1 hour.

Helpful advice! Follow the color of smoke.

While the products are digging, it is not worth opening smoking. To make sure that the process proceeds correctly, follow the smoke. At first it should be thick, because moisture evaporates. Then, when the products are dried, the smoke will be white. This is "the right" color.

Right hot smokeYellow or brown smoke - a sign that products are burning. It is necessary to reduce the heating. If the chips flared up, pour the focus with new sawdust. Ships should only smooth.

When fat is actively melting and falls on the chip, the smokehouse begins to play. So that this does not happen, you should not heat the fat for a long time. And do not forget to use the pallet for fat!

Popular hot smoked salary recipes in homemade smoking

Marination Sala is an important step of preparation for smoking. We are needed to give the taste to the future delicacy.

Recipe 1. Wet Method

To prepare a simple brine for smoking a sala in smoking, prepare the products in advance:

The spiche needs to be placed in the container and pour water so that it covers the pieces completely. So you will define the desired marinade. Then begin to add salt. On average, 100-150 grams take 1 liter, but it is better to resort to tricks.

In order not to reduce the marinade, use a raw egg!

Lower it in the brine and hang the solution until the egg will pop up. If you reduce the spicity, the meat layer in it will become hard.

Add the specified spices to the prepared brine, lower the fat and do not forget about the oppression. Marine products need in the refrigerator at least 2 hours. Then dry and smoke first on the big fire. After 15 minutes, heating can be done weak and leave fat for 1-1.5 hours.

Recipe 2. Dry Method

If there is no time to cook marinade for a hot smoked sala, in the smokehouse laid out the products salted with a dry way. Use spices to your liking. Well combined with bass

Seasonings for Sala

  • garlic;

  • black pepper;

  • Chile;

  • Bay leaf;

  • coriander;

  • paprika;

  • caraway.

Every piece is densely rub in salt and spices. Salt is also poured on the bottom of the tank where the fat will be pickled. The pieces are placed by layers, from time to time adding Laurel leaves.

Salted fat in this way 2.5-3 hours. If there is no time, you can leave it under the yoke in the refrigerator for an hour, and then send to shock.

The better the lard of the lard, the faster it will break down!

Before sending food to the smoke, you need to wash them from salt and dry. Time and temperature - as in the previous recipe.

Recipe 3. Boar-smoked fat

To prepare a boiled smoked larger, you need to sleep products, as in the recipe 2. Then screamed raking.

Pour water in the pan with products, add another 3-4 tablespoons of salt, dried dill, several peas peppers. You do not need to cook for a long time - enough 30 minutes after boiling.

The boar-smoked fat is preparing for 30-60 minutes on medium heat. This approximate time - accurate depends on the magnitude of pieces.

How to keep homemade fat hot smoked

Ready hot smoked fatWhen Salo is sick (it will become golden brown), it needs to be cooled and ventilated. You can leave for the night or a day in the refrigerator or hang in a dark place with good ventilation.

At room temperature of a hot smoked larger, 10-14 days is stored. In the refrigerator - up to 3 months. In the freezer - year. The cellar / basement for storage is not suitable due to high humidity!

Smoking the sala in the homemade smoke will love even the newcomer! It is important to choose a fresh product, interrying well and smoke on an alder chip. You can add some cherry or curraned sawdust, sprig of rosemary or juniper berries. The main thing is not to overdo it! Basic should remain chip of alder.

What you need to know about smoking sala?

For smoking, any fat is suitable for smoking, but the product with meat layers is especially tasty. For uniform heat treatment with hot smoked, it is recommended to cut the product with pieces with a thickness of no more than 4-5 cm (for convenience when cutting, it is possible to measure sphytia, applying 3 fingers).

Salted product is used for smoking. Salo can be salted with a dry method or by marinade. If you are planning to smoke fat, which later needs to be stored for a long time, it is better to salt in marinade with thermal processing.

Homemade smoking
Homemade smoking

Methods of smoking sala

Depending on the equipment used, the recipes and methods of processing the product distinguish the following ways of smoking:

  1. In smoking. The traditional method of producing a delicious sala, which absorbed the aroma of natural smoke. Depending on the temperature in the smoke, two subspecies of this method are distinguished:
  2. Cold smoking. For cooking use large industrial or small homemade smokehouses. Cooking time can occupy up to three days, during which in the smoke it is necessary to maintain a uniform concentration of smoke. Cold smoked fat is characterized by a reduced water concentration, long storage time, as well as a deep aroma of smoke.
  3. Hot smoking. It implies the use of factory or homemade smokehouses, in which, in addition to the smoke fumigation, the product is exposed to thermal processing. The cooking time in hot smoked smoked smoking is about 5 hours. The finished product acquires a beautiful brown-golden color, but it remains juicy. A ready-made hot smoked lard under normal conditions can be stored for several weeks, and in the freezer - up to the year.
  4. In the primary tanks that replace the smokehouse. In the absence of smoke Salo, it is possible to prepare in a container that can serve as a simplified and less functional replacement, for example: deep frying pan, grill, metal bucket, etc. On the bottom of the tank, wood chips are placed, over which lattices or attachments for the crossbar are equipped. They record the product. This is a simple option for obtaining smoked delicacy within 2-3 hours. However, it requires additional materials and the quality of the finished delicacy is most often inferior to a similar product prepared in a specialized smokehouse.
  5. Unnatural smoking. So called the cooking method, which in appearance and taste characteristics is similar to the product from smoking. In this case, the necessary effect is achieved by cooking, rubbing and marinating the product with the addition of liquid smoke. Used in the absence of smokehouse or, if necessary, prepare a significant amount of sala in a short time at home.

Regardless of the cooking method, it is necessary to apply a fresh product without signs of damage to obtain the desired result. Smoking will not help keep the fat, which began to deteriorate or impregnated with unpleasant odors (for example, after a long lying in the refrigerator).

Consider the main recipes for smoking the sala at home.

Recipe 1. Cooking a sala in a homemade smoked smoking

For the preparation of the product requires a factory smokehouse from ordinary or stainless steel. You can familiarize yourself with the assortment of high-quality bootylene brands "Cedar Plus", "Alder Smoke" and LLC Volga Mechanical Plant (MPZ) in the catalog of our site.

The factory smokehouse is usually a metal container, on the bottom of which wood chips are placed. The device is then installed on a heat source: bonfire, brazier, gas burner, etc. Modern models are equipped with special feeds for folding the product made in the form of stainless steel lattice with the possibility of loading into one, two or three tiers.

Salo can also be prepared in electric smoking, however, the resulting product is inferior in taste characteristics and flavors of the Salu cooked on the natural wood chip.


  • Salo, pre-sliced ​​on pieces
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic
  • Bay leaf
Homemade smoking
Homemade smoking

Product Preparation

  • Preparing marinade. To do this, score into a suitable water capacity. Its quantity can be arbitrary, but sufficient so that all pieces are completely disappeared into the liquid. For better dissolution of salt, water can be heated. Then the chicken egg is lowered into it and start, stirring, fall asleep salt until it float. This serves as a signal to achieve the necessary concentration of the substance in the solution. Be careful: if the salt concentration is too large, the meat layers will become too rigid.
  • Now add garlic, pepper and bay leaf. If desired, any other spices add and put a solution to a cool place until a complete cooling.
  • Then I lower the slice of a sala in the marinade, press the lid with a cargo or in a different way and leave in a cool place from 4 days before the week. This is necessary for effective understanding.
  • After the specified time, remove the fat from the marinade, lay out on the grid or hang for the hooks until it dry.


You can cook smoked fat in nature or at home (for smoking at home, smokehouses equipped with a hydraulic system) are used).

Homemade smoking
Homemade smoking


  • At the bottom of the smokehouse, a handful of grips of fruit trees are placed (if necessary, chip from several tree species are combined in different proportions to obtain optimal taste and fragrance of finished products). Slap apple tree is suitable for smoking. For the comforts of cleaning the smokehouse, the chippel is recommended to wrap in a loose envelope from the heat-resistant foil. After smoking, it is entirely removed from the smoke chamber, the bottom of which remains clean. If there is no foil at hand, you can pour out a few pure sand at the bottom.
  • For smoking, the bare is better to use smokehouse equipped with a pallet. It will prevent fat from chip, so that when smoked, Nagar will not be formed. In addition, hot air and smoke will be slightly cooling, rich pallet, as a result, the pieces of the product will be prepared evenly and do not burn.
  • On top of the pallet lay the grille for products. When smoking, the bass is not necessarily lubricated with its oil: fat from it will prevent the burning. To prepare a significant amount of delicacy, the models are used with the possibility of loading in two or three tiers.
  • Salo is neatly distributed on the lattices. In order for smoke from the chips evenly distributed on the smoke chamber, the pieces need to be stacked with intervals of 1.5 - 2 cm.
  • The gutter is filled with drinking water.
  • The hose is put on the fitting for removal of smoke, the second end of which is placed in the hood or window.
  • Then the smokehouse is closed with a lid and put on fire or other heat source. After about 10 minutes after that, the camera will begin to be filled with smoke.
  • The cooking time of a sala in the smokehouse installed on medium fire is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is necessary to remove the product from smoking, when golden brown crust is formed on the pieces. If you use smokehouse at home, you need to turn off the stove and wait until smoke is stopped.
  • Then the product must be completely cooled. To achieve the optimal hardness of hot smoked fat, hold 1 day in the refrigerator. After that, the product can be served to the table.

Recipe 2. Cooking Smoked Sala in Kazan (at home)

If you do not have a smoking room with a hydrotherapy, at home you can cook smoked fat in the large cauldron.


  • fat
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • flour
  • water
Yuri Korlenko.
Yuri Korlenko.

In addition, they will need a shelf for folding the product inside the smokehouse (preferably in the form of a lattice), the cover that allows you to close the container, also wood chips (for smoking the bass is suitable for apple seals; if it is not - you can use cherry chips).


  • For cooking in Kazan, you can use a pickled fat (using the method described in the first recipe), as well as the Salo Salo Salo. For its preparation, it is necessary to sprinkle with salt, pepper and other spices to your taste, and then remove in a cool place for 2 weeks.
  • Before using the slices of a dry-in saline, a salt of salt is cleaned, and the fat after soaking in the marinade must be dried.
  • Then, the bottom of the cauldron is placed wood chip. In order to subsequently, it is easy to clean the chip, you can wrap in a loose envelope from the heat-resistant foil. Subsequently, the ashes can be easily removed from Kazan.
  • Salad slices put on the grille and gently placed in Kazan.
  • In contrast to the factory depotylene equipped with a hydraulic system, which prevents the smoke in the room, when using the cauldron, will have to be used by the appliances. For example, from flour and water you can prepare liquid dough. It must be applied to the edges of the lid and cauldron. When closing, they must form a hermetic bow, which cannot be disrupted to the end of the preparation of the product.
  • Then you need to light the maximum fire on the gas stove (or set the maximum value on the electrical stove). After 15 minutes, it is necessary to turn off the slab and leave the fat in the Casane for 2-3 hours. In this case, the cover cannot be raised until the product is finally cooling.
  • Before use, it is recommended to hold Salo 1-2 hours in the refrigerator.

Recipe 3. Preparation of smoked saline at home with liquid smoke

With the help of a concentrated additive, liquid smoke can be cooked smoked lard by a simple method that will not require much time and effort. If you comply with all the requirements and recommendations, it will be a product that in appearance and taste challenges will be a little yield to the Salu cooked in the crystal smoking.


Per 1 liter of marinade

  • 100 g salt
  • 3 tablespoons of liquid smoke (about 50 ml)
  • Luke husk from 2 major bulbs
Yuri Korlenko.
Yuri Korlenko.


  • First you need to boil the onion husk in water for 5-7 minutes, in turn by adding salt and liquid smoke.
  • After that, the slices of the bass are folded into the tank of a suitable size and poured hot marinade on the bow so that the product is entirely under the liquid (it is desirable to use pieces with meat layers).
  • Then the lard must be put in a cool place for a deeper absorption of marinade at least for the night, but it is better for a day (the greater the size of pieces, the more it will be necessary for optimal marination).
  • After the specified time, we get fat from the marinade and remove the residue of the liquid. To do this, you can decompose the product on the grille for about an hour (instead of the grid, you can use hooks) or dry the product with napkins. Then each piece gently rub the pepper. Optionally, you can add dry garlic and other seasonings. After treatment with spices, each piece wrap the food film and placed in the refrigerator.

A few days later, the fat is ready for use.

Recipe 4. Smoking Sala in the oven

A distinctive feature of this recipe is the need for pre-cooking of a sala, thanks to which it acquires a special tenderness. The smoking time is reduced, since smoke is actually exposed to a semi-prepared product. As a tank for grinding, a high tank or a saucepan is used. Across the tank suspend small metal bars, for which the product is suspended using metal hooks.


  • Salo (about 1.5 kg)
  • Salt (300 g)
  • 1 big bulb
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 2 liters of water
Yuri Korlenko.
Yuri Korlenko.

In addition, the food foil and wood chips are used.

Cooking - Product Preparation

  • We put water on fire and bring to a boil. Immerse the chopped fat on the products and cook after boiling for 3 minutes (no more).
  • We lay out pieces of product in a saucepan or food containers, add chopped garlic and onions, then poured a decoction in which the fat was cooked.
  • After cooling, we place the product in the refrigerator for 4 days.
  • After the specified time, we take out the capacitance with the lard, reach the product and lay out on the grille (or hang for the hooks) for drying for several hours.


  • Watch 2-3 handwood chips into a loose trick of foil and lower the reservoir.
  • Again, place the rods above the tank and hang salo on them.
  • Tightly close the foil tank, pressed around the edges.
  • Approximately 1 minute turn on the maximum fire. After heating the tank we reduce the flame to the minimum level and continue to prepare for one and a half or two hours.
  • After the specified time, turn off the fire, but we leave the product in the tank to a complete cooling. After that, the fat will be ready to use.

Smoking Sala at home: tricks and useful recommendations

  • For uniform preparation, it is recommended to use small pieces of product weighing up to 0.4 kg.
  • The product must exhibit a pleasant fragrance of smoke, not the smell of spices, so they should be added to the volume not more than when preparing an ordinary saline.
  • Save Delicates for several months at normal temperatures can be only if it is a cold smoking product (if you prepared a hot smoked fat, it is better to wrap it in the food film and put it in the freezer).
  • Product's readiness is determined by color: as soon as the fat has acquired a brown-red shade, smoking can be stopped.
  • If, during cooking, the slides of the bass acquired an arcuate form, they can be put upside down onto a flat surface and press the press with a flat sole (a cutting board is suitable with a cargo). If necessary, the product can be formed in this position, the bay of its brine.

In compliance with these recommendations and the formulations, you will delight yourself and your close homemade fragrance delicacy, which in appearance and taste will exceed any purchased counterparts.

Bon Appetit.

Smoking products, as a way to extend their storage period, was known even during the time of ancient civilizations. Smoked fat was popular mainly in Slavic nations. Today, this kind of snack is served even in the most expensive restaurants in Europe. A smoked spicity is on sale in the same price category as the selected meat, so many prefer to smoke bare yourself at home or at the cottage.

Cooked by the hot way fat

Learning Salo

Recently, it is customary to pay attention to the caloric content of products. This is due to the fact that in our country there has been a tendency to increase weight, the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of diabetes mellitus. In this regard, Salo hits all records, because its caloric content is about 800 kcal. Gradually there was a stereotype in which Salo acts as the cause of the development of listed diseases. Such a biased judgment needs to challenge, because the use of pork in the established norms is not only safe for the body, but also extremely useful.

If we consider the chemical composition of pork bala, it turns out that it contains many vitamins and nutrients.

  • Vitamin A increases the body's ability to regenerate. Its in medicine is prescribed to patients after surgery or in injuries.
  • Magnesium and potassium included in the product strengthen the heart muscle, which contributes to the normalization of the entire cardiovascular system.
  • Amino acids have a fascinating effect, as well as increase immunity.
  • Salo can serve as a good source of protein. The fiber is needed by the body as a building material in the formation of cells.

Fresh fat

Especially useful will be a product for those who build up muscle mass. This is mainly athletes, as well as persons whose activities are related to physical exertion.

Salo does not contain parasites, so in the cooking process does not require any special treatments. It can even be consumed in the raw form. The combination of spiciency and smoked tastes is so harmonious that hot smoking lard almost for everyone becomes a favorite dish. Naturally, it explains the huge number of people who want to shrew the product at home.

How to choose fat fat

In the meat shop, each buyer will add the range of pork carcasters to choose from. To properly pick up the lad, you need to know at least minimal information about its properties. The fact is that different parts of the carcass are different in the formulation of the Salo.

Traditionally it is believed that the scrap should not contain either fat or meat messs. However, cuttings are becoming increasingly popular, where the fat alternates with meat. Such puff structures are found on the sneaker, ham and on the abdominal cutting.

Great choice

It is not recommended to take the peritoneum for smoking, as in this stretch of fat is rather tough. Its thickness does not exceed 3 cm, and this will lead to the fact that in a small piece, the area of ​​the active surface is significant. A bitter taste will appear. The optimal option will be fat from the ham. It must be cut into so that the thickness of the pieces is not more than 6 cm. Alternative option serves a breast. Its distinctive feature is that fat and meat alternate with fat layers. Thus, the product is soft and easily strange.

Features of hot smoked

Not everyone knows what the hot smoking is different from the cold. Despite the fact that the products obtained by different ways of smoking differ in taste and consistency, for many consumers there is only one dish - Salo smoked.

A hot method involves the temperature processing smoke. As a result, the structure of the fibers is destroyed, and the fat becomes softer. According to the consistency, it resembles a boiled fat, but filled with a specific taste and smell. For those who only make the first steps in the field of smoking, it is recommended for the first time to smoke with a hot way. High smoke temperature can be insurance from some common mistakes.

Smoked process

  • To save fat from subsequent rotting, it needs to be absorbed correctly. Hot smoking eliminates this requirement, since high-temperature processing destroys all microorganisms.
  • Salo after exposure to smoke will be soft anyway, whereas when cold smoked it will have to pre-boil.
  • The smoking procedure takes a few hours, and not a day. This will require large-scale time spending.

Unfortunately, to store products, wrapped in a hot way, will not work for a long time. Delicatesses usually prepare for the dish from the smokehouse immediately on the table.

Any product requires preparation. If smoking meat products without pre-singing, it may turn out a tough and tasteless mass. Therefore, before you consider how to smoke fat in the smoke, we will focus on pre-marinization.

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Technology simple ambulance

Prepare fat to hot smoke is not as difficult as it seems. For this, the recipes have already passed the tests. The main thing is that it is required from the novice is to perform a step-by-step algorithm. If you do everything correctly, then a delicious dish, as a result of activity, is guaranteed.

If you have become a happy owner of a small piece of scuff, it is best to send it to the smokehouse. To do this, you will not need to buy special ingredients, as it is possible to pick up fat for hot smoking and affordable means.

Expected Result

  • On a flat horizontal surface, for example, on the table, salt is scattered with a layer of 1 cm. If you wish, you can make some black pepper.
  • Then each piece is dipped into the mixture so that there are no untreated areas, then stacked in some kind of ass. This method can be disturbed not only fat, but also meat, therefore, the recipe does not depend on the type of strip.
  • So that the seas passed relatively quickly, it is recommended to put the oppression on top of the pieces. It contributes to the intensive moisture outlet, which, mixing with spices, forms brine.
  • If it takes several days for cold smoking for cold smoking for several days, then for hot - one day.

Even at the preliminary step, you can see all the charms of the method under consideration. Before sending a sala in the smoke, it is necessary to remove salt from the surface of pieces. They should be wiped out napkins or soak in water. After soaking, pieces should venture on a draft of 15-20 minutes.

How to cook marinade

Many believe that the meat products can be qualitatively possible only with the help of marinade. We do not undertake neither to confirm nor refute the well-minded opinion, but simply imagine another way of cooking semi-finished products.

Marinade for hot smoking sala, prepare a classic method. First you need to escape the water. The amount of salt is determined by a simple formula: 80 g of salts are taken on one liter of water. Marinade is put on the stove and is brought to a boil. All additional ingredients are entered into boiling water, it can be garlic, pepper, greens.

Ready product

The number of spices is not limited, but some experts believe that there is no "rainbow" of taste for smoking, so you need to take a minimum set of ingredients.

After 10 minutes of Boiling Salo plunges into the marinade and pan removed from the stove. The product will be able to pickle until the liquid solution cools, but it is recommended to wait a few more hours. We do not need to free slices from the extra salt, since the reduced concentration is quite suitable for a moderate salting.

There is one nuance that might like, most likely gourmet. Garlic can not be made to liquid marinade, but they say to them fat, for which small cuts are made in pieces. Similar Marinovka will create a more rich taste, as the juices deeply penetrate into the fibers.

Boar-smoked fat

Even more to reduce the time that goes to intermarry the spicity will help the recipe for the preparation of the boiled-smoked sala. All changes should occur at the stage of the product snaps. The beginning of the process is characterized by a harvesting of ordinary marinade.

Abegaya ahead, I would like to note that the fat will boil for some time, so there is no need to marinate it with a steep hydrochloric solution. If earlier a large amount of salt guaranteed the penetration of the marinade across the depth of the piece, now it will happen through the breaking of the fibers.

Dish with snack on the table

We repeat all the procedures from the previous paragraph, in one exception. The amount of salt must be reduced to 50 grams. Immediately after boiling and making all the spices, they immerse fat and cook it 30-40 minutes. In such conditions, any meat product is already soft and edible. It will deteriorate it purely symbolically to dial the desired smell.

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Hot smoked algorithm

The smoking procedure begins with the preparation of smokehouse. For the hot method, a smoke drawer is used, which is placed on a grill or any other device that allows you to warm it up with an open flame. The bonfire is divorced, its intensity should not be large, as the high temperature in the box will lead to excessive insertion of fat.

When the flame of the fire is established, then the box itself can be placed. At the bottom of the smoking of the sawdust. Next of them necessarily requires the pallet. Fat flowing from sled slices should not fall on smoking material. At the top of the box, solutions or hooks are installed to place products.

Smoking in full swing

If the slices of the sala will hang, then take care of not falling apart. To do this, remove each piece to tie the ray. From the sizes of a piece and from the method of its marination, how much time will need to cook smoked breaths. Since it is impossible to call the exact time, you will have to taste the finished product.

A sharp knife need to make a cut. Salo must be monophonic at all depth, and meat takes a slightly dark shade. The first sample should be made no earlier than 30 minutes after the start of smoking. If the fat is not ready, then re-open the smokehouse is recommended only after 20 minutes. The average smoked time varies from 1 hour to 2 hours.

You can not allow the fire to fire, so try to open the crypting cover as much as possible. Smoking time must begin to spark from the moment when white smoke went through a special nozzle. After cooking, you should remove the box from the manga, to wait for its full cooling and only then extract fat. Finished products are recommended to dwell in the fresh air within an hour.

How to smoke fat in smoking smoked smoking

Preparation of smoked salary with a hot way - the process is quite simple and in itself browse. Much more time is the preparation of Sala, and it is not for all recipes. This article tells how to smoke fat in the smoking smokehouse.

Smoked Salo

Features of hot smoked

For cooking smoked sala at home, you can use the method of both cold and hot smoked.

The preparation of a sala of the cold method takes quite a long time, usually about 4-5 days. In the process, the temperature does not exceed 20-25 degrees. Products are removed from open fire, and smoking is made with a cold smoke.

Smoked Salo

Hot smoking Sala takes less time (no more than an hour): for 15-20 minutes, fat swells on a strong fire, then the flame is reduced and at a temperature of about 900 for another 30-40 minutes. Salo of hot smoked is taste completely different than cold, and it is stored much less - just a few days.

Also, some craftsmen achieve a similar result by salting salts in a brine with a husk from onion, but this method allows you to get even very similar, but only imitation of smoked taste. The same can be said about smoke with "liquid smoke". This essence is a solution of wood pulp in water, and is indeed used to imitate smoking various products. Obviously, it's still not real smoked smokers, and satisfy the real gourmet of their taste is unlikely to be able.


Hot smoking Sala at home can be carried out in smokehouses manufactured by an industrial way, and you can build such a device and with your own hands.

Skolna from Pan on Plate

If you need to quickly shry just a couple of pieces, then the old bucket, a saucepan, or any of the same container is perfect. It takes a pair of covers of sawdust for smoking and some lattice. You can take any suitable in size - for example, ready from Aerium, or a piece of construction grid. You can even just distort the branches and insert them into the bucket. Such a handicraft smokehouse is literally per few minutes, but it fully copes with the task.

Meat and fat on sticks in smoke

If you plan to smoke foods regularly, it is better to make a smokehouse from a barrel, the housing of the old washing machine or an iron locker. The site has a detailed article about it.

Preparation of Sala to Smoke

Before you begin directly to smoke, some cooking should be done. First you need to choose a suitable piece of sala. It is believed that the most successful choice is a breast with small meat residences. Salad slices should not be thick, from three to five centimeters (or as often spoken, "Three fingers"). Salo needs to cut down five or six centimeters width. After that, you can proceed to his saline.

Fresh fat

Dry ambassador

Salo wash and cut into small identical pieces, rub the mixture of salt and spices. To prepare a salt mixture for one kilogram of swine spick, it is enough to take 6 tablespoons of large salt, three or four laurels and a couple of fine chopped garlic heads, you can add pepper, coriander and other spices.

Salad slices with the resulting mixture, are laid into suitable dishes and exhibit in a cold place for seven or eight days. For a more uniform salting, the slice of the bass must be occurred periodically, and at the end of the process, it is thoroughly cleaned from salt from salt, rinse in water and dry.

Soldering in marinade

This method allows to achieve a faster and uniform distribution of salt. For the preparation of brine in the pan poured water in an amount to fully cover all sleds. The saucepan put on the stove. Fall asleep in hot water salt, constantly stirring. Since it is not known how much water will be required for each bookmark, that is, a universal method to determine the desired concentration of salt in water. This is the use of a raw chicken egg - in the brine it should pop up.

Salo in a bucket

You can add to the taste to add garlic, pepper, or other seasonings to this Tuzluk. It should be remembered that if the tuzluk is too salty, first, meat layers in the fat can become too hard, and secondly, the fat will not be able to take the entire fragrance of spices.

The prepared fat is placed in enameled dishes and soaked with the resulting solution that cooled to room temperature. The brine must completely cover the slices of Sala, for which they are pressed the oppression and leave in a cool place for a period of five to seven days.

Salo in a saucepan

After salting, the fat is washed with water from excess salt and wipe the towel. You can hang on a day in a well-ventilated place for drying, covering it with a cloth from flying insects.

Fast ambassador

With this method, the washed and sliced ​​fat is poured with the prepared brine and for 2 to 2.5 hours are dried on slow heat. Then boiled fat is allowed to dry and cool to room temperature.

Smoked process

Do not forget - it is precisely hot smoking of Sala; With a cold way, everything is different.

Salo smokes in a barrel

  1. Wood sawdust or chips are poured on the bottom of the smoke. The amount depends on the volume of the smokehouse: for a small bucket there is enough pair of grievances, for a barrel you need to one liter.
  2. Above sawdusts are installed pallet for fat. The temperature in the smoke will be in the area of ​​90-100 degrees, and the fat will drop fat. So that he does not get on the hot bottom and did not give burning flavors, he was collected in such a pallet.
  3. Above the pallet is pre-prepared sleds. They can be decomposed on the grid, or hang inside on the hooks. They monitor the distance between pieces the distance for free circulation of smoke.
  4. The smokehouse is covered with a lid or a piece of burlap so that the smoke remains in longer.
  5. Break under the smoke fire. It can be a simple fire, if you use a handicraft smokehouse, or a gas stove (any other heater), if the device of factory manufacture is applied.
  6. Do I need to somehow regulate the fire in the process of smoking (and therefore the temperature inside the smoke) there is no unambiguous answer. The general recommendation is one everywhere - the temperature inside should be about 80-90 degrees.
  7. Hoping continues from 40 minutes to one hour, and it usually depends on your particular smokehouse. You may have to spend several experiments to find out your personal recipe - with what mode the best result is obtained.
  8. After the end of the process, the recommendations are also different. Someone advises to immediately open the smokehouse and get more hot fat. Someone the opposite prefers to leave it closed for a few hours so that it cooled - the smoking process will continue for a while. This is also determined experimentally.

Salo in smoking

In what to do with the finished wiggy lady, everything converges: it should be wrapped in the fabric and send to the refrigerator to cool. Use any fat in chilled form.

What tree is used for smoking

There is no taste and color, as they say, there is no comrades, so the only opinion about which tree is best used to smoke the bass does not exist. Someone believes that chips and wood sawdust of the trees of trees add to the taste of smoked fades, barely catchy tart note. Others, on the contrary, we prefer only alder and assure that pear sawders or apple trees make hot smoking fat to taste. Third people say that they always try to mix a little wood or juniper berries in chip, which gives a special fragrance with smoked lady.

Chip for smoked

Perhaps the only thing that convergers to smoke fat salo are in the home is that the wood of coniferous wood (except juniper) use categorically not worth it, regardless of that method cold or hot smoking this is done.

Useful advice

Meat bodies faster absorb salt and spices, and therefore, in the finished product, they will have a more salty and spicy taste than smoked fat itself.

Smoked Salo

Laying fat on the lattice smoke should be freely, leaving somewhat distance between pieces, so that smoke fluently flowing them from all sides.

When smoking, it is necessary to monitor all the products used dry and clean, also clean should be smoking (especially lattice), otherwise the burnt fat or spices can spoil the taste.

An indispensable attribute of almost any festive table is undoubtedly smoked fat. It certainly remains one of the central snacks even in cases where other all sorts of refined exquisites are present on the table. But these delicacy can be coated not only on holidays or on feasts. Smoked fat is preferred by many hostess and is very initiatively applied in home cooking. This product serves as the main component when preparing: original snacks, simple or unique sandwiches, welded soups, magnificent second dishes, salads, and so on. Moreover, it is actively used as a sala of hot smoked and a wonderful larger after smoking the cold.

These two delicious product can always be used without any problems in many outlets, but it is much more preferable to prepare this culinary dressing yourself. This will allow not only to give Salu the necessary taste shades, but also will save from poor-quality products and all sorts of chemical additives, which are clearly present in smoked industrial production.

For home cooking the greatest interest is precisely hot smoked fat. Its preparation does not require particularly intricate equipment, long-term heat treatment and complex preliminary preparation.

You can even smoke such a fat in an ordinary oven using a banal pan. But, unfortunately, with such versions in smoked product, there will be no flavors that acquires the spicity when processing it in the smoking smokehouse.

Purchase the necessary culinary device for homemade smoked not only the sala, but also many other products can be on the Internet or specialized stores. In addition, it's easy to do well and independently. Designs of homemade smokers are very simple and for their manufacture do not require scarce materials or special professional skills. Not bad smokehouse can be created even from a simple metal barrel or body of the served washing machine.

In addition to the smokehouse itself, there will be a special sshy or sawdust. It is their smoke that is formed in the smokehouse when the most amazing aromas gives smoked salty. But not every wood can be successfully used when smoked and for this process are only chipped from: alder, fruit trees or oak.

Chip for smoked

Chip is easy to prepare and independently, but it is better to buy ready

There is no doubt that everyone can smoke the fat in the smoking smoked smoking, since this is not a difficult operation. And the whole process of obtaining smoked delicacy of pork salae folds from a number of certain simple actions.

Selection and processing

First of all, you need to purchase the highest quality fat.

A closing piece of this meat products should be:

  • Certainly an attractive white color, which indicates its freshness.
  • No suspicious spots, yellow and alien inclusions.
  • With a pleasant and barely catchy flavor of fresh sala.
  • No bristle residues on the skirt.
  • With a sufficient amount of meat mess.

It is preferable to buy fat from the back of the back and sides, since it is precisely from this piece of pork carca, it is considered the most gentle, it has a very thin skirt and perfectly suitable for the upcoming smoking.

Slas slices

The acquired piece of bass must be missed, it is necessary to cut everything too much, dry and cut it on acceptable fragments for smoking

The length of the cut slices is determined by the sizes used for the pretreatment of the salary of the dishes, but their height should not exceed five centimeters. You can use the folk method for determining their height, that is, to cut the pieces of "three fingers".

After processing, you need to decide with the method of its salting before smoking. Such a preparation of a sala to smoke is not at all necessary, and the fat before hot smoked can simply immediately grasp the salt, spice with spices, and then shry. But such a smoked fat will be deprived of many flavors that appear after the preliminary saline.

Methods Soldiers

There are two main technologies for the pretreatment of the sludge in front of the coming smoking process - a simple salting with a dry way and marinating it in the brine.

Dry ambassador

Soldering before the upcoming smoke this method is especially popular not only at home owners, but also in private entrepreneurs, as you need only a few ingredients.

Have to take:

  • Processed and shaped fat kilogram.
  • Salt - six tablespoons.
  • Lavar leaf - four things.
  • Garlic - a pair of large teeth.
  • A set of spices - their number and composition is determined individually.

Processing process processing:

  1. The corresponding dishes are selected. Food plastic containers are best suited. But the tanks of glass, cutlery or ceramics are suitable.
  2. A thin layer of salt is poured onto the bottom of the container and it is necessary to lay out the laurel leaf leaves.
  3. Garlic is crushed, laid out in a separate bowl, and then mixed with a set of spices and a large salt.
  4. The resulting mixture of dry components rolls the sliced ​​slices and evenly laid out in the container on the salt layer. It will be an excellent solution if there are pieces in front of it a couple of hours in cold boiled water.
  5. Further - the lard should be fried in the oppression and send everything into a cool place for five days. During this time, pieces are needed in the container several times shifting.
  6. At the end of the Sling process - the pieces are cleaned of salt, are washed with water, they are dry, laid in smokehouse and you can safely begin to smoke them.
Soldering Sala

Saline Sala - One way to prepare fat to smoke


This method of pre-processing of a salale before smoking in the smoking smokehouse, as a rule, does not cause special difficulties, although it uses the marinade independently.

Marine for salting can be applied in three processing options:

  • Marinade is prepared in warm boiled water, it is cool, they poured fat and everything goes to a cool place for four.
  • You can lower the fat and in hot brine, and then give marinada with lard to cool naturally. You can smoke fat after twelve hours.
  • In the third version - Salo descends into the boiling marinade and boils the forty minutes. Then it must be removed from the marinade, to cool, dry and immediately begin smoke. The smoking time of this product after such a processing will be the most minimal, as it is almost ready for use and smoke it in order to dial the necessary smells and give it an even more appetizing look.
Salo in marinade

Marine fat in front of smoke can be both cold and hot way

For all the above options for processing the bass before the upcoming smoke, the same marinade will fit.

Have to take:

  • Salo shaped - kilogram.
  • The usual large salt is taken on approximately one hundred grams for every kilogram. But for the third version, which is above, its number is reduced by half.
  • Garlic - Approximately five chopped medium magnitudes.
  • Lavra leaf - three pieces of medium leaves.
  • Water is a little more liter and certainly boiled.
  • Black pepper peppers, dry mustard and other spices - their number is determined individually.

Subsequent manipulations with marinade are very simple and almost the same for all three ways to treat Sala.

For example, for the second pre-processing option, further actions look as follows:

  1. Water flows into the enameled pee and the salt is added and salt is added. Its quantity must be correctly adjusted. This will help the usual egg, which is also placed in the marinade container. Salt is added until the egg floats. This "signal" reliably indicates a sufficient concentration of salt in this solution. Naturally, for the third option proposed above, that is, the preparation of the boiled smoked saline, - this option of checking the salt concentration is not suitable.
  2. Next - the brine is brought to a boil, the remaining components of the marinade are added to it and ten minutes is boiled.
  3. Then the fire is turned off and straight into the hot marinade slices sliced ​​earlier.
  4. Now Marinade with Salom is left alone at around the night, and in the morning you can already extract fat from the marine brine and be sure to dry it naturally.
Smoking sala

After graduating from the processing of Sala, any of the methods proposed above - one can safely move to the direct smallery of this prepared meat product.

Directly smoking

All practical acts are reduced to a number of consecutive steps:

  1. The bottom of the smokehouse is covered with a layer of wood chips or sawdust. Their quantity is determined by the scopeliny used. For example, for the volume of ten liters, the entire pair of grievances is enough.
  2. Over the sawdust layer placed a pallet for collecting fat droplets, which will clearly stand out from the bass.
  3. Directly above the pallet place the pieces prepared for smoke. They can be in suspended on the hooks or be just laid on the smolder smoke. Between pieces it is necessary to leave small lumets, which will provide free circulation of smoke from chips.
  4. The filled smoke is closed with a lid or wet burlap and bred a fire under it.
  5. The fire must be such an intensity so that in the smokehouse there was a temperature of about 80 ° C and no more. At this temperature, the fat is exactly processed, and not bake.
  6. Smoking time always depends on the design features of the smokehouse used. How much to smoke - is determined experimentally. As a rule, the slice of sludge digs from min = 30 minutes and approximately to max = 60 minutes.
  7. In the finals of the smoking process - the fat can be left in the smokehouse, and you can immediately extract. Recommendations on this topic are completely opposite and will have to be defined in this matter yourself.
  8. Cutting out of the smoke, warm fat wrap the clean cloth and placed in any cool place for its complete cooling.
  9. After the fat smoked fat is cooled - it will taste and evaluate the results of its own culinary acts.
  10. Cooked smoked culinary sister, unfortunately, can be kept even less than a week. But finding it in the freezer, and even in Parchment, - increases this period to two weeks.

It is so simple and easily and easily prepare this amazing smoked delicacy independently in the smoking smokehouse with a minimum of time spent.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 1

To prepare smoked bass prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 2

All ingredients, except for pork, fill with water, put on fire and bring to a boil. Then remove from the fire and cool to room temperature.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 3

Pork soam in the resulting marinade so that she was all covered with them. Press something hard and leave to pickle for 3 days.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 4

Through three days, rinse meat in cold, running water.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 5

Suspend meat, wrapped with a rope. And leave so another day.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 6

For smoking, laying out meat on the grille of smokehouse. In the smoke, put a little sawdust (for example, Olkhov). Prepare meat in smoking on fire for 50-60 minutes. Then remove from the fire and let stand for another 15 minutes.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 7

Finished smoked pork cool down and serve to the table.

Salo Hot Smoked - Photo Step 8

Bon Appetit!

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