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There is nothing worse than the laid nose. With it, it is not easy impossible to feel the taste of food and hear the flavors, the main problem is difficulty breathing, which at night does not allow to fall asleep. And breathing through the mouth becomes the cause of drying the mucous membrane and the spread of infection below the respiratory tract.


Causes of nose congestion

Nasal congestion is the result of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nasal sinuses. They can inflave for several reasons:

  • as a result of infection with viral infection;

  • after supercooling;

  • As an allergic reaction to pollen, wool or other pathogen.

Nasal congestion is nothing more than swelling of the sinuses, between which air flows pass. When the inflammation of any etiology concerns the upper respiratory tract, especially the nasal sinuses, minor vessels that are filled with mucous membranes are expanding, leading to the edema.

The laid nose does not allow to unimpose, rinse the moves and just breathe. Therefore, it is so important to know what to do when the nasal is concluded.

Marine water-based

In pharmacies you can find a lot of sea water based drugs:

  • Aqua Maris;

  • Dolfin;

  • Akwalor;

  • Meriner;

  • Physiomer.

The essence of these drugs in salt content. Salt, being a natural absorbent, pulls the liquid from the tissues. This allows to some extent to reduce the severity of the swelling. On the other hand, the saline is the same physiological solution that is used in the preparation of droppers. That is, it is a composition close in quality to the blood plasma and the basis of the mucus, which stands out during the disease. Spraying the nasal strokes with a salt solution of the patient, first of all, moisturizes its respiratory tract, helping them to independently deal with infection. In addition, washing the mucous solutions, you can wash all the dried crusts along with the pathogens located in them.

Two minuses of such drugs can be distinguished:

If there is no possibility to buy such funds, they can be prepared at home. To do this, you will need to dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a liter of pure water.

Vaconishing drugs

This group of funds is aimed at narrowing vessels that are enveloped by the mucous membranes of the ENT organs. Representatives of this group are familiar to everyone who at least once came across a runny nose:

  • Snup;

  • Vix;

  • Xylene;

  • Rinonorm;

  • Tizin.

Under trade names, certain active substances are hidden:

  • Xilomeazoline;

  • oxymetazoline;

  • phenylephrine;

  • Naphtizin.

Some vesseloring preparations contain one active component. Others include several substances at once.

An important feature of the use of funds against nasal congestion is the time limitations. It is impossible for longer than 5 days to use the same means, as this may cause the development of addiction and dependence. If after 5 days of use, the runny nose did not pass, the remedy should be replaced, paying particular attention to the active ingredient - it is important to change it.

Vasoconstrictors can be used by the children of the first year of life. But as an active substance for a child, you can choose only phenylephrine. Since it has the safe severity of the narrowing of the vessels.

All drugs can be divided by the duration of action. Children's phenylephrine frees the nasal moves for 4-6 hours. Xylometazoline allows you to breathe freely no longer than 12 hours. But oxymetazoline in a certain dosage frees the nasal breathing longer than all - its actions are enough for 24 hours.

It is important to remember that children under three years old can only be injected by the drug. The use of sprays is unacceptable, as this leads to violation of the integrity of the vessels. The pressure with which spray sprayed particles into nasal moves, for a child is too strong. Spray is an adult form of native money.

Do not forget that the remedy, freeing nasal breathing, does not treat a runny nose, does not eliminate the cause of the edema. This is only symptomatic assistance during the disease.


For allergies, pharmacological companies created special means that allow you to remove the symptoms of allergies. As a rule, nasal congestion occurs as a reaction to pollen, animal wool, construction dust, dust dust. In addition, cause signs of allergies can dry air. To reduce the risk of inflammation against the background of irritation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, humidifiers in the residential premises need to be used. In wet air and dust does not fly, it settles on the surfaces. Vibrocil is a popular tool against an allergic runny nose.

Means with antibiotic

In case of bacterial infections, some doctors often prescribe drops based on antibacterial agents. Parents, seeing a green mucus that leaves the nose, independently solve such funds in the nose. Isofra is considered the most popular.

However, most practitioners of therapists and pediatricians argue that local treatment with antibacterial drugs does not have expected efficiency. Fighting with bacterial infections is correct only systemically, with the help of drugs taken inward.

How to cause a means

Choosing a tool, it is important to pay attention to the active ingredient so as not to buy the same substance constantly. But in the home aid kit to keep the vesseloring agent is simply necessary. Few people know, but this medicine is used as first aid when otitis. Going on vacation to the beach, the vesseloring agent should be in a road first-aid kit, because it is after diving that the first signs of the ear inflammation often arise.

Symptomatic treatment will not help in the fight against the source of the disease. A runny nose will be held when a virus, bacterium or allergen will be withdrawn from the body, depending on what exactly led to the edema.

When a child suffers from a cold, one should not engage in self-medication. This is especially true of the children of the first year of life. At the first signs of the cold, you need to immediately contact the precinct pediatrician.

How to get rid of the cold quickly and without consequences for the body? To do this, find out the reason for the emergence of negative symptoms, determining the type of rhinitis (cold, allergic, infectious, etc.) and competently choose drugs.

How to get rid of the cold quickly and without consequences for the body? To do this, find out the reason for the emergence of negative symptoms, determining the type of rhinitis (cold, allergic, infectious, etc.) and competently choose drugs.

What is rhinitis?

This is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose. The disease has two stages, each of which is accompanied by characteristic symptoms. In some cases, the disease takes a protracted flow and then we are talking about the chronic form of the disease.

What is rhinitis?

Doctors otolaryngologists warn:

At the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to take medicines from rhinitis.

Otherwise, the disease can lead to serious complications and go into a chronic form, difficult therapy. In addition, people with a strong runny nose, with sneezing and snot continue to attend common areas to ride in transport and go to work, exposing the dangers of infection around others.

Rubber is extremely infectious! Small children, older people and patients with a weakened immunity are especially easy to infect.

How to cure a runny nose. Drugs from a cold

Attention! You should not use any folk methods from a cold! In cases where the toddler, an elderly person or a patient, suffering from any heavy chronic diseases, is sick, suffering from any severe chronic diseases, is carried out only after consulting a doctor. So, with many forms, a cold like "Babushkino" treatment leads to a significant deterioration in the state. For example, when the joke or garlic juice is injected, there is strong irritation of the already inflamed mucous membrane. It swells even more, sneezing is enhanced, the nasal breathing deteriorates.

How to treat a runny nose to prevent complications and transition of disease in chronic form? Modern medicine offers many medicines - these are effective drugs from a cold of any kind.

Contemporary preparations for the treatment of runny nose

Drops and sprays from a cold

Drops and sprays from a cold

Drops from a cold and sprays are the most popular and easy-to-use dosage forms. They eliminate dryness and mortgage, relieve inflammation, improve due to the restoration of nasal respiration the overall condition of the patient. These drugs may include antibacterial ingredients in their composition.




Examples of drugs

Non-nose vesselor

The narrowing of the vessels, reducing edema, lifting, the release of nasal breathing

Do not act on the inflammatory process

Do not possess the healing effect

Symptoms are removed only for a while

Call rapid addiction

Cannot be used in case of some diseases - is hypertension, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, glaucoma

Possess an impressive list of side effects, it is: dizziness, headache, an increase in blood pressure, noise in the head, etc.

Period of action - from three to six hours:

Naphtizin, Sanorin, Vibrotil, Tizin

From six to eight hours:

Tizin Ksilo, Galazolin, Xylent, Ximeline, Orinary, Snup

From 10 to 12 hours:

Nazivin, Nazol


With thick / purulent discharge from the nose

Have the same side effects as vasoconstrictors



Moisturizing mucous membranes, thinning mucus entry into the composition of seawater makes it possible to effectively clean the sinuses of the nose from pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and allergens

Do not provide instant

Suitable for prevention

Included in the complex treatment

Physiomer, Aqua Maris, Akwalor

Vegetable preparations

Remove inflammation

A threshing effect manifests itself soft

Purification of the sinuses of the nose from bacteria and viruses

The effect is not immediately

Pinosol (with Pine Oil), Sinupere

Antibacterial agent

Indications - bactericidal rhinitis

Symptoms of the disease:

thick yellow-green allocations from nasal sinuses

Basically refer to prescription drugs

Long-term and / or frequent use of antibiotics is a consequence of the formation of stable pathogens of microorganisms (bacteria, etc.)

Framcenetin, neomycin, Polymixin, Isofra, Polydels with phenylephrine

Tablets from a cold

In some cases, it makes sense to use other forms of drugs from rhinitis. How to treat a runny nose with the help of dragee and pills?

There are vegetable and homeopathic preparations that practically do not have contraindications and side effects in comparison with some drops. Preparations from a cold in the form of tablets, capsules, dragee are accepted inside according to the instructions. If drops are mainly removed negative symptoms, tablets may be an order more efficiently, as they act on the cause of the disease.

Mazi from a cold

Means from a cold in the form of ointments - a convenient form of treatment and prevention of many types of rhinitis. Just like other drugs, ointments are:

  • antiviral;
  • homeopathic;
  • combined;
  • Antiseptic.

Any ointments are used after consultation with a specialist. Homeopathic remedies from a cold - the safest.

Oils from a cold

Essential natural oils are able to alleviate the patient's condition during the cold.

They possess the following properties:

  • antiseptic;
  • antiviral;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • immunostimulating;
  • Confront.

Oils are often part of ointments and drops, but can be taken as an independent dosage form (for inhalations).

Inhalation during routine

This is one of the most affordable and simple ways of treatment. Inhalations can be made using essential oils, herbal fees, salvations, etc.

Advantage of the procedure:

  • Soft action;
  • Cleaning the respiratory tract;
  • moisturizing mucous membranes;
  • Removing edema;
  • elimination of thick secretions;
  • safety.
  • Inhalation treatment can be carried out with any form of rhinitis in children and adults.

How to choose a remedy for rhinitis

How to choose a remedy for rhinitis

How to get rid of a cold? To do this, purchase a modern effective medicine and use it from the first days of the disease. The best remedy for a runny nose is the one that is selected depending on the symptoms and the type of illness. In addition, vitamin and mineral complexes should be taken in order to increase immunity. Social network of pharmacies The table offers the possibility of booking any medication at affordable prices.

Rinith is one of the most common pathologies on Earth. Therefore, the question "How to quickly get rid of a cold?" Many are asked, especially in the cold season, colds. In order to defeat unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary:

  • find out the nature of a runny nose;
  • Use all comprehensive measures of classical therapy (local treatment with the use of drugs and anti-inflammatory recipes from submitted homemade tools, inhalation).

Dimensions Rubble

Dimensions Rubble

Banal runny nose is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Although rhinitis is always the result of inflammation, it often arises sharply or is sluggish, chronic.

The allocation of nasal moves may have variations:

  • from transparent to purulent, whites, with blood impurities, all shades of yellow and green;
  • from abundant to very scarce or absent;
  • There are very thick or so liquid that the nose literally flows.

The patient may complain about:

  • a sense of lagging;
  • labored breathing;
  • Edema and other accompanying symptoms.

The differences between the selection are explained by the nature of inflammation, which runs a runny nose. The reason for the intervention of pathogenic microbes and the insolvency of local immunity can be:

  • supercooling;
  • allergic reaction;
  • neoplasm;
  • Nose injury;
  • operational treatment;
  • bad ecology;
  • Penetration of the foreign body in nasal moves, etc.

Medicines against rhinita

Medicines against rhinita

Only according to official data, in Russia, half a million people got half a million people in Russia, and therefore they all moved a runny nose. Of course, this statistics suffer from a big error. After all, as the data of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion show, a third of Russians still prefers to be treated independently, without resorting to the help of specialists, or do not use medicines at all and alternative treatments.

Meanwhile, only a doctor can accurately determine the nature of the disease, including rhinitis, evaluate the clinical picture, take into account the existing systemic pathologies, possible contraindications and appoint adequate treatment. The wrong tactics of self-medication or the absence of therapy stands by the Russian Federation 60 thousand irrevocably lost human lives every year.

Like any other pathology, a runny nose requires an attentive relationship, a specialist council. For example, treatment of rhinitis, which accompanies ORVI, is radically different from therapy necessary in allergic reactions. Therefore, it is not necessary to appoint medicines yourself or own children, other households. They can harm:

  • worsening the picture of the disease;
  • Calling complication;
  • causeing an allergic reaction;
  • Lowing to toxic poisoning due to overdose, etc.

Refer to the therapist or otolaryngologist, if except the discharge from the nose and the feeling of stations:

  • worsened general well-being;
  • The body temperature rose;
  • Headache joined;
  • There is a feeling, cutting, "sand" in the eyes, redness;
  • areas near the nasal sinuses echo;
  • In the discharge of nasal strokes, there is a blood admixture or pus, from transparent they became yellow, white, etc.

Home Recipes against Inflammation

Home Recipes against Inflammation

Traditional household methods helping to relieve inflammation in the nasal cavity, long been adopted by the traditional medicine service. Therefore, complex treatment with a cold may include local washing of nasopharynx against antimicrobial solutions prepared on the basis of those products that are available and found in almost every home.

  • It is known that any salt (sea, cook, Tibetan, etc.) is perfectly disinfecting perfectly, dries, relieves inflammation, so you can rinse the nasal cavity with warm water, dissolving a tea spoon for a glass.
  • If you add half a teaspoon of soda to a solution, then it will have an excellent softening effect, but in this case it will need to be prepared on the basis of hot water, coating then to the desired temperature (about 37 ° C).
  • But experimenting with herbal informs, iodine, propolis, lemon, onion frosh and apply other folk recipes for rinsing of the nose cavity independently. Any folk remedy has its own contraindications. Therefore, it can cause allergic and other unwanted reactions.

It is possible to wash the nasal cavity with a salt solution using a scripture, a syringe without a needle or a special medical gadget in the form of a miniature kettle.

Even this, it would seem innocent, a home procedure can not be carried out to everyone. Do washing it is impossible if there is:

  • Complete impassability of nasal moves (it can occur due to neoplasms in the nasal cavity);
  • Template to nasal bleeding.

Numerous recipes for droplets on an oil basis, brazers and dishes of medicinal plants can only be applied on the recommendation of the specialist.

Homemade inhalation

Homemade inhalation

An ancient method and today remains one of the most effective ways to combat a runny nose. It is effective if the cause of rhinitis is:

  • supercooling;
  • viral infection or bacterial;
  • allergic reaction;
  • unfavorable environmental conditions, etc.

The simplest inhalation is to ride over a wedder with grated garlic or onions, which are actively separated by contact with air allycine, a substance with a pronounced antimicrobial effect.

Adults can make steam inhalation over hot potatoes, soda mortar, if there is no increase in body temperature, heavy cardiopathologies, nasal bleeding.

The main thing is that inhalation does not cause allergies, did not lead to burns, including mucous membranes. Therefore, hardware procedures are safer and efficient, which are carried out using special devices. Medical inhalers for home use are several types:

  • compressor;
  • steam;
  • Ultrasound.

What to choose, the specialist will advise.

Just as in the case of washing for the nasal cavity, for the steam or hardware inhalation at home without the recommendation of the doctor, only a saline solution can be used, soda solution or saline.

Rinith (runny nose) is a common inflammatory disease. It develops in response to the introduction of viruses or bacteria into the nose mucous membrane or is an acute local reaction caused by the action of allergen. This article we will talk about how to quickly cure a runny nose and prevent the development of such dangerous complications as sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis or pneumonia.
how to quickly cure runny nose and prevent the development of dangerous complications


  1. Classification of rhinitis
  2. The main symptoms of rhinita
  3. Causes of acute runny nose
  4. Causes of chronic runny nose
  5. Diagnosis of rhinitis
  6. How to treat runny nose at home?
  7. Is it possible a rapid treatment of a cold at home?
  8. When to contact the doctor with a cold?
  9. Prevention rhinitis
  10. Finally

Classification of rhinitis

Before thinking about how and how to treat a runny nose, it is necessary to establish its variety. Depending on the origin of the pathological process, the inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes may flow in several forms.

Acute rhinitis

It begins sharply, develops quickly, characterized by the most vivid manifestations. There are three types of acute rhinitis:

  1. Infectious.

    It is divided into two subspecies. Nonspecific Rubber is one of the most frequent varieties of ENT diseases. It is an independent catarrhal form of inflammatory damage to the mucous membranes, lining the nasal shells. Also a sharp runny nose can be Specific . In this case, he has a connection with other diseases.

  2. Traumatic.

    It appears due to physical or chemical damage to the mucous membrane. Injury leads to the activation of bacteria living in the nose and the development of an inflammatory reaction.

  3. Allergic.

    It has a seasonal character, for example, worries only during the spring flowering of plants. It has a sudden beginning and pronounced symptoms. To quickly cure this kind of runny nose at home, sometimes enough to drink an antihistamine drug.

Chronic rhinitis

This form often becomes a complication of acute disease. It can also develop with a weakened immunite and the long-term effects of damaging factors.

Main types of chronic rhinitis:

  1. Infectious.

    This category also includes two subspecies:

    • Chronic Nonspecific Rubber, which, in turn, is divided into catarrhal, atrophic and hypertrophic.
    • Long flowing specific Rinith is divided into granulomatous, ulcerative, atrophic (ozen).
  2. Allergic.

    Developed in the case of a slowed down reaction of the organism on specific substances-allergens. Such a runny nose is not a rapid treatment, if the provoking factor is not detected. Quickly establish the cause of chronic allergic rhinitis, it is possible only in a small number of ill.

  3. Traumatic.

    Caused by a long action of such harmful factors such as production or office dust, a pair of aggressive chemicals.

Vasomotor Rinopathy

This is one of the separate selected forms of chronic non-allergic rhinitis. It is based on a violation of the work of the vegetative nervous system, as a result of which the nasal mucosa reacts to smells, alcohol pairs, dust, cold and other stimuli.

Distinguish the following types of vasomotor cold:

  • neareegetative
  • hormone,
  • medicated
  • mixed.

Women from 20 years often sick of this form of rhinitis, which have a vegetative dystonia. This diagnosis is sometimes raised after the patient, not knowing how to quickly cure a strange runny nose, refers to the doctor. The key factor in the development of vasomotor rinopathy can also be a transferred infectious disease, in particular ARVI.

Symptoms of the disease depends on the type and stage of the runny nose.

The main symptoms of rhinita

The manifestations of this disease depends on the type and stage of the cold.

On the first day of development infectious rhinitis Dry and burning in the nasopharynk appear. Then there is a feeling of congestion, as the mucosa swells. Taking urgent measures helps to cure a runny nose at home, without a visit to the clinic. In the second stage, abundant liquid allocations appear. Later they are thick and acquire a greenish yellow color.

Allergic runny nose Manifested by such symptoms as:

  • itch
  • toss
  • tingling
  • sneeze
  • Abundant Rinorea (discharge from the nose).

With prolonged flow, the smell may break. In the nasal sinks, crusts and growths are formed, mucus or pus is constantly separated.

Acute traumatic runny nose It begins sharply and, as a rule, strikes one of the parties. As a result of damage, the mucous membrane blushes, swells. A few hours later, mucus begins to stand out from one of the nostrils.

For Vasomotor Rinopathy Breathing makes it difficult due to nasal congestion. There are transparent discharge. It bothers an unpleasant feeling that is caused by a mucus flow along the back wall of the nasopharynx.

Typical symptoms of rhinitis can be combined with headache, weakness, a sense of general ailment. Therefore, regardless of the type and shape, the runny nose must be treated quickly.

Causes of acute runny nose

Infectious rhinites are caused by virulent (pathogenic) microorganisms: viruses, bacteria or fungi. Most often, the disease develops against the background of ARZ, ORVI or flu. Inhabited bacteria can also be activated as a result of hypothermia or immunodeficiency.

Susceptibility to infections in all people is different. It depends on:

  • conditions and lifestyle
  • age
  • overall health
  • features of the body,
  • degree of adaptation to the effects of cold and other external factors.

The risk of infection with infectious sound is higher in those who smoke and abuse alcohol, leads an unhealthy lifestyle or lives in poor ecology. A small child can get infectious rhinitis due to the undeveloped immune response.

The causes of acute specific rhinitis become infections that cause the following diseases:

  • diphtheria,
  • tuberculosis,
  • syphilis,
  • scleroma,
  • Lepra etc

This type of inflammatory lesions of the nasopharynk is rare. And the main question in this case is not how to quickly cure from a cold, but what to do with the main disease.

Causes of chronic runny nose

The sharp form of rhinitis sometimes flows into chronic. One of the reasons is the wrong choice of means and methods of treatment. It is especially important to prevent the long flow of this disease in children.

To chronic rhinitis rhinitis can also be given:

  • Atrophy of the sections of the mucous membrane together with nervous endings.

    Such a state is developing due to autoimmune reactions, disorders of the endocrine system, genetic predisposition.

  • Arrangement of connective tissue.

    The cause of the development of this pathology can be the body's reaction on the intensive load, which is experiencing the nasopharynx mucosa. Provoking factors hypertrophic rhinitis Often become addiction to alcohol, smoking, abuse of vasoconducting means.

  • Speaking of mucosa due to local circulatory disorders (neareegetative form).

    From this species, the runny nose at home is treated quite often, since in the incidence of chronic rhinitis, its share reaches 21%. One of the effective methods of therapy in this case is regular moistening of the nasal mucosa.

Diagnosis of rhinitis

The main methods of differential diagnosis of rhinitis include:

  • Interview.

    The doctor finds out the presence and character of the patient's complaints, determines the priority of the onset of symptoms, collects anamnesis to establish the cause of the disease.

  • Rososcopy.

    Otolaryngologist inspects the front and rear surface of the nasal cavity using a special tool (rososcope), mirrors and a reflector.

  • Establishing the causative agent of the disease.

    For this purpose, bacteriological sowing is carried out. When specifying the type of pathogenic microorganism, which caused rhinitis, it is possible to establish how the runny nose can be treated in a particular case.

  • Tests to determine allergen.

    This method is used if the allergic character is suspected. For performing accurate diagnosis, skin samples are carried out.

  • Laboratory diagnostics.

    In the presence of concomitant symptoms, a general and biochemical blood test may be appointed.

One of the most difficult revealed species is a cold - vasomotor rhinitis. The medicine does not have reliable methods of its diagnosis. To form an accurate diagnosis in this case, as a rule, similar varieties of rhinitis are consistently excluded. First of all, the probability of allergic nature is checked. For this, the main symptoms are rated, skin tests are taken, an electrophoretic analysis of the nasal secret is carried out.

How to treat runny nose at home?

The most important thing is to begin treatment of rhinitis when the very first of its symptoms appear. It is impossible not to do anything and expect that the runny nose will be held himself. Then the risk of complications will be minimal.

If there is no high temperature and cough, you can start home therapy by applying proven effective methods.

The most important thing is to begin treatment of rhinitis on time

Medical ways of treating acute infectious rhinitis

To effectively combat the inflammation of nasopharynses and rinorer, pharmaceutical preparations can be used. These include:

  • ready-made anti-inflammatory drugs based on medicinal plants,
  • vesseloring drops
  • moisturizing sprays
  • Ointment.

An excellent result when washing the nose gives real marine water, which is similar in composition with the organism intercellular fluid. If this tool is not available to you, in the pharmacy you can buy an equally efficient finished isotonic solution with sea salt - Salor Aqua. This drug is packaged into compact buffs containers. Such a tool can be used to wash the nasal strokes at any age - adults and children, starting from birth. The irrigation of the mucous membrane of the salt solution helps to remove swelling, eliminate inflammation, improve nasal breathing.

Treatment Routine In the event of a nasal congestion, also assumes the mandatory use of vasoconstrictor droplets.


Features of the treatment of other types of cold

The basic principles of therapy of chronic and allergic rhinitis:

  • Atrophic The runny nose is treating moisturizing mucous membranes and special medicines that the doctor appoints.
  • For Allergic Rank is used drugs that have antihistamine action and reduce swelling.
  • Traumatic Rubber requires, first of all, eliminating the root causes of the disease, after which antiseptic means apply.
  • Vasomotor Rinopathy - One of the difficult to treat states, for whose correction often has to contact a specialist.
  • Treat hypertrophic Rubber at home is also not recommended. In this case, relief can only bring an operation.
It is important to remember that for the treatment of drug and hypertrophic rhinitis, vasoconstrictors cannot be used.


Helicing also helps to cope with acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa. It is prescribed separately or in combination with drugs. These physiotherapeutic methods are used as:

  • UFO ( Ultraviolet irradiation ). It has a bactericidal effect in the first stage of the disease, strengthens the mucous membrane. It facilitates the state when aggravating the chronic form of rhinitis.
  • UHF therapy . Leads to a decrease in pain, contributes to the removal of edema, accelerates the regeneration of tissues, normalizes the tone of the vessels.
  • Laser therapy . It is used in nasal congestion, swivel, acute and chronic rhine. It acts similarly to UFO, but less intensively. This method is often used to treat a runny nose in children and adults at home.
  • Electrophoresis . The method is based on the introduction of drugs into the body with the help of electrical pulses. Along with other physiotherapeutic methods, it is used to treat hypertrophic and vasomotor rhinitis.

Other types of physioles that are appointed by the doctor are also applied to combat a runny nose in addition to the methods.

Is it possible a rapid treatment of a cold at home?

Rinith, like any other disease, can not be ignored. The earlier treatment started, the higher the chances of the speedy recovery. Therefore, when even lung uncomfortable sensations in the area of ​​the nose should be taken. Only in this case the runny nose caused by rhinovirus can be cured quickly.

Sometimes it is enough to fall on the night of the legs, drink hot tea with honey and rinse the nose isotonic nasal salt to stop the inflammation of the nasal mucosa at the initial stage. If this is not enough, the next day the treatment should be continued. Multiple washing with brine:

  • moisturize the mucous membrane,
  • quickly eliminate mucus,
  • accelerate recovery and reduce the risk of complications,
  • Protect the rapid restoration of the nasal mucosa functions.

When nasal is running, vasoconstrictor drops should be used. They help to restore the drainage of the apparent sinuses of the nose and prevent the development of sinusitis.

When to contact the doctor with a cold?

If the funds from the cold, which you apply at home, do not help or have a weak action, you need to contact a specialist.

The consultation of the Laura, pediatrician or therapist is shown in the following cases:

  • Rinith lasts more than 5-7 days without positive dynamics.
  • Basic symptoms are joined by lethargy, head and ear pain.
  • The mucus acquires a thick consistency and green, pain in the sinus area appears.
  • The runny nose is accompanied by a cough and an increase in the temperature above 38 ° C.
  • The discharge of the nasal cavity acquire a sharp unpleasant odor.

To consult a doctor is also with frequently repeating cold. The cause of such a phenomenon may be reduced immunity. The specialist will appoint a complex of medical and preventive measures to strengthen the protective forces of the body, after which the resistance to the attack of rinoviruses will increase.

Prevention rhinitis

To prevent the inflammation of the nasal cavity and the rineland associated with it, it is necessary:

  • avoid long overcooling, which can increase the vulnerability of the body before rhinovirus;
  • reduce contacts with sick people during seasonal colds and influenza;
  • to eat right, follow the balanced menu composition and the presence of vitaminized products in it;
  • In the heating period, moisturize the air in the house, often air the rooms.

One of the most effective measures of prevention is irrigation therapy. It is a daily one-time irrigation of the nasal cavity with sea salt-based drugs. Such a measure helps to clean the sinks and sinuses of the nose from potentially dangerous microorganisms before the start of their active reproduction. Allergens, dust and other irritating mucosa are also washed. During the period of cold, irrigation therapy helps significantly reduce the likelihood of the disease.


Treatment Rubber is carried out correctly only if its species, stage and the age of the sick are taken into account. This is the first thing that doctors say to patients who ask them than you can cure a runny nose. Not all methods are applicable for various rhinitis, and some therapeutic measures can lead to serious complications.

The universal method of prevention and treatment can be considered only instillation in the nose of isotonic saline solutions. He has no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance, which is extremely rare.

Is it possible to cure a runny nose quickly? 7 Councils of otorinolaryngologist

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Be prepared to go through all stages

Rubber is one of the manifestations of a viral disease that has a certain statifier (autochothtonium) [1]. When you have become infected, the body must go through all the stages of inflammation, the last of which is recovery. Right say: "If you treat a runny nose, then it will pass within seven days, and if not treated, then in a week." Therefore, there are no funds that allow you to get rid of or "cure" from a cold. Moreover, the runny nose does not always occur in viral infections. It is also observed with allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, so if your runny nose has a longer character, I recommend not to leave it without attention and consult a doctor.

Use proven funds

Folk medicine, which once was almost the basis for doctors of various specialties, goes into the past. Scientific research makes it possible to estimate the true effects of certain funds for the treatment of different pathologies. Thus, for example, it was found that the use of garlic may also provide a useful effect in the prevention of colds, but there is little scientific confirmation [2]. Therefore, I urge to treat alert to folk remedies, since most of them have not been tested by scientific research or has been proven that they are not effective.

What folk remedies help with a cold

If you still want to use confirmed methods of traditional medicine, then you should pay attention to those tools that have minor efficacy. For example, the use of a large amount of fluid makes it possible to effectively disperse the mucus, which is produced in large quantities with a cold ride. Drink hot tea, it will help facilitate cold symptoms due to steams with high temperatures. Add natural decongestants to it (funds that take out the edema of the mucous membrane): mint, menthol and chamomile. These medicinal plants will help relieve nasal breathing. It used to be that local warming (hot shower or inhalation of hot vapors) can effectively reduce the nasal mortgage and runny nose, but modern scientific data has shown the weak efficiency of this practice [3].

Salt - the best remedy for cold

Salt solutions are one of the most ancient tools that was used by humanity to combat the runny nose. The first mention of such a treatment method is dated of the III century BC, when the tribes Hinda developed special chain for the nose, in which sea water was added. Salt solutions have a whole range of useful properties and contribute to a decrease in edema, and also facilitate the separation of mucus. Reducing the amount of selection occurs due to increasing the protective properties of the mucous membrane and its ability to self-cleaning [4]. Salt solutions can be used from early age, they are produced in the form of sprays or special bottles for washing.

Careful with vasoconducting sprays and drops

This class of drugs is not particularly effective when reducing the edema of the mucous membrane and helps only temporarily reduce the amount of selection [5]. The basic rules and restrictions should be adhered to. According to modern scientific data, vesseloring agents can be used about 3-5 days, but longer use can cause addictive to them. This in the literal sense dependence on the drops is a serious problem in modern ENT practice. Moreover, their use is not recommended in pediatric practice or in patients with eyeballs (glaucoma) or cardiovascular pathologies (hypertension) due to unwanted side effects.

What is better not to treat a runny nose?

Of course, in addition to the preparations described above, other means can be recommended. Among them are antihistamine and local antibacterial drugs, sprays with colloidal silver, medicines that dilute mucus. However, scientists talk about the weak efficiency of these drug classes in the treatment of a cold cold. For example: in a review study, it is shown that antihistamines have a slight effect on the SMI symptoms in the first and second day of treatment, but do not affect the runny nose or nasal congestion [6]. Therefore, it is better to clarify the doctor for what purpose antihistamines are prescribed. And, if for the treatment of a runny nose, then it is better not to use them.

If the runny nose does not pass - go to the doctor

As already mentioned, the most frequent cause of a runny nose is ORVI and other colds. But not only they can cause a runny nose. The list of reasons is quite large, the most important thing is to understand - the colder runny nose does not last more than seven-ten days. If the runny nose is observed for more than ten days, the color of the selection changes and other complaints appear (pain in the face, the pronounced nasal congestion, headache) or inflammation comes from one side - you should consult a doctor. Sometimes there may be serious diseases for a banal rhuber who require expert advice.

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