Relief of the child from the chest - Methods for completing breastfeeding

There is no stronger communication than a baby and mother, nursing his milk. But sooner or later, the moment always comes when a woman decides to stop breastfeeding or the kid independently refuses mother's milk. How to overcome the child from breast without problems and nerves?

According to current recommendations of the World Health Organization, almost up to 6 months, the baby is preferably fed only to breast milk without giving him no dust and water. After this age, the krochi ration gradually need to expand, introducing fruit and vegetable purees, juices, dairy and silent porridge.

In a year, the child is already eating almost the same dishes as other family members if they adhere to the rules of healthy nutrition (nothing greasy, salty, smoked, fried, other harmful products). At this time, mommy can already think about its full translation to the dietary table, decide whether to cut or stop breastfeeding, how to overcome it from the chest.

At what age is the most painless breast

Our grandmothers and moms believed that breastfeeding was not worth the baby longer than a year. This is explained by their short stay on maternity leave, the need to go to work in an early baby age.

Now, breastfeeding consultants are recommended to feed the crumb to mother milk as long as possible: thus its immunity is formed, the baby grows more protected from infections. Many modern women feed babies to 1.5-2 years old, gradually reducing the amount and duration of applying to the chest.

But some fans continue to feed even a 3-4-pilot, despite the sometimes condemning views of others. Each mother should solve itself, how long the period of feeding the baby with milk will be, and try to minimize problems while westing from the chest and for crumbs, and for yourself.

How to overcome the baby from the chest: effective ways

The experience of many mammies suggests that the soft completion of breast feeding is the perfect solution for mom and child. The gradual reduction and minimization of the amount of applies, the abolition of "picking" with milk of each meal will not cause any stress, and over time he will not be insistently demanding the chest. But this oscillation method will take several weeks. By making a decision on smooth cessation of feeding with milk, the mother should act according to plan.

5 steps in order to smoothly overcome the child from the chest

  • Step One - assessment of the need of crumbs in the milk. If at the age of after a year, the baby does not require the breast with each meal, does not applied to it in an emotionally excited state, then the mother may gradually reduce the number of daily applies and minimize them. Is your child ready to stay without mother's milk? Yes? Then go on.
  • Step second - Breast only for sleep. After a year, you can reduce the number and duration of the attachment of the baby to the chest. At first, do not let him drink breakfast or snack breakfast, offer juice, compote, tea or fruit. Let the Kroch eat behind his table separately, then he will not have a temptation to look for the chest.
  • Step Three - Breast Refusal to Day Sleep. It is easiest to learn the baby to demand the chest in the afternoon before bedtime, if you actively take it on a walk and quickly feed the suck. Tired crumb will quickly fall and will not remember the chest.

  • Step fourth - rejection of the chest for the night. Many mammies face that remove feeding with milk at night is harder. The baby can be capricious, to test, demand to suck. Less painful this process will be if the ritual of laying the crumbs to sleep will take a dad or another family member. Without seeing an annoying factor and not feeling the smell of mom and her milk, the child will gradually fall off from the need for breast feeding at night.
  • Step Fifth - No Return. If we have passed since the chest and puts to sleep at night, the baby again mom, even if it is persistent requirements, it is not recommended to renew breastfeeding again. This one can become stress and for a child, and for the body of the mother.

Sharp west excitement

There are cases when a woman decides to sharply and almost instantly stop feeding the child with breasts or for forced medical reasons, or by its psychological state. This method for crumbs is more stressful than the gradual cessation of feeding.

In such cases, it is recommended to remove mom from the field of view of the child for a while and replace it with another relative, well-friendly - dad, grandmother. They have to lay the crumb to sleep within a few days, play and hold it, not giving to miss mom and milk. Some moms for this period even give a child to her grandmother to another housing. This method for the child is painful and stressful: he not only remains without a milk, but without mom, so he can protest, expressing his discontent accessible to him - scream.

But if the age of the baby is approaching 2 years, then it can be negotiated and explaining the causes of adult actions.

Breast Relief: We speak and show

Some moms, having decided to stop breastfeeding, try to negotiate with the baby. Some smear the nipple with green, fuccin and explain that the breast is sick and can not give milk.

Or lubricate breasts with something unpleasant for crumbs (for example, mustard), give it to try and also explain that it is impossible to drink milk and it is impossible to drink it. This method is suitable for children who are prone to compromise and enter into a dialogue with adults.

How much breastfeed, when and how to overcome the baby from the chest, each woman should solve independently, based on the needs of his child and their own sensations. If mommy after 6-9 months through force continues to feed crumbling milk, experiencing psychological discomfort, fatigue - it is better to give up feeding.

Sharp cessation of feeding: what to do a woman

One of the signs that the woman's body is ready to stop lactation is to reduce milk tides, incomplete filling of the chest, the absence of its cutting when you pass one or two feedings. If the baby is no longer asks the chest after eating or sleep, it means that he is ready to completely abandon GW.

But if the cessation of breast feeding happened sharply, the woman also needs to take care of themselves and comply with some rules:

  • reduce the amount of liquid drinking, especially hot;
  • limit yourself in hot food;
  • wear a fairly tight bra;
  • Let's grab in the event of a feeling of breast resuring, to avoid the phenomenon of milk stagnation.

If these rules do not help, lactation does not stop, you need to seek medical help to the gynecologist.

The best time to overcome from the chest

Folk signs say that it is impossible to stop breastfeeding hot summer, cold winter or early spring. Theoretically, during these periods, the risk of weakening the immunity of the kid during the rampant viruses in winter, breast milk protects it from dehydration, if he picked up in summer infection, from avitaminosis - in spring. Better time for excommunication is autumn when you can turn on the crumbs of the crumbs more fruits, vegetables.

Many moms adhere to the rules that it is impossible to throw feeding the baby in the post or at the time when the trees are standing without foliage: it is believed that the child will be hungry or poor.

According to folk signs, the best time to stop breast feeding is pure Thursday before Easter. It was on this day that the baby was excited from his chest, giving a crust of bread and sentencing: "Go to your bread, so that there was a rich, big, like this holy bread."

Relief and breast rejection is the natural process of growing kids, his distance from Mom. This period can be a difficult test not only for a child, but also for the whole family, so you need to take into account all the factors (the state of mom, baby, their physical and psychological readiness) and take the optimal decision on the time and method of cessation of breast feeding. The main rule is to do everything for the benefit of the mother and child.

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baby with breasts in the mouth after a year

Hello, Lyudmila. Thank you for your articles and courses - I breastfeed with pleasure!

But what kind of thing - the son is almost a year and, no matter how cool, it will have to complete the lactation. I want to be fulfillment. Tell us more about how to prepare for it when and how to wean a child from the chest right? Thanks in advance.

Judging by the number of letters on the topic of outer, she worries many moms. Today it will be discussed. You can talk about the excavation much, but I talked the most important thing.

How many breastfeeding: WHO recommendations

Many times already said that breastfeeding for the baby is not just feeding. This is psycho-emotional and body contact with mom. It is very important for the harmonious development of the child, so do not rush to wean sucking your chest. Read an important article on breastfeeding >>>

Breastfeeding is a specific process. So, has the beginning, duration and logical conclusion.

It resembles pregnancy: conception, tooling, childbirth.

None of a sensible mother seeks to give birth to 2-3 months faster, whatever it is tired and unwaited.

Because it realizes that this is fraught with violations of the child: some systems and toddler organs are not yet fully formed.

And how much will it have to spend time and forces to care for a premature baby?

There is the same. Breastfeeding is the next important stage in the life of the baby and moms after childbirth, for the period of which the child, in addition to physical development, is being formed by immunity and basic confidence in the world.

Therefore, do not strive to quickly wean from the chest. Read also an article to make breasts to breast. >>>

Note! The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding up to 2 years or longer if mom and child agree.

Another thing is that the mother is already here and gives the chest when it is possible and convenient to mom. And not at the first requirement of the baby. Read an interesting article on how to react to children's tears >>>

It's time or not: take into account the age of the kid

Up to 6 months, breast milk - the only thing to eat a child. Plus constant contact with mom is simply necessary.

After this age, up to 1 year, although it is introduced to the lore, which, rather, introduces the baby with adult food, breast milk remains its main food. Read about pedagogical adhesive >>>

If you decide to wean for any reason the reasons for the child from the chest at this age, think a hundred times.

Read also the article Sleep Toddha until the year: with breasts or without >>>

From 1 to 2 years

In the year, the child is still strongly tied to his mother and is not ready for broadcast. He has a strong sucking reflex, although it sucks less often than the newborn. Read the actual article feeding the breast after the year >>>

Important! In milk, which is produced after a year, dramatically increases the volume of substances that help to form and strengthen the baby immunity.

Just at this time, the phrase is started onto mom from all sides: "Are you still feeding? Yes, he is already big - enough to feed the tits. There is nothing more useful there - stop engaged in nonsense! " Familiar?

And mom is tormented by vague doubts - maybe it's true to wean.

Often, the desire to learn the child from the breast in 1 year old mom arguments the bad behavior of the baby:

But such a child's behavior is not associated with breastfeeding. These moments of upbringing and excommunication does not solve these problems. And on the contrary, aggravates.

During problems with a sleeping baby, see the Internet course how to teach the child to fall asleep and sleep without chest >>>

After 2nd age

Often I hear the question from the moms who passed on my courses on GW: "Well, here is a child for 2 years. How to wean from his chest? He already understands everything. Difficult, probably? ". Read the article How to stop breastfeeding >>>

Yes, in the region of 2 years, the child is already more understanding, becomes more independent. With him you can negotiate: "I will give a title when you come home or when you athe think porridge." And be sure to do it, so that the baby has fixed confidence in you and confidence that everything is in order with the breast.

You can also distract the baby, for example, an interesting game reading a book. Therefore, the question: how to wean from the breast in 2 years ,already appreciated.

How exactly do not you need to postpone?

If you have already decided to wean the baby from the chest, we took into account the features of his age, then study at first, how to delete it is impossible:

  1. Sharp.

Sharp excuse is very cruel to both.

Baby threatens:

His confidence in mom and the world is violated.

You may have lactostasis and mastitis. And also the feeling of guilt and pity for the baby. Read an important article about the symptoms and treatment of lactation in a nursing mother >>>

  1. Leave .

The baby got used to mom is always there. He feels safe with her. And then suddenly there are no mom, and even for a long time.

Words of grandmother about that you will come soon, the child does not perceive - it does not focus on time. It seems to him that Mom disappeared forever.

Not only does Titi, also the closest person. Tragedy! When removing the child needs support. And only mom can give support.

About whom it is better to leave the kid during your absence (not for omitting), read an interesting article Grandma or Nanny: who is better >>>

  1. Pull chest .

When dragging the blood circulation in the chest is disturbed, the milk is worse than that, of course, will lead to a decrease, and then to the cessation of lactation.

But! Together with this you will get:

  • Milk stagnation;
  • Complication in the form of mastitis (Read more about mastitis in nursing mom >>>);
  • spoiled breast shape.

I tried this method - the sensations are not pleasant. And milk, as a magic wand, has not disappeared anywhere.

  1. Blaw chest.

It seems: what is that, smeared with a green or mustard and ready. The kid himself will refuse his chest. But everything is not so simple.

Important! In addition to the fact that the child can simply burn the mucous membrane, having seen breasts with mustard, there is also a psychological moment.

Imagine the baby suck the chest for a long time, worried about the types of illness, fears. Chest is safety for him.

And here it is shown the green title and say: "Fu, Titia spoiled, she is bad, bee ...". And the chest is associated with the mother - it means that the mother has become bad, spoiled.

The child subconsciously concludes - since I love the title and mom, and they are now bad, then I am bad. In my opinion, sad.

  1. Apply medications.

They are used, for example, when misfortune happened after childbirth with the child. And mom feed just no one.

In the body there is a powerful emission of prolactin responsible for lactation. In order for this process to completely strain, doctors can recommend this method. I note, take pills need not one day, so you quickly do not get rid of milk.

Attention! Medical preparations for stopping lactation have many side effects, up to difficulties with further conception and having to-wear. This is a powerful hormonal failure in the body of a woman.

We take it right: make up a plan

The most important thing in this process is confidence, the willingness of the mother to wean about the chest, its positive attitude.

If you still take into account the recommendations on age, and ideally the baby for more than 2 years, then my recommendations will help you complete the lactation smoothly and painlessly.

So, how to wean from the chest right?

  • From now on we carry Closed clothes . Do not change the child. In general, exclude, all moments provoking the baby.
  • Notice how many times you feed for a day and how many times the baby is simply applied for a minute if my mother suddenly sat down.
  • Start wean from the simplest feedings when the baby is awake.

It can easily distract the game, book. Go going to walk or even visit. The main thing is not sitting on the spot - the child perceives it as a hint to suck the title. Secure some time.

  • Next, go feeding Awakening From sleep.

Get up earlier than the child. After sleep, let it get used to be one time alone.

When I woke up, distract something interesting. Not necessarily toy. You can offer to look out the window or throw away the diaper used. Or immediately go to the kitchen to eat food at the table.

  • So got to feedings on falling asleep .

This is usually the longest stage. His goal is to disseminate sucking and falling asleep. Come up with a certain ritual after feeding, which baby will associate with sleep: Reading, hugs, massage . And observe it.

Read the useful article about rituals before bedtime >>>

  • Try on this way cut number Night feedings . Completed - stroked. And so gradually we wean the child from the chest at night .

If you are not clear to you to the end, you need more ways, you want to make a personal deposit plan, taking into account the peculiarities of your baby, come to the settlement formula course >>>

See also:

The doctor "SM-Doctor" told how to properly overcome the child from the chest

The baby spares, the breast is overflowed, but you firmly decided to crush breastfeeding. There may be a lot of reasons: it's time to go to work, it's time to send a child to the garden, the state of health and even "I just decided."

The doctor "SM-Doctor" told how to properly overcome the child from the chest

Relief from the chest can be a real durability test for the whole family: There are cases when children completely refuse to throw breasts and just rub their mother, almost running off her clothes. Is it possible to avoid problems on this path? How to make the process as comfortable for mom and child? found out from the expert, what mistakes make mothers, excoming the baby from the chest.

Tatyana Kuznetsova

Pediatrician, nephrologist, Consultant on breastfeeding clinic "SM-Doctor" in Marina Grove.

Too early

Breastfeeding is a very short stage in the child's life. Ideally, it would be perfect to read the child before the age when his need for applying would fade by himself. Age in which a child himself, without mother assistance and serious effort from her part, is ready to break up with breastfeeding comes usually after three years. Mother's body is ready for the completion of lactation earlier - already in 1.5-2 years of the kid.

The completion of lactation in earlier deadlines is not physiological and, as a rule, is associated with errors and diseases:

  • rare feedings
  • draining water
  • Early borders
  • cracks of nipples,
  • lactostasis,
  • mastitis and, as a result, disadvantage of milk and poor child weight,
  • Or mother's health problems.

Relief earlier than 1-1.5 years old perhaps, both planned and emergency, and for this, as a rule, there are good foundations: Mom's hospitalization, the need to take medicines incompatible with the feeding of a child, family situations requiring the departure of the mother and others unseen circumstances.

Too fast

First of all, it is very important to determine how much the concrete pair of mother-kid to the completion of breastfeeding is ready. The willingness of the mother's body is easy to determine. The main indicator - how the chest is filled with milk during a long (up to 12-24 hours) break in the attachments of the baby. If my mother did not feed his child for several hours, and her breasts are not filled to unpleasant sensations and does not need to be stacked, then Mom is ready.

The doctor "SM-Doctor" told how to properly overcome the child from the chest

As for the baby, it is believed that the child is ready if only 1-3 applying remains per day and at the same time it does not suck nipples (pacifiers, bottles), handles, toys, rags, clothes, lower sponge and so on. In all other cases, it is necessary to gradually reduce the amount of applying up to 1-3 per day and only then make the last step.

If the baby has already been 1.5 years old, you can try to prepare it to the excavation gradually. At this kids over a year and a half require at least two months. Smooth excommunication consists of several stages, each of which can occupy about 1-2 weeks.

  • Reduce the attachment during the wake of the baby, remove the "applying from boredom." Do not provoke the baby: do not change clothes with it, do not go to underwear, do not sit in the presence of a child.
  • Place the child on daylight without applying to the chest.
  • Next, remove the evening fallup under the breast. First, take the chest at the kid, if he dropped down, but still keeps her in her mouth.

In the morning, get up before the child. Distract to outsiders, offer to play, look in the window. One day, the kid will just forget in the morning to make a chest.

In the gradual ending process from the breast, the most important thing is not to rush the events and act according to the rule "step forward, two backwards." Then your excuse will be smoothly and painlessly.

Too radical

Among the moms are still practiced extremely injuring methods of excommunication a child from the chest - "Tightening the chest", the reception of drugs, overwhelming lactation, lubrication of nipples with green or mustard, departure from the house for a day or two / weekends. As a result, it leads to a violation of the hormonal background, lactostasis and even mastitis in mothers and serious psychological injuries in children. For a child, overpowering is a very difficult period in life, and mother must be nearby, compensating for the absence of a breast with their attention, caress and care.

It is also important to consider that the departure time from the chest should not coincide with the release, moving, the release of Mom to work or the baby to the kindergarten, the appearance of a baby in the nanny, the teething of the child in the child. In this case, it is better to overcome the child 2-3 months before the planned event, or 2-3 months after.

The cessation of breastfeeding should not be held simultaneously with the removal of the baby in a separate bed, the more room. It is better to wait with this 3-4 months. And one more factor to pay attention is the psycho-emotional state of the baby. If he has a difficult period now, he rebels or often capricious, with the excavation also better wait a bit.

The doctor "SM-Doctor" told how to properly overcome the child from the chest

Too dangerous

The cessation of breastfeeding at the stage when the mother of the mother is not ready for this yet, may entail serious consequences for her health. At best, the mother will be forced to regularly induce for some time. Possible painful sensations, the heat of the mammary glands, the development of lactostasis is also possible, to cope with which mother's baby is rather difficult without help. In addition, such an unplanned organism hormonal restructuring can provoke the development of depressive states, as well as long-term (up to several years!) Isolation of milk from the mammary glands after the cessation of breastfeeding.

What to do, if…

…does not work

When reducing the number of day applying, night applies for some time can become longer and frequent. If after a couple of weeks the situation will not change, it is most likely, it means that the child is still difficult to come to terms with such restrictions. In this situation with the excavation it is better to wait.

When the baby begins to suck his finger, the bottom sponge or anything else, these symptoms can not be ignored. Your child is not yet ready to stop breastfeeding. Moreover, such a kid behavior suggests that he is very difficult to reconcile with the changes taking place, it is very stirring internally. And if not referred to understanding to such a quiet protest of a small little man, it can seriously affect the nervous system of the kid in the future.

... The baby himself refused milk until the year

This can not be regarded as a physiological event. Many mothers grab about a similar chance to complete breastfeeding. However, it may be that the child is not quite ready for broadening, and there are important reasons that can provoke such behavior: teething, elevated body temperature, upper respiratory infections, ears infection, painfully moving jaws, nasal plow, throat pain, throat, Wounds, bacterial, fungal infections in the mouth and other. The child should immediately show the pediatrician.

Published on the portal

Let's figure out how to wean a baby from breastfeeding, in which age frames it is necessary to do. We also know the advice of the craftsmen of the mammies on how to wean a child to suck the chest.

When to overcome from the chest?

The feeding process of breast milk can be delayed for years.

When to overcome from the chest

WHO WHO The recommended age of breastfeeding 2 years. After all, after the year of life, the child is laid immunity, and milk contributes to its better development.

Christina, 25 years old: "I think that the optimal age of stopping breastfeed is somewhere 1, 5 years. The daughter has already gone to the kindergarten at this age, so I decided. We succeeded quite easily. "

Of course, the perfect time to stop breast feeding is when the child will refuse his delicacy independently, but few moms wait for this term.

Statistics said that in recent years, only 50% of women is engaged in breastfeeding, and most are fed to 1 year. Only units retain this priceless product in the second year.

Signs that the baby and mom are ready to broadcast

  1. The child from the birthday doubled his weight.
  2. Gets all kinds of supplies.
  3. A child can withstand 12 hours and more without breast milk.
  4. The child does not suck the nipple, fingers, bottles.

In order to wean a child from breastfeeding, exists Three ways:

  • separation of mother and child;
  • medication method;
  • Planted, gradual, soft.

"Soft" Method of Outcondition

One of the safest in terms of preserving psychological comfort Method is a systematic redemption from the chest.

Relief from the chest baby should not be in the next periods: the child is sick, it is fevering, the kid has a teeth, a period of vaccination. Raddle baby from breasts is better in the cool time of the year. You can not take away in the summer, in hot weather.

How to gradually teach the child from the chest?

  1. If you excluded these four points, you can safely prepare for the excavation. It should be started with a refusal of one feeding. Choose from which one is better mom.

    Take the baby with games, walks outdoors. Turn on the dad, grandmother. The child should feel your care, love.

  2. For three days, watch the child. As a rule, the rejection of one feeding by the kids is moved well.
  3. After three days, we turn to the refusal from two feedings.
  4. And so, gradually, we remove completely day feeding.
  5. On the refusal of feedings in the evening and speaking at night below.

How to gradually teach a child from the chest

Do not replace breasts with bottles and nipples. So you do not get rid of the child's desire to suck. Use cups, hopes.

Take the child more often in hand. Do not undress in the presence of a child.

Natalia, 30 years old: "When I started to teach my baby from the chest, I tried to surround her care. We walked longer, distracted by games. "

Of course, it is more difficult to annoy when the child is older than the year, and he understands a lot. On the one hand, it is difficult to explain that "Sisu is impossible", but with some kids you can agree.

Some moms smear a nipple with green. It can be said that mom "fell ill" the chest and cannot be touched. Also, some women put the nipple with a plaster. I would not recommend such a method, since it is painfully painted and traumatic for delicate skin of the AREOLA. Data "cruel" ways to wean from the chest are not possible to all.

How to overcome the baby from the chest at night?

Probably the worst thing for any nursing mother is a problem, as a child will fall asleep without a chest. After all, most children fall asleep during sucking, as this is a very energy-intensive process. How to wean a child from night feedings? Consider Some tips:

  1. Create rituals in which the child will fall asleep - fairy tale before bedtime, evening kefir, turned off the light. You can leave the night light that the baby specially chooses himself.
  2. Often, children love to fall asleep under the mother's lullaby.
  3. Pay a child before bedtime. You can use soothing herbs - chamomile, valerian root.
  4. It is possible to replace the process of sucking on the sinking on the hands, pressed to the chest.
  5. Try to put the child separately, in your bed. When the baby sleeps with you, it feels the smell of milk and will be even more capricious.

If the child has become bad to eat, rolls strong hysterics

, then wait a little with breast bulk. So while the baby is not ripe for this.

For the night, 2 - 3 hours before sleep, you can feed the baby porridge, give a kefir. On the full stomach sleeps stronger. Relief from the chest at night - the process is long enough, take patience.

"Tablet" against female milk or how to quickly wean a child from the chest?

If you are difficult to endure for a long time and prepare for gradual outgrow, but I want to quickly discourage this habit from the baby, then in the modern market there are drugs to suppress lactation as soon as possible.

A bright representative of this group is the preparation of the achievement.

"Tablet" against female milk, or how to quickly disappear baby from the chestIts action is based on reducing the production of prolactin hormone responsible for the production of milk. The drug has an electoral action, does not affect other hormones.

Its disadvantage is the side effects that are found in 70% of cases. It is rapid heartbeat, headaches, nausea, vomiting, deterioration of general well-being, apathy.

This drug is taken by ½ tablets with an interval of 12 hours within two days. Course is used only to treat violations associated with excessive prolactin production.

Elena, 25 years old: "How to stop breastfeeding with the help of the achievement, he learned from his gynecologist. 2 months after the birth, I needed to go to work. One tablet solved my lactation questions. True, there was very strong headache and weakness in the whole body, but it passed literally in a couple of days. Milk has disappeared. "

Another drug from this series is bromocriptine. Also reduces the secretion of prolactin and suppresses physiological lactation. Unlike the achievement, it must be drunk. It has more pronounced side effects.

If you compare these drugs from the price position, then the bromocriptine is twice as cheaper.

Breast teaching separation

This is one of the less pleasant ways to teach. He lies in the fact that the child is sent to live to her grandmother or other relatives for several days. During this time, the child is not enough that the breast is deprived of, so also does not see her beloved mother. It can cause sharp psychological discomfort at the baby and, as a result, stress and hidden overlooking mom.

Komarovsky E. Oh.: "When you bring the child from the chest, you can send it to my grandmother for a couple of nights. Nothing wrong with that. So the child will learn to fall asleep without a chest. But keep in mind, here you need to look at the degree of cape attachment to mom. If you know that your child will not be able to get along with the grandmother and will cry, it is better not to risk. "

How can I cope with lactostaste?

Of course, westing from the chest is stress not only for the child, but also for the mother.

How to cope with lactostasis

A nursing woman can start to hurt chest, hardening.

If you celebrate a sharp disease soreness, redness of the near-block area, an increase in temperature, immediately consult a doctor. It may be developing mastitis.

Can cope with such symptoms in the following way:

  • If you feel the swelling of the breast, then you can send it by hand or breastsos to facilitate the state;
  • Attach the cabbage leaf for a couple of hours, softening it before that. It is better that it is cold. This will facilitate the symptoms;
  • You can drink no-shlu or paracetamol;
  • Warm shower will also help in facilitating the emptying of the breast;
  • Neat milk groove massage from the base to the nipple.

These symptoms occur, as a rule, with a sharp breaking of lactation. Therefore, the smooth cancellation of breastfeeding is recommended.

So that milk does not arrive a lot, it is often not necessary to join. It is necessary to do it only with a strong painful syndrome and swelling glasses.

Relief from the chest is a complex multi-step process in which mom and dad should be involved. The most important thing is that the child felt your caring and love. Do not scold the baby if he cries, caprizes at the moment of life. Keep calm and the question, how to overcome from the chest, will decide soon.

While some women are worried about how to establish lactation and keep breastfeeding, others at this time are in painful thoughts, how to wean a child from the chest. Maybe someone else feeds, but already with fear represents how difficult it will be and painfully - to say "no" to himself and the child and no longer give breasts.

Never ... This word is in mom's head, which is not less than the baby got used to the sweet minute of unity with her crumb. He sucks the chest and trustfully looks straight in the eye. In this glance and warmth, and devotion, and the love of mom, and hope that mommy will always be near. But still this moment will come. How painlessly wean the child from the chest, which has already celebrated its first birthday, and maybe the second? How to make so that not only the baby has forgotten the chest, but my mother has not suffered health? We will talk about this in our article, discuss the personal stories of our readers and learn the opinion of the expert.

Just stop giving breasts

Just stop giving breasts

Everyone is fraught with breasts in different ways. It depends on the age of the child, and from his personal features, and from the mood of the mother on the process of overcoming from the chest. Mom is very difficult to decide on excidegrass, because it does not represent what it is - life without breastfeeding. But, having looked at the children's children in a school and kindergarten, he understands that everyone somehow experienced parting with his breasts, they learned to sleep without sucking and even forgot everything. So gradually (or sharply), yesterday I fed my baby's baby, my mother comes to the decision: "Everything, it's time to finish," and appoints the "X" day.

Personal experience

Elena, 29 years old

Elena, 29 years old

I have two children, a senior boy and a younger girl. My son was breastfeeding until 2 years, then began to think how it was better to wean. Asked familiar who did. But I didn't like something like a single way. It didn't want to leave and throw the children at all, but also gradually nothing worried. Vanya's appetite was unimportant, but he never refused his chest. In general, he suck often, and day and night. I taped the nipples of the plaster of corporal color, and told him that Titi no more. As if I gave her doctor. He was surprised, and repeatedly checked if it was. To put it, I had to scold, relaxed, lying with him in an embrace. He sometimes woke up and cried at night. Gradually, he was accustomed to the absence of a chest and resigned. From the moment of ignition to normal falling asleep and sleep, a few weeks left.

Our daughter under your brother for 3 years. I did not want to feed it for so long, planned to finish to one and a half years. But when she was, 1 year and 2 months I got very sick. During the treatment, I was appointed three courses of antibiotics, at which it is desirable not to feed the chest. Well, I solved this situation to coincide with the excavation. Just stopped giving her chest. Surprisingly, Katya, at first, everyone perceived calmly, for which she thank you so much. Apparently, I realized that my mother was very hard, and I would not carry it hysterically. By the time of her excision, I was no longer such a strong lactation, as with my son, because I gave her the breast only to sleep. When Katya understood and realized that I didn't intend to give her chest at all, she began to suffer very much and worry. I had to put it on the street in the wheelchair to go to bed. Everything about two weeks was improved. How did I postpone off? It was hard with both. There were lactostasses with whom I had to seek medical help. Prescribed physiotics and tablets to reduce lactation. But I can boast what boasts - after the cancellation of the HB, they have become normal, and I did not throw out more food.

Let's analyze the two of these situations. 2 years - quite suitable age for riding from the chest. Vane has already been introduced all the lures, but it does not understand what you need to eat a portion to the end. What for? If it is hungry, then the mother will always give up a tasty milk. And the mother is experiencing, and breastfeeding soon becomes a hassle for her, which must somehow finish. Mom decided to stop everything in one day. It turned out to be painful for both. Vanya literally immediately learned to fall asleep differently, and Mom, in addition to everything, went to the hospital to the procedures. With Katya a little different story, breastfeeding was completed forced due to mom's disease. But again, the story repeated: Laptostas for Mom and hysterics and the child.

Go to time

Go to time

To leave temporarily from your child to finish breastfeeding - also one of the common ways to complete breastfeeding in one day. But the child remains not only without breast, but also without mom. Someone says that it is even easier if mom itself left. After all, the teen baby often rushes to his chest, as soon as he sees mom or notices that she sat or faced. That is, he was not hungry at that time - he was just used to sucking constantly. And if there is no mom near, then nothing provokes to sucking. Opponents of this method of outer say that it is too brutally - to take away everything at once. Let's see if it worked this method of excommunication from our moms.

Personal experience

Irina, 32 years old

Irina, 32 years old

Breastfeeding his children for almost 2 years. I finished feeding both children on severe lactation, when there were a lot of day and night applies. The eldest son to teach from the chest for a long time did not want, because with feeding the son was better flooded. Although the chest was already needed clean, as a psychological connection with me. He had a good appetite, and he eaten all his proposed portions of food. But according to family circumstances I had to leave for a day, and leave the child with my grandmother. I could not take it with me. When I returned, my son did not remember the chest all day. I realized that this is a suitable reason not to give him the chest at all. In the evening he remembered the chest and asked to suck. I said that the milk took away, and there is no more it. Son perceived it calmly. So our breastfeeding was completed. I fell asleep with books and did not remember about the chest. I myself began a strong tide, about the third day I have begun. More milk has not poured. I was very surprised and at the same time I am glad that everything so successfully turned out.

When I decided to manage the youngest daughter from the breast, I assumed that everything would pass as successfully as with her son. I intentionally left for the night of the house, and my daughter left dad. He laid her sleep in a wheelchair when she woke up, dotted again. In the morning I returned home, and the daughter immediately asked the chest. I refused. In the afternoon, she calmly responded enough to my failures of feeding, but at night it was hard for us. Two weeks at night we practically did not sleep, the daughter demanded a breast all the time. It is very good that my husband supported me, distracted her, instructing him on his hands. After a half months, hysterics stopped, and Sonya began to sleep very hard. The chest also started on the third day, as last time, and there was no more tide. I make a conclusion from my experience that all children are different, and there is no single way to teach your chest. But the most important thing is our parent determination and perseverance.

Irina herself believes that breastfeeding was completed on time and quite successfully, especially for the first time. However, the situation when breastfeeding ends with frequent applying and severe lactation says that the child is still not ready for this. It is advisable to pay the time to reduce the number of at least daytime attachments, especially without an "important" reason. And, if not for family circumstances, it probably would have done so. But, to her surprise, the son of all moved calmly, so she did not and their second child specially prepare for the excavation. But the same scenario did not work - the girl hardly experienced separation from the mother's breast. Now let's consider a different case of my mother's departure, but for a longer period.

Personal experience

Christina, 25 years

Christina, 25 years

Anya sucked the chest, without ceasing, up to two years. Yes, she would continue to exploit me if I did not go to work. The daughter warned that I was going to work tomorrow, I would return to her only in the evening. Morning, waking around the alarm clock (alarm clock on vibrations, so that the child does not wake), fed her sleepy. She sucked milk from both breasts. When I returned home in the evening, Anya slept (as sat, and fell asleep) on the sofa bed in front of the TV, and next to the grandmother's soap dishes. Tired for the whole day without mom and without a chest, but behaved well. Then she woke up, we bought, lay down. So I left her breasts only for the night. After 5 months I went on a business trip for 4 weeks. When I returned, she did not remember about the chest. With my daughter before leaving, I agreed and explained that my mother should leave for a while. I asked her if I could leave. She let me go. When parting did not cry, it was calm. On a business trip, I talked with her by phone, talked every day. The chest did not remember in general, with the words of grandmother. In general, I have a calm child, everything understands, my mother and grandmother does not irritate.

In this situation everything went smoothly. Of course, the big role was played by the fact that all members of this family are very calm and judicial. They do not panic where it is not necessary, but they act simultaneously and carefully. At the time of excommunication, the girl was already almost 2.5 years old. She understood the need for mother's departure and the fact that his chest had left with her mother. Since the separation was long, then breastfeeding was forgotten during this time. The only minus, the child had to part with her mother for a long time, which was always there before. But, unfortunately, we cannot change some life circumstances.

Smear breasts with something tasteless

Smear breasts with something tasteless

That is how many moms are trying to start riding from the chest. Usually there are foods that do not like babies. Moreover, in no case should be present in baby food. Someone generally uses toothpaste, green and other initially inedible substances. Mom tells the baby like this: the chest spoiled and it is impossible to suck it more. At first glance, it seems not only a hazard for health, but also betrayal. The chest that has always reassured at a difficult moment, suddenly herself became noodle. But how it looks from the point of view of the baby, you can only guess. Maybe he does not consider it so betrayal: it's just a breast really spoiled and "I don't want to suck it." Let's see how it happens in life.

Personal experience

Tatiana, 30 years

Tatiana, 30 years

I never thought that I would complete breastfeeding in this way. It is a betrayal for the baby: to take and smear the breasts with some nasty. I heard some mustard of Majut and Zelenkaya. Nightmare just! After all, the baby does not even suspect such a stand from mommy. So, how did everything happen to me? I began to think about the completion of breastfeeding about 1 year and 2 months of my daughter. Milk was a lot, and Sasha used it. She sucked almost around the clock. She was not interested in lure, even though I have shown every day with different purees, as it should be. If we caught up with her and fished in the mouth of a soup spoon, then already put a tick that she washed. Everyone said: "Clean the chest, and it will begin to eat!" But I was so sorry for me! That teeth, zhigina, then the "intestine", in general, all some excuses and the reasons were. And I lost weight, felt tired and emaciated. The mood fell. I tried to wean her gradually. I left first at the time to my parents, so that she was distracted. It came to the fact that I gave the breast only once the day and night. At night, Sasha was broken over the past day! But it was at least some success in reducing the frequency of day applying. Then we returned home from my parents, distracting her from me there was no one (her husband at work) and our uncontrolled and endless breastfeeding returned to the circles. I tried to replace the breast on the mixture, but she did not drink it. From the cup I did not want, but it does not know how the nipple. And now in one day (daughter was a year and a half) I was already on the verge of despair, just on emotions opened the refrigerator in search of what to smear the chest. Mayonnaise? - Harmful. Horseradish? Mustard? - Brutally. Oh, tomato paste! I smeared her chest and offered my daughter. She tried one - spit, the second - wrinkled. And that's it. Everything! On this, our breastfeeding was completed forever. More she did not even try to slip, even at night. On the first night, she easily fell asleep with us, without a chest. At night, of course, I cried, but did not take my chest and did not ask. Gave her water. It began to wake up at 5 am every day and ask eat. I got up, cooked porridge, omelet or pasta. About a month later, her sleep was improved. And what about me? The first night I was just roared that it was the end. I did not expect and was not ready. If I knew that it would be so, it would not be solved. In the morning I drank pills to reduce lactation. And then it became very bad: the chest was poisoned to incredible sizes. I did not grind on the advice of the doctor. The temperature, by the way, did not increase. The chest was terribly sick, it was painfully walking, lying, dressing, even touching the chest. A week later, such torment, I again went to the doctor. She said, all to see. I started, and immediately became easy and good. More chest was not poured. Sasha slept with us up to 5 years, until her brother was born. So all these years she held at night with a handle for my chest. Sometimes it took it terribly, but I did not decide to remove her handle or forbid her to do it.

In this case, everything went unexpectedly quickly. Little Sasha has sharply lost interest in the chest when she spoiled. Yes, she had to learn to sleep without a chest at night, but everything went without much hysterical. And in this situation, Mom suffered more than a child. By the way, she made a mistake when re-allowed the infinitely applied to his chest, although good successes have already been achieved in gradual radiation.

Not always, children throw the chest that smeared something. Some children do not scare away: they will suck even toothpaste and mayonnaise, risking their health. And sometimes the moms themselves turn out to be very inconsistent: one day is smeared the chest, the other - no, thereby just confusing her baby. In any case, breastfeeding consultants do not consider such a way to complete GW physiological and discourage mothers from him.

Gradually cancel breastfeeding

It is more correct to complete breastfeeding gradually, gently summing up a child and preparing his chest. When is it better to do if the baby has already marks the year? Each family itself makes a decision. I believe that at that moment when breastfeeding ceased to bear the pleasure of mom, it's time to prepare for the excavation. Ideally, of course, that the child is already well ate the usual food and observed the day of the day. So everyone will be easier.

Personal experience

Tatiana, 30 years

Tatiana, 30 years

I have already told about how the tomato paste has completed breast feeding in one day. Now I will tell you the story about the son. He is 5 years old by Sasha. Igor was also the still a ticket, but still he did not succeed around the clock. And at night, applied less often, and in general it was calmer. He did not use me so with his sucking, so I was not in a hurry with the completion of the GW. Although I tried to smell the chest of tomato paste a couple of times (according to an old bad habit), but he is a man: I decided that it is so tastier. For the summer, we left in the village to the parents. Igorka has already changed soon 2 years, and I decided: it's time! In September I had to go to work, so it's better to complete everything in the summer. Such torment with breasts, what were with Sasha, I did not want. I decided to act slowly. At first I removed day feeding, and gave the breast only once the day before bedtime and at night, how much he wanted. Then I removed the daytime stacked with breasts: put it on or by car or in a wheelchair. After that, I left my son to sleep outside in the outdoor. So I have noticeably decreased lactation. At night, Igor did not forget about the chest. And I was all sorry for him. But the August is already coming, it is necessary to decide on the rest. I talked to him, and did not give the chest for the night. He cried, asked, but I kept firmly and did not give. So passed 3 days. For 4 day, the chest was very flowing. I murmured her son, although it may not be done. But he did not refuse. Then he did not give three days, and the chest was poured again, but not so much. I gave Igor again to suck, he "fled me." Probably psychologists will decide that it is not possible: let's give, then I will not give. But the son referred to this calmly. Well, all, then the chest ceased to fall, and we finished the GWs to the com. He was still crying sometimes at night, because she got used to waking up, but how to fall asleep - did not know. But these wakes soon ended. This time I liked more: I was ready and decided on excidegrass consciously, well, my son suffered, I think everything is easy. And also, I did not have such breast problems. Why did everything happen in different ways? Maybe from what I got experienced? Or just all the children are very different, and everyone needs his approach.

Tatyana believes that this time everything went perfectly. But there were still mistakes. First, she grabbed the tomato paste again. But it did not help. Secondly, it was not very consistent in their actions, then giving, then without giving the chest. But the woman herself was aware. Apparently the fear of strong lactostasis (as last time) was stronger than the experience of how psychologically difficult to the child.

Wait until the child will give up the breast itself

Wait until the child will give up the breast itself

Yes, I can not believe that it happens, but it happens. Some kids refuse themselves from the chest and at 10 months, while others and up to 5 years are not averse to the mother's milk. Disputes relative to the duration of feeding are constantly, but only a family can determine the duration of breastfeeding.

Personal experience

Tamara, 27 years old

Tamara, 27 years old

All my friends thought that I would breastfeed her daughter at my daughter's wedding, because she was almost three years old, but we didn't finish breastfeeding. All twisted your finger at the temple, and I did not understand who business. Well, after all, not their children I feed so long! In public places, she did not go to me a dress, I didn't succeed in public. We always fed at home in a secluded corner. I decided that I would feed as much as she would ask. She had a good appetite. And why deprive the child of such joy when I have milk? About a year she sucked very often, then more and less. I did not specifically insisted, but did not prohibit. True guv on demand, as they write now. So she was about three years old when she just began to forget about the chest. Sucked more and less, two or three times a week. And then I completely forgot about my baby habit. I had no tides in my chest, everything went very softly and simply. And now she has already gone to the first class, but he says that he remembers how he sucked.

Just an ideal story. That's just not all women are ready to feed the baby to the child up to three years. In addition, many say that breastfeeding after two years is no longer useful. This opinion is not proved, but not refuted to the end. In any case, there are not many such mothers. But there are those who are fed even longer than and three years old.

Through bitter experience to a reasonable solution

Through bitter experience to a reasonable solution

Now we will learn about one experience of breastfeeding, about my mother's mistakes and its experiences. The truth is said that they learn on errors. But even better, if a person is ready to recognize his misses and tell others about them.

Personal experience

Natalia, 32 years old

Natalia, 32 years old

Feed your baby breast - it's real happiness for me! It seemed that I would never finish breastfeeding. "Will feed to school," the husband and grandmothers laughed. But it happened much earlier ...

It must be said that approximately after 1 year and 3 months during the daytime, the need to "attach to Tita" from the eldest son went somehow by itself, from this we did not disappear. If he fell and hit or just frustrated because of something, it was enough to just run up to her mother, climb on his knees and touch his chest with his hand without sucking to calm down. On daytime sleep, they were simply lying on the side. And at night, the son continued to ask the chest: we fell asleep with her, she calmed down in night awakening. But about aven a half years we realized that Tite does not bring joy to me nor him. With a dream, we had it all this time, to put it mildly, not very: about the night gaps between feedings for 2-3 hours I could only know from the books, and then it became completely unbearable. Every half an hour wake up, and sucking the chest, it seemed not to calm down, but on the contrary only annoying the son. And I made a decision no longer feed. At that evening, the last time fed, asked that it was able to chest, drank a pill, overwhelming lactation, smeared the nipples with mustard and prepared for the worst ... My baby woke up several times in the night, tried to try the tasteful title. He cried, of course, said that the Tite was spoiled and the tasteless became, but not for a long time. The day behaved as usual. On the second night woke up and cried less, and on the third, about a miracle, I slept all night. But my mother did not sleep ... I was told that I could not drink this drug in any way, drinking this drug, even slightly chain the chest. And she was separated so that I thought - Lopna. It all was terribly hurt, the day could not walk, since the slightest movement caused pain, I could not sleep at night, everything broke and annoyed. This torture lasted a week, then it became slowly easier. In the end, I began.

The son was still resorted to calm down to the title (touch, cuddle). He himself was ridiculously from this, but I didn't even annoy me anything, but rather the opposite was so moul. And it lasted, nor little, up to 4 and a half years, until the youngest child was born. He himself stopped showing interest: "Mine Tite is now for the baby." That's all.

With younger son everything was not at all. Sciences of bitter experience, I decided to do a fundamentally differently. Considering that after night feedings, the tide of milk is the strongest, decided to start a teaching, removing them. At that time, the son was 1 year and 8 months old. Approximately the same 2 nights with the "spoiled" types, and he stopped asking to eat up at night. Day feedings have been preserved: in front of day sleep (in order to fall asleep), and immediately after it. Sometimes there were other "important" reasons to suck and "sorry", but we had no endless hanging on the chest with no other child. Then she began to try to put in a daytime sleep in a wheelchair or in the car, after which he won home. Quickly quickly learned the son and fall asleep without sucking the chest, and after sleep we moved to kefir and cottage cheese instead of breast milk, the benefit that he agreed. And by 1 year and 10 months he completely stopped sucking the chest. Everything went, as I think, practically painlessly both for the baby and for me. This time, I did not take the drugs, I gramually stacked from the chest, when I felt that she was slightly overwhelmed. It is slightly - that crazy tide and all other unpleasant feelings were not at all! Here are so different stories we came out.

For the first time, Natalia did not only abruptly stopped feeding on a rather strong lactation, but also smeared the chest mustard than only aggravated the stress in the child. He herself also strongly suffered from a sharp tide. But the next time she tried to take into account their mistakes and gently prepared a child to broadband. And that, very interesting and unusual, first removed night feedings. However, it was not without the notorious mustard.

These are such different children, their moms and stories. Each story has its own features, but they have something to learn. Now we will learn about the secrets of the right completion of breastfeeding, which we will share the breastfeeding consultant.

Expert comment

Patrakeeva Natalia, Breastfeeding Consultant, Member of Akse Association (Association of Consultants on Natural Fedings)

Patrakeeva Natalia, Breastfeeding Consultant, Member of Akse Association (Association of Consultants on Natural Fedings)

I will begin with the fact that WHO and the Ministry of Health of Russia are recommended to continue breastfeeding up to 2 years. This is the minimum recommended age of completion of breastfeeding, due to the physiology of the child's digestive tract. Until 2 years, the child's body is still learning to absorb all the necessary vitamins and trace elements from the dust. In addition, the development of the child's brain continues, the formation of the maxillofacial apparatus. In addition, it is preserved a fairly high need for sucking in most children to a two-year-old age. Psychologists write a lot about what can lead in adulthood, this unsatisfied child need.

But this does not mean that it is necessary to feed the child before 2 years! Since the year, the main food should be lure, its volumes increase smoothly, and the chest is no longer as a meal, but to communicate, calm, relax, removal of discomfort, and of course, as powerful immune support.

When is the child most ready to complete breastfeeding? Here are the main criteria for which this can be determined:

  • Baby than 2 years old.
  • The child eats a fit well, satisfied with them, getting everything you need from it (i.e. eats vegetables / fruits / green / meat / fish / porridge) and, if necessary, can replace breastfeeding (that is, for a child to eat = bait ).
  • When there are no minute applying "from boredom", or a child is calm and can easily do without them.
  • The baby knows how to fall asleep and calm down without a chest with mom. Even if only a couple of times it turned out, already well.
  • If 1-2 applying remains at night (and they are not two hours).
  • When the kid drinks the water well and another unstecified liquid (that is, for the child drinking = water)

Here, your baby is already two years old and are you thinking about the completion of breastfeeding? Or your croching for another 1.5 years and you would like to finish GW for the 2nd year. This is actually idealistic options. Often kids decide to overcome from the breast suddenly, sharply and, as a rule, before the physiological age of the child's readiness for the completion of breastfeeding. But, still consider how smooth, physiological completion of breastfeeding may look like:

  • We begin to make the first steps to complete breastfeeding to do even before a year of the child: this is the introduction of educational moments, frameworks, small restrictions in applying. Let's understand the baby that the breast belongs only to mom i. We build personal boundaries, we show the child that the leading role in Mom, only mom decides when, where, how to give the chest, only mom itself takes and serves chest.
  • Next teach the child patience. Here we introduce certain frameworks, restrictions, such as, for example: "Do not apply on the street, in public transport, visiting." Of course, at first there are always exceptions. If the child is very tired, scared, hit, wanted to eat or drink, and you did not provide for such situations, and there is nothing to give the baby other than the chest. At this stage, we remove all annoying, straining moments, bad habits of the child during applying / sucking. These include a teaching of T-shirts, grabbing for the chest, the second chest tense during sucking, chlorine, endless jumping from one chest to another. It is necessary to clean right away! Even if it is not annoying, later, later, closer to the 2nd year, they are very tired of these unpleasant actions, they begin to annoy strongly, and it is often that the child's behavior becomes the cause of complete breastfeeding. But the point here is not in the child initially, but in the fact that he did not designate personal borders and for a long time allowed unwanted breastworking.
  • We turn to the reduction of applying: with active breastfeeding, for the physiological, not injuring completion of breast feeding, both for the child and for the chest it is desirable to begin to reduce feeding 6 months before the planned date of the end of the GW. That is, if the mother wants to complete the GW to the 2nd children, it is necessary to start cutting / removing the applying already in 1.5 years. If you finish earlier, you also count it back 6 months and begin to reduce feeding from this period. Reducing feedings start with applying "from boredom." These minute applies are usually easy and quickly removed and depend only on the laziness of Mom. What we do: get up earlier than the child and immediately go to cook breakfast, less sit and especially lying, since for a child the concept of a sitting mother says that she rests and you can join her. At the same time, everything changes when the mother gets up: it turns out the chest is not painful and needed! At this stage, multilayer, dense clothing, with a closed gate (turtlenecks, dense T-shirts), so the child is problematic to get to the chest.
  • The next step: the main feeding is reduced, first in their duration. It is important to stimulate food interest. If there is a violation of food behavior, we work with this problem, check the level of hemoglobin. It is necessary that the child is good and in sufficient quantity ate lures and saw enough liquid. Then feeding will be easier to replace or cut down the duration, offering the child to replace. At this stage, I will definitely enter the abolition if they have not been previously introduced. And the beams are not 1-2 hours, and at least 3 hours. We leave when the child is awake, and so adult, staying with the baby, put it to sleep without mom. In fact, any adult, even someone else's person, is much easier to lay a child than to put his baby without a chest.
  • Next step: remove feeding for sleep. To do this, it is necessary in advance at least a few weeks, introduce an additional ritual before bedtime. What is ritual? This is a certain sequence of actions that helps the baby relax will calm down, sleep. This sequence of actions should be constant, repeat every day. At first, the ritual goes in parallel with breastfeeding, then gradually applying shift to the end of the ritual, and sometimes we try to clean the chest completely, leaving only the ritual. Why sometimes? At this stage, we teach a child to relax and fall asleep without chest, and the child does not know how. This is our task, show the baby that you can fall asleep in a different way that the breast is not required. Mom or dad next to, stroke, swing, hug, the child does not leave one, they do not throw with a problem, but teach and help relax. At this stage, it is also important that by the time of laying the child was not overwritten or overwritten. If you lose these moments, then with a high probability there will be hysterics, long and painful falling asleep and stressful sleep. What will it help? Carefully monitor the child's condition. There are moments of time when the child is most ready for sleep and easier falls asleep when he is tired, but has not yet been overwhelmed, calm. You can reconsider and disintegrate / feeding mode / walks, add swimming before each sleep, massage relaxing or walking, that is, what is well soothing and relaxes the specifically of your baby.

In practice, normally, any basic feeding is not removed in a mumathy immediately, and this is done not only for the child, but also for breast health. It is recommended to reduce no more than one full feeding (more than 10 minutes) per week. It usually happens like this: if the child happened to sleep without a chest, then this is a success! We are not in a hurry: the next dream may well be with the breast. The most important thing is that the baby turned out, he was able to fall asleep without a chest (especially well, if his mother was laid without a chest). Now the child knows what can be different that the breast is not necessary for this, but it needs time to take these changes. For the baby, this is a new, unusual, complex and disturbing event, so do not insist. Let him at first, the child gets to fall asleep without breasts once a week, then twice a week, then every other day, and then and almost every day will be obtained! The latter usually leave feeding at the weekend, especially if the baby is already walking in the garden, and mom to work.

Thus, it is pretty easy, gently for a child and imperceptibly for the chest can be completed breastfeeding. But, I note that completely without tears it does not happen. We change the usual, working, native to the child, the fact that for him the norm. It is quite natural that the child will be indignant and quite loud. It is important to be nearby, calm down, to use the ritual already introduced and familiar to the child, to follow, so that there is no negative on our part. You need to talk to the child, explain, negotiate (and more than once a day before bedtime, and in the morning many times during the day, because the children have short memory, especially for our explanations). That's how it is clearly chained the plan and small steps, you can gently complete breastfeeding without stress for yourself and kid. Pass the test Test to assess your well-beingTest to assess your well-being This test is calculated only for women. How do you feel physically? Let's check it with the test proposed by Portuguese experts. It will help you determine the level of your well-being.

Authors Maria Sorokina, Anna Pospelova. Editor Olga Nodvikova

In the first part of our article we talked about the general principles of the completion of feeding after a year. What to expect, what to configure himself, and in what order and what principle to remove feeding. In the second part, we talked about concrete steps for day feeding. Consider now Night feedings , as well as what happens after the completion of breastfeeding.

Night feedings, excommunication
Night feedings. Tactics without crying.

Night feedings. Tactics without crying.

Many mothers easily sleep all night with the baby and do not even know how many times fed. Others, on the contrary, are especially pulled out due to night feedings. To reduce their number, there are different ways:

  • Organization of sleep. Many families, refusing to night feedings, retain a joint dream, and then the child, waking up at night, falls asleep again, feeling safe. For other children, on the contrary, the purchase of your bed is better working: they wake up less frequently, because There is no smell of milk and motion mothers and dads will not be them. The bed can stand in the parents' room, especially at the beginning. If you connect the baby to the choice, it may be with even greater pleasure to sleep in it. Some families combine these approaches: before bedtime, Mom lies next to the child, and then goes towards himself, or vice versa: first put in a separate bed, and then take to me With dad, the child rather falls asleep without chest.
  • Many tell that if they are at night Shock I had a bad child plunge, will come "Sh-sh-sh", often he calms down and sleeps on. Often we instinctively offer breasts, although it is possible to reassure differently. Less often giving breasts, we help the child to learn to fall asleep differently.
  • Separation in feeding and falling Helps many children easier to fall asleep at night. For example, you usually put the baby and pick up the chest when he already fell asleep. You can start picking your chest when the baby is already very sleepy, but still not entirely sleeps. When he gets used to fall asleep in this state without a chest, you will start picking your breast earlier, then - even earlier. So you will gradually help him learn to fall asleep yourself not during, and after sucking your chest, and it can also affect night feedings: it is quite possible that he will wake up at night - and falls, hugging mom or dad, or turning on the other side. For older children, the mother often introduces additional rituals after feeding, such as massage, a book, or a special fairy tale.
  • Some children often wake up at night restroom . Babies can write in a dream without waking up, but as children are growing, they begin to wake up a feeling of a complete bladder, turn and ask for a chest. If your baby often wakes up and sucks at night, you should try to ask him to pee. The kids are infectious to "drain" the toilet urge by sucking the chest, and because of this it often turns out that, although the child fell asleep on the chest, the reason for the awakening is not doing anywhere - therefore in less than an hour he will wake up again. In addition, completely empty the bladder is quite difficult. Anyone is much easier to fall asleep when he does not want to the toilet, and small children are no exception. No wonder before bedtime children say: "On the pot and sleep"!
  • Some better sleep at night after more dense Dinner ; Other sleep, on the contrary, stronger, if dinner is light.
  • Often, children wake up at night and suck for a long time from what they want is not even, but drink . If the baby is not too often applied during the day - perhaps the milk in the chest is missing to satisfy his thirst. In such cases, it can help to keep a mug of a mug, a drink with a solid nose or a sports bottle with water and offer the child to drink: before, after or instead of sucking. It is important that it would be clear water, since drinking any other liquids at night can lead to the development of caries.
  • Sometimes children Sleep straight with breasts In the mouth, and mom can be very overwhelmed. If this is your case, you can try some time after falling asleep to remove the breast of your child's mouth. If he begins to worry, give it again and wait a little, for example, 10 seconds, and take out again. For many children older than the year, especially if they are healthy and nothing bothers, a few days later it helps stop keeping breasts in the mouth in a dream. Tips and Lifehaki different mothers for sleeping with breasts in the mouth.
  • Some children are actively sucking the chest at night if they Lack of your society or applying To the breast day. If the mother begins to give birth to more tactile attention, hugging, kissing, or more often breastfeeding, night sucking can decrease to quite arranging all volumes.
  • If you want to more actively taking off From night feedings, it is important to prepare the soil in advance and a couple of weeks to inspire, for example, that at night they sleep: they sleep, the bears sleep, the parents sleep, the children sleep, the hands are sleeping, the legs are sleeping, the chest (or "Titite", "Sisya" , Nam-Yum, etc., if you have another name) sleeps, and so on. Gradually, this thought will consolidate in the consciousness: in the first days it will not be available in a half, but then, after many repetitions, already in the state of the toddler, the baby will remember that there is no chest in the dark.
  • Some moms are already enough adult children after a year and a half, strongly exhausted by night feedings, after a couple of weeks of theoretical training and progressing use such a way: a few nights instead of a chest - any entertainment, drinking water or even food, anything, if not cry. As a result, the mode is completely knocked down for a while, but the child (if he has already been dosed) in a few days there is no night at that time and then falls asleep among the night without breastfeeding.
  • Someone uses the same method, but until a certain hour: for example, up to 3 nights, and when the habit has fixed - up to 4 nights, and so on. Or to some awakening: for example, in the first awakening, we swipe on the second feed.

If you lack the methods described above, you can contact books. For example, in the Book of Irina Ryukhova "Food, Sleep, Love" describes in detail about the physiology of baby sleep and versions of the organization and reduction of night feedings. E. Pentley's book "How to put a baby to sleep without tears" contains collected together and systematized tips and finds used by mothers who have taken away night feedings and / or disseminate feeding and laying sleeping. It is possible that these books will be in the neighboring bookstore or in the library of the Lll group in your city.

Share your concerns and alarms with other mothers. All moms and children are different, however, if you listen to tens of a dozen other moms, often something comes from it. Many helps to visit the meeting of the group of breastfeeding support, where the same nursing mothers come, and discuss the feeding of their baby. If it is inconvenient for you, you may be helped by the resources for mothers online, in particular, forums that support natural parents, groups in social networks. This page lists the addresses of all social networks of La League League in Russian. In addition to advancing tips, at meetings of mothers (including online) you can charge confidence and positive attitude, and after all your mood is half of the success.

Do not forget: all children sometime stop sucking the chest. Sooner or later your breastfeeding will be completed and you may even remember this time with regret! Therefore, keep calm and confidence. Everything that confident mom does is much better perceived by the baby.

After finishing.

Sadness, longing. If feeding ended and you feel the longing and confusion, know that it happens, especially if the kid has been applied more often than once a day. This is due to the change in the hormonal balance. The more smoothly you take, the less likely that you will experience sadness due to the hormonal drop.

Breast loading, pain. If you feel loading, the pain in the chest - you may have taken too fast tempo. Try for a while more often to apply the baby or periodically grind the milk in those moments when they usually fed, gradually reducing additional applying / complaining. In addition, all the usual recommendations for lactostasis are also working. Cold compresses after feeding or plugging will reduce the influx of new milk and help additionally slow down the lactation.

Can I return? By the way, if for some reason you suddenly decide to return everything back, it can be done. Milk will not contact and will not deteriorate, it can temporarily acquire salting taste, but as sucking it passes. Perhaps after the break and return will have to take a step back, and some time the baby will suck even more often than before. But after some time you will be able to start to gradually reduce the amount, duration, feeding conditions, to come to the final completion of breastfeeding in the pace, comfortable and to you, and the child. For a child, the return of feeding will be confirmed by your love and the fact that you can take into account all the circumstances and revise your decision (if, of course, you do not revise your solutions many times, then many children are difficult to navigate and be confident in the parent).

We hope that this article will help you comfortably and calmly complete breastfeeding, taking into account the needs of your child. Below you will find several stories of mothers, successfully completed feeding. If you want to share with other mothers of your history (and / or photographs), send them here in the form of, we will place the best on the site.

LLL expresses appreciation to Svetlana Poplauchina for useful comments to all three parts of the article.

Other parts of the article: Part 1 (general principles), part 2 (concrete steps).

Real history moms.
Soft excommunication or rather "parting" with breasts

I want to share the experience, suddenly someone come in handy ... We wait for the second baby and I thought for a long time, I can, and the main thing I want to feed two at the same time. She listened to her, to his son, and decided that we would completed with feeding - the husband agreed with me, and offered to help. He passed the night to the next room and for a while we slept separately - I am with a baby and a husband in the next room. Then the husband began to lay the baby to sleep during the day, I left the visility zone at this time. Then in the evening the husband began to play with Sawa, I disappeared (closed in one of the rooms), then he led his son to his room - listen to birds or a fairy tale. Savulya climbed him under the barbell and fell. In the morning he resorted to SISA. At first we did it through the night, then increasingly.

Then I started walking in the morning from the bedroom earlier than my son woke up, and he, without finding Mom, tried to upset first, but dad quickly distracted him. After some time, the kid got used - now willingly go to sleep with dad, it is played with me, hugging to the very sleep, and in the morning calmly sees me. Sometimes he remembers SISE, but immediately he says that Sisya sleeps.

So we calmly, without tears and offense, broke up with breasts 🙂 The whole process took about two months. Yes, son of 2.5 years

Marianna Goryolay
Smooth redemption from the chest. Marianna Goryolay
Smooth redemption from the chest. Marianna Goryolay

I fed a two-year-old child, and at some point I realized that for some people I was already irretrievably recorded in the category of "strange" (graduated from GW at 9 months). And for others I was only at the very beginning of the path (for those who calmly refer to a very long perennial feeding of 3+), and they did not understand why I start nervous and strive to bring feeding to the end.

It was a very strange duality. The first in every way supported my desire to start rolling down: "Finish already faster" - but I did not trust them, because They ended in a year or even earlier, drank children to cry in their cots and so on that I was not exactly close. And the second said: "Wait just, why are you in a hurry, it will end." But it did not end itself, but my nerves - yes.

But first things first…………..  Continuation of the history of Marianna

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