What wallpaper to choose in the bedroom - useful tips

Every time the hosts are underdeveloped apartment repairs, there is a question about choosing wallpaper. It is quite understandable - everyone always wants to replace the former, already fed the interior on something new and preferably - a completely unique design. However, besides the aesthetic side of the design of any of the rooms, it is necessary to take into account the environmentally friendly material that will be finished. To own full information about what wallpaper to choose in the bedroom, you should first define the criteria for which they are selected.

What wallpaper to choose in the bedroom
What wallpaper to choose in the bedroom
  • If you look at this question clean from a practical point of view, the first and most important criterion should be complete safety of the material.
  • The second point is safe, you can call the aesthetics of the finish. Here you can turn it on color, drawing and design style.

Relying on these evaluation parameters and it is worth choosing wallpaper for both children's and adult bedrooms.

Since the wallpapers are made from various materials, and not all of them are equally well suited for rest rooms, it is worth a very carefully examine their species on this criterion.

Types of Wallpaper Production Material

To date, the following main types of wallpapers - paper, vinyl, phliselinic, fiberglass, liquid and made of natural materials are presented.

A variety of modern wallpaper assortment sometimes puts in a dead end
A variety of modern wallpaper assortment sometimes puts in a dead end

In addition, most types of wallpaper can be divided into single-layer and two-layer, which are differently called "simplex" and "duplex". Two-layer canvases are distinguished by the fact that they consist of a decorative outer layer and substrate. The base can be made of the same material as the top layer or differ from it.

Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers are popular, as they look perfectly on the walls. But it is very important that the surfaces for their sticking are perfectly smooth. It should be noted that vinyl is polyvinyl chloride, synthetic material and is the result of the copolymerization of styrene and rubber. Therefore, new vinyl wallpapers often have a specific persistent unpleasant smell, which, when the walls, fills the room and does not destroy enough.

Vinyl wallpaper with silk screen
Vinyl wallpaper with silk screen

Vinyl wallpaper stands for moisture and abrasion, and also have aesthetic appearance, but they are not breathable material and are complex in the sticker, since they have a sufficiently large rigidity compared to other types and are heavily impregnated with glue.

Vinyl wallpaper varieties are produced on a phliselin or paper basis, and usually belong to a two-layer type.

Wallpapers having a paper base can have a smooth surface or a thin embossed pattern applied to it. It is called this type of material with silk screen and manufactured by their way of hot stamping.

Vinyl wallpaper on a flieslinic basis have a foam structure, and may also have a relief pattern. This version of the finishing material is easier in sticking, since for fixing the fliesline base on the wall glue, only the wall is covered.

Vinyl Wallpaper on Flizelin Base
Vinyl Wallpaper on Flizelin Base

Wallpapers made under silk screening, I have a glitter characteristic of natural silk, and, usually, a sophisticated pattern. They can be monophonic or multicolored, but almost always withstand in pastel colors.

Fliselinova wallpaper

Fliseline canvas are made of cellulose fibers and are non-woven light and soft material, which has a stretch property. Wallpaper from phlizelin is easily glued, and when using them, the glue is applied only on the surface of the walls.

Very comfortable in fliseline wallpaper
Very comfortable in fliseline wallpaper

The apparent advantages of this finishing material include the following quality:

- in the process of operation, such wallpapers can be wet cleaning from the dust;

- Flizelin is breathable, so a stiff atmosphere will not be created in the room;

- Flizelin wallpaper are an environmentally friendly product;

- on the wall, the pasted canvases have a very aesthetic appearance;

- Wallpapers are made in various colors of calm shades, so it is well suitable for the design of the bedroom.

Soft tones of phliselin wallpaper, how can not be suitable for bedrooms
Soft tones of phliselin wallpaper, how can not be suitable for bedrooms

This type of wallpaper can be made entirely of phlizelin or have a paper base. Both alone and other material option can hide small defects on the wall surface.

Since such wallpapers have a relatively large thickness, they always glue an online jack, and when they are glued under the canvases, annoying air bubbles are usually not formed, and due to the elasticity of phlizelin, the sheets are joined without any problems.

Wallpaper from phlizelin can be several times subjected to staining, so if you wish, you can change the situation by changing the sample design of the walls.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Gymelomes are made of fibers molten and elongated glass or quartz sand. The resulting fibrous structure is pressed in the canvas, having various textures that are most often intended for painting. In addition, wallpaper and finished drawings are made of fiberglass material. The composition of the glass fiber, in addition to the main component, includes such natural inclusions, such as dolomite, soda and lime, so fiberglass wallpapers are an environmentally friendly material, which can be glued in the bedroom without seas.

Wallpaper based on fiberglass distinguishes strength and environmental purity
Wallpaper based on fiberglass distinguishes strength and environmental purity

The "minus" of this material can only be called its fairly high price, but the "pluses" of the glazes is gaining a whole list:

- High strength of the canvas. Such wallpapers are resistant to mechanical effects, do not scratch and do not river.

- The material can be subject to private wet cleaning if necessary.

- The structure of the fabric allows it to "breathe", which contributes to the improvement of the microclimate in the bedroom room.

- The material does not accumulate static electricity, so the dust does not attract.

- Environmental purity, thanks to the use of natural raw materials in the process of manufacture.

- Wallpaper is resistant to the emergence of various microorganisms and parasites, as the fibers are completely lacking nutritious environment for them.

- Gymelomes are not combustible, and when exposed to open flames, they do not distinguish harmful substances.

- The material is easy to glue on the walls, and even a beginner master will be able to cope with such a finish.

Very often, fiberglass wallpapers are intended for further coloring in the chosen owners
Very often, fiberglass wallpapers are intended for further coloring in the chosen owners

Wall-driven walls look smooth and neat. Qualitatively glued webs can serve about 30 years, and if you wish, you can change their color using repainting.

Paper wallpaper

With the advent of wallpaper from new materials, the paper option departed to the last plan, and this is quite understandable, as it has several significant flaws. It is possible to include practically zero mechanical resistance to mechanical exposure, short-life, the complexity of sticking, the inevitable loss of color under the influence of ultraviolet rays and other "sins".

Paper wallpapers are gradually crowded with new modern types.
Paper wallpapers are gradually crowded with new modern types.

The advantages of this finishing material include its environmental purity, affordable price and variety of drawings.

Those who love to change the walls of the walls often and fully owns the art of sticking the wallpaper in a traditional way, paper wallpapers will suit "one hundred percent", as their cost allows you to change them at least every year.

Natural Materials Wallpapers

Currently, there are many wallpapers from natural materials, such as bamboo, cork, veneer, leaves, reeds and other vegetable fibers. All these types of finishes have a fairly high price, and this can be called their largest disadvantage. But most importantly, natural materials are much larger, and most importantly, they are able to create an amazing atmosphere of wildlife in the room. Therefore, several words should be said about each of them.

Bamboo wallpaper

Wallpapers made from bamboo have a very small weight. They are produced in different color shades, as well as using different fragments in the width. Thanks to this, decorative finish can be chosen for every taste. The material has a large natural energy, which contributes to the natural rest and relaxing the human body during sleep.

Very unusual Bamboo Fiber Wallpaper
Very unusual Bamboo Fiber Wallpaper
  • Bamboo wallpapers are durable, since resistant to various types of negative impact, including and various articulated pests.
  • The material is moisture resistant and "indifferent" to ultraviolet rays.
  • Bamboo material has a high potential of strength, which makes it almost invulnerable to mechanical effects.
  • In addition, the bamboo has good thermal insulation qualities. Moreover, it has an interesting property to accumulate heat, and then give it to gradually.
  • Sound insulation material quality is somewhat lower than in cork wallpaper, but much higher than that of phlizelin or vinyl.
  • The finish does not require complex manipulations in caring for it, so cleaning is carried out very quickly with a wet soft tissue, that is, from the wallpaper from bamboo, the dust embraced on them is simply erased.

Corkscrew wallpapers are made of cortex cork, and are a magnificent material for the design of residential premises at home, first of all, due to its environmental safety.

Always warm and pleasant to the touchscreen based on traffic
Always warm and pleasant to the touchscreen based on traffic

Wallpapers made from traffic jams are ideally suitable for designing a bedroom, as they have all the necessary qualities for this:

- The small weight of the material contributes to the simple installation of it on the wall.

- The porous structure of cork wallpaper will provide high heat and sound insulation of walls.

- material struts to the influence of ultraviolet rays and mechanical effects.

- Natural anti-static tube prevents attracting and accumulating dust on the surfaces decorated with this material.

- Care of the walls is carried out by easy wiping with a wet cloth.

- A variety of shades and a very interesting factory drawing allow you to choose a cork wallpaper for any of the rooms at home or apartments.

- Since the plug is a natural material, the wallpaper of it have the "breathe" property, which creates a favorable microclimate for a fully rest.

- Corkscreen wallpapers are practically not combustible and do not support the burning of other materials located next to them.

- Finishing has antibacterial properties, which prevents the emergence and development of fungal colonies. In addition, such a finish does not absorb unpleasant odors.

Materials based on traffic jams that are designed for finishing not only walls, but also gender and ceiling surfaces. The room decorated with a plug will be much warmer and calmer, therefore, if there is a financial opportunity to purchase this finishing material, then it is worth stopping your choice on it.

Wallpaper from veneer

Natural veneer wallpaper is made of valuable wood wood, so they have a sufficiently high cost.

Wallpapers of natural veneer of valuable wood wood creates a completely unique view of the interior
Wallpapers of natural veneer of valuable wood wood creates a completely unique view of the interior

This option design is suitable for those who dreamed of a wooden house or at least about high-quality wood decoration. It is clear that in the conditions of the apartment, this dream is difficult to determine, since the installation of wooden lining on the walls will immediately reduce the already small area of ​​the rooms. Wooden veneer has a thickness of less than a millimeter, and it is glued in the same way as the wallpaper. The only thing to be foreseen before the start of installation is the evenness of the walls, otherwise the material will be badly fixed on the surface.

Natural wood has always contributed to the creation of a special harmony and warmth, home security in the rooms of the atmosphere. These properties of wood help relax and relaxed nightlife.

Wallpaper made of veneer consist of two layers - this is the base of dense paper on which the thin, sometimes thick is only 0.2 ÷ 0.3 mm, a layer of veneer coated on top of a protective layer of colorless varnish or wax. For the manufacture of veneer is usually used larch, zerban, sandalwood, alder and other valuable, and sometimes exotic wood species.

The dignity of such a finish can include the following its qualities:

- The porous structure of the material allows it to "breathe", due to which the dampness will not be accumulated under such wallpaper and the mold colonies will appear.

- The good thermal insulation properties of the veneer make the walls of the bedroom warm to the touch, so in the room there is always comfortable and cozy.

- Soundproofing is not so great, which one can get from cork wallpaper, but still the level of external noise will be significantly reduced.

Such wallpapers are enough racks for mechanical effects and to the effect of ultraviolet rays;

Wallpaper can be easily cleaned from dust using wet cleaning.

Textile wallpaper

Textile wallpapers have long been used for wallpaper. Over time, they were improved both by manufacturing technology and in a variety of design, and today they look quite modern. However, it should be noted that the models that are deliberately made "under ancient" are being produced - they are usually chosen for a particular design style.

An example of a triumphal return - textile wallpapers
An example of a triumphal return - textile wallpapers

Fabric wallpaper today is made on paper or fliseline base. The upper decorative layer can be made of silk, cotton, linen, jute, synthetic and mixed fabrics.

Textile wallpapers on a synthetic basis perform the role of sound insulation, as they consist of two layers, the lower from which is foam rubber.

Jute wallpapers are made of jute fibers from which fabrics having a large factory drawing are produced. Due to this wallpaper, various wall defects are perfectly masked from this material. Such canvas are produced in a multicolored or white version - the latter is usually intended for further painting.

Silk wallpapers are an elite finishing material, as the walls decorated with them look indescribably luxuriously. However, the price of such canvas is very high.

Linen wallpapers can be called the most useful for human health from all textile options. They have a beautiful surface texture, pleasant to the touch and resistant to the effects of ultraviolet rays. Linen wallpapers on a paper basis and require a very neat sticking.

The advantages of this wallpaper group include the following common qualities:

- sound and thermal insulation of walls.

- Very aesthetic appearance.

- Most wallpapers are made of natural, and therefore environmentally friendly materials.

The "minuses" of textile wallpapers can be attributed:

- instability to moisture and pollution.

- The ability to accumulate dust.

- quite high cost.

It suggests that the conclusion suggests that in the bedroom it is undesirable to use them, especially if there are people who have a tendency to allergic reactions.

Liquid wallpaper

The so-called "liquid" wallpaper is perfectly suitable for the design of the bedroom. They can be purchased in finished form or even make themselves. This type of material is easily applied to the surface with a spatula, and this process can be done even with an inexperienced master, since it is simply impossible to spoil the surface of the walls. If the material is incorrecting, the material is easy to consider and apply again. Liquid wallpapers will perfectly hide even visible flaws of walls, as they have a textured surface, and they can be applied a rather large layer.

LiquidWhat is it - "Liquid Wallpaper"?

Not all the sign is this sufficiently unusual type of finishing. Article "Liquid wallpaper with your own hands" Located on the pages of our portal, in all details will tell about this material and will even provide "recipes" of its manufacture own:

Photo wallpaper

Wallpaper, capable of creating an exclusive interior with a special mood, is often used for the bedroom. Usually, the conditions are selected for the conditions under consideration, which have rest and relaxation.

Photo wallpaperThe "highlight" of interior design is high-quality photo wallpapers.

There are many types of such wallpapers, which are also traditional, are made of various materials. If there is a desire to learn about this decoration, you can proceed to the recommended link and carefully read the publication dedicated to varieties and Rules of sticking of photo wallpaper .

Texture of cloths of wallpaper

A slightly smaller role is played by a factory pattern of bridle materials. However, this factor is also able to make its special note in the interior design of the bedroom, since the appearance of the drawing depends on it. Resistance to wigs and abrasion.

If previously wallpaper had a largely smooth surface, today they are produced with a variety of textured patterns that simulate some finishing materials with their appliance technique. It can be:

- imitation of plastered surface;

- wallpaper "under canvas";

- Reliefs vegetable or geometric patterns.

Wallpapers having a pronounced texture are able to disguise small flaws of walls - in some cases it plays an important role.

Imitation of plastering surface

It is known that the plaster is applied to the walls using various techniques, and many of them producers are simulated on the surface of the finishing material. Wallpapers can be monophonic or have a floral or geometric pattern on their surface. Wallpapers imitating a plaster surface are made from fliesline or vinyl, they are matte or glossy.

Wallpaper can reliably imitate decorative plaster
Wallpaper can reliably imitate decorative plaster

A plaster pattern can be strongly pronounced or have a nearly smooth surface with small roughness.

Wallpapers with a deeper plaster relief are able to disguise the wall defects, while the imitation of a smooth finishing material can, on the contrary, emphasize.

The second option is usually chosen for smooth walls, for the interior, where floral or other drawings are not provided on the walls.

Such wallpapers are perfect for the bedroom, which is decided to make in pastel colors.

The deep drawing also has its drawback - it has an unpleasant property to scap in its relief dust. However, materials from which such wallpapers are usually produced are allowed to carry out wet cleaning, therefore this property is fully corrected. The main thing is not to launch the condition of the walls.

Texture under canvas

This category of wallpapers includes all species that imitate the drawing of any fabric:

Multiple types of wallpaper texture "under canvas"
Several types of texture wallpaper "under canvas"

- Roger or burlap having smooth weave and enough rough drawing;

- linen fabric of uneven weaving;

- "Christmas tree", which most often happens on woolen materials;

- Diverse other options.

Wallpapers can be monophonic or multi-colored having a picturesque drawing. Some of them are produced under painting, for example, fiberglass or phlizelin, others do not require adjustments and have a ready-to-stick view.

The ability to hide their flaw on the wall also depends on the depth of the texture pattern.

Relief surfaces

Relief wallpapers can have a vegetable or geometric pattern. They are also produced as other embossed, from fliesline or vinyl.

Some types of wallpapers have a very strong embossed pattern.
Some types of wallpapers have a very strong embossed pattern.

If the wallpaper must be adjusted by the wall, hide small irregularities, then you need to choose a finish with a frequently located on its surface, since the correct geometrical pattern can only emphasize the disadvantages.

Such wallpapers may have a kind of artistic painting or produced in a monophonic version, and they are permissible to paint on their own.

Color solutions

One of the important aspects when choosing the wallpaper is their color, since it depends not only to the aesthetic side of the issue, but also the fullness of rest, as well as the peace of sleep.

Color solutions when finishing the sleeping is always paid to special attention.
Color solutions when finishing the sleeping is always paid to special attention.

The color is selected depending on the preference of the bedroom owners and the location of the room. For example, if the bedroom falls on the northern side of the house, it is recommended to use warm shades for its design, which will be added to the room that lacks solar color is yellow, orange, ocher and green colors. However, it should be noted here that the selected shades should not be sharp and too bright - recommended for the rest room to use pastel colors.

If the bedroom is on the southern sunny side, then any shades can be used in it, but it is desirable to create a cool effect that is so necessary in the summer heat. Colors of the "cold" palette, such as blue, turquoise, blue, green with a cold tint and the like.

The optimal option is to use the combination of some colors harmoniously suitable for each other.

By itself, blue color in its clean form is not a very successful option for interior design, but its various shades are ideal for hot sun room, especially if they find a good combination for them.

Blue shades will be good for sleeping, located on the sunny side of the house
Blue shades will be good for sleeping, located on the sunny side of the house

In this case, turquoise color was used for the interior in the complex with white and blue, thanks to which the bedroom turned out to be quite calm and relaxed. In a similar interior, it will be pleasant to fall asleep and easily wake up.

Green colors contributes to relaxation, "Rest" is resting on it, and such an interior solution will suit both for the southern and north side of the house. Surprisingly, in cloudy weather, green shades are able to create a sunny mood of the interior, and on hot days, on the contrary, to give it the effect of coolness.

Green shade has always been considered "color of life"
Green shade has always been considered "color of life"

Green shades are unique, as they are able to calm the nervous system and affect the entire human body positively, both during its wakefulness and during sleep. To enhance such a positive chromotherapeutic effect, it is recommended to use several different shades of this amazing color in one interior.

Yellow color in its pure form is a strong stimulus and is not suitable for use in residential areas. But its pastel options will be perfectly looked in the room located on the north side. The bedroom, decorated in shades of yellow, will look solar in a winter cloudy or autumn rainy day. Do not fill in this color a rest room on the south side of the house - in the summer it will seem even faster and stuffy.

Yellow will necessarily need to be "breed" by other shades.
Yellow will necessarily need to "breed" by other shades.

The best option for registration with the use of yellow will be a combination with other colors that will dilute the intensity and make it deeper.

Orange color is able to awaken the activity and desire to action, so it is in its pure form absolutely not suitable for recreation rooms, and it is extremely rarely used in the interior of the bedroom. Most often, its diluted shades are used, or rather pastel options, such as pale carrot, peach and those like.

Orange color in pure form for the bedroom will be too "active"
Orange color in pure form for the bedroom premises will be too "active"

Never make up a bedroom with one orange tone - it is necessary to combine it with other colors, harmoniously combined with the main one. Sometimes orange color is used as inclusion in the form of a bright spot in the area of ​​the room on which you want to focus.

Since the bedroom is designed to relax and relax sleep, you should not use red in its design. It can be applied fragmentary only to revitalize the interior, in the form of inclusions. For example, a red bedspread, pillows, curves on the porters, a carpet and other elements that can be replaced at any moment on calmer colors.

Red color Suppose or in a very scattered, calm tone, or in the form of small bright fragmentary inclusions
Red color Suppose or in a very scattered, calm tone, or in the form of small bright fragmentary inclusions

However, if it still wants to use more red shades in the living room, it is recommended to choose their pastel options that are more inclined to calmly pink or gentle burgundy tones.

Beige and close to it color are perfectly suitable for decoring the bedroom. They are able to create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. It doesn't matter, they will be lighter or darker, but the shade itself creates a relaxed atmosphere that removes stress and nervous state. The darker tones of beige color are well suitable for the bedroom in the south side of the house, and light will be perfectly harmonized with warmer shades for the northern rooms.

Better beige shades for sleeping, probably, and you will not think up
Better beige shades for sleeping, probably, and you will not think up

If beige shades seem boring, then they can be somewhat revived with brighter colors or diluted with darker.

Bedroom decor styles

For design bedroom, designers use various design styles, each of which is also very important to correctly pick up the type of wallpaper.

Classic style provides light wallpaper neutral tones with a large or medium pattern, slightly released on a general background. The design of the walls usually "asks" the framework of the wallpaper with ceiling borders.

Classic style bedroom
Classic style bedroom

High-tech is one of the styles of minimalism that does not provide on walls of wallpapers that have any decorative drawings. For it, one-photon or white wallpaper is selected under painting made of fliesline or fiberglass. Most often for the design of the bedroom in this style, white, light gray or steel shade is used.

High-tech - the predominance of steel or gray colors, and no extra drawings
High-tech - the predominance of steel or gray colors, and no extra drawings

The style of "Country" is also called a rustic style, and it can be called one of the most beloved and demanded by interior designers, as it allows you to use various color gamuts and is suitable for designing a bedroom with any shape and size. Most often for pasting walls in the bedroom, decorated in this style, bright wallpapers that have vegetable pattern are used.

The style of "Country" opens, it seems, generally unlimited expanses for fantasy
The style of "Country" opens, it seems, generally unlimited expanses for fantasy

Previously, only paper wallpapers were used in this design, but today you can choose the other of their appearance with a suitable pattern. The interior in the style of "Country" is easier to perform, as it does not provide for a restrictive framework in choosing a color or material.

This interior style involves the use of natural materials, such as traffic jam, bamboo, reed and them like. But, as you know, they have a fairly high price, therefore, instead, it is permissible to use wallpaper from other materials imitating natural, or having appropriate drawings.

For ethnic style design, it is best to use wallpaper from natural materials or their reliable imitation
For ethnic style design, it is best to use wallpaper from natural materials or their reliable imitation

Usually, ethnic style is performed in warm colors close to natural. Multicitious splashes of a bright color or a combination of natural materials with photo wallpapers are permissible in a certain topic.

There are other interesting interior styles that are echoing with those mentioned above the directions. It is very important to find a harmonious combination of colors and materials, as well as take into account the recommendations that will be shown below.

Recommendations when choosing a bedroom wallpaper

In any case, when choosing a wallpaper for a bedroom, it is necessary to accurately represent what to navigate. Therefore, summing up all the above information provided, I would like to summarize it and give additional recommendations:

  • If the wallpaper is selected for a small bedroom area, then you should not buy dark wallpapers, and it doesn't matter what shade they will have. Dark walls will make the room visually even smaller and no matter the airspace.
Dark wallpaper dark bedrooms are invalid
Dark wallpaper dark bedrooms are invalid
  • For a small room, it is recommended to choose bright air colors and tones - they visually expand the space and fill it with light.
  • For a small room, it is impossible to choose wallpaper with too large pattern - it is also able to "firm space", making a room visually much less. It is better for her to find a wallpaper with a small and medium drawing or a monophonic version with a shallow relief.
  • By purchasing wallpaper, you need to remember that the warm tones will give the room comfort, comfort and to some extent person will feel protected.
Soft warm tones are able to cause a person a sense of special home security, which is very important for a healthy sleep
Soft warm tones are able to cause a person a sense of special home security, which is very important for a healthy sleep
  • Cold tones usually contribute to the feeling of space and coolness, so they are recommended to be used in bedrooms, where in the summer it is quite hot.
  • If the bedroom premises preferably "expand", then you can go to the narrow wall wallpaper with a horizontal pattern - it is visually "shortened" room, but will make it "wider".
Horizontal strips on wallpaper contribute to visual expansion of the room
Horizontal strips on wallpaper contribute to visual expansion of the room
  • If necessary, hide some irregularities of the walls, it is worth choosing a wallpaper with diagonally arranged patterns.
  • If the bedroom has a low ceiling and looks a grazing, the wallpaper should be selected with drawings located in the form of vertical strips.
The vertical direction of the picture is able to smooth the feeling of a low grain ceiling
The vertical direction of the picture is able to smooth the feeling of a low grain ceiling
  • In order for, on the contrary, to "reduce" the ceiling and make the room more cozy, the surfaces of the walls and the ceiling should be saved with wallpaper having the same pattern, color and texture.

When going to make repairs in the bedroom, carefully examine the room and determine which effect from changing the appearance of its walls would like to get. Having made the conclusions, summarize them in the compiled list, and already on it you can decide what kind of wallpaper it is better to buy for this so important in the life of any person of the room. It should not be small - human health depend on high-quality recreation, and its emotional state, and activity in waking hours.

Find out what better to choose the wallpaper for the corridor and the hallway, as well as which is better to choose the wallpaper for the hall, in articles on our portal.

And as a bonus for the interested reader is a good video selection of successful design solutions to the interior design of sleeping wallpapers.

Video: Wallpapers in the deconge room

Wallpaper in the bedroom, selected with taste
Wallpaper in the bedroom, selected with taste

The bedroom is the personal space of a person where you can relax after the working day. The bedroom interior should have rest, configure sleep and delight in the morning.

Wallpaper is a traditional decoration material for the bedroom, thanks to a large number of textures and drawings. Choosing a wallpaper for the walls for the bedroom, take into account the style direction of the bedroom interior, its area and the effect of color per person.

Types of wallpaper and their features

Elegant Wallpaper Wallpaper Drawing
Elegant Wallpaper Wallpaper Drawing

A man spends a lot of time in the bedroom, so it is important to make her interior cozy and warm. That is why from all finishing materials, the most suitable are the wallpaper. But the construction market is overflowing with suggestions and not to be confused, it is necessary to determine the type of wallpaper and their colors from the very beginning.

The contrast of white and black is balanced by silver and gentle pink flowers
The contrast of white and black is balanced by silver and gentle pink flowers

Important! Choosing wallpaper into the bedroom on the wall, it is necessary to take into account the future setting of the room, the color and material of the furniture, the design of the windows and the type of floor covering. Otherwise, you can get a tasteless interior in which it will be uncomfortable.

Wallpaper with stencil pattern
Wallpaper with stencil pattern

Of the main errors that are allowed when choosing a bedroom wallpaper, you can select the following:

  • The choice is too bright motley drawing;
  • The size of the size of an unpleasant drawing with an area of ​​the room is too small or large;
  • Combination without combining the texture and color of the wallpaper;
  • Not high-quality putting material;
  • Non-compliance with wallpaper style style.

These are just some errors that should not be allowed when designing the bedroom.

Interior of the bedroom in a relaxed color scheme
Interior of the bedroom in a relaxed color scheme

From the varieties of wallpaper offered by modern producers, the following types can be noted:

Paper wallpaper
Paper wallpaper
Vinyl wallpapers
Vinyl wallpapers
Fliselinova wallpaper
Fliselinova wallpaper
Textile wallpaper
Textile wallpaper
Liquid wallpaper
Liquid wallpaper
Wall mural in bedroom
Wall mural in bedroom

Each of these species should be considered more.

Paper Bedroom Wallpaper

Paper Wallpaper in the bedroom
Paper Wallpaper in the bedroom

This is an environmentally friendly material that is most suitable for the bedroom. Thanks to the ability to "breathe", such walls contribute to maintaining the optimal microclimate in the room.

Paper Wallpaper for Bedroom Wall
Paper Wallpaper for Bedroom Wall

The positive qualities of this material include the following:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • A variety of colors and drawings;
  • Simplicity stickers;
  • Affordable price.
Small drawing on a white background visually increases space
Small drawing on a white background visually increases space

Paper wallpapers are single-layer with a smooth surface and multi-layered. Wallpapers Duplex have two layers, the external decorative may have a crown. Such wallpapers are more dense, so they are easier to stick, they do not rush and have a longer service life.

Combination strips and wallpaper pattern in single color scheme
Combination strips and wallpaper pattern in single color scheme

Of the shortcomings of paper wallpapers, the following should be noted:

  • The material is afraid of moisture;
  • Paper wallpaper is not resistant to mechanical effects;
  • Fade under the influence of direct sunlight;
  • Thin single-layer wallpaper require an ideal smooth surface.
Vintage bedroom interior with paper wallpaper
Vintage bedroom interior with paper wallpaper

Important! When choosing wallpaper, it is necessary to take into account all parameters - color, texture and size of the canvas.

Bedroom finishing options with paper wallpapers are shown in the photo below.

Vinyl wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper with vinyl coating in the bedroom
Wallpaper with vinyl coating in the bedroom

The feature of these wallpapers is that they have two layers (see the features of vinyl wallpaper). Polyvinyl chloride is applied to a substrate from paper or fliseline. Such wallpapers can have a different texture depending on the technology of applying a decorative layer.

Relief Vinyl Bedroom Wallpaper
Relief Vinyl Bedroom Wallpaper

The interior of the bedroom is the most common use of silk screen and heavy vinyl.

Silkographic wallpaper
Silkographic wallpaper

With its texture and muted glitter, silkographic wallpaper resemble natural silk.

Silky gloss vinyl wallpaper
Silky gloss vinyl wallpaper

From the minuses of such wallpapers, it can be noted that the perfect level surface is required, and the lack of vapor permeability due to the monolithic vinyl coating.

Flizelin Bedroom Wallpaper

Flizelin wallpaper in the bedroom interior
Flizelin wallpaper in the bedroom interior

Fliselin is a base under a paper or vinyl decorative layer. The composition of this nonwoven material includes natural cellulose and polyvinyl chloride fibers. Wallpapers have elasticity and sufficient strength.

Fliselinic wallpaper texture
Fliselinic wallpaper texture

Stick them not as other types of wallpaper. In this case, the wall surface is treated with adhesive composition and the wallpaper canvas are applied to it.

Wallpaper on a fiberglass basis
Wallpaper on a fiberglass basis

Flizelin wallpapers are able to hide minor wall defects. We produce such wallpapers in rolls that are wider than standard paper. This allows you to quickly produce finishing works, and a decrease in the number of joints allows you to create a monolithic surface of the walls.

Accent Wall, Fliseline Wallpaper
Accent Wall, Fliseline Wallpaper

Another positive quality of such wallpapers is the possibility of their multiple repainting. From disadvantages, only the high cost of the material can be noted.

Textile bedroom wallpapers

Texture textile wallpaper
Texture textile wallpaper

This is a more expensive two-layer material for walls, where a decorative layer of natural textile material is applied to the base of paper or fliesline - jut tissue, flax, cotton, velor, felt and silk.

Texture wallpaper make the interior of the bedroom cozy and warm
Texture wallpaper make the interior of the bedroom cozy and warm

The price of the material depends on the cost of the decorative layer. In terms of texture, such wallpapers can be rude, such as Rogozhen - Jute, Len.

Jute textile wallpaper
Jute textile wallpaper

It makes a smoother surround surface from velor or felt.

Vellar textile wallpaper
Vellar textile wallpaper

A distinctive feature of such wallpapers is that they can be produced in the form of a monolithic web required size, so they got a name - seamless textile wallpapers.

Warm bedroom interior with textile wallpaper on an accent wall
Warm bedroom interior with textile wallpaper on an accent wall

From disadvantages, you can note the following:

  • High price;
  • Fabric surface accumulates dust and requires careful care;
  • The material is not resistant to mechanical effects;
  • It is not possible to stick such wallpaper with your own hands, you need to attract specialists.

Liquid Bedroom Wallpaper

Liquid wallpapers in the bedroom interior
Liquid wallpapers in the bedroom interior

This is a cross between wallpaper and decorative plaster. Wallpaper, this material is called due to cellulose, which is included in its composition and the texture of the resulting surface - pleasant to the touch. And with the plaster, this material is similar to the method of application - a spatula.

Liquid wallpaper texture
Liquid wallpaper texture

From the positive qualities of this material, the following can be noted:

  • The material is environmentally safe and possesses vapor permeability, like paper wallpaper;
  • Thanks to a special method of application, a solid seamless smooth coating is obtained;
  • Liquid wallpapers do not require careful preparation of walls and can hide its irregularities;
  • The material can be purchased in finished color or painted after applying to the wall;
Liquid wallpapers on the accent wall in the bedroom
Liquid wallpapers on the accent wall in the bedroom
  • If necessary, you can change the structure of the material by adding a fractional filler into it;
  • It has heat and sound insulation qualities;
  • Using various colors of liquid wallpapers on the walls, you can create drawings and patterns;
  • When damaged the wall fragment, it is easy to repair. It is enough to remove the damaged area, and impose a fresh layer of wallpaper.

Important! Purchase liquid wallpaper is recommended with a slight margin.

Wall mural for bedroom

Wall mural in the bedroom interior
Wall mural in the bedroom interior

Such wallpapers will allow you to implement any designer solution. It is important to choose the correct image to fit into the selected bedroom style, and the shades corresponded to the total color range of the interior.

Wall mural with a large drawing in the bedroom with a high ceiling
Wall mural with a large drawing in the bedroom with a high ceiling

Wall murals are used to decorate one wall - in the headboard or opposite it.

3D Wallpaper for Bedroom
3D Wallpaper for Bedroom

The image on the photo wallpaper can visually expand the space of the room, blur the boundaries between reality and the image. A special visual effect can be achieved when using 3D wallpaper.

Flowers on the photo wallpaper is a universal bedroom option.
Flowers on the photo wallpaper is a universal bedroom option.

Important! Instructions on how to glue photo wallpapers is provided by the manufacturer, but it is recommended to refer to specialists for high-quality work.

Natural landscapes in the bedroom allow you to relax
Natural landscapes in the bedroom allow you to relax

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, so the image on the photo wallpaper should contribute to this (see the photo wallpaper in the bedroom). The universal option is an image of colors, nature, animals, marine motives.

In a small photo wallpaper can be used as a wall panel
In a small photo wallpaper can be used as a wall panel

It is necessary to pick up the image in accordance with the size of the room. If it is small, then photo walls can be used as a panel on the wall. In a more spacious room, one of the walls can be decorated.

Bedroom with Japanese Motes
Bedroom with Japanese Motes

The positive quality of such a material is that it can be produced by a solid web, creating a seamless wall covering. The canvas can be made to order with any selected customer image or photo.

Combining wallpaper

Wallpaper color echoes textiles and carpeted floors
Wallpaper color echoes textiles and carpeted floors

Combining various colors, textures and drawings, you can create interesting interior solutions. When combining wallpaper, you can get an interesting visual effect in the bedroom room. Modern wallpaper manufacturers produce separate collections in which different combined types of wallpaper are included.

The drawing on the accent wall is made on the same background as the rest of the walls.
The drawing on the accent wall is made on the same background as the rest of the walls.

But you can pick up wallpaper-companions yourself, given the following nuances:

  • It is necessary that the type and thickness of the wallpaper coincides in order to visually obtain a single wall covering;
  • With the lack of experience, it is better to combine two types of wallpapers in one room;
  • It is important to take into account the illumination in the room, so when the wallpaper is selected, you must first purchase several options with the possibility of returning, or take the trimming store and in place to evaluate how the wallpaper will be combined with the existing natural light.
Single tonality of photo wallpaper and adjacent walls
Single tonality of photo wallpaper and adjacent walls

When choosing a pair of wallpaper, you can choose the main one-photographic color, and the wallpaper with a pattern against the background of the same shade. Or give preference to opposite colors - wallpapers with a light pattern on a dark background and the opposite option with dark lines on a light background.

Accent Wall in the Working Area
Accent Wall in the Working Area

There are still different ways to locate companyon wallpaper on the wall.

Despite the use of black in the interior of the bedroom, it remains bright and cozy as a result of a successful combination of white and black, in the neighborhood with warm tones of decorative fragments
Despite the use of black in the interior of the bedroom, it remains bright and cozy as a result of a successful combination of white and black, in the neighborhood with warm tones of decorative fragments

Usually as an accent wall on which the image will be used, the surface is selected in the headboard. Less frequently - wall opposite. The remaining walls are covered with a monophonic material.

Black and white bedroom is a classic option.
Black and white bedroom is a classic option.

With the help of the bands, you can achieve a visual effect of increasing the height of the room, or expand the space.

Bedroom Interior Color

Bright bedroom interior
Bright bedroom interior

Psychologists have long been proven that the color solution of the interior affects the emotional state of the person. So that the room was cozy, it should be a warm warming tone.

In the event that the bedroom comes out on the south and there is a lot of natural light in it, choose cool tones in the walls of the walls, and warm are present in the elements of the decor and accessories. The most common use of beige color.

Important! Too light and bright shades of the walls will not contribute to relaxation. Therefore, a successful choice will be the combination of dark cold shades with light warm.

Bedroom in green tones
Bedroom in green tones

Bright orange and warm red shade can be combined with gray. Beige, cream and cold lemon color are successfully combined with black. Ink and pale shade of purple tone are used to dilute deep blue tones.

The combination of bright orange and gray
The combination of bright orange and gray

Council. To create a cozy bedroom interior in a green tone, you can choose swamp green shades or color of green tea with the main color of the walls.

Warm green shades in the bedroom interior
Warm green shades in the bedroom interior

Aesthetically attractive interior can be obtained by choosing wallpaper contrasting with furniture color.

The contrast of a warm shade of walls and cold blue in the upholstery of furniture
The contrast of a warm shade of walls and cold blue in the upholstery of furniture

In addition to the direct effect of color per person, it has been proven that the same color applied to different surfaces has a different psychological impact on a person. If the light green or blue color on the walls create a cool atmosphere, then these colors will cause uncertainty.

The video in this article will tell you how to choose the way to choose wallpaper for walls in the bedroom. The table below shows a variety of effects that have different colors on a person, depending on the surface on which they are applied:

TsvetSverhuSbokuVnizuBezhevyyRozovyySvetlo-zheltyyDeystvuyut vozbuzhdayuscheVizualno narrow space, give a sense of teplaSozdayut impression of fragility, insecurity, hrupkostiKrasnyyKorichnevyyZhelto-zelenyyDeystvuyut ugnetayuscheVizualno make the space already, psychologically give a feeling priblizhennostiSozdayut sense of stability and bezopasnostiGoluboySvetlo-zelenyySvetlo-seryyDayut feeling of light and vysotyDayut atmosphere of coolness and prostoraSozdayut anxiety, neuverennostiSeryySiniyTemno-zelenyyDeystvuyut udruchayuscheOhlazhdayut Emotions and contribute to the alienation of the feeling of stability and cold

The photo below shows the options for combining wallpapers in the bedroom interior.

Combining strips and floral pattern on wallpaper
Combining strips and floral pattern on wallpaper

If the repair of the walls occurs in the interior with the already existing flooring and furniture, the wallpaper should be selected in combination with their tint.


What wallpaper to choose for bedrooms - the best design and combination ideas (140 photos of new products)

The quality of night rest and the degree of comfort in the bedroom are most directly connected with the design of the room.

One of the most important elements of the interior is the tag. Therefore, what walls are chosen for the bedroom, as far as they affect the creation of the atmosphere of calm and peacekeeping depends on a comfortable stay after the working day.

Types of wallpaper

Among the variety of wall decoration, for interior design of the bedroom, wallpapers are used with the basis of:

  • paper;
  • Fliselina;
  • textiles;
  • natural materials;
  • liquid;
  • Wall mural;
  • Gymelomes.

There is another one, a very common type of wall covering - vinyl wallpaper. They are easily mounted, durable, they are cleared without problems, however, experts do not advise them to use them at night recreation, because They practically do not let the air.

Bedroom paper wallpaper

Traditional type of wallpaper. The cheapest model, easily pasted, is environmentally friendly and passes well. The only but very significant disadvantage - any impact leaves on them traces, i.e. This kind of chopper is very short-lived.

More practical two-layer models, but they also have a fairly small service life.

Textile wallpapers in the bedroom

These wallpapers have many advantages:

  • eco-friendly;
  • durable;
  • Attractive in appearance.

What a fabric, what color is better suitable for the bedroom, depends on the preferences of the owners.

These wallpapers are one of the most expensive options. It is quite difficult to glue them, it is better to charge a professional business. Another circumstance that needs to be taken into account - the cloth collects dust, so textile wallpaper models need from time to time to wipe with a damp cloth.

Similar option choose people who do not have financial problems and trying to use only natural and environmentally friendly materials in the residential room.

Fliselin wallpaper in the bedroom

This is one of the best options for the bedroom. Material hides most of the grunges of the walls. Has high performance. They can be repeatedly painted, which makes it possible to change the face of the interior.

For the price - the average category.

Liquid Wallpaper in the bedroom

Having uneven walls and in the absence of a desire to deal with their alignment for the bedroom, it is better to choose the wallpaper, which, along with the dye and fibers, includes glue. Liquid interior decoration option is applied to the surface as a putty, and hides all possible defects.

An additional bonus for the hosts will be excellent sound insulation and burnout resistance.

Glass Bedrooms

Surprisingly durable material. In addition to the light in the installation, it has a fire-fighting property. Specialists recommend decorating the walls of the bedroom with these materials to people suffering from allergies.

Usually, similar models are made of wood and bamboo. Different with environmental friendliness and spectacular design.

  • Important! Wallpaper should be preserved from bamboo and wood from mechanical damage and moisture.

Wall mural in bedroom

This term denotes paper trellis with drawing applied on them. Designers recommend choosing photos of landscapes or abstract drawings. According to psychologists, such images contribute to maximum relaxation and relaxation.

As a rule, the canvas with a pattern are glued at the head of the bed, emphasizing the particular importance of this bedroom furniture item.

Bedroom wallpaper color

Choosing what color wallpaper to go into the bedroom should be focused on the palette of paints, which reassuringly acts on a person. This is primarily:

  • bluish;
  • greenish;
  • Cream shades of color.

The peculiarity of heavenly color is that even in excess it will not adversely affect the person. Greens and all her shades helps relieve tension and reassuringly acts on the psyche.

Like any neutral color creamy perfectly suitable for a night rest. In addition, it is always possible to dilute the neutral color of bright accessories.

Psychologists advise use and dark colors - chocolate and blue. The presence in a certain dose is added comfort and contribute to calm and deep sleep.

It is strictly prohibited

When choosing a color for the bedroom, it is not recommended to put a fashionable shade of wallpaper at the chapter. Whatever newcomers were not considered red and orange colors - it is impossible to place the wallpaper of these colors in the bedrooms.

Bright colors will not allow relax and calm down. They "call" to activity and the action that they do not need people who are preparing to move to bed.

It is from this point of view that it is not recommended to use a large amount of bright yellow color.

With an insurmountable desire to choose a trendy color, then instead of red use pink. But keep in mind, the color of the queen of flowers is suitable only for the women's bedroom! And in general, if this year is red in fashion, then for the next year it will be irrelevant. Better to overtake your psyche and nerves!

Drawing for wallpaper

When choosing a bedroom wallpaper, designers recommend choosing monophonic wallpaper. This option is perfect for placing pictures, photos, drawings.

If the hosts of the bedroom had to do with a drawer with a pattern, then several factors should be taken into account here.

  1. Choose models with a small pattern. Large paintings are heavy for perception, affect the subconscious of a person and do not give opportunities to calmly go to the embrace of Morpheus.
  2. Very small drawing visually reduces the room in size.

Depending on the area and height of the bedroom, it is recommended to choose wallpaper with vertical or horizontal stripes.

Wallpaper Texture in Bedroom

The choice of material of the wallpaper depends on:

  • room size;
  • room forms;
  • heights;
  • Lighting.

In small bedrooms, textured wallpapers are very advantageous. There will be no additional accessories for the decor, and on the relief coverage the game of light and shadow will make the room spacious.

Combining textures

The selection of tandem colors is not a big difficulty, but with the selection of the corresponding textures the case is much more complicated. Creating a spectacular duet is possible when taking into account:

  • ceiling heights;
  • room size;
  • Thicks of combined choler.

Important! Be sure to consider such a factor as the use of various types of glue for selected materials.

Types of combining wallpaper in the bedroom

Designers allocate the following types:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • zoning;
  • Decorative combination.

The first type is recommended for rooms with high ceilings. The separation line should be located at the level of the window sill.

The wallpaper of two textures with vertical stripes are suitable for bedrooms with low ceilings. Zoning involves the design of one of the walls of the room by another type of wallpaper.

The decorative panel is a kind of focusing insert placed in an elegant frame.

Matching styles

Empire Schpeler should pay special attention if you wish they to fully fit the interior design. In the rustic styles (Provence and Country), there are harmoniously, either monophonic wallpaper, or with a picture in the form of brickwork.

  • The magnificent Ampire "will require" a large pattern with patterns similar to that that was applied to the walls of venance.
  • Elegant antiquity and ethnic styles prefer wallpaper bright colors. The benefits of such interior design include the trouble-free selection of the necessary furniture.
  • The style of the rising sun will be most effectable in the presence of bamboo wallpaper. An alternative tree and bamboo can be a monophonic trellis of beige shade. As a special emphasis should be placed on a bedside table Vase with Sakura branch.
  • In the interiors, High-tech and minimalism should use a gray or white shade wallpaper. Application and black is allowed, but only if it is presented as minimally for the separation of zones.

Fashionable Style Style Contemporary Provides the opportunity to choose the wallpaper in the bedroom using light gray and beige tones. The design of one of the walls is not yet rebeling. The main thing, the color of the wall decoration must necessarily be present in accessories or furniture items.

In the ever young classics, light shades are used. Among wallpaper with drawings are recommended:

  • floristic patterns;
  • strip;
  • Damascus wallpaper.

The last type is luxurious floral patterns and broken lines. In painting of eastern countries, more than two thousand years are used. Recently, such a print has become very fashionable in European countries.

Stock Foto Wallpaper design in bedroom

Buying wallpapers in the bedroom - an exciting occupation. Solving what wallpaper to choose for a bedroom, it is necessary to take into account that in the modern market there is a large range of products of various manufacturers, both domestic and foreign ones. Having such an extensive choice, it is important to accurately represent the desired result, which will correctly decide on the choice of wallpaper.

Color - as the mood of your dreams

Psychologists have long indicated that the color significantly affects the mood of man. The bedroom is a room intended for recreation and relaxes to restore forces.

On the one hand, in it everything should configure a person to rest, and in this case, you should contact the calm tones, not annoying a person's psyche. On the other hand, bright colors will add cheerfulness in the morning, help quickly wake up.

Popular Bedroom Colors

There is a table in which it is indicated which color and how affects the psyche of a person. Using the specified recommendations, you can understand what color will be better for the bedroom. Below is a review of popular color solutions.

Warm colors

Red. Suitable with temperamental agents. Causes a strong emotional rise, mobilizes, sometimes annoying and tires. Wallpaper in red tones Designers are not recommended to use for the design of the entire bedroom. One more accent wall is enough to make an invigorating note in the overall concept of design of the room.

Green. Wallpaper green - optimal choice for the bedroom. This color soothes, reduces irritation, stabilizes blood pressure.

Yellow. Creates a feeling of solar space, awakens energy, fantasy, configures on a positive way.

Cold colors

Grey. Perfectly combined with red, balancing, muffles it. As solo color is also good for the bedroom - configures on vacation, reduces mental tension, pacifies. Trade with the Scandinavian interiors, where it is often combined with wood furniture, with a saved texture, or, with white furniture and white accessories.

Blue. Brutal color is usually used in men's bedrooms. On the other hand, wallpapers painted in blurry variants of blue, with floral patterns, will be appropriate in the married nest. Blue color is an impersonation of peace and confidence.

White. This light gives a feeling of space. Most often white wallpaper is used in small bedrooms to expand space. Many relaxes, but some people cause negative reactions.

Choosing, what walls to shove in the bedroom, you do not need to succumb. It is worth thinking whether this color will also be attractive after a couple of years.

Choose wallpaper texture

Wallpapers can have a different texture. It can be smooth, embossed, foamed, curly. Variants are set. To choose your own option, you need to know the pros and cons of wallpaper with different textures:

  • Smooth wallpapers, despite a fairly simple appearance, are very practical, less susceptible.
  • Foamed wallpapers - protect the room from outsided sounds, but they are easier to damage.
  • The embossed wallpaper with the relief surface is resistant to damage, but require a certain skill when sticking.

Each species has its pros and cons that can affect not only operational qualities, but also on the appearance of the room.

Material matters

There is a significant variety of types of wallpaper. We will tell about the main of them that are suitable for the bedroom:

  • Paper. The most common look, classic of the interior of the premises. Usually they are inexpensive, lungs, have a wide color gamut and a variety of drawings. The disadvantage of these wallpapers are low strength, fast fading, turning.
  • Fliseline. Consisting of nonwoven fibers with the inclusion of cellulose, they have high strength and durability. Glue with high levels of adhesion and special, fairly time-consuming preparation of walls.
  • Vinyl. There may be based on paper, and on the basis of phlizelin, on the surface of which the vinyl layer is applied. Such canvases have high resistance to abrasion, fading, well repel water. The disadvantage of these wallpapers is the complexity in sticking.

Non-standard options

On the wall coverings, new items that facilitate surface decoration are constantly appear, or creating new effects. For example, self-adhesive wallpaper is better to choose for a bedroom when there is no time for global repairs.

An interesting option Wallpapers Designer consisting of separate pieces, for example, stylized bricks, or simulating tiles. But especially relevant in this room will be wallpapers, made in silkography techniques - stylish and sophisticated. Non-standard solutions make it possible to refresh the interior, unusually arrange the surface.

Consumer qualities

Modern technologies make it possible to produce wallpaper with a different set of consumer qualities. This wall material has become easier to care - now wall covers can not only be brushed, but also washed. If the room will be used with high intensity, it is worth considering wall coatings with high surface density.

In this case, the wallpaper can be selected in the bedroom you can fliseline or vinyl, because they are distinguished by increased wear-resistance, and very practical. To indicate the performance of wallpaper, manufacturers provide each roll with special graphic icons.

Preparation of walls

Do not always paste wallpaper easy. To achieve the perfect result, it is necessary to accommodately approach the surface preparation. Walls must be smooth. If there are violations that you can see, putting the level to the wall, it is necessary to align them with plaster. Walls having a high absorbent ability are covered by a special composition, impregnation. After such treatment, the glue performs its own direct function, and the wallpaper is tightly, and does not become part of the wall, absorbed into it.

We hide the shortcomings of the surface

Sometimes in the construction process there is a need to hide the shortcomings of the walls. To visually align different irregularities, it is impossible to choose a wallpaper with a regular pattern, a striped wallpaper, they will only emphasize the problem. The monophonic version is also not the best way out. Monophonic finish only emphasizes surface flaws.

In this case, you should choose wallpaper with a fantasy, irregular pattern. Perfectly masks the irregularities of the walls drawing "pebbles", "clouds", "foam".

Another way to level the walls is to use dense, heavy wallpapers, which will stretch under their own weight, overlapping the irregularities of the wall, forming a smooth surface. It can be dense paper variants with protective coating, wallpapers from natural materials, wallpaper with tissue fibers.

Safety for health

When buying wallpaper, the question arises as far as they are safe for health. It should be noted that modern standards rather tightly regulate the activity of manufacturers, not allowing inclusion in materials to finish harmful to health substances.

Wall coatings are ecologically clean, fully made of natural materials - plugs, straws, bamboo. However, such walls will continue to demand special care.

Solutions and proportions

Recently there has been a tendency that allows you to draw out the room by combining various wallpaper. Possible combinations of contrasting colors, highlighting the accent wall using the pattern. With this type of registration, it is necessary to observe a number of rules so that the final result is organic:

  • Choose the wallpaper of the same thickness, one manufacturer;
  • Do not use more than two or three types of wallpaper in one room;
  • The store necessarily compare the samples by turning the rolls nearby on the special table.

Pictures and graphics

When choosing wallpaper is greatly seduced to purchase wallpaper with a pattern. In the roll, they look more attractive than smoothly painted wallpaper. Before making a choice, imagine your bedroom fully covered with the selected option, think if you will not get tired of the picture. Choosing fashionable wallpapers with a pattern, you must consider a few simple rules:

  • Wallpaper with vertical stripes increase the height of the room;
  • Small drawing creates a feeling of space;
  • A large drawing reduces space.

Wall mural in bedroom

Wall murals, or big format photos, can be printed on paper with any texture. Ready wallpapers most often have a paper base, and typical dimensions. Wall murals made to order in special workshops, such restrictions do not have, and there may be any size and invoices. But it is not worth abuse of large sizes. Usually, the photo wallpapers decorate one wall, making it an accent.

The bedroom will be appropriate options with the image of nature, a calm city landscape, or with an abstract, fantasy plot. Options with major art objects should be left for rooms that are exploited during the daytime.

Comfort zone

For the design of the bedroom, wallpaper must be approached carefully, because this particular place in the house should create a peaceful attitude contributing to a full-fledged stay. Do not forget to take into account the features of the room operation and its purpose. This approach will allow you to choose a finish according to the characteristics of the bedroom and take into account all your wishes, because this place in the house is your personal comfort zone.

Stock Foto Wallpaper for bedroom

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Choose wallpaper in the bedroom07/25/2020 Read 5 min.

The competently chosen interior of the apartments turns the dwellings into cozy and stylish. In such premises, it is pleasant to be, it seems that even the walls feed the owner with positive energy. After all, everything in the house, from wallpaper to pieces of furniture, selected taking into account the individual characteristics of a person, its color addictions.

One of the most cozy places, according to decorators, should be a bedroom. This is the Holy Saints, a place where a person is gaining strength. Therefore, to approach the interior of this room with special care. The color palette used is of great importance, because the colors are able to psychologically affect the person. Therefore, one of the most serious solutions in the design of the bedroom becomes the right choice of wallpaper.

Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom (monophonic, with a pattern or without, texture)

In building materials, there are a large selection of wall coatings. Solving, what will be the interior design in the bedroom, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the range of wallpaper, pay attention not only to the color, but also on the quality of the material.

Types of Wallpaper:

  1. Paper. These are environmentally friendly wallpapers that glue easily, cost inexpensively, and therefore are quite suitable for economy option. Bold minus - the coating quickly flashes into the sun, but if there is a tight curtain in the bedroom, you can risk.
  2. Fliseline. They are stronger than paper, rather elastic. Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom is a monophonic, with a pattern or without it - may well be on a fliesline basis, they will serve longer than paper.
  3. Vinyl. Durable and moisture resistant, with ornament or without ornament, these wallpapers are quite popular. True, it is difficult to glue them, the skill is required and patience, especially if you need to pick up the drawing.
  4. Wall mural. All walls in the bedroom, of course, not to close the photo wallpapers, it will turn out too surreal. But it is possible to focus on one of the vertical surfaces, the room will acquire a special style. Wallpaper is not too expensive, you can choose quite a budget option.
  5. Textile. Fabric beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom will help not only solve the problem with sound insulation of the walls, but also give a special flavor. However, textile material attracts dust, absorbs odors, so it is worth thinking, and is it necessary such a coating in the bedroom?
  6. Liquid. Recently, these wallpapers were very popular. It would be more, the advantages over paper, fliesline and textile "brothers" are great: create sound insulation, are not afraid of sunlight, it's easy to work with the material, and if you choose the desired color, taking into account the interests of the owners, then the design of the apartment will become unique.
  7. From fiberglass. Durable, fire-fighting, not afraid of any mechanical impacts breathing. Yes, and the color palette pleases. Such environmentally friendly and beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom will be suitable.
  8. From natural materials. Wood panels, bamboo - original and beautiful. Wallpaper in the bedroom will, of course, are expensive, but such a design solution will help create a special atmosphere in the room.

Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom - monophonic, with a pattern or without, texture - are selected taking into account not only factors such as strength, stability, environmental friendliness and acceptable cost. It is also important to understand what wallpaper is really suitable for psychologically the owners of the apartment. After all, even the most beautiful wallpapers, in the bedroom choosing simply because the repair is needed, and not because the soul requires the change of the interior, will eventually annoy. What tranquility and peace can then speak?

When choosing wallpaper, it is important to take into account even such "trifles", as a texture, the presence of a pattern or one-picture.

According to designers, the most beautiful wallpapers in the bedroom are monophonic. In the room, where a person sleeps, he does not need motley drawings and frightened monograms. Stable calm is achieved with the help of gentle beige, sandy and other pastel shades. In such a room, nothing distracts.

Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom with a pattern are welcome if the interior of the apartment is made in a specific style and, if the ornament does not cause the effect of cheerfulness. For example, it is not a place in the bedroom coatings with bright yellow, saturated-pink, red or orange decorative elements.

By the way, it is important to remember that some interior problems can solve the beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom of the texture. For example, if the room is close, so as not to clutter the space by patterns and other decorative elements, it is possible to use the coverage for the walls, which in itself looks elegantly and does not need additional decorative notes.

Wallpaper in the bedroom - pick up style

It is important to achieve a stylish interior that the wallpaper does not seem to be a foreign element, and harmoniously combined with furniture objects.

What needs to be done before you buy a wallpaper in the bedroom - choose the style in which the room will be decorated. This is an important condition for creating a psychologically healthy atmosphere in the house.

What options are possible:

  1. Classic. Wallpapers in the bedroom are needed beige, cream, other soft pastel tones.
  2. High tech. Metal adores white and gray colors. And if the decor is added from transparent materials, the room will be simple, but at the same time very stylish.
  3. Country Natural, natural shades wallpapers in the country style in the style of country will be more appropriate than romantic, with the favorite Barbie flowers. Olive, gentle green, yellowish, sandy and other earthly colors are welcome.
  4. Scandinavian style prefers blue, white, gray colors. At the same time, the furniture needs a wooden or imitating tree.
  5. Modern. Furniture of carved wood furniture in weathered dark colors, decorative elements of a fantasy nature and a beige wallpaper in the bedroom - to choose a style that any room will transform and give it some fabulousness, an experienced designer with taste is.
  6. Retro style. Weightful curtains with a cheerful colors, mirrors in unusual frames, yellow or pink, with light orange strokes, a little bluish or salad wallpaper in the bedroom - to choose the style of the 60s is not as difficult as it seems. But such a bedroom can afford a man really in love in retro.
  7. Provence. Gentle French style with his love for curly baubles, white, pink, light-lilac, dairy, blue, pearl colors will like the romantic and gentle agents. Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom in the style of Provence will be blond tones.
  8. Sea style implies the use of white, blue, blue, sandy colors. It is necessary to purchase special furniture of bright shades, natural paints wallpapers in the bedroom - to choose the style of an avid sailor who dreams about the distant horizons is not difficult, using the advice of experts in the interior.

But from futurism with his love for acid colors, absolute conciseness of minimalism and from Loft style, where cold tones rule, choosing wallpaper in the bedroom, you should refuse. In such premises it will not be possible to relax.

Psychologists and experienced interior designers are also advised to listen to temperament, choosing wallpaper in the bedroom. It is necessary to choose the style and color gamut with a psychotype. So, Sanguins more like light warm tones. Stormy choler with all his love for red thorough wallpapers in the bedroom will thorough wallpapers - pick up the style for the room of this temperamental person will not be difficult. Flegmatikam and melancholics will be comfortable indoors with wallpaper of blue and green shades. Universal colors - white, dairy, pearl.

Light wallpaper in the bedroom

With the help of color easily visually expand or narrow the room. Making an emphasis on any surface, you can also achieve the effect of expanding space, even if the room cannot boast of large sizes. Light wallpaper in the bedroom is one of the design techniques.

In order to fill the room with air, choose cold shades, and to create the effect of the presence of the sun - light wallpaper in the bedroom are needed bright, soft.

According to experienced decorators, bright wallpaper in the bedroom will bring comfort.

Description: Sand, mustard colors, soft blue, light green, with peach tide, olive, sea wave color on a sunny day, light lilac.

Choosing light wallpaper in the bedroom, you need to not forget about what side the rooms are overlooking. So, if the sun looks into the windows all day, then the coating of the cold gamma is preferable. Blue or green wave floes are superfluous. If the room is not enough light, it is worth taking light wallpapers in the bedroom of yellowish, cream shades.

Light wallpaper in the bedroom, like any other, should be chosen, leaning on the color preferences of the apartment owners. If the host in honor is blue, and he is recommended to arrange a room in mustard tones, such a solution will not cause positive emotions. And in the bedroom, a person must be comfortable - this is the main rule.

Dark wallpaper in the bedroom

Only an experienced and bold designer will choose dark wallpaper into the bedroom. Rich colors are dangerous. Yes, dark wallpapers are less dirty, they look noble, but there is a chance that the interior will be filled with a mystical atmosphere, which is not every psyche. Dark wallpaper in the bedroom can only be punished when the owner of the dwelling is a sophisticated taste and does not believe in the otherworld.

What dark wallpaper in the bedroom is worth choosing: colors:

  • Saturated deep blue. According to psychologists, blue color contributes to the absence of a person from everything that is around, this is a flight into space.
  • Deep green. In the range with blue and lilac flowers, it is a palette causing peace and calm.
  • Bordeaux. It requires a rich interior, with royal notes. If purely red blocks, the burgundy shades restrain the rapid temperament, adjust into a calm and even a bit of the impulvet.
  • Brown. Natural shades have always been to honor when the colors were selected for the interior design of the bedroom. It is believed that natural color dark wallpaper in the bedroom will be able to give a person a positive energy. In such a room there is a sense of security: my house is my fortress.

Often, designers use black color, but only as one of the decor elements to emphasize any zone. Bedroom with black wallpaper will drive crazy.

Decorators warn: dark wallpapers are not allowed in a small room, neutral light panels are more suitable in the bedroom. Dark wallpapers are suitable only for large rooms.

If the size of the room allows you to use dark colors in the interior, then you should remember that:

  1. If dark wallpaper is planned in the bedroom, the room should have a large window. Natural lighting is necessary, so complex curtains are used - curtains from transparent tulle, which do not interfere with sunlight in the room during the day, and dense curtains, moved overnight.
  2. It is necessary to decorate with photo frames and mounted plants of the wall to look the dark wallpaper advantage. In the bedroom it is also desirable to carry out additional lighting, use wall lamps.
  3. If you decide to buy dark wallpapers in the bedroom, then the furniture should be chosen by light.

Such design will turn the previously ordinary bedroom in a stylish, exquisite and a little magic flower.

Combine wallpapers in the bedroom

If there is a desire to decorate the room, make it unique, you can try to play with shades.

Combine wallpaper in the bedroom should be if:

1. The room is not only a bedroom, but also has another functionality;

2. It is necessary to visually expand the room, visually push the walls and lift the ceiling;

3. There is a desire to emphasize any area of ​​the room;

4. Premises decoration with many defects that need to be disguised;

5. Wallpaper Different "MASTA", which I want to put into business.

The designer offered to arrange a bedroom using several types of coating. The housing owner agreed: "Combine!" Wallpaper in the bedroom should be combined in color, do not cause visual discomfort. If a professional is engaged in the interior, it is not worth worrying. If the amateur stated: "We combine wallpapers, in the bedroom will be as anyone else!", I should remember the following rules before arm themselves:

  • More than three colors in combination should not be;
  • The most ideal option is the use of two main colors;
  • Wallpaper texture should be seamless;
  • A similar ornament on the coatings used are welcomed;
  • Harmonious Wallpapers will look at the shades in the nearest colors segment.

I say a little: "Combine", the wallpaper in the bedroom should be chosen so that with the help of decorative reception to achieve the desired effect of the conversion of space. The principle "combine wallpapers in the bedroom" is not just an attempt to use the remaining pieces of wallpaper that you need to go somewhere. It is an opportunity to show a fantasy and fairly economical way to improve the interior, to bring a unique note to it.

Combine wallpapers in the bedroom: traditional ways:

  1. Horizontal. In this case, two main colors are needed from neighboring sectors. Properly selected wallpaper in the bedroom will help visually push the borders of the room. However, the horizontal method optic will lower the ceiling.
  2. Vertical. The method is good if you want to emphasize one of the surfaces or change the visually geometry of space. For example, in a long and narrow room one of the walls can visually "shorten", saving dark wallpaper. The vertical method is one of the most proven if you need to make adjustments: disguise asymmetry, hide defects and communication systems.
  3. Principle panel. The use of wallpaper with a rich texture is suitable for creating a panel on the wall. So you can decorate the wall above the headboard or on any other wall to which you want to attract attention. Wallpaper elements can be framed, give them integrity.
  4. Thus, the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom will allow you to come up with a unique interior. The literate interior of the bedroom is not just the design of one of the living rooms. This is an attempt to create a special oasis for rest, a hidden zone where there is no logging of everyday anxieties and concerns. This is the kingdom of calm, security. Therefore, to the interior of the bedroom it is worth up with all responsibility. One of the first steps is after determining the interior style - there will be a choice of wallpaper. The texture and color shade that will help create a special style and will give the room comfort.

What wallpaper to choose for a bedroom: photos of different types of wallpaper and their design, main nuances of choice

In the bedroom, wall decoration is very important, most often used for this wallpaper. It is worth noting that the selection of wallpaper for the bedroom is a very important point when repairing, it costs to pay due attention.

With the wrong selection of wallpaper, the entire design and interior of the bedroom can be spoiled.

Colors of wallpaper

The sale provided a wide range of wallpapers in a color solution, from bright and dark tones, both richly bright and calm pastel colors.

Mostly choose the bedroom wallpaper is worth the tones that are typical for the selected style solution. It is also worth considering the south or northern side of the room and what is its area.

Popular Bedroom Wallpaper Colors

Some of the most popular well-suitable for bedroom are considered both such colors:

  1. Blue and its tone - perfectly look for the design of the bedroom on, which is located on the sunny side. Also very well combined with white and turquoise color.
  2. Green and its tone - create a relax atmosphere in the bedroom. This color solution is suitable for the bedroom located on any side.
  3. Yellow pastel tones are suitable for the bedroom located on the north side. It is desirable to dilute with more saturated and deep paints.
  4. Beige color is the most popular color for the design of walls in the bedroom. Dark tones should be chosen for the bedroom on the south side, and brighter - for the bedroom from the northern side. Also, such tones can be diluted with brighter paints.

Dark colors, such as chocolate, dark brown, they give the room additional comfort, contribute to relaxation.

White bedroom color is a classic option that is well suited for any stylistic solution.

Not suitable bedroom wallpaper colors

There are certain colors that specialists do not advise use to finish the walls in the bedroom, namely:

  1. Red or orange tone - it is more likely to cause irritation.
  2. Purple tones also do not recommend using as the primary color in the bedroom.

It is worth very gently pick up yellow paints, as too bright and saturated yellow color is not very suitable for covering the walls of the bedroom.

Wallpaper with a drawing for the bedroom

Nice option Select wallpaper for walls in the bedroom with some pattern or pattern. Most Popular Categories Categories for Wallpaper:

  • Floral topics;
  • Various ornaments;
  • geometry.

Tips when choosing wallpaper with drawing

Before you choose a wallpaper for a bedroom with a pattern, it is necessary to take into account such moments:

  1. A pretty bright and contrast drawing visually reduces the area of ​​the room, so such a plan is suitable for a large spacious bedroom.
  2. The vertical pattern visually increases the height of the ceiling, and the horizontal will expand the room space.
  3. Wallpaper with strongly motley and catchy drawings is better glued to create an accent, highlight a specific area of ​​the room.
  4. Wallpaper on which there are patterns with reflections - an excellent solution for a small bedroom.

Bedroom Wallpaper Texture

Texture wallpapers - a very successful solution for the bedroom in which there are some defects or irregularities of the walls, they will easily hide them.

For the bedroom there are several of the most sought-after wallpaper by texture, namely:

  1. Imitation of decorative plaster - as a rule, phlizelin or vinyl wallpaper, matte or glossy in appearance.
  2. "Under canvas" - wallpapers are made in a wide color palette and are also able to hide some surface surface defects. This type wallpaper can be made under painting.
  3. Vegetable reliefs or geometric shapes - are made of such wallpaper from the material of phlizelin or vinyl. As a rule, they are only monophonic, but if desired, you can paint yourself on your own.

The main types of bedroom wallpapers

There is a significant number of wallpapers of different types, but allocate the main types of bedroom wallpapers, which are most often in demand:

  • based on paper;
  • based on Fliselin;
  • on the basis of textiles;
  • based on vinyl;
  • natural;
  • liquid;
  • Wall mural.

Each type of wallpaper is characteristic of their features and qualities, and also has certain advantages and minuses.

Paper wallpaper

Paper wallpapers are the budget of all others. This type wallpaper is considered environmentally friendly. It is worth noting that they have enough consumers, namely:

  • very poor resistance to damage;
  • Quite quickly burn out;
  • short-lived in use;
  • They are difficult to glue.

Therefore, such wallpapers are suitable only for the budget version of the repair work.

Fliselinova wallpaper

Fliselin wallpaper is much stronger than paper, and they are glued quickly and simple. Such wallpapers can be wet cleaning, breathing and very beautifully look at the walls.

They are on sale are presented in a very wide range of color and design, so you can choose the wallpaper of this type for the bedroom.

Textile wallpaper

Wallpaper textile type is also called fabric wallpaper. Such wallpapers are quite expensive, but very interesting in appearance. They attract dust to themselves, poorly endure increased humidity. It is worth noting that this type of wallpaper is good to use as an additional sound and noise insulation.

Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper is the most popular wallpapers in the bedroom. They are durable in operation, well tolerated high humidity. This type of wallpapers are available on sale in a wide range. It is worth noting that they are quite difficult to glue and need perfectly smooth walls.

Natural wallpaper

Natural type wallpaper - one of the most modern species, are considered environmentally friendly and very expensive compared to others. Main materials for their manufacture: Bamboo, cork, leaves, reed. Wallpapers of this type are very original in appearance, durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Photo wallpaper

In the bedroom, the photo wallpaper is used to create an accent, to highlight a specific area of ​​the room. The wallpaper of this type can be placed both in a vertical and horizontal position. It is necessary when choosing such wallpapers worth considering the color of the main wallpaper. As a rule, the bedroom choose the photo wallpaper from the category ornaments or floristics.

Wallpaper Options for Bedroom Style

In order to decide which wallpaper to shove in the bedroom, you need to decide on the common style of the room and choose according to its requirements. Each particular style has its own characteristics and requirements for finishing materials, especially for the wall covering.

Wallpaper for the classic bedroom

For the classic bedroom it is best to fit the wallpaper of light tones with large, medium patterns. From the color scheme prefers beige, cream pastel color. In the event that it is possible to combine wallpaper, you can choose wallpaper with dark tones for contrast.

Bedroom wallpapers Eco-style

For the Bedroom in Eco-style, it is necessary to use only wallpapers from natural materials that are environmentally friendly, completely safe for health. The color palette is suitable shades of green and tone of the tree.

Bedroom wallpapers in minimalism

For a minimalism bedroom, it is worth picking up a white-colors wallpaper if they are used to glue the entire area, and dark tones if the contrast will be created and it is worth it with pastel colors. When choosing wallpaper with drawings, the ideal option for minimalism is geometry and abstract compositions.

Bedroom wallpapers Provence

To glue the walls of the bedroom in the style of Provence, it is worth picking a wallpaper in bright colors: pink, milk, blue, pearl, light-purple and white color. If there is a desire to use the wallpaper with a pattern, it is worth paying attention to the floral chalk prints, as well as peas, cocks.

Loft Bedroom Wallpaper

For the bedroom in Loft style material for wall decoration as wallpaper is not very often chosen. If desired, all the same bleach the wallpaper should pick up the floor imitation of bricks or bright monophonic wallpapers. It is worth noting that for the bedroom in this style, the wallpaper is used only to create an accent.

Nuances when choosing a bedroom wallpaper

Before making a choice towards any wallpapers for the bedroom, it is worth considering some important points:

  1. Dark tones wallpaper should be chosen only for a large spacious room, as they visually reduce the space.
  2. The sleeping room is best to find the wallpaper warm, light tones, which will give extra warmth and comfort.
  3. If wallpaper of different colors are used, then they must be one species and texture.
  4. If there are some defects on the walls, the drawing diagonally can hide them from view.
  5. It is not recommended to choose the wallpaper of more than 3 tones.
  6. The tone of the wallpaper should not merge with the color of the furniture, but also should not be highlighted either.
  7. Wallpapers can be combined in the bedroom with other finishing materials, but they must look harmoniously.
  8. Wallpaper will be wider easier and easier to glue.
  9. When buying multiple rolls of the same wallpaper, you need to check the party number, because sometimes the tonality can be different in appearance.
  10. Wallpaper with horizontal stripes will expand the space, and with vertical - the height of the ceiling.

The selection of wallpapers for the bedroom is a very important point and it is worth picking up their taking into account all the nuances, the most important: the style of the bedroom, the area, the height of the ceiling, the condition of the walls and of course the personal tastes should also be considered. It is also worth remembering that the wallpaper should be safe for health.

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