Pandora or Starline 2019- Alarm Comparison

Pandora or Starline - Alarm Comparison

Consider several important points from which you need to repel when selecting alarm for a specific car.

The first thing that is worth noting the fact that Pandora and Starline have won the confidence of car owners by the quality and innovations in the field of security systems for vehicles.

The main thing is that you need to draw your attention: the system is selected based on the car itself, the features of using them and the set of functions of the necessary car owner.
  1. Even depending on the configuration of the same car model, the choice may fall on different systems.
  2. For example, based on our experience:
  3. When choosing a system for Kia Rio 2018, the Starline is preferred, since when connecting the control door, it will cope better.

For Toyota versa 2011, Pandora is better suitable, because only she bypasses the factory immobilizer without booking the key.

When installing on Toyota Prado, 2018, we recommend Starline which automatically blocks invincible access without the host presence near, which is very important to protect against theft, and Pandora needs this moment before tune. But the default Pandora folds the mirror when setting up, Starline needs this function before connecting.

In order to know such differences, it is necessary to delve into the car database and security systems and have a large practical installation experience.

Pandora and Starline in one price category, in essence of identical configuration and functionality the same has differences.

  • Those who are used to actively use the phone (for example, for paying purchases, etc.), the Starline will like .
  • For fans of accurate setting of shock sensors, launch temperature, warm-up time to hundredths, there will be preferable Pandora.
  • Such nuances are usually not written on the manufacturer's sites.
  • We have prepared a couple of comparison more popular and seemingly equal auto alarms for comparing the general characteristics of some Starline and Pandora systems
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  • Pandora DX 90B or StarLine E96
  • We note those items of characteristics that coincide:
  • Bluetooth system data interfaces allow you to control the alarm settings at a distance of up to70 meters from the car, remove with security or run the engine to warm up

The alert of the troubleshooting of the alarm reaches up to two kilometers like Pandora DX 90B and StarLine E96.

Running the engine and additional heaters occurs at a temperature, alarm clock, timer and command to the owner.

The ability to maintain the second factory key from the owner is carried out by the cloning procedure.

Record low power consumption, and stable communication between system components.

Both DX 90B and E96 models have 2 CAN and LIN digital interfaces that allow them to integrate them into a standard car system with minimal intervention, while ensuring the maximum level of protection.

  • Flexible signaling outputs to which you can program additional equipment. (for example, the inclusion of the DVR on the shock sensor)
  • The system includes a single basic bracer and one anti-dimensional label.
  • Now about the obvious difference in Pandora DX 90B or StarLine E96:

Key rings are working at different frequencies. Starline operates at 434 MHz, it is more "scored" frequency, while it breaks better reinforced concrete obstacles. Pandora at a frequency of 868 MHz, which gives an advantage in the range in the open space.

The ability to maintain the second factory key from the owner is carried out by the cloning procedure.

The keychain of Pandora has innovative design and less susceptible to scratches. Staline advantage is that when the keychain is lost, it is faster and cheaper to replace.

StarLine makes it possible to add optional GSM management to its users. Pandora limits its owners in this choice.

In terms of security properties of Starline E96. Engine lock is carried out using standard tires to exchange data over the patented ICAN technology.

Pandora, in our opinion, is initially aimed at maximum configuration and has less location to analog cars, but it provides more accurate autorun setting algorithms and protection zones.

Prices in our Installation Center: Pandora DX 90B will cost 15700 rubles with turnkey installation. StarLine E96 16250 R

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, an important moment for some. Starline is a huge antenna on the windshield and a blue LED. Pandora in this regard is more interesting, the antenna is built into the base unit, which is much smaller than the Staple block, the LED goes along with the VALET button and usually hides under the trim or does not connect. The same applies to sirens, the new siren from Pandora is not striking even when installing the most visible place under the hood. There is definitely wins Pandora.Next Our Couple: Pandora DXL 4910 and Starline AS96BT GSM GPS

By analogy with the previous pair, consider similar characteristics: Control from the phone via a GSM communication via a mobile application at any point of the planet.

Accurate determination of coordinates thanks to the GPS antenna.

Complete two anti-dimensional tags are included.

And now we run on the differences that can play a huge role when choosing: Pandora 4910 or Staline S96

As for the range of validity, the fact that the remote antenna is that the built-in, difference is difficult to notice, you want to catch the radio signal well put the system with Lora or use GSM.Pandora distinguished himself with its own battery for operation during food interruptions from the car itself.

  • Also, DXL 4910 has three SAN and two LIN lines in arsenal (Staline S96 in two lines). Not often requiring a feature, but in some cases, depending on the particular car, it may be a decisive factor when choosing a system.
  • To protect the quality of the GSM signal, the DXL 4910 signal has the ability to install two sim cards from different operators.
  • StarLine has a touch sensor in the configuration of its system AS96BT to expand the functions of the car's comfort (free access) and the security properties of the complex (non-standard entry PIN authorization).
  • The difference in Pandora DXL 4910 and Starline AS96BT GSM + GPS will be 2900 rubles in favor of Starline.
  • Output:

Car owner independently happens quite difficult to make the optimal choice between these Starline or Pandora brands given the many nuances.

And to save your time and money, we are always ready to advise in more detail and help choose the system for you and your car. It is enough to just call 227-0-800 or visit our hijacking studio on Cherepanov 23.

There is an amateur, but the Basic Pandora Block is more convenient to configure than Starline. However, the Starline will be preferable for independent installation, there are installation maps for a large number of models and different years of release.Set the question Today the market presents many car alarms. They are similar to each other on the functionality and have a similar degree of protection, but among the owners there is no consensus, which is better - Pandora or Starline. In favor of each option there are their arguments (for example, the presence of a GSM module), but there are disadvantages. The comparison of systems similar to the category is presented below, it is designed to answer this question.

What to choose: Pandora or Starline with auto start

According to the manufacturer's statements, the Starline code cannot be hacked even with the help of a special device (debugger).
Advanced options are equipped with a special CAN-bus that ensures reliable feedback. It is also important that when installing such systems, interference in the standard posting is minimal. This implies minimizing risk in terms of various glitches. Also, the Starline alarm has a multitude of additional features - the car owner can configure the turbo-timer, remotely start the engine over the alarm clock or engine temperature, find out the current location of the car. Pandora manufacturer is positioned as a premium brand. A distinctive feature of the company's models is the ability to control the connection. Also, all models have a CAN bus for a lightweight installation procedure. Basic versions also have the autorun function, and advanced options offer an increased range, reduced power consumption, as well as the ability to connect GSM modules. When choosing a suitable car alarm and comparison of parameters, you need to pay attention to whether the variants of the models of the same class are. It is also important to understand their functionality, the estimated cost, the support of the support service and potential problems during operation.
Pandora DX50 or Starline A63 Two of these alarms are representatives of one price segment. The cost of the system is about 6,000 rubles. The advantages of the complex can be considered: Individual encryption keys;
receiver on 128 channels; the possibility of connecting to the CAN bus; A wide range of operating temperatures from -50 to +85;
rich set of secondary functions; Pandora DX-50 complex also refers to this price category. The cost of the set is about 7,000 rubles, and the main differences is to provide the main keyfoot with a leather case, an enlarged number of locks, a shock sensor with a hundred levels of configuration, as well as a MINI-USB programming through the Alarm Studio setup system. Compare Pandora 50S auto alarm and Starline A63
Experts note that in terms of confronting the hijacking both systems equally reliable. Car alarm uses a special dialog code that is excellent encrypted and is not subject to hacking with a grabber. At the same time, Pandora has a slightly wide range of function. For example, allows you to configure autorun with a weak battery charge. However, even the model of one segment of Pandora stand a little more expensive (1500-2000 rubles). StarLine A93 or Pandora DX50 ++
Video. Many owners become in front of the choice of car alarm of this model. The table below will help make the right step. Functions
Pandora DX50. Starline A93. Price
8000. 6000.


The main key chain with the LCD display and the case (as a gift), as well as a spare console.

Remote with display and additional key chain.

Operating temperature range

From -55 to +85 degrees


From -50 to +85 degrees

Connecting to CAN CAN
Khina Number of locks Unlimited Not more than two Sensor hit 100 options settings 15 levels Autostat By engine temperature;
By timer; On alarm clock; Accumulating accumulator;

On the motor temperature;

On the temperature of the cabin;
In time. Number of protected areas

Nine + protection from dismantling discs.





  • and program
  • Alarm.
  • Studio.
  • Directly with PC.

Via the currency service key. Communication frequency

The display itself ... will be clearly visible

868 MHz

433.9 MHz

Pandora DX 50B or Starline A93 In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand what the Pandora DX50 model is different from Pandora DX50 B. The latter modification refers to more advanced models. So, Pandora DX50 B has a key chain of another color and an original icon on a liquid crystal display. Here the car is specified with the view from above, respectively, you can always determine which one the door is open at the moment - passenger or driver. But the main difference is the introduction of Clouding technology (manufacturer's authoring).

Thanks to this, the system can interact with cases with adventure access (new Mazda 6, Forester and others). Starline is suitable only for those cars where the CAN bus is used.

What is better than StarLine A93 or Pandora DX50S

The version of Pandora DX50C has replaced its predecessor. So, the manufacturer solved the main problems expressed by the owners. Through the use of a new element base, it was possible to significantly reduce the power consumption of the key fob. Now the batteries do not go so quickly. Moreover, the system offers a special version of the porter of the immobilizer, which allows you to create a digital copy of the original key. Starline is characterized by the simplicity of installation, reduced cost relative to Pandora and the possibility of additional improvement. For example, the driver can optionally install a GSM module or a mobile application that allows you to control the multiple functions directly from the smartphone. StarLine A93 VS Pandora DX90
Starline offers owners simple to use and efficient system at an adequate price. Protection occurs due to the use of a special dialog code, in addition, this model has a MEGAPOLIS regime, a significantly reinforcing signal and reducing the effect of interference. To all, the system has additional options: Telematics allows you to install GSM and GPS transmitter in order to find out about the location of the machine, as well as contact GLONASS if necessary. It is also possible to control various service functions; There is a possibility of free monitoring. The owner determines the coordinates of the car directly on the startline map;
Easy installation Thanks to the CAN bus. It also can also be successfully bypassed adventure access. For the positive identification of the owner, it will be necessary to approach the car with an immibylizer in his pocket; At the same time, the cost of Starline is several thousand cheaper than Pandora DX90. However, the latter has an upgraded ARM M4 controller and the installation occurs with minimal interventions in the on-board network, which avoids potential errors or glitches.
Additional advantage is the function of protection against theft of wheels, which is activated immediately when the car is set. Pandora DX90B or Starline A93 The main feature of the new Pandora DX90B model relative to the standard configuration is the built-in multifunctional Bluetooth interface. It guarantees excellent stability and convenience. All components of the system that the owner can purchase separately (Radiometric, Relay, Podcast Module, Convice), Easily work in a bundle. And new components made it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption, and one battery is now enough for half a year. In addition, the owner is available for a convenient mobile application for iOS or Android, allowing you to manage most of the functions directly from the phone. But also the phone can act as a block. At the same time, the system has a relatively small price - about 12 thousand rubles.
8000. For comparison - Starline A93 is estimated at 8500-9000 rubles. Pandora DX90L or Starline A93
The Pandora DX90L model refers to a cheap price segment, just comparable to the Starline A93 model. Below is a table that allows you to compare the system data functionality. ++
Function Pandora DX90B or Starline A93 Pandora DX90L
Starline A93. ++
Cost ++
From 9500 rubles ++
Car alarm uses a special dialog code that is excellent encrypted and is not subject to hacking with a grabber. At the same time, Pandora has a slightly wide range of function. For example, allows you to configure autorun with a weak battery charge. However, even the model of one segment of Pandora stand a little more expensive (1500-2000 rubles). From 8500 rubles ++
Brecks The main remote control with the LCD, the additional keychain is absent. ++

The two consoles are the main, with the LCD screen, as well as the spare console in case of the main thing.

Control from phone "In fact, the display is really visible, but the information on it is not visible even in the winter days when the sun barely breaks through the tuch. Although the keychain is really stylish.Absent. Optionally available subject to installation


- Module.

Optional, 2500 rubles.

Available in the basic version.

Thank you all for your attention! This is only an opinion not to treat it seriously, and then suddenly the feelings of the adepts of one of the camps.Cranema immobilizer GLONASS

Optionally available. Turbotaymer Control of the preheater
Pandora DX50 or Starline A63 Tilt sensor in three planes -tire
Slave. -mode Pandora X1800BT or StarLine S96
Often car owners face the choice between these two models. At the same price, they possess a similar set of functions. According to the first reviews, the security complexes are implemented in a similar way, but Pandora delivers more problems in terms of operation. Starline will face and forces the owner to contact technical support. и Claims concern only autorun implementation at critical temperatures (below -30), however, this problem may be associated with the technical features of the machine (starter, a weak battery charge, etc.). The advantages of Pandora can be classified a remote start function by battery charging. But most users leaning towards the choice in favor of Starline. STARLINE S96 or PANDORA DXL3910 PRO signaling These models are similar to each other functionally and in terms of cost. At the same time, Pandora offers Clone technology support (no longer need to leave the keys in the car). The system is equipped with a autorun function for many parameters, which is convenient and facilitates the life of the owner. But some drivers complain about periodic "glitches" of the system.
At the same time, Starline S96 offers a slightly cheaper, but no less interesting option. The complex is equipped with 2Can 2Lin bus, which implies the minimum of interventions to the staffing system and reduce the likelihood of failures. Optionally, you can buy a GPS module for communication with GLONASS. PANDORA DXL3910 PRO or STARLINE AS96 Both sets relate to the premium segment and a large number of functions have been implemented here, both in a protective plan and in the segment that facilitates the driver's life.
Correctly evaluate the complexes and make sure the choice will help the table below. Property

Starline AS96.

DXL3910 PRO.

From 22 000 rubles


Starline AS96.

DXL3910 PRO.

From 22 000 rubles

Advanced options are equipped with a special CAN-bus that ensures reliable feedback. It is also important that when installing such systems, interference in the standard posting is minimal. This implies minimizing risk in terms of various glitches. Also, the Starline alarm has a multitude of additional features - the car owner can configure the turbo-timer, remotely start the engine over the alarm clock or engine temperature, find out the current location of the car. From 25 000 rubles Type of Communication
8000. Bloodless Bilateral
GSM. ++
GPS. Number of locks -module Well no Number of locks Both in stock Number of security zones
eleven sixteen Types of security

Quiet regime

Silent guard
  • Automatic setting
  • Panic mode and anti-primilation
  • Service Mode, Spotlight Management, Setting the label, "Free Hands" mode, diagnostic mode.

Service mode, trunk lock and doors lock, panic mode.

According to the alarm, at intervals of time, by engine temperature or salon.

In time, by timer, temperature, as well as the charge of the battery.

Scan protection




CAN -Module with a corporate immobilizer Tilt and impact sensor To purchase another new car, I buy a car for at least three years, I put myself a task to choose a security system for your car, here with such a functionality: - Control of the opening of all doors, hood and trunk - blocking the engine from non-authorized start-sensor, impact and motion sensor - Getting operational information about the status of the vehicle-remote start of the engine from a mobile phone. You see, the protection of the car wanted to combine with such a pleasant function as the remote start of the engine of the car, which in turn saves time and will have a positive effect on health (warm salon and the seat to my arrival in Car). After a certain search came to the conclusion that there are two competing producer of anti-theft systems among motorists in great demand and confidence - Pandora and Starline. Often there are disputes on these two firms. Some say that they are equally good. Object systems are responsible according to the characteristics of my list requirements, and they are combined by such positive moments as non-scanned dialog box when removing with the label, the implementation of the autorun clone, Slave mode. So if business? Having a personal experience of using Pandora 3910 Pro, compared it with the experience of a comrade, who has Star Line A93 Eco.3 levels.

Two levels.

  • What to choose StarLine B96BT or Pandora 4790
  • The main advantages of the Starline B96W system is the intelligent engine start option. Due to this, you can implement a remote start depending on the temperature of the engine, the cabin, as well as the voltage in the onboard network. In addition, the complex has:
  • Safe owner identification. Authentication occurs due to the key-label, respectively, the attacker cannot penetrate the salon;

Telematics. The owner has the ability to monitor the protection systems directly from the phone, while away from the car;

Advanced functionality. For example, the system has the feature of anti-keijack. The security complex after the setup will analyze the algorithms for pressing the pedals and in the case of a sharp change of parameters, may decide that the car was hijacked. After that, for 60 seconds, an automatic engine lock will occur.

The new flagship from Pandora offers the entire spectrum of protection and additional features for its owner. For example, the system can be controlled directly from the smartphone, and the complex itself is equipped with not only autorun, but also a Bluetooth interface, GSM modem and GLONASS module.

The protection against theft is implemented through special anti-theft tags. At the same time, the owner can implement Hands FREE mode and the complex independently recognizes the driver when approaching and open the doors. A stylish keychain works on the battery, so the problem with the discharged battery is resolved. Charging passes through mini-USB. Additionally, the system offers control of the main and secondary features through the application from its smartphone or tablet. Full functionality is available only at close range (50-70 meters). Communication is carried out on a Bluetooth connection, and not through the Internet, which is completely free.

The complex also has alarm emergency power, so there will be no problems with a sex or disabled battery. The complex continues to operate and notify the owner of an unauthorized access attempts.

The main minus Pandora 4790 is its price, which can reach 50,000 rubles. But the buyer can count on a bonus in the form of two-month free maintenance and provision of Pandora-satellite services.

Pandora DXL4400 or Starline V67

Manufacturers produce their alarms not only for car owners, but also for host motorcycle. In this segment it is worth highlighting two models: Pandora DXL4400 and STARLINE V67.

The advantages of both complexes should include high resistance to intellectual hacking. The special dialog code is not collapsed with a grabber. Among the advantages of the first system - the ability to automatically start the engine (although in relation to motorcycles is quite controversial).

Many are wondering than this signaling differs from the Star Line A93 model? So, it is functionally nothing. Simply, the kit does not provide for the second additional keychain that according to the manufacturer's statements makes the system more affordable. The positive authority of Starline, and such an affordable price contributed to the decision of the decision of this model of the acquisition of this model. What is missing the functional of Star Line A93 Eco? To most comfortably use the alarm, you must separately connect the CAN module separately (this is a car tire controller). And only after that you can get your favorite Slave (note, it allows you to control the alarm using a regular key). As well as the GSM module. It turns out that buying Star Line A93 Eco, we acquire car alarm with a lot of potential opportunities from a good manufacturer. But the lot of potential opportunities for which you have to pay extra! Of course, Starline is the quality and reliability, but in this model - it is also the minimum (unfortunately) a set of basic functions. In addition, in the STAR Line A93 system, we see 11 protected cars: interior interior, body (tilt sensors and impact), ignition, parking brake, doors, hood, trunk, brake pedal, two engine sensors8000.

However, given the fact that the system comes the battery, the start setting for a small battery can be useful.

You can also equip the signaling by a label that allows you to determine the coordinates. Minosu system can be considered a majority - from 14,000 rubles.

StarLine V67 offers a more democratic price - from 11 500 rubles. At the same time, the system is equipped with a special immobilizer, and programming and configuration occur on a special Bluetooth channel using a special programmer. It is not very convenient, because this equipment is present solely on specialized services. It is also worth noting a very small current consumption, which allows you to live the battery longer. Optionally, you can install a special lighthouse that will act in sleep mode. It turns on only by the command of the owner sent to the SMS service number with the appropriate code. From flaws can be noted: the impossibility of the remote control of GSM; relatively large beaches; .  

Features Pandora 3910 ProThe impossibility of the remote engine start.

Sheran, Pandora or Starline: What is better by the opinion of experts

Expert opinion for the most part is inclined in favor of Pandora. It was these complexes that were in the top of the installers in 2017 and 2018. Some insurance companies even draw up CASCO on preferential conditions if this system has been installed on the car. It is believed that it is Pandora that provides the most comprehensive protection.

At the same time, StarLine in the 2021th slightly lags behind Pandora. Developers claim that their dialog code is also not subject to hacking. Moreover, according to the functionality, these systems are extremely similar (if you compare representatives of one price segment). In this case, the cost of Starline turns out to be significantly lower.

It is worth remembering that any car, whatever the system on it stood: StarLine, Pandora or Scher-Khan - can still be hijacked. Therefore, the main selection lies in the plane of convenience, and here the StarLine gets the palm of the championship due to a 24-hour support service, as well as an excellent optimized mobile application.

Ownership reviews

Yes, certainly more money was laid for this alarm. Initially, I did not particularly peered into the functionality, just more trust for some reason called Pandora. In fact, it turned out so - the potential in Starline the possibilities were already implemented in Pandora 3910 Pro. Namely: - There is an integrated CAN module and GSM module. At the same time, simultaneous operation with two digital tires is supported. It pleases compatibility with many third-party equipment, which makes the regulation of the system of the system really convenient. It is possible to connect to it not only with the help of a smartphone, but also a tablet, and even "smart" hours. The system keeps under control of sixteen protected zones, which cover all those in Star Line A93 Eco GSM, but additionally control the voltage in The onboard network is reminded of forgotten dimensions, they seem to seem even completely harmless touch to the car. It is no secret that modern attackers are sufficiently minimal contact with the car to damage the protection system and hijack it. It is worth mentioning the presence of the CLone service in Pandore. It is such a thing that allows you to absolutely safely implement the remote or automatic start of the engine, while there is no need to leave the second key in the cabin. This is how my personal comparison of two car alarms - Pandora 3910 Pro and Star Line A93 Eco. Whenking everything you need to signal Starline (2can Lin + GSM module), I would have come out in the price a little more expensive than Pandora. In my eyes, the first won due to the realization of a number of functions, and not their potential presence and connection for additional money. After all, the subsequent installation and dustcomplement is an excess headache and finance consumption. Although the initial competent installation is of great importance, it will immediately use the system to use the full program. Therefore, I entrusted this case to professionals from Liudor Service. Everything I wrote below is my personally and my observations :-)Nikolai, 36 years old:

Put on the car Staline A96. Before that stood Pandora DX50. She strongly delivered problems - the batteries had to be changed often, and it was buggy thoroughly. Particularly annoyed that the specialists can only be accessed on working days, and if the fault happened on the weekend - these are your problems. As for the brand, which positions itself as a premium - not very good. Now I use Starline for half a year - I am satisfied with everything one hundred. The functionality is the same, and there are fewer problems at times. One time could not understand the implementation of the turbotimer, so helped in a couple of hours. My choice is unequivocal.

Gennady, 32 years:

By car installed Pandora DXL3910 Pro. Satisfied with everyone except the price. As for me - 25 thousand is multiple for the alarm. It is a pity that the installers said that only she approaches my discovery. I was pleased that there was a small discount on the insurance. But on features and convenience - a very cool complex. There is everything you need, and you can even track the current position of the car through the phone. Some functions are managed from it. In my opinion, a good system, if not sorry to give 25+ rubles per set and installation.

Pandora or StarlineWhat autorun is better, Pandora or Starline? Almost all car alarms of these brands have automatic and remote launch systems. The model line has exceptions from the rules like StarLine A63 Eco and Pandora DXL 4300.

There is no special difference in the functionality and settings between StarLine and Pandora products in this regard. Manufacturers offer both simple security systems and multifunction anti-theft complexes with remote control of the engine with a smartphone, automatic start by timer, alarm clock, etc.

The only difference that is worth noting is to be more flexible setting up autorun temperature at Pandora alarms. Held After 1 degree (-5 °, -6 °, -7 °, etc.) . Starline's security systems this indicator is 3 degrees (-6 °, -9 °, etc.) Reliability of work

Pandora vs StarlineWhat signal is better, Starline or Pandora, in terms of reliability of work? This is a difficult question that is not a clear answer. Both manufacturer pay attention to the quality and stability of the operations of the systems. Buyers have different points of view on this score. There are both positive and negative feedback regarding the reliability of the operation of car alarms.

It is important to note that the performance of security systems depends largely on the correctness of the installation, connecting and configuring the main equipment and additional devices. The more complicated the security and service system and wider it is equipped, the more experienced and skillful must be installers.

It will be problematic to establish and customize the security systems of the premium level like Starline will win B96 and Pandora DXL 4970 in handicraft conditions. Mounting errors can lead to incorrect operation of security complexes and implement far from all functions declared by the manufacturer.

Thus, it is important to install at official representatives of the NGO telemetry companies and Starline. Certified service centers have all the necessary work equipment, have highly qualified personnel with extensive experience.

Only in such services you can get a long warranty on installation (3-5 years) and save the dealer warranty on a new machine.

Also in this case, the installation and alarm connection will cost it cheaper by about 4-8 thousand rubles than in the auto show. However, it is important that the service is certified.

Pandora DX-50

Convenience control What car alarm is better, Starline or Pandora in terms of disposal of control? Depending on the model, anti-theft systems of both manufacturers are supplied with standard keyfobs, radio players, or support remote access to a guarded car using a smartphone. The car owner can choose for itself the most convenient way to control. At the same time, STARLINE security complexes have a wider choice of keyfobs of different shapes, sizes and structural versions. NPO Telemetry LLC has a smaller assortment.

However, in the Pandora model line, there are auto alarms with modulation Lora. These security complexes have an increased feedback range, providing remote control using keyfobs. NPO "Starline" there are no analogues of this technology.

Number of settings The security systems of both brands have a large number of settings, allowing the user to choose the sensitivity of various sensors, the engine of the engine autorun, the mode of operation of the preheater, etc. That is why the comparison is better to spend on models. We will analyze on the example of Starline A93 and Pandora DX50B. These are inexpensive car alarms with CAN-LIN-modules and 10 independent security zones.

What is better than Pandora or Starline A93 in terms of changes in parameters? At the first you can configure the automatic start of the engine at a smaller step ( 1 against 3 degrees ). Another advantage of the security system from NPO telemetry is a greater number of sensitivity settings for motion sensors, tilt and impact (

100 against 15 points
100 against 15 points

У ). However, this comparison is fairly not for all models. Programming and changing operating parameters

You can use a USB interface or a special mobile application to program new anti-theft systems StarLine. For the security systems of past generations, the programmer and the service button are used for this. Programming new Pandora car alarms is also carried out via a USB connector or Pandora BT program.

In this regard, the security and service complexes of both brands differ simplicity of changes in parameters. Allows you to configure the operation of various equipment, such as preheaters (Webasto, Hydron or Binar) without any problems. To make it easier to choose a high-quality heater for the car, follow the link
In this regard, the security and service complexes of both brands differ simplicity of changes in parameters. Allows you to configure the operation of various equipment, such as preheaters (Webasto, Hydron or Binar) without any problems. To make it easier to choose a high-quality heater for the car, follow the link

Another topic from the Eternal Disputes series and today we will analyze the market for car alarms. Manufacturers of security systems today are more than enough, but the most popular are two players - Starline and Pandora. Each car owner, buying a car thinks about his additional equipment, I want to add comfort, security, style.

The alarm with toning is the most popular retrofit, so in 2008 a familiar locksmith resigned with a hundred and began to glue tint in his garage and put alarm system, given the purchasing demand for the car in those years, he did not get out of the garage. I propose to start a comparison with such an item as

Cost , the price tag is what everything usually begins. In this regard, Starline is Volkswagen, and Pandora is Mercedes. It concerns prices for an absolutely any company's device, for example, for the sake of savings, many installers with Pandora alarms are used by the Starline immobilizer cross. Starline sold the market with its diversity of complete sets, for example, a competent installer can easily save you tools. Realizing autorun on A63 on your own through additional. Channels and relays. The final cost will not exceed 10 thousand with the installation (although the addition of the installer). Pandora has the most popular version now - DX90B, there is a Bluetooth and a minimum set of necessary, often with the installation you can hear the price in the region of 12 thousand. Potential?

Pandora DX-50

Here we will talk about the possibility of upgrading and retrofitting, very often, after some time after setting the alarm, you realize that it would not be superfluous to have a GSM connection with the car, since the radio key chain loses the connection at sufficiently short distances.

In this plan


It gives you the opportunity to deliver any module, even in the simplest model, so in A63 you can insert a CAN adapter, GSM module and so on. That is, it is possible with the time to "finish" a complete set of its alarm. Again, it is cheaper, GSM is about 5,000. This set of Starline is about 4500, it is installed quickly, the tariff is not the most profitable. Pandora You need to take the system with Bluetooth, then there is an opportunity to put the NAV-09 block for 10,000 and get all the charms GSM and GPS tracking. Also, wireless relays can also be connected to systems with "BT" that allow you to supplement the system with wireless locks or implement other functional on their basis by avoiding the wiring of the wires from the main unit. Setting installation

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