How to accelerate the growth of nails at home: means and tips

Means to accelerate nail growth: how to speed up the process?


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Reflect healthy nails - the task is not simple, but fully achievable. Consider what cosmetics, masks, the baths will help speed up the growth of the nails and make them healthy and beautiful.

How quickly grow nails

There are curious patterns in the growth of nails:

  • At night, the growth is faster than the day;
  • Nails on the hands grow twice as fast as on the legs;
  • In summer, the growth rate is doubled, in comparison with the winter;
  • Medium, non-name and index finger on hand - record holders in the growth rate of the nail plate;

The process of growth of nails depends on the set of factors. Masses the time and time of year, and the floor, and age. Scientists have established that during the day the length increases by 0.15 mm, but this indicator is considered averaged. An important indicator in determining the speed is the floor. It has been proven that women in their entire lives will grind 4.5 meters of nails, and men are just 4 meters.

Causes of nail growth slowdown

Nails on hands are subject to constant influence - from coatings and work on the house can. All this can significantly slow the reflection of the plate. There are other factors affecting this indicator:

  • Incorrect meals The lack of beneficial substances and the shortage of important vitamins primarily affects the nails. They slow down in growth, change the color and structure.
  • Diseases. Cadic problems, diabetes and blood breeding - the main enemies of the plate. If you grow beautiful nogot, it does not work in any way, and their quality leaves much to be desired - this is a reason to appeal to the doctor;
  • Bad habits. About the dangers of smoking and alcohol are known to everyone. Remember that the refusal of destructive addiction will have a positive effect on the state of the whole organism and nails - no exception;
  • Injuries. Serious bruise of the nail growth zone slows down the plate's reflection and distorts its appearance.
  • Fungus. Distribution fungus occurs gradually and is not always noticeable. Onychomicosis affects the appearance, structure and thickness. The plate is deformed and fully stops in growth. Get rid of the fungus will help appeal to the doctor.

Vitamins and trace elements

With such a variety of causes of slowing speed, there are no less than the receptions that will allow to grow long and healthy nails. First of all, these are important minerals for the whole organism, vitamins and trace elements.

  • Vitamin A. It affects the growth of the plate, and with sufficient quantity makes it smooth and smooth;
  • Vitamins of group V. B1, B2, B6 and B12 - vitamins against peeling. By maintaining the integrity of the plate, its growth is also accelerated;
  • Vitamin C. Strengthens the nails, and also has an antibacterial effect;
  • Vitamin E. Accelerates growth, strengthens the plate, but in excess can harm not only the length, but also the appearance of the nail;
  • Vitamin N. Excellent assistant in the struggle for long and healthy marigolds. It is recommended for brittle and fragile marigolds;
  • Magnesium, zinc, iron. A sufficient number of these elements in the body will make nails healthy, and will also help in the rope of the desired length.

You can get these components in two ways - from products and from vitamin complexes.

Products for strengthening and growing nails

Before taking cardinal measures in the struggle for beautiful nails, you should pay attention to the composition of your diet. Perhaps it is in the wrong nutrition that the problem of slow growth lies.

  • Indispensable for nail growth fruits and vegetables. They are sources of vitamins A, C, B and D. Regular use of fresh products in a Complete Care Complex will help to cope with the brittleness;
  • Gelatin. The filler fish, jelly and marmalade will help to cope with the fragility and prevent peeling.

Vitamin complexes

With a shortage of vitamins in the diet, you can refer to vitamin and mineral complexes.

  • Pantomigar. In one drug capsule, the drug contains many useful elements, among which: keratin and vitamins B5 and B6. In the complex, these components help for hair and nails and are able to cope with a number of other problems.
  • Complivit "shine" . The manufacturer has a lot of vitamin lines, but it is the "radiance" complex affects the quality and growth rate of the nail. The tool includes several active ingredients. Calcium for strengthening, vitamins A, C and E to enhance collagen and nicotinic acid to restore the damaged plate structure.
  • Nicotinic acid "Farmstandard" . The drug is produced in ampoules and tablets. Before use, you should consult with the doctor, since the oversuetty of substances can cause side effects.
  • Witrum Beauty. The drug is complex and affects several problems at once, among which and brittle nails. Bad requires cocked application and pleases the result after the first month of reception.


Anny Salcium Nail Attack

Anny Salcium Nail Attack

Anny Salcium Nail Attack is a means for growing and strengthening nails, contains calcium, milk proteins and oils. It has a beneficial effect on the quality of the nail and cuticle.

The composition is applied overnight, and is washed off by ordinary soap when washing hands. It is not worth using it as a base for varnish - in the evening the region will get rid of the coating. It is recommended to use courses for 2-3 days in the intervals between the nail plate coating.

Mavala ScientifyQue.

MAVALA SCIENTFIQUE to strengthen nails

MAVALA SCIENTFIQUE Means for strengthening Swiss-made nails is used for general improvement in the quality of the nail and stimulation of growth. Recently, the product has become widespread in Russia due to an effective action, it is impossible to name it.

Mavala Scientifique is applied with a special tassel and hardens after drying. It is impossible to apply a means on the cuticle and under the plate, but if it still happened, you need to immediately remove the composition from unwanted places.


Eveline Nail Strengthening Line

Eveline Cosmetics has a whole range of means for strengthening, restoring and rapid speed. Consider the Eveline tool "Professional Preparation Activating Nail Health".

Budget price and economical consumption. However, the composition of the drug is not ideal - one of the components is formaldehyde. The substance has a negative effect on the quality of the nail plate and serves as an allergen.

For confidence, you can test the sensitivity test to formaldehyde components in the composition. To verify the reaction, a small amount of money should be applied to 1 nail and leave for several hours. With the appearance of burning, redness or any other non-standard reactions, the applied composition must be removed immediately. It is impossible to use the tool.

Bandi Cololab Nail Tonic Ultra Strengthner

• Bandi Collab Nail Tonic Ultra Strengthner to strengthen nails

SOS Cololab Nail Tonic System is an oily remedy with a pleasant fragrance is applied daily in the evening. The effect is visible in a few days. The drug can be used independently or as a base base. And in that, and in another case, the result will not make himself wait. The main disadvantage can be called a small volume and a high price.

Faberlic Growth Serum

Faberlic nail growth serum

Faberlic height serum contains vitamins A, E and C, as well as nettle extract, seaweed and acacia, panthenol. Transparent gel has the smallest capsules, which dissolve when applied. It is recommended to apply twice a day.

IBX System

IBX SYSTEM - System of Deep Strengthening Nails

IBX SYSTEM is a two-phase professional system that strengthens the nail plate.

Consists of two funds:

  • IBX - penetrates deep layers of nail, where it creates a robust barrier for the penetration of ultraviolet, and also stimulates the growth of the nail. The tool is activated only under the influence of heat, so the incandescent lamp must be needed for the procedure.
  • IBX REPAIR - Aligns the surface, gluits the scales of a loose nail, has a fascinating effect. After applying the layer, it is necessary to dry in UV or LED lamp and remove the sticky layer. The composition includes oil jojoba and avocado.

The main drawback is a high price for a set. For two means, it will have to pay in the area of ​​3000 rubles, and in the cabin there will be a similar procedure about 1000 p.

Smart enamel

Smart Enamel for Growth and Strengthening Nails

"Smart enamel" is a remedy for the American manufacturer, contains in the composition of proteins, vitamins A and B5. The coating for strengthening contributes to an increase in the plate of the plate. The maximum effect is achieved with long use. The drug is applied according to Scheme 4-6-1. After the coating, the first layer must wait 4 days and apply the following. On the 6th day, the remedy should be removed from the nail and give 1 day to rest and repeat the procedure.

There are no restrictions on the time of use, but it is not recommended to use the means for a varnish coating.

Fito Cosmetics Activator Growth

Nail growth activator phyto cosmetics

Activator growth from phyto cosmetics - natural composition with essential oils, iodine. According to the consistency, the agent resembles a cream, which allows you to distribute it on the nail and cuticle. Fito Cosmetics accelerates growth, strengthens the plate and has an action on the structure and appearance. You can use the tool not only on your hands, but also on the legs to improve the quality and appearance.


Oriflame The One Care Nail Height Amplifier

The One Care from Oriflame is designed to care for the nail plate and cuticle, moisturize and strengthen, and also prevent peeling. According to consistency, the drug resembles a dense jelly, but on the convenience of application it does not affect.

There are oil and vitamins, however, no natural components are also quite a lot. Before use it is worth checking the skin for allergic reactions.

Medicinal and leaving


Mikostop for the treatment of nail diseases

Tools of the micostop will be useful to those who have encountered fungus. The drug allows you to remove the damaged process painlessly and without harm to the new nail. Use the tool must be according to the instructions. It is important to avoid falling ointment into the eyes.

Capsules "Horsepower"

Capsules "Horsepower" for hair growth and nail strengthening

Spanish capsules "horsepower" contain a few vitamins of group B, collagen, biotin and folic acid. All of these components help improve the quality of the plate, cope with the fragility and speed up the rustling.

The first result can be seen after a month of regular use. The tool refers to biologically active additives. Produced in packing 30 capsules.

Akileine Onykoleine

Akileine Onykoleine for Nail Growth

Onykoleine will suit the owners of sensitive nails, as well as suffering mushroom diseases. In addition to antifungal action, the drug works as an increase activator.

The composition can be used as an independent means or with a conventional lacquer coating. The liquid is applied with a brush and evenly distributed. After use, you should wait a couple of minutes to completely absorb the drug.

Gel Dimeksid

Gel Dimexide against fungal diseases

Gel dimexide produced in a comfortable tube can cope with the fungal disease. The tool is applied on the plate and rubs into light movements.

Use Dimexide is not more often 4 times a week.


Types of nail growth oils

Oils are cosmetic basic and essential. Essential oil is characterized by a greater concentration of the active ingredient and are recommended for use in combination with base oil.

Oil squeezes are of the most different plants. They help improve the structure, saturate with useful substances, cope with the fragility and accelerate the growing nail.

Oil should be chosen depending on the desired effect:

Burr oil

Nail oil

The root of the burdock, from which the burdock oil is obtained, has a number of vitamins, antioxidants and phytosteroids. Regular use of a natural tool will help in attaching aesthetic beauty plate, as well as accelerate its growing. Oil from "Miroll" has good properties and natural composition.

Peach oil

Peach oil for nail care

Peach oil is a peach bone squeezing, which has passed several steps of filtration, serves as an excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent. Oil strengthens and promotes unhindered growth. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to peach oil from Miroll.

Castor oil

Castor oil Miko.

Castor oil is a source of vitamins A and E and serves as an excellent addition to other means. Castorka in the composition allows not only to strengthen the plate, but also accelerate its growth. The most common manufacturers are "Eclab" and "Miko".

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil for nail careTea tree oil improves general condition, speeds up growth and copes with manifestations of fungal infection. Systematic use will be excellent disease prevention and will help in care. Most often in stores there are oil from "Botanica", but be attentive - the company produces essential oils that need to be used with basic.

Choose which oil is better suitable for a specific problem, it is necessary based on its basic properties. If necessary, you can combine several oils and get a multifunctional tool in the fight for beauty and length.


Masks for rapid nail growth

Compared to vitamins and coatings, nail and hand masks give a quick, but short-term effect.

Olive oil and lemon

  • Olive oil - 2 h.
  • Lemon juice - 1/3 h. L.
  1. Heat olive oil on a water bath up to 40 degrees and add lemon juice to it;
  2. Apply the resulting agent and wear cotton gloves. Oil effectively moisturizes the skin, and lemon juice will improve the tide of blood to the cuticle. The mask can be used on the hands and on the legs.

With pepper

  • Red pepper ground - ½ tsp.
  • Hand cream - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Olive oil - ½ tsp.
  1. Add pepper into cream and mix thoroughly. Pour olive oil.
  2. Apply the composition for 30 minutes, and after rinse with warm water and flush your hands with a towel.


  • Glycerin - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Honey - 1 tbsp. l.
  1. Stir honey and glycerin to homogeneous consistency;
  2. Apply the composition on the hands and is well confused;
  3. Leave a mask for the night under cotton gloves.


Nail Growth Baths

Depending on the additive, the nail and hand bath can have an anti-inflammatory, strengthening or restoring effect.

  • Bath with sea salt increases the density of the nail plate, helps to strengthen and activates growth;
  • The herbal bath with iodine tones the cuticle and accelerates the reflection of the plate. As a herbal base, it is better to use a chamomile or nettle. On 2 glasses of ragger, 5 drops of iodine will be required.
  • The dairy bath for growth will help to saturate the calcium plate.

Massage for nail growth

Massage for nail growth

Hand skin massage helps to improve blood circulation, and the nail massage helps not only for their growth, but also to remove dead cells.

How to make a simple nail massage to activate and enhance their growth:

  • Clear nails from varnish and omit in warm water for a few minutes;
  • Slightly lubricate the plate with liquid soap;
  • Soft brushed circular movements to massate each marigold and wash off the soap solution;
  • Repeat the procedure without soap, rinse your hands and flush the towel.

It is important not to put pressure on the brush too much. The excessive pressure will negatively affect the condition of the plate and damage soft fabrics and cuticle.

How to get strong and beautiful nails

Strong and beautiful nails are the subject of the merits of every girl. So that the nail plate is always healthy, durable and not laughed, you need to carefully care for it. It is necessary to regularly make a firming manicure, eliminate harmful factors and competently select cosmetics. The most efficient and proven nail care tips are presented in this article.


What to do

There are a special range of rules that need to follow to keep the nail plate in impeccable condition:

  1. It is impossible to nibble nails. This leads to their deformation, they weaken, lose elasticity and elasticity.

  2. You should not use nails as an auxiliary tool in the process of washing dishes and working with the phone. It is not recommended to scrape any surface, this adversely affects their structure, they become weak, brittle and lay.

  3. It is forbidden to sink the coating on your own. There are special means for this. Such an action leads to a violation of the top layer, thinning the nail bed, makes it fragile and brittle.

  4. It is important to exclude the impact of chemicals. It is necessary to limit the use of aggressive substances, such as acetone, detergents and cleaning products. For this it is worth not more than 1 time to do a manicure, while washing the dishes and cleaning at home it is recommended to wear rubber gloves. After contact with the harmful components, it is worth thoroughly wash your hands and lubricate them with moisturizing cream.

  5. Daily use of oil or lotion. Such tools help to eliminate the dryness of the skin, they feed it and nail plates. Especially useful to apply almond, coconut and jojoba oil. They strengthen the structure of nails and protect them from negative effects, and various temperature differences.

  6. It is important to eat balanced. If there is not enough individual elements in the diet, the nails become fragile, thin, dry and very much. The menu should be enriched with vitamins, minerals and useful connections. It is recommended that there are more protein, fish, greenery, nuts, also eggs, beans and products with high content of vitamin C, zinc, biotin.

Correct nail care

To the nail bed was strong, beautiful and healthy, you need to competently care for the nails:

  1. Puture length. Nails are recommended to cut regularly, at least 1 time per week. However, you should not remove the entire length, you need to leave 2-3 mm.

  2. Use the sawmill. Make a nail plate smooth and beautiful helps a sawing. It should be used in a special way, moving from the growth zone to the middle of the nail in one direction. Then the same way is treated with a plate from the other edge. Nail focusing moving forward-back is unacceptable, it disrupts the structure of the nails, making them weak and leads to resolveing.

  3. Warm bath. To easily remove the cuticles and handle laterals, hands should be placed in warm water. You can additionally add a few drops of essential oil.

  4. Polishing plate. For smoothness and evenness of nails use a buffer. They work only in one direction. Such a product has a bilateral coating - rough and soft. In the first case, the buffer allows you to hide the irregularities and remove the remnants of the varnish, the second to make nails shiny and beautiful.

  5. Cutting the cuticle. For this purpose, there is a special orange wand. She carefully move the cuticle and cut off with forceps. You can also resort to the hardware method.

It is important to regularly monitor the state of the nails and the skin of the hands. Then there will be no burrs, the plate will become durable, healthy, elastic and eliminate the brittleness.


Perfectly strengthens nails manicure. But it needs to be done correctly. The staining sequence includes several stages:

  1. Application of the base. It is transparent, possesses high adhesive properties. It may include some vitamins, acting as a strengthening of the plate. It is permissible to use in the form of the main coating. Before painting the next layer, the database needs to be carefully dried.

  2. Colored varnish. The second stage of the manicure is to apply a varnish with color. Do not make a thick coating and go beyond the nails. It is recommended to paint no more than 3 layers to prevent cracks and rock in the edges.

  3. Final touch The last layer of manicure is the top. It allows you to preserve the lacquer for a long time, gives shine and smoothness to the coating.

It should be removed by the manicure. As a means, it is worth choosing a liquid without harmful additives, in particular acetone. Either it is possible to remove the coating with a cutter cutter method.

General recommendations

To give nails a healthy look, gloss, beauty and make them strong the following tips will help:

  1. Reception of vitamin complexes.

  2. Rational and balanced nutrition.

  3. The use of nutrient and moisturizing cosmetic products for skin care and nails.

  4. Conducting therapeutic baths. They perfectly satisfy the plate with important elements, make it elastic, strong, eliminate the brittleness and improve growth.

  5. Exclusion of harmful funds. To remove the varnish and nail care, it is necessary to buy products without acetone and alcohol-containing components, they lead to dryness and disrupt the plate structure.

  6. It is recommended to maintain nail length at one level. Do not make them too long or short.

  7. It is necessary to paint your nails 1 times in 3-4 weeks, because varnish is chemistry. After manicure nails it is useful to make rest.

How to strengthen the laying nails at home and in the beauty salon

From this article you will learn:

  • What looks like a loose nail

  • Why the nails are saved

  • How to strengthen the laying nails at home

  • With what procedures to strengthen the laying nails in the beauty salon

For many women, fragile and extensive nails are a problem. Surely every representative of the beautiful sex asked himself a question: "Why do all the good nails, and I do not? How to strengthen the pushing nails? ". However, in such a difficult position, most of the ladies turn out. Few can boast perfect nails.

Why the nails are saved

The nail plate is a homogeneous structure. When the nails are laying, it happens its violation, the nail plate is split and separated by scales. Praying nails are very fragile, brittle, dehydrated. They grow very slowly, have a rough surface and do not look healthy.

How to strengthen the laying nails?

First you need to find out why they are walking, for this it is necessary to seek advice from the Mikogu, to conduct a study of the nail plate for the presence of pathogenic fungus, you will also need a spectral analysis of trace elements. It is necessary to treat the nails in comprehensively, with the use of medical drugs (bids, vitamins, minerals, physiotherapy) and various departures (fortifications, baths, masks, sealing).

Why the nails are saved

For laying nails, such changes as thinning and splitting in the form of sheet plates are characteristic. In addition to the fragility and deformation of the laying nails are attributed to ongoing. Dermatology considers two types of nail splitting: longitudinal (onihorexis) and transverse (onyhoshisis). If the nail is completely or partially peeled from the nail bed, then such a phenomenon is called onicholysis.

Why nails are smeared:

The nail plate becomes soft and weak, if there are complaints of the liver, kidney, pancreas or intestines. However, antibiotics, stress, nervous exhaustion can affect it.

Compliance with a strict diet for a long time or no diversity in the diet leads to avitaminosis. As a result, well-being, skin and its general condition, hair and nails are changing. It is necessary to check if you have enough such elements as:

  • Calcium. Its source are green leafy vegetables, dairy products, seeds, nuts and soy.

  • Silicon. It contains berries, legumes, solid grain and chicken eggs.

  • Magnesium . It is contained in peanuts, walnuts, spinach and beans.

  • Sulfur. The source of this element is the products of animal origin (pork, beef, fish, bird, eggs and sub-products) and peas.

  • Phosphorus. It is in cheese, cottage cheese, fish and seafood.

  • Vitamins A, B1, B3, C, D, E. Most of them can be found as part of pork liver, cedar nuts, mushrooms, rosehip, chicken eggs and almonds.

By changing the diet, fill the missing nutrients using multivitamin complexes.

Even with a variety of diet, the likelihood of nail damage is not excluded, especially if we use poorly sharpened scissors, the sawmill inappropriate abrasiveness or ineptly handle tools for manicure. Eased nails and gel varnish during their long-term wearing can also harm the nail plate.

Arriving cleaning in the house, be sure to wear gloves. Any detergent and cleaning agent can aggressively affect the skin of your hands and nails in such a way that the skin becomes dry, and the nails fill, thin and break.

How to strengthen the laying nails at home

Strengthen the laying nails are possible both in the cabin and at home. If treatment is not necessary, take care of your nails, making the following procedures from time to time:

How to strengthen the bold nails_compress with oils

Due to the oils, the nail plate is softened and drilled by the necessary substances. Useful for her will be olive, castor, burdock oil, pine and cedar oils. Humming nail plate, they strengthen it from the inside. Compresses preferably do before bedtime: Wrap your nails with cotton disks with oil applied to them and place on the night into cosmetic gloves. In the morning, the remaining oil can be erased and use the hand cream.

How to strengthen the laying nails

It is not always possible to make compresses. And how else to strengthen the nails, so as not to be laughing? You can rub the oil into the nail plate. Make it with light massage movements, repeating the procedure several times a day. Rubbing is very convenient in use, as it goes some time and the procedure can be done even during the workflow.

Recommended articles on the topic:

How to strengthen the laying nails_massage

Very good to do the massage of the hands and especially the fingers at the place of nail growth. By producing this procedure, you stimulate blood circulation, normalize the receipt of the beneficial substances to the nail plate.

  • Sealing nails wax.

How to strengthen the bold nails

This procedure helps to recover nails. For sealing, as a rule, beeswax is used, because there are a lot of useful substances in it. Penetrating the nail structure itself and impregnating it, the wax creates a protective layer. Due to this nails become practically impenetrable, nothing can have a destructive impact on them, so separation stops.

How to strengthen the laying nails_paraphinotherapy

Another procedure similar to wax sealing. How to strengthen the laying nails with paraffin therapy? Nails are immersed for 30 seconds in cosmetic paraffin, pre-melted and diluted with oils. Such a procedure allows you to fill the surface of a loose nail and strengthen it. Repeating dive about seven times, complete the procedure, putting on the hands of cosmetic gloves for 2-3 hours. The remaining paraffin can be labeled in the nail plate. This procedure is useful to carry out when cold is coming, because the nails are afraid of low temperatures. Paraffin therapy contributes to the flow of nutrients and improved blood circulation in the vessels.

How to strengthen the laying nails

Bulking nails do not need to be placed in the bath, as the water though nourishes the nail structure, but also makes it softened. But the complete rejection of such a procedure is also not a way out of the situation: just do not use the ingredients that are an aggressive medium for laying nails. These include salt, soda and iodine. Better make baths from herbal decoctions with the addition of oils a couple of times a month. Such treatment will only benefit the benefits of laying nails.

If the nails look, do not use all sorts of scrubs and polishing plates in order to align the nail plate. It will only destroy its structure. Bulking and brittle nails need to trim in order to avoid injuries.

Brouw & Like.

How to strengthen the loose and brittle nails in the beauty salon

Japanese nail sealing

Each salon calls this procedure in its own way: Japanese lamination, Japanese manicure, sealing. In fact, this is the same - rehabilitation of nails and securing the result for a long period.

Japanese nail sealing

How can sealing to strengthen the nails so that they do not laugh?

The process begins with cleansing the nail plate and coat moisturizing. Then the paste is applied to power nails, which contains beeswax and trace elements. It is rubbed with a suede sawd, filling damage on the nail plate. Next, a nail polishing and a special powder applied to it with a protective effect. Sealing procedure ends with hand massage herbal bags. Sealing keeps about 20 days, making nails healthy, shiny, well-groomed and strong. After such a procedure, the nails do not bother.

Strengthening with the help of gel

How to strengthen the laying nails

How to strengthen the biohell's nails? Applied by a thin layer, it creates a kind of protection against mechanical impacts. Due to calcium and special substances in its composition, it remains elastic, stops breaking and begins to grow rapidly.

Hot manicure

How to strengthen the chopping nails_nglish manicure

The basis of this procedure is the heating of cream and oils, which contribute to the penetration of beneficial substances into the skin and nails. If paraffin therapy cannot be carried out with damaged skin of the hands, then hot manicure, on the contrary, is used in the presence of cracks and burrs. After the procedure, everything is delayed and healing, the nails are growing faster, do not leave, and the cuticle slows down its growth.

Spa manicure

The basis of the spa manicure is a relaxing effect on hands with various cosmetics at the request of the client. Among the types of such a manicure there is a firming, rejuvenating, moisturizing, and, as a rule, they are used comprehensively.

How to strengthen the laying nails_spa-manicure

The spa manicure procedure includes baths with salt or algae, peeling, the use of special oils and masks to power the skin and nails, as well as a relaxing massage. This procedure for strengthening the laying nails does not provide for the edged manicure, only European. Therefore, when choosing such a type of nail care, take this note.

Strengthening silk

How to Strengthen Bulking Nails Strengthening Silk

Bulking nails can be strengthened both gels and silk. Especially often this procedure is used to preserve the shape and length for a long time. Opposing a thin layer of silk on the nail, it is fixed and polished. Thus, the nail plate is not thickened, the nail is not stratified and does not break, and the varnish on such a surface is better. Strengthen laying nails with silk well before the start of vacation. Then you do not have to worry that the nail can break.

Decorative gel

How to strengthen the laying nails-varnish

The coating of decorative gel (Shellac and so on) does not affect the treatment of nails and their improvement. Although the nail plate is thickened due to the coverage, but, therefore, weak and soft nails are under its protection for a long time. If you first make healthy procedures, then after them nothing remains, how to strengthen the gel varnish nails for a better effect.


How to strengthen the laying nails_hot

The color of the nails depends on many factors, yellow, definitely, speaks of problems. The bleaching procedure is carried out in the cabin using salt or oil baths and special cosmetics. After such a procedure and polishing the brush, whiteness resumes. If the nails are too running, you will need to hold a non-one procedure.

Grinding and polishing nails

As a rule, such a procedure is included in the standard manicure service. However, for laying nails, it may be carried out in a complex with healing operations.

How to strengthen the laying nails_chlifting

Grinding is the alignment of the nail, the removal of yellowness and roughness from its surface, giving it a healthy shine and smoothness. The procedure has a prophylactic effect on the patient nail, since all bacteria are removed when removing the top layer of the nail plate.

Upon completion of grinding, the nail plate and the cuticle are covered with special oils, creams or lotions that feed and restore the laying nails. However, it is often impossible to do this procedure.

Masks for nails

A good effect is obtained from masks for laying, brittle and dry nails. These professional tools can be ready either the master in your presence mixes the necessary ingredients. As a rule, nail masks need to be done more than once, but in a complex with other procedures.

How to strengthen the laying nails_ma

For many men and women of different ages and social status, care for pawing nails has long been a pressing need. And there is nothing unusual or reprehensible in this: the desire to feel cheerfully, it's always fresh, bright, irresistibly - naturally and understandable.

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The article contains the most effective ways, recipes and folk remedies, allowing you to quickly grow strong and beautiful nails on their hands and legs.

Long strong and beautiful nails - it is its own, natural, and not extensive or covered with artificial material - Isn't that a dream of every girl? If some ladies are awarded, giving gorgeous nails of a good form, then others have to make a lot of effort to get a beautiful manicure.

How to quickly grow long, healthy, strong and beautiful nails on your hands and legs: ways

To nails rose as quickly as possible, it is best to regularly perform a set of procedures: baths, masks, use of vocational money, folk methods.

The cheapest and fairly simple way to grow healthy nails both on your hands and on the legs - Daily breakfasts of hands and feet in healing grains and salts and mineral solutions.

Quickly grow long, healthy, strong and beautiful nails on hands and legs
Quickly grow long, healthy, strong and beautiful nails on hands and legs possible

Important: Daily adding 0.5 ppm Salts in the bath will strengthen and grow nails by 3 mm per week.

For the growth of nails often lack iodine. To quickly replenish its deficit and, accordingly, reinforce the nails do iodine salt baths :

  • In a convenient procedure, the container pour water (100 ml)
  • Add iodine in water (4 drops)
  • Add salt, preferably marine (1 tsp)
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Place your fingers in the resulting solution so that the fluid covers the nails by more than 1 cm

The time of one procedure is from 20 to 40 minutes.

Important: stop the baths with iodine you need immediately, as soon as iodine stops absorbed and starts to paint the skin and nails into a yellowish-brownish hue.

If you repeat the nails fails because of their fragility, use Fresh lemon juice .

To do this, you can simply cut the lemon into two halves and, sticking to the pulp of each of them, to hold them in this way 15 - 20 minutes.

Quickly grow long, healthy, strong and beautiful nails on hands and legs will help juice lemon
Quickly grow long, healthy, strong and beautiful nails on hands and legs will help juice lemon

Then you should rinse your hands, and "feed" the nails with cream.

You can also mix Lemon juice with water (1: 1) and make baths .

Fast growth of nails will certainly contribute Daily massage with vitamins A and E, which you need to safely rub into nail plates .

Also accelerate growth and restore nail health will help Baths from herbal :

  • Fill with boiling water Zver wort (1 tsp), chamomile flowers (1.5 cl) and crushed rooting (1 tsp)
  • cool the infusion and break to comfortable dishes
  • Lower to the healing infusion fingers and keep 20-30 minutes
  • Repeat the procedure daily
Baths from herbs will strengthen and enjoy nails
Baths from herbs will strengthen and enjoy nails

How to quickly grow nails in 2 - 3 days?

Those who want to grow long nails in a few days will have to disappoint immediately: for such a short time they will not be able to grow strongly, whatever you do. However, somewhat accelerate and add nails several millimeters quite real.

For guaranteed nail growth acceleration use Mask with red pepper . For her cooking you need:

  • Any nutritious cream (1C.L.)
  • Red ground pepper (1C.L.)
  • Boiled water (15 drops)

Ingredients thoroughly mix and warm up a little in the microwave, without bringing to a boil. Mask, slightly rubbed, apply to the surface of the nails. After 15 minutes, wash the tool, dry your nails.

Important: During the procedure you can feel burning. Use the tool with caution so that the mask does not hit the mucous membranes of your body.

A good supplement will be lemon juice, which should be applied to the nails 10-15 minutes after the mask.

For all time smear on the night of nails iodine . In the morning, iodine absorbed completely, so you can not worry about yellow-brown spots left immediately after the procedure.

Quickly grow nails in 2 - 3 days will help the mask with pepper
Quickly grow nails in 2 - 3 days will help the mask with pepper

How to quickly grow nails in 5 days?

Repel the nails in 5 days using special growth stimulants containing in its composition all the necessary elements in the correct proportions ( Belweder, smart enamel ). You can buy them in a pharmacy or a specialized sector of a cosmetic store.

At the same time, it is possible to use such funds:

  • every day to make for nails bath with sea salt
  • smear nails iodine at the base
  • keep nails in hot herbal courage
Relieve nails in 5 days using pharmacy growth stimulants
Relieve nails in 5 days using pharmacy growth stimulants

How to quickly grow nails in a week?

Week is a sufficient period in order to grow long nails. Therefore, try not just to grow, but also to strengthen the nails. To do this, you will not need express methods, like masks with pepper or comprehensive events.

It is enough to choose 1 - 2 most suitable procedures and perform them regularly. Simultaneously with external influence on the nail plates, start taking a pharmacy vitamin complex for nail and hair improvement.

Important: Try to injure your nails as far as possible: Avoid contact with household chemicals, clean and wash the dishes in rubber gloves, make a neat manicure - the removal of the cuticle plays an important role in strengthening the nail plates.

For a week, for which you plan to repel the nails, turn on in the diet products containing gelatin.

To grow nails in a week try as little as possible to injure them
To grow nails in a week try as little as possible to injure them

How to quickly grow nails in 2 weeks?

For 14 days, healthy nails can well reflect even without any special procedures or events.

If you do not grow nails or break when a certain length is reached, probably your body suffers from lack of vitamins and minerals. Usually the lack of growth of nails is accompanied by their fragility, fragility and dim unhealthy color.

Get ready for the fact that the next 2 weeks you will have to not only do nails, but also to strengthen the entire body.

Start by choosing a pharmacy vitamin complex: Merz Spezial Dragees, Vitrum Beauty, Vivasan, Viaderm ® Complete, Medobiotin, Aevit Active, Pontayigar or other means of similar composition and action.

Taking a vitamin complex you can grow nails in 2 weeks
Taking a vitamin complex you can grow nails in 2 weeks

Any of these drugs will not only stimulate the growth of the nails, but also improve the condition of the hair.

Perhaps only the reception of vitamins will already be enough to restore health and activate the growth of nails. But external assistance to nail plates will also not hurt:

  • Each evening before going to bed, apply iodine on the nails peeled
  • Daily in the morning rub in nails vitamins A and E
  • Make a lightweight finger massage - it will contribute to the influx of blood and enhancing the growth of nails
  • 2 times a week Make baths with sea salt
  • Wipe the nail plates with lemon juice 3- 4 times a week

How to grow nails in a month?

If you give to restore your nails for a month, then you probably do not know such problems like Lyubility, bundle, refinement of nail plates . The cause of these troubles, as well as problems with hair and teeth, is avitaminosis.

Important: The growth rate of a healthy nail is 3-4 mm per month. If your nails grow slower, it can be perceived as a signal of metabolic disorders or the development of pathology in the circulatory system.

For a month you need to restore the vitamin balance in the body, then the discriminated marks will rely for a long time.

First, review your food . Exclude bold, fried, sweet. Mandatory products of your diet should be cheese, cottage cheese, fish, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Try not to give up deals containing gelatin.

Secondly, start taking pharmacy vitamins for nails and hair. Thirdly, as often likely to poison your nails with baths with iodine and sea salt, as well as salon paraffin masks

Important: The conscientious regular execution of all the above procedures will definitely improve the appearance and condition of the nails and resume their active growth.

To grow nails for a month, you need to restore the Balance of Vitamins in the body
To grow nails for a month, you need to restore the Balance of Vitamins in the body

How to quickly grow and strengthen broken nail?

If the manicure spoiled one broken nail, do not fall into a panic - everything can be quickly fixed with the help of submitted means. But it is possible to restore the nail only when it is broken by no more than 1/3 length.

To do this, you will need:

  • tea bag
  • Super glue
  • Any transparent varnish
  • Polishing Pilochka.
Tea bag will help quickly flick damaged nail
Tea bag will help quickly flick damaged nail

Nail repair does not take you more than 10 minutes. So:

Pull the contents from the package

Cut out a thin striped from the bag, repeating the size and shape of the crack on the nail

  1. Polish damaged nail with a sawmill
  2. On a strip cut from a tea bag, apply a thin layer of glue
  3. Attach a strip to crack and press carefully
  4. Apply from above another thin layer of glue
  5. Wait for complete drying
  6. Apply the Third, the final layer of glue
  7. Cut Purplus Paper With Manicure Scissors
  8. Police all nail with a sawmill
  9. Treat the surface with alcohol or acetone
  10. Wash and dry your hands
  11. Apply to the damaged nail transparent varnish of 1-2 layers

Important: Do not attempt to repair the nail, which broke very close to the finger beam.

Broken nail can be restored
Broken nail can be restored

If it is not possible to repair the nail, carefully cut it and shorten the rest of the nails.

To grow up You will succeed with help Mixtures of red ground pepper (0.5 tsp) and cream for hand (0.5 C.L.), which must be applied to the nails daily for 10-12 minutes.

How to grow and strengthen your nails quickly after fungus?

If the nails are amazed by fungus, no growth in their growth and strengthening can be discussed until the disease is fully cured. Otherwise, the discriminated nail will also be infected and dismissed by a fungal disease.

It is important: a dermatologist is engaged in treating the fungus nail (onichomicosis). According to the results of the tests, it prescribes antifungal drugs for outdoor and internal use. Alone, the nail fungus is not treated.

One of the antifungal drugs that helps improve the state of nail plates is Terbinefin. . This drug is produced both in the form of a spray for outdoor use and in the form of tablets.

After the fungus is defeated, you need to do Immunization of nails . And only after full saturation of the nail plates with vitamins A, E, iodine and calcium, you can try to start letting the nails.

Relieve and strengthen the nails quickly after fungus
Relieve and strengthen the nails quickly after the fungus will not be able if the nail plates are damaged

How to grow splashing nails?

Habit nibble nails - one of the most difficult to eradicate. Even good from nature nails there is no chance if every day they are intensive chewing, biting and licking.

Therefore, first of all, try to get rid of the bad habit. Here are some of the most popular ways to quit nibble nails:

  1. Fool nails with bitter pepper that at the same time will accelerate their height slightly
  2. Use special lacquer antigrozine (eg Innoxa. ) who has a very unpleasant taste
  3. Make dear manicure which will be sorry to nibble
  4. Ask Close beat you whenever you pull your fingers in your mouth
  5. Write yourself a fine : 1 Barbed nail = 1 Floor washing (10 pushups, 40 squats, etc.)

Important: Do not wait for quick results, even if you managed to get rid of a bad habit. The injured nails will be somewhat "depart from shock" - you will not notice a millimeter for a long time. Be patient.

Help nails can be recovered using Bathrooms from healing herbs . Every day (or every time you want to bother nails) Lower your hands for 15 to 20 minutes in Warm infusion Calendula, Chamomile, Hypericum or burdock root .

Use these herbs for nails together or separately - the effect will be much better than from constant damage to the teeth.

The most important thing - when the nails are typed forces and finally grow, try not to break and do not glue with such difficulty centimeters.

To stop nibble nails, spread your fingers bitter pepper
To stop nibble nails, spread your fingers bitter pepper

How to quickly grow your nails to the child?

In order to grow nails to a child, you can use all of the above methods, but we do not recommend using a mask, which contains red pepper.

A child can inadvertently pull his hands in her mouth or scratch his eyes. Then the children's tears will not be avoided, and the kid's further procedures are unlikely to agree.

You can quickly grow your nails with special pharmacy
You can quickly grow your nails with special pharmacy

How to grow nails on the legs fast?

The growth of nails on the legs is hampered by the constant wearing of shoes, stockings and tights. If you need to quickly grow your nails on the legs, try to give the "breathe" as much as possible.

In addition, the growth of nails on the legs will accelerate vitamin masks, rubbing oils and herbal baths.

Relieve the nails on the legs quickly with paraffin baths
Relieve the nails on the legs quickly with paraffin baths

The growth of nails on the legs also contribute Paraffin baths :

  • In the water bath, melt the paraffin (it is sold at the pharmacy) and let him cool
  • in warm cashey paraffin lower the fingers and let it frost
  • Take the feet into the food film, and then in a woolen scarf and leave for 30-40 minutes
  • Rock the paraffin under the jet of warm water

Once a month you can do Bath out of infusion flowers chamomile and white wine :

  • Dry daisy flowers (2 tsp) pour boiling water (1 tbsp.)
  • Give it under the lid 40 - 60 min
  • Add White Wine (30 ml)
  • Make a bath, immersing nails in infusion for 20 minutes

Strengthen the nails on the legs will help wipes with cranberry or lemon juice, heated olive, soybean or peach oil .

Long beautiful nails - the result of long work and special strengthening procedures
Long beautiful nails - the result of long work and special strengthening procedures

Each of these methods is good and will definitely give the result subject to regular execution of all necessary procedures. The most important thing is not to despair and do not stop acting if in the first few days you will not notice changes.

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Best remedies for nail restoration

Best remedies for nail restoration

Each girl dreams of healthy, beautiful nails. Many female representatives therefore spend a huge amount of time in manicure salons. However, see the master from strength 2 times a month - this is not enough to keep healthy nails. Moreover, many varnishes on the contrary destroy the surface, the nails begin to get lazy and become more brittle.

That is why it is important to monitor the state of the nails on their own. But starting to do this issue, it stands up quite a logical question: what tool to choose? The market is hurt by various proposals that differ in composition, appliance technique, color and other parameters.

Experts recommend paying attention to manufacturers who enjoy professionals, namely:

  • Opi.
  • "Horsepower"
  • Almea.
  • Masura.
  • Argo
  • Essence
  • Smart enamel
  • Creative Nail Design.

Many of the names are really hearing, but to know the brand is not enough to choose a suitable means. Even in one enterprise, various types of varnishes and ointments can be produced to restore nails that you can not decide. Therefore, it is worth considering separate models that are most often recommended by specialists.

Horsepower "Nail Megaretel"

Nail polish is designed to strengthen the nail plate. Diamond crumb, vitamins of groups A and B5 and calcium provide a reliable, dense coating that equips nails with nutrients, improves the process of regeneration and growth of nails.


  • Fights with flammings and nail fragility
  • Affordable price
  • Quick-drying agent
  • Effective strengthening

Minus only one - this remedy is widespread in the professional sphere, so it is difficult to find in a free sale.

Masura Ni.

The tool is a mineral paste, which is included in the process of creating a Japanese manicure. The pasta goes to the nail well, aligns it and has protective properties, strengthening and polishing the nail plate. A mixture of pearl crumbs, marine peptides and keratin provide effective recovery.


  • The composition includes only natural components.
  • The result is noticeable after the first application.
  • Can replace the shellac coating
  • Economical spending

Minus and here only one is an overestimated price (approximately 1100-1200 rubles).

Protective and strengthening means "smart enamel"

This is one of the most common series of regenerating nails at affordable prices (90-130 rubles). The peculiarity of the manufacturer lies in the fact that they completely abandoned the inclusion in formaldehyde and toluene, which negatively influenced the state of the nails.


  • Fast Recovery Nail Plate
  • Democratic prices
  • Can be used as a manicure database

Minus - calls "addiction." When you stop using the tool, your nails can quickly return to the previous state. No long-term effect.


A nutrient remedy, which is distinguished by a peculiar form: The oil is concluded in the handle-tassel. Applying the tool regularly, you will provide a good protective layer of nails, enrich them with nutrients, and you can also prevent the bundle.


  • Convenient application
  • Fast abscess and drying
  • Economically spent
  • Absolutely natural composition and pleasant smell
  • Democratic prices

Of the minuses - a small volume (only 3 ml) and the rapid weathered of the flavor.

Opi Strength Color Collection

Universal line of effective varnishes for the restoration of the nail plate. The composition consists of various vitamins, nutrients and calcium, which promotes nail strengthening and provoking healthy growth.


  • Strengthening weak, laying nails
  • Maybe the base for other varnishes
  • Quick-drying agent
  • Large volume (15 ml).

Cons - high price (800-900 rubles) and the need to often update varnish.

The funds described above are accurate to restore nails. Before buying, it is recommended to study the product you liked in more detail and evaluate your willingness to use it. However, it is definitely not necessary to neglect the nail care means, since the beauty and health of your nails depends on it.

To-become-np.jpgNails, as well as hair, are nothing else as skin gods and performed primarily a protective function. Nails are horny formations that have a plate shape. These plates lie on the nail bed and their main function - protection of fingertips from mechanical damage.

Attitude towards your own nails from everyone: someone perceives them as something like something and once a week aggregates the nails almost "until meat", some consider them a convenient adaptation in their lives to open jars, lids, etc. P., For the other half of humanity, the nails are one of the important components of the appearance and they spend time and means to the nails be impeccable and looked exclusively as decoration. But for any of us, it is important that they were healthy, because Only on healthy, dense and smooth Nails It goes well and long holds both varnish and other strengthening materials, and externally they look more aesthetic.

In order to consider the methods of restoring the nail plate Recall its structure

Building.jpg.The growth of the nail begins in the matrix or as it is also called - the root of the nail. This is the back of the nail plate that is completely hidden under the rear nail roller, a small part of the root protrudes from the roller in the form of a whitish portion of the nail, it is the formation of NP in the matrix. The matrix consists of epithelial cells that turn into nail plates.

The visible part of the nail - the nail plate, consists of keratin, it is a protein that is present in the skin and from which the hair is formed, the density of keratin in the nails and hair depends on the amount of sulfur. The resulting communication molecules strengthen the protein and make it solid, in many ways the number of sulfur is the hereditary features, if you have soft thin nails since childhood, it is not sad, it is impossible to change anything, except that by increasing, but if suddenly a durable nail suddenly They became weak and soft, then it is most likely the lack of any substances in the body.

Between the layers of keratin, the thin layers of fat and water are distributed. It is these layers that give NP elastic and shine. The nail can absorb water, while increasing its thickness, so people often contact with water nails become soft and thick.

In addition to sulfur in the nail, other trace elements are contained: calcium, chrome, phosphorus, selenium and zinc their presence makes nail healthy. They grow slower than the hair and on average, a week of nails on their hands grow by 1 mm, and the nails of the legs are 0.25 mm. Full update of the nail plate occurs in about 3-4 months.

Nails are often an indicator of painful processes in our body, for example, longitudinal grooves are talking about the presence of chronic inflammatory diseases (apparent sinuses of nose, teeth or beginner rheumatism).

Transverse grooves may indicate in the disease internal organs (kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal intestinal tract), and also that the body lacks zinc, because Zinc is contained mainly in animal products, it suffers first of all vegetarians.

If dents and grooves give the nail kind of thimble - this is a warning signal about psoriasis. Nails in the form of clock glasses very often indicate the pulmonary disease (bronchitis or oncology). Yellow coloring of nails indicates a sick liver. Bug and yellowish nails are diabetes mellitus and fungal lesions.

Nails have long have aesthetic value for our appearance, without beautiful well-groomed healthy nails, no finished female image is impossible and that it was possible, nails should be prepared by daily care and competent manicure.

Causes leading to injury, wear nail plate


one. Stress - as soon as he entered our life - after 2-2.5 months, someone will fall out to the hair, someone has a sharply to get a nails, and maybe both together.

2. The genetically specified thickness of the nail depends on the length of the matrix than the longer the matrix - the thicker NP, during dystrophy, the injuries of the matrix apparatus, it can be completely lost, resulting in a nail felt. If the nail plates have become rough or when processing "peel" thin strips, rigid tools for removing varnish, eating a natural protective keratin layer.

3. Very often, thick concentrated dishwashing agents (Ferry) are strongly separated by the nail plate.

four. Now about 40% of the population suffers to vegetative dystonia (constant cold brushes of legs and arms). Because of the poor blood supply to the limbs, nutrition of nails is disturbed, and hence the growth slows down, people with this problem need to make a massage of hands and feet every day.

five. You do not need to forget that only a professional master must be forgotten / removing the nail, but sometimes it happens that as a result of the lack of time, the necessary time is not withstanding for removing artificial material and the upper flakes are broken, resulting in damage and microcracks on the surface of NP.

How is the grip of the nail plate with the material?

With the help of chemical-physical adhesion: with physical adhesion, we ourselves baffim nail plate, so that the material closes with the flakes of the nail and thus drowning it; With a chemical adhesion, the material is connected with a nail plate using chemical reagents (Bondeks and primers who themselves leached and overpowered by the nail plate).

And in that and in another case, the material penetrates into the surface layer of the Nail Platcine. The deeper than the older the client (with age, the nails become more porous, as follows, shrinkage of gels occurs). In this case, it is more difficult to remove the material from the nail plate and it is recommended to make a cutter correction.

In the market of the nail industry, there is a Soft gel material that adhesion works on the principle of sticky tape and in this case the removal of the material is quickly and not traumatic.

How to restore the nail plate?

It is necessary to stimulate her growth, give blood flow to the nail plate, thereby increasing the speed of excitement, and it must be constantly cut, because Often nails lose their vitality and become brittle.

It is necessary for patience and time. To do this, it is better to carry out a reinforced procedure for their restoration, filled with vitamins, microelements, oils.

In the nail service market, there is a huge amount of funds for the restoration of NP, when choosing funds, it is necessary to pay attention to the components of the components, it is desirable according to the composition they should be approximate to the nail plate. Look at the presence of sulfur elements in them, zinc, selenium, silk proteins.

Accelerates the growth of nails - hormonal shifts (adolescent age, pregnancy, pre-presentation period), spring time.

Slows growth - an overly strict diet with a small content of fats of proteins and vitamins, diseases accompanied by circulatory disorders and metabolism, stress, habit of gnawing nails.

Due to the layered and porous nail structure, it occurs 2 2 simultaneously occurring processes characteristic of the skin itself - suction and sinking, in contrast to the skin, these processes occur in the nails passively since they do not have regulatory mechanisms.

Due to the high permeability of the nails, up to 12% of the skin flow per day and also absorb everything that is on their surface, they are actively absorbed and the water that skin does not absorb, various methods of treatment and restoration of nails are based on this.

12 methods of treatment and restoration of nails

1 way: Hot manicure, when NP blood circulation is enhanced as a result of heating a special nutritious to 40-45 degrees, the result of pores NP occurs and it becomes permeable to enter the nail growth zone. Lotion includes Lanolin, mink fat, vitamin A, E, mineral oils. Such a procedure stimulates growth and nails cease to break and get out, the cuticle will grow slower, the burrs gradually disappear.

It is worth noting Lanolin that part of the lotion is natural wax of animal origin (woolen fat) released sheep, it has properties to retain moisture, well absorbs and has mitigating properties, registered as an additive E 913, is part of many moisturizing creams. Regularity is needed for accumulation.

2 way: Sealing when special pastes in its composition close to the nail plate (have silicon, sulfur, keratin, lanolin) are rubbed into it, scales are seized and the sensitivity of NP is reduced, which happens after removing the artificial material. Nails cease to get out and acquire a healthy natural shine and elasticity.

3 way: NP coating by various healing bases even under Vinylux, which protect against daily harmful effects and in which a number of useful substances are included.

4 way: It is recommended to buy mineral oils and use daily at home, rub them into NP .. Massage with oil stimulates the blood supply to NP. To regularly visit the masters in order to carry out restorative therapy (minimum 3-4 months). And the craftsmen can add lemon oils, tea tree in the bath.

5 way: The stratified scales of NP can be professionally glued in the cabin soft soft Calgel biogel using silk, such a procedure and will strengthen the nail plate and give the opportunity to longer gel socks. Lost NP (more often found in pedicure), you can also restore as a soft gel as soon as possible, to make prosthetics - the perfect coupling and aesthetics. Bio Calgel gel makes it possible to recover the nail plate, TC is an oxygen-permeable gel.

6 way: It has proven well, both in cosmetology and in the nail service, the oil in which is included. It has the ability to protect the cell from the action of free radicals, enhances the cell immunity, is used to enhance the restoration of NP and the care of the cuticle, the TC has a very good regeneration process. Skvolan oil is an excellent reducing agent for NP.

7 way: Pay attention to how the masters make a manicure. What happens to NP when we subscribe it and omit into the water? - Sing swells, the nail absorbs water and it leads to the bundle of NP. With anhydrous dry manicure on keratolithics or hardware manicure - there is no problem of the bundle of NP.

8 Method: When working with mild software, the final layer should not be replaced with rigid gels, many masters do it to enhance glitter and simplify work. Such a replacement leads to the cutting of NP.

9 way: Keratin is successfully restored when rubbing in N.P. "Gel Reconstructor" present, in it amino acids, a complex of natural bioregulators, elastin, collagen, alantoin feed and saturate NP. nutritional trace elements. Application "Gel Reconstructor" together with "Gel Propolis" speeds up the restoration of injured NP.

10 way: About the solvents of varnishes. Ethyl Acetate Ea and Butyl acetate Ba is used as the main solvents, the film formation rate depends on the ratio of these components, but the faster the film is driving, the less time will be for the formation of adhesive ties of the film with NP and the less stable will be varnish. To reduce the cost of production, sometimes replace these funds on toluene and isopropyl alcohol. Remember - these substances are carcinogens, they are not derived from the body! This is especially dangerous for pregnant women. Natural nail must be covered with a healing base (if you do not want to apply color varnish) - it is much more useful and safer for nails when they have protection against daily harmful effects.

11 Method: After you have accumulated nails and are ready to cover with decorative varnish, be sure to put the treatment base under it.

12 way: For the health of the skin, hair and nails, it is recommended to introduce vitamins and trace elements in your diet. For example, if carbohydrates dominate in the diet, the body will require more vitamins B2 and C.

When strips are formed on the nails and slow down the growth of the nails can be said about the lack of vitamin Vitamin V. With a deficiency of the protein, keratin transformation is broken. With a lack of vitamin A - nails become dry and brittle, vitamin C deficiency is manifested by point recesses and radiums, cracks on heels.

The lack of vitamin e- leads to the fragility of NP and burrs. Balanced nutrition can be the best way out. It is necessary to regularly have a liver, fatty seabed, cheese, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, which contains vitamin A. Vitamin E is contained in seeds and nuts, vegetable oils and cereals, legumes, milk, egg yolk, green salad.

These vitamins have antioxidant exposure and work best in a pair, complementing each other's action. In order for the body to receive a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid, it is necessary that on the table there are always berries, fruits, vegetables with bright color, especially a lot of vitamin C in sea buckthorn, citrus, sweet pepper.

Long beautiful nails cannot be repelless without vitamin B, which is involved in the formation of keratin and is found in green vegetables, buckwheat, oatmeal, dairy products, yeast, nuts, rice brown, seafood and meat. For a better absorption of calcium, the body needs vitamin D, most of it is produced under the influence of the Sun, and it is also contained in fish, fish, milk, oil, cottage cheese, cheese. Avoid the brittleness and fragility of NP will help dishes with gelatin content.

We know that there is no universal method, the means equally suitable for everyone. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. From the amount of materials that there is on the market. We can choose and use one or another program that is suitable for you or your client. The choice is huge - choose, read the composition, find yourself a qualified wizard, come to training.

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