Brooch do it yourself: 150 Photo of ideas for creating a beautiful and stylish decoration (step-by-step instruction)

Brooch do it yourself - a selection of workshops, assembly schemes, materials, ideas, photos of new items

The stylish image consists of a huge number of small things that are present in clothing, accessories, hairstyle and decorations. Thanks to them, it is possible to emphasize their individuality and exquisite taste.

Recently, the decoration for clothing made with your own hands is considered a trendy trend. What can be done from? It can be made from different types of decorative materials.

Mostly for this use felt, artificial skin, suede, decorative beads and beads. When combining all elements, it is possible to get an exclusive decoration that will allow you to diversify any image.

Ideas for beginners

We offer an option simple brooches with your own hands for beginners. This technique was developed taking into account the skills of needlework. Subject to recommendations from professional needlewomen, it is possible to obtain a qualitative result.

In this case, we will make a beautiful brooch in the form of a bird. To do this, you can use the tissue stripe, which can be purchased in specialized stores. In addition to the beads, rhinestones and major beads, it is possible to get a unique accessory.

For work, we will use the phased scheme how to make a brooches with your own hands. It consists of the following items:

  1. The surface of the stripes decorate beads. To do this, in chaotic order, sew bright parts with threads and needles.
  2. In the field of tail and wings glue large rhinestones. They will help add bright accents in the design of brooches.
  3. From artificial leather, cut the part, with accuracy repeating the silhouette of the bird.
  4. We make through hole for fixing metal fittings. Gently secure a clasp.
  5. Now with the help of glue glue two details with each other. Side faces decorate small beads. Gently sew two elements.
  6. Our accessory is ready! You can use such a brooch to decorate everyday and evening image.

Volume flower

We suggest familiarizing yourself with the master class how to make a brooch with your own hands. For this we need:

  • Dense felt;
  • Sharp scissors;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Templates of colors of different diameters;
  • Large beads to decorate the core;
  • Thread and needle;
  • Accessories for jewelry.

Stages of work:

  1. Fetra needs to cut blanks for the future flower. To do this, carefully circle the details on the paper circuit.
  2. The obtained elements must be fixed with each other. To do this, use the thread and needle. Carefully sew the details at the same time forming a neat flower.
  3. Go to the decoration of the core. To do this, we use large beads, threads and needle. Gently sew all the details in the center of the flower blank.
  4. From artificial leather, cut the circle, allowing you to hide the places of fasteners beads. In the center we make a through hole for fixing accessories.
  5. Fix this item will help the adhesive gun. The photo of a beautiful brook is represented by a finished product.

We make a brooch in the form of a heart

To create such a decoration, it is necessary to prepare several components. These include:

  • Felt bright shade;
  • Beads, decent rhinestones, fiberglass and Czech beads in tone tone;
  • Transparent fishing line;
  • Scissors;
  • Heart pattern;
  • Artificial leather;
  • Thin needle for beads;
  • Metal lightning;
  • Accessories for jewelry.

The process of creating a decorative accessory consists of several points. They conclude in the following actions:

  1. We cut the zipper into 2 parts. We remove pieces of fabric with scissors. Borders burn the lighter.
  2. Now go to the preparation of the fabric basis. To do this, use the template. Gently translate it on the back of the fabric.
  3. Sharp scissors cut the obtained billets.
  4. On the borders of the heart, sew metal teeth from lightning. Thus, they will act as a decorative border.
  5. Now go to filling the fetal blank. For this in chaotic order, sew large elements.
  6. After that, you can move to filling the space with small beads. Decorating the item until the felt heart acquires convex boundaries.
  7. From artificial leather, cut out the back. In the middle it is necessary to make a through hole for masking fittings.
  8. The final stage will glue two blanks with each other.

We make a brooch from Foamyran

Products from plastic suede are considered popular and in demand. They are used to create hair accessories, brooches. Finished products are obtained light and quite realistic.

When using coloring pigments, you can add depth and convey all the beauty of the plant.


  • Thermopystole;
  • Rose pattern;
  • Foamiran red shade;
  • Accessories for jewelry;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Candle;
  • Scissors.

Stages of work:

  1. Paper templates are translated on the Foamirane. Next, with the help of scissors gently cut the part.
  2. Go to the build of bud. For this, the minimum petals make the volumetric shape of the flower base. Diameter Details should be 2 cm.
  3. Each subsequent petal will be fixed 1-2 mm higher. Thus, it is possible to form a volume of pink booton.
  4. The inner boundaries of the lower petals are toning using oil pastels. To create a smooth transition of color, you will need to use the sponge.
  5. The porous base neatly distribute the coloring pigment over the surface of the phoamyran.
  6. Hold each petal over the candle. Thus, the plastic suede acquires smooth lines and bends, with accuracy repeating the outlines of the rose.
  7. At the bottom of the Fresh accessories for jewelry. In order not to spoil the external we use the round detail of artificial leather.
  8. Previously need to make a hole for fixing fasteners.
  9. We proceed to the assembly of flower brooches. For this, painted glue petals at a distance of 1-2 mm.
  10. In the process of forming floral bud, we independently specify the volume and adjust the position of the parts.

Experts recommend using a thermopystole. Hot glue does not destroy the plastic material and does not deform the size of decorative parts. If you use a liquid glue composition, then during operation you can observe the destruction of the porous base.

Photo of beautiful brooches

Brooch with their own hands helps to create an absolutely unique and unpredictable image: an elegant, romantic or strict outfit. And most importantly, this decor element never comes out of fashion. Basic items that you need during work is a tough, but thin felt, sequins, beads, crystals. They are fixed with threads or glue. The exhaust is made from real or artificial leather, suede. It will hide all the seams. Completes the composition of the fittings, that is, the fastener.

Lightweight works

The complexity of the composition depends on your idea. In addition to special tools, you only need a desire and time. The principle of work is similar. For clarity, pay attention to the master class for beginners to manufacture brooches.

You will need:

  • pearl;
  • Swarovski crystals;
  • jewelry tongs;
  • transparent threads;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • Some kind of base (you can safely take the earrings).

How to make a brooches do it yourself from these items?

  1. If you have earrings on the hook, then remove the suspension with jewelry tongs,
  2. Enclose transparent crystal to the base center,
  3. Success the pearls, passing the thread through it. Pattern do at your request.

Handmade brooch is suitable for any age and style. She attaches a unique mood. This is your raisin. In the distant thirteenth century, the coquettes loved these trinkets, which still do not lose relevance.

The aristocratic vintage products are especially valued. They are created on the basis of velvet.

In everyday life use natural, silk or artificial fabric. Brooch from velvet is characterized by its quality. Natural composition is pleasant to the touch, it does not occur. But you need to work carefully. The synthetic canvas does not differ in its softness, but its edges can be treated with fire. Cut the velvet in the form of a heart.

Apply it to the syntheps and stretch the facet of the opposite sides. And the velvet pull over the entire perimeter, not leaving irregularities from the front side. Fix off the inside with plastic and skin. So that the seams were inconspicuous, cover the beads (TOX 15), and leave the middle for a ring. Montoon attach the fastener.

But the most interesting task is to decorate the surface. Sew on various pearls, their placement depends on your imagination.

It is not difficult to embroider, but the velvet shifts the figures that complicates the process.

Egrogets came out of fashion, but the broots do not become obsolete. They define the form. Attach to your shoes, horses bauble - you won't lose. But the Fashion industry dictates that it is better for a woman to wear on the dress. Stress the bust, the harness of the figure and beauty. Just follow the measure.

Brooch from bead

Needlewomen most often use cylindrical beads and a hollow glass pipe (fiberglass) or round rocial. Mix on the mustache: the more the number, the smaller the beads. This is a unique material. You can make it possible to make new year's brooches with your own hands in the form of a Christmas tree, a glasses, snowflakes, animals, flowers, birds, musical instruments, apples or other things. All are attractive in their own way.

To begin with, cut the heart from ordinary paper. The shapes of felt, leather and cardboard are cut out of the template (2 mm less from the main). First, determine how to make a brook, and which sequins use to fill. Your task is a surface to completely close beads. Cut the fishing line and type it in the needle, pass several times in the offense cross. So that the sparkles are based on, rearly fix the fishing line with the knot.

We recommend to decorate with large beads, and the remaining places are small Rondel and Czech beads in chaotic order.

The technique is simple, but the work is very laborious. Felt is moving away from the fishing line. Then install the fastener. Do not wait until the glue dries, sew right. Take a leather pattern, mark on it those places where you need to make holes, cut holes: from above and bottom of the fastener. Weaving on this completed. Broots will be made by your own hands on your idea, in a single instance.

You can wear them every day, experiment! Beautiful brooches will sparkle on you, attracting the attention of others

Brooch from fabric

Old things, shabby jeans - get a second breath when creating brooches made of fabric. Textile decorations complement the evening, day bow. Even on high-fashion podiums, the decor is often treated. A chiffon, veil or organza 20 and 3 cm wide is suitable.

  1. Fold the cloth, cut a part of the veil, rounding the edge, then straighten the tape, it turns out a kind of fence,
  2. Treat edges above the candle flame so that the threads do not fall. Be careful, the cloth is quickly flammable,
  3. Fold the ribbon symmetrically patterns, it is necessary to sew the lower part, the petal is ready,
  4. The brooch flower is assembled on a felt patch with a diameter of 4 cm, army for finished leaves and stick them,
  5. The flower consists of 20 petals. Stick them tightly each other in two rows of 10 pieces for the production of solid craft.

New faces of old things

Make broths from fabric and beads. Cut the strip of the material with a width of 5 cm. Then you twist it into the harness, pre-fastened inside. The strip should be twisted with spiral movements. Fix the brooch thread, the trick of beads. Make a bow of twine and tie it at the base, attach with hot glue.

Satin ribbons

Stylishly look decorations from satin ribbons. The textile product is often used in light industry. The viscose material has a huge advantage in front of natural materials: it is easily erased, retains color and strength, the surface glitters.

New ideas for brooches from the tape are always due to inspiration. When the waiting for the muse is tightened, the craftsmen are inspired by nature, theater, the environment, people and glossy magazines.

Take a wide ribbon of beige or scarlet shade 5, 1 cm long. Start forming flowers. To do this, turn the outfit part, then turn the tape so that it is formed between the two sides of the smooth angle, cutting off two squares and triangle in the middle.

After that, we must once again roll the ribbons on each other, sew them down. By the same scheme, do the remaining petals. Subsequently, we will extend them together, loosely tied the edges of the thread. Spread the tape so that the flower is more fluffy. Apply glue to the felt basis, and in the front ride the crystals.

Tie from satin ribbon

If you have a narrow tissue strip on your hand, then a beautiful brooch is provided. Although the work is simple, but I will have to tinker a little. Hend Maid can wear under a shirt, complement school, office or business outfit. And how to make a tie from satin ribbon beautifully?

Take tapes: 66 by 2.5 cm, 50 per 4 cm, 2 tapes 16 per 4, 18 per 4 cm, 22 by 2.5 cm, 14 by 2.5 cm, 4 tapes 7.5 by 2.5 cm .

  1. Take a length of 16 cm long, clap the angle and lift the ribbon at right angle.
  2. The bottom is also pushing back, fix the needle,
  3. According to this scheme, fold the second strip, just do symmetrically,
  4. Then take a needle on the finished template with monoings through all layers,
  5. After that, we fix both segments along with the thread,
  6. 7.5 cm strips fold on each other,
  7. Stripes 18 cm fold in half, determine the middle of the needle, and lay the edges to it, fastening the bulbs,
  8. Similarly, 7 point is a blank 2.5 per 14 cm,
  9. Sweep the edges of the billet with a width of 4 cm. After removing extra threads. Little tape are completely completely.

Go to tapes for 7.5 cm, they need to glue the edges among themselves. Now in the middle of the workpiece, adjust the edges of 5 mm, to do this, use the monomial, so the threads will be invisible.

We sew to the center of the workpiece with a width of 2.5 cm. Do not cut the thread. Short strips are lining on the back, so that the corners are a little opposed a brooch bay. Then secure the decorative pattern, for this you can use glue or thread.

You need to take a length of 22 cm long, sharpen its edges, leave the space between the layers, but so that the ribbons are glued. Do not forget to attach felt and clasp.

What are you doing from Kanzashi?

Kanzashi brooch develops on the principle of origami. For newbies, the term Kanzashi will sound strange, but experienced craftsmen are very like to use Japanese equipment in the work. It means creating hair accessories with chiffon or satin. The decoration can be attached to the hairpin, rim, bags, cosmetics. When you work on jewelry from tapes, always walk through the fabric with a candle or lighter, so that the edges do not crumble and did not bloom. Be careful, some fabrics are quickly flammable.

Kanzashi from the reps tape

In decorative purposes, Kanzashi from the reps tape is actively used. This smooth polyester fabric is decorated with coats, dresses, blouses, skirts, belts. For example, the famous Italian fashion house Gucci decorates her brands it. The invoice is such that the decorations are obtained sufficiently dense and rigid, but very pretty.

Make a brook-hairpin. For this we need only two felt with different diameters (4 and 2.5 cm). Candle, tweezers for canzashi, beads or Swarovski crystals, glue, scissors, ruler and hairpin.

Shades of the repus tape are a lot, you can choose by your own. But you will not be mistaken. Beautiful broths will be obtained from the first attempt. Cut the segments of a length of 9.5 cm, 2,5 cm wide. Total you will need 16 strips. Then, get the segments at a rate of 3.5 cm. The long side is bent at an angle, the remaining portion is turned up. The edge assemble the harmonica, then keep them above the cuples. Go to felt with a large diameter.

It will be the basis of brook. 9 petals glue it. The remaining buds are attached to a small felt. Two layers need to be connected along with glue. On the core or a trick of a large crystal Swarovski, or decorate the beads. On the offline, make a fastener. The flower can be attached to the studs, hairpins, scallop. The final barcode, the completion of your image is the brooch with your own hands. So, the usual style is changing, its faces are expanding.

Photo ideas for brooches made with your own hands

Please make repost

Brooch is an excellent addition to a beautiful dress. The history of its use goes into antiquity, and making methods are different. We describe popular views and tell me how to make a beautiful brooch with your own hands.

Brooch from bead

Start with simple products using one color. It can be a leaf or other simple pattern. Initially, try to drive beads and reveal the necessary step needle. It is necessary for smooth laying beads.

Work at the following steps:

  • Take thread, beads, felt or other materials
  • Transfer the picture to the base (for example, on felt)
  • Beads are trimmed by contour
  • Crop the remaining material from the base.

Brooch from satin ribbons with your own hands

Many are interested in: what you can make a beautiful brooch. From this material, the bright products are obtained. From the atlas make tapes for hairstyles, bows, jewelry for jackets. And the principle of manufacture, as well as for other types of brooches.

From the tape not only sew, but also embroider drawings based on how in the case of beads.

Brooch leather

Leather items look stylish and serve for a long time. If natural skin burns around the edges, it will take an aesthetic look and an unusual shade, and the decorations obtained need to be connected to the superclay.

Next, the glued material is attached to the base with a pin.

The skin has a good combination with many natural materials (coarse cloth, wood, burlap).

Brooch from felt

The material is well consistent and maintains the form, not inclined to creme. Therefore, the edges can not be processed. Material has a specific beautiful view. It looks good with simple elements, for example, with a coarse beep.

Instructions how to make a brooch from fetal tissue.

  • Cooking a couple of shades of felt, threads Moulin of the same tone, mount for brooches and a vintage button
  • From the felt material, cut out flowers with five identical petals. For example, three beige flower and one green
  • Cut out small circles
  • Threads make the embroidery of the veins of the petals
  • To flower from the opposite side
  • We fold 4 flower and sew a button. It turns out a little bush

The photo of all types of broks, which was discussed above, can be contemplated in our gallery at the end of the article. Believe me, the beauty of you will inspire you for creativity.

Brooch from fabric with your own hands

From the stewed pieces of the fabric, you can create a stylish decoration, making up invoices and shades.

The principle of working with a cloth is similar to beading. On the hard framework, the necessary fragments are sewn or glued. You can add leather, wood, beads and other materials.

From the inside, the base is attached to the base, intended for brooches.

The tissue brooch seems more voluminous than the product of beads.

Capping the edge and taking natural fabric, you can make figurines like origami.

Brooch from Cabochon

Cabochon - semi-precious stone of special processing. Due to this, it has a smooth convex surface and does not have faces. Brooch with the cabochon will fit the blouse or sweater. To begin with, prepare materials:

  • cabochon;
  • bispers;
  • Fetra material;
  • stone crumb;
  • thread;
  • glue;
  • paper;
  • leather pieces;
  • scissors;
  • Special clasp.

Now let's give a step-by-step description for beginners how to make a brooch of listed materials.

Cut the basis. Its diameter should exceed the length of the finished decoration. We glue the stone to the base.

We take the beads of medium size (work with small beads requires experience). A needle remove products from a few mm from stone. Choose a bead. The needle is inserted into the felt to a distance of equal caliber of the used beads, and stretch the thread.

The needle is outlawed for the bead, passes inside it and dials the following. Then the needle is again introduced at the length of the bead length, is displayed for the first two and dials the third piece. Next, the needle is displayed in two previous and gaining another bead.

Thus, we are wearing the whole stone. And beads put it tight and smooth.

The second row embroider using another shade. The needle remove through the felt, we recruit the bead and go through the first row bead. Again, we go through the needle through the beerin, which is under the initial bisper in the second row, and we derive through the initial beerink.

Immediately: leaving the previous row, pass through the second beads, we recruit another and pull the thread inside one in the first row. Thus, we are wearing a circle. It is possible to add additional rows.

The base is decorating with crumbs. And for fasteners often take contrast beads. The edges of the brook fill closely. The lumens are excluded. With a side of the crumb, we make 2 rows. Rows go one by one. It is necessary to work carefully. The second side of the product is wearing a contrast beaded the same as the first.

Today we saw that make a product simply. Having learned to make beautiful products, you can even master additional earnings.

So, we showed a small master class how to make a brooch of stone. If desired, the product can be added beaded low and other stones.

Photo brook do it yourself

A brooch may not just be a beautiful accessory. It is possible to consider it as an attribute of self-expression, a small fun toy for joy and mood. It may be a special gift, a kind of message, when I want to share emotions and memories. Of course, this will not buy it ready. These brooches make their own hands, because no one, besides you, does not know the details and important will take a memorable event. The breads are manufactured and before the event. Before a large holiday, for example, when a common sign is needed, visually combining all guests or a certain group. The element in the manufacture of brooches is your own hands - fastening. In essence, any beautiful flat thing can become a rod: from felt, fabric, polymer clay, wood, metal, glass, phoamyran, natural stones. This "face" is placed on the basis of a fastener. Different models of the base are attached differently ..

Broots back side, fastening the base

Here are the most common basics for brooches with their own hands - "flat sewing foundations." They are of different sizes, with different number of holes. Despite the name, they are not always sewn - it happens that they are glued. Of course, it will be more reliable if it turns out to be immediately and glued, and sew))))

Brooches do it yourself the sewn base photo

For example, when you make embroidered onto the fetre, you can add another layer of felt on the reverse side. To this layer is sewn. It is also more convenient, moreover, it strengthens the brooch and helps to hide the nodes from embroidery and sewing.

Felt brooch and fabric mount

The opposite direction can sometimes make out of thin skin. The scheme of work is: on the fetra it is planned, then the boundaries are flashing with a decorative wire, a rhinestone chain, a decorative cord. After that, the gaps are filled with embroidery, beads, rhinestones, beads. Then the layer of felt or skin is cut in the form of brooches, the base is attached (sewn, sticks or sewn and sticks at the same time))) if necessary, decorated the edge. On the back side of the broochs in the photo in the skin, the slits and the mount remain inside, under the skin. Outside only clasp.

Broat from beads and beads

For bulk brooches, you can make a multi-layer base. On the base layer of felt, individual parts are pasted. They added another additional layer or two. The higher the basis, the less detail. As a result, the image acquires a noticeable volume (although individual layers of felt on such fat). See how it is done.

Volumetric Brooch of Fetra and Beads

The same basis is used on broochs in the form of beetles and dragonflies. In order to make a bulk figurine, you need to make several layers: separately the wings, separate torso. The head can be made of crystal beads. Wings are most often the wire sewn to the fatin (although there are many different variations). Read more about creating such wings and in general about how to make broots from beads, Read in this article

Examples of volumetric insects

Here are still different types of wings.

Brooches in the form of volumetric insects

When you make such a broken hand, you can add a large rhinestone to the center. Here is a photo with examples. Choice themselves In this section of the catalog .

Insects from sequins and beads with large rhinestones
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Not to any material can be seized. To the metal, for example, a spike of a tree or a ceramic icon. How then make a brook? Just glue the base. It is best to use epoxy glue.

Examples of the foundations fixed by glueWooden broots with a shined basis

The same basis is used in the manufacture of fabric brooches. Author's master class, how to make such broots, See this link . Detailed step by step description and photo.

Step-by-step description how to make brooches

Flowers can be very different. For example, from fabric or from yarn. To make such, you will have beads, beads, Ready stamens , Ready leaves , Yagoda , Wire, metal suspension, any other goods for needlework.

Examples of flowers from fabric

Such flowers are very popular, I will tell you more about them. IN Master class for making rims I showed how to make such flowers beginners. You can do without special tools (bugs and soldering iron). This technique will fit both for the manufacture of brokers with their own hands. Cut the petals - you can simply round billets - from the fabric, organza, lace. It is better to use synthetic fabrics. Natural materials fail to fall as a candle, the edges of the petals will be poured.

Flower of fabric with their own hands. Step by step photos

For cotton fabrics, such a flower options are more suitable.

Examples of colors made of cotton fabricsStep-by-step photos of flower creationFlower of fabric and beads

Supplement such brooches can be knitted elements. For fastening large bulk brooches, you can use the basis with a round pad for gluing. For greater reliability, through holes can also sew this basis. Clay can use the moment-crystal or glue thermopystole

Photo descriptionExamples of colors with knitted elements

CHEM for knitted flowers is also a lot.

Knitted flower schemeProduction of knitted flower

One of the most popular basics for the brook do it yourself - Brooch pin with loops .

Basis for brooches pin

With the help of such a basis, pins, beads, connecting rings, suspensions, beads, old jewelry and everything else, any novice will make and brooch on the coat, and the holder for the nipple) it all depends on the selected style and selected materials.

Brush in grapes or viburnum

The only technical skill that is needed in this case is the ability to bend the pin with the Rounds. The pins (pins for jewelry) are suspended by beads in a cluster. Here is a step-by-step photo of work. Here everything is simple and understandable. It is enough to start, and you will definitely succeed.

Work with pins. Step by step photos

If the pupil beads, beads with letters, the beads "Fatima's eye" from the evil eye, suspension, can be made nominal brooches. Letters usually fasten a hoo rubber.

Examples of nominal brooch pins

It happens the base-pin without looping. In this case, to make a brooch, you can sew decor, fabric, ribbons, or attach suspensions on connecting rings. Or simply climb a vaga cord or wire.

The base of the pin noise

Several designs in the boho-style on such basics.

Bocho brooches do it yourself

For the attachment of polymer clay brockets, any basics are suitable. Most often, they are trying to "enjoy" in the polymer in order not to use glue. To do this, you can bake myself decorative layer, and then closure close gently clay (you can use a decorative stamp or registered printing). After that, such a broach rush again.

Fastening the base to the polymer clay brotherBrooch from polymer clay with their own handsBrooch from polymer clay with their own hands

Polymer clay allows you to fully show fantasy. Just choose the product, like from plasticine and then bake it in the oven.

Polymer clay brooches do it yourself

On our site there are a lot of master classes on the laying of polymer clay. Brooch can be done in any technique. Not only to cut out a small figurine. It can be a flower, and an abstract thing.

Important moment . Metal elements are not glued to clay themselves or even with a gel. After baking, metal elements need to be removed and glued with instant glue. Only sealed inside the base will keep tightly. The best, even baked with the clay necessarily need to be glued.

Polymer clay poppy

Although the colors are best used to use Foamiran or self-healing clay. Such colors are lighter.

Several examples and master classes for inspiration.

Examples of homemade colors

Do such naturalistic flowers - separate art. It is impossible in a short article describe all the subtleties. I will tell briefly: beginners for general presentation of the process.

Each element of such a boutonniere is chopped separately, petal for the petal, a twig behind the twig. The texture of the petals is attached to special mits, the shape is cut out by catter if necessary. After that, the petals are painted with paints (for example, oils give a good soft surface coating, pleasant naturalistic transitions).

Creating a polymer clay flower

These elements are initially prepared on a wire (you can dip it in PVA glue).

Small elements of a homemade flower

After that, all the elements are collected in the boutonniere, the barrel of which is most often wrapped by Tailent, or Floral ribbon . In our catalog floristic tape at a very affordable price.

Polymer clay boutonnierePolymer clay fruit twig

Either the twig also falls out of clay.

Creating a twig do it yourself

The fastening option of such brooches depends on the shape and composition of the bouquet, from the purpose of the product. Most often, this is used for brooch with a crocodile. Such decorations can be worn as a brooch, and you can use as a hairpin.

Another option is the usual base-pin. Such more suitable for small boutonnieres or single flowers.

Of course, all these bases are also suitable for flowers made of leather, fabric or phoamyran.

Brooches with various fasteners

I hope you learned something new for myself and inspired to create your unique brooches! Creative mood you!

Broats had success from our grandmothers, with love stored in ancient boxes. Fashion does not tend to stand in one place - her movement is directed forward, but sometimes she looks around, turning to the raisins of the past.

The value of homemade jewelry in their uniqueness. You will not meet a duplicate anywhere, being the only owner. It is important that the subject can be correlated with their wardrobe, creating it under a certain outfit.

To recreate the accessory, we use fabrics, ribbons, stones, glitters, buttons - this is not a complete list, from which you can make a beautiful brooch.

Simplest options

Browse your boxes that are undoubtedly replenished with old cabins, chains, single servants. The overall english pin will serve as an extraordinary design to which the selected details simply cling.

It looks nontrivial and fashionable. You can also connect a fabriced miniature toy.


It will take an interesting patch feathery, bought in the needlework store. It should only be supplemented at its discretion, starting with the praise eyes.

We decorate the silhouette, applying beads, glass, giving the picture the convexity and brightness. Such a work can be performed in the form of angels, bunnies, beetles and other characters.

Unusual flower

The thick composition of the felt allows him to be the basis of the products. Using pattern template, cut 3 descending forms of petals.

In a smaller sample, we carry out an incision of the letter x. The remaining two are equipped with round holes on the diameter of the buttons attached to the center.

We fold from the large element to the small and fasten stitch. Increase expressive butchers. In the course of work, you can change the color gamut, decorate the petals of paintings from the threads, showing your own imagination.


Master class, how to make a brooch in heart look. It will be necessary to get:

  • felt green and black color;
  • Golden zipper from metal;
  • beads, glassware, decorative devices.

Manufacturing process:

  1. In the lightning, we cut the matter near the teeth. Sing cut over a burning match, lighter.
  2. We prepare the "cardiac" configuration.
  3. Lightning is wearing it, capturing everyone's teeth.
  4. Metal residue Brepim at the top of a rounded area.
  5. All space fill with decor.
  6. The dark material will go on the wrong side, again, when sewing smooth shutters, teeth are captured.
  7. Insert a figured pin into the left upper area, withdrawing it through the seam on the side.

Our model is ready to use.

Wonderful rose

Need an air organza, from which we cut the circles different in diameter (12 pieces). The edges must be processed over the fire. We combine from a large segment to a small, stitching them.

At the central point there are beads or other adorable little things. The base is glued to the base with a buckle.


The popular wise bird is an exclusive thing, and you can cope with the task in an hour. Step-by-step description for beginners. Check:

  • White and black beads of small, large size and in the form of rice grain;
  • fastening lock;
  • two rhinestones;
  • Leather flap.

Our actions:

  1. First, we will deal with my eyes. Rhinestick pupils are drawn up with a bright little beads and glued on the basis.
  2. We are taking them with another row.
  3. Krevik - Dark extended beerts, and white - Chelka at the top.
  4. Draw the body by flashing the outline by any shade.
  5. Fill the emptiness, alternating shades.
  6. Cutting a surplus of the fabric, a piece of cardboard with an inside is glued to the broom, and then the skin in which the clashes inserted.
  7. Subsecured beads are paws and wings. The last barcode is the beaded cruise covering, hiding flaws.

Multicolored or monophonic owls are equally miles and original.

Masterpieces with stones

Beautiful brooch with their own hands is made of pebbles that glue the hard structure. So implemented any ideas in the form of an order, insect, pattern. Let's try to make a fly.

Cabochon plant on glue on a dense fabric, placing around the beads in 5 rows - this is a taurus. The remaining stones are laid out in the form of wings, legs and eyeboards. They are also framed by bispers.

Cutting the resulting figure, glue the bottom of the skin and add a pin. Improvisation and experiments with a change in coloring are available.


Take advantage of an embroidered plot, putting it on a cardboard circle and pulling behind the threads. Create volume with a soft filler.

Prepare the back, covering the cardboard with a cloth, it should be on a centimeter more and have a stitched fastener system. We connect the items, decorating the joke with lace, ribbons or can be crocheted.

Charming lips

Very demanded accessory. We use Fliselin to portray the outline of this part of the face. Drawing glue to red felt and pass around the edge of the same beads. We replenish the lip area with felt residues, applying a needle with a thread.

The covering will occur vertically, starting from the middle, reducing or increasing the number of beads depending on the size of the site.

Teeth in the middle, naturally, white. We repeat the abis on a separate cardboard and glue from behind. In the leather piece, we make holes for the castle, wake it up and combine glue with the main workpiece.

We remove the tissue surplus, leaving a small rim, which is connected to the base of beads. Such a model will live well not only the dress, but also a handbag.


All materials of the green tone. Instruction, how to make a brooch with four sheets, is quite simple. Apply an image on the fabric. We place on the bottom leaf of rhoze, trimmed by beads. They are also going through the silhouette lines.

Right half, decorated with satin matter, forming folds. Arbitrarily scatter any decorating things. I cut off the residual edges, add the skin with a buckle with an inside.

Decorations can be joking, gaming, romantic style. Such needlework brings true pleasure.

This is not a time-consuming and exciting process that helps emphasize personal individuality and develop creative thinking.

Photo brook do it yourself

Creating an ideal image is always the task of not the easiest. Especially, if you need to choose clothes for an important event where it is necessary to look spectacular. But there are such details that even the base onions turn into a luxurious outfit that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Undoubtedly, such elements are accessories, among which the leading place occupies a variety of brooches. It is especially interesting to look a beautiful brooch with their own hands created.

Advantages of designer boscoes

  • One of the main advantages of such accessories is their uniqueness, since, as a rule, their manufacture is ground. What also improves their value.
  • Such products are far from always can be very expensive, as often they can be created with their own hands. This requires an instruction, how to make a brooch, where all the details are painted in detail, as well as the necessary components for its manufacture.
  • Such a stylish accessory even the easiest onion will make a luxurious outfit, in which it is possible to appear at the party.

Useful tips on creating brokers

It is worth noting that the brooch can create almost any, just to know several nuances. First, it is worth deciding on how the future brooch will look. Sometimes they are created in the form of a variety of animals, often there are also brooches, which in their appearance are similar to different colors.

Then it is necessary to decide on the color range, although it is often in the creation process it can be edited. It is especially important to pay due attention to how the future brooch will be attached on the items of clothing.

Fastening should be durable. That is, if a large size of the future designer product is assumed, then the fastening size should also be not miniature, since otherwise the design may not withstand.

Often, a step-by-step description for beginners offers to glue the design, although this option is not always optimal. For example, sewing items, the brooch becomes more durable, also durable to use.

Types of brooks created by their own hands

Each designer will be able to name such a number of options that they are all even impossible to describe. Indeed, experienced professionals do not make brooches.

But, if you look at the master class, how to make a brooch, especially for those who are just starting to master the manufacture of accessories, most often there are felt options.

Indeed, felt is a material from which not only you can come up with various models, but with which it is always convenient and easy to work. And, it means that such workshops must necessarily pay attention to those who are just beginning to master the manufacture of such stylish and simply necessary accessories not only for individual cases, but also for everyday life.

You can add multicolored beads to the feta. Before felt, other details will be sewn onto the felt, you need to sketch in order for the image to get smaller and carefully. In addition to the feta, it is possible to use leather inserts.

Be sure to try different options in order to understand what you can make a beautiful brooch for all occasions. In the preparation of the sketch, it is important to think about how the borders of the brooches are treated, namely its edges.

So, if you do not consider the moment, then the whole design can fall apart at the most inopportune moment. All the edges must be either appropriately combined, or, which is definitely stronger, are sewn.

Lovely, so-called multi-layered brooches, which suggest several layers of felt. Moreover, you can also put or stick other components, but the effect will be completely different.

Such brooches are always more causing, they are perfect for a special case. But the volume is necessary, for example, for models of different insects. Here it is extremely important to observe key proportions.

Basic materials for brooch

Of course, each designer can create a unique accessory from what is at the moment he is at hand, but the one who is just starting to work in this area is not always free in the choice. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to several useful seats for the selection of material.

So be sure to use the felt, with absolutely any color can approach, so you can buy several options at once. Beads will also be useful. It is advisable to choose not only a different color gamut, but also dimensions. So combining various beads, the future brooch will necessarily get more expressive.

It is especially important to choose a thread. This will require different options. So one type will come in handy directly to secure the created design, and the other can be useful for the decoration. There will also be a few needles.

Where does the manufacturer begins

Of course, the creation of the accessory is impossible without an idea, and, it means, it is worth deciding on how future creation will look like. Next is the sketch, according to which the proportions will be understood as well as materials that will be required for its manufacture.

Do not immediately choose complex variants that suggest serious training. So it's worth starting with simple sketches, creating which will definitely have a desire to do yet. You can try to start, for example, from embroidery. It can be performed far from only with the help of ordinary threads.

Various sequins or beads can be applied to decorate, for example, a cute bird or an unusual flower. Sometimes brooches make exclusively from felt, which is both the basis and material for the entire design. In any case, an idea is important for creating beauty.

Brooch - perfect gift

Every year everything is more difficult to surprise and please close to unique gifts. Created by your own hands brooch is the perfect gift of a gift that will not only enjoy the future owner, but will also become an indispensable accessory for a long time.

The most difficult thing in creating brooches is to find a little time to create it, come up with an idea. I wonder the options that are conjugate with the symbols of the year, such brooches will necessarily contribute to successes throughout the year.

Adding natural stones to the creation of brooches, you can create a real decoration, which is already refer to the discharge of jewelry. But even the brooch, which was created only from felt, will be very expensive, as it is a designer design created by their own hands. Therefore, it is not worth postponing in a long box that it can bring a lot of pleasure.

Often, the creation of brook is so tightened that it becomes a favorite hobby for a long period of time. Sometimes such a passion is quite real can even start making additional income, which is also interesting.

Therefore, the revision all that was not used for a long time can be proceeding to create a unique design decoration, which will definitely allocate from the crowd. After all, it is such strong details that create memorable unique images that help add important goals.

Photo brook do it yourself

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