Cramps in the legs: what are the pain

Foot cramps photo
Convulsions are called painful reductions in one muscle or their group, which arise spontaneously and cannot be completely controlled (it is impossible to stop independently). Such spasms are not only accompanied by unpleasant sensations, but also make it difficult to move the limbs. A convulsions should be perceived as a symptom of violations in the body, which may exhibit many diseases developing in a hidden form. Ignoring cramps in the legs and the lack of treatment leads to the exacerbation of pathological changes and the development of complications.

Why is the Red Sea called red?

Red sea
Many geographic objects receive their name due to historical events or features. Some characterize the named object for any features. There is a special science (toponymy), which studies the history of the names. They look at the story, find legends, myths explaining this name, famous people who are popular in this area of ​​profession take into account the relief and draw conclusions.

Greenhouse from PVC pipes with her own hands: drawings, photos and step-by-step guides

Buying the finished greenhouse or the construction of a capital greenhouse is not available to each owner. How to find gardens cheap and angry version of the greenhouse for giving? Today we will talk about the excellent and inexpensive greenhouse from plastic water pipes, the project of which you can easily be implemented on your site with minimal costs. So, the greenhouse from PVC pipes with his own hands.

Installing drivers on Windows 7: What are you needed after reinstalling OS, how to download

Often fly the drivers after reinstalling Windows 7. For example, if there is no software for a video adapter, the desktop will be displayed incorrectly. If there is no software for a sound card, then there will be no sound. This applies to all computer or laptop elements. Therefore, you need to determine which drivers are missing, and then install programs. To do this, you can use a special utility or standard OS tools. The following instructions describe in detail how to install drivers on Windows 7.

How to catch a husband in treason: when you are sure, but no evidence

How to catch a husband
Greetings, ladies! How to expose her husband in infidelity? The deceived wife is obliged to care carefully to understand how to catch her husband on treason. It is necessary to act imperceptibly and cunning, do not try to openly demand the truth from him. If you try to find out everything quietly and neatly, you can not harm your relationship or not to enable the mistress to lead your man.

How to store garlic at home just and right

Winter and spring grade garlic
Good afternoon, dear readers! Once, sending her son to the store, I instructed him to buy two kilograms of Luka among others. But he listened to me inattentively and instead of Luke brought two kilograms of garlic. At that time, I first and puzzled as a question, how to keep garlic in the conditions of a city apartment, because it was obvious that even if we all together take it to absorb him, with such a number we could not cope.

Troy - the ancient city of Troy or the legendary or

Trojan horse - the symbol of the Troy
Troy - Probably, there are few people in the world who did not hear the name of this legendary city at least once in their lives who did not hear about the famous Trojan Kone who dramatically changed the move Trojan War . Starting from Iliad Homer where the last one is described in the last year Trojan War , about Troy It is said and written a lot. Troy It has always been interested in and continues to be interested in various scientists: archaeologists, historians, writers and local history. Do you know that Troy located in Turkey?

Master Class watch online: Making a wedding album - a gentle gift for the bride

We make a wedding album - a gentle gift for the bride, photo № 1
The wedding album is a very gentle and interesting version of the wedding gift for the bride. It can not only place photos from the solemn ceremony, but also to offer guests to leave their wishes to a young family, as well as save all sorts of pleasant memorable trivia - postcards, wedding invitations and seating cards, photos from popular now at the celebrations of the photo booth. Inspired by this idea, this album I decided to do as my competitive work. I tried very hard to create not only the beautiful work, but also to fix all the stages of its creation so that each reader could easily repeat this lesson.