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The legislation does not provide for a separate regulatory act, regulating relations under the Subareward Agreement. Article 615 of the Civil Code in paragraph 2 is only indicated that the rules and procedure for the conclusion of rental agreements should be applied to the Subares agreements. Immediately arises a fair question - sublease what is it? Rent and sublease What is the difference?

What is a sublease is one of the most common types of contractual agreements regulating relations in terms of movable and immovable property.

You can rent in the sublease not only non-residential premises, but also apartments, land plots. In the first case, the saline usually organize housing for rent: such a shot brings more money than long-term rental.Subarenda is the temporary assignment of rights to the leased property or its shares (most often the subject of such an agreement indicates non-residential premises). The sublendator is endowed with the same rights and obligations that are mainly indicated by the agreement between the owner and the tenant. Agreements help the tenant in some cases solve financial problems, reducing the costs associated with the content of premises, for example, if they are not temporarily used.

Residential Subares Treaty

Like the overwhelming majority of contractual relations, the rental of premises is regulated by civil law (GC). In addition, there are also separate regulatory legal acts such as the decision of the Plenum of You No.-73 of November 17, 2011 for cases of cases. By this decision, the highest court defined the rules and procedure for making a transaction (conclusion of an agreement) for renting residential premises.

Subject of Agreement

What is a dwelling sublease?

Under the sublease residential premises it is understood by the transfer of a third party in the hiring of already rented housing. The subject of this contract is to assign the right to use living space to third parties.

At the same time, it is also necessary to renew the main contract or the conclusion of an additional agreement to it, where it is necessary to specify this fact and enlist the consent of the owner.

Agreement format


The written format of the Agreement provides a guarantee of compliance with all parties assigned duties. Which in the future makes it possible to bring liability and reimbursement of losses from the participants of the transaction, if they do not fulfill the terms of the agreement. To bring to justice and compensate losses will be by referring to the claims of the owner to the Parties of the Agreement. In parts that are indicated by violations assumed by the parties to obligations.


The parties to the sublease agreement are the following persons:

  • The owner is the landlord, is the main participant in the main lease agreement;
  • The tenant is a secondary participant in the lease transaction, and in the Subareward Agreement - the main person (landlord);
  • Subarentator is a third party agreement.

The parties of the agreement may be many. So the subarettaker, with the Agreement of the Tenant and the owner, looking for its own benefit, can convey the premises in hiring the next participant of the transaction, concluding another Treaty on Subare.

The subletator is the third and subsequent face of the agreement that enters the use of already rented premises. The subaretener is a member of the rental transaction, making it for rent to third and subsequent persons of the living space, taken for rent themselves.

Terms of validity of this contract

The subsend agreement period may not exceed the validity of the main contract. If the room is rented for more than a year or equal to this period, the agreement is registered in Rosschestra, respectively, the Subares treaty is also subject to registration. The maximum term of the agreement is five years. Next need re-registration.

Duties of the parties

According to Article 615 of the GC, the responsibilities of the transaction participants are to comply with the items of the Agreement, in other cases in accordance with the purpose of the property. With the failure of these duties, the owner is entitled to terminate the transaction.

Registration of the Subareward Agreement

When making a transaction according to this type of agreement, as well as for other treaties, it is necessary to comply with the structure of the document, which includes the following items containing information about:

  • full questionnaire / personal data of the participants of the transaction (FULL NAME, full data of a document confirming personality (series, number, organ issued it, etc.);
  • the number of persons participating in the transaction and planning further accommodation on the specified squares;
  • period of use of living space and the actions of the agreement;
  • Inventory of property intended to use in a rental room;
  • form and payment method;
  • the need to carry out repair work and the requirement to pay utility services;
  • Purpose of residential premises.

Such a transaction is the individual nature of the preparation and conclusion of the Agreement. In this regard, the structure and required documents can be significantly varied.

Necessary Agreements

When conclusted the transaction, you must attach the following package of documents:

  • copies of documents certifying the identities of the transaction participants;
  • a document confirming the ownership of real estate from the owner (certificate, extract from EGRN);
  • the original and a copy of the main lease agreement with an indication of the consent of the Lessor to the transaction (or the application of its copies and the original of the Super Agreement on the Subare);
  • copies of personal accounts to pay utilities;
  • Technical housing passport, if an agreement is expected to register a RosSrester;
  • If the term of the transaction is assumed for more than one year (as mentioned above, the State Registration is necessary) then confirmation is added to the payment of the state fee for registration of the transaction.

And other necessary documents necessary for the conclusion of an individual transaction agreement.

Sample agreement

For the correct and legitimate compilation and conclusion of the Agreement, it is necessary to own at least asams of jurisprudence. If there are difficulties in making this transaction, you can seek the advisory of an experienced lawyer practitioner in this area of ​​law or to use the examples below.


The fee for rental housing is established by the landlord, but as already mentioned, the tenant, looking for benefits to be entitled without the consent of the owner for personal needs, it is entitled to raise it at his own discretion. Also in the rent may also include payment for utilities or will be stated by a separate clause agreement. The law does not prohibit and does not specify the size of the rent.

Does the sublender possesses the right of subares

Subarenda for the subsequent transfer of residential property for use of a fairly profitable business for the use of the same agreement. So enterprising citizens, especially in meaningful days (Olympics or similar events), conclude rental and sublease agreements for residential premises or tenants for further use of residential squares to obtain additional profits by issuing subsequent contracts.

Unfortunately, legislation does not provide for the restriction of persons entering into subsequent sublease treaties. What the fraudsters enjoy, developing various schemes from these real estate objects.

It is necessary to carefully approach the conclusion of such a transaction carefully to conclude such a transaction and specifically to negotiate in the agreement on the further transfer of the object to the third and subsequent persons of the transaction. That is, either limit and not give permission to the sublease, or to register this item separately.

According to paragraph 2 of Article 615 of the Code, the tenant, it is entitled to enter into further trades on the transfer of housing in subsequent hiring, solely with the consent of the owner. That to some extent limits the rights of the tenant and protects the right of the owner. In any case, the main part of the transaction (owner) has a predominant right to challenge all the actions of the tenant and subsequent subareacts by submitting claims in court.

Differences of the sublease of non-residential premises from residential

The agreement on this form of the transaction, both on real estate and movable, is practically different. The only difference in the provision of these transactions is a taxation that directly depends on the status of the participants of the Agreement and the category of real estate.

Thus, the tax on the delivery of the residential premises differs at times from the rental / sublease of nonresidential. Therefore, increasingly participants in the transaction are individuals who receive significant preferences on taxation.

In any case, a thorough study of legislation is required in this area, so that the owner and the tenant did not have to solve controversial situations in the appropriate judicial jurisdiction.

The main difference of rental and sublease transactions is the number of parties to the agreement. So in the first case, the participants of the transaction are the owner and the employer, and in the second, in addition to these persons, third parties are indicated.

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In the case of land, it is impossible to change its target destination at sublease. The contract for the surrender to the sublender of the Earth is subject to mandatory registration. At the same time, the amount of the subare charge fee should not be higher than the rental amount.

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Table of contents:

  1. Subares treaty
  2. Possible risks
  3. Subarend Apartments - Profitable Business
  4. Investments
  5. How to organize a business: instruction
  6. Subare land

Citizens and organizations having free premises often surrender them for rent. The tenant, in turn, can pass a temporarily used area or part of the sublease.

What is a sublease? This is a complex transaction at which the tenant has been leased by the premises rented by the third party. Such actions are legitimate. The prerequisite is to put the landlords about the plans.

Subares treaty

The participation of the third party increases the likely risks. The sublease agreement concluded according to the legislation standards will avoid misunderstandings, property claims and disputes arising from the lessor and other parties to the transaction.

All actions on the design of lease agreements and subleases are governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (paragraph 2 of Article 615). Enchanted the right to transfer rented property and its rights to him under the contract to a third party.

Without the written consent of the landlord, the transaction will be invalid. The order of delivery of this area in the Subarent is prescribed to

The lease agreement is either an individual comprising a separate document containing the acceptance of the landlord.

  • In the lease agreement indicate:
  • subject of contract with an indication of the area and other characteristics;
  • the amount of rent, the procedure for calculations;
  • rights and obligations of each party;
  • Responsibility for failure to fulfill the conditions prescribed in the contract;
  • contract time;

Legal addresses and details of the parties.

Possible risks

Each party is obliged to put his signature.

  1. What is a sublease of non-residential premises? This is a challenging transaction that has some risks. Permission to rent areas or premises to third parties prescribed in the lease agreement has positive and negative sides.
  2. Plus for the tenant: no need to coordinate with the owner of the premises its actions. Only the tenant decides who he will choose as a sublender.
Minus for the landlord: he can not even assume to whom his tenant can pass free squares in the future.

Please note: the sublease of the room in municipal ownership is legal only after permission from the bodies of the municipal government. The signatures of a number of officials are necessary.

Subarend Apartments - Profitable Business

Thus, the legislation of the Russian Federation allows for the delivery of premises by the tenant to the sublease, if the owner of the object is not against. The sublease agreement carries risks for all the participants in the agreement, so if it is design, it is necessary to request a certain list of documents for the object.Some citizens are trying to bypass this rate not to run around the cabinets and do not bind to paper fiber. Experts do not recommend engaging in fraud. If the fact of illegal activity opens, the landlords threaten serious fines. Violation of the terms of the lease agreement can be a reason for the rupture of contractual relations between an entrepreneur and municipal education. Think about it!

In major tourist centers and megalopolis, entrepreneurs create a business involving rental of several apartments and subsequent passage of their hourly,


Daily or for a longer term. This type of business will be successful in industrial cities, where business trips are often coming. Many citizens, as a temporary accommodation option, between the hotel and the apartment surrender, often choose the last option.

What is a sublease apartment? The essence of the idea is simple: renting several inexpensive, clean, suitable for accommodation apartments and passing them to third parties in short-term rental. Earnings on the delivery of housing for a short time is always higher than the income received from the long-term lease.

The larger apartments you plan to remove to give them to guests, the higher the costs. Highlight some amount for the purchase of useful things that make accommodation comfortable: microwave, small fridge, TV, sleeping place, bedding. Provide spending on household chemicals and customer services.

How to organize a business: instruction

  1. The profitability of the business for rent is always high. The average cost of accommodation in the rented apartment per month - 5000 rubles. If short-term lease is provided, the income will be higher. Often the cost pay off in a couple of months.
  2. Profit depends on your search activity and attracting customers and the impression that the city guests will remain after living in this apartment. Satisfied guests next time will return here again and will recommend your accommodation to his colleagues and friends.
  3. Search and rent in low-cost apartments. Explore ads on Internet sites, in popular newspapers. Compare prices. Choose apartments located near the transport junctions. One of the apartments should be in a quiet area.
  4. Arrangement of the room. Create normal conditions for living, furnishing the apartment modestly, but tasteful. Mining furniture and household appliances are required.

Subare land

Conducting an advertising campaign. Distribution of leaflets and business cards, advertisements, advertising on the Internet will help attract the first customers.

Control of the safety of the property. Warning guests in advance about fines in case of detection of furniture or household appliances. A reasonable option is to take an insurance contribution from customers at the time of rent.

What is a land sublease? Is this kind of income in Russia allowed? This question is worried about many citizens who want to pass the rented plot of land to the third person.

In the lease law in Art. 8 It is indicated that the rented site or part of it can be transmitted to the sublease. The intended purpose is prohibited from this.

It is also required to notify the landlord and receive its consent in writing. The term of consideration of the proposal is one month. If, after this period, the owner of the site did not confirm the consent or did not respond to the refusal, the rented land can be transferred to the temporary use of a third party.

It should be known that the conditions of the sublease contract should not contradict the items and norms of the lease agreement. The sublease must remember that the sublease agreement operates under the lease agreement. Everything is simple: there can be no time lease for three years, and subleases are four. In case of termination of the lease agreement, the subarente contract is automatically canceled.

Communicable state registration of such contracts

. What is the land sublease? This is a legal situation requiring strict compliance with all rules and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Registration of the Treaty in the notarial office will give confidence that the landlord gives the third person to the Plot from the point of view. Notary - insurance against possible risks and problems.

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation in paragraph 28,88.6 of Article 288 states that the size of the land sublease cannot exceed the rent. The sackarendator, as a business entity, is obliged to comply with all the provisions of the contract with him.

The subsequent subsequent fee should be included in the agreed period. In the event of violations of payment provisions, the sublendator is responsible for the landlord.

No landlord will allow violations in terms of receiving fees for the land sublease. Landlord is a physical or legal person responsible for the timely deposit of payments in the city budget. Nobody needs penalties due to the unrelated sublendator.

When conclosing the transaction, conduct a comprehensive inspection of a physical or legal person with whom you plan to cooperate. The irresponsible subtenant will add you headaches.

If you rent a square and are going to take them in temporary use, study as much material as possible on the topic:

What is a sublease of the room, how to issue a contract of the sublease, the nuances of the land sublease and others. Legal knowledge always benefit.

We often encounter rent, taking in hiring housing, office, even on the household level. The contract of sublease of residential premises or non-residential is less common, so legal relationships cause many questions, but on legal nature the same.

Concept and participants

  • The legal relations are regulated by Articles 615, 618, 631, 638, 647 and 660 GK. The legislation is not forbidden to renovate property in the use of the tenant. The main condition - the tenant is obliged to obtain permission to transfer the received property to a third party. Rule enshrined in Art. 615 GK.
  • Subares contract contract must be in the same form as lease. The sublepenter in this case speaks the third person by the use of property.
  • Difference with rent

Rent is temporary use of real estate for a specific fee. The legal relations do not generate ownership of the tenant. The contract of subleases of non-residential premises is to relocate the leased object. The transaction has a number of features: The validity period may not exceed the rental period;

falls under the action of the rules, the requirements put forward to the lease;

If the initial contract is recognized by insignificant or the validity period will be stopped, the same fate awaits the subman.


The most important condition - the landlord must issue permission to pass the third person. Consent can be fixed directly in the contract. If there is no consent, the transaction is considered invalid and does not entail legal consequences.

  • How to issue
  • The contract of sublease of non-residential premises can be in writing or oral form. The oral form is provided for cases when the Agreement is a period of up to 1 year between individuals. If the duration exceeds 1 year or one of the parties to the agreement is a legal entity, the document is necessarily drawn up in writing.
  • Conditions and subject
  • The dwelling sublease agreement must comply with the following requirements:
  • The location and characteristics of the subject of the transaction, which will allow you to identify it, otherwise, the conditions will be considered inconsistent, and the contact itself is not concluded;

there must be a reference to the main obligation, indicating his term;

The purpose of using the subject of the Agreement;

The validity period cannot be more than the term of the lease agreement;

  • Termination of rental transactions will entail the termination of relations with a third party.
  • Be sure to make an act of acceptance and transmission of the subject of the transaction. It is the main document that fixes the fact of execution of the obligations of the one party for the transfer of property, and the other side confirms its receipt.
  • Legal status of participants
  • The sublease agreement of the land plot and other real estate, gives the third party the same rights and obligations provided for for the tenant. It is also necessary to provide the following items:
  • the duty to use real estate only on intended purpose;

eliminate all the consequences of damage, which was prone to the user's fault;

  • the duty to comply with the rules of fire and sanitary standards;
  • obligation to carry all risk and responsibility to regulatory bodies for their activities;
  • Do not carry out no redevelopment or re-equipment without the consent of the tenant.
  • The tenant in turn is endowed with the rights and responsibilities of the landlord, therefore it is recommended to provide for the following paragraphs:

obligation regarding real estate transfer in a state suitable for operation;

The right to familiarize with the inner schedule in the building that will have to be observed;

the right to check the premises in order to comply with the other Party of Agreement;

The right to repair, capital or current, with the obligatory notice of the user 30 days before the start of work.

The sublease of non-residential premises implies the imposition of any rights and obligations on the parties that do not contradict the current legislation. The magnitude of payment

Conditions should be clearly clear, in what time frame and in what amount it is necessary to make a rent. It can be a fixed payment or price calculation order.

The price may vary by agreement of the parties, but not more than 1 time over 12 months, unless otherwise provided by the transaction.


If the rental payment is made according to a specific algorithm, for example, with a monthly accrual of the inflation index, then such an adjustment is not a change in value, since the order of accrual remains unchanged.

The sublease agreement of the apartment, other real estate between individuals, legal, should be drawn up taking into account all rules relative to the rent, which are provided for by rent.


For the end user, the main thing from the tenant is a copy of the main agreement and permission to re-hold the latest real estate. Otherwise, the parties must fully request the right-pointing documents, if we are talking about legal entities and copies of passports, in the event of a transaction between citizens.

Process of registration

The subject of subleases of the land plot, other real estate entails the responsibility for registration, but if it is directly indicated in the legislation. The absence of such registration entails many problems for the tenant. A subletator who has not registered his right and violated conditions can avoid punishment. The agreement can be recognized as inconclusive.

Example Act

Despite the fact that the sublease of non-residential premises is the result of secondary consistency, the user has the right to protect his interests in court, but with the presentation of requirements exclusively to the second side of the transaction. The tenant after signing the contract is not exempt from the duties that are enshrined behind it in the contract. The sample contract is given below.

Where can I download

Returning to a third party of structures and buildings should be compiled in writing, in the form of a single document, with signatures of both parties. This rule is enshrined in Art. 651 GK. If the transaction has a period of more than 1 year, then it is subject to registration in Rosreestre. If less period, even after prolongation, it is not subject to registration.

Here you can download a free example, which is compiled in compliance with all the requirements of the current legislation.

Between citizens

The agreement between individuals in relation to the relief of housing is called ver. The employer is obliged to receive written consent from the owner of the real estate on reducing the third person. The employer is fully responsible for the lease. You can not be longer for a time than hiring. Such legal relations are subject to all the requirements that are applicable to rental. If the relationship will last up to 12 months, then registration is not required.

Despite the huge risks, such contracts are quite common. Benefit receives the owner of the apartment and a bodder. Landlord, when signing between individuals and the provision of permission to relocate housing, it is recommended to insure their property and provide a deposit. The document should immediately specify how many people can stay in the apartment.

Subarentor is necessarily recommended to familiarize yourself with the conditions of initial hiring.


Subarend What is it

If desired, the land or completely land plot should be taken into account that these issues are governed by special standards. For example, there is a ban on reducing the forest area - part 6 of Art. 71 LC.

In the land code of the sublease of the land plot does not involve obtaining consent from the owner. The tenant is obliged to notify the owner of the land about the agreement.

The Subares of the Earth's sublease must be in writing and contain in addition to all the obligatory conditions defined by Chapter 34 of the Civil Code, the cadastral number. It is unacceptable to conclude a transaction by sharing letters.

Subares agreements for many are a real opportunity to further earn. Such transactions are more risky, but observing the rules, no problems with the subnaber and the tenant will not arise.

Subarend What is it

Such a concept as a sublease of non-residential premises, includes a mass of subtleties and nuances. In particular, it affects the payment of taxes. Until 2012, taxation for persons entering into lease and sublease agreements was held under a simplified scheme. Currently, these concepts fall under the overall tax system. In addition, it is necessary to know exactly what OKVED code is applicable to the sublease of a non-residential real estate object. In this article, we will try to figure out all the subtleties of putting the premises in the sublease.

What is a sublease?

  • The very concept of sublease can be classified as a re-passing of the property for rent to a third party. This requires the consent of the owner of the premises. The procedure is relevant for residential and non-residential premises.
  • It is worth noting that it is possible to pass in the sublease the room or part of it.
  • It looks like this: you rent from the organization or individual a non-residential premises for a certain amount of money. After that, you can pass it into the sublease for a more substantial amount.

The resolution of the sublease of the premises is confirmed by Article 615 clause 2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. He says that the tenant can come with a leased object of real estate as follows:

Subarend What is it

take the structure (or part of it) to the sublease;

give it to free use;

  • Transfer your tenant's rights to a third party.

Subares treaty

It is worth noting that the initial lease agreement does not provide for the right of the tenant to the sublease without the permission of the owner. But it may be included an item that gives the right to the tenant to carry out the delivery of real estate in the sublease. This ensures the direct conclusion of the contract between the tenant and the third person. The consent of the owner is no longer required.

From this we can conclude that the sublease agreement lies between the participants of the contract. It can be both physical and legal entities.

  • Sometimes in the role of a legal entity can be a real estate agency that provides services for renting premises. In this case, taxation is changing for the tenant and another OKVED code comes into force.
  • Subtleness of the delivery of non-residential premises for rent
  • Drawing up a contract of sublease non-residential premises implies a written design of a standard document. Signs a contract by the participants of the transaction. This is a standard procedure that does not affect the deadlines for the conclusion of the contract and the status of its participants.
  • The contract for the delivery of non-residential premises to the sublease must include the following points:
  • Territorial location indicating the exact address;

Subarend What is it

total area of ​​structure;

  • target destination;
  • the term of the subare agreement;
  • Form and payment timing.

In some cases, the main contract can be reinforced by the following documents:

cadastral passport and certificate of state registration of the object; act of receiving / delivery of non-residential premises;

protocols of disagreements and the consent of disagreements.

Important! Despite the presence of a standard form of the Subare contract, its design is allowed in free form. In this case, the obligatory condition is the entry of all major points.

It is necessary to know that if the contract is for a period of over 12 months, its state registration is needed.

The contract comes into effect only from the date of its registration. Otherwise, permission for renting premises by a third party will not have legal force.

In addition, the re-lease agreement should not exceed the term of primary hiring. At the same time, after expiration, the document is not extended automatically. Every time it is required to compile a new treaty.

Rights and obligations of the parties

Separate attention deserve the rights and obligations of the contract participants. This does not apply to the owner of the room, but only the tenant and the sublender. Consider the rights and obligations of each of the participants in the agreement.

Subarend What is it


This Party is obliged to: provide a non-residential premises in a state suitable for use, ensure the supply of water, electricity and heating.

It is worth noting that the inaction of municipal services does not imply the responsibility of the tenant. In addition, the tenant is obliged to acquaint the sublendator with the rules of the internal schedule and the evacuation plan in case of emergency situations.

The tenant has the right to check compliance with the conditions of the Subarente contract. This is done during working hours and in the presence of a sublendator. The latter is obliged to provide all documents, including permission to a certain type of activity.

The tenant has the right to carry out capital or current repairs in non-residential premises transferred to the sublease. At the same time, the sublenchor is notified in writing 30 days before work. It is worth noting that during the repair, the rent from the sublendator is not charged.

The tenant has the right to set the order of the premises on weekends and holidays. At the order and amount of payment does not affect.

Subarend What is it


This Party that has entered into an agreement is obliged to use the premises only for the purposes specified in the contract. Follow the technical and fire condition of non-residential premises in accordance with the established standards.

  • Independently carrying full responsibility to authorities that give permission and regulatory activities. Eliminate the consequences of accidents and other damage to premises caused by their own fault.
  • Do not redecessing or reconstructing if there is no written permission of the tenant. In a timely manner to make a rental fee established by the contract.
  • If the contract for passing the premises is terminated early, on the initiative of the subtenator, the tenant must be notified of this no later than the month.

The subletator is obliged to submit the following documents when concluding a contract:

the statement of bank details, with the printing of the enterprise and the signature of the accountant;

an extract from an incorporation, taken no later than 30 days before the signing of the contract;

A document that gives permission to sign the Subarente Agreement.

Subarend What is it

It is worth noting that the above list of duties of the parties is far from complete, but their basic rights and obligations are indicated here.

Tax Features

The sublease is very often confused with intermediary services for renting. According to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, these are different concepts, respectively, the order of taxation is also different.

Mediation services are often provided by real estate agencies entering into lease agreements with the owner and with its consent carry out the delivery of premises to third parties. For this purpose, the OKVED code 70.31 "The activities of real estate agencies" and the OKVED code 68.31 "Real estate agencies" are used.

For real estate transfer activities, it is possible to use OKVED code 70.20 "Leasing of own residential and non-residential real estate" and OKVED code 68.20 "Providing and operating its own or rented real estate objects."

The income of individuals from the delivery of real estate in the sublease is subject to an incidence of NDFL in the amount of 13%. The document in the form of 3-NDFL is given annually, until April 30. The required amount must be paid no later than July 15 of the current year. For legal entities, the tax rate is 6% on USN. But considering the status of an entrepreneur, additional insurance premiums can be appointed.

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. The maximum fine size when tax evasion during the delivery of non-residential premises to the sublease, can be 500,000 rubles or imprisonment for up to 3 years.

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Subarend What is it

How to issue a sublease contract for non-residential premises - sample and rules

  • Real estate is purchased not only for use in direct intended: accommodation, organization of the production process or a trading point. Often the owner is aimed at making a profit. Then, for some kind of fee, the property is transferred to the temporary possession of another person and is leased.
  • Moreover, civil legislation allows reducing already rented premises. We are talking about sublease with the conclusion of the contract between the parties. How to do it right and what moments consider, talk further.

Features of reducing the premises

According to legal essence, rental and sublease - real estate transactions, and therefore should occur taking into account legal formalities.

The legal relations of the parties are settled by the second part of the head of the 34 Civil Code.

Paragraphs 1 and 4 are used for transactions with non-residential premises.

The rental mechanism is in demand by individuals, legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs. Subares occurs not as often as rental, and is characteristic mainly for entrepreneurship.

In practice, the process is as follows. The owner of commercial real estate leases the building. The parties draw up an agreement, and the tenant uses entrusted areas.

Subarend What is it

Over time, the need for the premises disappears. Then the temporary owner decides to convey unused premises to third parties. Under office, shop or workshops.

  1. It all depends on the appointment of space space.
  2. Legislation obliges to inform the lessor to relocate real estate in the Subarent. And most importantly - you need to get the written consent of the owner. By making an appropriate paragraph in the initial, we agreed by a separate document.
  3. If the riddler's right to the sublease is present in the Rental Agreement, the additional permission of the owner will not be required.
  4. Use of rented property

    It is forbidden to use the premises for the purposes not specified in the Treaty. Sometimes this moment may not be refined by the Agreement additionally, which is not a violation. Then take into account the initial purpose of real estate.

The landlord has the right to check the nature of the object entrusted to them. True, it will not be possible to abuse this right. According to the law, the inspections are allowed in the presence of the sublender.

If an overly free disposal is detected, not only the termination of the contract will follow, but also complete damage compensation (clause 3 of Article 615).

Current content and maintenance of premises are assigned to the sublendator.

  • But self-identity with reconstructions and redevelopments for it is prohibited. Upon sharp need for global restructuring, plans must be coordinated with the owner of the premises. Notice: not tenant.
  • Subarenda: nuances of drawing up contract
  • To make a transaction, a fairly simple written form of the agreement. But how to deal with state registration? This moment depends on the duration of the delivery. If the sublease of non-residential premises will last less than a year, everything costs without additional formalities. However, in the delivery of property for a period of over 12 months, the agreement is registered through Rosreestr.
  • The document is drawn up in two copies. As a result, each party should be the original of such an agreement. Requirements for the Subare Treaty flow out of the norms of Art. 615, 617,618:

Subarend What is it

The period of delivery cannot go beyond the framework of the main lease;

  1. The sublease rules are subject to the conditions of the rental agreement and should not contradict him;
  2. The termination of the rental contract inevitably entails the termination of sublease relations. In this case, it is worth renewing the rent directly with the property owner;

If the primary lease is recognized as insignificant, similar legal consequences occur for subledators, regardless of the conditions of sublease.

Special cases

The change of property owner retains the rental "chain" and the terms of the agreement;

In the case of lease from the life of the tenant, all rights move towards legal heirs to the remaining time of the contract.

The second rule is not applicable if the basis of the renovation was made by special qualities of the past. For example, the musician removed the room under the recording studio or a professional photographer organized a studio photo.

After their death, heirs who do not possess specific skills and abilities are likely to refuse to carry the burden of rental payments.

Download in Word [37.50 Kb]

  • Essential conditions of sublease
  • The lack of an agreement established by the law is difficult to call the advantage. Disputes with leased commercial real estate happen completely and nearby.
  • Well, if the situation is able to resolve the "peaceful" way. But if it comes to court, the outcome is determined by the terms of the transaction. Documented.
    • For the court it matters only the contract of sublease of non-residential premises, the sample of which includes:
    • Data of the Agreement of the Agreement;
    • Terms of Property Transfer, Target;
  • Detailed description of the object:
    • room type - building, room, warehouse or office space;
    • Specifications - area, features of planning, equipment;
    • legal / actual location address;
  • Rental payment, including:
  • actually pay for the use of the area;

Communal payments (light, water, heating, etc.).

Communication costs (telephone, Internet line);

  • Other payments at the discretion of the parties;
  • Details and signatures.
  • The structure of the Subarebook agreement
  • The overimena document is compliance with the overall scheme of the rental of non-residential premises:
  • the name of the document, the number of the agreement at several subtenants, the date of the conclusion of the agreement;

The introductory part is the data of the parties to the transaction, the record of the consent of the main tenant to transfer the premises to third parties;

Main part (Table 1); Final provisions - force majeure situations are regulated, legal entities indicate the requisites of the organization;
signatures of the parties. Table 1.
  • Description of the subject of the transaction
  • A sublease non-residential premises is characterized as a separate object. The receiving party should pay attention to the presence of deficiencies and insist on the inclusion of such data into the description.
  • Terms of lease with clear definition of the rights and obligations of subare participants

Landlord undertakes -

  • convey the property to use the sublender for the entire period of the contract;
  • provide free access of the second side into a non-residential premises;
  • Instruct the sublendator about the features of the room, the location of communications, the location of evacuation outputs.
  • The receiving person undertakes
make payments on accepted graphics and order; take to use the object and then pass it in proper condition;
ensure the safety of the object; Use the room for direct intended.
Regulation of settlement operations The size, structure and rental periods is determined. It is necessary to envisage the possibility and conditions for changing payments.
  • Responsibility by agreement
  • Measures of impact are established in noncomparing the conditions of sublease.
Termination and termination of the contract Cancellation situations of subleases are considered:

in violation of the adopted rules;

In case of irresistible situations.

Ability to change the terms of the contract

  • If the agreement does not provide for the adjustment of the sublease rules, then you can change anything after registration of rental right in court.
  • By agreement of persons, additional rules can be provided or to move away from the standard form. However, substantial information will certainly be included in the conditions.
  • Register the contract
  • We will remind, the state rental property is conducted for a period of 12 months. The procedure is carried out according to the general algorithm. A statement is sent to the Rosreestra division at the location of the premises.
  • Subares contracts (2 copies);

Legal documents on the object: Cadastral statements, passports, if issued - certificate of ownership;

Constituent documents for organizations, IP or passport - for Piz. persons;

power of attorney for representatives of legal entities;

The consent of the owner to the sublease (or lease agreement with a resolution of overimitations).

  • This is the standard. Sometimes additional paper may be required. For example, permission from custody if the object belongs to minors / incapable owners.
  • Download in Word [67.50 Kb]

Transmission of the room

The agreement determines the boundaries of the rights and obligations of the parties, the duration of delivery. However, the basis of the transfer of the premises is considered an act of reception / transfer supplemented by the following papers:

Techplan of the premises; Subarend What is it Subarend What is it

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. Scheme of engineering and communication networks.

Without this package of documents, sublease does not acquire legal force. The act must characterize the actual state of non-residential premises before its operation.

In legal relation to the sublease of real estate - a difficult deal with the participation of a wide range of persons: a landlord-owner, tenant and sublendators. Despite the universal dislike for "paper-making", only a competently compiled agreement with the application of a full package of documents will protect the parties from misunderstandings and litigation.

How to issue a sublease contract for non-residential premises - sample and rules Link to the main publication Sample of the contract sublease of nonresidential premises of 2019 between IP, LLC, individuals

With the examples of the contract of sublease of non-residential premises, you can read below.

Subarend What is it


- transferring lease to a third party with the consent of the owner of non-residential premises.

  • Video.
  • In this case, the tenant has the right to pass into the sublease only part of the occupied areas. Such an option is often used by entrepreneurs who took the owner of a fairly large room at a fixed low cost and distributed to several areas for rent. Then the tenant is entitled to conclude a contract of sublease and receive material benefit for it.
  • What does the law say?

Regarding the subleases there are norms of the Civil Code, in Article 615, which states that the tenant of real estate is entitled:

give property to use free;

donate in whole or in part in the sublease;

Transfer to tenant rights to third parties.

One desire of a physical or legal person who has the right to lease on the relevant contract is not enough to assign. Norms in paragraph 2 of Art. 615 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation require be sure to enlist this consent of the owner of the premises. With its absence, the transaction will not be valid and not subject to state registration.

  • However, entering into the lease agreement, you can add an item about the possibility of passing the square or their part to the sublease.
  • The contract of transaction between two and more persons is a document in which all the main provisions of the interaction of the parties should be established, excluding a double interpretation and misunderstanding of important items.
  • The strict form of the agreement was not established by law, so the parties should independently compile and sign. Previously, it is necessary to verbally to discuss all the moments of the transaction and then arrange them in writing.
  • A non-residential sublease compare contract must contain the following data:
  • Responsibility for failure to fulfill the conditions prescribed in the contract;
  • date and place of drawing up;
  • data on each of the parties, they may be legal and individuals;
  • The exact and most complete information about the object of the contract is indicating its exact postal address, the total area and other essential parameters that will help identify it among the like;

rights and obligations of each party; cost, deadlines and form of payment;

full part of the parties;

  • Signatures.
  • Annex to the Treaty
  • It may be the consent of the owner on the assignment of the rights of the lease and the transmission act of non-residential premises.

It is important to clarify the moments in terms of the subarente contract:

The contract comes into effect only from the date of its registration. Otherwise, permission for renting premises by a third party will not have legal force.

All contracts for a period of more than 12 months are subject to state registration;

The term under the sublease treaty cannot be greater than under the lease agreement;

The document is not extended automatically after the expiration of the specified period is required to renew the new agreement.

  • Let us dwell on the rights and obligations of each part of the transaction. They require separate attention.
  • The responsibility of this part is the provision of non-residential premises in a state suitable for operation. You should consider the moment when the part of the square is passed. If the general has a connection to communications: water, sewage, electricity, heat, then part should also have access to them or have no parties by agreement. This nuance is prescribed separately.
  • The tenant is obliged to familiarize the subledator with the paths of evacuation, as well as the rules of the internal schedule operating in this non-residential premises.
  • The parties can be attributed to the rights:

conducting inspections of compliance with the terms of the agreement, which are carried out in the presence of the sublender and only in the working hours;

  • The requirement to submit documents confirming the type of areas agreed in the contract;
  • Conduct current and capital repairs in non-residential premises transferred to the sublease, having previously notified the contract of the contract at least 30 days before they started. During the repair period, the subtenant will not be able to carry out its activities, so the fee for this period should not be charged;
  • Install the operation and use of non-residential areas on weekends and holidays.
  • The duties of this part of the contract include:
  • the use of areas obtained only for the purposes established by the contract;

Compliance with technical and fire standards;

elimination of the effects of emergency situations, compensation for damage due to their own actions;

  • timely payment of the rent on the conditions prescribed in the contract;
  • Notice of the tenant about early termination of the contract no later than 30 days.
  • These are the main points of responsibilities, both parties can expand the list. Additionally, it is necessary to indicate the right or absence of the possibility of a sublendator to make constructive changes to the room.

Subarend What is it

The sublease treaty often establishes special conditions that provide for the protection of the interests of both parties. For example, inseparable improvements in the subject of the contract will be the property of the lessor.

The first contract is more detailed and subject to state registration, the second short-term and universal prisoner for less than a year.

Download form:

The completed sample of the contract sublease of nonresidential premises between IP and IP:

Subarend What is it

The sublease treaty often establishes special conditions that provide for the protection of the interests of both parties. For example, inseparable improvements in the subject of the contract will be the property of the lessor.


Subarend What is it

The sublease treaty often establishes special conditions that provide for the protection of the interests of both parties. For example, inseparable improvements in the subject of the contract will be the property of the lessor.

Contract for free use of non-residential premises

Subarend What is it

Act of admission-transmission of non-residential premises

  1. A transmitter act of non-residential premises can be attached to the contract, the form of which can be downloaded below:
  2. Sample of the act of reception and subsemore to the sublease of non-residential premises:
  3. Download the act of receiving the transfer of several non-residential premises
  4. We list a number of "submarine" transactions and risks associated with them.
  5. At the conclusion of the contract, the sublepenter is quite difficult to insist on his editorial board of the contract. The main agreement will be the initial agreement and tenant. Therefore, the latter must adhere to the conditions established by the owner. In this case, the sublerendator is advisable to request the initial treaty and explore it.

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. Special attention should be paid for the term for renting non-residential areas. If the Subare Agreement will indicate the end date later, then for the second side there are risks. Therefore, the document should be signed with a term no later than the date under the lease agreement.

The use of premises for intended purpose is another important point. Risks may arise if desired to take areas for office space, and conclude a storage sublease agreement. Request the technical passport of the Tenant object and specify, for what purposes it can be used.

Be sure to agree on the owner on the surrender of the area in the sublease. It is better to have a written permission or a reference to the main lease agreement with the possibility of transferring the right to the tenant. Municipal non-residential premises must obtain consent in writing. The tenant has the right to terminate the contract to the established period (Art. 608 of the Civil Code). It is impossible to challenge his decision, but such a moment is actually provided in the agreement. It is enough to enter the point about the penalty in the case of early termination of the contract for the fault of the tenant. Sublease non-residential premises: how dangerous how to make a contract Reading time 5 minutes

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Font size:

Subarend What is it

A + | A-

Subarend non-residential premises -

  1. This is a concept that includes many features and subtleties. It is the provision of premises by the tenant to use the Subarentor under the same conditions that the initial lease agreement suggests. At the same time, all conditions should be observed exactly on which the owner transferred real estate for rent.
  2. Features of Subares
  3. Often, tenants resort to this procedure, concluding a rental agreement at a bargain price. They are then looking for subledators who will remove the room at a higher cost. And the price difference becomes an additional income for them.

The possibility of sublease is regulated by paragraph 2 of Art. 615 Civil Code. In accordance with this article, the tenant can come with a leased object with one of the following methods:

Pass the room partially or completely, concluding the Subarely Agreement;

pass the room in free use;

Transfer the right to lease to a physical face or another organization.

  • The tenant has the right to pass the room fully or only part of it, having highlight the area for the sublender. It is typical for office or commercial premises when the room is too big and is not fully involved.
  • The contract of sublease of non-residential premises can be concluded not only between companies or entrepreneurs. Agreement is allowed to conclusion and with an individual. To do this, it is necessary to inform the owner of the room. To simplify the procedure, it is possible to include in advance in the initial lease agreement on the possibility of transferring the room to a third party to the Subarent.
  • Terms of providing premises in the sublease
  • In this case, the sublease concludes an agreement under the same conditions that appear in the lease agreement. It is important to comply with the following:

The duration of the sublease cannot exceed the rental period;

In case of completion of the contractual obligations between the tenant and the owner, renew the agreement with the owner of the tenant is required;

In the lease and sublease contracts must contain the same conditions relating to the possibility of repairing the premises;

Extend the sublease treaty cannot be renewed, but it can be renewed if the lease is renewed.

If the deadline for issuing a contract is at least 12 months, it must be registered in the Rosreestra bodies.

Subarend What is it

This procedure imposes an encumbrance on real estate in the form of a lease and sublease until the end of the contractual obligations.

If the room is sold, the new owner will have to wait for the end of not only rental, but also subleases. If the contract is for a period of up to 1 year, it will not be required to register.

Download a simple contract of sublease non-residential premises (sample) Double Subare

  1. At the same time, it is necessary to inform the owner of non-residential premises and conclude a direct agreement with him. From a legal point of view, this situation is considered double sublease.
  2. Risks of sublease
  3. What is dangerous to conclude a sublease agreement?
  4. The greatest risks exist for the sublenchor, as it is the least protected party of the agreement. But there are dangerous moments for other sides of the transaction. You can select the following nuances:

Getting the consent of the owner to the sublease. If the owner does not inform and the lease agreement does not imply the subsequent delivery of the premises, contractual relations may be discontinued.

The contract is subject to mandatory registration, if it is for a period of 1 year. In this case, encumbrance for real estate, which can scare potential buyers in the event of a sale.

Subarend What is it

  • Subares contract exceeds lease term. In this case, the contract loses legal significance. In accordance with Russian legislation, it should be less or equal to the lease term. When concluding the agreement, you should request a copy of the primary lease agreement.
  • The risk of non-payment. If the Subarentor will delay payments or stop making them, you will have to independently pay them to the owner. Most of the lease agreements of non-residential premises suggest the cessation of agreements if the payment is delayed more than two times in a row.
  • If the subarente contract was concluded earlier than the date of the lease agreement, this transaction is recognized as insignificant. At the same time, the document becomes invalid by both parties.
  • What to provide?

lease contract;

Subares treaty;

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. written consent of the owner;

Extract from EGRN, which indicates the owner of real estate and established encumbrances.

In the latter case, the presence of burden is especially important if the contract is concluded for a period of more than a year. The presence of a lease agreement and subleases allow you to verify the main terms of the agreement. If they have serious contradictions, it is better to abandon the signing of the document. Otherwise, problems with the owner may arise, which did not agree on certain actions in relation to its real estate.

As a result, at the conclusion of the Subarente agreement there are certain risks. To avoid them, you need to know what is this agreement and how to protect yourself from negative consequences.

  • Sublease non-residential premises
  • Subares of non-residential premises - a phenomenon at which the tenant gives the room, which himself removes, to a third party.
  • It refers to the above-mentioned type of legal relations. The owner of the real estate and the tenant make up and conclude a new contract with another individual or legal entity. Read more about Subarend in this material.
  • To non-residential objects that can be handed over to the sublease include:
  • warehouses;




Halls, etc.


The sublease of non-residential structure or part of it is possible only with the consent of the owner of this room.

The transaction can be recognized as illegal, if it took place only with the participation of a tenant and a third party, but without informing the owner.

  • Earlier for persons who concluded sublease agreements until 2012, the taxation was simplified. Now the tax system is common to them.
  • For this type of activity, a separate code is provided from the All-Russian Classifier for Economic Activities (OKVED 2) - 68.20.2.
  • That's how the sublease can look like. A contract is drawn up by which the premises or part of it gives up for money. First, the partner can rent an object or part of the owner, and then carry out a deal with another physical or legal entry, passing the non-residential premises for a larger amount. But at the same time, it is necessary to the consent of the owner.

This is what the credentials are endowed:

Subarend What is it

Transfer a non-residential room for free use;

pass the object fully or partially into the sublease;

Transfer or sell your rights to a third party.

  • Sustainable Premises Subares
  • This document is written in writing. The consent of all parties is necessary. If he managed to reach, then the owner, the tenant and the sublender put their signatures under the contract.
  • First the contract may be preliminary, and when all questions are settled, you can make a final
  • This is what should be included in the agreement:
  • information on where the room is located (address);

For what purposes is this structure;

  • The total area of ​​the object;
  • The deadline for which this document is concluded;
  • order, payment timing.
  • Sometimes you need to attach the following documents to a model agreement:

Subarend What is it

cadastral passport;

Act of acceptance / commissioning;

Certificate of state registration of non-residential premises;

Protocols of disagreements and coordination of these disagreements.

Sample of the contract sublease of non-residential premises

Dogovor-Subarendi-nezhilogo-pomesheniya.docx ≈ 17 kb

We do not recommend that you draw up a document yourself. Contact a lawyer!

  • Download Sample
  • Registration of the contract
  • If this document is more than a year, then you need to register it. Only after this procedure, it will take effect, and only then the subletator will be able to start using this object.
  • For the State Registration, such documents are needed as:


Subares contract (script) and its copy, certified notarized;

the document from the owner in which he expresses his consent to the sublease;

The decision of the Yurlitz enterprises who participate in the transaction, if it is provided for by law or the charter of this organization;

Power of attorney, giving the right to conclude an agreement by an authorized representative of one or more parties.

Not only the original of these documents, but also copies are needed. They can be assured notarially or put signatures of all parties involved in this process.


This type of activity implies taxation on an income of 13% of this amount. Help forms 3-NDFL is provided in the tax every year, it must be done until April 30, and the tax amount itself is paid until July 15.

Jurlso, using a simplified tax system, should pay 6% of tax. It is important to properly maintain accounting reports, in time to submit documents to the Tax Inspectorate. Those who are trying to evade the payment of compulsory fees can be entitled to administrative responsibility.

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. Violators will have to pay a fine, which in the most serious cases can reach half a million rubles

And with malicious violators threatens criminal liability. For such an act, the law provides for a punishment in the form of imprisonment.

Subarend What is it

The law provides for the procedure for concluding a sublease agreement. It is necessary to notify the owner that his tenant wants to convey the observed object to another person. It is necessary to properly compile a contract, to conduct financial statements, in time to transfer documents to the tax.

Owners, tenants and sublendators of non-residential premises need to know their rights and obligations. If the accounting and tax reporting causes difficulties, it is better to convey the powers to the preparation of papers to those skilled in the art. All the subtleties of the design of the sublease of non-residential premises

This type of agreement has a number of features compared with the Rental Agreement. What should I pay attention to and how to make a contract? Where and how to register? So let's proceed to consider all questions.

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  • About the essence of this type of agreement
  • Under the sublease, it is necessary to understand the transfer of an already rented premises to use third parties for a fee. From an ordinary lease agreement differs in that
  • As a landlord, it is not the owner of non-residential premises, but its tenant.
  • Non-residential premises of the following types are transmitted to the sublease:

Industrial premises.

Warehouses for the goods. Outlets.


The transfer of leased non-residential premises to the sublease is carried out in cases where the owner of a large complex of office and / or production buildings is leased for a long time large real estate sectors, and their tenants arrange the delivery of individual units of warehouses or offices to individuals.


  • The sublease agreement applies the same requirements as to the ordinary lease agreement, if this does not contradict the civil law and the conditions of the basic contract (paragraph 2 of Art. 615 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).
  • Under the basic means an agreement, one of the subjects of which is the owner of a non-residential building or premises.

Principal conditions The transfer of rented non-residential premises in the sublease to third parties is possible in two cases:

  • If there are mainly lease agreements of the relevant item.
  • In the presence of a separate permission of the property owner.
  • The owners of large non-residential real estate complexes when leased to such complexes or their parts indicate in the main contract not only the possibility of transferring space in the sublease, but also
  • Significant moments of such a transfer:

Maximum and minimum cost of sublease.

The category of subledators who are allowed to transmit areas to use.

The procedure for solving disputes.

The order of transferring premises. Non-residential areas can not be transferred to the sublease for a period exceeding the term of the basic lease agreement (paragraph 2 of Art. 615 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

The lease with the right of sublease of non-residential real estate is to put separate areas in the sublease and does not provide for the notification of the owner of each act of transferring a part of the property in the subjection. Parties to the Agreement

Subare trees can act as individuals and organizations. The subletoder often acts as a legal entity, and the sublenchor can be both an organization and a self-employed individual.

  • On a note!
  • An individual, joining the subject under the sublease agreement, should have a license for whom it is planned to use non-residential area.
  • When concluding a deal between legal entities in the contract
  • You must additionally specify the following data:
  • Information of extracts from an incorporation for each subject of the transaction, which is a legal entity.

Details of permits for the implementation of planned activities - for the sublendator.

Details of the technical passport of the premises transmitted to the sublease.

Bank details of the parties. Full items and legal addresses of the parties.

  • It is necessary to take into account that the representative of the side of the subtenantor, which is a legal entity, must have permission to commit a subtenna deal on behalf of the organization, with printing and signature of the head, whose name is indicated in the certificate from the EGRUL.
  • Essential conditions
  • To avoid disagreements, when concluding an agreement on sublease non-residential areas
  • It is important to pay attention to the following items:
  • Description of the room category and its purpose.

The frequency and method of making payments.

The procedure for eliminating possible damage or destruction. Responsibilities for paying utilities and services.

Compliance with the rights of third parties.

Rent is temporary use of real estate for a specific fee. The legal relations do not generate ownership of the tenant. The contract of subleases of non-residential premises is to relocate the leased object. The transaction has a number of features: Before a tenant, having authority to transfer rentable areas to the Subare, there are responsibilities to comply with the compliance of the activities of the sublender to the intended premises. For example, in the office building it is impossible to transfer individual rooms to organize food.

The date of payment of payments for the sublease must precede the date of the main payments sent to the owner, and the periods of payment for basic and sublease agreements should be the same to avoid the overdue and accrual of pennel.

  • It is necessary to indicate the contract responsible for eliminating the breakdowns and destruction arising during the operation of premises, as well as the responsibility of the subaretener for concealing the shortcomings of the object of the agreement.
  • When damaged by real estate giving up to the sublease, material and civil liability to the owner of this property, the tenant is carried out for the basic contract to the fullest (paragraph 2 of Art. 615 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).
  • A significant condition is also the obligation of the subtenant to comply with the rights of public servitude when using the room and do not make it difficult to access their property to third parties.

This situation refers:

To the passing offices.

Warehouses surrendered to several individuals. Shopping points placed in the general building.

  • If the premises belong to several owners, then the written consent of each of them is necessary for the transfer of non-residential area to third parties, otherwise the sublease agreement can be recognized as invalid.
  • Typical treaty
  • A typical sample of the sublease agreement is drawn up, based on the provisions of the basic contract with the owner of non-residential real estate, and
  • It must necessarily contain the following sections:
  • General.
  • The rights and obligations of each subject of the Agreement.

Price of the transaction and the procedure for calculating. Responsibility of parties and dispute resolution.

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. Conditions for extension and termination.

Rules for making changes.

Subarend What is itExtract from EGRN, which indicates the owner of real estate and established encumbrances. Depending on the purpose of the premises and features of a specific agreement, additional sections may be added to the obligations on the payment of utilities and the distribution of such payments between the owner, the tenant and the subler. For the Subares Agreement by law, the option is allowed for free use of the subject of sublease, but it should be borne in mind that

Services for gratuitous transfer of property to use are subject to inclusion of VAT.

  • What you need to know about sublease non-residential premises
  • - delivery of the facility to use a third party with the consent of the owner of the property. Such a transaction is issued in accordance with the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation, however, it may be in themselves increased risks for all participants in the agreement.
  • P. 2 Art. 615 of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation

Sets the possibility of sublease. It is allowed:

Fully or not fully pass the object by issuing a sublease agreement; transfer the object into free use; Transfer rental right to a physical or legal person, as well as an entrepreneur.

The partial delivery of the sublease premises is used for office or commercial premises, if the leased area is large, and its certain part remains unused. Usually the sublease of non-residential premises is organized for :

  • Profit profit
  • : Tenants conclude an agreement with the owner on favorable conditions for themselves, and then find subledators who remove the object at an overpriced value. Rental difference is the source of additional income for the main tenant.
  • Must be observed
  • The following conditions The lease term should not be less than the duration of the sublease; If the contractual obligations between the owner and the tenant are completed, it is necessary to reneract the contract with the owner of the tenant;

In rental and sublet treaties, the conditions for repair in the premises must be similar;

Subegrada contract

  • It is impossible to prolong
  • - It can only be renewed if the main lease agreement is renewed.
  • To conclude a sublease agreement, it is necessary to obtain permission from the owner of the object. To simplify the procedure, it is recommended to indicate in the rental agreement the possibility of a tenant to pass an object to the sublease.
  • The text of the contract shall indicate the following information:
  • city, date of compilation;
  • Information about the tenant and sublendator (FULL NAME);
  • contract subject: object area, address;
  • Responsibilities of the Parties (for example, informing the sublendator about all the duties of the tenant in front of the owner of the premises);
  • the cost of subleases, the conditions for transferring payments (the date, procedure for the change of the amount);
  • Responsibility of the parties;

The sublease treaty often establishes special conditions that provide for the protection of the interests of both parties. For example, inseparable improvements in the subject of the contract will be the property of the lessor.

the term of the contract, the conditions for its cancellation (including early);

additional provisions, including the features of regulation of controversial and conflict situations;

legal addresses and details of the parties;

  • Subsidator signature and tenant.
  • In the event that the sublease agreement is prepared for a period of 1 year, then it is subject to registration in Rosreestre. When selling premises, the new owner will be needed to wait when the validity of the rental and sublease treaties will end. If the sublease treaty is executed for up to 1 year, then it is not necessary to register it. The sublease can lead to the following adverse effects.
  • If the object owner was not informed about Subarend, and the lease did not provide for this condition, the contractual relationship between the sublender and the tenant could be discontinued.
  • If the contract is concluded for a period of 1 year, then it is subject to mandatory registration, which imposes on the object
  • Burification

- As a result, if you wish to sell real estate, the owner may face problems when searching for buyers.

  • If the validity of the sublease agreement exceeds the validity period of the rental, then the first agreement is recognized legally invalid.
  • There is a risk of sublease non-payment, as a result of which the tenant will face difficulties on the fulfillment of financial obligations to the owner. In the event that the SubarenDator more than 2 times in a row delayed the payment, the contract is terminated with it.
  • If the sublepenny contract is concluded before issuing a lease agreement, the first document is recognized as insignificant.
  • Potential Subreen recommended to be asked to provide:
  • photocopy of the lease agreement;

written permission of the owner of the object;

An extract from EGRN, containing information about the owner and encumbrances.

  • The income of individuals from the delivery of an object in the sublease is subject to taxation at the NDFL rate of 13%. Declaration 3-NDFL is sent to the tax authorities every year until April 30. Taxes are paid until July 15 of the current year.
  • Legal entities pay 6% on USN. But entrepreneurs may encounter the need to make other insurance premiums.
  • When tax obligations are evading, there is a risk to face administrative or criminal liability in the form of a fine of 500 thousand rubles or imprisonment for 3 years.
  • Accounting wiring at the Subare Treaty:

Dt 1030 Kt 3510 upon receipt of prepayment on its sum;

Dt 1210 Kt 6010 in the amount of the act of work provided / services;

Dt 1210 kt 3130 per sum of VAT;

Dt 3510 Kt 1210 - overlapping the amount of receivables for leases.

Remember that tax evasion falls under administrative and criminal liability. The owner of the object can be the municipal authorities. Subarend is admissible in this situation - but only with their consent and receipt of signatures of officials.

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