How beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck? - step-by-step photos

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Bright things can put a peculiar style point in any bow

How beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck to emphasize the features of the face, and add the image of a thin sophistication? Bright things can deliver a kind of styling point in any bow. Perfect his mistress perfectly, demonstrates her refined taste. Accessory is an excellent way to make a simple appearance catchy and memorable. He fits perfectly in a strict dress code, and in a relaxed romantic situation. Did you know that there are dozens of methods for its design? We offer to go through the most expressive and easy-to-use technique.


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Perfectly highlights his mistress, demonstrates her refined taste
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Accessory is an excellent way to make a simple appearance catch and memorable
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (11)
Perfectly fits into a strict dress code, and in a casual romantic situation

To begin with, let's see the video where the most popular nodes and compositions are clearly demonstrated:

How to choose

The next step becomes the right choice of brazers. It should be done, focusing on the situation and conditions that will accompany you during socks. The right decision will create a harmonious ensemble, which perfectly merges with the general image of the girl. Below are the useful recommendations that will facilitate the task:

  • Under the monophonic wardrobe without prints and patterns, you should wear a bright handkerchief with a catchy drawdown: a cell, animalistic images, color abstraction.

Important! The coloring of the accessory must correspond to the rest of the onion palette, or contrast with it sharply and harmoniously.

  • On the contrary, if the clothes are motley, with the variety of paints and ornaments, take a monochrome thing.
  • For everyday style, acquire catchy scarves. They emphasize the daisy wardrobe, add freshness and sophistication.
  • Great way to diversify a boring office outfit is a light, playful fabric on the neck. Adhere to calm shades, better from pastel gamut: gray, white, beige, pale blue, soft-pink, mint, nude, cream.
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (25)
Under the monophonic wardrobe without prints and patterns, you should wear a bright handkerchief with a catchy drawing
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (18)
For everyday style, acquire catchy scarves. They emphasize the daisy wardrobe, add freshness and sophistication
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (21)
Great way to diversify a boring office outfit is light, playful fabric on the neck
  • For a date it is worth choosing an airlock from a fragile material. Let his tone coincides gentle with flowers on a dress, thin straps of sandals or rim on sunglasses.
  • If you are going to a festive celebration, make sure that the handkerchings will be harmonized with the evening toilet. Make sure that he does not contrast with him in color. Find a gourneless tying method.

Variety of forms and outlines

There are dozens of varieties of trendy scarves. Depending on the form, methods of their application are changed. The classic is considered a simple rectangular medium-sized matter. The latter can vary from a small screech, to a huge palatine.

Square models that are usually folded with a triangle are in demand. At the same time, the rectangular edge beats when designing. Triangular copies often decorated with beautiful cats, fringe, tassels. So they look more festive and expressive. Round and oval handkerchiefs are miraculously apply during tying when there are no hanging tips.

Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (26)
Square model fold a triangle

The canvas itself is straight and smooth, artificially wild, sohable, pleated. Structure or dense, or loose, with holes, holes.

By the way, shaggy, allegedly torn shawls with fringe and volumetric lighters today in an incredible trend. Especially in the genres of hippie, Bocho, Caushal and grunge.

The canvases are decorated with bows, braid, beads, embroidery, expressive images.

Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (2)
Rectangular palatin

Surprised Materials

The fabric from which the product is made, plays a big role in creating designer structures. A rough or smooth structure is not equally collapsed into bows and nodules, folded by different types of folds.

Most often summer models sew from light textiles:

  • Chiffon, silk, organza. Air and light;
  • Cotton, Batist, Viscose, Cite. Piercing fabric, perfectly holds shape;
  • Guipure, Tulle. Openwork and graceful;
  • Satin, Atlas. With a pleasant glossy glitter;
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (19)
Chiffon, silk, organza. Air and lungs
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (15)
Cotton, Batist, Viscose, Cite. Piercing fabric, perfectly holds the form
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (10)
Satin, Atlas. With a pleasant glossy glitter

For a cold period, it is worth looking at warm materials:

  • Thin wool. Ideal for winter, perfectly keeps heat;
  • Cashmere. Soft and pleasant to the body, very warm;
  • Knitwear. Elastic and thin;
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (2)
Thin wool. Ideal for winter, perfectly keeps warm
KAK-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (1)
Cashmere. Soft and nice to the body, very warm
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (9)
Knitwear. Elastic and thin

On a note! Do not know how beautifully tie a handkerchief around the neck in the winter, because bows and elegant knots will be invisible under the upper clothes? A big mistake to think that the spectacular decor is suitable only for the summer. Just connect fantasy. Take it on your head, and the ends beat around the shoulders. Twist in the harness and wrap around the neck, right on top of the park or coat. Just throw the thing on the shoulders, and the tails catch the belt.

Top 7 Elegant Ideas

So, we came to the most interesting. Expressive nodes and suitive interlacing are the basis of any stylish composition with scarves. We will analyze the most advanced:

  • Franch. We fold the matter several times to form a strip of a width of 5 cm. We take the tails to turn around the throat, we intersect the back and remove the floors ahead. Fix the nodule in the center or on the side. We are folding the folds. Empire strip, which is achieved by turning the brazers, is a kind of workpiece for most tying methods.
  • Square. Take the material on the shoulders, let one tip be longer than the other. All manipulations need to be done with it. Take it on top of a short, impose in the central loop. Get under the second end, output the sideline and swipe through the upper round of the node. If everything is done correctly, the tight interlacing should slide freely by material, allowing you to tighten or relax the ring.
  • Harness. Excellent office option. Tie around the neck knots for one turn. Tailors tighten into flagella and start wrapping around the loop in both sides. Interesting, if you need to build a thread with large, rare beads.
  • Cowboy. Take a golk, position the straight corner on your chest, and the tails wrap around the throat. Tighten them into a tight bump over the breast.
  • Harmonic. The handkerchiefs fold the harmonica, and not tightly fix on two turns.
  • Necklace. First we prepare the accessory. Tie the nodules on the workpiece: in the center, and through the gaps equal from it in both directions before the end of matter. We put on the "necklace" around the neck.
  • Pioneer. Exactly fold the scarf in the strip of 5-10 cm wide. Tie on a longer end free knot. Consider in it the second. Tighten and spend on the right height.
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (36)
Like an elegant necklace 1
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (37)
Like an elegant necklace 2
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (38)
Warm option
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (39)
Warm option step by step
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (27)
With sticking ends. Step 1-4
KAK-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (28)
With sticking ends. Step 5-6

Ideas with a small product

The small accessory gives the image of playfulness, youth, charm. It looks sophisticated and pretty. Znorly sticking tails and a thin clamping neck of the tissue strip emphasizes its gracefulness.

  • Fold the product and tie around the neck. Remove the tips and place the node from the side.
  • Take the triangular thing on the shoulders, and the ends will be built with a decorative pin, brooch, beautiful buckle.
  • Fold the model in the triangle. Spread on the plane in the form of a square. At the ends, make knots so close so that the tails are left. Take the design on the shoulders. Distribute freely without losing rectangular outlines.
KAK-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (31)
Like stewardles. Step 1-4
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (32)
Like stewardes
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (29)
With a bow
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (30)
With a bow of stepgy
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (22)
In cowboy style
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (4)
Elegant miniature

Note! In the wardrobe of modern fashionista there are dozens of scarves of different shapes, textures and colors. There is a copy of each appearance. And the more their number, the thinner and sophisticated the taste of the hostess.

Big Clott Design Options

The advantage and main aesthetic component of such an instance are long and bulk brushes. They are played differently. Fold in flowers and embossed cones. Leave to hang out freely. Twisted in harnesses or make a lot of revolutions.

Tip! Pick the color of the stylish assistant with all seriousness. For example, some tones will visually be accepted. On the contrary, it will help to look younger peach, sand, gentle pink. The win-win is the red, gray, purple, heavenly blue shades, as well as the whole pastel palette.

  • A large subject sometimes does not even have to tie. Put it back, cross the floors and return them forward. Do not tighten the loop too tight, let it coincide with the edge of the pullover or T-shirts.
  • The same scheme looks completely different if the square canopy is diagonally. Put it on the chest on the breastplate manner. The remaining actions repeat how in the previous paragraph. It turns out volumetric, catch and elegant. Especially on products with rich finish.
  • Brushes can be tied up, carelessly overwhelming them between themselves, right under weak loop in the form of a clamp.
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (43)
Beautiful knot
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (44)
How to tie
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (45)
All simple
  • Festively looks textile rose from the edges of matter. Put them forward. Twist each clockwise. Next, twist them with each other counterclockwise. So harness will not develop. Click down the imperceptible pin. Next twist it in the snail and secure brook.

Learning to put the scarves beautifully

The scarf is different from the scarf size and shape. It is usually long and narrow. It is convenient to wrapping it many times around the base, forming nullaging rings. The edges are fixed by the node, hide inside the facilities, allow you to hang in the natural direction.

Today in trend large structures with many turns and rings. The last seasons were the edges of the last seasons that fill in a thin strap. Watch them to be perfectly symmetrical. On the chest make overheet or fix the floors exactly.

Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (23)
Today in trend large facilities with many turns and rings
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (24)
Volume decoration
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (3)
Supplement to a white shirt

Refract on the scarf so that the harness is notagis. Put it with two-three turns. Secure the edges to hang about 15 cm. Cool will look with a leather crucible, short denim jacket, stylish fitted coat.

Note! Relief compositions that hide the neck in the folds of the material, visually shorten it. Women with large shoulders, complete face and low growing better try to avoid such ideas.

Fold the thing in half. Wrap it around the throat and thread dwarked edges in the central loop. Start knitting a direct nodule, but sold free end, stop at the stage of it to drag through the knot. Double tissue divide and decompose symmetrically. It turns out a pretty bow.

Winter methods of applying scarves and palatins

In winter, the main purpose of the accessory is not a beauty, but the holding of heat. The ladies seek to protect the chest area, neck, hide the mouth and nose from frosty air. And I would also like to warm your ears and head. Some modern accessories really allow you to apply it and as a cap, and as a shed.

  • Put the object on the head, the floors are crossed, throw back and return ahead again. Secure in a convenient way.
  • It looks beautiful when the edges twist the harness as it was described above. Then they make it in your upper round. Do not drag the construction. The tips should practically stay in the loop. It turns out a cool abstract bow with multi-tiered rings from the material.
KAK-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (1)
From a huge web
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (2)
From a huge web

Tip! If you wear handkeys on your head, make sure that he does not look at you, like a religious Muslim Hijab. Do not lose the cloth, do not go to the forehead line, on the contrary, retreat from the beginning of hair growth to a couple of cm so that they can be seen.

  • Winter Palantine is worn like cape. Sometimes right on top of the outerwear. If it is big and long, the floors are fixed on the shoulders of brooch, pin. If short, tie a node on the side, forming uniform folds.
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (40)
Step 1-2
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (41)
Step 3-4
Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (42)
Heat and beautiful

So, we found out how beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck to emphasize your style and show the exquisite taste. Boldly experiment, every day changing the appearance. Purchase a dozen of elegant accessories of different textures and size. Pay attention to the auxiliary items of the type of broox, plastic rings, beautiful pins. Explore the bows of world celebrities, allocate the most harmonious ensembles. Or invent your own! Remember, fashion varies every day. And conquers only bold!

More options:

Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (33)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (35)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (34)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (17)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (16)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (14)KAK-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (12)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (13)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (7)Kak-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (5)KAK-Krasivo-Zavyazat-Platok-Na-Shee_ (1)

In consolidation of the studied, we suggest to watch a short video file with a selection of creative and useful ideas:


Tied differently. Women's scarves, calane, shocks and scarves are an excellent opportunity to diversify onions, make it spectacular and catchy.

Anna Lyakhovich

Shelkovii Platok Na PlateShelkovii-Platok Na Golovu

In this article, I will tell you how to tie a neck scarf woman of any age depending on the situation

Little cervical handkerchings have much less tying methods than a big handkerchief. And if you know just a couple of such ways, but I would like to diversify and do not know how to do it,

How beautifully tie the neck scarf with an original way or a beautiful knot, or how to tie a handkerchief to work if you have a dress code? Or how to decorate a dress with a small silk handkerchief

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I know much more ways to solve the problem, I will show you this all step by step in the photo and with explanations and explanations, show and tell you how to make it beautiful on the dress, how to make it fashionable and stylish


How to tie a neck scarf to look spectacular and stylish

How to tie a handkerchief on the neck in different ways

How to tie a handkerchief on the neck at work

Silk scarves in hair - new trend

Trendy scarves - real Italy for you

How beautifully tie a little cervical plateau к

The versa option is simple as you see, and the methods of carrying such a small silk handkerchief of the whole three, so choose the situation, the first two options will fit into the office, the latter can be in a cafe, and for a walk, and to a party

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Sharf Platok Na Shee

Very interesting way - you must first make it, and then tie on the neck:

Tie two tips with each other, and then other ends stretch into the resulting "tunnel" and now tie on the neck and straighten

Such a puppet method will suit the dresses and blouses, for the evening and shopping trip

Kak Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Raznimi Sposobami

Stylish versions of the cervical headscarf:

Twist are harvested from the handkerchief and drill it around the neck 2 times or more and make sure.

It turns out very interesting

The method is universal, choose in any situation - will definitely fit - and looks stylish

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Foto Poshagovo

Also a stylish option:

twist two ends of the headscarf and tie back and tips hide under a handkerchief

It looks like the previous option, only here, for the evening it is not suitable, too officially, such a way to work, walk, more Casual

Kak Krasivo Povyazat Platok Na Sheyu

This option for a special case, for a romantic image, although it is also possible for jeans and shirts. Tie a nodule in the middle and straighten it and can be tied.

And more options for tying in the photo, selected the most beautiful for you.

Kak Povyazat Platok Na Sheyu

Platok Na Sheyu.Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee

Depending on the colors of the shawl, try to play with the methods of tying: a simple node, and how many options we have seen with you, and this one of them

Kak Krasivo Zolyazat Platok

Here you will need a scraper for a handkerchief, see how beautiful it turns out to wear a handkerchief with this accessory.

Kak Zavyazat Platok.

An unusual version with a buckle and buckle here is also unusual, I just wanted to show you this option.

Buckle, here is hidden, but with her it turns out so beautifully tie a handkerchief, just pulling the ends of the handker not to the end, but with such rings and paint the remaining ends


Well, another way, a little complicated, but if you figure it out, it is very simple: folding the harmonica handkerchief on the one hand and tie into the neck with a simple knot, and then we paint the whole story beautifully


How to tie a cervical scarf to look spectacular and stylish

The option, it is spectacular, it is simply tied as a pioneer tie, of course, the color must be picked up a certain suitable for the image, and then, it turns out very stylish

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee

This method also to look spectacularly, the typing scheme is lower in the photo

AK Povyazat Platok.

Suitable romantic young ladies and women aged

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Foto Poshagovoe

Kak Zavyazivat Platki.

Well, here and the tying scheme is not needed - and simply, and stylish, and understandable

Kak Zavyazivat Platok Na Shee

Also simply, but very impressive, tie back to the tips, but in front we will spread. Here, the main thing is to choose the coloring handkerchief

Platok Na Sheyu Dlya Jenschin

But what does the handkerchief looks like effect and stylish according to famous designers

ZAVYAZAT Platok Na Shee

And some more podium

How to tie a handkerchief on the neck in different ways

That beauty can work out if you start according to the scheme. And look so well it turns out because Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Malenkii Platok Na Sheethat handkeys in itself are interesting

Tying scheme is simple - you can easily cope, the method is very universal - it will be suitable for almost any image

KAK ZAVYAZAT Krasivo Platok

This lightweight method is suitable for sports bow and for dresses.

Kak Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Krasivo

Romantic Method of Testing Shawl, the scheme is not complicated: it is necessary to fold the scarf in the scarf and throw on the neck, then twist the ends and tips start and freely tie back, hiding the nodes

Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Poshagovo Foto

How to tie a handkerchief on the neck at work

Option for work. The diagram shows how to tie a handkerchief in this way. This option is taken from Macrame.

SPOSOBI ZAVYAZIVANIYA Platka Na Shee Dlya Jenschin

Office option - Easy to tie: just tie the knot and ends gently wrap around the handker

Krasivo Povyazat Platok Na Sheyu

This way to work is the thing, it is easier to say, tie as a male tie

Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Poshagovo

Suitable for office, where not a very strict dress code, but at the same time certain clothing frames are available.

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Sheinii Platochek

This method can also be applied at work with a more frivolous dress code.

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Sheyu

Options are quite democratic, everything to one degree or another can be used at work, in the office

Kak Zavyazat Platok Na Sheyu

Silk scarves in hair - new trend

How interesting and in a new one looks a handkerchief in the hair

Platok Na Golovu.

More options in the photo

Kak Povyazat Platok Na Golovu

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Golove

Kak Zavyazat Sheinii Platok Chtobi Viglyadet Effektno I Stilno

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na GolovuKak Zavyazat Platok Na Golovu

Kak Krasivo Povyazat Platok Na GolovuKak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Golove

Platki Na Golovu.Kak Nosit Platok Na Golove

Kak Zavyazivat Platok Na Golovu

Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Golove

Kak Krasivo Zavyazat Platok Na Shee Poverh Platya

Kak Zavyazat Platok Na Golove Raznimi Sposobami

ZAVYAZAT Platok Na GoloveZAVYAZAT Platok Na Golove Krasivo

Trendy scarves - real Italy for you

In your workshop, we make to order such cervical scrolls of different sizes (what it is necessary to customer)

We have exceptionally fabrics from Italy, for each handkerchief we apply a piece of fabric with a stamp on the edge of the fabric confirming its production in Italy

Each scarf is very skillfully, my experienced craftsmen, special seam, very sophisticated and at the same time laborious

Such a seam is mounted only elite products in modes and just such a stitching scarf gives him a special refinement.

And do not forget about the properties of silk - in the summer you will not be hot from his hugs, and in the winter it will envelop you with his tenderness ...

Our scarves will transform any outfit, not even an expensive dress will seem surrounding stylish and charming, if you add it to a handkerchief from the real Italian silk ...

For example, this is:

Shelkovii-Platok Na Golovu

Or this:

Shelkovii Platok Na Plate

Such and many other colors can be viewed and pick up with us. And even others who are not presented, just tell me which color handker you need and we will definitely pick it up you

Now, I think you know how to tie a neck shawl to a woman beautifully and stylish and won't pass by our beauty ...

With care, Irina

Shelkovii Platok Rasprodaja 49%

Author's scarves from Italian silk. New Year's 50% discount! Sewing for 2 days. 19 colors. Free shipping across the Russian Federation

And on this topic:

The handkerchief, elegantly located on the neck, is able to make the appearance refined, stylish, emphasize the expressiveness of the person, demonstrate the taste of the owner or the hostess. To access the accessory harmoniously complemented the wardrobe, you need to know how beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck, otherwise he may look carelessly, sloppy. Today we exist a lot of tying schemes: for every day or for special occasions. Any will find something suitable for themselves.

Methods Taking into account the type of accessory

The first step can be called Koskynka. To be guided by the upcoming situation and conditions under which it will be present in the image. With the right choice, the harmony of the ensemble is guaranteed, the image will enrich the bright detail.

If the wardrobe is performed in one tone, a bright handkerchie having a catchy drawing will have to be placed. An elegantly look a cell, peas, abstraction. Drops in clothing requires monochrome accessories of soft pastel tones: beige, mint, pink, nude, steel, cream.

For a romantic rendezvo organic choice will be a kink from flying tissue tissue. Well, when her shade echoes the rim of glasses, a handbag, shoes or belt.


A small square handkerchief can be useful for the addition of both business and pleasure set of clothing.

  1. For example, a popular and simple French knot is tied out of short tips folded in half diagonally diagonally and wrapped around the neck, starting in front. Comicly sticking ends of the node can have direction up, down or sides, but must be in mind. The triangle usually falls down, but can attach on the shoulder. Alternatively, the accessory can be folded in the form of a strip, repairing all the angles inside. Then the ends will be not pointed, but horizontal.
  2. Tie the neck scarf can be in the form of a tie. To do this, it is necessary to neatly fold it in the form of a strip, wrap around the neck. A longer strip to start short, fill it into the resulting loop. The final length is adjusted individually. Ends can be fixed or fill them under the circle on the neck.
  3. Among the methods of tying, the header harness is especially popular. The method is simple, but effect. It is necessary to fold the detail at half and twist in the form of a harness. To do this, keeps in two opposite end, rotational movements should be produced in different directions. Ready harness to tie back on the neck of a small knot. To ahead the accessory is not spinning, you can make one node in its middle.
  4. The method of tying a cable headscarf is often used with jackets, bombers, cloaks. After folding the handkerchief in half an eye, you need to lower it on the chest corners down. A wide face of a triangle wrap front back around the neck for 360 degrees and tie a nodder under the chin. This method allows you to use an accessory with a fringe of any length.
  5. Smooth top of a blouse or T-shirts places to the tie of the shock on the neck with a sliding node. For this, the fabric should be folded with a strip, put on the neck with the ends of different lengths. Ends to cross, wrapped long around the short. Skip the long edge into the loop.
  6. There are other options, how beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck. For example, Harlequin. For this, the accessory needs to be folded in the middle and put on the shoulders without bend to yourself, but the edges. Next, the ends should be tied by nodes, the outer edge beatened up to the middle. Tind a node. The vessel version is similar to the tie, but looks nurser and romantic.

Another interesting detail for the ladder wardrobe will be able to bandage two headscarves. To begin, twist flashes from everyone and cross them in the middle. Tie all four end at one point behind.

Square French knot


It is easy to make a special charm in your image, if you use a small handkerchief on the neck. For example, the pioneer method of its tying. To do this, the canvas need to be folded as a triangle and arrange on the neck by sending it back. Long end is transferred for short and send to the loop adjacent to the neck. The node is easily delayed, and the handkerchie is spread.

On the dress you can wear a shutter tied by the method of "nodules". To do this, you need to determine the middle of the accessory and make a node on it. Measure equal segments and tie new nodes. The frequency of their location is chosen according to their own preference. You can link the ends on the neck from behind either on the shoulder, originally fixing the tips up.

For festive events, the raw handker will be suited:

  • tie two opposite angle with a small nodule;
  • Turn the third angle under the nodule;
  • twist around it the fourth angle;
  • Gently stretch the corners in different directions and make a similarity of roses;
  • Its value is regulated by stretching.

In the form of a bow to tie a shock even easier. To do this, add it in the form of a strip, wrap around the neck and pick up a beautiful bow in front. The loops can be fixed, then it will be lush and elegant.


French Kosyn

Such accessories should be in the wardrobe of each business woman. French brazers are called scarves having a small loop. They can be knotted into fan nodules, floral knot or bow.

The fan node is the most complex, used thin handkerchief. It should be folded twice, out of the end without a loop to build neat wide folds. Having gathered them together, to turn to the loop, for what to pull over the tip.

Flower node begins with a folding handkerchief as a scarf. After that, you need one end to collapse in the form of a harness and make a loop. It's a second edge into it, and the resulting bow is slightly tightened. It is the tightening that can adjust the density of the flower node, which is better to do from a soft tissue of natural origin.

Do not everyone know how the square shawl tie in the form of a bow. For such an option, you need to fold the scarf diagonally and connect opposite angles. Turn them into the loop and straighten the elongated ends. If folding folds in advance, in the last stage you can, straighten them, adjust the value of the bow.

Fane node
Floral knot


The cervical handkerchief female triangular design can be spectacularly tied on his shoulder, throwing one end behind the back, and the other - gently pulling down the fore. You can use a small shock in a sporty style dress. To do this, it should be placed on the left shoulder on its left shoulder, comparing the long ends on each other with an 80 cm diagonal. A little crossing them among themselves, tie a small knot. Decoration is ready.

No less interesting option describing how to wear silk scarves in the form of a scarf-bucks combined from two kosnok. They should be similar in size, but made of different fabrics. Collecting brazers need a common seam on the wide side in one design. Options for possible drapes - set.

The triangular handkerchief is beautifully tied by the harmonica. To do this, it must be pre-folded all the same harmonica, crush around the neck, without giving the folds to disperse. Tie ends with a full-fledged knot and beautifully straighten hanging sides.

On one shoulder


Interesting an appearance of an image with a Palantine dress - a long cape of a rectangular shape. After throwing it on the shoulders, you can profitably correct the figure, give it harmony. Since the length and width of the palatine may be different, the options for picking it up on the waist belt. With this solution, the half can be folded each other or stripped, closing the entire front of the dress.

From a large palatine type handkerchief, you can construct harness infinity. To do this, folding it into the strip, you need to wrap the angles inside and throw on yourself so that the ends come down forward. Make twisting free ends in different directions and tie them from behind. Such a long harness freely roaming around the neck several times, creating an infinity effect.

With belt

Use decorations for fixing

Tie a scarf or handkerchief on the neck, you can not only with nodes, but also with additional fixing decorations. In such capacity, brooches, rings, gum, spiral hairpins, buttons are used. There are many nodes with rubber bands. The easiest of them is to go both the end of the handkerchief over the neck and tighten. The second way is to fold the scarf in half and put on an elastic band at an angle on bend. In this embodiment, the handkerchief is tied at the back, and the angle is descended on the chest. In order to originally grind the ends of the handkerchief, you can use a small button. Such an accessory has wide holes in which folded corners easily are easily.

If the nature of the general ensemble allows, it is permissible to use fasteners for a shawl in the form of jewelry and products from precious stones. All kinds of rings, brooches, pins, chains will help to make a scarf on the neck rich, elegant appearance.

How to tie with rings and clamping
How to tie with elastic
With jewelry
With a decorative pin and brooch

How to combine with outerwear

Wearing a handkerchief with a coat, jackets, fur coats, down jackets. Strengthen the effect on our accessory can be used by applying the original method of its tying. The easiest - in the form of shut off on the shoulders. It will take a scarf size of 150 x 60 cm or a square with a side of 150 cm, which is needed to be folded in half. Throwing carefully a triangle on the shoulder line, the ends should be tied ahead in a node that some shifted aside. The handker material will suit any: from fine wool and book to light flowing silk (for spring jackets). In addition, such scarves can be made with their own hands, for example, tie the openwork crochet pattern. A similar accessory is the belonging of the classic style, but can also be used in Bocho, ethno, romantic direction.

Waterfall is another option to diversify the upper clothes. Before tie a handkerchief, you need to take a cloth in size 190 x 70 cm, from one edge to assemble it into the harmonica and gently omitted on the chest. Tied behind the existing ends either, put on themselves asymmetrically, leave one end longer by 30 cm. Then the long edge additionally turn around the neck and also tie back. Ahead turns soft thick waves that can brighten the defects of the figure (for example, a stomach ).

For such solutions, dense tissues are suitable, as well as silk - for light coats and raincoats. Wool, Scotland, knitwear competently complement the image with jeans, velvet trousers and skirts, leather wardrobe. To look spectacularly, they can be combined in boho styles, punk, cowboy.

Butterfly - a method of tie to the shawl on the neck, in which the rigor is combined with air. The scarf needs to be folded in half and put on the neck. In the loop on one side, put the ends folded together and adjust the length. If the fabric is light and flowing, the ends can freely develop, giving a suit romantic tenderness. The classic style of clothing wins from such a design. Small scarves or handkerchief on the neck, tied in a similar way, will not spoil business office style, are often used in institutions that have a dress code for employees.

For boho-chic, you will need a thin large handkerchief (60 cm wide and 2 m long). Material is lightweight and air. It puts on the head on the type of hood, the edges of the handkerchief crossed out behind and binds ahead. You can leave in this form or pull the head side on the shoulders and reproduce the originally.

Gorgeous over the coat looks a draped handkerchief. In order to fold it, you need to find the center, tie with a rubber, leaving the tip 5-7 cm. Remove the scarf and folded diagonally. The resulting drapery will arrange ahead, the ends of the handkerchief - to tie the back.

Many prefer the design of the outerwear with a scarf with an invisible knot. For this, the size of at least 220 x 80 cm is needed. First, wrap the handkerchief around the neck, distributing the ends evenly to two sides. Tie them as a tie and cover the node formed the formed loop. Place the knot.

Attractive for youth is the option "Free artist". A scarf of 190 x 40 cm should be collected in the harmonica and, wrapped around the neck, to turn one end in the loop without pulling out. The second end is completely to go to the next loop.

For cowboy style, you will need a handkerchief with a side size of 90 cm. It is required to add it diagonally and threw a triangle on the neck. Driving ends around the neck, tie them ahead with a neat knot.

Invisible node
Cowboy style

Stylish ideas for men

A short handkerchief can be used in the men's wardrobe. You can tie it on the neck with a classic way using a special pin. However, it will take a special shirt with small corners of the collar. Original apply the method of supplementing the suite suit, referred to as ascat. This type of node is suitable for the style of Caushal.


  • The handkerchief is noted so that one part is longer than the other;
  • throwing one part over another, to dissolve in the form of a convolution;
  • Top of put under the bottom and pull out;
  • To make the edge into the resulting loop and carefully dissolve.

Very popular in the West is the cervical scarf SCRUNCHIE. In the tied form, the accessory looks like a hair band. Hence his name. The scarf must be transferred through the neck, leaving the right end longer. Locate it on top of the left, which should be wrap from the inside by moving the right end to the right. On the front side of the node again wrap the right end. Not giving it, to turn through the loop, pull out in the chin area. After tying, fill the edge into a vest or jacket.

Knowing how many ways to tie a handkerchief on the neck, you can easily choose the option to your liking. The main thing is that the details are combined with each other, and did not look a chaotic jet. Then the image will be harmonious, elegant and positive.




At any age, the woman should remain beautiful and stylish. To supplement your image, make a highlight to it and hide flaws on the neckline, you need to know a couple of ideas, how beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck.

Types and shapes of scarves

Any accessory must approach your image style. Let's say you can not wear a handkerchief with turtles on a classic office suit and also, in the style of Bocho, it will be inappropriate to look a strict accessory with stripes.

How beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck
How beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck

To correctly pick up a female handkerchief, you need to be guided by the basics:

  1. If you wear a accessory as an addition to a strict dress code, then you need to use soft and calm shades. It may be gray, beige, blue, white, pink shade;
  2. For the image of a bright, directly need to choose a similar handkerchief. For example, now in fashion models with unusual prints. This is a mustache, eyes, animalistic patterns (images of plants, animals, birds);
  3. If the outfit is not official, but just discreet, say, Casual-style, then you can wear a bright accessory, contrasting the rest of the clothes. For example, a red handkerchie with robes is suitable for a denim jacket and a white t-shirt, and for a simple casual dress - a colorful model.

Also you can not forget About form This accessory. Now in online stores you can find any variations: square, triangular, rectangular and even incorrect shape. Remember, each of them has their own ways to tying. Triangular will not work out several times around the neck, but you can hurt under a thin blouse, the square is not used to create large and intricate nodes, and the rectangular can be quite voluminous and inappropriate in certain cases.

Handkerchief over clothes

Very often everyday type requires Bright elements They allow you to dilute even the most boring image. To do this, you can beautifully tie a scarf on a jacket or jacket. You can simply throw the colorful attribute on the shoulders and tie it with two nodes in front. Depending on the accessory tissue density, this will not only make an image stylish, but also will warm in cold weather.

Stylishly looks famous Italian knot . This method is peeped in men, with it, they tie a small neckswatch, like, for example, George Clooney or Antonio Banderas. Fold the handkerchief in half, and again, until the strip is turned out. Wrap it around the neck, boot one end to another, as if forming a loop. Thread through her tips and straighten, they need to be filmed under the clothes, leaving visible only to the wide part. This style was very popular in the 50th.

Looks like it looks knot butterfly But for him you need to use special scarves. It is necessary to start the neck of the accessory so that the front oppose two ends. They twisted and bandaged each other. After that, the resulting harness is fixed with your finger and the shawl twisted on it again.

You can still tie a nice Scarf on a jacket Closing the neck. To do this, fold the accessory in diagonal lines so that the triangle is turned out (if the square is the square), or the band (if rectangular). After turn the accessory and fold it again, but in half, and again in half. It is necessary that the strip came out, which can be wrapped around the neck as a necklace. The handkerchief needs to be tightened around the collar of the jacket, and the free ends lightly tie on the side - for asymmetry. Release the tips from the collar and straighten them.

Similarly, you can tie Scarf or shawl around coat or neck bow . Only in this case, wrap the attribute around the collar once, and tighten the free ends just into the bow. Then it turns out a more romantic image suitable for a date or walk. By the way, if you tie a bow several times, you will get a knot.

Beautifully under a coat or closed dress looks stylish American or cowboy knot . This is a very simple option, how to close the neck. It is necessary to take a square handkerchief and roll it diagonally to make an equifiable triangle. The sharp end of the figure is put on the chest, and the tips are translated over the neck. If the length of the accessory allows, you need to tie a handkerchief twice around the neck, if not, then only one. Use a simple trip knot, after which the tips fill under the handkerchief or scarf. This is a great way to hide the neckline, if necessary, or emphasize the sensuality of the image (with a tandem with a frank dress).

Under the open dress can be tied scarf square node on the neck. It closes the shoulders and emphasize femininity. Note: For this, the nodule will need a long accessory that can close the shoulders. Square shawl fold in half, as in the previous version, but now the sharp end must be behind. Uneven dimensions will be used for the task, one tip will be longer, and the other is shorter. Under the short end we get a long and throw it from above. A loop is formed, in which you need to spend a long tip. With this loop can be made in advance at the short end. A square node should form. It is tightened and straighten until a flat plane is obtained.

In the same way, you can throw a warm wool handkerchief. He will warm and give the image of a drop of comfort, which is so lacking in winter and autumn. Video: ideas, how to tie the neck shawl

Use buttons, rings and buckles

Now fashion dictates the use of many different accessories in the image. It can be rings, bracelets, chains. Tarmets This trend also did not bypassed, and they are increasingly fixing various additional elements. For example, you can tie Shawl on the neck with the ring as in the photo. To do this, turn the handkerchief to get a triangle and skip its ends through the ring. We recommend using a double fastening, like on bras, then you can adjust the height of the node.

Master class how to tie a roll with a button

The easiest way to tie a screech with Brooches . The hairpin necessarily selected a contrastful, striking. You need to transfer the scarf ends through the neck and secure them using the brooch. This is an interesting version of the blouse or raincoat accessory.

There is still a beautiful option to tie a handker on the neck or over clothes using Buttons . This is a special buckle that allows you to skip and fix the accessory on the neck. If you choose the desired diameter, then it is possible to skip even the smallest cervical scaffolding.

You can also use special rings as those, then apply to the formation of hairstyles. You need to wear such a ring and skip the ends of the handkerchief through it. It is very important to clearly choose the diameter of the lock and the thickness of the scarf, otherwise the accessory will slip, and the ring fall. Now there are unborn rings that can change their size.

Bright and gentle, satin and tautiful silk scarves and handkerchiefs are very decorated!

I suggest to see different options to tie your favorite handkerchief for yourself to joy :)

1. Testing the neck scarf

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 1

This option is perfect for women with medium length hair.

1. Expand the neck scarf with the withdrawal side to the skin and start it for the neck. Tie a single node in front so that the parts of the header lay one to another. Form the loop from them, and thread one end of the header into it. Shump up before the formation of the node of the size you need.5. Tie back. Ready! Such zeeping is very good under the shirt, if you do not fasten them to a collar.

2. Testing scarves on the belt

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo № 2

Excellent way to revive a monochrome dress or costume. Take a scarf.2. Place your handkerchief in your hands so that it is symmetrically lay down on the waist, make the ends behind the back. Tie a single node.4. Grind the ends again so that it turns out a neat nodule. Designed and stylish!

3. Testing the cervical headscar

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo № 3

Very elegant decision.1. Position the handkerchief on the neck so that its ends symmetrically hung in front. Take a special buckle, and take turns through it every end of the handkerchief. That's all! A pair of simple movements with hands - and the admiring glances of passersby are provided!

4. Testing handker on the body

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo № 4

Very simple actions will turn the most ordinary handkerchief in a stylish top.1. Take an ordinary handkerchief. The drawing can be any, but preferably symmetrical. The middle of the handkerchief is captured (you can sew or stick) .2. The side on which fastened, direct to the body. 3. Grasp the edges of the handkerchief and tie them on the back: on top and bottom. Waoil! ... and no one guess that this model clothes you made your own hands!

5. Warning headband

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo number 5

Unsredition classic. Such a headdress is suitable for any age. Fold the scarf diagonally. Write over your head and put it so that its edge is right above the brows.2. Tie the ends with a single node from behind. If necessary, make the second node, and put one end of the shawl on top of another. Align. Ready!

6. Testing a scarf on the belt

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo number 6

Simple, quickly, spectacular! 1. Place the scarf seam in the middle 2. Thread his ends in pants to the manner belt.3. Tie a beautiful knot, you can not centered, but asymmetrically. The new belt is ready! Such a zagging handker on the belt is perfectly combined with sports styles and jeans.

7. Testing the cervical headscar

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 7

Very gently and romantic. Fold the scarf diagonally. Put it on your neck so that the ends hang on the back.2. Crighten the ends of the shawl and return them forward.3. Tie the ends of the handkerchief with a neat knot. Make careful folds or straighten your shawl, as you like. But the option is very well suited under the upper clothes.

8. Testing of the cervical headscar

28 ways to put the handkerchief beautifully, photo number 8

Very easy to make this zagging. But it looks very stylish. Place the handkerchief in the hands, inside. Move the cervical scarf through the neck ends down 3. Grind the ends of the handkerchief through any ring. Everything is ready! It is good to combine this zagging, both with sportswear and classical things.

9. Testing a head headscar

28 ways to make a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 9

This type of tying is suitable for hair of any length. Fold the scarf diagonally so that one end is lower than the other.2. Take a handkerchief in your hands and put on my head. Ties behind a single node. You can tie a bow or another node. And you are irresistible!

10. Testing a headscarkey

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo number 10

For this type of tying, it is best to take a small scarf.1. Take a handkerchief in your hands.2. Fold the handkerchief diagonally in such a way that one end is lower than the other. Caunt the ends of the head as head. Neat knot tie a handkerchief. Just and exquisite. It is well combined with both long and short hair.

11. Testing the cervical headscarf

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 11

Very unusual solution. Perfectly combined with short hair and smooth hairstyles. Take the neck scarf.2. Dress on the neck ends down 3. Tighten your handkerchief with both hands clockwise before the formation of a tight burning. After reaching the desired result, make the ends back.5. Tie a node. Ready! Depending on the length of the handker, you can make several revolutions around the neck.

12. Testing of the neck scarf

28 ways to beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 12

1. Take a cervical scarf.2. Direct its ends to the back and wrap around the neck. As a result, the ends of the header turn out in front. Tie a single nodule.4. Shoot the ends of the handkerchief in any direction, for example, to the right. Tie another neat knot. Scroll shawl, align the nodules. Thanks to such typos, you will have a very gentle and refined view.

13. Testing handker on the belt

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 13

1. Take a scarf.2. Wrap it around the waist. Sell ​​the ends of the handkerchief in a special buckle. So the decoration is perfectly suitable as an evening dress ... .. ... and to casual clothes. Very simple, but really spectacular!

14. Zabidage

28 methods beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 14

1. Take two large headscarves.2. Refine one around the waist. Take the second handkerchief. And wrap around the waist, only to the side opposite to the one in which the first handkerchief was wrapped. Ties. Available outfit is ready! You can take the same scarves. Also suit one-window and color. It would seem that the elementary zazeing of the headscarves on the waist would affect you with their grace and beauty.

15. Testing of the cervical headscarf

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo № 15

Pretty non-standard solution.1. Take the neck scarf.2. Place it in front of the front so that one end is longer than the other. Make a single node.4. Short end hold, but long continue to restore the base of the header. Behind tie up.6. Cross the scarf, make the distances between the twists the same. Taking a handkerchief looks with short hair, and, both with lush and smooth hairstyles.

16. Testing a headband

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 16

Beautiful and elegant. Take a scarf and buckle in the form of "eight". Put the scarf on the seams in the ends. Grind every end of the handkerchief in the hole.3. Hold your hands for each end of the scarf.4. Raise him to the head. The ends of the scarf tie under the hair.5. Correct your hair, scarce the folds on the scarf. Be sure, with such an ornament on your head, you will be the only one!

17. Testing a scarker on the belt

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 17

1. Prepare a scarf and buckle in the form of "eight" .2. Wrap the handkerchief around the waist. Clean his ends in buckle. 3. Wrap the ends of the handkerchief around that part of its part, which lies on the waist, and thread them through the resulting loop.4. Such a belt can be worn both in the center and shifting to any side. It is like both trousers and skirts and dresses.

"How to tie a scarf" Information in pictures

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 18

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo № 19

28 ways to tie a handkerchief, photo № 20

28 ways to beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 21

28 methods beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 22

28 ways to beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 23

28 ways to beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 24

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 25

28 ways to put the handkerchief beautifully, photo № 26

28 methods beautifully tie a scarf, photo № 27

28 ways to tie a handkerchief beautifully, photo № 28

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

The scarf is an indispensable accessory of every girl who watches fashion trends. It not only protects from the cold and the sun, but also complements the selected image. To produce an indelible impression on everyone, it should learn to nicely tie a handkerchief on the neck. What are there methods and techniques of tying, read further in the article.

Node "Jabro"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

There are many ways to tie the neck headscarf in the style of "Jabro". Many of them are distinguished by increased complexity. Consider the most accessible and easy option.

The easiest way to tie a scarf by the Jabro knot is:

  • We take a big satin, bright handkerchief.
  • We fold it with your hands in half (not diagonally) several times.
  • The resulting non-screens and a long strip of fabric we throw on the neck.
  • We twice the ends of the shawl twice, and the corners hide.
  • Visually node looks like wings or jab - from here and the name of the equipment.

This method of tie to the handker is beneficial to emphasize the neckline and complement the image of a young girl.

Node "Rose"

Tie a scarf in this way will also be easy. Correct with the task will be a beginner. The "Roska" knot will create a romantic image and suitable for a date and for the official meeting.

To work on the technique it is recommended to use a small square handkerchief. An accessory material can serve as satin or silk fabric.

Step 1. A small square shawl fold the triangle and connect the ends in two small nodes.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 2. Free ends have done their hands under the node formed in the middle.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3. We shake your shawl, while tightening it a bit.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 4. . It turned out the "Rospence" knot. Correct the detector element with your hands.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 5. The accessory is beautifully observed on the neck. The resulting node in the form of roses is better to arrange the side. The shawl must fit tightly to the skin.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Node "Infinity"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

By purchasing a long handkerchief, it is worth thinking about the future method of its tying on the neck. Having learned correctly and beautifully dragging the cervical accessory, you can make your image more elegant.

Touching the long handkerchief with the "Infinity" knot, the girl will look elegant and charming. In addition, the accessory will protect the neck from drafts in the winter season. It is better to use bright colors scarf or with an interesting print. This will refresh appearance.

Imagine step-by-step zagging of a long headscarf.

Step 1 and 2. We throw a handkerchief on the neck so that the free ends are located in front. Tie a neat small knot of two ends.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3 and 4. Re-tie the knot for better consolidation. We twist two sides of the handkerchief and get a loop.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 5 and 6. We produce the resulting loop through the head. Correct folds.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Properly made knot "Infinity" will decorate the image of any girl. The handkerchief will look at the neck, if you use a bright coloring fabric.

Knot "Coquette"

Another interesting and simple way to tie a handkerchief on the neck is the image of the "coquette" node. It is advisable to use a cervical accessory from thick silk, the size of 80 to 40 cm. Such a handkerchief will look high and beautiful.

You can tie a scarf by a "coquette" node using step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 and 2. We fold the silk fabric in half until the width becomes about 10 cm. We throw the handkerchief on the neck so that one end is shorter than the other. Watch up a long free end around the neck, concluding it in a kind of loop.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3 and 4. We tie the ends into the side knot. We make another nodule. Correct the finished work, smoothing the hands of the ends and folds.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

You can diversify the image, if you use a handkerchief with the edge short fringe. You can make it yourself, if you carefully remove longitudinal threads.

Node "Braided"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

For inexperienced, this node may seem too difficult. However, if hard and long to train, it will be easy to tie it easily.

Stepped zagging of the "Braided" node:

  • We fold a long handkerchief in half so that the loop be on the one hand, and both ends are different.
  • Take long, free ends in the loop.
  • Cut the loop and get the second hole size is smaller.
  • Take the ends in the second resulting loop.

As a result of all manipulations, a beautiful braided knot will be. Tie a handkerchief in this way will be easy. The cervical accessory, tied in this way, is suitable for any type of clothing and season. Coloring and material can be chosen at will.

Knot "Fake tie"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Tie a handkerchief in this way will be much easier than tie. It will look less officially, it will give the image greater romanticism and ease.

To tie a handkerchief with a "fake tie" node, you need to perform a few simple steps.

Step 1 and 2. We fold the middle length of the silk handkerchief in half a time and throw on the neck. At one end we make a weak knot. We skip through the resulting node a free end of the fabric.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3 and 4. Gently tighten the ends at the chest level. We are folding the handker folds.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

This method of tapeling the handker is suitable for autumn or summer time. You can use the cervical accessory of both monophonic and bright colors.

Knot "Bow"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Tie a bow with a handkerchief may seem easy. However, in order to establish a cervical accessory in this way, you will need to practice a little. The end result and the manner of the fair sex will be satisfied.

For practice, you will need a long handkerchief or a palatine of dense silk or satin tissue. Use recommended bright shades fabric. So the knot "bow" will look more elegant and beautiful.

Step 1. We fold the handkerchief in half a time so that the strip is 10 cm wide.

Step 2. We attach folded cloth on the neck and crossed the ends.

Step 3. Take one end through the loop and bring out.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 4. Long hanging the second end we fold into the harmonic and apply horizontally to the neck.

Step 5. I fix the first end of the resulting harmonica in the middle, getting an elegant bow.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

In this node, the image of the girl will become still feminine. The cervical scarf, tied in the form of a bow, is suitable for autumn and spring pore. You can use the accessory for both official and romantic meetings.

You can tie a scarf by a "bow" knot and in another way. For example, with a small thin hair band. This technique may be for many easier performed.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 1. A small silk handkerchief folds into an unintentional long strip and throws on the neck.

Step 2. Both ends of the front are fed into the gum.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3. The gum is twisted eight.

Step 4. In the resulting additional loop in the rubber band, one end of the handkerchief is done. Pulling is not fully required.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 5. The other end of the header is similar to the loop in the rubber band is not completely.

Step 6. We correct the folds and ends, give the end the final view of the bow.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

The neck scarf tied with such a node will give the female image of elegance and French charm.

Knot "Shell"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

It looks like a node visually difficult, but it is deceptive. In order to link a long neck scarf in this way, you will need only half a minute. Use better accessory from chiffon fabric with a small fringe.

To begin with throwing a handkerchief through the neck. One end should be shorter than the other. Long second end turn around the neck and return to the front side.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

I will bring the same end for the neck, as if making a new turn. In the late hands we drag the edge hanging freely handkerchief. The end result will be obtaining a shell form.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

This method of tapeding the handker is suitable for the cool and warm season. He emphasizes the beauty of the female image and is suitable for any type of clothing.

Node "in French"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Elegant and easy-to-fulfill the node will give the image of a girl with a simpleness of air and carelessness. Great combined with various shut-off blouses and COFF. It looks spectacular in combination with a fitted jacket or jacket.

Step 1. We fold the cervical accessory so that it turns out a strip of a width of 5 cm. For this, we take our hands for opposite angles and fold them gradually towards the center. You need to move on both sides at the same time.

Step 2. Folded scarf turn around the neck. Ends crossed over the neck and stretch forward.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3. Ends need to make the same length and a single node is tied in the center with hands.

Step 4. We make an extra knot and weching it in the side.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 5. Align the knots of the handkerchief and beautifully drag free ends.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

In combination with a throat blouse, the nodule should be placed in the center of the neck.

Knot "Ring-Zhgut"

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Excellent handker taped technique is simple and beautiful at the same time. It combines well with various blouse cutouts. However, it is not recommended to wear with the riding, which has a high gate.

Step 1. We put a handkerchief along the axis in the unintent strip.

Step 2. Wrap a cervical accessory around the neck. In this case, one end should be slightly longer than the other. Tie a simple knot.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Step 3. Take the ends in the loop, turning around the header on both sides.

Step 4. Rear tie the tips so that the cervical accessory holds.

10 ways to tie a handkerchief

Use recommended square, small, satin handkerchief. In addition, you can wrap the resulting harness from the pearl thread. This will give the image of romanticity and is suitable for a goal of a date. Color gamut can be used different, depending on the situation.

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