How to remove the ears on the legs for many years in the clinic "Stopartrosis"

Ears on hips and weapons in the fight against them

Women's hips ... What sacrifices are just not ready to go women for the sake of slender legs? Fat on the hips we hope to remove: - anti-cellulite creams and weight loss means; - massage and wrapping sessions; - Strict diet and hikes in the fitness club. The most trusting category of ladies, as a rule, hoping for a miracle, tend to acquire systems for weight loss, calculated for a certain number of days. The range of preparations is wide, but the result is one - pills and dietary supplements output water and useful substances from the body, the woman slightly loses weight and loses health, since any tablet has side effects, and the problem remains. Cream and wraps based on natural components externally improve the condition of the skin of the problem zone. It is nothing more than pleasant procedures that improve blood circulation that do not model body contours, but are rather a preventive procedure for those who have small ears on the hips only outlined. Exercise is very painstaking, systematic and hard work in the fight against problem hips. The gym, as a way to eliminate "Halifa" on the hips, suggests a large number of squats and power loads on the zones of the buttock, hips, pins. The desired result has to move long, and for women who do not have enough free time for classes, this is the path that takes years.

How to remove fat on hips fast and for a long time?

  Elimination of "Halifa" on the hips

Modern approaches to modeling female silhouette are not in place. Aesthetic medicine is developing, and we move with it in the leg. The method of shock-wave therapy has proven its high efficiency in the fight against fatty deposits in the hip zone. The basis of this method is the physical laws that allow sound waves to penetrate deeply into fatty tissue and destroy (melted) the reserves of fat cells. The effectiveness of this method is obvious, since after several procedures, the thighs are reduced by an average of 2-5 cm. The woman does not feel pain, does not experience any unpleasant sensations, as it happens in the case of surgical liposuction of fat at operation.

At the discretion of the doctor, the device works on a problem zone within 30-40 minutes, and the patient simply lies on the couch. Shock-wave therapy sessions are physiological and absolutely harmless. After the procedure, the spree products of adipose tissue are derived naturally through the body's lymphatic system. All procedures are conducted outpatient. Today, Utw is, it is undoubtedly the most effective method of dealing with ears on the hips. View all methods →

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Zone Galifa for many women is a problem. Even with a sharp discharge weight, fat deposits in this area of ​​the body remain almost unchanged. About how to eat and what exercises will help to achieve a cherished goal, says the trainer Angelica Al Azhami (+ Gifki).

Angelica Al Azhami, Personal trainer gym zona531

Why zone Galifa - Women's problem

Displeasure zone of Galife is predominantly female. This may be associated with a seating lifestyle, weak muscle tone of the buttocks and hips, genetics and fat deposits. Women suffer because they have their own work of sex hormones in the body. For example, the reserve type of subcutaneous fat in the process of life is accumulating for the maintenance of estrogen. This is the norm.

The coach explains: if a woman has a failure of the menstrual cycle, the structure of the fat layer is not enough that it is compacted, it is also covered on top of a fibrous fabric. The last row of fat, which comes into contact with this shell, is good there "feels", and to bring it out of problem places is difficult.

- However, whatever the reason for the appearance of the "ears" on the hips, they can be removed only by a decrease in the fat stratum and an increase in muscle tone. Therefore, the problem of Galifa is always powering and training. Do not count on a magic tablet, miracle wrapping or other supere-efficient technique. These ways do not work.

The first thing to do is - Adjust food . The body begins to spend fat, only when there is less meal in it than it is capable of spending, i.e. With a calorie deficiency. Feed better fractional - 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Second - establish regular physical exertion . Because it is necessary not just a lifting of muscles, but also burning fat in the field of halifa, the lesson should include:

  • Cardoopers for burning calories and acceleration of fat burning;
  • Exercises for Galifa to lead to muscle tone and strengthen blood circulation around the problem zone.

Fitness coach recommends 5 main versions of exercise for the study of the Galifa area:

Reversed feet with lead ass

When performing the exercise, it is important that the hips "watched" forward, the pelvis should not be deployed to the side. Knees and sock are also directed forward. We take the leg back, thereby stretching the buttock muscle. We also go up with the help of the work of the buttock muscles, make Maha foot to the side and change your feet.

Range back with a slope on one leg

When performing this exercise, the sock should not go beyond the foot. At the same time, when the slope, an angle of 90 degrees is preserved in the legs. During the execution of the lunge back, the housing is slightly tilted forward, keep a strong press, strain the buttock muscle and climb upstairs. When tilting also do not forget about the back, it should not be a sutow. The purpose of the exercise is the stretching of the jagged muscle.

Jumping in Plie

Hold your back smoothly, when performing the exercise, we descend on the entire foot (it is impossible only on the heel or on the sock). We try to put legs wide enough so that at the bottom point of the trajectory of the knees were located almost above the ankle joints. During the jump, raise your hands in front of you for equilibrium.

Squat with a kink aside

Legs on the width of the shoulders, arms along the body. We perform the semi-man, at the same time raising your hands forward and up. Weight on heels. After finding out at the bottom point, slowly and carefully take the leg to the side, then the other. At the same time, we creep a bit ahead. We return to its original position and repeat.


Sock stretched, directed to us. We take the leg up and slowly lower, do not throw it down. Press strong, spin smooth. Under the knee you can put something soft,

In addition to food and exercise, massage will help

Among other things, the regular self-massage of the problem zone does not prevent. Professional body massage will also be a good addition to training.

- We will be unlisted: active walking (at least 5 kilometers per day), cycling, aerobics.

It is also important to know that it is impossible to force the body to lose weight locally in a certain zone. No matter how much you perform exercises for Galife or did not massage the problem zone, fat leaves gradually and from all over the entire body.

- Therefore, if you want to remove the Galife, first of all, you need to reduce the total percentage of fat in the body.

Photos and Gifs: Irina Podvishko

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How to remove "Halifer" on the hips: experts tell

"Galifa" is a natural part of physiology. The "ears" appears on the hips even with those who do not suffer over weight and in general are pleased with their figure, the fact is that it is local fat that appears during puberty. From the point of view of medicine, it is just a fat layer of the body, that is, the norm. However, if there was a conscious need to work on my body, it is important to remember that "Galifa" belongs to the type of fat, to get rid of which is extremely difficult ... But it is possible. Watch with experts in injection and hardware procedures, fitness instructor, plastic surgeon , as well as a massage therapist we are dealt with the subtleties of all modern methods.

"Halifa" or the so-called "ears" on the hips consist of reserve fat.

It begins to form in women during puberty and continues to accumulate for about 22 years, maintaining the production of estrogen. But as soon as a woman is installed regular menstrual cycle, the body ceases to need these reserves. As a result, this layer becomes denser and covered with a connecting fibrous fabric, - explains Andrei Iskornev, head of the Plata Surgery Clinic Platinental.

As a result, it turns out that fat deposits are as it were in the shell, so it's so difficult to deal with them - in the process of weight loss, they go to the most recent place, besides, extremely unevenly. Fat "traps" are characteristic of both men and women - differences only in places of their localization. In the men's body, they focus on the stomach. In women - just in the field of "halifer" and buttocks.

According to Ruslan Panova, the expert methodologist and coordinator of the direction of group programs of the Federal Network of Fitness Clubs X-FIT, the causes of the appearance (if this is not a genetic feature) can be different. Among them: problems with the functioning of the lumbosacral segment of the spine (the innervation and operation of the peripheral nervous system is violated, which leads to a failure of metabolism), improper nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, impaired lymphotock and blood circulation in adipose tissue and hormonal disorders (the use of certain drugs on The basis of hormones, puberty, the pituitary gland, menopause, the pathology of the adrenal glands and the pancreas).

Ruslan Panov

If the hormonal failure does not talk, then the first thing to be done is to reconsider the power. The body fabric in the body does not go locally, therefore the exercises aimed at working out the outer surface of the hips (for example, power) are not suitable.

In the complex - the transition to rational food. The amount of energy spent in life and training should exceed the energy obtained with food. It is desirable to eat often (up to five times a day) and small portions.

The next stage is training. The pronounced "Galifa" may testify not only that the body has a high percentage of fat, but also on the weakness of the berical muscles. Weak berry muscles and muscles of the thighs, scolding, visually form a fold on the sides of the thighs.

If you are new to power workouts, it is worth starting with mach and attacks. After a week or two, you can add weight in the form of dumbbells or rods. These exercises work in the inner and outer side of the hips and make buttocks more elastic.

At the same time, it is not necessary to skip training on the top of the body and cardio (fast walking, running or cycling for 20-30 minutes will retain the cardiovascular and respiratory system healthy). Concentrated only on the same zone is not the best option, as it is inefficient. This applies not only to fat deposits in the hips, but also all the others - on the stomach, in the zone of the waist and hands. Classes must be complex, aimed at the whole body.

The main task of the training process is to spend a lot of energy, therefore the formats of classes can be different. The interval training is best suited, since at high intensity of time intervals, a long recovery process (up to three hours) is launched, actively spending energy.

Clean functional directions with the technique of the neutral position of the spine are also excellent. In addition to increasing the energy exchange due to the inclusion of postural muscles in exercises, the correct posture is built, automatically improving the state of the spine. The adipose tissue is actively spent on dance directions, Latin American or modern. Swimming also perfectly solves the task of increasing the power supply and adjustment of the spine among those who prefer water element.

Some types of physique are genetically less susceptible to exercises aimed at building muscle mass and getting rid of fat in local places, and in this case - in the Galifa zone.

After training to restore muscle tissue, a contrasting shower must be taken (which also stimulates blood circulation). During the bath procedures, you can massage the problem area with a rigid washcloth or a special glove. It is easy to do at home and vacuum massage with banks (you can buy them in any pharmacy). The problem area must be lubricated with anti-cellulite cream or oil, then attach to the skin to the jar and make zigzag movements.


And you can trust professionals. For example, in the network of salons of the Thai and Balinese massage "7 colors" offer several programs aimed at getting rid of local fat deposits. The program "Minus 7 centimeters" is a semi-third-hour Slim massage, which implies special techniques - vacuum cotton. Massage is made on Thai herbal cream with menthol, camphor and ginger Gold Shape. The main ingredient is a formula of glossy pollen (Super Hi-Sol) - plants growing in the south of Thailand and used in Thai traditional medicine for several millennia.

From the guest requires some patience - get ready for severe painful sensations. As after a good workout, the next day there is a pleasant muscular "joy." Usually after two or three such classes, the body will get used to the load, - explained the master.

The second option is a massage that is performed by slamming and smoothing movements. Here to the rescue comes Anti-cellulite cream gel Minceur Rapide French brand Guinot. The active component is based on the formula - lipolysine splits the fat layer, derives it from the body together with liquid and toxins, normalizing blood circulation.

The remedy is widely used in the salons, but it can easily be included in home care. After all Slim programs, it is not recommended to take a shower during at least four hours, the cream works, even when the massage session is already over.

Injection techniques

In many clinics, non-operational liposuction is proposed as a solution to the problem. A drug (one of the most popular and efficient - Aqualyx) is introduced into the region of the fatty fiber), dissolves it and displays it from the body. According to experts, for one procedure that lasts about less than ten minutes, the volumes of two centimeters can be reduced. True, you will see the result not immediately after leaving the doctor's office, and a few days later.

In general, to remove the "Halifer" will need four or five procedures with an interval of three weeks. Experts advise not to forget about seven-hour sleep (as the necessary recovery), training (integrated only) three or four times a week, balanced nutrition.


This procedure, as a result of which fat is irretrievably destroyed under the influence of cold.

In the first place in efficiency, I put a cliolympolysis - the procedure is painless, and as a result you lose in volumes up to four centimeters, and the fat takes 40 percent for the procedure! This can not guarantee any other slimming apparatus. Due to the seizure of the fat trap, low temperatures are actually treated, without affecting other organs. During the procedure, cold (-10, -11 degrees) is used, which causes the slow death of fat cells (apoptosis). Local apoptosis in cryolipolysis is a softer and safe impact for the body,

- Says Karina Musaev, Medical Director of Lazerjazz Laser Technology Clinic.

Another advantage of cryoralipolysis is that the cold itself does not destroy the cells, but only causes apoptosis of the part of them. Fat is split and removed through the lymphatic system safely, which has been proven by numerous studies. During the procedure, you can sleep, watch a film, or combine the procedure with magic detoxpieces,

- Adds an expert.

The procedure takes about an hour, and the maximum result is visible in one and a half or two months.

What's happening? Fat cells are destroyed and safely removed from the body through the lymphatic system. As a bonus, the manifestation of cellulite significantly decreases in the cryoilipolysis zone.

RF Lifting

In second place in popularity - Body Tyte RF-lifting. This technology is very popular in Hollywood. Unlike cryoralipolysis, it is heating the tissues of a high-frequency current, the method combines four modes of radio frequency and vacuum impact. RF-waves warm all layers of skin - epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue - to a certain temperature. As a result, the tissue is updated and compacted, collagen produced.

This is a procedure that is nickly to make a course. As a result, it is possible to get rid of not only from extra centimeters, but also from cellulite, declarations and swelling. RF lifting can be combined with lipolithics to strengthen the effect.


This method is also called "fitness for lazy". The device provides not only linear muscle contractions, as in training in the hall, but also their torsion twisting. The effect is very similar to twisting when drying the linen. As a result, closely lying "fatty depots" are destroyed, swelling is outlined. According to experts, after the first procedure, which, by the way, lasts only 20 minutes, the volumes will decrease by three or six centimeters. View fully:

Lipidema is an inherited violation of the distribution of adipose tissue

Lipidem is not concerned with obese fat deposits. This is a pathological change with the result in the form of an increase in the number of fat cells. Since Lipidem is found almost exclusively in women, experts suggest hormonal reasons. In some men who develop lipidem, there are often disorders of the liver.

Symptoms and signs

In the lipidema, you can take the skin to the base of the second and third fingers of the legs (the fictional symmeter). With lymphedeme it is impossible (positive symmeter). Other signs of Lipedes are a tendency to develop teleangectasia, bruises or an increase in edema of the heads in the afternoon.

Unlike lymphedhema, Lipidem is always symmetrical. With it, it is characterized by "postbot" deformation of the legs. A typical sign is "Halifa" on the hips and buttocks.

If the disease applies further down the legs, they are talking about such a phenomenon as a "trouser" symptom, because the deformation always end at the level of ankle, which, however, is overlapped with flavors of adipose tissue.

Lipidema is painful when pressing and touching. Subsequently, pain occurs even when wearing narrow clothes. Unlike lymphedhem, there is no "Symptom of the Stemmer" during the Lipidem.


Galifa is fat deposits on the buttocks, the hips and the inner sides of the knees who are found almost exclusively in women.

Non-diet fat deposits

Especially often suffer from a thin bodybuilding. If fat deposits are immunity to diets and sports, then the halifa may be a sign of lipedes - a congenital violation of the distribution of adipose tissue.

Another feature of Lipedham is a tendency to the formation of teleangectasis, the appearance of bruises and pain in touch and pressure. Unlike lymphidem, both legs are amazed, and sometimes both hands.

Overview of clinical signs of lipedes:

  • No symptom of semmere
  • Symmetric swelling
  • Pain when touches and pressing
  • Souring pain
  • Teleangiectasia
  • Education Sinyakov
  • Heredity
  • Soft, knocked leather
  • Sometimes hands are amazed

Risk factors and reasons

Almost exclusive women and girls suffer from Lipenedhema, so hormonal changes are considered one of the factors of development. As a rule, Lipidem develops at the end of the period of puberty, during pregnancy or when menopause. In addition, there is a genetic predisposition to Lipenedhem.


Sports and healthy nutrition help in the early stages of the development of lipedes. Patients should be played at approximately three times a week for at least 45 minutes (the body begins to burn fat only after 30 minutes of load). During sports, it is important to use compression knitwear. This prevents the development of edema, since the support of blood circulation prevents the excess water outlet in the tissue.

There are a variety of methods for the treatment of lipedes.

Tips about life with the liepeted

Lipidema is a chronic disease. Recommendations that you will be implemented in addition to drug therapy will determine the success of the treatment of lipidem.

Sports are recommended, but only when using compression knitwear or bandages. Otherwise, the limb circumference may increase. The following sports are recommended:

  • Walking
  • Walk
  • Tourism
  • Aerobics
  • Aquajogging and swimming are also recommended that can be engaged without compression, since water pressure acts as a compression product.

It is important to wear loose clothes and comfortable shoes. Do not tighten tight belts and linen and clothing clasps.

The Fat Pads Seen in Lipoedema Are Not Caused by Overweight. This Is Why They Cannot Be Countelected by Dieting. NEVERTHELESS, Losing Weight and Taking Part in Sporting Activities (With Compression) HAS POSITIVE EFFECTS. You Should Avoid Putting On Weight At All Costs. If You Are Overweight, You Shald Definitely Try to Reduce Your Body Weight to A Body Mass Index (BMI) of Between 19 and 25 and to Maintain It.

Unfortunately, Tablets or ointments are useless in treatment Lipedes.

For patients with edema is very important IHIEN. To maintain skin cleanliness, use a neutral pH. Do not use deodorants on affected areas of the body.

How is Lipidem treated?

Lipidem compression therapy

Lipidem compression therapy

Lipiedma They suffer almost exclusively women. Although with a diet or sport it is impossible to cope with the liepeted, compression therapy gives good results and ensures that the edema will not develop further. Thus, you can control swelling.

Compression knitwear Reduces the manifestations of lipedes or at least stops its development. At 1 stage of the disease, a compression knitwear of CCL 2 or CCL circular mating is often possible. However, in most cases, experts recommend using a compression knitting knitting knitting knitting. Compression stockings are recommended to wear every day, but at least three days a week (as well as during sports). At the second stage, patients use a compression knitting knitting knitting knitting (with a seam). At the third stage, the same complex physical anti-edema therapy is used as during the lymphidem. The first phase of therapy begins with a manual lymphatic lamination with subsequent compression banding. Then follows the supporting therapy phase using a compression knitting knitting knit.

Other types of treatment: Liposuction

Another type of treatment is liposuction. After this procedure on the skin may form pits. This largely prevents the use of special compression products. Before liposuction, it is necessary to pre-consult a doctor.

SUMMARY: If the legs, hips or buttocks begin increase in size, do not only mention the diet. Consult the attending physician, can not talk about Lipenedhem. In the case of a positive answer, fulfill all its treatment recommendations and exercise, but always using compression. Make sure your nutrition is balanced. This will allow you to be in shape and live an active life - even with Lipward.

Lipidema - Liposuction and subsequent treatment

MEDI products

MEDI compression products will help you in the treatment of lipedes. MEDI offers two different types of compression products for this:

MEDI products for the treatment of lipedes

Products for the treatment of lipedes


How do veins work?


Probably, many wondered: why at the end of the XIX - the first half of the 20th century shaped trousers of officers of various armies (and Russian including) have acquired such an unusual style - expanded in groin and to the knees, but strongly narrowed from the knees and below, on the legs? Their popularity was very high, approximately 30 years old, from the moment of appearance, they spread in the armies of almost all of Europe. Moreover, which is noteworthy - primarily in cavalry, although subsequently, in the armies of individual countries - and in infantry too.

So, in the Red Army, the Halifer's trousers wore commanders (from 1943 - officers) and ordinary infantry, and artillery, and the Air Force, and the NKVD. These, however, they became not so wide compared to the original model (the end of the XIX century), but the transition from the extended part to the narrowed was more distinct.

Why did Halifer pants acquired such an unusual form?

By the way, if you are attentive, then notice: almost always, the hailife comes complete with high but narrow boots ...)

The version is legendary

The inventor of trouser Galifa is known to us - this is a French general from Cavalry Gaston Alexander Auguste de Galifa. Actually, his name is legendary pants and purchased. They appeared after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.

The "legendary" version states that on the battlefield Gaston de Galifa was heavily injured in the thigh, it twisted and began to look very urgent. Especially ugly injured part of the body looked in the leggings, which at that time were the main view of the trousers in the European cavalry. After the war, the general, famous for the dashing cavalry attack under the sedan, and invented the pants extended at the top to hide injury.

The mitigated version of the legend says that Galifa simply experienced complexes due to the fact that there was a krivonog like many connants. Alas, both, and the other - only fables. The reason for the appearance of the original form of Galifa is much easier, although it is really connected with the cavalry ...

Why did Halifer pants acquired such an unusual form?


According to the first half of the XIX century, the European military wore very narrow tight pants - leggings, chiccchirs (hussars), etc. It looked beautiful, but it was very uncomfortable in the sock, and in the same winter in tightly tight pants, and in the summer it is hot: there is no heat insulating air layer.

Especially inconvenient in the narrow pants to sit on the horse - that gladies will crack in the most interesting place when the leg over the croup is throwing ...))

By the end of the XIX century, the emphasis in the army fashion with "the main thing is to be beautiful" began to shift towards the convenience, non-smack, ease of wear, in one word - consupporting utility and pragmaticity. Gaston de Galifa, who from 1857 to 1862 he commanded the second Muslim cavalry regiment of the French army, drew attention to his clothes of his subordinates - sharovars characteristic of almost the East.

It was Cavalry Spag - a rather well-known cavalry of the French colonial troops, originally from Algeria.

Warmer Spaga. Pay attention to the pants
Warmer Spaga. Pay attention to the pants

Similar uniforms - short jackets and waste jackets - and Zuyava, the Algerians-Algerians of the colonial French infantry of the time.

But the boots at the connants of Spagi were rather short, and then - to fill the sharovars in them (and at night, on top of the shine, the pants in the European armies of that pore were never worn) was a terrain. The disadvantage of the Sharovar, from the point of view of the European officer, was this particular moment - the stage of refueling his pants in the boots.

And here Gaston de Galifa came to mind a brilliant idea - combine leggings and harslers. On top free - easy to wear, nothing else rubs and does not hurt, it is too easy - it is very convenient to quickly, to remove the boots.

He tried the new style on his fighters during the expedition to Mexico in 1860-65. Logason was recognized as successful.

And in 1899, Gaston Alexander Auguste de Galifa became a military minister - and introduced a new style of cavalry trousers in the French Connection Stolly. After that, the Halifa spread all over the world in various kinds of troops, except that they became no longer such "chairs" - in the upper part of the Croa became gaining and put in the trigger, and to the knees of Halifa, adopted in some armies, began to expand.

But only that.

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