How to find out the Skype login on a computer and phone

Login is a certain identifier that helps Skype to distinguish your profile from others without errors. Therefore, to add one or another person to the contact list most often asked him to give their login from Skype. Login is also used when authorized in the account. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what it is not always capable of watching it in a timely manner.


To enter the Skype account on a new computer, the login will have to be inserted. However, if you have already logged in on some computer, the entrance will be made automatically without the need for login and password water, which contributes to the forgetting of the latter. It will last until you manually exit Skype account or reinstall Windows.

In order to get rid of such "confusion", you need to know possible ways to see your login in Skype.

View login in Skype 8 and above

Here you can find out your login directly from your own account, as well as through another profile, if you cannot login or if you need to find out the login of some other person.

Option 1: From your profile

To begin with, consider this option, as it requires a minimum of actions:

  1. After entering your profile, click on your avatar in the upper left side of the window.
  2. Perehod-V-Nastroyki-Svoego-Profilya-V-PROGRAMME-SKYPE-8

  3. The window will open, where the basic information is given regarding the profile. Pay attention to the block "Profile" . There in the string "Login in Skype" Your current login will be registered.

Option 2: From someone else's profile

If you need a login to enter the Skype account, but you forgot it, then ask someone from your friends who have added to the contact list, view your login. Familiar can do it according to the following instructions:

  1. To begin with, he must find your profile in the contact list or in the message list. This is not so important.
  2. Now you need to right-click on the profile avatar. From the context menu, select the item "View profile" .
  3. Perehod-K-Prosmotru-Profilya-Polzovatelya-Iz-Kontaktov-V-PROGRAMME-SKYPE-8

  4. A small window with information about the profile opens. You need to slightly distinguish this window down until you find the block "Profile" .
  5. Pay attention to the string "Login in Skype" .

How to find out login in old versions of Skype

Despite the fact that Skype is updated in a voluntary and enforcement, some users are more convenient to use the old version of the messenger. In this case, the login from the account recognizes a little differently. Below will consider instructions for those cases when you entered your record and when it was not logged in.

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Option 1: View from your record

In the old versions of the Skype, the interface is not very different from the new, so the instruction will wear a similar appearance as in the previous version:

  1. Opposite the avatar in the upper left side of the screen, your login from Skype can be displayed in certain cases. However, most often there is your name, which is not a login. To find out the login, you need to go to the registration data of your profile. To do this, simply click Your Name or Avatar.

  3. A section will appear with basic user information. Pay attention to the string "Accounts" . Your login will be written there.
  4. Uchetnaya-Zapis-V-Skype

Option 2: Learning Login from another account

Here you also need to contact someone from familiar who can see the login of your account from yours. In this case, their sequence should look like this:

  1. To begin with, they should be found in the list of their contacts or dialogs. Where exactly they will find you no matter.
  2. Right-click on the avatar. From the context menu, select item "See personal data" .
  3. Perehod-K-Prosmotru-Lichnyih-Dannyih-Polzovatelya-V-Skype

  4. Line Skype Contains the login of your account.
  5. Lichnyie-Dannyie-Polzovatelya-V-Skype

Option 3: Search in directories

The old versions of Skype has a serious deficiency in the safety plan - all important user data are stored on the user's computer, therefore, they can access them and learn them. You can use this shortcoming to view your login to Skype, as well as the logins of everyone who has recently came from this computer.

To do this, you will need some skills to work at the computer, but in principle, any user can cope with the task:

  1. Use the string "Run" which is called using key combinations Win + R. .
  2. Here you need to enter an expression % APPDATA% \ Skype and press ENTER or "OK" For the transition to the specified path.

  4. You will transfer to a folder with user data that is hidden in Windows by default. There will be a list of all logins in the form of folders through which anyone tried to enter your account lately. As a rule, logins should not be too much, so you will not have difficulties find your folder among them.
  5. Papka-S-Dannyimi-Uchetnoy-Zapisi-Skype

How to find out your login on the Skype mobile version

In the mobile version of Skype, you can find out your login for similar instructions for new versions for computers. Suppose you need to know your login, and you are in your account. In this case, the sequence of actions will have the following form:

  1. Run the application. Click on your photo, which is located at the top of the screen in the center. Your photo will be located in the specified location only if you have a tab open in the bottom "Chats" .
  2. Otkryit-Svoy-Profil-V-Mobilnoy-Versii-Skype

  3. On the page with basic information in the profile, find the string "Login in Skype" .
  4. Uznat-Svoy-Login-V-Mobilnoy-Versii-Prilozheniya-Skype

  5. Separate attention can be paid to the string "You are logged in as" . It recorded Email to which the account is registered. Using it, you can enter your profile, not even knowing the login.

Let us consider in addition how to view the login of the other person's profile on the mobile version. This may be relevant again if you have forgotten your login from Skype and ask your friends to see it. Step-by-step instructions for this incident look like this:

  1. Find in Skype Chat with the right person or his contact in the address book. Click on it.
  2. A screen with a correspondence, where you need to click by name, which is located at the very top.
  3. Scroll slightly below until you see the section "Profile" . There will be a login in a row with the corresponding name.

As you can see, there are many ways to find out your login in Skype. All of them are very simple in performance and do not require any special training, plus relevant for increasingly less common versions of Skype.

How to find out your login in Skype, if I forgot him, is it possible? Nothing difficult - we have already prepared the relevant instructions that are waiting for you in this review! Read, study and use in practice - even if the information was lost, it can be restored with ease of different ways!

If entered into account

To begin with, we briefly note that we are looking for - this is the name of the user specified during the registration process instead of the email address or mobile phone number.

We dealt with the definition, now we will try to understand where to view login in Skype. It is easiest to find information if the entrance to Skype is already implemented - it is proposed to do the following:

  • Open the program;
  • Click on your avatar in the upper left corner;
  • Find section "Profile" in the window that opens;

  • You will see the desired information in the string. "Your login in Skype."

All ingenious - just! We coped with the task, following the user logging in to the user profile. How to be if you cannot open your account, can you find out the necessary data from Skype? We will understand below!

If not entered into account

If you know and see your login in Skype, it does not work independently, we use alternative methods! To begin with, you can seek help to any relative, colleague or friend:

  • Write in any other messenger or call;
  • Ask right-click on your profile in the tab "Chats" ;
  • A friend should click on the section "View profile" ;

  • A window with detailed information opens in front of it;

  • Ready - He will be able to tell you the data at the same moment!

If you can't contact your friends, try using the Skype Messenger's system features to find out your login:

  • On the login page, click on the icon. "I forgot my username / password" ;
  • Find button "Other entry options" ;
  • Select a string "Forgot username" ;
  • Enter the phone number or an additional email address used when registering an account;
  • Wait for the code for confirmation by e-mail or in an SMS message;
  • You will see available personal data related profiles;
  • Part of the name will be hidden - you just need to find the appropriate option and click on the entrance button.

That's all! You got the desired and were able to find out the lost username of Skype. Catch the third cool option that few people know about.

View in the folder

There is a third answer to the question, how to find out your Skype - you can see the data in the Messenger folder on the computer!

Works on Windows 8.7

To find and find out the login in the depths of the operating system, do the following:

  • Right-click on the button "Start" ;
  • Go to the section "Run" in the context menu;
  • Enter the command in the text box % APPDATA% SKYPE;
  • Press the input key;
  • Or simply open the Explorer and vBE address C: Used by userAppdataroamingSkype ;

  • Look inside the daddle that carries the name of your Login in Skype.

We told how to find out the login in Skype so that friends could find you - now all the secrets are revealed! At any time you can get the information you are interested in so as not to interrupt communication in the messenger!

We will tell you how to find out our login in Skype so that you can avoid misunderstandings. Why can they arise?

Login Skype is a name assigned by the user when registering an account. Until recently, there was an opportunity to come up with an original nickname, but now, as a login, you can only use an email address or phone number. In fact, not all people using this messenger have the idea of ​​which they have Login and confuse him with the name, and this greatly complicates the task when searching for contact.

And on how to change the login in Skype, you can find out in another article.

So, make a mistake immediately, the name is not login. The system will offer you to introduce yourself and specify when registering, what is your name. You will specify the right data, or think up an alternative option - to solve you. Login is the email box or phone number when registering. As we have already talked, you used to come up with an original nickname yourself, but now there is no such possibility. How to find out your Skype, what would friends find you? If you want to facilitate the search process in Skype for your acquaintances, these data tell them, because it is much more difficult to find a person by name and surname, and options are incommensurable.

But to specify Login, for example, in a social network, or send it to a friend, you must first find it, and with this, sometimes there are difficulties. Here's how to find out your login in Skype after registering an account:

Where to view login in Skype in Windows 10

So, where to watch login in Skype? In the lower left corner of the program is your avatar. Click on it - and a page with personal data will open. Directly under the real name and the surname is located and Login.

Learn Username in Skype for Windows Desktop

Here, the search for information is in the upper left corner, next to the Skype inscription. You can also look at it again on the page with personal data, right under the real name and thus find out your login in Skype.

For Android

Click on the menu icon (three horizontal strips) or spend on the screen from the left edge to the center. Open "Personal Information". What you are looking for is, again, under the surname.

For iPhone and iPad

In the application developed for these gadgets, the information you need is again in the "Personal data" tab. Additionally, find out how to enter Skype for the first time.


Click on the avatar, which is located in the upper left corner. A tab with detailed information about you will open. Login - under the real user data.

Useful: how Restore the password in Skype; And here you can download a program for changing the voice, go through the link.

Login to Skype

Login to Skype serves for two things: to enter your account, and as Nick through which other users are associated with you. But, unfortunately, some people forget their login, while others do not know what it is when they are asked to give their contact details for communication. Let's find out where you can see login in Skype.

To enter your account in Skype, fortunately, the login must not always enter. If you already logged in this account on a specific computer, then, most likely, in the next time, when you start the Skype program, you will be automatically entering it, without entering a login and password. It will last until a manual output from the account is made. That is, it is high like that, not even knowing or not remembering its own login, you can visit the account.

But it may not continue to continue. First, one day, the program still may require you to enter a login and password (when you go from another computer it will happen), and secondly, until you provide your login from Skype, none of the other users can Contact you. How to be?

It should be noted that, depending on the specific procedure of your registration, the login may correspond to your mailbox entered during registration, but may not fit it. You need to look at login directly in the Skype program.

Learning your login in Skype 8 and above

You can find your username in Skype 8 as directly bypassing your account and through another profile if you cannot enter into your account. Next, we will consider in detail each of these methods.

Method 1: Login View Authorized User

First of all, consider how to find out the login while in your account.

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the program interface.
  2. Go to the settings of your profile in the Skype 8 program

  3. In the settings window that opens, locate the block "Profile" . It will be the item "Login in Skype" . It is opposite this item displays your login.

Login in Skype in the settings window of your profile in the Skype 8 program

Method 2: View login from another profile

If it is impossible to enter the account due to the loss of login, you can ask someone from friends to watch it in your Skype profile.

  1. You must find in the chat in the left part of the Skype window, the name of that profile, the information on which should be viewed, and click on it with the right mouse button. In the list that opens, select the item "View profile" .
  2. Go to viewing user profile from contacts in Skype 8

  3. In the window that opens, you need to scroll the mouse wheel down until the block appears. "Profile" . As in the previous case, in it opposite item "Login in Skype" The information will be located.

Login in Skype in the User Profile viewing window in the Skype 8 program

Learning your login in Skype 7 and below

Similar ways, you can find out your login and in Skype 7. In addition, there is an additional option of actions that will help you know the necessary information through "Windows Explorer" . All these methods will go a conversation below.

Method 1: Login View Authorized User

  1. Some users mistakenly think that the name displayed in the upper left corner of the application window, and there is a login, but it is not. It may coincide with the login, but not necessarily. To find out your login, click on this behalf.
  2. Name in Skype

  3. A window opens with information about your profile. In line "Accounts" And the name of your login will be.
  4. Account in Skype

Method 2: How to find out login if the entry is not possible?

But what to do if you have already encountered a problem, and cannot log in to your account in Skype, because do not remember the name of the account? In this case, there are several solution solutions.

  1. First of all, you can ask any of your comrades who have been added to Skype contacts, see your login there. This comrade can do by clicking the right mouse button according to your name in contacts, and selecting the item from the opened list "View Personal Data" .
  2. Go to viewing user data in Skype

  3. In the working data window that opens, it will see your login in the string. Skype .
  4. Personal user data in Skype

But this method will only help if you can contact those people who are listed in contacts. But what to do if you have always supported communication only through Skype? There is a way to find out the login, and without appealing to third parties. The fact is that when the user first enters a specific account in Skype, a folder is formed on the hard drive of the computer in a special directory, the name of which is the name of the account that has shown. In the overwhelming majority, this folder is stored at the following address:

C: \ Users \ (Windows Name) \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Skype

That is, to get to this directory, you will need to insert your username in Windows to enter this expression, and drive it into the address string "Explorer" .

  1. But, there is a simpler, and universal way. Click on the keyboard shortcut keys Win + R. . Window opens "Run" . We enter the expression there "% APPDATA% \ Skype" and click on the button Ok .
  2. Run the window in Windows

  3. After that, we move to the directory where the folder is stored with the Skype account. However, such folders may be somewhat if the program came from various accounts. But having seen his login, you still have to remember him, even among several other items.

Data folder Skype account

But, both of the method described above (access to a friend and viewing the profile directory) are suitable only if you remember your password. If you do not remember the password, then one knowledge of the login will not help you with the standard way to get into the Skype account. But, and in this situation there is a way out if you remember the phone or email address that were entered during registration in this program.

  1. In the form of entering Skype in the lower left corner of the window, click on the inscription "Can't Log in to Skype?" .
  2. Login and password restore in Skype

  3. After that, the browser set by default will start, which will open a web page where you can produce a password recovery procedure and login in a standard way, specifying the address of your email, or the phone introduced during registration.

Mobile version of Skype.

If you prefer to use the mobile version of Skype, affordable both on iOS and on Android, then you can recognize your login in it in almost the same way as in the updated PC program with your own or someone else's profile.

Method 1: Your profile

In the event that you are logged in in Mobile Skype, you will not find out the login from your own account.

  1. Run the application and tap on the icon of your profile located in the center of the top panel, above the blocks "Chats" и "Favorites" .
  2. Open your profile in the mobile version of Skype

  3. Actually, in the window of information about the profile you will immediately see your "Login in Skype" - It will be indicated opposite the item of the same name.

    Learn your login in the mobile version of the Skype application

    Note: Pay attention to the string "You are logged in as" where email is indicated. This address is tied to Microsoft account. Knowing it, you can log in to Skype, even if you forgot the login - just enter mail instead, and then the password corresponding to it.

  4. See Microsoft email address in Skype mobile version

  5. That's just just you can find out your login in Skype. Remember it, and better write down, so as not to forget later.

Method 2: Friend Profile

Obviously, much more often users are asked about how to find out their login in Skype when simply do not remember it, and therefore cannot be logged in in the appendix. In this case, the only thing that can be done is to seek help to any person from your list of contacts, with which you support communication somewhere in addition to Skype - ask him to see your login in this program.

Note: If you know your email and password from the Microsoft account, try using this information for authorization in Skype - the developer company has long combined these profiles.

  1. So, the person who you have in the contacts Skype must find the chat with you (or just find your name in the address book) and tap it.
  2. Open the profile of another user in the mobile version of Skype

  3. In the corresponding window that opens, you must click on your name in Skype, located at the top.
  4. Open the information about the user profile in the mobile version of Skype

  5. The opened block with information about the profile should be slightly scroll down until the section "Profile" . The desired information will be indicated opposite the inscription "Login in Skype" .
  6. Login for another user in the profile information in the mobile version of Skype

    Regardless of whether you are authorized in your Skype account or not, in order to learn the login from it, you just need to open the partition with information about the profile. There are no other options to receive this information, but as an alternative when it is not possible to log in in the application, you can try to enter it under the Microsoft account.


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to find out your login if you do not know it, or forgotten. The choice of a particular way depends on which one of three situations you are: you can go to the account; Can't go to the account; In addition to login, the password has also forgotten. In the first case, the task is solved elementary, and the latter is the most difficult.

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Will this article help you?


How to find out login in Skype?


Despite the abundance of messengers and social networks, Skype still remains one of the most popular programs to communicate. In many ways, the reason for this interest from users is good communication. There are enough problems too. For example, often people face that the application gives an error "Failed to establish a connection". Some users do not know how to find out your login in Skype. You can do it like a PC and from the phone.

From a computer

Initially, Skype was created for PC users. Mobile version for androids and iPhones appeared slightly later. You can find out the login from the computer in different ways:

  • through your profile;
  • through a friend's profile;
  • After viewing the directory.

Make it even easier than to deal with the reasons, because of which the camera does not turn on in Skype.

Through your profile

Very simple and fast method. Through its own profile, you can find out the login in the application literally for a couple of clicks with mouse. To view the information you need, you just need to go to Skype, click on the "More" button and select the "Settings" option in the context menu:

The "Account and Profile" section will show user login:

Attention: Do not confuse login with nickname. The user can choose nickname independently, and the login is assigned to the program during registration.

To find out the required information, you can use another algorithm of actions. To do this, click on the avatar and select the "Skype profile" option:

The program will open a new window where the required data will be displayed:

On a note : Find out what to do if the user cannot go to Skype.

Through friend's profile

You will find your address from another user account:

  • In the profile of a friend, select your account on the nickname, press it with the right mouse button and in the context menu by looking for the "View profile" option.

  • Scroll down the page down and in the "Profile" section find the required information.

After viewing the directory

This method is recommended to use only three cases. First, it is suitable when for some reason Skype does not open and see your login from the profile there is no possibility. Secondly, the submitted option is applicable if the old version of the program is installed on the PC, since in this case the application creates a separate folder on the hard disk, the name of which fully corresponds to the username of the user. Thirdly, the method can also be used when it does not go to see the address with someone else's page. The rules of work are very simple:

  • Simultaneously click on the Win and R buttons.

  • We enter into the search string % APPDATA% \ Skype And confirm the action.

  • The window that opens will be the folder called by user login. New Skype versions such information are stored on a separate cloud server.

From the phone

You can find out your login in Skype through the mobile application. The program for smartphones appeared much later than the desktop version, but its functionality is quite high. For example, in the application, the user can delete the message in Skype or call someone if necessary.

Through your profile

To learn a login from your profile, you need to perform a number of simple actions:

  • Open Skype. Click on the avatar or abbreviated nickname.

  • In the new section, select the "Skype profile" option.

  • After that, the new page will immediately open, where you can see login.

Through friend's profile

You can get the required information from third-party program users. To find out the address in this case, you need to perform a number of consecutive actions:

  • Go to the app. Click on the "Contacts" section.

  • Tapass on the nickname of the user of the user and keep pressed.

  • Select the "View profile" option.

  • Scroll down the page down to the "Profile" section. There is all the necessary information.

  • Action is somewhat larger than in the example above, but they are all extremely simple and uncomplicated.

Let's sum up

Previously, when registering in Skype, the user himself chose a login itself. Now the "address" is assigned automatically. Remember it is very hard. The above methods will allow you to find out the necessary information in a few seconds.

If the user has several accounts in Skype, and even more so in other services and social networks, it is very easy to get involved in them. As a result - the desired login may be forgotten. How to find out your login in Skype ?

If the entrance has already been implemented

It is much easier to learn your login in Skype if the entrance to the system is already perfect. But in this case you should not be confused login and name. You can change the name at any time, while the login will remain the same, how it was selected during registration. How to find out your login in Skype in this case:

  • First you need to press in the upper left corner in the name next to the profile avatar;
  • On the right side of the working window, the field will open for viewing the personal information of the user and edit it;
  • next to the words " Accounts "And Login is located;
  • At the very top of the window, the larger letters are not listed, and the name under which the subscriber see other call participants. Sometimes the name coincides with the login, sometimes not. You can at any time edit the name. To do this, just click on it and enter a new one. But the login itself will remain the same.


If the entrance is not implemented

Most often, the login is required in order to enter the system. But how to be if he is forgotten?

  1. It is enough to go to the login recovery page at and enter there in the special email address specified during registration;
  2. Get a service letter with a special service reference and security code. You will need to follow the link and enter the received code. Important! The code is valid only for three hours;
  3. All scholars associated with this email address will appear on the screen. It remains only to choose the desired one.

You can also ask another user to view login in personal data. To do this, it will be necessary to right-click the contact name and select "View Personal Information". Next will open the window in which you can see the login.

Similar actions for restoring login are performed in both the version for PC and mobile platforms.


From the operating system

There is a way to find login in the operating system itself. This may be useful, for example, if there is no Internet access. Need to go to the address C: \ Users \ user_name \ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype . Here is the service folder that carries the login name.

The same effect can be achieved through the "Run" command. In the text box, you will need to enter the following: % APPDATA% \ Skype . Finally, if absolutely nothing helps, you can always contact the support service and describe the situation.

If you, for example, installed Skype to a new computer or after installing the OS, to start work, you need to enter account data. Well, if you have one account for it and Windows, then the data for the entrance is the same. But what if not? Or do you use the program under another operating system? Then the question is about How to find out your login in Skype .

Determining the account name

This problem may seem funny. But if you often changed account recordings due to the increased interest of hackers or for other reasons, then get confused in the logins of no wise. Or, on the contrary, you started Skype so long ago that it automatically started every day, and you have already forgotten about the manual entrance. Picture how to find out your login in Skype

The easiest way to find out your login name is to log in to the access restore page and enter your email (or phone if you are registered via the phone number). After analyzing the data, the service will give you all the logins associated with this email address or telephone. You only need to choose from them you need and try to enter him. If you do not work, right here you can use the access restore function.

Alternative options

If at the moment you have a running and working Skype, then the login in it is high simply:

  • Skype Classic. Login is displayed in the upper left corner, it is highlighted by green. It is also put in the upper line of the program window. Skype Classic Login Display
  • Skype Modern ("Tile" version from the Microsoft store). Open the application and click on your avatar. In the window that opens, under the avatar will be your username, and under it - your login. Skype Modern Login DisplaySometimes it may have an email (especially if you have one account for Skype and Windows or you created it in recent years).
  • Mobile devices. Run the application and slide the side menu. Under the name and surname, the necessary data is recorded. Display Login Skype on AndroidHow can you understand, find out your login in Skype in the phone is the easiest way.
  • Web version. Everything is done here like "Tile": click on your avatar to open profile. Right under the avatar will be the name of the user who see others in the list of contacts, and under it - the desired inscription.

The place where you can see your login in Skype, may vary from editorial board. However, it can be assumed that the most progressive option offers a web version. Therefore, the other options will be equal to it.

How to find out your or someone else's login in Skype

Once he asked a man to throw me a login in Skype to add it to contacts to himself, what was the answer - "I do not know my login." How to add contact in Skype. Having studied this question in more detail, I realized that the problem was given not only for this person, many people are interested in how to look at your login in Skype. Therefore, I needed an idea to write an article about how this problem is solved, because it could really register an account in Skype for a person who could someone else. And the program is arranged in such a way that this login will never notice this immediately. Also a common situation, when a person could simply forget the login. That's probably from her we will begin.

No need to confuse login named and surname or nickname. These are different things. You can change the name in Skype, and the login is issued or inventing with you once and that's it.

If you forgot the login in Skype

If it is needed to enter Skype, then you can know that you can enter your account by entering email or phone number to which the program has been registered. If you do not know, in addition to login, the password also, I advise you to read the article "I forgot the password in Skype, how to restore."

If you do not know your email to which Skype was registered, then the only way out of the situation remains to ask someone who is in your contacts so that he watched your login. How it is done, read in the next paragraph of our article.

How to find out someone else's login

We find in your contacts of a person who we want to know the information you need and click on contact with the right mouse button. From the drop-down list, choose the item "View Personal Data":

View Personal Information

It pops up a window that contains information about contact. We are looking for a Skype line precisely opposite it and a man is written.

We find login

As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

How to view login if you are logged in in the program

If you are now in the program and authorized in it, then find out what interests us will not be any difficulty. Literally a couple of clicks and you have a goal.

Click on your miniature in the upper left corner and we offer information about your account. At the very top there is your name or nickname, and immediately under it - login. Pay attention to the screenshot:

Learning login in Skype

Watch Login Skype through Windows

Now I will show you another chip, where in the Windows operating system is Login Skype. The fact is that after installing and setting up Skype, we create a folder on our hard disk, which is called exactly the same as the login of your skype.

It remains only to find a place where such folders are stored. To do this, use the "Run" command. Click on the combination of the Win + R keys. We have a window that we write the command% AppData% \ Skype and click "OK".


As a result, we offer a folder on a hard disk in which information about this program is stored, including a daddy, which is called exactly the same as your login.

Login folder

Everything would be fine in this way, but you could reinstall the operating system and install Skype again, in this case the program is new and no information about the login there. Well, another nuance - the computer simply may not be yours. Worker or went to a friend.

In other cases, this method is working. And on this all. Dear friends, if you know more ways, do not hesitate - write in the comments.

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