Frightening origami hand skeleton paper

Frightening origami hand skeleton paper

Frightening origami hand skeleton paper

Today I want to teach you to make an unusual and original origami model

- hand skeleton of paper. Applications of this unusual artifact can be found quite a lot, namely: scare a friend, hang on the neck, hang in the car on the mirror, put on a shelf, attach to the wall or make a toy for a cat Assembly is very simple and logical. It can be used as home decoration during so beloved by many Halloween holiday. We will not make it at all difficult, because at the apparent difficulty it is not at all difficult, and the time will need quite a little bit, so I am 100% sure that each of you will cope with this craft from the first time. If you are interested in this handicraft

, Welcome to my photo lesson, and after half an hour you will have your own bone brush. Did you still decide? Excellent) Then you will need: 1. One sheet of paper: either white or painted on one side, so that it would be easier to navigate in the folds, and the white color of it is in my opinion it is more interesting and more realistic.

2. About 10 minutes of free time.

3. A little patience, accuracy, and attentiveness, because the paper errors do not tolerate.

If everything is ready for you, I want to wish you good luck, and let's get started, a detailed description of the homemade is waiting ahead: Step 1: Let's start the side of our unusual crafts, first put a sheet of paper of any size first, and follow all my instructions that will be described below:

Frightening origami hand skeleton paper

Excellent, you are ready to start. Fold your sheet diagonally

Frightening origami hand skeleton paper

Repeat from the opposite side:

Now bend your sheet in half, that is, just attach it to the edges to each other and get to the fold.

Repeat this fold from the opposite side:

Wonderful, the basic layout of the sheet is ready, in many homemakes origami, it is necessary to first fold the sheet diagonally, and on the floor, and only after that begin to the main assembly.

Now you must collect the basic origami form - a water bomb. If you do not know how she is going, then I will help you: Look at the fold, which divides the sheet in half, take both its ends to the edge. The opposite fold from the bottom, then report, you intuitively understand what you need to do next, and if not, then my photos will now help you, just follow them, and you will all get out:

So you made the basic form of a water bomb, congratulations !!!)

Now you need to bend this two-layer triangle in half:

Well, very good, bend your triangle again in half, and break, just not completely, but only this step, since you just need to make a fold on which you will navigate in the future:

Take the lower vertex of the triangle, and attach to the middle of the base, in this you will help the fold that we did in the previous step:

Get involved, and now take the top of the triangle again, but now attach it to the line, which has just formed:

Now the basis attach to the line obtained in the previous step:

Back to fold the base in half, just now send the fold up:

Now back to our top, you need to fold her tip up, as in the photo:

Turn our sheet, now you need to attach a smaller base to the middle, and get a fold:

Now more reason to attach to the center, soon you will get the harmonica:

Bend it all in half, and the harmonica is ready, I advise you to sell all the folds very well, so that the model it turned out more accurate:

Frightening origami hand skeleton paper

We expand our harmonica:

We fold the triangle in half, more precisely, not in half, but in the fold, which I painted the dotted line in the previous video:

Now we collect the harmonica again, the fold bend, only neatly:

They got such a kind of wand, now you need to split it on your fingers - a large, index, medium, Unnamed and a little finger - just pull out parts of the harmonica, and see how the form of the brush is formed in your eyes:

Each finger should now be bent, do it approximately so that your fingers were like the proportions are similar to the present, in length:

Well done, you only have to add a craft from you, and add joints, now bend each finger in half:

Just wonderful, turn your hand, and simply put together two joints on each finger:

I knew that everything would be done with you, I said that the craft is very simple, and interesting, at least it is difficult to look at, now you can make one more such, and go scare your friends, or just hang it in your room, or make a bracelet In general, everything is limited to your fantasy, thank you for completed the assembly of this homemade. If you like it, put your fingers up, and soon I will teach you to do a lot of beautiful and unusual crafts. Thank you, and see you!)


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