Crafts from plastic bottles: Top 120 photos and detailed instructions of simple and complex crafts. Options and schemes of interesting products from bottles

Most interesting crafts can be done using the most different infridate materials. A very popular material is a plastic bottle with a capacity of 1.5 or 5 liters, covers from bottles.

Such crafts do not require financial spending at all, and decorating materials are available at each mistress. Photo of crafts from plastic bottles, made with their own hands, can be found in practical needlework magazines, gardening, landscape design.

Advantages of using bottles

Plastic bottles are universal material. Its structure is not afraid of moisture, temperature drops, can be long in the ground. For this reason, from this basis, it is possible to equally make items for both homes and for the country area. Among other benefits of choice, you can note:

  • Availability of consumables.
  • Easy to work with bottles.
  • A large number of crafts available for independent work.
  • Work on the creation of crafts is an excellent passion for both children and adults.

For the convenience of the wizard in free access there are photos of finished works, instructions with a detailed description, video lessons from experienced needlewomen, creation schemes of plastic bottles.

Possible application of crafts

Plastic bottles can be a real ornament for the home or garden plot, and can perform a number of useful functions. It can be crafts for the garden or exhibition in kindergarten. Possible areas of use of products from bottles:

  • Zoning garden tracks.
  • Decoration of children's playgrounds. Crafts from plastic bottles are absolutely safe for children.
  • Original panels from covers on the fence.
  • Artificial floral compositions in a palissade.
  • Comfortable organizers for home and bathroom.
  • Crafts from plastic bottles for a garden in the form of suspended porridge.
  • Decorative curtains from plastic covers.

From plastic containers, you can even perform furniture that will be happy to delight owners with a quality service.

Materials required for work

The organization of the workplace is the first task that is facing the master. High-quality lighting and convenient place will allow the master to work with benefit and pleasure. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the next set:

  1. Durable glue.
  2. Sharp scissors or stationery knife.
  3. Awl.
  4. Primer.
  5. Acrylic lacquer.
  6. For flower pots, it will take clamzit and soil.
  7. Filler in the form of sand or gravel.
  8. Paints (you can use gouache or acrylic paints).
  9. Decor elements for creating fabulous characters (decorating playgrounds and sandboxes).

Instructions for quality work will also be useful. To create a panel from the covers, you will need schemes made up independently, or download ready-made diagrams.

Master classes for making crafts

Regardless of the appointment of the future product (an exhibition in a kindergarten or decor for a garden plot), it is necessary to perform work according to step-by-step instructions. Such an approach will help to avoid possible mistakes from the Master.

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Bottles Garden Border

It is possible to limit the paths in the country area, using the most ordinary plastic bottles. Almost every mista in the storage room forms a huge amount of such consumables every year. Instructions, how to make a craft from a plastic bottle:

  1. Each bottle fill with sand or gravel.
  2. Along the track, dig a small trench in depth.
  3. Capacity Turn over the neck down and install in the prepared channel.
  4. As a decor you can have bottles in an inclined position, strengthening them with a layer of soil.

The cost of such a small method is so small that this method will appreciate each exhibition owner of the cottage.

Original Curtains Covers

Nutty curtains are one of the popular models of modern interior. Curtains made of multicolored caps can be a real decoration of the house or apartment. You can hang like accessories in front of the balcony door or decorate the children's bedroom.

The only drawback of such a curtain is the complexity of care. To work, you will need a set of durable threads, mounting on the upper circuit of the doorway and directly the lid.

Instructions, how to make crafts from plastic bottles:

  1. Using sewn in the center of each detail, do a small hole. To try so that there are no sharp edges and cuts that can cause injuries.
  2. Hire multicolored elements on the thread, fixing each of them glue.

In each row (on the thread) you can additionally use glassworks, large beads, other technician materials.

Bathroom Organizer

Using small capacity with a volume of 0.33 and 0.5 liters, you can make a convenient and practical organizer for personal hygiene objects (for example, for toothbrushes and pastes). Instructions for work for the master:

  • As a base, you can use a small glass, plastic or metal tray.
  • Bottles cut with a sharp knife.
  • The edges thoroughly polish so that the jar is not left.
  • Each item can be wrapped with a textured cord around the circumference or coating with a layer of paint and acrylic varnish (decor at the discretion of the wizard).

Lastly, fasten with the help of glue, the obtained cups on the base tray.

Suspended porridge for giving

Using the most common bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters, you can uniquely decorate the summer terrace. On one of the walls, the master has the ability to arrange a whole suspension garden. Master class on creating crafts from plastic bottles:

  1. Each container trim along the long axis, stating the cut line just above the middle.
  2. In the bottom to do several holes for the drain of water.
  3. Cove the future pots of primer, and then paint.
  4. Put on the bottom of the ceramzite and a layer of soil.

On the fence or subject to the wall, there are small wooden planks for fastening the kashpo. The location of flower pots is arbitrary, in a checker, in the form of a cascade (at the discretion of the owners of the cottage).

Panel on the wall of the covers

Thanks to the ideas of manufacturers today, you can find the covers from the bottles of the most different shades: with a pattern or without an image. Small plastic parts can be a material to compile real plot compositions. To work, you will need the assembly scheme, durable glue and, of course, covers.

Children's crafts from plastic

A wide variety of products can be built of plastic containers:

  • The composition "Three Piglets".
  • A set of mushrooms in a nursery sandbox.
  • Figures of fabulous characters for decorating playgrounds.

For organized work requires glue, acrylic paints, a sharp stationery knife and creative fantasy of the master itself. Instructions, how to make a craft "Mushroom" from plastic bottles with your own hands:

  1. To get the feet of the fungus in one container, cut the neck and base.
  2. Color white.
  3. From another bottle with a volume of 5 liters or 19 liters (if available) Crop the bottom.
  4. Future hat cover paint brown. You can use a red paint, on top of which to place white dots.

Neat mushrooms will become a kind of decoration of any playground. There are a number of advantages that distinguish children's crafts from a plastic bottle: quality, good ecological indicators, safety.

Original garden feeder

From the capacity of 5 liters, you can make the original bird feeder. Instructions, how to make crafts from plastic bottles for giving:

  1. In two opposite walls cut through large windows.
  2. The container itself can be covered with bright colors.
  3. The suspension system may consist of a strong rope or sufficient strength rope.

The master remains only to pour food inside the new birdhouse, leaving him in a prominent place.

Basis for jewelry

Plastic is an excellent basis for creating fashion accessories and jewelry. Using various decor elements (beads, rhinestones, glassware, decorative stones) and glue, any craftswoman can make incredibly beautiful brooches, hairpins, rings and bracelets.

Plastic furniture

Owners, in the storage room of which have accumulated a large number of consumables, can make the most real furniture from it. For work, foam rubber, sheets of cardboard, glue are useful. Work should be carried out according to the following instructions:

  • The first series of bottles to lay the basis in the form of a sheet of chipboard or plywood.
  • Related details glue between themselves to get durable furniture.
  • After each row, lay a tight cardboard sheet (corrugated cardboard can be used).

The upholstery uses a foam and decorative textile case.

Crafts from plastic bottles, made with their own hands, are distinguished by durability and quality, pleaseing the owners with a stylish decor and design.

Stock Foto Crafts from plastic bottles

Hi friends!

I continue the summer topic, last time we looked at unusual options from the remedies. Decorated the garden and the garden with miley products, remember? And also considered the new items of this year. Today we continue to make up your sites, and you know what? Yes, ordinary plastic bottles.

With great popularity, such wonderful toys or how to call the creations are gaining more and more recognition among the dacities. And you know why? Of course, because, we have always in the apartment a couple of unnecessary bottles, which lie and dust on the shelf. So why don't we take and build things from them, who will delight not only eyes, but also everyone around.

Ah ha, let them go and envy such beauty. Or perhaps something extraordinary new and will brag in front of you. In the course of the case, soon in cities and villages will arrange competitions and exhibitions, as well as contests to arrange for the best job. Why not, so to speak.

After all, it is really great, and most importantly inspires all the others to invent cool and unique compositions per year. Well, get acquainted with the content and faster leaf and look beautiful masterpieces that I tried to find on the Internet. Intrigued? It's good.

Ideas of crafts for garden and gardening of plastic bottles

PET material is easy and also, durable, so it can be easily and quickly made any thing. Let's start with the show of huge vehicles. Oh, and the impressions will now.

All bottle will go for this purpose, even canisters. Look at how many works here. If you have children, they will be interested in such products. Choose any work and make a whole composition on your homestead.

You can also take both equipment, aircraft or helicopters.

From the jar under the shampoo, you can also perform a masterpiece and get a plane. Color acrylic paints so that weather conditions do not spoil the craft.

It wonderfully looks all the same furniture, it would seem, that's yes. Of course, here you need quite a lot of desired material.

And the author of this work thought of making a boat. Looks awesome, you do not find.

It is cultivated by whole houses and build greenhouses and greenhouses. Also, the arbors made from such groove materials began to use the spice.

And of course furniture items, such as chairs, stools and garbage tanks. So, it will definitely like everyone.

You can also make the aspic and place it for example in a bath or in a gazebo. Therefore, do not throw banks from under the juice.

Moving further and see that you can arrange and decorate trees in the garden.

And under them to lay mushrooms, and it can be agults. Fantasize and success will come himself.

Decorative decorations are also made for the fence, cut off the bottoms of the bottles and lay out the plots.

Also the hemp and benches are also. It turns out bright and beautiful.

In playgrounds, both schools cultivate flowers and sunshine. These are the most famous work.

And do not do sure without flowes and flower beds. You can even make from one ordinary transparent bottle from under the soda. This is what the wonderful mouse came out.

Or make ordinary gloves and put any curly plant or flower there.

It looks rather wonderful and pretty, even watch the magic ball was built.

Who is what is much, then creates. Surprising us, and we take an example and are not behind.

This picture is also very beautiful, and imagine, if you put a chamomile or other flowers and how it all blooms.

Also, an excellent decoration will be unusual butterflies. They will raise the mood and make the interior still more.

You will need a template, cut it out of paper, and then attach to the bottle.

Circle and color acrylic paints, and then cut down the contour.

Or these are funny turtles.

Make them together with your children and decorate the veranda or pre-banner. Here is a phased photo in the details, by the way, this is also a piggy bank.

Interesting work from plastic bottles for beginners (photos and descriptions are attached)

If you are a novice and think that you will not handle, then you are deeply mistaken. There is nothing possible, start with the simplest, and then choose something more complicated.

Look, what a funny piglet turned out in the form of a wonderful flower pot, type of flower beds. Read the description right now.

And here is the final result. It remains only to cut the hole on top and put the seedlings there or leave it.

Also an interesting idea of ​​tin cans and bottles. This is such a nail or robot.

You will need more musical CD discs. In metal banks, make a hole and inhalt wire and connect one on the other.

Make a torso from a large plastic bottle and also grind the wire to fasten your arms and legs.

The eyes can be glued with a thermopystole, and the beans will be pupils.

I suggest to make a bird feeder, it is quite easy and simple. Issues will definitely not arise. Cut the top at the bottle, as shown here.

Then you do the hole quite large with a knife.

Connect this way, it turns out the roof.

Make holes on the traffic jam so that you can hind a thread or wire and hang on a tree.

Collect acrylic paints to have fun and attracted birds.

Also, if there is a desire, you can make a hunting trophy.

The most probably simple is an exile in the form of a dealer with bees. Any container coloring in yellow paint.

On the lid, draw a face, eyes and mouth with a varnish of black.

Black scotch stick strips.

Well, already a real bee, Zhu-Zhu.

There is not enough wings, draw them first on another question.

After cut off with scissors or a sharp stationery knife.

It remains only to fix.

And so bright flying charm will come out. It looks great, is it not true?

Cool buzz, as I once called me so called insects and beetles.

We make from platistic bottles of animals

Probably many of you when they got into this article were looking for precisely animals, because with them I will certainly look at your cottage if you make them and dissolve on the site.

Take the basis of this step-by-step instruction with the scheme. I propose to perform a cockerel from the cast material. Connect three bottles with each other on the tape.

From multicolored disposable cups Make a rooster outfit.

Of these, and feathers for the tail. But it is better to take one-time plates and cut off the edge with them, and then cloud. For fixation, use a glue gun or stapler.

Here and almost everything is ready, a head remained.

It can be made of any ball or ball, in this case the ball is taken for the children's pool.

Draw or glue eyes and scallop.

Now, as promised animals, this is for example mischievous turtles.

Caterpillars, and they can be made from bottles and traffic jams.

Funny options with horses and donkeys. Below, the master class will be shown, read on.

Cute pigs, one even winks to you.

Here are shown chicks and a fox sister from a fairy tale Kolobok. Well, without a bear can not do.

Take a look, a mischievous black cat, kittens and podel. And of course brave peacock.

Tsarevna Frog, make sure if you have a pond. Bunnies and lamb.

And now, as promised to let's stop in more detail on the donkey.

First prepare for the work of the container, you will need even bottles from yogurt. To the largest volumetric screw the lid from cans.

Then you need to make your head and neck.

Here is a layout should go out.

Without ears, too, do not do.

Straight real donkey came out, it looks like one in one.

Here is shown how the mane is performed.

Do not forget to paint in the desired color, for example, gray and white, use acrylic paints.

Then attach the box and what you do not have another country masterpiece.

This is, there is still in my piggy bank the making scheme of peacock, perhaps someone will come in handy. It is necessary to further foam plastic.

By the way, you did not think to make a live zoo, for example, there will be giraffes and zebras.

And there will be a crawler or snake.

You can perform from the subwoofers of the hedgehog, taking more cones.

Or a terrible toy in the form of a shark, you can and play at the same time.

Without birds, too, the garden is not cheerful, make a pigeon.

Or Soroka for example, here you already give the will to your imagination.

An honorable place occupy of course swans.

Without them, no land is required.

Because they are very beautiful, the queens are straight.

It is possible from plastic spoons or cut the parts from the bottle to create God's cow and paint it into the desired color.

But the hero from the cartoon crocodile gene, there is not enough Cheburashka.

These are the clumsy elephants who escaped from the zoo.

And this bird, very much struck me, Owl or Filin, and instead of the eyes of the CD discs. Healthy invented.

Also such a bird that symbolizes the birth of a child is a stork. Put it in the cabbage, it will be quite elegant. True, there will be more plywood, wire, foam and cans from the milk.

Master class of how to make palm with your own hands on the plot (scheme)

A tropical plant, like a palm tree long ago conquered the hearts of Russian residents, it is that it often fills the interior in the garden. See this scheme and perform the necessary actions.

And if you have questions, you can watch the video.

In any case, you will understand, there is nothing hard in this. So copy the material).

What can be done new from plastic bottles

Now I want to offer you to see the most unusual ideas for which I came across. There will be only new. I want to show such a Christmas tree from a green bottle from under the phanta.

Even make brooms and shovels for cleaning the territory. Great idea.

Unforgettably look at Topiaria, take a look.

Or corks decorate fences and gates.

And in the villages already at home began to cultivate. How much they will need to save, horror.

But even invented to use instead of a light bulb, the light and rays of the sun falls and illuminated the room in the attic.

Here is such a box for small things, or something else.

Take care of birds, make a feeder.

Or this octopus will please your eye.

Girls and boys, matryoshki and other little men.

And of course the flowers are the valley.

Or chamomile, poppies, what do you like more?

But lilies, what are wonderful.

And someone can put a decorative kettle and a mug on the table.

We talked about butterflies above, but also dragonfly, yes so huge.

Well, without a washbasin, do not do, build such, especially this is an even excellent option, if you leave for the city on a picnic.

Often you can meet unique fences that can be made from bottle of dairy products.

Either decorate strawberry berries, it looks just great.

These are pretty color stands.

Or a device for watering, screw the bottle on the hose and do the holes in it, it is spraying, as from the watering can.

Who would have thought even cacti can be built, and even with spines.

Also popular very minions, as they are.

Interesting ideas, isn't it?

Beautiful crafts from plastic bottles, covers and traffic jams

I propose to immediately take into service here these ideas from this video message:

Here are such a variety and wonderful creations I had to see and share with you. I hope for many it turned out to be useful. Write your suggestions and express your opinion. So far.

Soon see you will certainly here. See you.

Sincerely, Catherine Manzurova

Most modern drinks are sold in plastic containers. This is the easiest, but bulk garbage that takes a lot of space and sometimes accumulates at the cottage in large quantities. But if you connect fantasy, then plastic bottles can be turned into an affordable material for original products that can be decorate the cottage. Methods of making such crafts and a real article is dedicated.

What features plastic possesses

Different types of plastic are decomposed for 100-500 years, so products from it will serve for many years. In addition, plastic is easily processed by affordable tools (scissors, knives, sewn, glue, etc.), and therefore makes interesting things of them easy.

Covers from bottles can also be used for different types of decor. Plastic is safe, so you can create crafts for children without fears.

Ideas for Garden Decor

This is perhaps the wider use of plastic bottles. For registration of the garden plot, it is not necessary to be a master, it is enough just to fantasize and read useful tips.

Fencing for flower beds of various shapes and beds

This variant of the design of the beds is not only beautiful, but also useful: the earth does not appear with them, the rains are not blurred, the look is bright and attractive. For registration, you need to collect a lot of plastic containers of the same size, fall asleep in them sand, and then close the lids again.

Then, pinching bottles in the ground around the bed, create a "fence". You can make a bed of rectangular, oval or any bizarre form by the author's plan. The finished border can be painted paint in different colors, it will be a unique garden that will delight the eyes all season.

Flowers and butterflies for dacha decoration

For the manufacture of colors you need to cut off the necks from the prepared bottles. Cutting the necks along, but not to the end, you can get petals (usually 6-8 pieces), rounded them at the edges. Then the edges of the petals must be cut on a lit candle, they become smooth.

Flexing the petals, puzzled them at the base, at this time beaten and give the shape. When plastic heats up, it is very well amenable to forming into various products. Stem for colors can be made of wire, of it, more thin, and beads - stamens. Cropped all the components can be glue and wire using a sewer for piercing plastic.

For the manufacture of butterflies, you must first cut a paper pattern. You need to cut off from the bottle of bottom and neck, leaving only the middle, cutting it along. In the middle of the iron, putting a sheet of paper, you can get a smooth surface. By laying a template, you need to draw a butterfly on the workpiece, cut it and bend up the wings. You can decorate with varnishes and paints at will.

Zoo in Garden

From bottles you can make different animals. For example, to make a crocodile, you need two bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters to be cut in half, and then 7 cm left to the neck. Then insert bottles in each other. The edges need to be connected so that the body is slightly bent, so the crocodile will look more natural. The covers will serve as legs. Paws and cloves on the back cut out of cardboard. All details glue glue and paint paint.

Make pigs very simple. You need to cut ears, bend them, stick the tail and paint. Pigs are ready. Bottles from Coca-Cola have a special form, the bottom of it looks like the attached body of the animal, so it is easy to do, for example, penguins.

We need two bottles: from the bottom of the first one will turn out the body of the penguin, the second will need only a bottom, it will serve as a hat. Now you can take brushes and paint the little animals as your heart. You can stick a pompon on the cap, and around the neck pick up the scarf. It turns out very fun.

So you can collect a whole zoo, thanks to which it will not be bored in the country.

Home "utility" from plastic

From bottles you can do not only beautiful, but also useful things for the house. If you show fantasy and smelting, then bright, beautiful, unusual things captive your households and neighbors.

Curtains and curtains

There are bottles of different sizes, it will be suitable for the flowerfish, sniffs will be used, and from the bottle itself you can cut the leaves. Sliced ​​flowers and leaves can be painted, you can leave transparent. You need to ride them on a thread and hang in a garden house, in a gazebo, on the veranda, even in the pre-banker.

Washbasins and boxes

The washbasin of the bottle is a very simple and convenient thing. Make it elementary simply: cut off the bottomhek (if you cut off to the end, then it turns out a washbasin with a lid, which protects the water from the fall of leaves and dust), and attach to the tree trunk or the shed wall. If necessary, wash your hands just to open the lid. You can fill the bottle with cellophane packages - it turns out the original box.


Step-by-step description of the manufacture of slippers from the bottle:

  • Cut the soles under the desired size;
  • hide the top of the appropriate size;
  • hole punch holes throughout the perimeter of the sole and top;
  • Crochet around the perimeter slippers, while connecting the upper part with the sole;
  • The upper part can be decorated at the request of any materials.

Slippers are ready!

Traps for insects

I cut off the neck of the bottle, you need to insert it into the bottom of the bottle of the throat down. Then it is necessary to pour specially cooked syrup into it. Such a trap is left for a week untouched, insects flow a huge amount. A week later, a new syrup is prepared.

You can make a lot of useful. Having done in the top of the bottle of a round hole in the size of the brush hand, you can use it as an organizer for fasteners. Having done a hole in the bottom and inserts a bottle into the ground next to cultivated plants, you can get a device for deep watering. And there are pots for flowers, candle holders and vases, funnels and bird feeders, children's toys are easy to cut any shape and any sizes.

Plastic containers buildings

Some gardeners build real greenhouses, greenhouses, gazebos and even houses. For reference: 500-1000 bottles will need to build the greenhouse. Construction technologies There are several. The most common is as follows: bottle needs to cut off the bottom, then the bottles are put on the rail. The obtained planks are attached to each other, and then with a prepared in advance frame from wooden bars. The greenhouse is light, durable, cheap and easily repaired.

For the construction of the arbor and the house, of course, additional materials will be required, but such a building also has the right to exist.

It is impossible not to say that, without discarding the spent plastic, and makes interesting, beautiful and useful things from it, a person improves the environment of the planet. And for your family creates a variety of and unique beautiful things. There would be a desire and stupid hands.

Photo ideas of homemade crafts from plastic bottles

Crafts from plastic bottles with their own hands for kindergarten: master classes + 120 photos

Crafts from plastic bottles do it yourself for kindergarten: master classes

That just do not make skillful hands from unnecessary (rush) items. Crafts from bottles do it with their own hands are made to arrange summer cottages, playgrounds. And they look very attractive and original. Plastic is the cheapest and affordable and very flexible material. From it you can create figures of animals, colors, dolls, children's transport, borders. Some craftsmen use them in the construction of arbors, fences, greenhouses, garden furniture and even boats.

The content of this article:

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles

Plastic features like material

Many throw out containers from plastic, considering it garbage, but it is a unique material for crafts that will certainly find application in the economy. Features of it, as a material, for creativity are that:

  • For the manufacture of crafts and work, some complex tools or devices are required, except for those that every good owner has in the house: scissors, sharp knives, candles, glue, stapler, drill, adhesive gun and so on.
  • Not only the bottle itself will be born in the work. From the covers you can create colorful panels, tracks, finish the old furniture.
  • Due to the flexibility of the packing bottle, even curved designs can be created both in the house and on the street.
  • DIY can have different forms and sizes, so work will be useful as very small bottles, so large bottles.
  • Plastic is considered safe material, so you can create crafts for the game at home or in kindergarten.
Colorful Penguins of Simple Plastic Bottle

Colorful penguins from a simple plastic bottle back to the menu ↑

Which bottles can be made for kindergarten or in kindergarten

Create characters and all sorts of figures for children - a special direction of amateur creativity. It is advisable to do them together with them. So they are easier to teach to the perfection, teach care, concentration, develop fantasy. Consider on the example of master classes, how to create simple figures and fabulous characters for children. Back to the menu ↑


There are several options for the manufacture of this gentle flower.

Option 1

White bottles will be required for work. They usually sell milk them and should take a bit. In extreme cases, you can use transparent, but then repaint in white. We will need 3 bottles for each chamomile. All of them must be the same neckline diameter, otherwise it is not possible to collect together the lush pieces.

Cut the upper part (neck with a lid), just below the expansion site. We do it only with two bottles, we leave one. It is desirable that the lid has a yellow color.

First billets

First billets

On each throat, cut out about 8 petals. Only so that they keep, and not disintegrate. Arrows alternately in the opposite direction.

Let's start collecting the flower: we put one of the blanks on top of the one that remains not cut.

We continue to work

We continue to work

Then the second exactly as well.

We deploy and flexing the petals so that the chamomile looked natural and lush.

Flower with middle

Flower with middle

Fix all three layers with a lid, try to do it upstream. Such flowers can be left as it is, and you can paint into different shades after the assembly. They can be put on the stem from the wire or attach to the fence.

Option 2.

This chamomile is a more complex design, but also looks more natural and more beautiful.

From the cylinder of the bottle, cut circles (approximately 8 cm in diameter, it is possible and more if you want to create a large camomile). Three mug happened to each

Each circle is subsequently cut on 16 strips and form flower petals from them.

In the center of sewing, fired on fire, make a hole.

Blanks of petals

Blanks of petals

A little later, when we collect the workpiece, you need to hold it a little over fire. So the petals wrap yourself, creating the right chamomile form.

From the yellow cover, cut out the core of the flower, pierce and fasten the wire with the inflorescence.

Czeshelistic is made from a green bottle, we also melt a little over the flame.

Seared Chashelistic

Seared Chashelistic

On the stem first fasten a cup of petals, then three billets of petals, core and clamping pliers so that the chamomile does not break. Wire after bending is carried out again through a cup and twist with the stem.

Collected billets are fastened with wire

Collected billets are fastened with wire

The stem will serve the wire to be wound on thin strips (approximately 5mm) from green plastic. To lay the layers well, they also need to be cut.

We fall off the wire, wrapped with plastic, forming a stem

We fall off the wire, wrapped with plastic, forming a stem

If there is a desire to create a whole composition, make leaves, cutting them out of green plastic, fall out a little, wrap on the stem.

You can bouquet and diversify a bouquet, combining them with cornflowers. There is a blue plastic, the petals are cut on the form of cornflowers. Collecting the flower is similar to the chamomile. On this technique, you can make any kind of wildflower, and even roses if you can change them correctly.

Finished composition from daisies and cornflowers

Finished composition from daisies and cornflowers

Option 3.

Now let's try to make a gigantic chamomile.

  • Here the petals cut out along the whole bottle.
  • The core will serve a dense plate, too, from plastics.
  • All billets fasten glue for plastic.
Giant chamomile in the palication

Giant chamomile in the palication

As you can see to create such wonderful decorative flowers, you will need only a few hours of time, bottles, sewn, candle, glue and scissors. Back to the menu ↑


Plastic bottles from under Kolya will be suitable for the creation of a penguin, due to its alternate form in the middle and expansion from it, it turns out the plausible Taurus of the Penguin.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 bottles of the same size;
  • scissors;
  • clay gun with silicone pencils;
  • brushes;
  • marker black;
  • knocker tight fabric;
  • White, black and red paints.

Step-by-step Penguin assembly:

  • We cut the container in this way: the first, acting as the bottom of the bottom, it cuts in the middle or slightly closer to the bottom, the second is the top of the penguin, so we will need only bottom. Fig. one
  • Now connect both pieces of cuts to each other. Fig.2
  • When connecting, lock the glue (can be a silicone gun). Fig. 3.
  • Further, according to the plan, we will have the painting of the trick of the penguin. Type of paint Choose such that it is not afraid of moisture. Prayes a future toy in several layers. Fig. four
  • When the paint coating gets dry, the black marker is the thoracic part and the muzzle. Fig.5
  • Fill black paint outer part (behind contours) completely. We only leave the top - it will place the caps. Riss 5. and 6.
  • In principle, Penguin is almost ready. It remains only to paint the place left under the hat with red paint. It is possible, as shown in Figure 8, decorate it with black dots.
  • Draw on the face and beak on the muzzle. You can make it a thin brush and paints or take advantage of color markers. Fig. nine.
  • From a small cloth fabric cut the scarf, tie on the penguin.

If there is some unnecessary pompon, for example, from the old baby hats, cut it off and attach to the toy on the cap. So she will look even more interesting.

If there is some unnecessary pompon, for example, from the old baby hats, cut it off and attach to the toy on the cap. So she will look even more interesting. Back to the menu ↑


Let's try to make another toy for kindergarten - a crocodile.

Crocodile from bottle

Crocodile from bottle

Prepare for work:

  • Two plastic bottles, volume of 0.5 l;
  • Tubes-twist from the same container - 4 pcs;
  • acute knife;
  • Stationery scissors;
  • Thin cardboard;
  • glue;
  • brushes;
  • paraffin paper;
  • paints for drawing;
  • Eye buttons.

Manufacturing and assembly instructions:

Bottles first at the beginning in half, then so that the distance is about 7 cm to the neck.

It is necessary to form the edges so that when assembling the body of the crocodile was a bit bent. As shown in the photo.

Covers stick on the floor of the legs.

From the cardboard to form dense balls - eyes, attach to the body.

All the alligator housing will enclose green colored paper.

From the paraffinated paper cut out eyes, teeth, legs.

Tassel Paint your teeth (white), nostrils (black), eyes (also black) or use dark buttons as an eye. Back to the menu ↑


These fun insects do very easily.

Option 1

Prepare in advance:

  • plastic container with a capacity of 0.33 l;
  • sharp scissors;
  • acrylic paints;
  • Glass 0.5 l;
  • brushes;
  • glue;
  • black isolate;
  • wire;
  • stationery knife.

For coloring bees it is better to use acrylic paints. Oil or water based will dry and much worse to fall on the surface of the plastic.

For coloring bees it is better to use acrylic paints. Oil or water based will dry and much worse to fall on the surface of the plastic.

Instructions for execution:

From plastic cup cut the wings with a bee, as shown in the photo.

Beginning of work

Beginning of work

The bottle is completely not needed. We make only small cuts on the sides, a stationery knife. These will be the placement of wings.

Insert the wings to your places, stick them.

Make cuts

Make cuts

Next, proceed to painting the bee. There are two ways to paint: paint the body with black, then make yellow stripes, or vice versa, make it yellow completely, then draw black stripes. We use the first to paint it into the dark.

Start painting the bottle

Start painting the bottle

White color on the lid handle eyes, and mouth - red.

Scroll entire bottle

Scroll entire bottle

Next, draw the pattern on the wings with white paints, we supply the edges. So they will look better.

Make stripes

Make stripes

Option 2.

You can make it in one instance, you can create a whole hive

To create a hive, prepare:

  • Plastic bottles in terms of the estimated number of bees;
  • Yellow enamel or paint;
  • black isolent;
  • Brushes Vocal - 4 pcs;
  • For eye - beads or buttons;
  • glue pistol;
  • synthetic thread;
  • twine.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are painted in yellow. You can proceed somewhat differently - pour yellow paint inside, twist the bottle so that the paint is evenly layered on the entire inner surface. This method is a bit harder and longer, but staining will turn out more effectively and with a gloss. In addition, it will not be worse, break and deteriorate.

It should be done in several stages to evenly paint the entire surface. Type the paint in the bottle, shake and put the side. As soon as the first layer of paint begins to capture, twist it to paint the next site and so to the end.

When the idle bees take the yellow color, the black tape is made of transverse strips.

Color bottles

Color bottles

We continue to work

On the cover of glue eyes, the nose of the pre-prepared beads and buttons.

Stick eyes

Stick eyes

From another plastic packaging, cut out the shapes, similar to the wings. To them, at the same stage of work, attach threads. For them, we then suspend the bee to the tree.



The bee body, we glue the thread with wings with the same adhesive gun.

Bees are ready

Bees are ready

Further according to plan - the manufacture of hives. We take a plastic bottle (not a bottle, namely a large bottle). Cut the hole in it - the input, for bees.

Color it also in yellow. You can, again, take advantage of the complex method of painting. Or, so that time is not to lose a lot just paint the brush from above.

Cooking evidence

Cooking evidence

The roof of the hive will do from the urinary brushes. We take them in a bunch, tie the twine.

Bundles for the roof

Bundles for the roof

On the cover of the bottle - this is our area of ​​the roof, applied the thick layer of glue. We lay out the urinary brushes on it so that they are evenly distributed from all sides. If somewhere they dug out a little, glit.

We leave the craft for a while at rest for drying.



All are ready and bees, and hive. It remains only to attribute to kindergarten and hang on a tree.

Crafts on a tree

Crafts on a tree

In the same way, you can make a lot of bees, but without a hive and hang each other to the tree. By creating a real children's center of beekeeping. Creation of crafts-bees - an interesting occupation, work is not complicated. If her child himself does, under your sensitive leadership, it can be a good souvenir grandparents. Very spectacularly, such an exercise will look on the background of abundant tree foliage. Back to the menu ↑


Easy to perform and very interesting model of crafts.

Option 1

Prepare materials:

  • Plastic container (several pieces will be enough);
  • Paper, no less than A4 format;
  • Stationery scissors;
  • varnish for painting nails of silver and brown color;
  • sequins;
  • gel red handle;
  • rhinestones;
  • Butterfly in a stencil.

We start to make an insect:

First we prepare the bottles to work: wash, preferably with soap, free it from the label, the supreme.

On the pure sheet of paper, you scan or translate through a copy of the butterfly figure. To do this, we need stencils. You will find it at the end of this subsection.

Paper butterfly

Paper butterfly

The gel handle needs to circle an insect contour to the surface of plastic and cut.

We have a figure with curved down wings.

Transfer her, we need them to look at the top.



We take a gel handle again and draw all the lines as shown on the stencil.

Silver-colored nail polish paint the middle (torso) and mustache. Draw and contours of the wings in the same tone.

Decorate the butterfly

Decorate the butterfly

Now the lacquer needs to draw all the rules, including the smallest, which before it was painted with a gel handle.

Before the edges, we put small points (splashes).

Against the background of the silver drawing of the wings, also put the points, only brown.

Butterfly taurus decorate rhinestones. For this, any nail polish, we put the droplets and from above the garden pebbles.

Finished butterfly

Finished butterfly

The butterfly is ready, for everything about everything, we needed a little time and material that, for sure, there will be houses in the farm and mom.

Similar to the previous butterfly, we make one more, only for this time in monophonic and without pebbles.

We have two plastic butterflies painted by one tone.

Butterflies in the interior

Butterflies in the interior

If you glue the magnet - they will serve a good decoration on the refrigerator or any other metal surface.

Option 2.

Let's look at another version of execution. It we will be painted not lacquer for nails, but paints for stained glass. In the first version, we drew a butterfly on plastic, cut it out, only then started painting. There is another technology here. We will draw insect on the bottle, we will paint it on it.

Prepare everything that is useful in the work:

  • Paper for drawing from the stencil:
  • plastic container;
  • stained paints;
  • Wire or thick fishing line;
  • scissors;
  • beads (several pieces of small size);
  • awl.

Step-by-step instructions for execution:

On paper we carry a butterfly from the stencil.

Redraw the insect on plastic. You can do this. We cut the bottle, from the inside, find the picture so that we can be clearly visible from above. Gel handle transfer contours to plastics.

When we finish draw, you can start coloring. Recall, paint, without cutting the insect, the paint falls on the bottle, along the contours. After painting, we leave a billet for drying. After she will dry well, cut it out. Put the necessary forms with your fingers.

We form a caller. To do this, take the wire or fishing line, which was prepared, we ride several beads on it. You can take the same color, but you can make it multicolored, it is like a soul wishes.

Butterfly from the bottle

Butterfly from the bottle

Butterfly, or not alone, if you made them several, ready. They can be decorated with indoor vases, pound on the curtains, attaching from the bottom of the pin, it is better to glue.

If the insect is made by a children's hand - then it will be a pleasant surprise and a gift for March 8 for mom, teacher or grandmother. Back to the menu ↑

Batteries for the manufacture of butterflies

Stencil 1.

Stencil 1.

Stencil 2.

Stencil 2.

Stencil 3.

Stencil 3.

Stencil 4.

Stencil 4.

Stencil 5.

Stencil 5.

Stencil 6.

Stencil 6.

Stencil 7.

Stencil 7.

Stencil 8.

Stencil 8.

Stencil 9.

Stencil 9 back to the menu ↑


The cast material has a lot of opportunities and ways to extend their lives. Moreover, in every family at least something, let it be. Here something special is not necessary to buy or invent, and even more so we spend money on them. Let's try to make the hedgehog from the same cast material, which is the used plastic container.

For work we will use:

  • plastic bottle;
  • pine cones, somewhere with a dozen, most importantly, so that they are one size;
  • Two white covers, from the same bottles;
  • glue (you can use the "moment" or if there is a mounting foam);
  • Color plasticine.

Hedgehog technique:

Initially, we give in the proper type of container: mine, clean from the label, wipe and dried.

On the prepared packaging, we glue a cone on glue or foam straight on top (you can also use a glue-gun, if there is such an object in the farm). We start from the center, it will be a spin of hedgehog. We stick each bump as a separate element, after having previously convinced that the previous firmly holds. If at least one of them falls, and the neighboring will be kept tight, then it will be difficult to "plant". Consider this and do not rush.

When all the bumps are the needles of our hedgehog, will be planted in their places, proceed to the formation of a face. To do this, the bottle cover is plasticine in black.

For the eye, we will be needed, prepared by us, white covers. On them, to the center, we glue the circles from the same black plasticine - it will be the pupils of the hedgehog.

Eye glue to the face of the animal.

Now a little embellish our craft. What a real hedgehog without stocks. Mushrooms, leaves, fruits with berries Let's make out of plasticine. Then we gently lay out to his back. You can create a baby for the company an adult hedgehog, blinding its plasticine. And since its dimensions are not allowed to experiment with pine cones, then needles on the caller can be made of sunflower seeds. Back to the menu ↑


An interesting handicraft, which can be done with the son for kindergarten. Thus, you teach it to use a different cast material as a material for creating toys and other necessary things.

Ready product

Ready product

Prepare for work:

  • a small plastic bottle, from under the children's yogurt;
  • one pin is Portnovskaya;
  • 3 tubes for juice;
  • scissors;
  • One ping-pong ball game;
  • Stapler.

Necessary materials

Necessary materials

Step-by-step performance:

First, make a hole in the lid so that the tube freely entered there.

Make a hole in the bottle cap

Make a hole in the bottle cap

Cut the bottle so that the top (with thickening) part remains the whole.

Cut the bottle

Cut the bottle

Take the remaining 2 tubes, cut them on the length of the proposed propeller blades.

Cut the tube

Cut the tube

Cross them and scalulate in the middle pin. Insert the tail of the helicopter into the bottle tube. Make from the two remaining parts of the tubes, connect the strip cut out from the unnecessary part of the bottle by the stapler.

Connect details

Connect details

Attach the bulk of the helicopter with the polls is also a stapler. Insert the ping-pong ball into the hole.

Attach body

Attach body

The helicopter is ready. The time for it is spent at least, and the pleasure of the toy created by their own hands will have a mass. Back to the menu ↑


Matryoshka - probably the only toy with which not one generation has grown. In addition, it is considered to be a symbol of Russia. Many foreign tourists, coming in our state as souvenirs they buy them. Is it possible to create such a complicated figure with your own hands, and also from the cast plastic? Yes, it is possible, let it be not so functional as modern in toy stores, but it will be personal and, for sure, the most beloved.



In the creation of such crafts, not only the food container from plastics will suit, we will look at a little later. Toys that you see in the photo below are made only from the upper parts of the flashes. So they will be more stable. So that the edges were not excessively sharp, they can be treated with a tape.

Another option of matryoshek

Another option of matryoshek

On this photo, the upper part is inserted into the bottom, the average is completely removed. This matryoshka has a more respectable look, looks more natural and plausible. Painted with acrylic paints. Children will not be able to do in the same performance, but on the Internet there are many stickers and patterns of such an image. In extreme cases, they have a lot of options to learn and draw on such a layout of nesting.

Big Matreushka

Big Matreushka

The following photos and the model itself can be attributed to multifunctional. Here and the matryoshka in their own performance and pencil storage pencils and pens. As we can see, it is not made of food bottle, and their containers from under shampoo or cream.

Matryoshka Penal

Matryoshka Penal

Approximate drawings and schemes for creating a plastic container mats in kindergartens and at home.

Face Matreysk

Face Matreysk

Scarf and dress

Scarf and dress

Bottle cut diagram

Bottle cut diagram Back to menu ↑


Uncomplicated handicraft for children's institution. It will not take much time, there will be no problems with the selection of material. How to do, consider step by step.

Ready mugs

Ready mugs

First, prepare:

  • Plastic container - several different bottles;
  • hot glue;
  • sharp knife;
  • iron;
  • acrylic paints;
  • scissors;
  • Skump.

Step-by-step instruction:

From prepared bottles, in our example, these are 2 and 0.5 liter, cut off the bottom. They will serve mushroom hats.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2.

Step 2.

We turn on the iron when it is heated to the maximum temperature, it is adjusted to its sole of the bottom cropped edges. This is done so that the ends are not too sharp. When exposed to high temperatures, they will spin.

Step 3.

Step 3.

Acrylic red paints include a hat on the inside. So the paint from the surface will not be braid, and the surface of future mushrooms will acquire a gloss.

Step 4.

Step 4.

We take another 2 liter bottle. Cut from it the bottom and top. The middle part is cut completely. So that we have a wide band.

Step 5.

Step 5.

Praying it with acrylic paints of white color. Leave, let him dry.

Step 6.

Step 6.

The hats of the fungi, which we created before, lubricate hot glue and adjust to the dried white strip. In order to save the strip we put the most meal to each other. Tightly pressed, let them stick firmly.

Step 7.

Step 7.

Step 8.

Step 8.

When the glue grabs well, we cut the caps together with a strip in a circle.

Step 9.

Step 9.

Step 10.

Step 10.

From the remaining canvas strips, we cut the trapezoidal figures, one big for a large mushroom, a friend is smaller, for a smaller mushroom.

We glue both sides of the figures in the cone. It will be the legs of our crafts.

Step 11.

Step 11.

Step 12.

Step 12.

We continue to work

We have a little material from a white strip. Cut from it two mugs. In the center of everyone do several cuts. It will be skirts for our ammorov.

Step 13.

Step 13.

Step 14.

Step 14.

To the edges of the skirts look more attractive, we will fall out a little over the candle.

Step 15.

Step 15.

We are reborn again to the hats. They need to make holes for the legs. We make them. And insert our cones.

Step 16.

Step 16.

At the bottom of the hat, a marker or felt-tip pen draw stripes, imitating the spore bags.

Step 17.

Step 17.

Now we dress the skirt on the cone-leg.

Step 18.

Step 18.

Hot glue (in our case, this is a glue-gun with silicone adhesive sticks), fasten the mushrooms to the plank, which was prepared in advance.

Step 19.

Step 19.

Now we need a green plastic bottle. From it we will make grass. From the bottle, cut off the top and bottom. From the middle of the part, we cut the strip of up to 7 cm wide. On this strip we make cuts up to 5 cm wide, just so as not to cut completely. Do not reach the edge somewhere on 0.5 cm. These strips will serve us with grass. To give her more natural shape, falls and her above the candle.

Step 20.

Step 20.

Step 21.

Step 21.

We glue the grass around the mushrooms right on the plank, as shown in the photo.

Step 22.

Step 22.

The smallestness remained. Our crafts are not yet agricultural, but simply red mushrooms. A paint brush and white paint draw on the surface of a cap white dots.

Step 23.

Step 23.

Our work comes on this. Amanitors turned out very beautiful and natural. We are sure that such mushrooms will find their worthy place in any kindergarten and even in your home.

Step 24.

Step 24.

As we see, you can create not just figures from a simple plastic container, but real masterpieces. The main thing in this occupation, the perishability, patience and a bit of fantasy. Making crafts for children, do not use long drying and toxic coloring substances in work. The best is acrylic water paints. They are safe, on the surface lay easily, smoothly. Quickly dry, do not crack, besides, the palette is always rich and bright.

Video: 21 Idea of ​​plastic bottles with your own hands

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Gallery: Ideas of crafts from plastic bottles

9 Common score

To decorate the interior of your home or the country area, you can make crafts from plastic bottles. This will help you our master classes from this article. If you do not agree with the material estimates, put your rating and argue it in the comments. Thank you!

Accuracy of information



  • Plastic bottles - cheap and affordable material for crafts
  • With such crafts, you can decorate any room or yard


  • For crafts need extra materials
  • Some crafts do quite difficult
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Plastic bottles besides a comfortable container are excellent diverse material. They are easily formed, cut out, melted and take various forms. This is a cheap, affordable material for crafts from plastic bottles for home.

Pat Tara is an excellent lesson for the work of children of school and garden age. Adult assistance will be required when working at individual stages, as sharp edges and work with open fire are often found in products.

What can be made of plastic containers

You can quickly make useful crafts from plastic bottles. The household will use original lamps for lamps, practical colors and green colors, stationery stands, spacious boxes and storage facilities for bulk products in the kitchen, practical drinkers and feeders for domestic and wild birds, comfortable blades for collecting fruits from trees, tanks for seedlings.

Beautiful and simple crafts from plastic bottles will decorate the New Year holidays, celebrations, diversify the interior and garden plot on the street. Catering products are distinguished by a large manifold, where you can show your fantasy and creativity. Animal figures, cartoon characters, huge flowers and swans in the reservoirs will delight children and neighbors. In the photo, crafts from plastic bottles are presented options that can be made with children.

A large number of packaging will make it possible to build huge compositions, right up to an artificial pond with herons and flamingos, a fleet on which you can safely swim along the river.

Benefits of working with material

It is convenient and easy to work with the material. It can be cut out by conventional scissors, easily melting on an open fire, amenable to formation for any details. Bottles can be used for street compositions that are well coped with a slight temperature drop, atmospheric precipitation.

When deforming a product or a separate element easily change to a new one. Suitable both small and large containers, from 0.5 liters to 5 liter barrels.

Mastery Pencil Stand

The simplest crafts from plastic bottles by the hands of children can be used for gifts, room design and workplace. We offer a detailed description how to make a stand for pencils with your own hands in the form of cosmic monster.

It will take for the manufacture

Required materials, Tools:

  • Plastic bottle;
  • Stationery knife, scissors;
  • Colored paper;
  • Marker, marker;
  • Paints;
  • Decor: eyes, beads, ribbons.

Details Description of work

  • Step 1. Make a marker marker marker. Mark the height of a glass, mouth, fangs, eyes.
  • Step 2. Cut the top of the container with scissors with a lid around the height of pencils, pens, tassels. The length of the finished cup will be 15-20 cm. The edge can be left smooth or making a carved. Pattern drawing first apply to the marker along the edge and cut.
  • Step 2. Make a mouth with fangs, cutting out extra details. Design ready.
  • Step 3. You need to decorate the stand. At the place of the nose and eye, we draw or glue the corresponding elements from paper. Glue suite PVA or glue-gun. Dorify the mustache as needed. We decorate ribbons, beads, sequins. Compositions can add ridiculous ears that are cut immediately or glued from individual parts.
  • Step 4. Stand for stationery is ready. You can make them in any quantities stylized under cats, animals.

By this sample, you can make crafts from plastic bottles for kindergarten. Beautiful pencils are convenient to use in drawing lessons, use as coams for colors.

Where to go caps from bottles

Together with a large amount of plastic, there are many lids that can be used in children's creativity for various board games. Thematic pictures for countable material, appliqués, beads, bracelets and garlands will allow the kids to quickly master the skills of working with various tools, develop fine motility of the hands, contribute to the development of fantasy.

Original plaffers for lamps, elements of colors are obtained by conventional cutting. It is enough to cut off the top of the bottle with smooth or carved edges. Paint the right color and attach to the ceiling or stalk. For decoration, the twine is used, which is winding with layers tightly adjacent one to one, on the cashed base. As decor, beads, ribbons, buttons are used.

Flower making

On the site you can find instructions how to make a craft from a bottle step by step. Original and simple in the manufacture of the daisy flowers are obtained, which can be installed in the garden, at home. On this technology, you can make various flowers and collect them into elegant bouquets. This is the easiest manufacturer with whom students will cope with junior classes.

How to collected inflorescence

For crafts, you will need:

  • Plastic bottles of white. Or ordinary, which are then painted;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Paints;
  • Scissors.
  • Step 1. Cut the top of the bottle. The height with the neck, multiplied by two, is equal to the diameter of the future flower. What size the flowers are cut on yourself.
  • Step 2. Part of the bottle cut into 8 petals, forming edges, smooth or rounded. Make three blanks for this sample. Leave one with a neck, the rest carefully cut the middle. Paint white.
  • Step 3. Each petal to bring out to the same level. So to do with all the billets.
  • Step 4. Connect together three details. On the bottom with the neck to wear the rest, fix the lid. Place the petals so that they are evenly distributed in a circle, forming a lush chamomile. Flower head is ready. It can be attached as a separate element or install on the leg, gather in a bouquet.

By this principle, cornflowers, chrysanthemums, carnations are made.

Original crafts do it yourself

How to decorate the room and the garden with beautiful, elegant butterflies will tell a detailed master class.

Required materials for figures

For crafts, you will need:

  • PET packaging;
  • Scissors;
  • Stencil;
  • Marker, gel pens, markers;
  • Paints, nail polish;
  • Glue gun;
  • Decor.

Master class with a step-by-step description

  • Step 1. Bottles thoroughly wash, remove the labels, dry. Prepare tools, free the workplace with good lighting.
  • Step 2. Translate stencil onto the container.
  • Step 3. Cut the pattern by contour. Cut the pattern of wings, bodies from the inside of the bottle.
  • Step 4. Laco repeat the contours, paint the individual elements.
  • Step 5. Decorating the product. Decorate with rhinestones, beads, sequins.
  • Step 6. They can be suspended on a thread, having done a hole in the craft, glue to the magnet and install on the refrigerator, to use as a separate decoration for hairpins, vases, festive decorations.

Stock Foto Best crafts from plastic crafts

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