Flowers from napkins do it yourself. Step-by-step instructions + 400 photos

how to make flowers from napkinshow to make flowers from napkins

Surprisingly how many interesting things can be made from napkins. The ideas are endless! If you are looking for inexpensive, but at the same time a magnificent party decoration, see 25 wonderful examples, how to make flowers from napkins do it yourself that will make your holiday bright and cheerful.

Here you will find different options - Simple flowers from napkins big and small Color Napkin Flowers and clinks napkins. There are even a few lessons, how to make flowers from coffee filters, in fact these are the same napkins. For each example there are step-by-step photos, and for more information you can use the links to the original source under each gallery.

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  1. Large flowers from napkins
  2. Light flowers from napkins do it yourself
  3. How to make a bouquet of flowers from napkins
  4. Roses from napkins do it yourself
  5. Color Napkin Flowers
  6. Carnations from napkins do it yourself
  7. Vasils from napkins
  8. Magnolia from napkins
  9. Cherry flowers from napkins
  10. Coffee Filter Flowers
  11. Flowers from a sheet air conditioner for linen

How to make beautiful flowers from napkins

how to make beautiful flowers from napkinsThis version Flower of napkins Easy to master, in fact, you just need to fold the stacks of napkins in harmonica , Credit, then fluff a little. Treat this guide as a good start point, because you can adapt the colors to your liking, scale them by making it Giant flowers Or reduce to completely tiny. And still trim petals, stamens and leaves so that they resemble a wide range of real colors. Master class See below on step-by-step photos . On the back side, the finished flower of napkins is relatively flat, so it can be set on the table or fix on the wall. Alternative - Make Flower Wire Stem .

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Large flowers from napkins

Large flowers from napkinsIf you like to make decorations for different purposes, here is an example, how to make big flowers from napkins do it yourself. That's all you need:

  • Laminated paper napkins (or small napkins)
  • Watercolor paints (if you want the Effect of Ombre)
  • Stapler and scissors

Color the edges of the napkins. This is not necessarily only if you like beautiful things. You will have to wait until they Fully dried (or, if impatient, buy a hairdryer!). After drying, divide the napkins along the layers so that there are 8 stacks (it took 2 napkins for 8 layers). Fold the fan, then in half and Crerate in the middle stapler . Expand the fan and fold the layers to the middle, giving the shape of the peonies. In principle, here's the whole instruction. Now See step-by-step photos . If you do not paint, you can make a large flower from napkins for ten minutes (for beginner).

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Light flowers from napkins do it yourself

Light flowers from napkins do it yourselfThese Flowers from napkins simple , fast and inexpensive. This is a thoughtful handmade gift, which is easy to change at its discretion, looks beautiful and can last long. You can do Ten colors from napkins about an hour . Perfect gift or room decoration! All you need is probably already there. One napkin, it's one flower . It is easiest to make flowers to multiple three. You will need 12 napkins 50 x 65 cm or 50 x 76 cm and vase. It can still be useful, although it is not necessarily a tape for the decoration of vases and scotch.

Light flowers from napkins do it yourselfPut three napkins on a flat surface. Take the bottom edge and fold more than 2 cm. Then turn over and fold on the other side. Continue fold paper 2 cm at a time . When finished, it should Look like a harmonica . Fold in half and secure in the middle Single wire . Take two pieces of wire and attach on each side, at a distance 15 - 18 cm from the center . Placing a wire in different directions, you will receive opposite color combinations. Cut the paper into three parts.

Light flowers from napkins do it yourselfMake rounded edges. Holding the stem gently Expand the harmonica And pull the top layer around the flower. Divide the other two layers and turn the flower upside down, pressing the bottom layer down to the middle layer. Adjust the flowers as needed until you are satisfied with the location. If you use a tape to decorate a vase, cut off the strip and scotch tape on the vase. Master class on step-by-step photos See below .

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Bouquet of flowers from napkins do it yourself

Bouquet of flowers from napkins do it yourselfHere is a step-by-step manual. three types of paper ! This gorgeous Bouquet of flowers from napkins It will be perfectly looking at the festive table. Actually make flowers from napkins easy and just. Install Foam ball ball In the center of the napkin and twist the ends. Repeat to make a total of Five petals . Collect five petals, make approximately 6 or 8 stamens from the tailored tail. Secure, wrath Slice of wire around petals and stamens . To make these gentle petals, prepare 18 rectangles from 12 to 7 cm napkins. Cry in the form of a petal, as shown in the photo. Tighten a piece of wire around Center Stacks Sleeps . Secure several stamens in the center and secure the wire. Attach the stalk and wrap the floral ribbon. It is briefly to make the foundation how to make three types, and this Lilies, Peonies and Buttercup Read B. instructions Online.

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How to make flowers from paper napkins

how to make flowers from paper napkinsHave you ever made paper flowers at school? Probably you know How to fold harmonica and then pull the petals? Yes, this is what needs to be done in this case! But when used paper napkins Instead of ordinary paper, flowers acquire a more structured character. They are very easy to make their own hands and add a nice touch to any holiday or everyday decor. Look Master class on step-by-step photos And do the whole Bouquet of beautiful colors from napkins .

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

Flowers from napkins do it yourself in stages

Flowers from napkins do it yourself in stagesHere is an example, how to make flowers from napkins do it yourself with step-by-step photos .

  1. Cut the napkins in size, although you can don't worry about accuracy But they must be rectangular. There were 380 x 250 mm napkins.
  2. Fold napkins Stack So that the external petals are at the bottom, and finish the color you would like to see in the center of the flower.
  3. Fold the harmonica with an interval of about 4 cm.
  4. Observe Single wire Around the center of the harmonica and secure under the lower edge.
  5. Round the corners . One sheet, neat, but pull each layer.
  6. Push the rod into the base of the flower and wrap the ends of the core wire around the stem.
  7. Wrap the stem ribbon.

Flowers from napkins Ready, you can put in a vase and begin to admire.

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How to make easily flowers from napkins

how to make easily flowers from napkinsHere is an excellent idea how to use napkins as a festive wedding decor. So that make light flowers from napkins You will need paper napkins, embroidery thread and scissors. Used here large napkins 50 x 50 cm . If all this you have, See step-by-step photos, in this master class Everything is shown in very detailed. And of course, if there is such a need, you can always read Instructions on the site.

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

How to make roses from napkins

how to make roses from napkinsNapkins, it is an excellent material To make wonderful paper roses. Fold and cut the napkin to make Girlanda from petals , After that, get the tips. Fold the wire into the hair hook. Skip the wire through thin paper and roll the petals. Take the petal carefully to Create bud . Enroll the whole garland around the wire. For volume, add another garland from the napkins. Remove the petals and secure them with wire. Wire a wire with a flower tape. Here you go, Rose from napketok Ready.

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How to make a flower of colored napkins

how to make a flower of colored napkinsDo you have a stack of napkins or corrugated paper? Have you ever wondered what can you do about it? Easy, let's do Bougainvillea Flowers of colored napkins . You can use them to decorate your room, or, if really good in crafts, you can make a beautiful wedding bouquet ! All materials around you, so that this project will almost nothing cost. Here are simple steps to make a flower from napkins . Cut the napkins on rectangles (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm). Cut need diagonally so that it turned out two triangles.

how to make a flower of colored napkinsThen glue triangles to make napkins The shape of the air snake . Then turn back to the triangle. Cut the folded napkin, as shown in the figure. Discover and petals are ready. How to make stalks and Collect Flower of napkins Read in the instructions on the site , it's not hard.

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Color Napkin Flowers

Color Napkin FlowersHere is a great project that you can use to decorate a fun party. Bright Color Napkin Flowers can be done big and hang on the ceiling or on the wall . Cut a rectangle with a size of 12 per 25 cm. Fold the harmonic. Cut a piece of flower wire 45 cm long And wrap around the harmonica. Spread the paper on each side of the wire. Separate Each layer of napkhetki , flute and flower from napkins ready.

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

How to make simple flowers from napkins

how to make simple flowers from napkinsThis is one of the most Simple colors from napkins , Therefore, a great project for beginners. Solar color wipes for anyone will be inspired to create these Beautiful poppies . Besides napkins, you need a flower wire, Foam balls and flower tape. You can add a little texture in Bouquet of poppies from salfeto By, making text paper leaves. In the instructions on the site included SVG templates for leaves If you use a cutting machine for text paper. Note : Do not use a cutting machine for napkins! You need to cut manually because Napkins are too light for cutting . When will be ready-made materials and cut-off petals, follow the instructions on the website or see Collage with step-by-step photos These are very simple flowers.

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Carnations from napkins do it yourself

Carnations from napkins do it yourselfIt is hard to imagine how easy it is to make such beautiful and realistic Carnations from napkins !! Along with beautiful decorations or gifts, they Ideal fit for weddings : Make boutonnieres, decorations and even bouquets for brides. You can make cloves from napkins Any size, but a circle of 7.5 cm, this is the most realistic size. Fold the napkin in half until it becomes more than the size of the circle. Here from the napkin 50 x 60 cm, 48 circles are cut - enough for 4-5 carnations!

Carnations from napkins do it yourselfMaster class See below on step-by-step photos . If you want the stems look more realistic, here are some ideas. Make a double rod by cutting one piece of wire Up to half of length (Use for this plug), and then twist it along with another finished rod. Cut the floral wire to the length of the stem. Holding a wire and rod Silent wire , tightly wrap their floral ribbon. Start about 3 cm down from the head and wrap up. Then Fully wrap the stem . To wrap without confusing, keep it smoothly and at an angle to the rod with one hand (bottom, right), and turn the rod with the other hand, winding the tape around yourself along the way. The flower tape will stick, so there is no need to use glue to secure it. Do not forget Stretch the end of the tape When you turn the end of the stem to securely secure. Make about a dozen, and you will have a beautiful bouquet!

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

Vasils from napkins

Vasils from napkinsThese beautiful Vasils from napkins Easy to make your own hands and most importantly, they will not cost you a penny. Some prefer to watch video, while others prefer written guidance. Both you can Get on the site , Link under the gallery. But since Make cornflowers not at all difficult, you can just see Master class below on step-by-step photos.

Vasils from napkinsYes, and here how to make a bouquet . Just put the napkin and tulle, as shown in the photo. Place artificial leaves and paper flowers over wraps, then turn the wrapper, as shown in the figure. Do not forget to secure scotch After folding. The last step, tie a bouquet wrap with rope or ribbon. Voila, you got Beautiful bouquet of flowers from napkins .

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

Little Flowers from Napkins

Little Flowers from NapkinsThese small Flowers from napkins in theory must imitate Pear flowers during flowering . Take 5 napkins and cut the squares of 6.5 cm. Fold twice in half, then make a triangle. With a fold to the right draw two petals. It is important to make sure that the edges look like in the photo. If you do not This part is correct Your flowers from napkins will not work as conceived by the author. To make a green middle, place 5 layers of 3 centimeter squares of green napkins. Draw a circle on paper, cut, then fold one in half.

Little Flowers from NapkinsExpand green paper, clamp the middle and pull up to Make a mustache . Lay in the middle of white petal. Grasp the middle, squeeze and turn to form the lower part. Cut down greenish yellow paper strips 4 cm width. Fold the accordion and draw the leaves. Be sure to secure one end. Then cut the leaves, but make sure that you did not cut the folded side. When everything is ready, start Bashed to the branch . First glue the petals and then the center. Cover the branches of petals and wipes from the napkins, and you will soon have Beautiful flower arrangement .

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Flowers Peas made of napkins

Flowers Peas made of napkinsOf course, this is a matter of taste, but if you want Original craft Make Flowers Peas made of napkins . It is not difficult, but looks original. Form the stems from the wire and wrap the adhesive tape. Make a rod wire A little thicker than the ammunition wires, wrapped around them more than the ribbon. Beautiful bend wire to The mustache looked natural . Now pods and green kidneys. Squeeze two short cuts of ribbons to make Wide rectangle And cut out the sheet form.

Flowers Peas made of napkinsFold the remnants inside the tape. Make out of the tape pod. Purge the wire tool to all Looking like natural . Draw the pea petals on the napkin and cut out. Cut one of the double petals is a little deeper in the shape of a heart. Color watercolor paint petals . Two small petals form a bud. Sat the middle of the thumb. Roll one half of the petals and fold. Make Tiny bud With a small petal. Place the petal with a deep neckline in the shape of a heart inside the round booth on top. Open the petals to form Flower fragrant peas made of napkins .

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

Magnolia from napkins

Magnolia from napkinsMagnolia large, beautiful flowers. But they are not eternal, and artificial stand quite expensive. Fortunately, you can make realistic looking Magnolia flower from napkins . You will also need several other Supplies , such as a small ball of foam, stalk for wire and tape for flowers. You can use not only napkins, corrugated paper is suitable. To be more beautiful Clear petals Pink watercolor paints, just before use, wait until dried out.

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Cherry flowers from napkins

Cherry flowers from napkinsAutumn is the perfect time to make paper colors, why wait for real flowers to be dissolved. By this guide you can Make Cherry Flowers from Napkins Klikex (yes, you read correctly, several sheets were used here Kleenex. ) who are attached to the real tree branch - look amazing. Do you think you need something special for this project? No, if you have Tutu Klines, Tree Branch and Scissors , Then you are ready to make these beautiful flowers. These flowers are pretty simple. All you need to do is cut and glue, although it is not the fastest project . If you want to save time, do not make the stamens, the flowers will still be realistic and beautiful. In addition, you can not paint Paper Flowers in Pink Color , Leave it white, then we will lose a flower, more like an apple-colored. In general, do not lose time, here Step-by-step photos, instructions can be found on the site , and inspiration will appear when you present these Beautiful flowers from napkins On the coffee table in your living room.

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Flowers from napkins do it yourself

Wedding Flowers from Coffee Filters

Wedding Flowers from Coffee FiltersOn the Internet there are enough instructions, how to make flowers from coffee filters . This is, so to speak, the prefabricated option. Here Materials that you need. Filters from coffee, painted white. It is necessary to approximately four Unpainted filters For large petals. Then prepare the isolent, the wire, thin pins or everything you want to attach flowers.

Used here 3 different colors ; Dark pink, light pink and white. Fold a dark pink filter twice in half.

Wedding Flowers from Coffee FiltersFirst cut the shape of the petal. These are inner petals, the smallest, approximately 2 cm in height. Cut along fold two petals, you need 8 pcs. Now cut the wire. Note : For this type of flower you need to cover approximately 3 cm wire petals, Take it into account . Rent a tape! This can be done in advance, you will need 1 piece of ribbon on the petal. Council : Try to use two separate pairs of scissors, one for cutting tape and one for cutting filter. Take one of the little petals and Scrub the edge of scissors . Roll the petal around the wire and glue. An important part is to combine the tops of the petals so that they are the same height. note that the flowers form a cone. This is because all the tops of the petals are on the same level. This is a short version of the instruction, the original read on the site. Each flower takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

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Coffee Filter Flowers

Make Bright paper flowers Using coffee filters and food dyes. Can make them flat or add stems to work out Three-dimensional flowers .

Coffee Filter FlowersCoffee Filter FlowersStart with multiple round coffee filters. Take one and fold in half four times to make a small wedge. Draw the arc starting from one top corner and going down to the opposite side.

Coffee Filter FlowersCut the wedge on the arc. Gently expand the paper, you will have 8-petal flower . Color flowers with food dyes in this way. Spread Flowers on Sheet of vaga paper . Moisten, spraying with water. Add 2-3 drops of food dye into a tablespoon of water. The more food dyes add, the brighter there will be flowers. Caps Diluted food paint On each flower.

Coffee Filter FlowersLet the flowers be dried on the wax paper. Another way to add 2-3 drops of dye in a tablespoon of water . Mix well. Finish the tip of the folded coffee filter into the diluted food dye for about 2 seconds. The color will run by a wet filter. Very quickly dip the same curved tip In another color Diluted dye. Carefully expand the coffee filter. Place the flower on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Colors will need several hours to dry completely. After that, you can glue a paper circle, felt or button in the center of each flower.

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Coffee Filter Flowers

Here is another example, as fast and Easy to make beautiful paper flowers of Coffee filters . They can be made of any size and use to decorate in a variety of forms. For example, make a beautiful wreath or secure on gift wrapping.

Coffee Filter FlowersCoffee Filter FlowersThe procedure for manufacturing these colors is almost the same as in previous examples. See step-by-step photos, Nothing difficult.

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Or here Beautiful rosette from coffee filters .

Step-by-step photos Not much if you like the project, read the instructions on the site.

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How to make a rose from a leaf air conditioner for linen

How to make a rose from a leaf air conditioner for linenLook for original ideas to make Beautiful roses from paper ? Like you Leaf air conditioner for linen ? Women probably know about this dry fabric softener. It seems to be napkins that are inserted into the washing machine in drying mode. Removes statistical stress and softens fabric. It is still found in the form of aromatic balls. In general, cut out Multiple petals made of fabric softener . Wrap the tips up to give a natural form. Then roll the first two petals to form a bud and keep wrapping the petals around the bud. After that, fasten the petals with the wire. Wrap the wire with green ribbon to create a long stem. Add 5 cups to the rose cup.

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Flowers from napkins photo

Flowers from napkins do it yourself (80 photos)

Napkins are known for humanity a long time ago as the necessary means of hygiene during meals. However, if they were simply unfolded on the table or twisted in the scrolls, then today, real craftsmen have learned to put real masterpieces from the napkins, which sometimes even sorry to use for their intended purpose. In this article we will talk about how you can make gorgeous flowers from the most ordinary paper napkins. Moreover, such crafts are already becoming not only affiliated with feast, and more significant elements: of them form lush bouquets, interior decor, gift packaging, toys and much more. So let's get up!

Learning to make roses from napkins

Roses are the favorite flowers of many representatives of weak gender, and, made with their own hands, they doubly delight with their beauty and warmth of handmade. In nature, there is a huge number of varieties of these beautiful colors and we will look at how to make some of them.

Red chinese rosa

All you need for work - on one napkin of two colors (green and red) and scissors. First of all form a bud. We take a red napkin, fold three and cut, getting rectangular stripes. Buds form from one strip: we fold it to long and drove around the index finger.

Next, we will straighten the "petals" and form a slight elongation at the bottom, to which the stem will be attached. The green napkin is a secure corner to the base of the bud and, tightly pressing the fingers, twist in the stalk. Our rose is ready! Such a flower will be an excellent supplement to the table serving to any romantic dinner.

Flowers from napkins with their own hands - Red Chinese Rose

Lush yellow rose

To make this royal rose, you will need yellow and blue napkins, pencil and beautiful ribbon or serpentine. First we make billets of petals, which will need 6 pieces for a single flower.

You need a yellow napkin to half a pencil, as shown in the photo, tightly squeeze on both sides and remove the rod - it will be one petal. We are still doing the same with five. From the billets we form a bud: the first turn the roller, and each subsequent turn around around the previous one. When the bud is fully assembled, fix it with a ribbon at the bottom and decorate the blue napkin.

Flowers from napkins with their own hands - Magnificent yellow roseFlowers from napkins with their own hands - Magnificent yellow roseFlowers from napkins with their own hands - Magnificent yellow roseFlowers from napkins with their own hands - Magnificent yellow rose

Gentle pink flower

This method of manufacture is perhaps the most painstaking, but the flowers are very realistic. A pink double napkin must be separated from both canvases to cut the available seats of folds - it will be 8 squares. Each of them we put, but not in half, but with an indent, as shown in the photo - these are billets for rose petals.

We take one billet twist from the middle to the edges so that the petal is more natural. So we do with six squares. The last workpiece twisted clearly horizontally, without bends and form the heart cut from it, bending one edge down.

Next, begin to fold the bud, turning the core prepared petals. When all petals are collected, fasten the flower with a thread or rope. If you wish, you can make 7-9 similar boutons, put them on wire stems, pre-wrapped with green napkins. It will be a wonderful bunch that can be placed in a small vase or basket.

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flowerFlowers from napkins do it yourself - gentle pink flower

Spring dandelion from napkins

To the dandelion turned out to be truly lush, you need to prepare three-layer yellow napkins, stapler and scissors. The yellow napkin is folded several times and cut into squares. Next we add them to each other and fix the bracket in the center. The angles of the resulting pyramid must be cut in such a way that the circle is.

Gently with scissors make a fringe around the edges. Each circle lifted up and fluffy - it turns out a lush dandelion. Since the reverse side of the product will be absolutely flat, such flowers can be used in the manufacture of children's applications, luxurious panels or decorations.

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - Spring dandelionFlowers from napkins do it yourself - Spring dandelion

Making cloves from napkins

Now we will look at how quickly and simply make bulk cloves for a bouquet, which perfectly decorate any interior. Napkins (three-layer) You can take any color at your discretion: scarlet, white, pink, etc., and you will need a wire and a green napkin for the stem.

We decide one napkin in front of yourself, carefully tear a small strip along one edge. The remaining napkin needs to be folded by the harmonica and tied up in the middle thereby segment, forming a bow.

If you plan to make a carnation on a rigid wire leg, you can not tear off the edge of the napkin, and the bow to form, while driving the end of the wire. Next, we raise each edge of our harmonica and form a lush bud. At the end stage, wind up the green napkin wire-stem. Carnation is ready! As you can see, the manufacture of such a flower takes a very little time, so it is quite realistic to make a lush beautiful bouquet.

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - carnationsFlowers from napkins do it yourself - carnations

Peonies from napkins

Making volumetric peonies is somewhat similar to carnations. It also needs to collect a napkin into the harmonica and tangle in the center, forming a bow. Next, you need to round the tips with scissors, cutting sharp corners. We raise each edge and straighten to get a lush bud. So that the flower looks more effectively, you can use several napkins that differ in shades and colors - at the bottom with one green, then the dark lilac, and it is light, and fold the harmonic. Such a flower will become a real decoration of any box with the present.

In the same way, you can make large flowers and decorated with walls, hang to the ceiling or chandelier. Accordingly, the napkins of large sizes and necessarily three-layer. Additional volume can be obtained if you use two napkins for the manufacture of one flower. Such decorations will help pret to quickly transform your apartment when preparing for the holiday, for example, March 8th or Valentine's Day.

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - PeoniesFlowers from napkins do it yourself - PeoniesFlowers from napkins do it yourself - PeoniesFlowers from napkins do it yourself - Peonies

Beautiful lotus from napkins

Even the most common white napkin skillful hands can turn into an elegant floral instance that will become a decent decoration of any festive table. To fold the lotus flower, it is necessary to use the origami technique, which, although it seems an intricate, in fact, it actually allows you to work wonderful crafts even beginners.

So, we take a multi-layered white napkin and completely unfold. Bend all the corners to the center and turn over. We repeat the procedure. Further, pressing the center with your finger so that the workpiece does not turn out, carefully pull one corner, and then the rest. As you can see, the flower is almost ready, but so that it looks more lure, you can give it an extra volume. To do this, you remember that with the back side there are still four corners directed to the center - they should also be carefully pulled out. Now our lotus is fully ready, it can be placed in the center of the plate, and the middle of the live flower is filled with a small bouton.

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotusFlowers from napkins do it yourself - lotus

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - photo

Finally, we suggest you visit our photo gallery. Here you will find many ideas that will help not only make flowers from napkins with your own hands, but also create whole floral compositions. Inspire!

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photoFlowers from napkins do it yourself - photo

Video: how to make flowers from napkins

Flowers make themselves

Paper napkins - an integral attribute of a beautiful table setting, but what if you make flowers from paper napkins with your own hands? This is an excellent way to beautifully decorate the table and not only, and also do something very beautiful of simple and infirm materials.

General rules

You can make crafts from the napkins of almost any color, size and quality, but it should be borne in mind that not every napkin will turn out beautiful volumetric flowers - for example, Single-layer napkins are much worse held form, Therefore, from such napkins, flowers can be made only gentle, air, without clear and strict lines.

It is best for the manufacture of colors to use monochrome full-color napkins. They can be white or colored, but pay special attention to the fact that the outer part and the internal are painted in one color - otherwise the flowers will be not too neat.

If you are limited in the materials, pick it up with the master class that comes to your materials - for example, from white simple napkins will get gorgeous carnations (especially if you have red paint or marker), and roses are good from tight burgundy napkins.

There are products with decorative perforation - from them wonderful decorative flowers. It is not necessary to use flavored napkins for the manufacture of various flowers - make your bouquet fragrant will help usual aromatic and essential oils. You can also use special perfume compositions (they are used to flavory handmade soap).

Learning to make your first flowers

How to make flowers from napkins? I will explain in stages for each type of inflorescence further. If you want to make a bouquet of identical colors of different shades, then it is best to make them in one goal - so you can make flowers more or less similar, in one style.

Pompon Flower from Napkin

Or a slightly different option, first cut out the scissors of the roundabouts in the folded form, then we put the napkin and fold the harmonica (the more often the step of the accordion, the volume will be the result). Tearing thread and straighten the petal:

Flower of napkin

Such pomponchiki can be originally decorating gift boxes, it looks very aesthetic and festive!

Pomponers on the box

Flowers can be flat - for example, lotuses, and volumetric - for example, roses.

Making lotus flower from napkins

  • We take a simple square napkin, the size is not fundamental, but the color is better to choose gentle and natural;
  • Napkin needs to be fully deployed in a large square; Spread out the napkin
  • All angles are adjusted to the center (as in the photo); Making beautiful flowers from paper napkins
  • then the workpiece must be turned over; (It is important to follow, so that your product is folded as soon as possible and correctly);
  • Repeat the corners to the center; Corning the corners to the center
  • Now no longer need to turn the napkin, and you need to picker the corner, as shown in the photo and lift one corner; Raise the angle of napkins
  • Now you need to quietly pull over this corner up; pull up
  • And together with this, that the inside of the napkins does not turn around, it needs to be held;
  • We are also straightened by the remaining petals as in the photo. We spread the petals
  • Your lotus is ready. Lotus from napkin

Such a lotus can be decorated with plates during table setting for solemn lunch or festive dinner.

And on this video a little complicated option: a flower-clock, which will become not only for decorating the festive table, but also napkins can be applied by destination, because They are removed easily.


Option 1:

rose flower

If you do not understand a little on the photo, how to twist such a rose, then look at the video, here it is shown in more detail:

Option 2:

Rose from Slippet.

Option 3: This is a very simple rose, with all:


Mac out of a napkin

Step-by-step guide how to make bulk flowers poppy fields from ordinary napkins:

  1. Prepare everything you need - red, pink and green napkins, black package, wire, green corrugation, scissors and pliers;
  2. To make a big poppy, on napkins, folded fourly (as they lie in the package) you need to post the form of future poppies, for this we take our napkin and fold in half, and then once again in half; We fold the napkin
  3. so that your bouquet looks more expressive, make flowers with your own hands different sizes ;
  4. Cut the petal in the same way as snowflakes were cut out as a child, and we unfold the workpiece; Cut the petals
  5. From the pink napkin, we do the same, only the petals can be cut down smaller, millimeters on 5 are shorter than red; From pink napkin
  6. We fold the green napkin as well as the previous ones, but will be different, we need a circle of about 4 cm in diameter; We make poppy from napkins
  7. Cut from a black packet 12 cm and fold on the same principle, and cut the circle of about 6 cm;
  8. Take 3-4 thin layers of a red napkin and lay as in the photo, and on top of another 3-4 of the same layer of pink;
  9. We make a middle, the resulting black and green circles we cut through every 7 mm, do not do the middle of about 1 cm and sew to the flower in the center; Middle Maca
  10. Now you need to separately separate each layer, scat with your fingers and flick so that the bud to accept the volume; Muck do it yourself from a napkin
  11. If you want to make stem and leaves, then do it: cut the wire on equal segments - it will be stems of future poppies;
  12. At one end of each delay, make a loop or decorative nodule - this is a middle of the poppy;
  13. Bring the masks on the wires;
  14. From the green corrugation, cut out several floral leaves and drive them onto a wire;
  15. We collect ready-made poppies in a bouquet - we are racing the petals and leaves, bending the stems;
  16. Unusual decoration is ready.


I will say honestly, carnations in my opinion the most beautiful flowers from the napkins, which only you can come up with, and make them easier simple. They get beautiful and lush, they can be used to decorate the hall, and a bouquet of such cloves is difficult to distinguish from the real, especially since they are very easy to manufacture. Here you have my step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of beautiful cloves with a color border from ordinary white napkins.

Carnation with their own hands

For the manufacture of colors from napkins, you will need:

  • ordinary white napkins;
  • pencil;
  • invisible;
  • Wire for stems (fit floral sleeves or special stems for colors);
  • Gofrobumaga for the manufacture of leaves or ready-made leaves of fabric;
  • Feltolsters, markers, color mascara, watercolor or liquid acrylic - quite a bit.

We start making flowers from napkins with your own hands:

Step 1: You need to take a napkin and fold it by the harmonica, as in the photo and temporarily fix it in the center of invisible.

Making a carnation

Step 2: Then you need hands on both sides of the invisible tear the ends of the napkin , Petals will be with zabinchins, this is what we need.

tear the ends of the napkin

Step 3: A folded blank around the edge is careless to cross the red or pink paint, or any other in your desire (if you have a liquid paint or mascara, then you can take a flat brush or cotton wand, and in the case of a marker or a marker, you just need to clear the edge ), but you do not need to try to spend flat lines than a careless line, the more natural the color of the flower will turn out.

Krai edge

For the sake of the experiment, you can try the following - soak the painted edges with a little, then the paint will dissolve and it will look very unusual.

Step 4: Remove the invisibility and tie out the middle of the string, then flip the petals to the fingers to make a realistic bud from the workpiece - each layer From the center to the edges you need to minimize.

Flush the buds of cloves

Step 5: Pass each workpiece twice, the wire stretches through the hole and fixed under the future bud.

Step 6: Scatter all the layers and make the remaining flowers on the same principle.

Carnations from Slippet.

Look at the video lesson, as is done in more detail:

Carnations are well suited for beginners - these are simple and expressive flowers. They can be used for the manufacture of floral garlands (especially if you do from bright napkins), they will also look good in a pot, and a bouquet of such flowers can be performed on the table as decor. Also, paper flowers can be used for the manufacture of volumetric numbers - for example, for the decoration of the hall.

Now you know how to make a flower from a napkin with your own hands. Do not forget that the master-needleman can do as a realistic bouquet, and simple stylized flowers.

Want to learn to make big or unusual flowers from napkins for decor? Look at this video:

Interested in a detailed master class about flowers from napkins? Watch simple schemes and pictures, learn to make extraordinary flowers and decorate the flower-made flowers any holiday - it always looks solemn and incredible!

* Vasilisa

Flowers from napkins do it yourself

Today we will learn to make flowers from paper napkins with your own hands. From the napkins you can make a rose, dandelion, carnation, then form a whole bouquet of flowers. They will perfectly decorate the table serving and become a symbolic gift.

Rose from napketok

You will need: Red and green napkins (for bud and stem), scissors.

Master Class

  1. Take a red napkin and cut off the 3rd part.
  2. Bend it in half and start twist, driving around the index finger. Rose from wipes master class
  3. Scatter the bud and form the transition to the stalk.
  4. Mock the napkin of a green color, forming a stem and leaf.

Royal Rosa

Royal Rose from Napkins

You will need: Yellow napkins, pencil, blue napkin, ribbon.

Master Class

  1. Mix a yellow napkin to a pencil.
  2. Squeeze the napkin and pull the pencil.
  3. Make 6 such blanks. Rose from napketok
  4. Form a rose from 6 petals.
  5. Decorate with a blue napkin at the bottom of the flower. Rose from napketok
  6. Tie a ribbon.

Dandelion from napkins

Dandelion from napkins

You'll need: Three-layer wipes of yellow color, scissors, stapler.

Master Class

    1. Fold several times a yellow napkin.
    2. Cut into small squares.
    3. Take the squares to each other. Dandelion from napkins
    4. While the stapler in the center of the square.
    5. Cut the square angles to get a circle.
    6. Lift every circle up waving it.

Carnation from napkins

Carnation from napkins

You will need: Three-layer napkin red, wire.

Master Class

  1. Fold the napkin by the harmonica.
  2. Tie a wire in the center, forming a bow. Carnation from napkins
  3. Raise the edges of the harmonica, forming a bud.

Flowers always make an eye and give a feeling of the holiday. Create your own hands, creating small masterpieces!

Beautiful paper napkin flowers are an unusual and very spectacular decoration for serving a festive table, which can be performed without special skills and cash investments.

In addition, the mandatory stage for the preparation of any celebration is the decor of the premises. And for the designer decoration, such charming homemade flowers are ideal.

If you are interested in this type of needlework, we offer you more details with the training techniques for creating such "napkin" masterpieces.

Recommendations for the choice of material

Paper crafts can be created from almost any napkins, regardless of these colors, lengths, widths and quality. But when choosing a material, it is worth considering that the elegant volumetric flowers are not obtained from any napkin.

For example, single-layer napkins are slightly worse than the form. Consequently, from such a material you can make it possible to make only gentle, air product, without clear and accurate lines.

The best material for creating a flower decor will be monophonic colored or white napkins. It is important that the external, and the inner parts have one color, otherwise the finished product will not look carefully.

Choose that master class for beginners, which is exactly suitable for your set of material, for example, with white napkins, stunning carnations are obtained. In particular, if you find paint or a red marker.

No need to use flavored napkins - it is possible to give a fragrance with a finished bouquet using essential oils.

Pink Rosets

At first attempts to make flowers from napkins with their own hands you will help you with numerous photos of finished professional work and step-by-step instructions for beginners.

To begin with, you can try to make such a charming rose from a pink napkin. For this, a fully discharged napkin must be put on the table, bend one edge 2-3 cm to the center and twist, but not very tight so that the roll is free.

Now twist the bouton at the base and proceed to the formation of the stalk. To form a leaf, you can connect a slice slightly and twisting it to the end. Very tender pink rose ready!

Bouquet of tulips

Paper tulips are one of the most simple colors from the napkins made with your own hands. For their manufacture, you will need 4 plastic spoons, yellow, red or pink napkin for the formation of bud and green - for leaves.

The colored napkin is cut on 4 squares, each of which is winding 1 spoon. Catching all four spoons, form one bout of them as follows: we apply 2 spoons with the front side to each other and bandage the remaining 2 spoons in the same way to complete the composition.

Next, cut out of the green napkins a large leaf and turn it off a blank. We make several similar tulips and make a bouquet, in the end, putting it with a decorative ribbon.


Carnation is another option of a light flower made of napkins with your own hands.

The universal bouquet of the carnations can be given both a man and a woman. To create one such a flower, you will need 6-8 red napkins, a twist for the formation of a stem or a stick for balloons.

First of all, all the napkins unfold, fold them on each other and cut the 2 opposing edges with scissors in the form of teeth. Fill a stack of harmonica, in the center tied up with a soft wire and attach the workpiece to the future stem.

Next, one by one separate each napkin, lifting to the center and straightening. Upon completion of work, it turns out a lush bouton.

Polyanka from dandelions

Beautiful volumetric flowers from napkins can be made it with their own hands, salting very simple non-hard technicians. If you learn how to turn yellow fluffy dandelions, in the future you can decorate the child's children's room, sticking to the green Watman yellow flowers and decorating the composition with sun, bugs and butterflies.

For the formation of 1 dandelion, 1 yellow napkin is enough. We fold it in four and fasten the stapler in the middle. Next, cut the edge so that the billet has a round shape. For believing, it can be performed with curly scissors.

Next, proceed to the formation of the flower - each layer of napkins is lifted, pressed to the center and spread the petal.


These amazingly beautiful flowers we are accustomed to see with red buds. And it is little known that poppies have white, yellow, pink and even purple petals. Having read our instructions, you will understand how to make this amazing flower from the napkin with your own hands.

We cut 2-3 red napkins on 4 parts and form petals. The core twist from the dark strip, sliced ​​with a fringe. From a white napkin, roll the ball or roll and put in the middle of the dark blank, glue all the details. Guided by our scheme, you can make a very original and elegant applique.

If you want to put your creation in a beautiful vase, then the wire will need a wire on which a bud, and a green napkin for winding and forming the leaves will be fixed.


This step-by-step guide will help quickly and easily make flowers from napkins for gift packaging decor or creating a decorative element in the interior.

For the manufacture of a bright volumetric peony, 2-3 monotonous napkins will need, the more their number will be - the stringener will look like a finished flower. We deploy the napkins and add them to each other, form the harmonica of them and tighten it tightly in the middle.

With the help of scissors cut the ends of the workpiece, in order to give them a rounded form. And at the end of work in turn, we raise each layer up - first on the one hand, and after the other until the volumetric bouton is formed.

Yellow roses

Such magnificent flowers made of paper napkins can be easily done with their own hands. To simplify work, you can see a special training video or explore the detailed scheme with the phased making of lush roses.

In this case, you will need a thread and napkins: yellow and green - for a stalk. We deploy a yellow napkin and gently divide it into 2 parts, each of which we sweat onto the handle or pencil.

We leave 2 cm in stock and compress the center. Remove the roll and form a bud from it. The remaining canvas twist, tightly pressing with their fingers. Wrap a bite with a green napkin and tie into a thread so as not to disintegrate.

Red blooming roses

For the manufacture of such a spectacular scarlet rosette with a blossoming bud, 2 large wipes of 20 per 20 cm are required. We cut each of them to 4 parts and fold them together. Center fix the thread or stapler. From the received square of the napkins form a circle, edge cutting off with scissors.

Next, in turn, we raise each layer and form the petal with a wave-like form. For work, we prepare a large number of napkins so that the rose looks even more natural.

Mimia branches

Mimosa is an adorable gentle flower, which decorate bouquets on the eve of spring festivals. Combining such beauty year-round can each of us, if we make a paper branch of mimosa in the form of a wall panel and an artificial volumetric plant for a vase in the living room.

The painstaking work begins with the formation of a large number of flowers, each of them is made of a narrow strip of napkins, an outcropped like "herbal". After that, cut a green napkin in the form of leaves with lush edges.

For appliqués, the stem is not needed, and a wire is required to create a bouquet. Watch the wire with a green napkin, attach the leaflets, we take a set of floweries.


In the following way, you can fold the volume chamomile, reorganize the gift it or make a bunch. 7-9 white two-layer napkins, wool and thread will be required for work.

We put a white napkin in half, twist in the center, form a butterfly. After that, "wings" should be folded and assembled down - it turns out the petal. The same must be done with the remaining white wipers.

And from yellow format the core of the chamomile - we put in the middle of a cotton piece and turn around. And at the end, each petal should be closed with a thread to the yellow center. Here is a lush chamomile is ready!

Stock Foto Colors from napkins do it yourself

Fantasy and the skill of needlewomen does not have borders. "Skillful handles" can breathe new life in, it would seem that the everyday household items. Thus, flowers from napkins, for example, complement the decoration of the festive table, "flourishing" in the decorative composition or in the picture.

The creative process for the manufacture of "paper" decor is fascinating and does not require the investment of "capital". And the simplicity of his execution is also available to the child.

In work with paper use different techniques. And we will come in handy twisting, turning, mosaic and appliqué.

Flower of napkins do it yourself for beginners

Master, not familiar with the properties of serving textiles, you should know a few simple rules.

  • For the manufacture of bulk colors from napkins, multilayer substrates are used. They are well draped and hold the form. And single-layer suitable for air crafts with fuzzy geometry, or to roll them in the composition;
  • In order for the product to look neat, pick up monochrome wipes for colors;
  • The aroma "bouquet" can be given using essential oils or perfumed liquids for handmade soap.

To begin with, choose a simple master master master and train on ordinary substrates.

So you can make a flower of solid napkins on the table. Such a composition is practical, because They can be used during meals, and original.

You need a glass or a glass, and a pack of substrates. In a narrow tank, the rose looks elegant, in a wide and low glass of textiles, it will fit more.

See "How to make flowers from napkins" in the photo step by step.

White roses

To decorate a gift or setting the table, a rose from a paper napkin is perfect. It can be performed in several ways.

Quickly and simply spins a flower from a solid substrate.

  • On a flat surface, spread the white canvas and bend inside 1.5 - 2 cm;
  • Till the paper in the roll. Another way is to wind it on the finger so that the swelling end was turned to the palm;
  • To the fingers twist the base of the bud and continue the twist of the stem from it;
  • Form a sheet from the billet fragment, and complete the stem.

It remains to shake a bud. To do this, the double edge beaten down the spiral down.

A terry bud on a thin leg of a wire.

  • Cut two napkins on 8 parts;
  • Billets fold a stack and cut on top of a semicircle;
  • Match each layer in the petal of roses, and then collect a bud and secure it with the bottom of the stapler;
  • Verify the substrate in green tones aluminum wire 10 - 15 cm long;
  • Take a 2 -3 sheet on the edges of the stalk;
  • Connect the bowl and leg. To do this, write the wire (for 1 cm) the bottom of the flower. Connection location Close the interface.

Master class "How to make a rose from a napkin" look at the video at the end of the article.

Trop of happiness

The idea of ​​artificial dwarf trees with a ball-shaped crown - Topiaria, came to us from Europe. "TOPIAR" translated from Greek, denotes the "Tree of happiness". Therefore, roses will be very appropriate in the decor of this installation.

For the craft, you will need a bowl from the foam (it can be replaced with a blank of newspapers), a wipes of pink or red, white or lemon color, a sleeve from a paper towel for the trunk, a flower pot, gypsum for fill. Satin ribbons and beads - for decorating the composition.

The foundation

  • Take the sleeve on one side and confuse so that a small platform is formed;
  • Divide the gypsum to the consistency of thick sour cream and immerse the trunk of the uncircumcised end, and lay out the surface with small pebbles, slightly pressing into the gypsum mass;
  • When the solution is freezing, put a ball on the platform using a thermoclaus;
  • Drape the stem, improved glue, satin ribbon.


For each bud, you will need 6 - 8 paper blanks.

  • Two-layer substrate cut into 8 parts;
  • take turns tightly wind the parts on the pencil, and then remove and fasten the thread at the base;
  • Spread the petals.

The number of roses depends on the size of the ball.

  • Gently glue the flowers to the base and give the craft to dry;
  • Decorate roses with light beads or rhinestones.

The composition may be monophonic or multi-colored. It all depends on the wishes of the needlewoman.

Charming basket

Wicker basket from a bouquet can serve for new installations. Take several single-layer napkins (their quantity depends on the buds in the bouquet), a red and green colora, a floristic sponge, a knitting needle or a thin pencil, a thin copper wire, reinforced thread and accessories for the decor.


  • For one rose, cut a substrate for 16 squares;
  • Each piece in turn, wrap tightly on the needle, without cheating about 3 - 4 cm of the canvas. And then slightly squeeze for the relief;
  • Twist one square in the form of a snail, and twist. There should be a elastic spiral with a tail at the end. Repeat manipulation with the rest of the detail. Just leave them in the deployment;
  • form a bud by winding the petals from the end of the previous one;
  • At the end of the work, fasten the semi-finished product at the base of the thread.

Textiles are useful for the leaves.


  • Prepare one ribbon 1.2 - 2 cm wide. for each cup;
  • Plot the heads with the wire, and then drag the stalks with a ribbon, not reaching the end 5 - 7 cm;
  • On the bottom of Lukka, put the floral sponge and "plant" roses.

Pour the leaves and petals, and then add the decor.

Instead of roses, a basket can be filled with other artificial representatives of the flora. For example, cloves. For their manufacture, it will take other techniques.

  • 8 - 10 squares of red, pink or white napkins fasten in the center of the stapler;
  • Then cut the circular scissors (for teeth on the edging of petals);
  • With the exception of the two lower ones, the details alternately bend to the center.

The more layers, the magnificent looks the carnation from the napkins. For realistic, you can circle the edges of the petals with a marker or a marker for several tones darker. And on white blanks - a red color.

Yellow tulips

Speecually looks a bouquet of tulips. Take plastic spoons (four on the craft), substrates of yellow (or red) and green, tape and wide ribbon.

  • Cut the paper on 4 parts and swollen spoons each cut;
  • First connect the face two, and then attach the remaining billets;
  • Secure the design at the base of scotch;
  • Wrap two folded green substrates.

A bouquet of several tulips beautifully tie out a wide ribbon.

Terry peonies

Realistic and gently and, at the same time, peonies from napkins look luxuriously.

To work, take the substrates (especially good Ombre, "With the transition from a dark color, to a light), dark green felt (or other dense fabric), and shockles for kebabs.

  • Cut paper from folds of folds;
  • Fold the harness of the harmonica and in the middle fix the stapler;
  • give the edges round shape;
  • We reveal the petals and bend to the middle.

The larger the material, the stringently the peony looks.

  • We decorate the skewer, by winding, green texture. Skat can be replaced with a wand for balloons;
  • Krepim on the stem leaves from the fabric (they can be made or on a stencil, or in an arbitrary form;
  • Cut the fence for a cup of cholestic and glue three teeth to the bud.

Several flowers on a stick can be put in a decorative vase or jug.

A composition of three multi-colored substrates looks very interesting. To get a bilateral effect, substrates, together folded into the harmonica, are fixed not only in the middle, but also along the edges of the workpiece. When you cut it into three parts, there will be luxurious multicolor cups.

Master class on the topic "Bouquet of wipes step by step" look at the video below the article.

Decorating the room

Floral theme is relevant for the manufacture of panels and paintings. In autumn or winter day, such crafts will be returned to you in the spring or warm summer.

Sunny summer

For a bright panel of dandelions and cornflowers, pick up a blue, yellow or lemon substrate. Leafs can be made of corrugated paper. It simulates well and keeps shape.

Look at the step-by-step master class in the photo with comments.


In mosaic technique, lilac looks like a living. To work, take lilac, purple, white and blue napkins, "corrugation" for leaves, canvas for the background, felt, frame for the picture.

  • Draw a sketch on the canvas. Place for appliqués Tick the pencil;
  • Narvita from the substrates small pieces and tightly roll;
  • Vase cut out of a dense web or put straw, if an ento style is assumed;
  • Mix the place of the PVA place for leaves and inflorescences;
  • Place the glue multicolored balls, thereby forming a bunch of lilac;
  • Complete the "drawing" with decor from leaves.

Consign the craft can be a colorless hair varnish.

Such a picture can be hanging on the wall or put on the table for spring mood.

The kids really like to work in the technique of torching and appliqués. Plus, the separation of the material into small pieces or squares (1x1cm), followed by rolling, develops fine motility of the hands.

For learning, the child can provide "coloring with a floral print, or draw a sketch itself. Joint creativity will enjoy all family members.

Flowers from napkins - original home decoration, or a gift for friends. Those who are just starting their way in Hand Maid Floristics, it is very useful to get acquainted with the techniques of work and draw fresh ideas on the Internet. And also share its workshops on the creation of masterpieces.

Flowers from napkins: photos of the most beautiful new products

Please make repost

How to make flowers from napkins do it yourself

Napkins can give you a big influx of fantasy to create amazing products. They will be useful not only for hands, but also for the manufacture of different crafts and decorative decorations.

We suggest you to find out how to make flowers from napkins with your own hands.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos


Let's start with one of the most simple flowers - carnations. The finished product looks like a real flower. And by making such carnations, you can get a beautiful bouquet.

For the manufacture of The following materials will be required:

  • Green rigged paper;
  • bilateral paper strip;
  • threads;
  • glue stick;
  • rod from handle;
  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • Line.

Go to step by step:

  • Let's start working with a napkin. We have she pink, you can replace with red or white.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Deploy the material, apply a bit above the central line of the lower part. Cover the top layer.
  • I turn the napkin with a narrow side to yourself. The parties cut over the folds of the folds. Memore the ten centimeters in every result in the width. In length, measure thirty centimeters. Supleny cut off.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Moving them twice as well, by cutting along the fold line. We impose details one to another and make the harmonica. The resulting workpiece bending in half, we note the center and in this place fix the paper by the stapler. Such products need to do three pieces. Thread tie them in the middle.
  • Making the stem. We take a bilateral paper of salad color with dimensions of 4 by 29 centimeters. The paper tip is processed by glue and screw it into the rod from the handle. Closer to the end of the paper, once again we lubricate glue.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Watch off the blank from the napkin. We glue glue and fix the stapler for reliability. The edges of the napkin need to flush with scissors. After that, start separating the layers lifting them up. The last layer is lowered.
  • Corrugated paper cut out leaves and detail similar to grass.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • It is fettered under the flower, hiding the bottom petal. We attach the leaves and wind the stem of a thin strip of paper.

Instructions, how such flowers are made from the napkins with their own hands for beginners can be considered over. But if you want to add natural cloves from above, you can add a little white paint.

How to make roses from napkins

In a simple way, you can even make roses. They will turn out voluminous and realistic. We will use for their manufacture:

  • red napkins;
  • Green corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • Sucks;
  • Scotch.

We start to make roses from napkins:

  • Prepared napkins cut the edges that are connected. You must have separate squares. We divide them on the layer.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Take one of the squares. We start winding it on a pencil. I do not screw the paper to the end, there must be a smooth edge.
  • Press the twisted part with neat movements, tightly press and remove from the pencil. Works we do with the remaining details.
  • One of the details begin to twist in the roll.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • The unskided portion of the napkins leave below. Similarly, add the remaining layers. Add petals until you get the desired rose size. At the bottom, the material is pressed and twist.
  • Bottom insert the skeleton it will be stem.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • With the help of a tape, fasten the flower. From green corrugated paper cut off the strip. Watching a strip skeleton. At the top and bottom fix the material with scotch.

It turned out a wonderful rose.


How to make a flower from a napkin in the form of a carnation for decorating a table or room, and in the form of a dandelion is equally simple.

  • You need to take 2 bright yellow wipes and put on each other.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • On the upper napkin with a circulation, draw a circle with a napkin diameter.
  • Napkins are cut in a circle.
  • In the middle of all layers of napkins need to be copper in the stapler.
  • In a circle, the napkins are cut on thin strips (1 cm), leaving the distance to the middle of 1-2 cm.
  • Each strip in the circle you need to bend perpendicularly and twist a little into the tube. In a circle, all the petals of the bonded layers of napkins are fucked and attached to them, at the same time separating each napkin on the layers.
  • Then a piece of wire fix the bottom of the bud. From the remaining part of the wire form the stem.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • From a piece of napkins you need to cut a few stripes of green.
  • The first strip using the adhesive-pencil is attached to the base of the flower and wind around the base of the flower.
  • Attach 2 napkins and wind the stem completely. The edge of the napkins bend inside and glued to the bottom of the stem.
  • Buton needs to give a shape, having fluffing it.
  • The leaves of the dandelion (2-3 pcs.) Are cut out of the green cloth on the pattern. All is ready.

Flowers from napkins in interior decoration

How to make a napkin flower for creating flower arrangements, so use them to decorate space to individual holidays, as well as knowledge of the main techniques for the manufacture of colors will help quickly and cheaply decorate the interior.

Flowers from napkins can be decorated with an entire room or make individual accents.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

Most banquet rooms often use this particular element to create a festive atmosphere. Volumetric bright colors from napkins decorate the entrance to the hall, the place for the "Celebrations" and the arch.

Flowers from napkins in the form of roses or daisies decorate tables and chairs instead of living colors. Such colors are used to hang on the ceiling, because they weigh very little.

Use flowers from napkins can be for decorating a photowon. Durable designs are perfectly preserved form, do not flex and give pictures additional details. So flowers from the napkins are attached to the curtains, they simulate the flower wall, and also scatter on the floor.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

From paper flowers make up the bouquets with which the space is decorated. Volumetric bouquets are indistinguishable from live flowers bouquets. You can use flowers from napkins as a decor for large interior items. They can lay out outdoor vases, fireplace, coffee table or shelves.

From the napkin you can make both any flower and stem and leaves for it.

In the natural whole of this pliable material, fluffy and multi-layer flowers are obtained. It is the napkins due to the thin layers allow to achieve the air effect of structures.

The process of making colors from the napkin takes a little time. It is not complicated, so children can participate in it. And the resulting finished flowers can easily be used not only for setting the table, but also for decorating any room.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

Materials and tools that will be useful in the manufacture of colors from napkins

The manufacture of colors from napkins does not require complex and expensive materials. All of them can be found at home or in a stationery store at an affordable price. The set of necessary tools and the material is always different, because much depends on the type of flower, compositions and decor elements.

Napkins can be of different shapes, single-layer or multi-layer.

The selected color is of great importance. You can connect several colors in one flower or make buds of different colors and connect them to a bouquet. The correct size of the napkin determines the dimensions of the flower itself.

For volumetric compositions, you need to choose the largest napkins.

In the paper you can connect paper of different sizes to obtain bulk structures. In the finished form, it gives additional flower airiness.

In addition to the main material in the work will be needed:

  • cardboard or newspaper sheets for template preparation;
  • paper glue (PVA glue, stationery glue or adhesive pencil);

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • color scotch (trape ribbon) green;
  • Thin blank (preferably green or brown);
  • Stapler with brackets (better to take a full-fledged large stapler, which is easy to break the stack of napkins);
  • scissors (sharp and thin for small parts);
  • toothpick;
  • narrow pliers of small size or tongs;
  • simple soft pencil;
  • compass.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

Types of napkins

Napkins are a piece of fabric, paper or other material, which is intended for cleaning or protecting various surfaces.

They differ depending on the type of material on:

  • abrasive;
  • from microfiber;
  • artificial material;
  • Paper.

Only the last napkins are suitable for the manufacture of bright flower crafts.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

How to make a flower from a napkin beautiful and natural, so it is right to choose a type of paper napkin. They differ in size and can be small, medium and large.

For the manufacture of flowers, small napkins are most often used, because the petals themselves rarely exceed 10 cm long. To make large interior decoration flowers better use large napkins.

Napkins differ depending on the number of paper layers, which can be up to 4. Napkins in 1-2 layers are dense, well hold the form, so they are used for applications and origami. If the layers in the napkin are greater than 3, then each of them will be subtle, pliable.

They are chosen for the manufacture of gentle and lush colors. At the end of the work, the layers are separated, which gives the desired volume.

Some napkins have a drawing on an outdoor layer, which is printed on more dense paper. Of these, it is better to decorate surfaces with the help of decoupage techniques.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • For the manufacture of colors it is better to choose napkins Monophonic , with small or small embossed on the surface. The choice of color depends on the desired result. So to obtain more natural flowers of napkins, it is recommended to choose gentle natural shades or white.
  • To create bright contrast interior compositions are suitable Saturated Tints , including acid colors. For petals in one bouquet or flower, you can choose 2-3 shades of one color or several colors, which will also look appropriate.
  • Vapfets also differ depending on the type of edge . They can have a smooth slice or lace perforation along the edge of the napkin. The first is more often used for the manufacture of petals and leaves, while others for decoration.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

How to fold the peony from the napkin to the table with your own hands?

Step-by-step instructions Peonies are beautiful not only "alive", but also "napkin". They can be decorate not only a festive table, but also to "enter" into any composition of paper flowers.

To create a paper peony for even a novice master, but, first, need to stock materials for the creative process:

  • Paper napkins (pick the color yourself)
  • Green A4 format paper
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos


  1. Paper napkin fold twice twice, as a result there should be a square
  2. The figure is converted into a triangle by folding diagonally
  3. Next, one triangle angle will be fucked to the biggest side of the figure
  4. The resulting angle is cut off by a semicircle
  5. The same manipulations repeat with 3 napkins
  6. Carved petals impose on each other
  7. After, collect alternately every piece to the center of the flower, slightly coming them for truth
  8. When all the petals turn out to be folded, secure them with a stapler, for reliability
  9. Postpone the peony and take the A4 sheet and cut it half. The remaining half fold twice and cut through the fold line. Get square
  10. Now this square fold the harmonica diagonally
  11. Folded harmonica cut in half and glue a wide part
  12. Finished sheet glue and the bottom of the flower. Peony is ready.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

Red blossomed rosa

To make a beautiful alway rose with a blossomed bud, you will need two large napkins (about 20x20 cm). Crow each of them into four parts and lay together. Secure the middle of the stapler or thread.

From the resulting square of the napkins you need to form a circle by cutting by scissors of the edge. Now, alternately, each layer must be lifted and forming a petal, giving a wave-shaped form.

So that the rose turns out even more magnificent - take more napkins to work. Beautiful buds can be decorated with interior or make decoration for the dress.

Spray mimosa

Mimosa is a wonderful gentle flower, decorating bouquets for spring holidays. However, you can extend the contemplation of this beauty, making a branch of mimosa from the napkins with your own hands.

It can be a wall panel or a volumetric plant that you will put in a vase of your living room.

First you have to work on the formation of a set of flowers, each of which is made from a narrow strip of napkins, sliced ​​"grass". Next you need to cut a green napkin in the form of leaves with fluffy edges.

For appliqués, the stem will not need, and to compose a bouquet you will need a wire - wrap it with a green napkin, attaching the leaves, and the winds with a multitude of flower.

Pomponov flowers

DIY similar to pumps can be made of customs from paper, but it is not so easy to find in stores, so you can take advantage of even paper towels.

Consider several manufacturers.

Let's wonder how to make a flower out of napkins in the form of a pompon:

  • Prepared napkins we relax. We will need only about eight thin leaves. We add them to each other.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Now from the resulting stack you need to fold the harmonica. In the center we tie all the thread. We make cuts on the sides of the napkins so that triangles formed.
  • Holding the thread, we are painted folded layers. Making flower fluffy.

Here is a beautiful, gentle flower turned out from us in just a couple of minutes.

  • Now let's try to apply such a manufacturer's technique and get a two-color Pompon flower. It will take a napkin with a colored layer on top. Establish:
  • The napkin is separated by layers. One part will turn out to be colored, the rest are white. We put all the squares into the stack and cut the rectangle of the desired size.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • To the edges of the flower were yellow, the colored napkin is put down the color side up. White rectangles need to do less in size. Cut their edges.
  • We fold the material of the harmonica. We take the white layers and cut the bichrom on the sides. Yellow edges do not pointed, but rounded.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • We all collect everything in the harmonica. Tearing in the center of thread so that the bow turned out. We start separating the layers, as we did in the past instructions. Draw a flower puff.

It turned out a great, bright flower. If you wish, you can add a stem made from the skewer.

Flowers for decoration

Another options for making colors that can become a great decoration in your room. By the way, the décor in your house can be other interesting crafts. For them, it will be necessary:

  • Napkins of two different colors;
  • office paper sheet;
  • scissors;
  • paints;
  • glue universal;
  • hot glue;
  • threads;
  • Sacing.

If everything is necessary prepared, you can start making flowers from napkins with your own hands:

  • We take one of the napkins, we put a triangle from it. From one of the parties should be the connected edges. We fold another triangle, but with a sharp corner below. Stroke the material.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • A wide part of the triangle cut off. In the same place, cut sides to form a pointed petal. Reveal one layer and make an incision between petals.
  • We deploy another layer, we make an incision again and cut off the side stripes.
  • If everything is done, right, with full reversal you will have a flower with a lot of petals.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • We repeat all the work with the material of another color. For one flower, thirteen such blanks will be required.
  • Making the stem. Use office paper. You can cheat it on a skewer, but if you want a high stem, you can use two pencils or tassels. Treat the edge of the paper with glue, twist into the tube and get brushes.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Cock the edges so that they become smooth.
  • Let's start the assembly of parts. Take a few napkins, roll them into the ball. Put it into the center of one of the details with petals, wrap and tie the thread. From the bottom of the workpiece, apply hot glue, stick the stem.
  • The remaining petals ride through the bottom of the stem. We apply universal glue on a wide part and glue each layer.

(+70 photos) Flowers from napkins do it yourself for interior 70 photos

  • Left to add leaf. Cut it from ordinary paper. Color it in the desired color. We remove the extra moisture, wait until the paint dry and glue the item to the stalk.

Ready. See how the bouquet of such colors is wonderful!

Flowers from napkins do it yourself - photo

You can learn even more ideas in our photo gallery. Here we tried to collect many ready-made work, which will demonstrate examples of making flowers from napkins with their own hands.

Decorate the interior, a festive table or gift packaging - the process will definitely bring a lot of pleasure!

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