Working methods How to excite a girl to orgasm: with words, kisses and touches

Many guys, and even adult men who have extensive experience with women, torments the question How to excite the girl?. Unfortunately, the girls arranged differently than men. In order that sex passed successfully and the girl was able to get an orgasm, she needs to be as excited as possible. In men, everything is easier - the excitement occurs almost instantly, and not always additional affairs.

How to drop photos from the computer

The iPhone is a smartphone that has its own operating system from Apple, instead of many familiar Android. These devices can also play various multimedia files and other data. Those who only recently began their acquaintance with them sometimes wonder how to throw a photo from PC to an iPhone? Let's consider this question and will try to answer it as much as possible.

Dream Interpretation - Interpretation of dreams online for free - Sun House Dream Interpret

Dream Interpretation in the House of Sun is a collection of the most popular dreams. Interpretation of dreams in dreams is carried out online using a rubricator and search forms. A convenient search for describing the image or sleep symbol is immediately in all dreams. In the dream house of the Sun houses are presented free dreams of famous psychologists - Freud, Miller, Meneghetti, Dreams of Providsez - Nostradamus, Vangi, as well as Muslim, Assyrian, Slavic and other dreams online.

How to draw in the style of anime (for beginners) • Artshelter

Many newbies begin to study drawing from anime style. Such drawings look simple and attractive. However, to draw anime character from scratch, you need to know the proportions and understand how the body is arranged. And in order to draw anime-people from imagination, you need to know the foundations of anatomy. So this is not such a simple task, as it may seem at first glance! But in this lesson I will show you how to draw in the style of anime.

How to make a module for origami scheme

Let's immediately proceed to business, that is, consider how to make a module for origami, scheme And the instructions will help to understand the general principle. If you hit this page, then you want to master the art of folding crafts from paper modules. Of course, you know what modular origami is and what wonderful results are waiting for you. You only need to explore the foundations and incredible opportunities will open before you.

Paper stars with their own hands Phased: detailed instructions How to make a bulk star

Paper asterisks are one of the origs of the origami, the Japanese art of folding paper figures. The art of origami was born in ancient China, where in 105 AD. Guardian eunuch of Tsai Moon was invented by paper. But it reached its heights in medieval Japan. In antiquity, they were used in religious ceremonies as sophisticated art for nobility, along with drawing and poetry.