How beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck? - step-by-step photos

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How beautifully tie a handkerchief on the neck to emphasize the features of the face, and add the image of a thin sophistication? Bright things can deliver a kind of styling point in any bow. Perfect his mistress perfectly, demonstrates her refined taste. Accessory is an excellent way to make a simple appearance catchy and memorable. He fits perfectly in a strict dress code, and in a relaxed romantic situation. Did you know that there are dozens of methods for its design? We offer to go through the most expressive and easy-to-use technique.

Meningitis: Many

Everyone knows that meningitis is a very dangerous disease, but, nevertheless, the question often arises whether it is worth vaccinated from it, because it is not so common in our latitudes. In this article, the Special Project Vaccination we tell what pathogens can be called meningitis, what to do if you suspect that they got sick and how to maximize yourself from this disease and avoid terrible consequences.

13 unique paper airplanes flying record

13 unique paper airplanes flying record
Paper airplanes are one of the favorite entertainment of children, because they can be made with their own hands and take part in competitions with peers - whose plane will fly on, above, or will last longer in flight. You can also arrange battles in the air, trying to push two airplanes with each other, watching which one will win.

The most delicious pizza in the world: cooking recipes, ingredients, stuff options, photos

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In each country, along with traditional national dishes, there is its own variation of the classic Italian pizza, which, in turn, is a sign of recognition of it all over the world. What are guided by the cook when you revise and complement the classic recipe for the Italian pizza Margarita. Most likely, the fact is that in each country there are national features and products characteristic of a certain locality. Today we have prepared a review for you the most delicious pizza in the world, in addition, imagine the recipes of the most popular options.

How to sew clothes for dolls - photo of designs, tailoring instructions with your own hands, selection of materials, templates for beginners

The 18th century for Paris, and with him and the whole of France, became a driving moment in the field of mod. The country acquires the status of the capital of the World Fashion. At this time, many famous fashion designers deliberately created a clothing line for elite dolls, demonstrating extraordinary subtlety and high skill of their work. It was a great PR for designers.

Should I buy sliding skates?

The main difference between hockey skates from the rest - increased protection. They should well protect the player
Skating is a favorite winter entertainment for the whole family, especially for children. It will bring a child not only a lot of emotions, but also will positively affect his health : Strengthen immunity, increase the stability of the vestibular apparatus, will contribute to the development of motor activity. Much attention to this should be given to equipment. Incorrectly selected skates can cause numerous bruises and injuries. Therefore, they must be selected very carefully. In the assortment of many stores you can see sliding skates. Should I buy them? How safe are they and comfortable for a child?

Where to take money if all banks and microloans refuse

Today we want to tell you how to find cash even in a hopeless position. Yes, yes, we will tell you where to take money if all banks and microloans refuse to issue even the smallest Credit . It doesn't matter what led to this. It could be legal proceedings on past debts, negative credit history, outstanding loans, loss of workplace and a number of other reasons. Whatever happens, there is always a way out. And they need to take advantage! If you really got off the way and, it would seem, have already tried all the options to one, our article will have to you as never by the way! Remember, hopeless cases does not happen.

How to get out of instagram. 4 ways

Let's figure out how to get out of instagram using all major platforms: Android, iOS, and personal computer. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to exit social network accounts. For example, if a foreign device is temporarily used to gain access to personal information or you go to a newer phone model, and the old selling as unnecessary.

Micellar water or tonic - what is better?

Michael Water or Tonic
Every woman who wishes to look beautiful, enjoys a different kind of decorative cosmetics, but, perhaps, the most important thing is the health of the skin of the face, and this requires special care. Unfortunately, choose the appropriate agent is not valid, since each person has its own type of skin and unique features. Someone suffers from acne and oily gloss, and some cleansing lotions cause severe dryness. Today, the so-called micellar water has become popular, which is suitable for any type of skin and does not cause irritation. Let's try to figure it out what it is for the magic agent, for which you need and is there any difference between micellar water and a facial tonic.